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Monday, December 18, 2006

A Matter of Honor: My Resignation from Rumor Mill News

Note: The names of some of the criminal perpetrators, liars, slanderers, NWO lackeys, government disinformers and useful idiots, which had been censored on RMN (as well as in this report) are: Brenda Negri; Ted Gunderson; Tim White; Larry Lawson; Ken Adachi; Alex Jones; John DeCamp.

[Please see other reports on this site for details.]

Since this report was published, I'm sorry to have to say that I have lost all respect for Rayelan Allan, editor of Rumor Mill News. She has accused me of being CIA; of running a Psy Op on Rumor Mill News; and most outrageous, of being in collusion with the notorious Brenda Negri, who Rayelan and certain of her New Age cohorts insisted was also "CIA."

Never in my life have I heard such an absurd (and insulting!) notion. Brenda Negri is a "007 wannabe", intelligence/law enforcement groupie, and a whackjob, nothing more. Except, of course, a criminal.

Negri bears a striking resemblance to Tim White, another government stooge. Both have precisely the same M.O. --criminal harassment, stalking, promoting libelous falsehoods about their targets-- disinformation which has been fed to them by de facto government operatives, such as COINTELPRO Ted L. Gunderson.

In fact, Rayelan was intimidated by Ted Gunderson and Tim White, when they began to make harassing phone calls to her about Barbara Hartwell's reports, exposing them as criminals.

Rayelan showed herself to be a coward and made me into her scapegoat, rather than standing up for the Truth.

Ken Adachi, editor of a New Age government-disinfo website; and Gunderson's primary PR shill, who writes and publishes libelous disinformation about legitimate whistleblowers, has been promoting the lie for years, that Rayelan dropped Barbara Hartwell, when in fact it was the other way around, as evidenced by this report.

Adachi has also taken to publishing some of Rayelan's New Age disinformation on his own website.

And lastly, Todd Brendan Fahey, pathological liar, psychotic stalker, blackmailer, identity thief, degenerate alcoholic and all-around criminal perp, is another "news agent" on Rumor Mill News, whom Rayelan has defended; specifically in relation to Fahey's outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.

Fahey later teamed up with Tim White and Brenda Negri, in their libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell.

Fahey also became a PR shill for John DeCamp (along with Tim White) when DeCamp made his threats all over the World Wide Web to file a lawsuit against Barbara Hartwell. Naturally, Ken Adachi also began to feature Fahey's libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell as "news items."

All of these unscrupulous government disinfo liars are in bed with each other. Their alliance is based on fear and fear-mongering; on coverups of their own unscrupulous actions and in certain cases, crimes.

It is a sort of "protection racket" being run by government criminals such as Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp. Anyone who wants "protection" must fall in line and jump aboard the Disinformation Train.

They must sell their souls; abandon and betray their friends and allies; bear false witness against true defenders of Liberty and expositors of government crime and corruption.

Let them sue me; let them continue with their threats (including on my life); let the hyenas keep circling their quarry; and the liars keep spouting their outrageous lies.

But I will continue to expose them, and to fight their evil, until God sends the chariot to take me home!

Barbara Hartwell
December 18, 2006

November, 2003


For the past few months I have been debating the question of whether or not I should resign my agent status at Rumor Mill News.

This question revolved around major changes I observed at RMN, which to me were disturbing in nature, mostly related to what I can only describe as a "New Age Coup"; in which collectivist/consensus attitudes and behaviors, such as "group therapy" on the Forum, had encroached to such a degree that these unfortunate attitudes replaced what I remembered fondly as the Rumor Mill News of old --where news agents were free to speak their minds, report on their various areas of personal and professional expertise; expound upon their personal truths and even verbally "slug it out" from time to time-- without interference and with few administrative restrictions or "backlash" for unpopular or politically incorrect views.

The only ironclad "rule" that I was made aware of was NO AD HOMINEM ATTACKS upon ANOTHER AGENT of RMN.

I was given to understand that otherwise, there were no restrictrions, except those which were criminal or otherwise illegal in nature, a given in any situation where law-abiding people run a website. Since I considered this rule eminently fair and reasonable; and since I do not engage in ad hominem tactics of any kind, this was an easy rule for me to follow and I respected it.

Yesterday, after receiving a letter from Rayelan re some issues recently raised, in which new "rules" and restrictions were outlined, applying to my posting privileges, I decided I must leave, rather than allow such restrictions to be imposed, which would deny me freedom of speech. For me, it is a matter not only of principle, but more importantly, of honor.

I will get more into that shortly, but to sum up, seemingly arbitrary decisions were made (and apparently by consensus of parties unknown to me, behind the scenes) regarding myself ONLY; which had not been implemented, nor publicly cited as a matter of policy for ALL news agents.

