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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Political Persecution in America: Case of Irene Adrian

June, 2002

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

--Thomas Jefferson

My sister, Irene Adrian, is a survivor of the CIA MK Ultra program.

But she hasn't 'survived' it yet, for she is still being victimized by CIA. And like most survivors of these government black operations, she has been targeted for severe persecution.

The perpetrators of the mind control operations fear that the consequences of their violations of human rights will come home to roost if the survivors/victims speak out and reveal the brutal truth about how their lives have been co-opted and destroyed.

These criminals will do anything they think they can get away with to silence the victims and to keep control over every aspect of their lives. Their M.O. is well known to those who have been targeted for their 'neutralization' campaigns.

Their tactics are textbook classics of Psychological Operations:

Isolation....Alienation...Deprivation...Destabilization....Financial ruin.....Destruction of a target's health....Sabotage of all family and personal relationships.....and so it goes.....

Although Irene Adrian's case is not known to the public, that it is about to change right now. Because she is my sister, I probably know more about Irene's situation than anyone in this world, except Irene herself.

I have been witness to many strange and dreadful incidents throughout her life. And I will not allow one more day to go by in which the perpetrators of these atrocities can get away with torturing and harassing my sister, making her life a living hell, killing her piece by piece.

I had to talk Irene into it, and it took a long time, but she has finally given me permission to make her case public. She does not want public attention, but there seems little choice at this point and her story needs to be told; not only for her sake but for the many others who suffer in silence and who don't know where to turn for help.

At the moment, exposing this information, exposing some of the perpetrators, is the only assistance I am able to provide. I have no resources of my own, financial or otherwise.

CIA has driven me into a state of physical disability and financial destitution. It is all I can do to keep body and soul in one piece, a roof over my head, and stave off the wolf at the door; not to mention the spooks and goons, with whom I am in a constant exhausting battle which I can only compare to trench warfare.

In Irene's case, some of the past perpetrators of mind control and other human rights abuses come from the highest levels of the government and their cronies, including Ted Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller.

Both my sister and myself were taken as children to William J. Bryan III, the notorious hypnotist and mind control programmer, widely believed to have programmed Sirhan Sirhan. (When Bryan died, CIA showed up within hours, confiscating all his personal effects and files.)

Please read on; please have an open mind and a compassionate heart. You may or may not be shocked at some of what I am going to tell you about what has happened --and continues to happen-- to my sister.

I don't doubt you will be horrified. But please understand that making Irene's case public may be the deciding factor in whether or not she is able to survive the devastating persecution she is subjected to on a daily basis. Her life may depend upon it.

Irene is shadowed by carloads of gov't agents wherever she goes: to the grocery store; to the park to walk her German shepherd, Solo; to the school where she teaches music. She can't leave the house without these packs of goons hot on her trail.

She wakes up with stun-gun marks and ugly cuts and bruises on her face and body, not remembering how they got there. She has been hit with electromagnetic weapons and she has been drugged. Psychotronic weapons (mind control technology) are being deployed against her. After these brutal assaults, much of her memory is wiped out, by drugs, hypnosis, and/or electronic means.

The perps apparently have no problem getting into her house, and even into her bedroom, though she locks herself into the room at night with deadbolts on the door.

Just a couple weeks ago, one of the thugs took a shot at her while she was walking her dog. The bullet whizzed by, not far from where they were standing, into a copse of nearby trees.

For some reason, the criminals who are persecuting my sister have also targeted her beloved dog, Solo. He too, has been repeatedly hit with electromagnetic weapons and stun guns and he has the scars to prove it.

I've seen those scars myself. When Irene visited me at my home in Woodstock in 1999, we took Solo to a local veterinarian. He was appalled by what he saw, and at first in a state of disbelief when my sister and I explained that the dog had been abused by these perpetrators.

The doctor later understood that we could not be lying: The evidence of severe abuse of this beautiful animal was right in front of his eyes.

But that's a common problem. Most people have a hard time believing that these abuses are being perpetrated on innocent, law abiding citizens or on their companion animals. Believe it. It's real, it's happening and it must be stopped.

Irene lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, in a private beach community. Shortly after she and her husband Steve Adrian, moved into their new house, the house right next door was purchased by a middle-aged couple, Ron and Marianne Cerra.

They told my sister that they were 'retired' from CIA. The Cerras have a boat, out on the Intercoastal Waterway which fronts the property where the houses are located . The boat is named 'Spies R Us'.

The roof of the Cerra residence is plastered with various antennae, hooked into assorted electronic devices. When Irene asked them the purpose for all the hardware, Ron Cerra claimed he was a 'ham radio operator'...a dubious story at best. Sounds like the story line from a grade B spy thriller, doesn't it? I only wish it were so.

