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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

War in Heaven: Who Is On the LORD'S Side?

And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Revelation 12: 7-11
Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not whither he goeth. While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light.
John 12: 35-36
Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
2 Corinthians 6:14
Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.
Ephesians 5:11
Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD'S side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him.
Exodus 32:26

In all the years I have been working to expose corruption in government, as an independent investigator, journalist and CIA whistleblower, as well as engaging in activism in defense of Liberty and God-given Individual rights, one form of extreme criticism has been repeatedly launched at me, not only by my adversaries, but also by those who at one time claimed to be my friends, allies and supporters: I am accused of "harsh" judgments; of  "intolerance"; of  "personal vendettas", of "attacks" on those whose crimes and wrongdoing I have exposed, and most notably, "attacks" against those with whom I have a disagreement, simply because I have made arguments in defense of the truth, and/or of my own and others' rights.
These wrongful claims by my accusers all boil down to this: The false notion that evil in any form is to be tolerated; that violations of the natural rights and liberties of any Child of God (the Individual), unalienable, because they are bestowed by God, should be tolerated, compromised or otherwise abrogated. Not on my watch.
The indisputable fact of the matter is this: Rights are not "given" by any government. God-given rights PRE-EXIST  any "rights" a government sees fit to acknowledge, "protect", or "guarantee"  and continue to exist, in perpetuity, no matter any false claims to the contrary. Why? Because no government has the right to usurp the power of God.
God-given rights are non-negotiable. I for one, refuse to "negotiate" with the world of men when it comes to a gift from God. Why anyone would choose to do so becomes the primary question. From my observations, the greater part of the citizenry will either half-heartedly engage in negotiations, hoping for the best, thinking they have no choice --or just submit to tyranny without so much as a whimper.
At the birth of this nation, it is estimated that only 3-4% of the population of the colonies stood up and took action to fight the tyranny of British rule. Still, they fought, and they won their freedom, a freedom that is meant to be passed down to their children, grandchildren and all future generations. Not all, but a large percentage of those freedom fighters were Christians. They knew in their hearts the difference between good (that which is of God) and evil (that which is of the enemies of God.) They were clearly standing on the LORD's side, and could not be moved.
When it comes to Liberty, which is of God, there is no room for negotiation, compromise, regulation or mitigation.
Who are the enemies of Liberty? They include all persons, all entities, individually or collectively, whose intent is to violate, to intrude, to invade, to harass, to stalk, to threaten, to manipulate, to deceive, to bear false witness, to seize power, to take control, to regulate or manage, to assault, to overstep, to abuse, to torture, to employ force, to imprison, to enslave, to conquer, to rape, to pillage, to destroy, to kill. To draw first blood.
What is the primary wrongful mentality of the enemies of Liberty? First, it is that of believing that they can usurp the power of God. They consider themselves, in their pride, their arrogance, their hubris, to be "gods" unto themselves. From this false belief, the will to personal power over others,  there naturally follow the unconscionable, the indefensible, the injurious acts of aggression against others, the assault on the Liberty of the Individual.
When Lucifer attempted to usurp the power of God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, he committed an act of unpardonable aggression which started War in Heaven. A war that rages on to this very day --a vital fact that most persons (Christians or non-Christians) fail to recognize. It is in the realm of the supernatural that the war originated, and so it continues.  
Lucifer has his recruits in one third of the angels, who made evil and aggression, to draw first blood, a personal choice, an act of free will.
Now, let us consider the true nature of every single despot, every dictator, every invader, every "conquistador", every megalomaniac, every evildoer who has lived on the face of the earth. Just a short list, in the history of the world: Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Leon Trotsky, Pol Pot, Vlad III (Vlad the Impaler), Kim Jong II, Idi Amin, Vladimir Lenin, Emperor Hirohito, Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il Sung, Saddam Hussein, Augusto Pinochet, Benito Mussolini, Ferdinand Marcos, Juan Peron, Manuel Noriega, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Ruhollah Khomeini, Nicolae Ceausescu, Nikita Kruschev, Mikhail Gorbachev, Hugo Chavez, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush  ....and many others. And certainly, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, the constitutionally ineligible usurper now occupying the White House.
Who is it, among all these vile perpetrators of injustice, atrocities, wars of aggression, war crimes, genocide, tyranny, terror, any and all abominations to God, that cannot be compared to Lucifer and his fallen angels?
Who is it, that cannot in all truth, be said to have joined forces with, have fallen under the influence of, have subjected themselves in thrall to, the enemies of God and His Children? Not one. No, not one.
The list of evildoers, the enemies of Liberty, the enemies of the God-given rights of the Individual, must include ANY persons who promote, support, endorse, or are in collusion with ALL who would violate those rights in any way, shape or form.
If they are Leftists, of any stripe, they are the enemies of Liberty. If they are Communists, they are the enemies of Liberty. If they are Socialists, they are the enemies of Liberty. If they are Neo-cons, Fascists, Neo-Bolsheviks, Neo-Nazis, they are the enemies of Liberty. If they are collectivists, they are the enemies of Liberty.  If they are racists, bigots, White Supremacists, Male Supremacists (or any other type of supremacist) they are the enemies of Liberty. If they are proponents of the United Nations, they are the enemies of Liberty. If they are members of occult secret societies, they are the enemies of Liberty. If they are engaging in witchcraft or sorcery, they are the enemies of Liberty. And if they traffic with any of the above (or other unnamed offenders), they are the enemies of Liberty.
Getting back to the issue of the accusations and complaints launched against Barbara Hartwell.  Over a period of many years, I have entered into alliances with various persons and organizations, the purpose of which, at least to me, was to join forces for a common cause --defending Liberty and God-given unalienable rights. Most of those alliances are a thing of the past. 
Issues arose between me and my sometime allies and friends, issues which could not be resolved,  almost without exception, for the same reason: I refused to compromise my principles in order to accommodate them and their agendas, which in each case did NOT serve the cause of Liberty, did NOT defend the God-given unalienable rights of the Individual. And I refused to be silent in the face of these issues, or to make excuses for, or to coddle liars, opportunists, wrongdoers. I refused to sit in "the congregation of evildoers".
Thinking back on this, I should have been able to discern that, if some of these friends/allies were trafficking with organizations, entities or persons whose purpose is anathema to Liberty (the United Nations, for example) a conflict would inevitably arise, it was only a matter of time.
On the other hand, there were those with whom I never formed an alliance or friendship, those who had clearly established themselves as my enemies, by their words and actions, in reference not only to me personally, but by their blatant support, promotion and endorsement of what is antithetical to the principles of Liberty.
But in both of these cases, whether friend or foe, the issues are the same.
One very important issue is this: How someone who claims they are "for Liberty", can turn around and promote a flagrantly anti-Liberty individual or organization. For example, someone stands up and vehemently denounces the evil dictator Adolf Hitler. Next thing you know, he/she is talking about the "merits" of Hugo Chavez. AS IF Chavez was not also an evil dictator? AS IF Communism is NOT an absolute evil, one which leaves no room whatsoever for God-given rights and Individual  Liberty?
These same individuals and their ilk will loudly complain about the "loss" of their rights, as protected under the Constitution. They will talk about the "rule of law". And yet, they will promote, support and traffic with the United Nations, or sign petitions "appealing" to the United Nations, for any grievance they may have. They will even denounce those who DO stand on the side of Liberty, because they did not allow the United Nations to further encroach on the God-given rights of the Individual.
Do they not realize that they can't have it both ways? Either you stand on the side of Liberty, with no compromises, or you cast your lot with the enemies of Liberty.
The rule of law, established under the Constitution, does NOT allow for the United Nations (or any other foreign entity) to have authority or jurisdiction, in any way, shape or form, over the citizens of this Sovereign Republic. The United Nations (and its precursor, the League of Nations) is, and has always been, an entity which seeks to control, manage, regulate and meddle where they have no business doing so. Globalist totalitarianism is their agenda, and if We the People don't stop them, they will achieve their NWO lockdown, thus completing the destruction of this nation.
Then, there are those who say they are "for Liberty", and go so far as to call themselves "freedom fighters". They loudly denounce the United Nations, their evil plot, Agenda 21, and yet these same individuals will turn around and praise the "merits" of Adolf Hitler. They will blame "the Jews" for all the evils of the world, since time immemorial. Their obvious hatred for the Jews will be cloaked in pseudo-scientific rants against the very blood that flows through their veins. And some of these people actually claim to be Christians.
Some who hate the Jews will automatically support the Muslims, simply because they are seen as the "enemies" of the Jews. They will promote and endorse Islamic leaders who are certainly evil in their attempts to wage Jihad against the "Infidels" (that's me) and establish Sharia law, which is in direct violation of God-given unalienable rights, and certainly opposition to the rule of law.
There are those who will join all sorts of "patriot" or "conservative" organizations. They will pay the dues and jump on the bandwagon. And yet, if an issue arises which clearly exposes that there is corruption within such an organization, will they confront that issue and disassociate themselves, on principle? Usually, no. Instead, if someone points out that what they are supporting is in fact antithetical to Liberty, they choose to make excuses, to compromise. "Nobody's perfect", they will say, or, "Everybody makes mistakes". Or, "He's no angel, BUT, he's the best we've got". No, actually, "he" (whoever he may be) is NOT the best, but only another shill, another liar, another practitioner of deception and agenda politics.
There are those who SEEM to be saying all the "right" things, whose views on Liberty, defending Individual God-given rights, etc. SEEM to be consistent over a period of years. But then, one day you will go to their website, and are shocked to see that they are promoting a total reprobate, sex predator, a porno-monger, a pathological liar, seemingly because THAT loathsome character also "claims" to defend Liberty, or be on the "side of the angels", etc.
Here's another issue: The idea that "We are all in this together". I've heard this claim over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseam by those who claim to be "patriots", "human rights activists", "defenders of Liberty", etc. etc.
But who is "We"?  That is the real question. Speaking for myself, I am certainly NOT going to join up with liars, Communists, Nazis, Male Supremacists, shills or any others who are not CLEARLY on the side of Liberty and the God-given rights of the Individual. Why would I want to do that? Why would any person of principle want to do that?
And yet, when I have refused to "join up", but instead chose to EXPOSE THE TRUTH about wrongdoing by these groups or individuals, I have been accused of "attacks" against them.
Over the years, I have watched the ever-shifting panorama of what has come to be known, variously, as the "Truth Movement", the "Patriot Movement", and other such designations. I have seen people jump on the bandwagons of political candidates, simply because they believed the rhetoric, "for Liberty", "for the Constitution", for "taking back America", and on and on...
And yet, a simple bit of research on my part (which anyone can easily take the time to do) reveals the true nature of the political candidate in question. And if I dare to point out that Mr. So-and-So, for example, voted for gun control, supported the Patriot Act, endorsed torture as a "necessary evil", promoted White Supremacist ideology, failed to stand up for Liberty, failed to obey the oath to defend the Constitution, had a shady history of unethical business dealings, or sexual predation, etc. etc. --will they reconsider putting their time and efforts behind supporting and promoting this candidate? Almost never. Once again, I hear the old standby platitudes: Nobody's perfect. He's the best we've got. Everybody makes mistakes. He's no angel, BUT....
"We are all in this together" is in fact a very dangerous fallacy.
Either you stand up for the truth, or you don't. Either you defend the God-given unalienable rights of the Individual, or you don't. Either you stand against the enemies of Liberty, or you don't.
There is War in Heaven. The choice as to which side to take is yours, and yours alone, by your own free will, bestowed by God.
Who will be on the LORD's side?
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 28, 2013
How you are fallen from heaven,
O Lucifer, son of the morning!
How you are cut down to the ground,
You who weakened the nations! 
 For you have said in your heart:
‘I will ascend into heaven,
I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
On the farthest sides of the north;I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
I will be like the Most High.’ 
Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,
To the lowest depths of the Pit.
“Those who see you will gaze at you,
And consider you, saying:
‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble,
Who shook kingdoms, 
Who made the world as a wilderness
And destroyed its cities,
Who did not open the house of his prisoners?’
Isaiah 14:12-17