In other words, censorship and discrimination against my personal viewpoints, methods and certain issues which in the past, I have had the freedom to regularly address as a news agent on RMN.

This will be my last article here as a news agent. Though I will be sad to leave, under the circumstances, I have no choice. I have made it clear that I WOULD resign under certain circumstances and those circumstances have now solidly manifested.

It is important to me to explain my reasons for resigning as a matter of public record, on RMN, in the hope of reducing the erroneous speculation and unwarranted assumptions regarding me which seem to have abounded, of late, here at RMN and elsewhere. At least readers will have heard it from me personally, and not from rumor or on the Internet grapevine. For me, it is a matter of personal policy to always tell the truth and give the facts about any given issue.

I first came on board at RMN in 2001, at Rayelan's invitation. It took me awhile (about two years) to accept her invitation, simply because I am not a "joiner" by nature and have never been comfortable with group interactions.

Basically, I am only interested in CONTRIBUTING MATERIAL on any given website, including my own, and letting the readers make of it what they will. My interest does not extend into any sort of "networking" with other news agents or with the reading public, at least not as something that would be required of me in relation to my role as news agent or contributor.

I agreed to join RMN as an agent only because I was assured that I could maintain my autonomy as an independent investigative journalist (work I had been doing for over 25 years) while enjoying the benefits of having my work published on Rumor Mill News.

I had hoped it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement, for myself and RMN. Looking back, in large measure, it HAS been for me, and I can only hope that for the most part, has been as well for RMN.

At that time (before becoming a RMN news agent) Rayelan had been selectively publishing some of my articles on the Forum for a couple years, but most of my writing was published elsewhere, both on the Internet and in newspapers and hardcopy periodicals. As a RMN agent, I have been here almost three (3) years.

What I always liked best about RMN was that there was such a diverse and eclectic collection of news agents, and such a wide variety of topics and viewpoints discussed on the Forum. Being someone who has never espoused any "party-line" politics, nor embraced any form of religious orthodoxy, I felt somewhat more comfortable having my material posted on RMN than on several of the other high-traffic sites that simultaneously published my work.

Because the topics I address --and the method in which I address them-- are perhaps more controversial, and I daresay "risky" than most, I have encountered much opposition over the years from people in various "camps" because I refused to "toe the line"; join up with any collectives; or conform to the established or "politically correct" position being promoted by any one of these groups, camps or warring political factions, be they the "Christians"; the "New Agers"; the "Liberals"; the "Conservatives"......etc.

Yes, "labels" but certainly not of my making; rather, it was how these various groups often defined THEMSELVES.

As those regular readers of my articles know, I am outspoken, direct, brutally blunt and do not defer to personal diplomacy when addressing persons or issues.

This may be regarded as a fatal flaw by some, but it is just the way I am. One freind of mine described me as an "equal opportunity offender" and I guess he was right about that. I don't care if someone is my best friend, a blood relative, or my worst enmey --I say what I mean and let the chips fall where they may. Good thing I'm not in politics, I wouldn't last a day.

My raison d' etre, at least as a journalist, is simple and clear: TO FIGHT THE NWO, and its diabolical agenda of global slavery and totalitarianism. To defend the Constitution, as a free and sovereign citizen of the U.S.of A. To expose government corruption and human rights abuses, doing my damnedest, even as only one person, to do my part to put as many bad guys as possible OUT OF BUSINESS, including the ones who now occupy the White House and their cronies in The Olympic Cartel aka the New World Order.

Having come from both a personal and family background in the intelligence community, I have had more "opportunities" (if such a word applies) than most to witness firsthand, and experience some of the worst abuses of human rights and corruption which are, regrettably, pervasive and deeply-entrenched in our government; and which go against the grain of everything I believe in and which the Founders of this country fought for, died for and held sacred.


This is what I believe in, and am willing to die for, if necessary. And I will NOT compromise my principles in defending these rights and freedoms for ANY reason, no matter the consequences to myself.

Now, I refer the readers to the Rumor Mill News Prime Directive, which serves as a sort of mission statement as to the purpose of RMN.

[To reveal and thereby thwart the plans of the worldwide conspiracy that wants to destroy our civilization and replace it with a feudal slave state. RM News refers to this collective conspiracy as the New World Order.

To fulfill the Prime Directive,RMNews publishes articles and information that could be construed as damaging to:

Criminal enterprises run by elected and/or appointed government officials

Treasonous politicians, bureaucrats and corporations

International racketeers who masquerade as Federal Reserve, IMF and World bankers

Rumor Mill News Agency comes under attack on a regular basis because we reveal the secret agendas and secret plans of politicians, bureaucrats and governments worldwide.]