The 'retired' CIA neighbors informed my sister that they know some of our family and had worked with them in various CIA operations. One of our CIA family members who knows them warned Irene, saying that the Cerras were not actually a married couple, and implying that they might be up to no good.

Irene cannot necessarily prove that her neighbors are involved in the abuses she suffers. Nonetheless, there is evidence and we are working to collect more. But considering the dire circumstances; my sister's failing health from the relentless abuses and the constant invasions of her privacy, I have decided to name them.

If they don't like it, well then, let them sue me for libel. Bring it on!......

Being financially destitute, I'm 'judgment proof'.

The Cerras behaved, from the time they first moved into the house next door, in a very suspicious manner. During the first week, they came next door and told my sister's husband that they had locked themselves out of the house. They said they wanted to leave a set of keys with the Adrians, so that if such an incident occurred again, their neighbors (whom they barely knew) would have the keys at their ready disposal.

But it didn't end there. The Cerras also requested that they be given the keys to my sister's house. My sister's husband complied with this request and gave them the keys. So, the 'retired' CIA agents next door actually have a key to my sister's house!....figure that one out......

Since that time, quite a few years ago, my sister has many times woken from a drug induced state, seeing these 'retired' CIA operatives sitting by her bed. Giving her instructions to follow and even making fun of her for her spiritual faith.

In one such incident, Ron Cerra told Irene that she must do exactly what he told her to do. Irene responded that no, she would NOT do what Ron said. On the contrary, she told him she would do as she was instructed by Jesus Christ.

Cerra replied that as far as my sister was concerned HE, Ron Cerra, was Jesus Christ! And his 'wife' Marianne taunted, "Where is your God now, Irene "?

Now, I must say this, to show what kind of person my sister is. She has told me for years that she actually prays for the Cerras. I have to admit, my sister is a far better person than I could ever make claim to being.

If I had my d'ruthers, I'd just love to go down to North Carolina and break the door down, like a one-woman SWAT team, the Commando from Hell! After all, I'm a kick-ass kind of gal. And thanks to CIA, I have Delta Force level combat training.

The only thing that stops me from taking such extreme measures to rescue my sister is that (unlike the 'retired' CIA operatives) I am a law-abiding citizen.

The address of Ron and Marianne Cerra ('retired' CIA ):   

Wilmington, North Carolina

Maybe these 'retired' CIA operatives would be willing to tell their side of the just in case you'd like to give them a call:


Maybe now that they have been exposed, CIA will call them back in. Maybe my sister will get a break.

In the years since I have broken out of the black operations (1994) and gone public with my own case (1995) I have mostly kept quiet about my family members (CIA or not.)

My silence has been partly out of family loyalty, but more out of my desire to protect them. My sister feels pretty much the same way. My family connections are well known to those inside the intelligence community, as well as to certain friends and associates.

Unfortunately, one malicious individual, a provocateur named Brenda Negri (aka Ranger Rick), in one of her many attempts to compromise me and destroy my reputation, publicly named my family, the Percivals of Virginia, and insinuated that I was lying about being related to them.

I am not a liar. The Percivals are my family. But at this time I don't intend to discuss my family. Only to say that there is no animosity between me and them. They have never harmed me in any way. They have never refused to help me when asked. Although I haven't spoken to them since 1993, one year before I broke out of the operations, I still love them, pray for them and wish only the best for them.

As I'm sure you can imagine, there's much more to this story and it will all come out, just as fast as I can document it. There are many more names to be named. Some names you will recognize, others you may not.

But as God is my witness, I will do all in my power to stop these atrocities and despicable violations of human rights. 

The Inviolability of Personhood is a GOD-GIVEN right!

Agencies of the U.S. government have been involved in perpetrating such vile transgressions for over fifty (50) years. What's worse, they continue, to this day, to violate the human and Constitutional rights of innocent, law-abiding citizens --with impunity.

The other day, I watched George W. Bush on television giving a speech about Homeland Security.

Mr. Bush intoned on and on about "freedom." He claims he is a lover of freedom.

But what freedom can we possibly expect to have, as a nation, when the government of that nation is targeting its own citizens --those very citizens who would speak out in defense of freedom?

Mr. Bush says he is going to "liberate the world" from terrorists.

Well, why doesn't he start right here at home?

Why doesn't he start by calling off the goons who are persecuting my sister, Irene Adrian, and hundreds (possibly thousands) of others?

Who are the REAL terrorists?

Barbara Hartwell
June 9, 2002