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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Open Letter To JBS Leader Frank Nulton

NOTE: I was heartbroken to learn that Frank Nulton died on December 27, 2007.

After I wrote this letter, I never had contact with Frank again.

It is tragic that demonic liars like Tim White and Todd Fahey, controlled by their government masters, wreak havoc in the lives of decent people, incite suspicion with their slander, and separate good friends.
Frank was a true patriot, a hero and a saint. He was a Defender of Liberty and a Messenger of Truth.

I look forward to seeing Frank in Glory.


December 2005

Dear Frank,

Although I would much prefer that this letter be a private one, I see no hope of keeping it that way under the circumstances, which I will outline here and about which I find it necessary to set the record straight.

The constant violations of my privacy by a number of persons involved in a criminal conspiracy comprised of former and current government employees and officials, and their minions, have made it nearly impossible for me to enjoy any degree of privacy since I left CIA operations in 1994 and went public as
a government whistleblower.

Disinformation fabricated and disseminated by many unscrupulous people regarding my personal circumstances; my personal and professional background; and my moral character has been widely disseminated all over the World Wide Web.

On numerous occasions these unconscionable individuals have published private information such as my unlisted phone number and even my unlisted street address for purposes of soliciting additional criminal harassment and stalking, thus not only violating my privacy, but compromising my security and endangering my safety.

These same individuals have been publishing outrageous lies about me all over the World Wide Web, a smear campaign consisting of libelous disinformation and character assassination for the purpose of discrediting me in the hope that no one will believe the information I have exposed, as a government whistleblower, regarding corruption and crime within the government; and in attempts to isolate and alienate me from anyone and everyone who might wish to offer material and/or moral support to me and my professional efforts.

Unfortunately these efforts by the government and their minions have worked all too well, causing extreme damages to me, and by extension, my family and professional associates.

Only yesterday, I learned that you have been contacted by one of these persons, namely Tim White of Denver, Colorado, in reference to myself. Tim White has been harassing me since 2001 when he attempted to promote a bogus death threat against me by an innocent person, also targeted by the government.

Tim White first contacted me, through a conduit, a man by the name of Daryl Sturgis aka Tim Hall (former special forces, Operation Phoenix under General John K. Singlaub.) I did not know Tim White at that time, in fact had never heard of him, when he targeted me on the orders of the people controlling him, namely ex-FBI agent, Senior SAC Ted L. Gunderson and FBI agent (Division 5, Denver) Mark Holtslaw.

Tim White is a minion of these corrupt federal agents and is being used in a COINTELPRO-style operation to sow discord in the so-called patriot community; to harass and spread lies about those targeted, mostly legitimate government whistleblowers.

Tim White has no background or training in intelligence work. He touts himself as a Vietnam Vet, but only worked as an airplane mechanic and never saw combat. He is a predicate felon (convicted of drug trafficking) who made a deal with corrupt feds in exchange for his early release from prison.

The facts of his arrest, conviction and incarceration are a matter of public record in Denver, Colorado. I also have court documents relating to a permanent restraining order against Tim White, granted by the court to Doreen Bishop in 2002, which the plaintiff gave me herself, as I was investigating the case in connection with a government criminal network in Denver.

Tim White has, since 2001, made death threats against me and several others, including (but not limited to) federal whistleblower Stew Webb; former ONI/Iran Contra whistleblower Al Martin; federal whistleblower Tom Heneghan; Colorado resident Doreen Bishop.

He has also engaged in criminal harassment (and in some cases stalking) of the same individuals and over the years he has added others to his list of targets, such as ex-FBI agent and whistleblower Geral Sosbee and constitutional activist and Libertarian candidate for senate (2002) Rick Stanley of Denver, Colorado, also the founder of the Revolutionary Coalition, an organization to which I belong.

I have had professional associations with all of these persons, some dating back years. All are legitimate whistleblowers on government corruption. And I have heard/read their firsthand testimony about harassment (including of a criminal nature) by Tim White.

