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Sunday, December 10, 2006

For the Love of the Wicked?

November, 2003

From Rumor Mill News Forum

A few days ago, I got this response from Brian to my post,


Here is my rebuttal. My comments are interspersed within the main body of text, preceded by my initials, BH.


Brian wrote: "There is no truth without compassion."

BH: This statement is blatantly false. TRUTH IS TRUTH. And oftentimes, the TRUTH is brutal beyond belief and totally lacking in any semblance of "compassion."

It is the TRUTH that the brutal Khmer Rouge Communist regime slaughtered many innocent people in Cambodia. These families were butchered wholesale for "offenses" such as simply uttering an endearment in public to a loved one, calling someone "sweetie" or "honey."

Women and men were shot in the head, execution-style, for refusing to "testify" against their spouses or for refusing to CONFORM in any small way to the dictates of the Commie bastards who had taken over every aspect of their lives, their homes, their country. The same went for children, SHOT IN THE HEAD.

That is the TRUTH. I have seen films of it and I have heard the testimony of survivors. And no amount of New Age (yes, I WILL use the label that fits) lovey-dovey lingo will change that.

Brian: "There is no love when there are conditions attached to it."

BH: I never mentioned any "conditions"; only that DEFENDING the FREEDOM of those you DO LOVE, allowing people to have their NATURAL GOD-GIVEN rights, is the most loving act anyone can do for another.

Without freedom, all is lost, at least by those such as myself, who cherish it above all else. An atmosphere supporting "love" is not created by slavery.

And those of us who feel this way would really rather die in the fight, than surrender to the evildoers and their slavery. Because of courageous Patriots who were willing to die --and DID die-- in that fight, we have the Constitution in the U.S. of A. that has allowed many generations to BE FREE.

Brian: "It’s possible to love those who commit heinous crimes without approving of the crime. Loving them does not mean the crime is condoned."

BH: I did not ever mention the "love" of evildoers. Personally I do not "love" most evildoers and that is my choice. There are many who feel as I do and you may believe what you will about us, but that does not make your judgment on this issue superior or correct.

I was speaking about fighting for freedom for those whose freedom is being stolen from them by evildoers, especially CHILDREN, who cannot defend themselves against heinous intrusions and atrocities like RAPE.

Brian: "I can flinch at the sight of injustice and seek to change it. I choose not to hate what’s made me flinch."

BH: Well, good for you, that's your prerogative. I can only say I would not want someone with THIS philosophy watching MY back, no matter how much you claimed to "love" me. In your world view, it seems the bad guys get equal time and consideration, no matter what crimes against humanity and God they commit.

And I have to wonder, how quickly that would change if they had YOUR wife or child by the throat. Would you just stand back and DO NOTHING?

While you "flinch" at their evildoing you would "love" the scumbags who are destroying your family?

Give me a break, God Almighty, give me a break!

Brian: "Exposing truth or expressing one’s freedom does not require love to take a back seat, or to leave the building. We’re all free to strive for something better without taking love along, but I don’t see how it improves life without the presence of love. How would we know when it’s all clear, and safe for love to come forward again? Who’s to say, 'Now… now society is good enough to warrant loving all others.'"

BH: You seem to have a penchant for putting words in my mouth or twisting my words to mean something I never said and never meant. Love has never taken a "back seat" in my life. I fight for freedom BECAUSE I love.

And I do not make my decisions by the state of the general "society."

I believe in MORAL ABSOLUTES, not "situational ethics" or consensus values in which the general state of the society determines the way I treat others.

Nor do I allow others to infringe on me in any way, to violate my INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, nor those of others who may be under my protection, such as children, animals or certain human beings who have asked for my protection and which I have agreed to give.

Brian: "Some people reach a point where they have no solutions that would change the corruptions of society for the better. They give up on trying to fix everybody else, and direct their attentions to fixing themselves."

BH: Bully for them, maybe that's the best they can do, or just what they WANT to do. More power to them, I wish them well.

I have never sought to stop them from doing just that. They are free to do anything they please, as long as they do not infringe on the NATURAL RIGHTS of others.

Brian: "Perhaps some seek by looking at harmonic concordance, indigenous people or Mother Earth. God is anywhere you seek out God. The matter is not where they find God, but that the person is now looking – God will find them. "

BH: Again, I have never commented on any of that at all. Maybe they will find God and maybe they won't. Maybe God will find them and maybe not. It's not for me to say.

