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Friday, December 22, 2006

Tim White: COINTELPRO Provocateur & Stooge

February, 2006

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum

Regarding Tim White:

As many who have followed Ghost Troop know, we've found that Tim White is a disinformation agent, paid or unpaid, aiming at infiltrating and disrupting forums where real analysis was occuring. In response to the many attacks by White, I've been contacted by other folks who have experienced the same, who have sent me the statement below. While I only know Ms. Hartwell through a friend, Rick Stanley, I can vouch for this much of what she writes: It is the same modus operandi I've picked up from White, who tried to gain access to Ghost Troop as someone who had contacts and information, but who turned out to be working for the other side.

I caution those who run groups to beware of folks like those mentioned in the emailed statement below, and to spread the word that there are indeed folks who bring bill-collector personalities and police-state tactics into the internet world to stiffle dissenting voices. They are the many mouths of the same Big Brother Bush.

Best regards, CPTMAY

Tim White:COINTELPRO Provocateur & Stooge

This report won't take me long. You see, I've got hundreds and hundreds of individual memos, notes, e-mails and postings to choose from in my files re Timothy Patrick White, all serving as evidence of Tim White's criminal activities, conducted on behalf of those controlling him for their COINTELPRO-style agenda.

Some are written by Tim White, all of which demonize myself and other legitimate whistleblowers and patriots. Others are legal documents given to me directly by those Tim White has targeted for criminal harassment and stalking: by phone, e-mail, in a vehicle or on foot. Some are threats, including death threats.

Modus Operandi of Tim White

Tim White seeks out any and every high profile whistleblower, patriot or investigator he hears about, reads about or otherwise learns about. White then attempts to ingratiate himself with these persons, claiming he has "important inside information" they need to know. How do I know this? Because he has attempted this with me, beginning in 2001. At no time has Tim White provided ANY "inside info" of any veracity, to me personally. I've certainly heard some outlandish lies, though, far too many to keep track of....

I have also talked to many other persons whom White has targeted with the same little game. Among them are: ONI and Iran Contra whistleblower Al Martin; ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee; Constitutional activist and founder of the Revolutionary Coalition, Rick Stanley; McMartin Preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley; federal whistleblower Stew Webb; reitred LAPD officer Ed Schooling. And I've only mentioned comparitively few of those persons, all of whom I know and with whom I have discussed at length the criminal activities of predicate felon, Tim White. Believe me, the list goes on and on.....

In truth, Tim White's so-called "inside info" is mostly only what anyone with the time on their hands, and access to a computer, could easily find on the Internet, without even breaking a sweat. Either that, or the "inside info" is comprised of outrageous lies fed to him by people such as ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson; former senator John DeCamp; FBI (Division 5) agent Mark Holtslaw, whom White is known to publicly boast are his "personal friends." With "friends" like these, I can't imagine Tim White needs enemies...but since each of these persons is using White as a shill and messenger boy to attack patriots, maybe it makes him feel "important". You know, like a real "player".

Tim White, a "player"? As one retired federal agent put it: "You, Mr. White, could not even find the playing field." Amen to that. Truer words were never spoken.

When some of us got fed up with Tim White's lies and harassment (and it didn't take long) he was told, in no uncertain terms, to take a hike.

Tim White then went into attack-mode, and made death threats against the following persons: Barbara Hartwell (" I'll kill that CIA Bitch!"); Rick Stanley ( "You ASSHOLE, I stuck my neck out for you!"); Stew Webb ("I will get my hands around his pencil neck and strangle him!"); Doreen Bishop (written from jail, 2002: "I can't wait to get my hands around her neck!"); Al Martin; Jeff Swedenburg.

Again, the list goes on....I didn't mean to leave anyone out, but I think y'all get the picture. White also continues to demonize these persons on a regular basis, on message boards across the World Wide Web. He has been banned from one message board after another, for years, for his libelous attacks, threats, obscenity and profanity.

Tim White's latest threat against Barbara Hartwell was an e-mail (which he copied to many other persons) with the subject line: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.

A lovely message in which Tim White claimed (once again) that I would be "sued" by John DeCamp SOON (a threat which has been repeated for almost a year); and in which he also threatened Rick Stanley and Stew Webb, claiming we would all be thrown in jail. For what crime? Quite an imagination, that Tim White has. More likely, he's delusional. So what else is new?

