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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Ella Free: “TI Angel”? Or...Pretentious Poseur

NOTE: The You Tube channel associated with this podcast has been terminated. Those interested may search for it on another channel.

On August 26 I appeared on a podcast with Ramola D:

CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell: Grandstanding, Disinfo & Containment Ops in the TI Community

Also see Ramola's related article:

The discussion focused on groups which have been organized and promoted, ostensibly for the purposes of activism and to educate the public on what they call “targeted individuals” (TIs).

Before going further I should make it clear that I am not, nor ever have been, involved in any way with these groups, nor the individuals who run or join them. Nor am I personally acquainted with any of these persons.

I am not a member of the so-called “Targeted Individual Community”, an important fact for the reader to consider, as will become clear. I am independent of all such groups and do not endorse their agendas, whatever they may be.

I do not refer to myself as a “targeted individual”. The term came into common use roughly two decades ago when groups began to form to address the issues of directed energy weaponry, reported by researchers and those being assaulted by microwave technology, directed-energy weapons, including pulse beam and forms of RF.

"Targeted individual" is a vague term which could mean almost anything, and lumps all persons into a non-specific category. Unfortunately, the term has stuck and is now embedded in the culture.

I speak only as an intelligence analyst and journalist, not as an involved party.

The groups covered in Ramola's podcast are Targeted Justice and Freedom for Targeted Individuals.

Among the individuals exposed on this program was one Ella Free, founder of Freedom for Targeted Individuals (FFTI).

As I stated, the first I ever heard of this character, Ella Free (which is an obvious pseudonym), was when I saw her being promoted, with glowing reviews, by Ken Adachi, who runs a New Age/occultist, government disinfo site called 'Educate Yourself'. It is a high-traffic, commercial website and Adachi has tentacles to promote his disinformation all over the Internet.

Ken Adachi (a pseudonym) is a charlatan and government shill, most notably shilling for the late FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, the COINTELPRO Kingpin, a celebrity superspook who hoodwinked large segments within “patriot” circles into believing he was a heroic government whistleblower, “exposing” the very black operations in which he was heavily involved.

(See numerous reports on this site exposing Gunderson and his cabal of FBI/CIA cronies and their minions and stooges.)

Gunderson was planted on me in 1997, 3 years after I left CIA operations, on which I made my case public, as a whistleblower in 1995.

When I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Gunderson in 2000, for cause, after I discovered his many criminal activities (including drug & weapons running, ties to Satanism and child trafficking) and his connections to CIA black ops, his shill, Adachi, began a massive defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell, which continues to this very day.

Adachi will promote ANYONE, no matter that they are criminals, liars, sex predators/perverts, child traffickers, porno mongers, blackmailers/extortionists, identity thieves. They are all welcomed with open arms as “sources” for Adachi's filthy smear pieces. The only qualification is that they must hate and demonize Barbara Hartwell, whom Adachi claims is a “CIA disinfo agent” (among far worse promotions of diabolical calumny).

For a period of more than two decades, Adachi has been running scams and hoaxes, promoting pseudo science, as well as bizarre conspiracy theories, with no basis in fact or reality, and ripping off the public by selling high-priced gizmos and gadgets, for which he makes fraudulent claims. Adachi engages in a mail fraud operation, as well as libel campaigns against legitimate journalists, whistleblowers and activists.

From my observations, over many years, the people he promotes, supports and endorses are birds of a feather, vultures that is; they are prolific liars, charlatans, career criminals, grifters and con artists, along with government stooges, ambitious, aggressive amateurs who hope to make a name for themselves by launching attacks on legitimate people, as does Adachi.

So, when I saw his heavy promotions of this woman, Ella Free, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, it raised a red flag. After listening to one of her radio programs, it became clear to me that she was part of the controlled opposition/containment op agenda. She was unprofessional as a broadcaster and clearly not knowledgeable on the subject matter she addressed. At the time, I simply dismissed her as being among the ranks of frauds and gave it no further thought.

See Adachi's promotion here:


"Ella started her call-in show, Triumph over Targeting, in May of 2016. Also a TI, Ella is an excellent host and does a perfect job in coordinating her guest and the calls. Each show is typically 3 or 4 hours long, so it takes some time to listen to the whole thing, but it's well worth it."

In my view, one fraud promoting another, as is so often the case with these unprincipled characters.

It was a couple years later, when I became acquainted with Ramola D, that I began to see the name of Ella Free pop up more frequently, and noticed some of the other unsavory characters with whom she was involved.

