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Monday, March 12, 2018

To Correct the Inhumane CJS

"When the government runs out of crimes to charge against the people, the tyrants simply secretly pass a number of civil statutes that carry severe sanctions (against which the accused has virtually no defenses or Constitutional protections), and then process the accused in a largely invisible civil 'justice' system (orchestrated by government thugs and assassins) that is designed to lead to the imprisonment or death of the accused."

-- Former FBI Agent, Attorney Geral Sosbee

Here is a summary of my insights into the current so-called Criminal Justice System which in effect is a criminal enterprise spearheaded by the supreme thugs in American society, the fbi, and is perpetuated by government institutions and colleges.

On the pervasive thinking inherent in the USA’s criminal Justice System (CJS) and related institutions:

I present here a few more observations on my theory regarding the ‘State vs. Individual’ with regard to 1) alleged crimes or offenses by the individual and 2) actual crimes against the individual by the State.

The current CJS wherein the State or federal authority overwhelms the accused is a behemoth of horrors. The mere accusation itself is enclosed in an institutional setting that is grossly prejudiced against the innocent accused, while favoring the accusing authority with procedural mandates from the inception of the charges continuing often for the life of the accused.

In all instances of charging or accusing someone of a crime or an offense, the State benefits by feeding new victims of the CJS into its massive and immoral and largely political regime. See my reports of crimes by U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

Indeed, the rampant crime spree by fbi and police are encouraged by ever expanding and widely accepted sting operations against innocent or confused persons. See my report on sting and entrapment exercises by the State.

The underlying problem with the current, politically motivated, accusatory process is that rumor, innuendo and half- truths (cherry picked) ultimately and wrongly brings disaster to the accused and rewards to the accusers (fbi, police, prosecutors, judges).

So, the thinking itself must be changed in order to not self -perpetuate the very activity that we pretend to abhor. In this regard the government displays a kind of conspiracy against all of society.



Additionally, the current, secret global program of 'State vs. Individuals' clearly exemplifies the crimes by State officials that I describe in many of my papers at


For specific atrocities committed by fbi against me and other political Targets see my paper at on, "What Would You Do, If?".

In regards to charges brought in public and often in secret by the State, the entire structure and underlying objective inherent in the State's power to destroy lives must be overhauled.

Currently, the State uses corrupt authority in the police/Fbi and in the general community to accuse someone publicly or in secret of an offense. The individual cannot generally accuse the State of a crime because accusations are almost always the exclusive domain of the State. This protocol is particularly egregious in State action against political Targets and against others who simply make *intellectual mistakes.

Today, the massive State apparatus
(for bringing charges of offenses against the community) is a monstrosity out of control. The State even expands their power to accuse people by a fbi sponsored "New, Unheralded, Illegal Quasi Criminal Justice System Forged By fbi" (Academia. Edu). This fbi program is an abomination that allows fbi et al. to torture, maim and murder/assassinate our people. See my reports on how the entire federal judiciary is now a party to and principal in the fbi’s unconscionable crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs:

In another paper at I suggest a way to convert modern, corrupt prosecutorial thinking into an humane and transparently honest method to address errors against the community.


Note the long and painful history of our current structure for processing the accused and see another report here by Randall G. Shelden at:

I maintain that no rewards be offered to anyone for manufacturing a case against any person.

In my experience as a Special Agent with fbi I discovered how fbi agents receive different kinds of benefits (including money) for fabricating a criminal case against an innocent person. See the Rodriguez case:

Finally, any fbi agent who ' blows a whistle ' on illegal fbi or police operations is abruptly and irreversibly processed in yet another inhumane system referred to as 'counter intelligence and psychological operations ' designed to imprison, force suicide or kill the whistleblower and others. All manner of fbi atrocities are heaped on the Target in these covert maneuvers, including attempted murder and attacks with DEW & ELF weaponry.

The biggest obstacle in the reformation of corrupt government is that prevailing thoughts are not easily modified, especially (in the case of the CJS) where colleges and universities tout their “splendid” academic programs which in effect control the minds of the students and practitioners in that decadent field of study. All such CJS and police training programs should introduce my papers as required reading.

Thank you.

Geral Sosbee, JD