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA 

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Former FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

"O judgment! thou art fled to brutish beasts, And men have lost their reason. If you have tears, prepare to shed them now."

...and here is our country...    "Look you here... as you see [a nation run by] traitors."


NOTE: These brief articles are taken from my best friend and most valued ally, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee. For more than a dozen years we have been working together to expose the evil operating within the U.S. government, an evil so pervasive that it continues to systematically destroy the lives of those God-fearing individuals who dare to defy it and stand up in defense of our God-given rights and liberties.

Who will stand against the evildoers?  

Those who will not stand against them become part of the evil, by their apathy, their willful ignorance, their compromises, their refusal to acknowledge the very nature of the evil.


August 22, 2013 

From former FBI agent Geral Sosbee


Evil is reflected in those individuals who, either acting alone or in concert with others, intentionally inflict physical or psychological pain or agony on another human being under any circumstances. Wickedly evil individuals take a special delight in the torture of others even as they watch their victims collapse, call for help, commit suicide or be hauled off to mental institutions or prisons. I have identified many such evil people in the fbi , in the police and in the community at large. I have also shown that such evil characters often recruit others to do their immoral and illegal assaults, thereby thoroughly corrupting our society from within. See “My Story” in twenty parts and other links below.
[I often refer to evil doers as *mental dwarfs.]
Corrupt & evil police and their bosses:
Violence as a virus:
Failed leadership and traitors within:
Other reports on topic:

Friends, Americans, Countrymen
I am no orator; nor do I claim to be of nobility; yet hear me clearly, fellow citizens, with your common sense and liberated reasoning as I say...

We have lost our nation unto those who claim to defend it; and even as the traitors assert an unfamiliar & defective brand of reason and judgment for their indefensible actions against us, we may see all around us the signs of disintegration of all that is most valued by free men: liberty, privacy, preservation of our name and our work, freedom to associate and the ability to use our brains unfettered by high tech assaults (DEW) and untouched by the tyranny of those men who are ambitious of power and who are imbued with a contempt of law and a disdain for human rights.

Age of Madness:

For surely reason has no role in the mass murder, torture, forced suicide, imprisonment and assassinations of our brothers and sisters that occur 24/7 in our world at the direction of our officials.

Finally, the united states of america is now forever known as the BEAST, the BrainEntrAinmentSTate, a country w/o conscience, a people w/o heart who are cursed with a national character predominantly w/o soul:

Police State:

