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Friday, December 15, 2006

Through a Glass Darkly: What Price for False Intelligence?

February, 2006

Through a Glass Darkly: What Price for False Intelligence?

On February 15, 2006, Stew Webb posted a notice on the U. S. Intelligence Breaking News section of his website. This notice announced the arrest of Tim White on stalking charges and stated that White had been in jail for five (5) days.

Here, some of the "intelligence" from that notice:

Justice prevails: Tim White, Denver FBI Division 5 child porno collector, cross-dressing drag queen was arrested and spent 5 days in jail, out after he posted bond. Who's next? Ted Gunderson, Karl Schwarz, Victor Thorn.

On the top of the front page of his website, Stew Webb displays the brazen announcement:

"America's Only Source for U.S. Intelligence Reports"

America's "ONLY" source? Now Webb and his cohort Tom Heneghan are claiming to be the Sole Distributors of Intelligence in America? Lord have mercy! That is quite a claim! One which I must say goes beyond hyperbole, into the realm of the absurd.

But before continuing my analysis, I should say that anyone who knows me, or who has been a reader of my reports over the past decade, knows that I had a longstanding affiliation and friendship with Stew Webb.

Recently Stew made it clear that our personal and professional relationship had come to an end. In fact, he posted a notice on his website stating that he had "cut off all communications with ex-CIA Barbara Hartwell."

True, he did just that. However, there was most certainly some false "intelligence" mixed in with the truth. The falsehoods stated by Stew Webb are the following:

1) "Barbara Hartwell has joined in the disinformation campaign with Karl

2) "Barbara Hartwell and Karl Schwarz have changed their loyalties."

In addition to these pieces of blatantly false "intelligence", Stew Webb has accused Karl Schwarz and Barbara Hartwell of being part and parcel of an Israeli/Mossad spy ring which was "spying on U.S. congress and senate." As Karl commented in a recent update, "that is about as preposterous a statement as has come out of any American's mouth on any subject."

In fact, all of these statements are not only false, but outrageous examples of totally unwarranted, undeserved attacks on the legitimacy, integrity and character of two people.

Why in the world would Stew Webb promote these false statements about myself and Karl Schwarz?

Well, the only reason I can think of is that both Karl Schwarz and I have exposed the truth about "Operation Al Gore 2008".

Both Karl and I have been in a position to know of actual, factual "inside" intelligence regarding Al Gore. Not only to know it, but to have the evidence to back it up. In short, we have the facts.

Real intelligence is based on facts. And unfortunately for him and those he is aligned with, facts are sorely lacking in many of the claims made by Stew Webb.

On the other hand, I have yet to read a report written by Karl Schwarz which was not based on facts. He also provides most of his sources openly, along with as much evidence and documentation as possible to back up any claims he makes.

Just one example is the excellent series of reports written on Depleted Uranium. I have read them all, and actually learned things I did not know. Facts, that is. Facts which are useful to know, for anyone interested in putting a stop to just one of the many, many nefarious plots spawned by the criminals inside the U.S. government.

Karl has also exposed the fact that Al Gore has been directly involved in certain of these plots against the American public. Plots which are not only destroying the environment, but which have ruined the health (as well as resulted in the deaths) of millions of people around the globe. Not to mention the cover-up of this criminal negligence which resulted in genocide.

Anyone who wants legitimate "intelligence", who wants the facts, or the Whole Truth about any issue must do his or her own research and investigations. There is no other way to get to the truth.

Nobody is going to hand it to you on a silver platter. No anonymous cloak-and-dagger source, who refuses to step forward into the light, but expects you to blindly accept the "intelligence" on faith.

Many people who claim to be seekers or expositors of truth will lie to you; attempt to exploit you; or to ride on your coattails in pursuit not of the Truth, but of their own personal and/or political agenda.