I myself have had no choice but to publicly set the record straight in various reports, over a period of the past five (5) years in order to attempt to clear my name of the many false allegations being promoted by Tim White and his criminal cohorts, and refute his many lies with the facts, as have other targets.

Tim White, among his many false claims, has stated that I still work for CIA; that I am "George Bush's trollop"; that I "set him up to be arrested in 2001" (at a time before I had ever heard of him); and many more such outrageous lies.

Tim White is known by many of us (whistleblowers, former intelligence/military/law enforcement personnel) to collect lists of names of all of our associates/friends (past and present) and to make numerous phone calls to these individuals in attempts to demonize/discredit us. I have many witnesses (including some of the persons mentioned here) to Mr.White's relentless harassment by phone and e-mail.

Here, I present evidence of recent harassment by Tim White, a response to one of my reports, posted on a Yahoo! message board, Vietnam Vets on the Net:

From: "phantom469366"
Date: Tue Nov 22, 2005 9:48 pm
Subject: Re: Riding Herd: Micro-management by Consensus Vs. Individual Liberty

"GET LOST----LYING,LIBELING,SLANDERING SCUM SUCKING HYPOCRITE BITCH.POPPY BUSHS' TROLLOP.EVERYONE knows what kind of FRAUD you are- so does EVERYONE up in Maine.Ya know,Dottie up in Biddeford KNOWS to STAY away from you-SNAKE BITCH.We have every intention of keeping up the pressure on you.Since you wanted to be the one to start this shit-WE will end it for you.Go cry on some other board but get your LYING ass outta here-YOU are not even close to being a Viet Nam Vet-get out of here COCKROACH.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"

In point of fact, I "started" nothing as regards Mr. White. I investigated him and his criminal cohorts and made the information public only AFTER he targeted me for harassment. As for the "people in Maine", it is clear that one such person he refers to is Dorothy LaFortune.

I'm certain that Tim White must have called and/or e-mailed her, spreading his lies and disinformation about Barbara Hartwell, just as he called you. I have only met Dorothy on one occasion, at a meeting at a newspaper editor's office several months ago. She herself told me at that time that she had read all kinds of terrible things about me on the Internet, which I know to be the same lies promoted by Tim White and his cohorts, including a man named Larry Lawson.

I'm sure you remember the meeting, Frank, as you were there. It was the first time I had seen you since February 2004. I find it important to say more about that, but first I need to state some facts about another criminal and liar in collusion with Tim White who has been spreading lies not only about me, but also about you, a person whom he does not know.

That person is Todd Brendan Fahey, who lives in Southeast Asia. He is a former member of the JBS but secretly demonizes them, while pretending to support them when it suits his purposes.

He has e-mailed members of the JBS to demonize me, while on the other hand has set up radio interviews for his associate, Alan Stang, who has an entire anti-JBS website. Fahey arranged such an interview for John DeCamp (an associate of both Tim White and Ted Gunderson) to broadcast his public threats of a lawsuit against Barbara Hartwell.

Fahey is in collusion with Tim White and others in this harassment, stalking and libel of Barbara Hartwell and others. Todd Fahey had to be removed from my home by Old Orchard Beach Police on July 4, 2004 for drunk and disorderly conduct and making threats of violence.

He was warned by police at that time, never to contact me again in any way, for any reason. He disregarded this directive from police on July 6, 2004, when he made several harassing phone calls to my home and then returned to my property to stalk me. He was again removed when I made a 911 call to police. I have the police report to substantiate this as well as several witnesses.

Recently, Karl Schwarz, who had declared himself a candidate for President of the United States in 2008 (American Patriot Party, an Independent Third Party) sent an e-mail update explaining why he was resigning from this campaign.

In Mr. Schwarz's update, he explained some of the reasons why he had decided not to run for President. Among these reasons stated by Karl Schwarz was the fact that he had been targeted for a massive libel campaign in attempts to discredit him and assassinate his character.