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Friday, August 16, 2013

"PSY OPS QUICKSAND" REVISITED: Barbara Hartwell Vs. Rumor Mill News


I never gave anybody hell; I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.
--Harry Truman
Below, an article written by Rayelan Allan (2003) and posted on her website, Rumor Mill News. It is one of the few such articles I have not yet directly addressed, for the purpose of setting the public record straight, by refuting the false information, as well as correcting the twisted perspectives contained therein, by Rayelan and her gaggle of sometime "news agents".
For me, it is imperative that the truth and the facts are entered into the public record, no matter how much time has passed since the events in question. I certainly do not share Rayelan's perspective that issues will "settle down", and just "go away", if they are simply ignored, or swept beneath the carpet. The truth and the facts do not change, nor do solid principles ever change --only the self-serving agendas of those who would make endless compromises, flip-flopping back and forth, in their cowardice and their complete disrespect for the rights of anyone they consider a threat to their personal plans and schemes. Who is the greatest threat? Clearly the individual who tells the unvarnished truth, who stands his/her ground and acts on principle, and lets the chips fall where they may.
Rumor Mill News has more recently been posting libelous articles, exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell, as well as poaching my material, violating my rights, using copyrighted material for which I have NOT signed a release, to anyone except Chicago Health Television (1998 TV interview of Barbara Hartwell), while bilking money from their readers in conjunction with promoting false information, at my expense. This is fraud. The damages to me have been inestimable --just as with the dozen year-plus long (and counting...) libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell by Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), Rayelan's fellow New Age busybody, scamster and peddler of government disinformation; also the primary PR shill for the late Ted Gunderson. Adachi, by the way, still promotes Rayelan's material on his website, even after she publicly claimed that Ted Gunderson was given the contract to put a hit on her. (See below.)
The only other offender affiliated with RMN, whose name I know, is one Lynda Brasier, who will also be held accountable for posting libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, as will all unnamed persons using screen names.
These offenses will not be tolerated, and I have already issued a public directive to CEASE & DESIST, and demanded that all such articles be REMOVED immediately. My directive was disregarded, but they should be made aware that they will pay the consequences, nonetheless.
But before I get to dissecting this article by Rayelan Allan, some background history is in order. In the late 1990s, I was approached by Rayelan Allan, by e-mail. At the time, I had never heard of her or her website, Rumor Mill News. I had been publishing my material on the Internet since 1995, beginning by sending out my newsletters, called The Hartwell Intelligence Report, to selected e-mail recipients, which were then published by various news outlets and websites, and/or sending my reports directly to publishers at their request.
Before publishing on the Internet, I was writing for hardcopy publications, as well as hosting/producing radio and TV shows (Greenwich, CT.) The fact that some of these (not all) were sponsored by CIA is irrelevant. As I have stated repeatedly, I got out once and for all in 1994. Since that time I have never been connected to, nor worked on behalf of, anyone but myself and with  selected colleagues, none of whom are CIA. Take it or leave it, believe it or not, that is the truth.
Rayelan wanted to publish my material on her website, and at first invited me to become a "news agent" and post my own material. I explained that she was free to use anything I wrote, as others did, as long as it had my byline, Barbara Hartwell (I have always used my real name for anything I posted on the Internet, never a screen name), and was given in its entirety, unedited. I explained that I was not interested in "joining" the site and posting my own material.
[NOTE: Even when I worked in mainstream media, I did not allow anyone to edit my material, and it was only to be published with that proviso.]
Apparently, my reports, posted by Rayelan, generated considerable interest among the readers of RMN --not surprising, since most of the people posting there were not professional journalists, did not use their real names, and had no background in, or real knowledge of the subjects they addressed. A few others were clearly government plants, sowing disinformation.  But whoever they were, their credbility, for the most part, left much to be desired. As far as I can see, the same holds true to the present time.
Rayelan kept after me to post my own material, and I finally agreed, simply because she said it would spare her the time it took to do it herself. This was some time in 2000. By the end of 2003, I had decided that there were no benefits to me by continuing to post there, only stress and grief, so I resigned.
My reasons were very simple: Most of the "news agents" were amateurs, who knew very little about the subjects being discussed; worse, they were of the New Age persuasion, which as a Christian, I found to be offensive, not because I didn't respect their right to believe what they chose, but  because they were also aggressive busybodies who tried to interfere with me and my work, to foist their silly ideas on me, and made idiotic public comments in reply to my material. When I responded in my own defense, in order to refute their inaccurate statements, I was accused of "ad hominem attacks".
Most of what I posted related to exposing criminals and corruption in government; the same holds true today. My material has always been based on facts. I name the names, and find no reason to pull punches. That is what a whistleblower DOES, a fact that seemed to escape the understanding of the many New Agers who spent their time babbling about "love and light", and who had no tolerance for any kind of "negativity", of which I was repeatedly accused. What good can it do to expose criminals in government if the issues are not faced head on? Criminals ARE NEGATIVE. Duh. Unlike the New Age crowd, I don't live in a fantasy world, and my reports certainly reflected that.
Then, there was the fact that Rayelan engaged in selective censorship, in which she changed the "rules" to suit her ever-changing whims. This censorship was directed not only at me, but at certain others who refused to toe the politically correct party-line established by Rayelan. Some were "banned", others quit in disgust, as I did. Notably, it was the well-informed professional journalists who usually quit or got the axe. Freedom of speech? Forget it if you want to post on Rumor Mill News.
Lastly, I am, and have always been a 'lone gun', not a team player. I just want to be left alone, to publish my own material, which is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, and the readers may make of it what they will. I'm not interested in discussing it with the general public, nor with others who happen to post material on the same sites, and certainly not interested in arguing about it. So the fact that the so-called "news agents" felt the need to draw me into disputes, or thought they had the right to dole out unsolicited advice, or meddle in my business, simply because I happened to be posting my material on that site, was a source of great annoyance, to say the least.
The facts I've outlined are very simple. I resigned from RMN because I clearly recognized that I did not belong there, pure and simple, for the reasons given above. What's more, I was direct and plainspoken, as always, in stating my position. I am not any kind of diplomat, I am not a 'people pleaser', and do not sugar coat things to avoid offending people. If they are offended, so be it, that is their problem, not mine.
And yet, simply because I wrote a public letter of resignation (that's the way I do things, right out in the open, so there can be no question of the position I hold), Rayelan and her entourage of New Age busybodies chose to create a huge melodramatic brouhaha, going so far as to claim that I was part of a government 'psy op' intent on "destroying" Rumor Mill News. Frankly, I never considered RMN to be anything other than just one among many other websites, where my material was published --it had no special significance to me. 
I certainly had no interest, and no reason to want to "destroy" RMN. My only interest was in ridding myself of the nonsense being thrown at me by removing myself from an environment that had become hostile and antithetical to everything I stand for. Lastly, if it were actually my purpose to run a "psy op" against them, I can guaran-damn-tee that it would be nothing so crude as what I was accused of, being in collusion with rank amateurs and criminal psychopaths like Brenda Negri.  Had I in fact chosen to run a 'psy op' (a ludicrous thought), none of them would even have a clue. I don't run that kind of operation, so it is laughable that these amateurs managed to extract so much mileage out of a non-event. (Convenient though, that the controversy dramatically increased the hit counts, and brought in more money to Rumor Mill News from the gullible readers. At the expense of Barbara Hartwell, naturally.)
Here is the article by Rayelan. My comments are in brackets, interspersed in the main body of text, preceded by my initials, BHP.
I have removed only the links, some of which are defunct. Anyone who wants to find them may try a search engine.
"Pass Me the Hammer I Want to Help Pound the Nails at Rayelan's Crucifixion!"
Today I was happily working away at my regular job... you know, the one that pays most of my bills. The one that provided me with the money to start Rumor Mill News. The one that paid all the bills of Rumor Mill News for the first three years it was on the web. Today was an especially happy day at work. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and the workload was minimal because we were having a party.
But today was even happier for me. I showed my boss some things I had been working on and asked his help to get them printed up in our inhouse print shop. I felt that my new approach produced faster and better results than anything else we were doing . What he told me almost knocked my socks off. He told me that as soon as it was finished he would print up a few copies, but ONLY so other colleagues could try the approach and work out the bugs. Then he said that once my colleagues agreed that this method was better, which HE fully could see, then he would recommend it to a publisher who has a track record of publishing my colleagues books.
I was fairly glowing in the thought that soon I will be known for something OTHER than being the Publisher of Rumor Mill News and the Ex-Wife of the THE OCTOBER SURPRISE PILOT [LINK REMOVED] 
And then the first shoe dropped.
On my lunch hour I checked my email and was informed that one of our RMNews Agents, a new one named Nandi, had not only broken one of the Rumor Mill News Prime Directives, she had broken TWO of them!!
The first one she broke was the rule about NOT posting for Former Agents. But I let her slide on that one because the way in which the rule was written stated that RMNews Agents can not post articles by RMN Agents who have been BANNED by RMN!! The Directive did NOT state that someone couldn't post information from an Agent who RESIGNED... no matter how hard the slap at RMN had been in the publicly posted Letter of Resignation!!
[BHP: Here is the letter, posted on my site:
More exclamation points!! Red alert!! Red alert!! Rumor Mill News has been slapped in the face!!! And she had the unbelievable nerve to make it public!! How dare she!!!!!!!!!]
"Because Nandi techically did NOT violate our rules, she was not deleted, or censored. Her post of Barbara Hartwell's attack of me and RMN was allowed to stay. At the time, I felt it was best just to ignore it and hope that the brushfire caused by Barbara Hartwell would die out before it became a raging forest fire."
[BHP: The post in question was titled: CENSORSHIP AT RUMOR MILL NEWS.
See it here:
"After work today, on my way to my doctor's, my cell phone rang. It was my friend Agent777. She asked me if I had been on the Forum to see what was going on. I replied no, I have been too busy!!
She then began to read to me Fintan Dunne's messages:
Posted By: nFormedSources
Date: Wednesday, 26 November 2003, 5:40 p.m.
Here's the REAL STORY of Barbara Hartwell & Brenda Negri
Both Barbara and brenda are...
"Censored" I yelled. "How could it be censored. I didn't do it. I've been working all day!" The only other person who could have censored it is Zapper!"
Then I remembered one of the very last things I emailed to Zapper before I went to bed last night. I said, "NO MORE BRENDA NEGRI AND BARBARA HARTWELL ON THE FORUM!!"
Zapper followed my order to the letter!!
I thought that by banning any posts about Barbara Hartwell OR Brenda Negri, that I could make the flames from this brush fire go out! However, the brush fire did NOT die down, it flared up into a raging fire that threatens to obscure our vision of the truth... if not destroy us completely."
[BHP: More melodrama, with Rayelan hysterically trumpeting the threat of more "destruction" to Rumor Mill News. God forbid. And who is Barbara Hartwell? Just one person who told the truth about why I was resigning, nothing more. This "Zapper" character, otherwise known only as "hobie", is one of Rayelan's sycophants, who "follows orders to the letter". And if their "vision of the truth" is obscured, they have only themselves to blame.]
"Several weeks ago one of my old friends, one of the people who still has a few sources in the Agency, told me that another operation was being launched against Rumor Mill News. The last operation was a Denial of Service attack that shut us down completely. The ATTACK before that kept us off the web for six weeks!!
My friend didn't know what form this new attack was going to take. But he knew the reason for the attack. He told me that RMN is growing TOO fast and having TOO much influence in the world!!"
[BHP: Now, enter the "Agency source", who feeds Rayelan exactly what she wants to hear: Rumor Mill News is a dire THREAT to be the powers that be!! (I think it might behoove Rayelan to lay off the double exclamation points, it becomes tiresome.) 
"He cited our work to publicize the tragic story of Terri Schiavo, the woman in Florida whose husband is trying to remove her feeding tube and starve her to death."
[BHP: So what? Many news outlets, mainstream and alternative, covered the case, it wasn't an exclusive by Rumor Mill News. Did it save Terry Schiavo? No. Did Rumor Mill News "influence" the case in any way? Again, no. But I'm sure Rayelan collected a bucketload of donations...] 
"He also cited the avalanche of emails that I sent to every media outlet in the world regarding HELEN SHUE [LINK REMOVED]  and the farm that was stolen from her by the County Tax Collector! He told me that RMN was getting TOO good at getting the truth out and that someone in our Government wanted us either GONE or discredited."
[BHP: Naturally, Rayelan eats up the cloak-and-dagger "information" volunteered by the "source". Is he a deep throat? We will never know... All we will know is that he has succeeded in making Rayelan believe she is a very special "person of interest" to the government, and encouraging her to overinflate her own importance, because her website is exposing too much "truth".] 
"I thought about what he told me for a while. I couldn't see anything unusual going on in regards to RMN. Yes, my husband had just had an accident. Many of my friends told me that they felt "someone" had tried to kill him in an automobile accident. [LINK REMOVED]
The reason so many of my friends felt there had just been an attempt on his life was because of a strange black line on a radar weather map. The black line came from the Pacific and followed my husband's travel route perfectly on the day of his accident. If you want to see the radar map as well as my husband's travel plans, you can click on the link above and scroll down the page until you see the map and the radar weather map. You will see that the strange black line follows Route 70 from Utah, where he had the accident, to Colorado which was where he ended up in the hospital.
The other reason that made them think something very strange went on in Utah that day was a comment a Utah Trooper made to me. He apologized for not securing our personal belongings as he has been told to do. He said he was too busy to get back to the tow yard. He went on to say that there had been MORE accidents and homicides in ONE day than had gone on all year!!
Hmmm??? Did other people get caught in something that was directed at my husband? Is RMN important enough for our government to use some kind of microwave beam that would disorient an entire area? Or had my husband been unlucky enough to drive through an area where some government was conducting some kind of experiement. I don't have an answer to this, and unless someone in government comes forward and tells me what happened, I doubt if I will ever know the truth."
[BHP: Rayelan's paranoid fantasies now emerge. Again, she connects everything bad that is happening in her life, and even in the world at large, to the "importance" of Rumor Mill News. And it's likely that "someone in government" will come out of the shadows to admit to Rayelan that there is devilry afoot? I don't think so.]
"My husband's accident happened on September 24th. I was away from RMN for almost six weeks. It was toward the end of my ordeal from the accident, that my friend called to advise me that another "Op" was being prepared for Rumor Mill News. I contemplated writing an article and telling everyone what he told me, but due to massive exhaustion, panic attacks, and no time, I decided to just post an old article about the PRESIDENTIAL FINDING REGARDING RUMOR MILL NEWS. [LINK REMOVED] 