I spoke to Ramola and gave her my analysis of Ella Free (hereinafter referred to as EF). She explained that in her dealings with EF she too had made observations which caused her to suspect that EF's agenda was not what she claimed it to be: To “help” targeted individuals, nor to “educate” the public about these issues. Rather, it was to attempt to draw in as many people as possible who were reporting victims of the assaults, in order to manipulate their beliefs about what was happening to them, and provide “solutions”.

I also found it notable that Ella “Free” not only uses a false name (like Richard Lighthouse, Ken Adachi and other charlatans) but touts herself as “TI Angel”, which she uses as an e-mail address. Consider the implications of using such a moniker. She falsely advertises herself as some sort of divine spiritual being, which she perhaps thinks will enhance her credibility and legitimacy among her followers. At least those entirely lacking in spiritual/intellectual discernment, but apparently there are many of them who have bought into it.

Shortly after our podcast was posted, EF sprang into action in an attempt at damage control. She did a podcast, which she titled:

Chief Jones Part 2 & Ella's Response To Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell & TI DAY AUG 29.

I listened to the first 15 minutes of the podcast and took notes.

Here is the written program description by Ella Free:

"I'm highly disheartened by the cointelpro tactics that are taking place within the TI community. Within this broadcast, I will give my responses to the attacks made by Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell. These attacks include not just my self but Allison Ireland (Hope & Unity Conference), Frank Allen, Midge Mathis, Dr. Matthew Aaron, Dr. Sean Andrews, Targeted Justice, FFTI, Katherine Horton and the lsit goes on.

That encompasses a great amount of groups TRYING TO HELP YOU* What kind of "agent" would put up billboards globally to expose these crimes??? Right? Doesn't make sense.

Love to you guys. More importantly, I have the second part of Chief Jones interview & I really hope everyone can get out to the 2nd Annual International Targeted Individual Day in Portland Oregon, or one in you area."

I will address this statement before moving on to the podcast itself.

Let me make it clear that, as always, I speak strictly for myself. I do not speak for Ramola; she is quite capable of speaking for herself, and eloquently at that. We agree on many things, but do not concur on every issue. She is a friend and colleague, but she has her opinions and I have mine.

But as will become clear, EF tries to identify two persons (Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell) AS IF they were one entity, thus grossly misrepresenting both of us in her false narrative.

First, EF calls the information exposed by Ramola and me, “attacks”. She then goes on to name others she claims were attacked by us.

FACT: I do not know any of these individuals, not a one. At no time have I “attacked” any of them. The only ones named here that I had ever even heard of, are Katherine Horton and Midge Mathis. I have written several reports exposing Katherine Horton. As for Midge Mathis, I gave a brief analysis of her in my podcast with Ramola, but before that I have never spoken of her in my public reports.

EF claims that these groups are all “TRYING TO HELP YOU”. Evidently, this means that no one should ever question their activities, their motives, or make a statement on factual information, or present evidence which puts the lie to this claim.

Example #1: Katherine Horton (Targeted Justice) soliciting violence and terrorism, even soliciting MURDER of intelligence agents, military personnel, politicians, etc.

Example #2: Owen Calvert aka Richard Lighthouse (Targeted Justice) soliciting crimes against persons and monstrous invasions of privacy; soliciting the crime of making false reports to the FBI.

Midge Mathis (as founder of Targeted Justice) is thereby promoting and endorsing liars and criminals, and shows herself to be an accomplice to the crimes. As is Ella Free. If this criminality and deception is anyone's idea of HELP, or that Freedom or Justice (the names of these groups) will result, then it is clear that those supporting these individuals are not only sorely lacking in discernment, but have no concern whatsoever for the principles by which freedom and justice are defined, and by which they may be defended.

EF: "What kind of "agent" would put up billboards globally to expose these crimes??? Right? Doesn't make sense."

I have never, at any time, called Ella Free an “agent”. I believe her to be merely a stooge, used as a spokesperson for an agenda. However, unless Ella Free is independently wealthy, and has money to burn, how is she paying for these “global” billboards? How many US states, or other countries, have erected these billboards? She must have some backing from someone, and contrary to EF's statement, it is precisely “agents” who would finance and promote such billboards, as propaganda. That is what counterintelligence agents DO.

Next item:

"Love to you guys. More importantly, I have the second part of Chief Jones interview & I really hope everyone can get out to the 2nd Annual International Targeted Individual Day in Portland Oregon, or one in you area."

Ella Free now switches the topic to two unrelated issues in her “response” to Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell. I do not know, nor have heard of a person named “Chief Jones”. As for Targeted Individual Day, I know nothing about that and it has nothing whatsoever to do with me.