But now, Stew Webb has taken his attacks on Karl Schwarz one step further: He now lists Karl as a person whose arrest is sought by the "intelligence experts", namely Stew himself and former Gore campaign manager and PR man, Tom Heneghan.

Included in the false intelligence being promoted here is that Karl Schwarz is aligned with Tim White. But I can say, with no reservations, that nothing could be further from the truth. Furthermore, if such a thing were true, I would have broken off any association with Karl Schwarz, in a heartbeat.

Tim White has promoted many lies and libelous/slanderous falsehoods about me personally. He has made numerous threats, including on my life. He has engaged in criminal harassment of me and certain of my colleagues.

Be that as it may, I have never engaged in promoting falsehoods about Tim White; nor have I claimed he has alliances with people where they do not exist. Stew Webb has blown the whole Tim White debacle way out of proportion. Worse, he has left the truth behind along the way.

Now, let us dig deeper into some of the other "intelligence" being promoted by the Webb-Heneghan dynamic duo. For example, is there such an entity as the so-called American French Alliance?

Certainly, I had never heard of such an entity, not until Stew Webb started promoting it on his website; talking about it on radio programs; and telling me about it in numerous personal telephone conversations, during a period of time between late 2003 and December 2005.

Although I listened many times to the claims made by Stew Webb re this purported AFA, I never had reason to believe it existed. Why not? Well, for one thing, I saw no evidence. To me, Evidence is King, always has been, always will be.

Secondly, various false promises were made to me by Stew Webb (some of which emanated from Tom Heneghan) such as: That the AFA would provide me with "protection". That a "whistleblower fund" would be set up by various entities/persons based on the "intelligence" being exposed by the AFA.

Since I myself was never affiliated with the so-called AFA and saw no evidence of its existence, I never expected any such promises to be fulfilled. Years went by, and not one of them ever was.

It was all talk, apparently for the purpose of recruiting myself and others to provide support and publicity for the American French Alliance, an entity which, to my knowledge, does not exist.

Unfortunately, there were some of these potential "recruits" who fell for it, hook, line and sinker. I know of some who donated their hard-earned money; others who served as publicists. I was not among them, and I am now being smeared with outrageous lies for no other reason than that I value the truth above all else, especially when it comes to "intelligence", in which I have the advantage of being well-trained.

And what about the false intelligence provided by Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and some of their cloak-and-dagger sources, hiding in the shadows, using pseudonyms?

Some of these stories were nothing more than fairy tales. And they knowingly exploited an honest, legitimate journalist, Tom Flocco, to promote falsehoods about grand jury investigations and indictments; murders; shoot-outs in subways and the like.

As a matter of fact, I confronted Stew Webb about one of these stories, in the summer of 2005. I told him that I knew for a fact that one such story was based on a false document. Stew admitted he knew this, but used it anyway. He also later admitted basically the same thing to Karl Schwarz.

They knew it was a bogus document. They used it anyway....and the only person left out of the loop was Tom Flocco, the one person I would say had the greatest "need to know."

Any means to an end.....false intelligence, bogus documents, manipulation of supporters, friends and colleagues.....

And that is a method of operation I will NEVER support for any reason. I explained that to Stew Webb in no uncertain terms and told him I would have no part in it. There is no excuse whatsoever for such tactics. There are no excuses for lies, period.

I also made it clear that I would never lie, never perjure myself in any grand jury investigation of which I might become a part, or in any court of law where I might find myself testifying..

If there is one thing I have zero tolerance for, it is being lied to. By the same token, I refuse to lie to others. Bearing false witness, in my book, is one of the worst offenses one person can commit against another.

I do believe it is time for the so-called "intelligence experts" who are promoting knowingly false information; bogus documents; and outright lies, to come clean. To admit their mistakes and to apologize to those they have wronged.

If they are lying to their friends, to their colleagues, to people who have supported them in the belief that they were seeking and exposing the Truth, what is to stop them from lying to YOU?

Barbara Hartwell
February 17, 2006