After I posted this article, nothing much happened until Barbara Hartwell posted some information about TED GUNDERSON. [LINK REMOVED]"
[BHP: Now, finally she gets to the real point of her saga of cloak-and-dagger intrigue: Barbara Hartwell. And it all snowballs from here. An "Op" is being prepared against Rumor Mill News.]
"Many of you know Ted Gunderson as the man who accused Art Bell of being a pedophile. Bell sued Gunderson and the radio station Gunderson was on. The sad truth of this case was the pedophile was Bell's son's teacher who kidnapped, drugged and raped his son. [LINK REMOVED]
Can you imagine the kind of Hell Gunderson put Bell and his family through? It wasn't enough that they were dealing with a horror that defies description... but then Gunderson proclaims that Bell is a pedophile!! Needless to say, Bell sued and won!!"
[BHP: Now we hear about FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, the former colleague of Barbara Hartwell. And by the way, Bell did file a lawsuit, but it never went to court, so he did not "win". Ted Gunderson's insurance issued a settlement to Art Bell, and that was the end of it. 
(On the day that Ted was served the papers, he called me and told me, Art Bell is going to sue me! At the time, I was still a friend of Ted, and since he protested that he was "innocent" of any such accusation against Bell, I believed him. 
Bell's lawyers later (after I had broken off contact with Gunderson)  tried to contact me through an intermediary, to testify against Gunderson. I declined, because I was not involved in the case, and I saw it as being unethical, were I to get involved. This was between Ted and Art Bell, and had nothing to do with me.)]
"Shortly after Barbara posted this article about Ted, Ted called me. Don't ask how he got my private number, I don't know. I don't know how the other people that Barbara has written about got my number. But they have it, and they delight in calling me! Most of the time they only get my answering machine, where they leave several minutes of heavy breathing!!
At the time Gunderson called me, he asked me why I was allowing Barbara to post the things about him. And he inferred that it was libel. it crossed my mind that he was probably part of whatever "OP" had been launched against RMN. But that thought quickly went out of my mind because I was more interested in protecting RMN from being sued than figuring out what kind of Op had been launched."
[BHP: So here, Rayelan plants the seed that Barbara Hartwell is part of the "OP" against Rumor Mill News, and also suggests that Ted Gunderson may be behind it as well. And for the record, I have never given out anyone's private telephone number, including Rayelan's --that is against my principles.] 
"After Gunderson's call, I called my lawyers and discussed what was going on. They told me that anyone can sue me... but it was doubtful that they would win. Fortunately I have been smart enough to buy legal insurance for matters just like this. I read to my lawyer what Barbara had posted, and he told me that he doubted if any judge would rule it as libel, especially since there are so many court records on Gunderson's colorful past!! Even with my lawyers calming words, I continued to wonder just how the new "OP" was going to be launched at RMN."
[BHP: Ted Gunderson was considered an entirely public figure, even a celebrity. He was the second highest man in the FBI, right under J. Edgar Hoover. His "cases" (especially involving Satanism) were published in many tabloids (The Globe and others) and what I posted in my reports was truthful, based on facts and direct experience, for which I had evidence. There were never any false allegations, sensationalism, nor hyperbole. And I certainly was not the first to expose Ted Gunderson. I never worried about being sued, and even were it a possibility, it would not have stopped me from exposing the truth, because people (including in my own family) were being subjected to great harm, not only by Gunderson, but by the cabal of his accomplices and cronies.]
"When I reposted the Presidential Finding Regarding Rumor Mill News, I did so, rather than crying, "AN 'OP's BEEN LAUNCHED, AN 'OP's BEEN LAUNCHED!!" When you cry wolf too many times, people stop believing that there really IS a wolf who has been trying to kill you for over 15 years! These sick bastards not only try to kill you physically, but they try to kill your spirit and your purpose. And all of this has happened to me. (If you want to read about it, click the link at the top of the RMN front page that says, "Who Founded Rumor Mill News?")
I posted the Presidential Finding on November 15th. Since that time Barbara Hartwell posted a sarcastic message to ESCLARMONDE! a dissection of an e-mail from her friend and RMNews Agent, Brian, a man who had sent her a considerable amount of money when she asked for help on Rumor Mill News."
[BHP: Now, Rayelan references the mysterious "Presidential Finding" on Rumor Mill News. I doubt there is such a document, unless it is fabricated by someone whose objective is to exploit Rumor Mill News, by continuing to plant government disinformation via some of the "news agents",  who are actually there for that purpose. That's how it's done.
Regarding this character "ESCLARMONDE" (whose real name was never used), she was a presumptuous and utterly obnoxious New Age busybody extraordinaire, who was constantly posting idiotic responses to my reports, trying to twist the meaning of what I wrote to fit her foolish interpretations, and doling out unsolicited advice  --even amateur psychoanalysis-- some of which was extremely insulting to my intelligence and my professionalism, though always couching it in "love and light".
I tried to ignore this fool at first, but she kept at it until under extreme provocation, I responded, and put her in her place. So what if I was sarcastic? She richly deserved it. But of course, this was viewed by Rayelan and the other New Agers as an "attack".
As for "Brian", he was not a "friend", as Rayelan claims; in fact I hardly knew him, but was for a brief time, a supporter. And Rayelan violated my confidence by broadcasting her gossip about how much money he donated to me. That is no one's business, and had nothing to do with Rayelan. And I need to correct another false statement made by Rayelan. First, at no time did I personally "ask for help" on Rumor Mill News. Rayelan put out an appeal for donations for me. Secondly, the man who sent me the donation did so NOT as a response to anything on Rumor Mill News. As he clearly stated in his letter to me, it was because he had been reading MY website, where donations were solicited publicly by me, because he said he found value in the material I was publishing. At no time was Rumor Mill News the main venue for publishing my material, either. Just another example of Rayelan's delusions that Rumor Mill News is the be-all and end-all of everything that happens, no matter how unconnected is the event.
Lastly, once I realized that "Brian" was also a New Ager, and even had communist sympathies, I made it clear in my responses to his posts on Rumor Mill News (many of which were directed at me), that I was in total disagreement with his viewpoints. I don't care how much money he donated to me, that was his choice, for whatever reason, nor would I have let his leftist politics go unchallenged in his arguments of disagreement with me. As it turned out, he stopped supporting me as a result (which of course I expected, and I would not have wanted his tainted money in that case), and later "accused" me (indirectly) of being in collusion with the psychopath, Brenda Negri, as did certain others. (See more below.)
For Rayelan, it is clear that everything in the universe is a satellite that revolves around Rumor Mill News. Everything that happens in the world can be traced back to Rumor Mill News. Maybe she should rein in her ego and make a reality check. (Or better yet, maybe she should change her name to Forrest Gump.)]
"She posted an attack at the people she terms New Age, in an article she called: MORE NEW AGE BULLCRAP."
"You know nothing about me. My anger is RIGHTEOUS, and if you do not understand that, it is not my problem. Please have the respect to STOP offering your amateur psychoanalysis. As with other New Agers, this nonsense is getting OLD. This Forum is NOT for group therapy. I am NOT here for any other reason than to FIGHT the NWO..."
[BHP: Here we go again with Barbara Hartwell being accused of an "attack".  According to people of Rayelan's ilk, any public disagreement is labeled an "attack". If a person stands up in her own defense, after being mobbed by idiots, telling them to mind their own business, it is an "attack". Could it get any more moronic than that?] 
"She followed this post with one with an article about Black Helicopters.[LINK REMOVED] in which she talked about "tactics to foil them":
"Get a paintball gun, and mark the bird with a bright color, though this marking will only be temporary.
Better yet, use a heavy rubber balloon, filled with REAL indelible, oil-based paint and use a slingshot to mark the bird.
We would also use a rifle, like an AK-47, with a starlight scope (my favorite) converted to a flare gun and shoot a flare up into the sky. When they see THAT thing, they take off like a bat out of hell!
Another fun thing is to be wearing combat fatigues when you go out to confront these bastards. What I do is put on full camouflage, including blacking my face. An easy way to do this is to take the cork from a wine bottle, light one end with a match and blow it out. Then just rub the charcoal over your face. It washes right off and is actually GOOD for your skin!
Again, I am NOT advising anyone to do ANY of these things, just to make myself clear.
But remember this: THEY are the criminals, using helicopters to spy and harass, violating YOUR SPACE, YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and FAA regs."
[BHP: This quote from me was posted in connection with a discussion about black helicopters,  which were deployed against me on numerous occasions. I guess the New Age wimps would rather be shaking in their boots and whining about bad guys harassing them. More likely, they would believe that dropping a "love bomb" would neutralize the terror tactics. (Yes, I've actually heard such nonsense offered as advice by New Age nincompoops.)
So what's the problem with my comments? Apparently, Rayelan believes it was part of the dastardly "psy op" directed against Rumor Mill News.] 
"This particular article was the one that inspired Brenda Negri to start her Barbara Hartwell Blog!"
[BHP: Now, Barbara Hartwell is blamed for what the criminal whackjob, Brenda Negri, decides to do. How idiotic is that?]  
"Barbara followed the helicopter article with one she had taken from the John Birch magazine."
[BHP: Again, so what? What's wrong with the John Birch Society? Oh, I forgot, JBS defends Liberty and the Constitution...the New Agers don't like that, no indeed.]
"And her next major work was called, SPOTLIGHT! GOV GOONS & THE NEGRI CONNECTION [LINK REMOVED] 
It appears that THIS article by Barbara was used by Brenda Negri to start her RUMOR MILL NEWS blog!!"
[BHP: Brenda Negri is a criminal, plain and simple. She targeted me in 2001. She was posing as a male FBI agent, "Ranger Rick", stealing the identity of an actual FBI agent, Rick Wade, on whom she had a fixation. In reality, Negri held a menial job as a secretary, was uneducated, a person who had absolutely no background, no training whatsoever in intelligence work, of which she boasted on the Internet. 
Once I discovered the game she was playing, the lies she was promoting, I exposed her. She too was promoted/supported by Ken Adachi (sound familiar?), and Negri's outrageous lies remain on his website to this very day, filthy lies against Barbara Hartwell. Negri's Target in this case was Barbara Hartwell, NOT Rumor Mill News. Negri was a government-groupie/stooge who answered to Ted Gunderson, a part of the amateur recruits for his COINTELPRO. She targeted legitimate whistleblowers, former military, law enforcement, intelligence personnel.
Negri was in and out of mental hospitals for years. And when she finally got a job as a low-level baggage screener for TSA (under DHS), by LYING on her application, simply because she was desperate to realize her fantasy of  "working for the government", in ANY capacity, I contacted her supervisors at TSA to report the fact that she was using the computers at TSA to post her outrageous libel about Targets (including Barbara Hartwell) and to harass/stalk them on the Internet.  Along with my formal complaint,  I provided evidence of same. Negri was fired from her job at TSA, just as she was fired from her previous secretarial job at a legal firm, for the same reasons. Again, because of formal complaints against her criminal activities by Barbara Hartwell, and others she had targeted.
In fact, some of the reports I posted on RMN, exposing the criminal activities of Brenda Negri, were with the full endorsement of Rayelan Allan. Who, by the way, never wanted to dirty her hands by confronting Negri's criminal activities herself. I actually defended Rayelan against Brenda Negri's slurs, as I would defend anyone. But did Rayelan ever come to my defense? No. She sat on the sidelines, her only concern being protecting her precious Rumor Mill News.
And I should add that as a result of my efforts to thoroughly expose Brenda Negri (NOT limited to posting on RMN), Negri not only lost the jobs, which allowed her to continue committing crimes (such as impersonating federal agents), but she shortly thereafter was so completely discredited that she was put out of business, never to return to perpetrating her scams and hoaxes. Which was exactly my objective.
When one of these criminals comes after me, I don't just sit there and take it, I TAKE ACTION to neutralize the offender. And when possible, I use the law, which in this case, worked. There were a few other colleagues of mine also targeted by Negri, former law enforcement, military or intelligence, and to us it was crystal clear: neutralize the perp and be done with it.  I have never understood why people like Rayelan Allan don't call a spade a spade, or a criminal a criminal and deal with them accordingly. 
Again, so what that Brenda Negri started a blog to talk about Rumor Mill News? According to Rayelan, Barbara Hartwell was to blame for that? Utter nonsense and unmitigated stupidity. It was a simple case of a criminal (Brenda Negri) targeting a law-abiding person (Barbara Hartwell). Period. Case closed.]
"I asked Barbara, in a private email, to stop posting articles about Brenda Negri, Ted Gunderson and the entire cast of characters she has written about ever since she came to Rumor Mill News.
Even though Barbara herself has declared that she was on Rumor Mill News "for no other reason than to FIGHT the NWO", it will be obvious to all who perform a search for all of her articles, that over 50% of "her effort" to fight the NWO is made up of attacks on RMNews Agents who happen to have different spiritual beliefs, and monotonous and lengthy updates on what Brenda Negri is doing to her. She also posts detailed and monotonous attacks on all of the people who she says are harassing her and her sister. She has even posted private individuals addresses, telephone numbers and social security numbers on the Rumor Mill News forum, which I immediately deleted as soon as I found them."
[BHP: Monotonous "attacks" (that word again). The material I posted on RMN was no different from the material I posted on my own website, or other sites who published my reports. Nobody else complained about them, called them "attacks", nor found them "monotonous". They were very simply factual reports exposing criminals. 
As for fighting the NWO,  yes, that was my purpose (still is) and had no special significance related to RMN. And although RMN claimed that their purpose was to "fight the NWO", nothing could be further from the truth. Rayelan and her cohorts have always EMBRACED the NWO, by promoting the New Age doctrines of devils (part of the NWO plot to enslave the populace); by toadying to NWO proponents (George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc.); being apologists for torture, and even endorsing TREASON, as in the USA Patriot Act.
Again, Rayelan falsely calls my reports, exposing criminals, "attacks". I have never posted any "private" telephone numbers or addresses on any website, including RMN. The telephone numbers and addresses were listed in directories, as a matter of PUBLIC RECORD, with the full consent of the individuals to whom they belonged. Anyone could look them up, just like I did. It is only when a person engages in public disclosure of PRIVATE information (UNLISTED, PRIVATE telephone numbers, street address, etc.) that it becomes invasion of privacy or possible grounds for a lawsuit. Which is exactly what some of the criminals who targeted Barbara Hartwell did to me. Namely, Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey, Ken Adachi, Alex Studer, James F. Marino...and of course, Brenda Negri herself, who was working in collusion with Adachi, White, Fahey and others in their campaign to destroy every aspect of my life.
As for the CIA criminals who were persecuting me and my sister, I have every right to fight back and expose their crimes. If they don't want to be exposed, let them CEASE & DESIST from these crimes. And if Rayelan finds these reports "monotonous", it appears to me that she says this only in order to minimize the situation, because she is a coward, as always, afraid of being sued, losing her precious Rumor Mill News.]
"Had I left this private information ON RMN, there would have been a slight possibility that I could have been sued for identity theft. This was pointed out by Brenda Negri on her Rumor Mill News blog. It is intersting that Negri would accuse me of identity theft when she has stolen the name Rumor Mill News and is using her Rumor Mill News webpage to try to destroy the REAL Rumor Mill News!