Considering the Prime Directive, I am at a loss to understand how, in following it, as consistent with my own aims, as described above, I have somehow incurred the restrictions and rules which would STOP me from fulfilling that very directive.

Let me get right to the point. I have been told by Rayelan that I am no longer allowed to mention certain names of perpetrators who engage in criminal conspiracies to thwart freedom and to obstruct justice; who are involved in persecuting and criminally harassing whistleblowers and political activists; including myself.

Some are former and current government officials and some are their dupes, toadies and minions, but they are ALL working FOR the NWO in some way, shape or form. They are all bad guys, all liars, whose purpose is to destroy, discredit, demonize and demoralize their targets.

They are involved in such unconscionable and criminal activities as illegal drugs and weapons deals; blackmail; bribery; child pornography and prostitution; computer hacking; money laundering; mind control operations; murder and in one form or another TREASON.

I won't mention them by name here, since a directive has been issued --in no uncertain terms-- that I REFRAIN from naming them on RMN ever again. I will be publishing this report WITH the names included, on other websites and newsgroups, but I will respect Rayelan's wishes by not including them here.

Recently, as some of you know, I was banned from Genesis Communications Network by certain of its executives for TELLING THE TRUTH about certain former well-known and high-ranking government officials and their minions and hirelings, on The Floyd Report, hosted by Jeremy Floyd.

Jeremy quit his job at GCN rather than knuckle under to these executives. He has stated publicly since that time that he made his decision to leave GCN on moral principles and in defense of the first amendment rights of both a talk show host, and the guest, which were summarily denied and violated by the executives of GCN.

Shortly thereafter, the cover up began, when certain officials and representatives of GCN falsely claimed and promoted the lie that Jeremy had been FIRED from his job.

The cronies, minions and provocateurs then went into high gear, demonizing, slandering and libeling myself, Jeremy Floyd and Stew Webb, who was also deemed persona non grata at GCN for exposing the truth about government corruption, past and present.

On radio and in print, we were called disinfo specialists; government spooks; frauds; FBI/CIA plants. I myself was dubbed The Disinfo Queen by one such loud-mouthed fool who claims to be a "Christian Patriot" on his Yahoo! newsgroup.

It should be noted that Stew Webb and I have extensive documentation for what we have exposed, as well as many years of direct observation and either direct or peripheral involvement with some of the perpetrators and their criminal schemes and operations.

We do not work from speculation or unsubstantiated surmises or theories. We DO work with facts, hard evidence, the testimony of reliable, truthful witnesses and trustworthy sources, some of whom are still inside the workings of the "beast".

We are literally RISKING OUR LIVES to bring forward this vital information and expose this corruption. Both Stew and myself, as well as some of our colleagues who have stood with us in solidarity to expose and STOP government corruption, and DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, such as Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, have had repeated attempts on our lives, as well as persecution so brutal that most people would never be able to bear up under it.

The perps have destroyed our finances, driven us into bankruptcy and financial destitution; compromised our health with attacks of various high-tech weaponry, shootings, poisonings; interfered in our personal and family relationships, wreaking havoc; blacklisted us from gainful employment in our various professions.

One of the criticisms made about me by Rayelan in her recent letter to me was that she was getting letters from readers, complaining about me and demanding to know WHY I was "allowed" to post articles re a certain person.

This individual happens to be one of the worst offenders in criminally harassing, stalking, libeling and slandering myself and many other legitimate journalists, activists and whistleblowers, including Rayelan herself. She is "employed" by corrupt gov't and former gov't officials as a low-level perp and provocateur.

I was also told by Rayelan:

"There is a new rule at RMN...No more personal vendettas on Rumor Mill News by anyone. That is NOT the purpose of Rumor Mill News."

First of all, no such "new rule", to my knowledge, was ever brought to the attention of the news agents collectively, thus giving us the choice of resigning our status as agents if we felt that it was arbitrary and unfair, as I do.

Secondly, with all due respect to Rayelan, "personal vendettas" have no place in my professional life, nor in what I write about. If one of the perps is engaging in criminal harassment against me and is serving the masters in the NWO, then I have ALWAYS exposed these perps, and will continue to do so, though I will no longer be doing it on RMN.

Just because my writings on certain individuals are PERCEIVED by Rayelan or others as a "personal vendetta" does not make it so; nor will it influence me in making my decisions, about WHAT or WHOM to expose, and WHAT or WHOM NOT to expose; nor HOW I do so.

I was also given examples of some of the comments of RMN readers, in relation to my exposes of this one perpetrator in particular.