Brian: "That you have a personal relationship with God is a wonderful thing, but not all people are at that stage yet. "

BH: Well, here we go again, making assumptions and erroneous suppositions.

I do NOT believe in your brand of spiritual philosophy, common among New Agers, that "everyone" will get to a certain "stage", no matter where they "started off". I don't believe in "stages" or "spiritual evolution" any more than I believe in the theory of "evolution" as taught in schools.

And "where" some of these folks are "at" I never was, but you just can't understand that.

I can't count the times I've heard them all say the same thing you have just said to me, sounding like it's parroted right out of the New Age Manifesto or one of hundreds of New Age "spirituality" books flooding the market.

There is no common ground here. I vehemently disagree with you and your view of the world.

I can only speak about what I know. And what I know is God and the grace of God.

I do not make assumptions about the spiritual experiences of others, nor about their beliefs. I only perceive them through the spiritual discernment given me by God. "By their fruits shall you know them".

I do not embrace any form of religious orthodoxy. And I do not attempt to foist my own perceptions, experiences or beliefs on others.

Brian: "To dismiss those that seek out larger truths beyond the legal corruptions of The Patriot Act or Homeland Security is to dismiss what’s inside of their hearts. "

BH: I have never "dismissed" anyone for seeking truths. As to what is in their hearts, only God knows that, in my opinion. I don't presume to know, nor to comment on it.

Brian: "The freedom you demand for yourself is not offered back… not with this post."

BH: Now, here is a twisting of my words, if ever there was one. It is not MY prerogative to "offer" freedom to anyone. They don't need MY permission to demand their OWN freedom and I would be the last person on earth to try to stop them from having it.

Maybe some of these New Agers need a "consensus" to determine what are their God-given RIGHTS. I pity them.

I, for one, do not.

Brian: "If your fight is against the abuses of the Constitution, then that is your right. But it’s not for you to decide what should be important in the lives of others. It’s not for you to decide what others will believe. It’s not for you to decide what truths they seek or where they seek them. "

BH: Where in hell does THIS horseshit come from?

I have NEVER presumed to decide what is important in the lives of others, to decide what they will believe, nor what "truth" they will seek.


Brian: "YOU Barbara taught me this lesson, and I thank you for that. This is what you’ve made clear concerning the way you expect others to treat you, and rightly so. "

BH: I have no idea what you mean, that I taught you this "lesson." I have only said, both publicly and privately, that I expect others not to INTERFERE with me in any way.

And that ANY form of communism; collectivism or globalism is anathema to me.

I find it interesting that you have often expressed communist sympathies in your writings and have repeatedly come to the defense of those who would try to herd others into a New Age/collectivist/globalist society.

You have also stated your admiration and respect for Mikhail Gorbachev and others like him.

I'm sorry, but the Butcher of Afghanistan, who slaughtered many innocent people under his reign of Communist terrror has not won MY respect or admiration.

He, like all other despots, Communist or Fascist, should be executed by a firing squad, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

Brian: "Your path is one among the possible, but not the only one. Some not interested in your version may dedicate their lives to expressing freedom in other ways. You cannot call yourself free if you summon them to live as you would live."

BH: In the ONE post you refer to, I speak to American Patriots, those who love freedom and who recognize it as the most important thing in life, that determines the quality of life, for themselves and their children.

Trouble is, some of the "paths" these New Age/commie sympathizers would choose to "explore" would allow and ENCOURAGE evildoers who IMPOSE slavery, in the form of communism or other evils, to FORCE the rest of us into slavery.

And that's not going to happen, NOT TO ME. Any one of them who invades MY space or who touches me or my children will be shot on sight, if they do not heed my warning to cease and desist.

Brian: "Your freedom would be gone, as your life would be spent trying to keep their feet to your path. The final goal is not love, but what you do with that love. The final goal is not freedom, but how you would express yourself with that freedom."

BH: You are dead wrong here too. My goal, and that of many others like me, IS freedom, pure and simple.

As for "love" it's not a "goal" it's a REALITY in my life and always has been.


All I can say to wrap up is, I guess we are lucky that you are not an American citizen, having one less globalist in our ranks.

Barbara Hartwell
November, 2003