She has also stolen Barbara Hartwell's name and is using the Barbara Hartwell Blog to attack Barbara."
[BHP: So, Brenda Negri is an identity thief. So what? Many of these criminals engage in identity theft, as well as forgery, as in the case of one of Negri's accomplices, another psychopath, stalker and pathological liar, Todd Brendan Fahey. My name has been stolen countless times. And for this, Rayelan places the blame on Barbara Hartwell, simply because I exposed some criminals on Rumor Mill News? Stupid, stupid, stupid.] 
"Getting back to the types of posts Barbara Hartwell has posted on RMN:
I guess in her zeal to expose the NWO goons, she believed that getting her information out to the public was MORE important that protecting RMN from libel and slander lawsuits."
[BHP: At no time was I an "employee" of Rumor Mill News, nor any kind of contractor.  I had no obligation whatsoever to Rumor Mill News, in any way, shape or form. I was, as I remain today, an INDEPENDENT investigator and journalist, whose material was posted on Rumor Mill News. Damn straight it was more important to me to expose the criminals who are destroying my life than to "protect" RMN. And again, why in hell does she seem to believe that Rumor Mill News is the ONLY venue for getting information to the public.]
"Since I did NOT want to risk losing RMN to Gunderson or Negri, I offered to help Barbara's with free server space for her webpage,. It would have remained under her own domain, on a server at no cost to her. I also told her that Zapper had offered to install a "web-blog" so she could post whatever she wanted to post about Brenda Negri, Ted Gunderson, Tim White and the rest of the cast she writes about, without endangering the rest of us who post on RMN."
[BHP: I already had my own website (online since 2000). The only problem with that was that I had to rely on a series of webmasters to post my material, and often had to wait days to get anything online. But no, I did not want the busybodies from RMN to have any involvement whatsoever in my professional work. I declined the offer, with good reason.
I should also mention that Rayelan conveniently leaves out the fact that I told her that I would NOT post any more material to which she objected, to just say the word. She never did, at least not directly to me. Instead, she tried to manipulate me, rather then being direct and coming right out with it. That doesn't work with me, never has. I take a person at his or her word, and if he/she is lying, withholding vital information, discussing my business with third parties behind my back (all of which Rayelan was doing), then there's only one thing I can do: walk away and remove myself from any association with an untrustworthy person who does not respect my personal boundaries, or my rights.] 
See report here:
"Because she selectively quoted my private email to her, something she has also done to RMN Agent, Brian, I posted my entire UNEDITED email so people could make up their own minds.
Since Barbara had posted her public resignation, her user name and ID were deleted. She could no longer post. RMN has a rule about former agents. The rule states that no one can POST FOR REMOVED AGENTS [LINK REMOVED] However, when Zapper wrote this, it was aimed at agents who had been removed by either him or me.
The decision to decommission a Forum Agent is never made lightly.
When we remove an Agent from the Forum, it is his or her words that we are removing.
That purpose is eroded if his or her writings are inserted into posts of a working Agent.
Please do not 'Trojan Horse' removed Agents.
Most of our RMN Guidelines are written AFTER the fact!! This is so because there is NO way we can anticipate all the many ways that an RMNews Agent can do damage, or try to do damage to RMN.
When I started RMN, I created a webpage that had some simple guidelines for RMNews Agents. They were called THE RUMOR MILL NEWS PRIME DIRECTIVE.  As time went on and we dealt with RMN Agents, who were obvious government plants, we had to come up with an entire new set of rules to fit every occasion.
Zapper re-posted one of my articles called, Forum Prime Directive, "The Right to Disagree". Each time an RMN Agent had to be scolded, that message was posted in the thread of this article. I guess that soon, I will post a new addition to this thread which will state:
When an RMNews Agent leaves RMN, FOR ANY REASON, whether they are banned or whether they chose to leave voluntarily, no other RMN Agent can post for them, without running it by ME, the publisher, FIRST!!
As the dust begins to clear, I begin to think that a classic CIA "Op" has been launched on RMN. If any of our Agents can't see this, then either they are too dumb to be RMN Agents... or they are part of the "op".... knowlingly or unknowling!!"
[BHP: A "classic CIA Op". Now, we come right down to it: Barbara Hartwell, the Target of this entire convoluted tale woven by Rayelan Allan. Now, she insults the RMN "agents" by telling them that unless they can "see" that Barbara Hartwell is the dastardly villain running the CIA op,  they are either A) "too dumb" to be Rumor Mill News agents (as if such a thing is possible?), or B) "part of the op....."
Rayelan has issued her edict from On High. She thinks she's got all the bases covered. If they disagree, they will be seen by the all-knowing, all-seeing Rayelan (who has no background or training whatsoever in intelligence work) as stupid, knowingly complicit, or unknowingly complicit (in other words, again, stupid).]
"This type of "op" is a classic one , where anything I do is wrong. The harder I try to tell my side of the story, the more I get sucked down in the PsyOps Quicksand. No sooner than I embrace a supporter, that supporter slams me."
[BHP:  Perhaps Rayelan might consider the fact that much of what she does is IN FACT "wrong", or at the very least, foolish, unprofessional and incompetent. Rather than addressing issues directly, logically, by simply evaluating the facts, she feels the need to engage in endless micro-analyses, which lead nowhere. 
She solicits "help", on a grand scale, playing the role of the innocent Damsel in Distress:
"Pass Me the Hammer I Want to Help Pound the Nails at Rayelan's Crucifixion!"
Rayelan tries for sympathy, clearly expecting the cavalry to show up to save the day, for knights in shining armor to defend her honor. Trouble is, she doesn't have any honor; she is her own worst enemy. The "enemies of Rumor Mill News", lurking behind every bush, are the phantoms of Rayelan's own psyche.
Her alter-ego appears to be Rumor Mill News, it is her "claim to fame" (just as being the wife of the October Surprise Pilot, Gunther Russbacher, who was in fact a criminal and con man), the source of her delusional claims to self importance and self aggrandizement. Maybe it might behoove her to also consider, that like all busybodies, the source of her problems is that she cannot recognize the personal boundaries of others, so she projects all her own standards, her own viewpoints, on those with whom she interacts, and worse, tries to FORCE her views on others, claiming always that she knows best. When anyone protests this wrongful and unprincipled manipulation, and stands in his/her own defense, as well they should, they are seen by Rayelan as "attacking" her.
The reason, as far as I can see, that she gets "sucked down" into the quicksand, is that she lacks the basic objectivity, the discernment, to recognize that she has constructed the sand trap by her own devices. So the pattern will continue, until such time (if ever) that Rayelan is able to "see" that these "enemies" are in many cases, simply persons who refuse to tolerate her attempts to control them by petty tyranny, the earmark of the control-freak busybody.
End of analysis.]
"Every time an RMNews Agent has left RMN they have accused RMN of CENSORSHIP!!
Everytime an Agent's post is pulled down the first thing they cry is CENSORSHIP!!
Barbara was right about one thing. RMN was created to expose the conspiracy we call the New World Order. RMN is not about personal vendetta's - I told Barbara this privately, and she publicly resigned. Needless to say, she also accused me of censorship! Then she sent her public resignation to her emailing list. It was immediately picked up by Brenda Negri and posted on Negri's BARBARA HARTWELL BLOG!"
[BHP: Again, so what? She doesn't know by this time who and what Brenda Negri is? So, again, Barbara Hartwell, running the "classic CIA op" is to blame.]
"I think it was late last night that I told Zapper that I wanted no more Gunderson, Negri, Hartwell, et al. However... I could be wrong about the time. This is one day that has seemed to stretch into eternity... so if I am wrong about the exact moment I told him this, please forgive me. Zapper followed my rules to the letter."
[BHP: Of course, Zapper aka hobie follows the orders of the Great and Powerful Rayelan, the woman pulling the strings of all the "news agents" in her empire, Rumor Mill News.]
"RMN has a rule about "no adhominum" attacks on other agents, former agents, or private individuals. I don't believe that Zapper was using this rule when he deleted Fintan's post about Barbara and Brenda. I think he was only following my orders to keep Hartwell and Negri off RMN.
The more I thought about this, I realized that there is a subtle difference in attacking someone with an "ad hominum" attack and making an observation that could possibly be true.
After reading Fintan's article, it seems to me that he has connected all the dots... with a little help from Brian and Brian's article about the Hardware Store!!
I did NOT see his article as an "ad hominum" attack. I saw it as his observation and analysis.
I think that all of this has been a wonderful observation/lesson in how these kinds of "Ops" work."
[BHP: So now, Rayelan, with her twisted logic, decides that it is A-okay for "Brian" and subsequently Fintan Dunne, to openly accuse Barbara Hartwell of being in collusion with the criminal psychopath, Brenda Negri. After all, according to Rayelan, they were simply "making an observation" about what could "possibly" be true. No, on the contrary, in the case of Fintan Dunne, he constructed a bald-faced LIE and presented it, not as a "possibility", but AS IF it were irrefutable FACT.
Maybe Rayelan should stop thinking altogether, as it appears that her thought processes always end up twisting her subjective beliefs, based on NO FACTS or EVIDENCE, into a convoluted plot by her "enemies", attempting to justify her unprincipled actions at the expense of others, in this case, of Barbara Hartwell.
"I tried to cut off the Negri et al posts by telling Barbara to stop posting things about Negri. In the Lounge, where things like this are supposed be posted I said:
"BARBARA, BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING THAT AFFECTS ALL OF US, I think we need to get a feel for what this could cost all of us.
If God is directing you every step of the way, can you please ask Him how Rumor Mill News... i.e. me... will pay the legal bills and find the time to handle this? (Raye insert: Meaning the problems that Barbara could cause me and RMN by her continual postings of Gunderson and Negri.)
Can you also tell God that my husband's heart condition is worsening. Right now he is on the bed... we are waiting to see if the nitro works or whether I call for an ambulance. This goes on everyday. His heart just does not have the strength needed to pump out all the fluid and it builds up in his lungs. we just wait to see if the lasix drains enough off to take the pressure off... and if it doesn't, he goes into the hospital. The last time they drained 20 pounds of water off him. Just think what that was doing to him?
Needless to say... I am close to the breaking point. If Ted is working some kind of deal with the people who really hate me and want me destroyed... this is the best time to go after me. I am down and can be kicked hard right now!"
[BHP: Rayelan here, plays the sympathy card, attempting to manipulate me by telling her sob story. And in fact, when I said that "God is directing me", that is exactly what I meant, that God directs ME, in my own life. That is between me and God. Period. I never claimed that God was directing me in connection to the affairs of others,  or that I had a special "pipeline" from my mouth to God's ear, about OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS, but of course, Rayelan, the New Age collectivist, interpreted it that way.
What I was actually trying to explain to Rayelan (which of course fell on deaf ears) was that MY life, MY purposes, are SEPARATE and distinct from anyone else's. My life did not revolve around Rumor Mill News, but was determined by my personal relationship with God, which is sacred to me, the most important thing in my life.]
"When I made the decision to fold the print edition of Rumor Mill News... under more than one death threat... I did it because I knew that I could no longer keep up the quality of work because I was too distracted by the diappearance of Gunther and the threats on my life. Even so, there were people who called me traitor, quitter, and ever other name in the book.
I am certain there will be people who think my choice NOT to fight Ted Gunderson is a sign of weakness. These people aren't sitting in my chair. These people have not had a hit order put out on them by the Director of the CIA and another one by the President.
The one put out by the President was picked up by Ted Gunderson!! That was in 1990! Yes... I have had my share of dealings with Ted."
[BHP: I never, at any time, asked Rayelan to "fight" Ted Gunderson. That was MY battle, made by my own choice. All I expected was to be treated with basic respect, and to NOT be deluged with unsolicited advice, which I never asked for and did not need.] 
"Barbara asked for the RMNews Agents to support her in her battle against Gunderson, Negri and whoever censored her on the radio. I would share what she told us in the Lounge, but she deleted her posts there."
[BHP: First, for Rayelan to "share" what I posted in the Lounge would have been unethical and an invasion of my privacy. The "Lounge" by definition was PRIVATE, and not to be made public without the express permission of both the administators of RMN AND the person who wrote the post. As it happened, Rayelan was the one who divulged her "private" message to me. I deleted all my "private" posts when I left RMN, for good cause. I'm sure the busybodies, with NO respect for my privacy, would have tried to find a way to use them against me.
No, I did not ask, nor expect, anyone to support me by joining MY battle against these criminals. I simply and politely requested that they stop meddling, stop giving unsolicited advice, and trying to persuade me to DROP my own battles, in deference to the "cost" to Rumor Mill News. As I've said, I had told Rayelan that I would respect her wishes if she told me she did NOT want any further material on Gunderson, Negri et al on HER website.]
"I ended my Lounge post to Barbara with this:
Maybe I am under estimating the strength I have... maybe I could withstand a lawsuit. But then again, maybe I couldn't. And maybe Ted would win... and would be the new owner of Rumor Mill News.
Before you begin this war, please think over what it could cost, very very carefully!" end quote
What I was trying to convey to Barbara was that Rumor Mill News is doing a lot of good on the Internet. I did not want to risk losing Rumor Mill News for Ted Gunderson. I asked her to stop going after Ted Gunderson. I did NOT, at that time, ask her to stop going after Brenda Negri. It never occured to me that she wouldn't connect the dots and realize that I no longer wanted her posting information that could cause lawsuits that could cause me and all the other agents... who have labored for YEARS to create RMN, to lose it all."
[BHP: Again, more meddling, manipulation and unsolicited advice about MY OWN BUSINESS, which had nothing to do with Rumor Mill News. Could it be any clearer? Rayelan also seems to think that all MY labors, for years, are meaningless, when compared to Rumor Mill News. And she has the nerve to say I did "not connect the dots"? Who in the hell does this woman think she is?
As I've said, anyone who has something to say to me had better say it openly and directly, NOT expect me to be a mind reader and "connect dots", because they are too cowardly to just tell the truth and say what they have to say. Unbelievable.]
"Then she posted another attack on Negri and I wrote her a private email.
She countered with her public resignation. A MATTER OF HONOR: MY RESIGNATION FROM RUMOR MILL NEWS 
Here is part of what she said:"
"Yesterday, after receiving a letter from Rayelan re some issues recently raised, in which new "rules" and restrictions were outlined, applying to my posting privileges, I decided I must leave, rather than allow such restrictions to be imposed, which would deny me freedom of speech. For me, it is a matter not only of principle, but more importantly, of honor".
"I had written the post to Barbara in the Lounge in which I asked her to think carefully about what she was doing. I did not want to risk losing RMN for all of us, Readers and Agents, over what I called a private vendetta. It is obvious to me, by Barbara's quote that I posted above, that she can not see that what she was doing could cause the demise of RMN."
[BHP: Again, who in the hell does Rayelan think she is? She repeatedly insults my intelligence, and my honor (which she completely lacks) by claiming what, in her limited and self-interested outlook, I "cannot see". What I "see" in fact, is a manipulator, trying to micro-manage my affairs, for her own benefit. How shameful.]
"In her letter of resignation she says:
The only ironclad "rule" that I was made aware of was NO AD HOMINEM ATTACKS upon ANOTHER AGENT of RMN. I was given to understand that otherwise, there were no restrictrions, except those which were criminal or otherwise illegal in nature"
[NOTE: Above, Rayelan fails to use quotes for my words and continues with this list of rules, as if it were one seamless quote by me.]
"It is clearly stated in the Rumor Mill News Prime Directive:
In other words, Rumor Mill News posts must adhere to the format of this website,