Rayelan wrote:

"Barbara, even your supporters and fans have written to ask what has happened to you? They no longer read you. They feel sorry for you."

Well, as I've always made very clear, I am NOT looking for sympathy. If certain people, for whatever reason, "feel sorry" for me, so be it. That is their problem , not mine.

I have no concern what they may think about me, one way or another. And I am not about to compromise my principles so that I can please them or gain their approval. My work is NOT about people-pleasing, or allowing a "consensus" of readers or administrators to determine my actions, but about FIGHTING THE NWO and any and all evildoers connected with them.

I do not work for the readers of RMN, nor for the administrators of RMN. Up until today I was simply an independent journalist affilated with but NOT in the EMPLOY OF, Rumor Mill News.

And even if I were receiving a salary for my work, I would still make the same decisions, on principle.

Now, here follow a few of the letters sent by RMN readers. I have deleted the names mentioned, which I have been disallowed to post here and replaced them with X.

[Hi Zapper, or Ray---

I am a constant and regular reader of the forum----and it does an incredible job--- I also used to be a big fan of Barbara hartwell's...but...

I am getting pretty sick and tired of watching the petty cat-fight between Barbara and (her paranoid obsesssion with) X . I don't think anyone but Barbara Hartwell knows or cares who X, alias X etc is.. and they wouldn't know....except for the constant complaining and whining of Barbara.

I don't think anyone reads X's stuff, or is influenced by her---yet Barbara Hartwell is obsessed with letting us all know how she constantly oppresses her and libels her. Heck any reader could write pages about people that are insulting them or "libeling" them....but it's not worth putting in Rumor Mill News. Isn't enough --enough? Can't Barbara get over her obsession....or carry it on privately we don't all feel like voyeurs in her spitting match? I can't even open Hartwell's stuff anymore for fear of getting more worthless I'm sure I miss some of her important stuff...but maybe not.

Thanks for listening. Just an observation.]


Why do you let Barbara Hartwell continue to post that junk about X? I'm sick of seeing it there. No one cares about X. Doesn't Barbara understand the real purpose of the Forum?

It's not about airing personal problems it's about trying to put together current events so we can figure out what is really going on. Her posts of X don't help us in our fight. It doesn't help Barbara either. Doesn't she see how pathetic it makes her look? You need to talk to her about this. If not you, then who?]

Rayelan has spoken to me about this and as a result, after having been given the ultimatum by Rayelan that I must cease and desist from naming certain names, or pursuing certain lines of inquiry and issues, my decision is to resign rather than subject myself to censorship or consensus decisions by uninformed and unknown parties, as to what I "should" or "should not" be doing or writing.

The reader's comment on the "cat fight" was particularly objectionable to me, as it was clearly sexist in nature. I do not get into "cat fights" with anyone, be they male or female. Both sexes are treated the same by me, when they engage in wrongdoing aganst me. And I have no such "obssession" as was opined by a reader.

I always mind my own business, that is, until someone tries to interfere with me in any way. When they do, I give a warning to cease and desist. If the warning is disregarded by the perpetrator, as in this case, I defend myself and other targets in any way I see fit, always under the color of law and in line with the moral absolutes I adhere to.

I won't bother addressing or refuting any more of these silly comments, as they speak for themselves. As always, readers are free to draw their own conclusions and believe what they will, whether they understand the true nature of the situation or not, and I am aware that many do not.

I rarely have posted readers' comments in SUPPORT of me, though I have received many more of those letters, than criticism. Again, I see no purpose to it, as what the readers think or believe is not of concern to me. Those who have eyes to see or ears to hear, or are kindred spirits who share my basic values, will "get it". Many others will not. But that's life.....

What IS of concern to me is that I continue to do what I need to do, with no interference, no censorship and no collective of busybodies, especially those of the New Age persuasion, breathing down my neck.

I have great admiration and respect for Rayelan and still consider her a very dear friend. That will not change, at least not on my part, even though, for the moment it appears that she and I have irreconcilable differences which would prevent us from continuing a professional association. Perhaps that will change in future, perhaps not.

I have also been fortunate to meet a few people at RMN, both readers and agents, with whom I have developed solid friendships, for which I am very grateful.

But at this time, for the reasons outlined here, I must say farewell to Rumor Mill News.

I wish you all, readers and agents, the best, and all of God's blessings.

Barbara Hartwell

November 22, 2003


I have provided my e-mail address for those who might want to contact me in reference to professional matters only, such as interest in publishing my articles.

I respectfully request that readers NOT send e-mail for any other purpose. Unfortunately my polite requests have been ignored by several RMN readers, who continued to send their unsolicited advice, amateur psychoanalysis, complaints, etc.

Please, no mail of this nature. Thank you for your consideration.