This campaign was/is being run by various persons in "alternative media", both electronic and print; and the articles smearing Karl are being disseminated by some of the same criminal element who are publishing outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell and others mentioned here (including Larry Lawson.)

Karl explained that the many lies being promoted about him had caused severe damages, personally, professionally and financially. And that as a result of the lies being promoted about him, he had received a total of only $260.00 in campaign contributions, which he has returned to the contributors after resigning from his campaign.

I should mention that I certainly would have supported Karl Schwarz had he chosen to run for president. After reading his writings and speaking with him personally in phone conversations, I have every reason to believe him to be an honest person, a sincere patriot and Christian.

And I find it sickening that the liars who are demonizing a decent man who has stood up for America by working to return the government to Constitutional Rule of Law have caused him so much undeserved suffering.

I know firsthand about contributions drying up as a result of these libel campaigns. I've never run for any public office (and never will) but over roughly the past three years the libel campaigns against me have produced the same result.

Whereas I used to receive donations to my Legal Defense and Research Fund on a fairly regular basis, it is now a rare occurrence and donations only come occasionally from friends who know me well and know me to be legitimate and trustworthy. Considering that I am financially destitute and disabled, this has been devastating to me, to say the least.

Among the persons mentioned in Karl Schwarz's update is Todd Brendan Fahey, the owner and editor of a website called Friends of Liberty, on which he posted a libelous article titled Karl Schwarz: Spook or Strutter. I quote from Karl Schwarz's update:

[Todd Brendan Fahey: Mr.Fahey took to bashing me when he read the works of others and chimed in. My sources found that Mr. Fahey is a chronic alcoholic, drug abuser, pathological liar, according to multiple sources I have spoken with, a grifter, con-artist, and has been physically ejected from someone’s home
when he would not leave on his own accord.

After being evicted from that home in Maine, Mr. Fahey was arrested for stalking and harassing the person who had him evicted. As I understand it, he is not welcome in the home of his own parents and they had to set a limit of two weeks as the maximum he could stay there.

In short, Mr. Fahey is a man of no moral character that I would not spend one minute talking to. He knows nothing about me and has run off his mouth randomly with false statements. Former CIA employee Barbara Hartwell is who Mr. Fahey was offered help by and once he showed his true alcoholic colors was evicted from her home.]

All that is stated here about Todd Fahey is truthful and accurate, with the possible exception of a formal "arrest" by the police (which Karl could have had no way of knowing for certain.) However, the police advised me to seek a restraining order from the Biddeford Court after Fahey violated the directive not to contact me again.

Had he not subsequently been taken to a psychiatric ward/alcohol-drug rehab at Southern Maine Medical Center by police, when they found him passed out on a bench in the center of town (after a failed suicide attempt by overdose of drugs and alcohol, which he claimed in an e-mail to my friend Geral Sosbee); and thereafter returned to Southeast Asia, I have no doubt he would have continued his criminal harassment/stalking until an arrest warrant was issued.

Mr Schwarz, shortly after publishing his update, was contacted by Tim White in an aggressive and angry manner, by both phone and e-mail. Tim White, as usual, demonized me and defended his criminal cohort, Todd Fahey. It was in this e-mail from Tim White to Karl Schwarz that White mentioned that he had spoken "for many hours on the phone", with you, Frank Nulton.

[Note: I have left the message from Tim White in its original form. It may be difficult to read, due to White's habit of using no paragraph structure; no spaces in between sentences, etc. But it does show the level of functional illiteracy; lack of education and the rabid, compulsive style of communication which is typical of Tim White when attacking a target.]