Things that are not allowed:
Links to Pornographic webpages
Internet "graffitti"
Name calling
Hate for hate's sake
Mean spirited attacks on Rumor Mill
Mean spirited attacks on the investigators and researchers who post on the RMNews Forum.
Personal Vendettas against private citizens. Private citizens CAN and DO sue when they are libeled!
The difference between a public figure and a private citizen should be fairly obvious!
If you disagree with something that is said, you can either e-mail the author or post information which gives another point of view. The purposeful trashing and smearing of another researcher or his work will not be allowed.
Offenders will be summarily punished by having ALL of their posts removed from the RMNews Forum. They will be sent into exile and banned from further posts.
The Rumor Mill News Prime Directive has always been posted on the front of Rumor Mill News. When Agents sign up, they are sent a page that includes the Prime Directive. In order to complete their sign-up they need to put a check in the little square that says they have read and will abide by the Rules of RMN.
Barbara stated that she believed there were no other rules besides ad homimum attacks on other agents or things that were criminal in nature. Evidently she did not read the Rumor Mill News Prime Directive or she does not believe that what she is doing could be contrued as libel, which IS a criminal offense.
Barbara also said this in her letter of resignation:"
Rayelan has spoken to me about this and as a result, after having been given the ultimatum by Rayelan that I must cease and desist from naming certain names, or pursuing certain lines of inquiry and issues, my decision is to resign rather than subject myself to censorship or consensus decisions by uninformed and unknown parties, as to what I "should" or "should not" be doing or writing.
I always mind my own business, that is, until someone tries to interfere with me in any way. When they do, I give a warning to cease and desist. If the warning is disregarded by the perpetrator, as in this case, I defend myself and other targets in any way I see fit, always under the color of law and in line with the moral absolutes I adhere to.
"Here she states that I have given her a cease and desist order and she calls it an ultimatum. Later she goes on to state that when SHE gives a cease and desist that she considers it a "moral absolute". In other words, the same rules that she has applied to me, don't apply to her."
[BHP: Again, Rayelan is twisting my words as well as my clearly stated intent. SHE is the publisher of the website. She did in fact finally give me an ultimatum, in her "private" message to me. I chose to resign rather than place myself in a position where I could be selectively censored at the whims of a dictator. That is my right and my prerogative.
When I refer to anyone trying to interfere with me, I mean ANYONE, and that includes Rayelan. I do not hold a double standard, which she is accusing me of here. And I at no time issued any sort of ultimatum to Rayelan.]
"Barbara was also extremely upset because she believed that I had been talking with people "behind her back" and some sort of consensus was made and she was told she couldn't post anymore about Negri and Gunderson. The reason she believes this was due to a poor choice of words on my part.
I began my email to her with: Someone has to tell you this, and I've been elected."
I addressed this poor choice of words in an email I sent to Barbara, after her letter of resignation:
"It was a poor choice of words... what was meant by it is this:
I am the owner of RMN. Because of this, there is no one else who has the authority to tell you anything about what you can and cannot do on RMN. As a result of being the highest ranking, ie, the owner, it meant "I was elected!"
[BHP: This is pure, unadulterated nonsense. I've heard the same lame arguments from busybodies, my entire life: "Oh, it was just a poor choice of words...I didn't mean it that way." Say what you mean, and mean what you say, then. For I take a person at his/her word, just as I expect them to take me at mine.] 
"There was NO conversation with anyone about this... The only one I had talked with about this is Zapper. He and I were trying to create a blog for you where you could post anything you want about anyone you want without endangering RMN. Lawsuits and threats of lawsuits take up more time than I have. I don't need lawsuits."
[BHP: Here, a blatant contradiction: "There was NO conversation with anyone about this... The only one I had talked with about this is Zapper".
Well then, I guess Zapper is a nonentity, because she admits she DID discuss it with him. Again, the busybodies were very busy indeed, "creating a blog" for me, which I never wanted, did not ask for, and which they had no business doing, behind my back, without my permission or knowledge. What in the bloody hell?
Frankly, I don't give a tinker's damn what Rayelan "needs". She just could not get it through her thick skull that MY priorities have nothing to do with Rumor Mill News.]
"What you were doing was endangering RMN and I acted NOT to censor you, but to protect RMN. Barbara, how can you accuse me of censoring when I offered to host your webpage for free and create a place where you could post anything you wanted?"
[BHP: Again, the attempt at manipulation, the total disrespect for my personal boundaries, and trying to deny the fact of her censorship, to justify the unjustifiable.]
"Barbara, you have cut yourself off from one of your true friends and defenders. Who has done more for you over the years, in raising money for you, in defending you, in giving you more lattitude with what you post than I gave other agents."
[BHP: No thanks, I don't need a self-appointed micro-manager of my business to "give" me latitude. Again, who in the hell does this woman think she is? Who gave her the authority to "give" me anything. She just doesn't get it. She actually believes it is the act of a "friend" to meddle in my business and insult my integrity, by trying to manipulate me for her own ends.]
"I have taken so much heat for my defense of you. And now YOU accuse me of censorship when all I was trying to do is keep RMN from being destroyed by the people you write about. divide and conquer is a strategy used by our enemies. They have divided us. In doing this they are already claiming victory.
My heart hurts over all of this."
[BHP: Again, the convoluted defense of the indefensible. The eternal cry of the busybody: I was only trying to help! No "enemies" could ever divide me from someone who is honest, treats me with respect for my privacy, personal boundaries and my fundamental rights, as an individual.
Rayelan was the one who chose NOT to respect me,  and no outside "enemy" is responsible for my choice not to tolerate the machinations of an untrustworthy person who is trying to manipulate me for her own agenda. And no "enemy" has yet claimed victory over me.] 
"And yet I vow that their so-called victory is hollow! They will NOT conquer Rumor Mill News!
Needless to say, I was pretty peeved at the things Barbara wrote and the way she posted parts of my private email. But I was MORE upset about the way things were taken out of context, so I posted my entire e-mail to her. That way people could see the whole picture and make up their own minds.
I was hoping to stop this thing before it got any worse! But like any other attack on RMN, I had to ride out the storm!! And I had a feeling it was going to get worse before it got any better.
And it did. One of our newer Agents, who is a friend and admirer of Barbara's, posted A MESSAGE FROM BARBARA [LINK REMOVED]
In the article that Nandi posted, Barbara continued to claim that she resigned because RMN censored her! She also stated that other agents had resigned because they were censored.
One former Agent who tells people he resigned because he was censored had one of his posts pulled down due to a flame war that he was having with another agent. Flame wars are NOT allowed on the forum. What he fails to admit when he tells people his story is that TWO posts were removed. His last one and the other Agent's last one.
Both accused Zapper of censoring them... but only ONE of them resigned over it!!
Flame wars take away credibility from RMN. The Lounge was created so Agents could take their personal beefs there and not clog up the Reading Room with them."
[BHP: More nonsense about "flame wars" and "personal beefs". How stupid. These were never my issues. My issues were simple: STOP interfering with me; STOP meddling in my business; STOP trying to manipulate me, with the sob stories about lawsuits, and the "enemies" of Rumor Mill News.] 
"Fintan Dunne described flame wars very well when he said:
The easiest part, is spotting useless waste of time, that characterizes real or faked flame wars on the Internet. The hardest part is sifting for the truth. But it is worth it. You get to know what is really going on.
Fintan posted an article as a response to Nandi's post for Barbara. which he titled
Posted By: nFormedSources
Date: Tuesday, 25 November 2003, 10:29 p.m.
In Response To: A MESSAGE FROM BARBARA (Nandi)
Re: "A Message From Barbara"
Before I begin, let me make it clear where I stand in relation to Barbara Hartwell -for I hold no prejudice.
I am on the record taking Barbara's side in a clash of views she had with Henry Makow over sexual politics.
Barbara even carries a link to my article on her website at:
The article I wrote was: Sex, Politics & The Battle For Victimhood Supremacy
So, by any fair assesment, I am favorably disposed towards her.
However, the email Barbara is circulating (which I just got) entitled "Censorship At Rumor Mill News" is way over the top."
[BHP: I was not "circulating" any e-mail. I wrote a report, which was posted on Rumor Mill News. If he got such an e-mail, it did not come from me.] 
"As an agent posting on Rumor Mill News Forum, I have had more than one disagreement with Rayelan Allen in my time here. At least once this was about someone whom she had close links. Yes, there was fire and understandably even hard words.
But let me tell you what I found. I found Rayelan to be fair. Period. I can render no greater compliment. Fairness is a vital quality in someone running a news opinion website with a broad spectrum of opinion.
No matter what I wrote or how she felt about it, I was never subjected to censorship, nor thrown off the agent list.
Barbara is attempting to portray as censorship what was not. Rayelan made it clear that she could post links to "Negri" material offsite, but not persist in forum posts about her."
[BHP: Now, Fintan Dunne takes the outrageous position that Rayelan is in charge of telling me what I "can" and "cannot" do, or where I can post my own material! Nobody has any say what I can and cannot do, nor have I ever given anyone such authority over my own business. Truly, truly, unbelievable. What a moron.] 
"And I have to say, as an impartial observer -she had good reason. Frankly, whatever the merits of Barbara's points about Negri, they sure often had all the appearance of a personal vendetta.
I'll tell you why. The tone was not the kind of level comment one would expect from a professional presentation of facts.
It was chock full of derogatory personal comments about Negri, and another person repeatedly depicted as a "cross-dresing conspiracy theorist."
To be fair, all this distracted from the facts at issue, and even worse, the sheer volume of it flirted with slander."
[BHP: Who asked for his opinion? Not I. It is not his place to determine the "merits" of my work, but it is clearly convenient for him to toady to Rayelan at my expense.]
"The Internet is full of flame wars, but there is only so much a responsible publisher can allow that to continue without taking legal risks or loosing credibility for the website.
In fact, I thought she was offering good advice to Barbara when emailing her about this. There is a point reached where you only bolster someone by constantly harping on about them."
[BHP: This idiot, Fintan Dunne, clearly does not understand that I did not need or ask for, "advice", from Rayelan or anyone else. The unsolicited advice was foisted on me, quite aggressively, and I disregarded it.
"Perhaps it would bring some balance to say that I have no definitive proof of the motivations of Brenda Negri or about the irrelevant attire and sexual orientation of Negri's friends."
[BHP: I'm not interested in Fintan Dunne's ideas of  "balance". It does not concern me what he thinks about my reports. My only concern is why he insists on sticking his nose into MY business, in his obvious efforts to discredit me. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, busybodies, and leave me the hell alone to tend to mine.] 
"In her email, Barbara says this:
Wow! I am a stubborn Taurean, but even I don't think I could make the above comment. I live in a world of other people, and their opinions positive or negative must be allowed for."
[BHP: I am beholden to nobody to recognize their opinions. They are entitled to their opinions. They are NOT entitled to force those opinions on others.] 
"Barbara was the one who immediately escalated Rayelan's rather friendly rebuke into a cause for immediate resignation. Personally, I would have at least negociated an agreed basis for my opinions rather than peremptorily resign."
[BHP: I do not negotiate with people who try to manipulate me for their own ends. What HE would do is immaterial. And Rayelan had no right to "rebuke" me for anything. It wasn't her place.]
"Now she is castigating Rumor Mill News in emails which will surely circulate far and wide on the Internet."
[BHP: Fintan Dunne was not a recipeient of e-mails from me. I wrote reports. Maybe he got my reports from another party who copied them. If my reports circulate, so what? There is nothing in them but the truth, and I had done nothing wrongful against Rumor Mill News.] 
"One further point, and a serious one at that.
So far this whole business has encompassed directly or peripherally: Brenda Negri, John Decamp, Ted Gunderson,
George Pender, Tim White, the McMartin 's, Jeremy Floyd, Michael Trudeau, Stew Webb, Alex Jones, Mike Ruppert, and now Rayelan Allen.
I'll tell you one thing.
I don't know where Barbara Hartwell fits into all this.
But there is an "Op" going down. That is unquestionable now.
There is an Op going down."
[BHP: So he finally makes his point, after his foolish comments about Barbara Hartwell: "There is an op going down".
All because one person, namely Barbara Hartwell, decided to resign posting privileges on a site, namely Rumor Mill News, because my personal boundaries were not respected by New Age busybodies; because attempts were made to manipulate me; and because of selective censorship by the editor, Rayelan Allan.]
"25th November, 2003
"nFormed Sources"
Fintan Dunne, Editor
end of Fintan's article
Fintan posted another article. I was at work when he posted his second article on Hartwell/Negri. Zapper knew that I did not want any more Hartwell/Negri posts on the forum. When he deleted Fintan's post, he was only doing what I had asked him to do!! I had just told him to keep a watchful eye on the forum while I am working. I was worried about more flame wars and more Barbara Hartwell posts by Nandi.
However... as all of this unfolded, I realized that I was going to have to break my new Hartwell/Negri rule, and try to set the record straight... either that or get pulled down even further into the quicksand of a government Psyop!!
From my personal experience with government psyops, I feel the article that Fintan wrote presented an accurate picture of how they work. I should know, I have been on the receiving end of more of them that I want to remember!
Once the attack is over... and I can see clearly again, it was always so obvious that is WAS an "Op".
But in the middle of a psyop, with government operatives swarming all around you... posing as friends... there is no way of knowing left from right, up from down or truth from lies. It takes a while for the dust from a "PsyOp" to settle. Only after the dust has settled and emotions are no longer raging, can one understand what has happened."
[BHP: No way of knowing... at least for such persons as Rayelan, who are ruled by their emotions, rather than logic, reason or principle.]
"Fintan and I have gone round and round on many different matters. We have had several heated arguments both in private emails AND on the forum. But Fintan is still an agent because I respect the quality of work he does, and MORE than that, he didn't resign because he was in a snit!! Thank God he is more professional than that!!"
[BHP: Really? Shortly after all this, Rayelan DID ban Fintan Dunne from posting on Rumor Mill News. Her idiocy in trying to represent Barbara Hartwell as "unprofessional", or "emotional", only once again reflects her penchant for projecting her own emotions (clearly, out of control) and her lack of professionalism, on others.]
"The article that Zapper deleted... ON MY ORDERS... is an example of the way Fintan puts the pieces of the puzzle together and enlightens all of us. Some may think that Fintan came close to an "ad hominum" attack on both Barbara and Brenda when he says:
Barbara and Brenda exchanging insults with each other over the Internet, until soon the story of their battle spread far and wide. It's a sort of reverse version of the Madonna-Britney Spears incident. Good attention grabber. A complete stunt. But nevertheless absolutely great for publicity.
It's also the oldest trick in the CIA disinfo and destabilization manual. In fact it's so old it has cobwebs on it. Let's say you have a problem of influential Internet activists with a loyal following. All blowing the whistle on CIA dirty tricks. You want to undermine them. But how? Here's how it works:
You can read the rest of this CENSORED article on Fintan's site.
The Real Story of Barbara Hartwell and Brenda Negri
Sometimes the difference between "observation" and an "ad hominum attack" is a very fine line. The possible "ad hominum" attack in this case is implying that both Negri and Hartwell are part of a government operation to destroy or discredit RMN."