However, EF has sandwiched her “response” between promotions of Chief Jones and Targeted Individual Day, deceptively making it appear that there is relevance, where none exists.

We can see the background she has chosen for the audio podcast:



A large police shield, emblazoned with gold stars is displayed:

CHIEF POLICE, as if to lend credibility to EF's “response” (or rather, non-response) to me and Ramola.

Note that EF mixes it all together in the title of the podcast:

Chief Jones Part 2 & Ella's Response To Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell & TI DAY AUG 29

Why bring “Chief Jones” into the picture, on the same program? Again, the deceptive attempt by promoting “Chief Jones” (an authority figure, at least in her estimation) as an ally, while denouncing two journalists by whom she and her accomplices have been exposed.

Now, to the podcast itself. I listened only to about the first 15 minutes, after which Chief Jones suddenly made his appearance, with no break or announcement between these two unrelated topics. I don't know what was said about Ramola D or Barbara Hartwell (if anything) after that. I was not about to use any more of my precious time listening to the idiocy spewed by Ella Free, and had no interest in anything her guest had to say.

I had heard more than enough to establish her MO. Interesting that she never once spoke my name in the audio. Perhaps that is because she would then have had to be specific in her claims and she could not do that, having no FACTS to report, only engaging in rank speculation, spewing erroneous suppositions and false assumptions. 

There was not a word spoken by this woman about Barbara Hartwell or Ramola D, which was truthful or based on factual information.

EF was talking about Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D, again, AS IF the two of us were one entity. She repeatedly refers collectively to me and Ramola using the plural pronoun, “they”. “They” said this, “they”said that, “they” are doing this, or that. “They” are nasty women, “they” are ugly women to “attack” me like this.

I do suggest that anyone reading this report listen to the actual podcast, before drawing any conclusions.

And now, to some of the statements made by Ella Free, the illustrious “TI Angel”.

Some of the statements given here may not be exact quotes, however anyone who listens to her podcast may see that I have not misrepresented her, nor have added anything which was not said.

I have also included some of the comments left under the video by her followers, sycophants who hang on her every word, as if it is the gospel truth. Typically, most hide behind screen names, false identities, cowards that they are. Just like Ella “Free”.

EF makes the comment that she is “being attacked by other TIs”. And claims, “We're all on the same team.”

Well, no indeed “we” are most certainly NOT. She starts off from the get-go with a false premise and it only gets more convoluted from there.

FACT: I am not, nor have ever been part of any “team” that includes Ella Free or her ilk. Heaven forfend!

She goes on to preach, in a condescending tone, “You have to be open and receptive to change your narrative and to learn, and you can't learn if you think you know everything.”

Here's a newsflash: I have no interest in anything this presumptuous fool falsely believes I need to learn, especially from the likes of her and her gaggle of followers. 

I don't need to change any “narrative”, because my testimony is solely my own, based on many years of personal and professional experience and has absolutely nothing to do with her or her cohorts. And her statement about “thinking you know everything” is way out of line. At no time have I made such a statement, to anyone.

She speaks about the billboards she is promoting, which Ramola and I had discussed, and cited as being designed to appeal to the emotions, displaying the face of a frightened woman with a tear stained face.

EF states that the reason she added an emotional element, is that “when you evoke emotion, people take action”. And then she has the effrontery to say, Maybe “they” (meaning I and Ramola) are “not smart enough to understand this, so maybe they're just not smart enough, they don't get it.”

How dare you! You whining, sniveling, self-aggrandizing fool! Speak for yourself and dig your own pit. Don't expect others to fall into it.

So, rather than address anything we actually said, and which we were in agreement on, which was that such an image pictures the so-called Targeted Individuals as fear-ridden and helpless, begging for sympathy. NOT standing up, exposing the perps and DEMANDING JUSTICE.

But this is right in line with Ella Free's 'sob sister' mentality: cower in fear and whine, instead of standing up and fighting back. Don't worry, you'll get all the sympathy, love and support you need from the “TI Angel”...that is, if you want to follow her down the road to slavery to tyrants.

EF then informs the listeners that she was an “executive in advertising”, in NYC. Then boasts, “I know a thing or two”. She spent “many years in advertising”, she adds.

Well, you don't say! Which would explain why she was recruited to “represent” Targeted Individuals. Advertising is a dirty, cutthroat business, based on exploiting people's emotions to manipulate them to spend their money on things they don't need. The trick to advertising is behavior modification, based on deception. And EF just LOVED the business, she smugly reports. I'll bet she did.

And get ready for this, because she oh-so-typically tries to impugn our sanity and denigrate our intellectual capacity:

"Calling me stupid, maybe they're just not targeted hard enough, anyone who gets targeted....many people are targeted in their head and that does affect your thinking and clarity."