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim White []
Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 7:15 PM
To:;; Karl W. B. Schwarz
Cc:; Frank Nulton;;;

Subject: Fwd: "'Karl W B Schwarz'": Resigning from the 2008 Race(HARTWELL


I can hardly believe my eyes reading this that you are using that LYING FRAUD Barbara Hartwell as a "source" of info against Todd Fahey.Perhaps you should speak with others in Maine and New Hampshire who have had MOST negative experiences with her.One you should definitely speak with is Frank Nulton who lives in Biddeford ME-just about 5 miles from that witch.Frank is 77 and a former Naval Intelligence officer assigned to the Pentagon among his assignments.Frank and I have spent many hours on the phone about many subjects but certainly about his and others' experience with her.Frank is the local JBS co-ordinator(I do NOT like the JBS but that is another matter) and Harold Shurtleff-the JBS area manager out of Boston can also tell you a thing or 2 about her-she tried to cause no end of trouble from the very beginning in Southern Maine.Everyone in the area of Southern Maine who knows about her KNOWS to STAY AWAY from her as she is nothing but trouble.You DO NOT know the whole picture here so it's high time that you do since you have now written this.You are spreading HER LIES and I thought you had much better discernment than this considering how YOU don't like LIES spread about YOU especially when it's PASSED ALONG LIES like the total garbage coming out of that lying,libeling,and slandering bi-polar snake Hartwell-I am being charitable in my description of her.This is the height of hypocracy and
I would not have figured you would do something like this but this IS proof positive that you did and a very sincere retraction from you should be forth-coming to Todd.If Todd said anything against you-I am not aware as I have not read anything of this but using Hartwell LIES against him IS COMPLETELY
WRONG and you should be ashamed of yourself for doing so.IF in fact that Todd did write something up-HE DIDN'T,don't you THINK that the WEBFAIRY-who hates you-would have seen that and posted it all over?THINK about THAT,Karl.I would have seen it and I haven't and since I am all over the 'net-I WOULD HAVE SEEN IT BY NOW.If you don't like it done to you-DON'T DO IT TO OTHERS.In the past,I gave your information that you received from no one else so you should know where I am coming from.You have been deceived Karl and I in good conscience cannot let this pass.I do hope you can
see the light here because on THIS you have the wool over your eyes.As you said in our conversation-"perhaps you should check further".Well,Karl,I most assuredly did so and you didn't.As far as finding out things-you should know me well enough by now to know this of me.Now that you have spread these lies her Snake Hartwell,perhaps YOU should make the phone calls I DID to get the complete picture-I think you now have the moral responsibility to do so.I'll be happy to provide you with phone


Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Schwarz received a similar e-mail from Todd Fahey, claiming that he, Fahey, had NEVER published anything about Karl Schwarz. But there is evidence to the contrary: Go to Friends of Liberty (I refuse to post a link to this offensive website, filled with loathsome pornographic content and libelous disinformation) and you will find the link to the article, Karl Schwarz: Spook or Strutter.

Fahey also lied (once again) about Barbara Hartwell, demonizing me and attempting to blame me for his ejection from my home.

I now find it important to mention some additional facts.

I have provided Karl Schwarz with documentation re Todd Fahey: The police report of the incidents of July 4 and 6, 2004. E-mails from Todd Fahey's parents, Darlene and Dan Fahey, in which they clearly stated their knowlege of the history of alcohol/drug abuse by their son and apologized to me for his outrageous behavior, though it certainly was not their fault.

A letter written by my brother to the Police Chief in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, requesting that Fahey be investigated due to his harassment and stalking of his sister, Barbara Hartwell. A reply from Chief Dana Kelley, stating that all efforts would be made to ensure the safety of his sister.

The contact information for Detective Keith Babin, the investigator assigned to the case, with whom I have subsequently met to discuss the continuing criminal harassment of Todd Fahey, Tim White and others who are in collusion in the criminal conspiracy targeting government whistleblowers.

I have also provided documentation to the detectives, who advised me to contact the FBI. I tried that once, while living in NY state, but the agent I spoke to never investigated the case, though I furnished him with evidence, about death threats by Tim White and others, such as Brenda Negri, another criminal cohort of Tim White.

But I do plan to contact the FBI office in Portland, since at least they will have a record of my evidence and testimony. If they do nothing, I will then have to include them in grand jury demands for obstruction of justice. At least the local police took my complaints seriously and cooperated. I am already on the witness list for several grand jury investigations, which include some of the criminals mentioned here.