[BHP: More idiocy here, again with the emphasis on "destroying" and "discrediting" Rumor Mill News. ] 
"Both women will probably laugh at the idea that they could be working together!! But the truth of the matter is this: This is the way that psyops work!! Our government has trained people to be the best manipulators of human emotions in the world. These operatives come in all forms, shapes, size and ideologies. They can rush in and pretend to be your best friend. They can help you with huge amounts of money when you are down. They can come to your aid when no one else will. They can also be the mailman, the garbage man, your mechanic, etc. ect. etc. The point I am making is this: If our government wants to pull a PsyOps on you, or use you as PART of a PsyOps. There is NO way you would ever believe it. And even if they TOLD you it was true, more than likely your own ego would refuse to let you admit you were sucked in."
[BHP: How dare you, Rayelan, to place Barbara Hartwell, a legitimate government whistleblower, and hardcore defender of Liberty, who gave blood, sweat and tears, in the fight to defeat the evildoers who are destroying this nation, in the same category with an uneducated criminal stalker and fed snitch, looking to aggrandize her ego with false claims of being a male FBI agent! 
What in the hell is wrong with you, Rayelan Allan? There is no possible category of "both women", as you try to portray. You moron! No, let me amend that, you fucking moron! I rarely use such language, at least in my public reports, but in this case I will make a well deserved exception.
And while we're talking about "egos", once again, YOU are the one who, by your own admission, is being "sucked in" by the quicksand, which you are pleading for "HELP" from others to save you. 
Emotions can be the "triggers" that become the trees that don't allow you to see the forest. Based upon my own experiences, emotions can be magnified until you can see nothing else."

