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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Is Treason "U.S. Friendly"? Rumor Mill News on the Patriot Act

April, 2004

 Is Treason "U.S. Friendly"? A look at RMN Contributors' Strange View of The Patriot Act.

The latest sentiments expressed by Rayelan and some of her "news agents" from Rumor Mill News provide a perfect example of the woefully misinformed --and downright delusional-- mind-set of those who would allow our country to devolve into a police state by becoming apologists for the Bush administration's UNCONSTITUTIONAL and TREASONOUS legislation, namely the Patriot Act.

As if defending war crimes committed by the U.S. military in Fallujah is not enough, especially in light of the fact that this invasion is a "war" undeclared by Congress. As if censorship and banning of all persons (Joe Vialls, Barbara Hartwell and others) with dissenting viewpoints (including about this "war") is not enough.

NOW Rayelan has become an apologist for the Patriot Act.

One of her "news agents" using the handle "Never Surrender" recently started a message thread by posting the opinion [excerpts] below.

[My comments are in brackets in the main body of the text, preceded by my initials, BH.]

Never Surrender wrote:

Here's the kicker, as much as I have to admit that I loathed George Bush and the current government, well for that matter all governments, and as much as I was in direct opposition to the Patriot Act because in my opinion it is a direct violation of our civil liberties......

[BH: Your "opinion" counts for nothing. The Patriot Act is TREASON as it violates citizens' Constitutional rights under THE RULE OF LAW of the Constitutional Republic. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.]

.....what if ......

George Bush is really trying to save America with the Patriot Act?

[BH: Well, if you believe this, then you might also believe that putting on a pair of roller skates might magically turn you into a motorcycle, or that stapling on a pair of cardboard wings sprinkled with glitter will turn you into an angel.]

I know, I cannot believe that just came out of MY mouth,

[BH: I CAN believe it, no problem. After all, you're a Rumor Mill News Agent...Maybe you should change your handle from "Never Surrender" to "Unconditional Surrender"]

but seriously....I have put an awful lot of thought into this and in my opinion it is just plain impossible to protect this country from all of the "infiltrators" who have come here with the worst kind of terrorism in mind, i.e.: eliminating the American way of life from within) without anything short of knowing what everyone is doing all of the time or at least almost all of the time.

[BH: Maybe it's time to stop thinking. In your case it appears to be dangerous.]

Our country is in serious trouble folks.

[BH: Well, you finally got ONE thing right. But as for WHY you believe the country is in serious trouble, let's hope there are not too many others using this same line of "reasoning", otherwise we're all screwed!]

So many questions that need to be answered. How I wish there was a way to know for sure if George W. Bush is truly taking on the big banking families that have controlled the world for a very long time, and the groups who have infiltrated our country in an attempt to bring us down from within with their blessings and their funding.

If there were anyway to know for sure, then Bush would surely get my vote and I would stop knocking the Patriot Act also.

[BH: There most certainly IS a way to KNOW FOR SURE the difference between good and evil, right and wrong: Anyone who subverts the Constitution is a wrongdoer and a TRAITOR.

If you "stop knocking the Patriot Act", YOU are a traitor as well. And cowards like you will be shown no mercy by those of us willing to fight to the death to retain our freedom.]

Well, as I see it, either I have lost my mind, or they are beaming me with "trust the government" messages, or I am right.

[BH: I'd vote for Door #1: You've lost your mind, no doubt. But then, that's what happens when you knuckle under and allow others to do your thinking for you. And it goes without saying that you have been beamed with "trust the government" messages. It's called indoctrination, ever heard of it?]

And now, a response to Never Surrender from another "news agent", "Mammonater":


Thank you for putting into words, something that has been gnawing at the back of my mind for so long! You just gave me the place needed to start! I think you just helped all of us find a new way of seeing what Rayelan has been saying for so long!!

[BH: Why am I not surprised? That's exactly how propaganda was designed to work: It "gnaws" at your brain like a cancer, piece by piece, until your mind is entirely consumed. By that time, there's nothing left to think with.

Again, the "consensus" mentality surfaces and the pressure to CONFORM overwhelms any common sense you may once have had...although in this case, it's doubtful you had any to begin with.]

We are still here... we are still exposing the truth for all who care to see... we are able to protect our neighbours by exposing possible plots and pointing out more than one way (the mind control way) of interpreting the events in our lives and in our world.

[BH: Exposing the truth? Well, if his idea of "exposing the truth" is spreading pre-packaged New Age commie propaganda, I guess he's right on the money.]

WE STILL HAVE A FREE (ALTERNATIVE) PRESS...and Bush has not moved to shut it down...