One of the many lies being disseminated by Todd Fahey, is that my home in Ocean Park Maine is "owned by a member of the John Birch Society."

In other false and libelous posts, he has made the false claim that my home is "owned by a man named Frank Nulton." You know that to be a lie, Frank.
Furthermore, I never at any time told Todd Fahey anything about the "ownership of my home."

Most importantly, my personal affairs are none of his business. And yet Fahey has spread these lies all over the Internet, along with publishing my private street address, for the purpose of encouraging other like-minded criminals to stalk and harass me.

Tim White has done the same, using Fahey's material, as has Ken Adachi (another minion of Ted Gunderson who spreads libelous disinformation) and others involved in their criminal network.

And lastly, it is important to me that I make some personal comments to you, Frank. You and I have not talked in a long time, nor seen each other, with the exception of the brief unexpected meeting at the newspaper office where I met Dorothy LaFortune.

I do not know what you have come to believe about me, as a result of the problems I experienced related to the John Birch Society. None of those problems were caused by you, nor had anything to do with you.

As you know, I withdrew from the local chapter because it was taken over by Lee Bouton, also the chairman of the Republican Party here in Southern Maine. Firstly, Mr. Bouton's behavior toward me was intrusive, aggressive and inappropriate in his interest in forming some sort of personal relationship with me, which I clearly and repeatedly explained to him I had no interest in.

Bouton then excluded me from meetings and other JBS activites. I finally called Harold Shurtleff to find out if I could be involved in JBS activities aside from the local chapter, due to the problems caused for me by Mr. Bouton.

Harold told me he had received phone calls (prior to that time) from a person who claimed "Barbara Hartwell is CIA --watch out!" I don't think Harold believed this, as he said he explained to the caller that I had been open and honest about my background and that I no longer work for them.

So apparently, Tim White has also contacted Harold Shurtleff (I don't know if he was the one who made the original call with the bogus "warning") and told his usual pack of lies about Barbara Hartwell, as he has been doing for years, with many others.

You, Frank, were always kind to me. You are the only real friend I've had since moving to Maine. I know you tried to help me in every way you could and for that I will always be grateful. I have been heartbroken over losing your friendship, ever since I left the JBS.

And it is important to me that you know that the reason I did not speak to you personally about the problems connected to JBS was that I knew you were ill and the last thing I wanted was to burden you with another problem.

I actually called Suzanne, the priest at Christ Church, because I needed someone to talk to and I was worried about causing "trouble" for you. She advised me to call you, but I didn't. I guess I should have, but at the time I was so overwhelmed with other problems (financial, personal and professional) that I thought it best to not drag you into the whole mess.

When you've been targeted by the government, there are never-ending problems and crises, as I and other legitimate whistleblowers (including the ones mentioned in this letter) can attest.

But, as God is my witness, I stand for Liberty and defend the Constitution; and sadly, my refusal to compromise for any reason on these issues has been the cause of nearly all the "trouble" I have experienced for many years. Trouble with friends, family and associates; trouble with the government and trouble caused by those they use as minions to sow discord and harass innocent people.
So please accept my apology for any "trouble" I may have actually caused in your life, though I never meant to. And please believe me when I say that you and your family have been in my prayers since the day I first met you and during all the time that has passed since then.

As for the lies you have been told by Tim White (and perhaps others of his ilk) I can assure you that they are just that: lies being promoted for the purpose of discrediting (and ultimately neutralizing) me and others like me. If you have believed any of these lies, I hope you will give some thought to all I've outlined here and reconsider.

I would also be glad to speak with you in the hope of resolving these issues, but only if the decision is yours. I will not call you nor e-mail you again, out of respect for you, if you decide you want no further contact with me.

But whatever happens, I want you to know, Frank, that you are one of my personal heroes, along with the other true defenders of Liberty mentioned here.

Thank you for your time and consideration and God bless you and your family.

Barbara Hartwell
December 2, 2005