Over the past five (5) years, I have written dozens of reports exposing the criminal harassment and threats of Tim White. I have thoroughly investigated Tim White. I have talked to his probation officer. I have made complaints to the Denver Police Department; the Denver Sheriff's Department; the head of security for Denver Public Libraries (where White uses the computers to post his harassing, libelous and obscene messages about patriots and whistleblowers); I have called the FBI in three (3) states about a criminal conspiracy in which Tim White is in collusion with other criminals to harass and threaten myself and others.

But I do have a question: Why, oh why, is Tim White still on the loose? Why has no person in law enforcement ever apprehended Tim White? Why is Tim White allowed to continue his harassment, by phone; by stalking (including cyber-stalking); on foot; harassment and threats by e-mail, with impunity?


And lastly, let's just take a quick look at some of Tim White's cohorts, those who have: defended him; were/are acting in collusion with him; were/are using him to do their dirty work; have been involved in siccing Mr. White on law-abiding people whom the government perps want to neutralize.

Larry Lawson
Todd Brendan Fahey
Ted Gunderson
John DeCamp
Ken Adachi
Brenda Negri
Shirley Anderson
Pamela Schuffert
Sherry Shriner
Virginia McCollough

Here's the deal: I have HAD IT UP TO HERE with Tim White!

Maybe, just maybe, some of you "law enforcement" people might want to take the hint and DO SOMETHING, for a change. Arrest this perp, and have done with it. I want him off my case, post haste. Got it?

Thank you very much, Law Enforcement, Police, FBI, Sheriffs et al, for your support; your concern; your sensitivity to the plight of those being criminally harassed; and your excellent track record in pursuing justice for the targets of Tim White.

Barbara Hartwell
February 4, 2006

Addendum: Larry Lawson strikes again!

Oh, I almost forgot. Before I wrap it up, one more person I have a message for. That person is Larry Lawson, foremost among Tim White's "fans" and COINTELPRO cohorts. Larry Lawson, who has been harassing and demonizing us all, for just about as many years as Tim White. What a startling coincidence!

Recently, I wrote a lengthy report on COINTELPRO, in which I outlined the tactics, but did not name the names of government perps and their minions. Since I don't have a wesbite, I posted this report on several message boards. [Note: For those interested, Geral Sosbee will be posting it on his website in the near future. ]

Who all came of out the woodwork to comment? Larry Lawson, naturally.

Below is my response. And by the way, Lawson declined my challenge for a public debate, once again. I'm disappointed. I guess this means you won't be sending me a valentine card this year. You broke my heart, Larry, but I'll get over it. By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell's message to Larry Lawson:

Well, gee whiz, Larry. Now you say I won't name the COINTELPRO perps and their minions because there are too many of them?

Yes, there are too many. But that is not my reason. I have ALREADY named them, ad infinitum, and just as I predicted YOU (as one of them) have come out of the woodwork to attack me (once again.)

If you remember, I challenged you to a debate, years ago. A clean fight, Larry. Laying all the cards on the table; no name-calling, just debate the issues.

You refused my offer, claiming that you could not "stand before God" if you gave me any opportunity for publicity. But YOU would not be giving me publicity, the (presumably neutral) talk show host would.

And, what about all the publicity you've ALREADY given me over the years? With all those lies:

That I am COINTELPRO; that I am CIA; that I lied about a lawsuit against Bush; that I solicited money for that lawsuit; that I am connected to Wackenhut; that I had retained a security clearance connected to the Bush family in Kennebunkport; Barbara Hartwell, once a spook, always a spook; That I am a New Age witch; that I am the DISINFO QUEEN, and on and on and on.......

Who/what are your sources, Larry? Whoever they are, they need to hire some fact-checkers.

Where is your evidence? Let's see it. If you think your sensationalistic "reports" complete with links to "summaries" comprise evidence, think again.

So, I'll make another offer: Let's have it out in a public debate. If you refuse, then I will have to believe you are declining out of some less-than-honorable motive.

How can it hurt you? Let's do it, and get it over with, shall we? On radio, that is. I'll even let you choose the station and the host.

Your call, Larry.

And by the way, I am willing to state publicly, for the record, that I am not a government agent. Are you willing to do the same?

Let's see what you are really made of.

Most of the folks on this board (including the moderator) seem sincere and reasonable enough to me. Maybe they deserve the truth, for a change.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, Larry Lawson. Even if you decline my very reasonable offer.

Barbara Hartwell