[BHP: Yes, indeed. Your own experiences. But you have no right to project your experiences on others, least of all Barbara Hartwell. Again, how dare you!]
"After reading what Fintan wrote, I sadly have to state, that I believe he is right!! I now believe that both Barbara AND Brenda were/are being used in a PsyOps against Rumor Mill News.
I have no idea how long it will take for the dust of this current "war" to settle... of if it ever will. But it is obvious that someone in government is using Barbara Hartwell AND Brenda Negri to try to bring down the credibility of RMN.
Whether either of them KNOW they are being used is another matter. The truth is ONLY known to the government operatives who are behind the attempts to silence or discredit Rumor Mill News!
The End
Now that the whole story is out, CAN'T WE PLEASE MOVE ON?
Do I have to add another edict to the Rumor Mill News Directives, or can we just drop this here and now and have no more posts about it on the Forum? If you want to take it up with me, do it in the Lounge or email me!!
Rayelan Allan
Publisher and all around gopher and whipping boy
for Rumor Mill News"
[BHP: Once again, Rayelan is promoting this false, and absolutely ludicrous statement, simply in order to protect her own sorry ass. She reveals herself to any discerning person, not only as  a self-interested, self-aggrandizing manipulator, but as a government stooge, a useful idiot, of the lowest order.
And she is dead wrong about who "KNOWS" they are being used.  It is clear to me that it is Rayelan who is a pawn being used, and who can't discern good from evil, right from wrong. ]
Rayelan Allan:
You are truly more evil than I had ever imagined. Either that, or you are more stupid. Possibly both. Your lust for power supersedes any integrity you may ever have had (though maybe it was never there to begin with).
Who in the hell do you think you are?
I have refuted your lies, and I have exposed your lame attempts to discredit me and to accuse me of offenses I have never committed, and never will.
Unlike you, I would not solicit "curses" from "the many witches" who read Rumor Mill News, as you have done, targeting the "enemies" of Rumor Mill News. (That you had me in mind, I have no doubt. Where are those witches now? Sorry, but they were neutralized and some are no longer among the living, not because of anything I have done, but because of the power of Christ, who protects me against all works of Satan and his minions. You fool, you will be held accountable for the curses you solicited, and the attacks --REAL attacks-- against God-fearing individuals.)
Be assured, that I am now indeed an enemy of Rumor Mill News, as I was falsely accused in the past, though I never had thoughts of  "destroying" Rumor Mill News.
I really don't give a damn about Rumor Mill News, except to EXPOSE YOU, and to STOP YOU from doing any more damage to Barbara Hartwell, and those under my protection.
May God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon you, all your accomplices and supporters, and may you reap what you have sown.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 16, 2013
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA