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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Jew Hater Rant Exploits & Misrepresents FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

While searching for an unrelated item in reference to former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, I found this video, posted and recorded by one David Fulton.

The title of the video is:

David Fulton

I watched as much of this vile video as I could bear, at least enough to establish the apparent purpose of using Geral Sosbee's name in connection with the late FBI chief, Ted Gunderson: to exploit Sosbee's name and work for his own self-serving agenda.

Mr. Fulton makes it clear from the beginning of his obscenity-laden rant that he hates “the Jews”, whom he calls “kikes” and other epithets. Dropping the F-bomb throughout, he calls for the f---ing Jews to be killed! and claims that the Jews are responsible for every evil in the world.

Nothing I haven't heard many times before, from like-minded cretins, but my concern is that he is exploiting Geral Sosbee's name in connection with his rabid hatred of Jews, and tries to use Geral's reports to back up his claims. Mr. Fulton reads from one report published by Geral Sosbee, which exposes the FBI as assassins and terrorists. No mention of “the Jews” in Geral's report, and no connection whatsoever to any of the claims of this ranting lunatic.

Then, Mr. Fulton brings in Ted Gunderson, and shows some video from one of Gunderson's lectures (2004). As he blathers on, he addresses a wide range of topics involving all sorts of government crimes and conspiracies, including 9/11, shouting F---the Jews! Kill the kikes!

Mr. Fulton, the rabid Jew-hater, is clearly unaware that Ted Gunderson, the COINTELPRO Kingpin, was in fact in part responsible for Geral Sosbee's persecution and targeting even before he was forced out of the FBI. True, Ted Gunderson was a Jew-hater, no doubt about it. He was a crony and colleague of the late Willis Carto, of American Free Press, who entertained and promoted Nazi war criminals at their conferences.

However, none of Gunderson's activities had anything to do with Geral Sosbee, EXCEPT that Sosbee was targeted by corrupt FBI counterintelligence operations, in which felonies have been (and still are) committed against him.

Moreover, Geral Sosbee has exposed Ted Gunderson for these crimes, repeatedly, in his reports, over a period of many years.

Linking Sosbee's name to Gunderson, and misrepresenting him by exploiting his name and published material, then making false connections to propaganda against “the Jews”, and worse, making death threats, is beyond despicable.

Mr. Fulton says he lives in Bangkok, Thailand. So this cowardly whackjob has no worries about making death threats on a video, which he falsely and fraudulently links to the name of a law-abiding person, a legitimate government whistleblower, Geral Sosbee.

Absolutely sickening, loathsome and disgusting.

Mr. David Fulton has been added to the HALL OF SHAME on this website.

Barbara Hartwell
July 14, 2018