[BH: Gee whiz, what a newsflash! No, Bush does not have to "shut it down", that would be counter-productive, especially if it's RMN. Instead, he and his political cronies can USE it for their own agenda, with all you little drones spewing out regurgitated NWO/New Age drivel masked as "alternative" viewpoints.]

Perhaps, the Patriot Act is about national boundaries... i.e. it should be seen as an extension of personal boundaries.

[BH: Oh really? If the Patriot Act is about preserving "national boundaries", why then is Bush pushing to DISSOLVE all national boundaries?

Why is he welcoming illegal aliens with open arms and open borders?

What about the FTAA? Will there soon be a "United States of The Americas"?

Will Spanish become the national language?

Will we soon have to "press 2 for instructions in English"?

And you think that "personal boundaries" and by extension, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS should be subsumed by the state? Why not just join the Neo-Bolshevik revolution and have done with it?]

And finally, excerpts from Rayelan's contribution to the topic:

... when I was married to Gunther I received daily briefings that were FAR beyond what either Clinton or Bush get...

[BH: Here we go again. Rayelan's long-gone marriage to the legendary Gunther Russbacher is trotted out and touted as if it gave her the Keys to the Kingdom. And what an absurd notion, that simply by virtue of the fact that she was the wife of a gov't operative, she had access to more intelligence than two presidents.]

EVEN with this kind of blue print for what is supposed to be happening... I can't see things in black and white!! And if I can't see it... with all the inside information I have been privvy to... how can anyone else see it?

[BH: As usual, Rayelan is telling us that she is omniscient, or close to it. Anything SHE cannot see, she boasts, is simply NOT POSSIBLE for others to comprehend.

One thing is certainly clear: No, she CANNOT see things in "black and white". If she could, she would have to consider the existence of such things as good vs. evil; she would have to believe in such things as moral absolutes vs. situational ethics; Constitutional law and individual rights as bestowed by God vs. collectivism and tyranny by the godless.]

I just can't understand how people can take black and white positions anymore... especially here on RMN!

No one in the world...except a handful of insiders in both camps (meaning Faction One and Faction Two)... really has a clue of what is going on... I have often stated... You can't tell the players without a script... and the scripte changes every day!!

How can you judge people when you don't have a clue as to what they are really doing. You can't believe what you read in the media, the media is lying to us each time they post a story.

So many things and so many sides of the picture have to be looked at!! We can't just have these knee jerk reactions anymore... NOT here at RMN! Please... we have got to look into our hearts and minds and hit the delete key to a lot of programming that has seeped in here.

[BH: Well, she's got one thing right: Programming has more than "seeped in". It's enough to burst the dam! But a little too late to "delete" that programming, I'm afraid. The grooves in their minds are too well worn. As far as I can see, most of the folks at RMN are too far gone to FIND the delete key, much less press it.]

It isn't healthy these days to be seeing things only in black and white. I don't understand how anyone can do this in this day and age!

If I don't know what is really going on in the world... and who is controlling things from day to day... how can any of the agents who post here with such authority have MORE of an idea than I do?

[BH: Oh, but that's a given, a foregone conclusion. NO ONE could POSSIBLY know more than Rayelan. It defies the laws of physics.

Remember folks, Rayelan is not only at the top of the World-Wide Clearance Pyramid, she SEES all, KNOWS all and TELLS all. And as long as the "news agents" keep fawning and toadying and kissing the hem of her robe, all is well in Rumor Mill World.

As for those who refuse to toe the line, who have the audacity to challenge one of the Queen Bee's sacred cows, off with their heads!]

I still have many of Gunther's old contacts who keep me in the "loop"... I also have a damn good memory of the things I heard were going to happen in the near future... we are NOW IN that "near future" that was talked about back in 96 and 97... and earlier...

The long and short of what I am trying to say is I agree with what Never_Surrender wrote.... at least I agree with the fact that we should start looking to see if there is something MORE to the Patriot Act that we are being LED to believe by people who could very well have an agenda that is not "U.S. friendly".

[BH: Damn straight, that's me. I guess my agenda is not "U.S. Friendly". After all, I'm just a dinosaur, an old right wing gal who defends individual rights as bestowed by God and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

As for the Patriot Act? Thanks for the tip, but don't need to be looking for anything MORE, I've seen all I need to see.

THE PATRIOT ACT IS TREASON. THE PRESIDENT IS A TRAITOR for his failure to keep his sacred Oath of Office, to "defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, so help me God".

Oh, but how silly of me, forgive stupid could I be?......

I forgot: Rayelan has informed us from On High that George W. Bush is part of FACTION TWO!

And who will surely be there to save us all from the NWO. I guess that makes it okay for him to do anything his little heart desires.

And lucky for George, he's got Friends at Rumor Mill News, where they expose "What the Controlled Media Doesn't Want You to Know !"]

Barbara Hartwell
April 30, 2004