Not targeted hard enough? How utterly preposterous!

This is the same deceptive ploy used by Katherine Horton and others of her ilk, to make the false claim that “targeting” will have this same effect on everyone. They then use it as an excuse for their own wrongful behavior. Boo hoo, boo hoo, I was TARGETED and so were anything goes.

And yes, I did call EF's behavior stupid, which is my opinion, which I am free to state. Maybe some of the readers will now undertand why.

The “TI Angel” then begins to whine on about “how hard she works, and “what people don't understand” is that she “has other stuff going on”....”with my family and if you don't understand that”... “I run a crisis hotline”. “Sad that people don't know you and try to make you out to be an agent”. “All leaders experience that, and I didn't want to be a leader.”

Hold it right there. She is obviously referring to Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D, the Targets of her phony outrage. No, I don't know her. I have no interest in knowing her. And why does she think I would have any interest in “understanding” her? I don't. My only interest has been to expose her as a shill, using a phony name and soliciting followers for an agenda which does not lead to Freedom for anyone.

"I didn't know anything about anything, I found out I was targeted and just wanted to have a call."

Well, at last, a truthful statement. She doesn't know anything about anything.

"I never intended to be in this position, I don't want attention."

Why then, does she run these podcasts and promote herself as a spokesperson for Targeted Individuals?

At this point in the tearful melodrama, an unidentified woman breaks in with a “word”.

"Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm."

Now, we have got religion! Ella Free, the “TI Angel” is anointed, and a prophet!

EF then continues her whining, with how misunderstood she is: “People don't understand, I had 2 strokes last year, to call me stupid, all the stuff I go through.”

What does this have to do with another person's opinion that her behavior is stupid? Nothing, except perhaps that she is so stuck on stupid that she can't get over herself to recognize that she is not the center of other people's interest.

"I hold my head up high, do the right thing, my work speaks for itself. These overly critical, mean nasty people"...(again no names are mentioned)...

If her “work” speaks for itself, she is in serious trouble!

But she is saved, once again by the phony religiosity of the unidentified woman, who breaks in: “We just give back those curses and words people spoke over you...”

No “curses” were ever spoken against Miss TI Angel, at least not by me, nor by anyone I know. If exposing someone as a shill is a curse, then woe betide any honest person that speaks out in warning to others.

But EF soldiers on: “Interesting, very interesting that this happened two days before the event.”

She is referring to Targeted Individual Day, which as I have stated, I know nothing about. There is no connection, but she is trying to establish one where none exists.

The phony religious woman breaks in again, with this pearl of wisdom: 

“Interesting how the devil does things, how he throws a wrench in there right before something so important to you.”

So now, Ramola and I are pegged as sinister agents of the devil! If this is the best they can come up with, their falsity and stupidity should be plain for all to see.

EF, undaunted, continues her spiel. “People I work with, there is no ego.” Really? Has she taken a look in the mirror recently?

"There are people in this community who call themselves leaders and there so much ego and arrogance."

FACT: I am not a part of her “community”, nor have I ever claimed to be anyone's leader. She is barking up the wrong tree, as usual.

EF: "I support everybody. I support Targeted Justice. I support Jack Christiana, viciously attacked."

I do not know Jack Christiana. I do know that he exposed Mr. Owen Calvert, posing as Richard Lighthouse, for his criminal activities. I support Mr. Christiana's position, on principle. And I certainly have never viciously attacked him, as she tries to imply.

EF: “We can stay professional, despite all this nonsense.”

The only nonsense I have seen is emanating from Ella Free and her cohorts. And her behavior is anything but professional.

EF writes in the Comments section:

"I know that Ramola BLOCKED comments and many kind people had some things to convey to her BUT*** feel free to comment here***. TI DAY TOMORROW 503.308.1691 Crisis Support line email: I'm not going to let those women get under my skin too much- I'm focused on work."

The reason Ramola did not solicit comments is because I requested it, for my interview. My reports (including on podcasts) are FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. People may make of them what they will. Anyone who chooses to comment is free to do so in another venue, but I take no part in providing a platform, even as a guest on someone else's program.

Comment from the Peanut Gallery:

"How can we have a successful “concentration camp” prison break with the constant serious disagreement with amongst the leadership?"

Again, the 'leadership' issue arises. I am NOT INVOLVED, as a leader, or otherwise. I am not in any concentration camp. I'd never let them take me alive. End of story.

EF Response:

"I am willing to work with anyone* but some do not play well with others. Very sad..."

Here we have another rare truthful statement from Ella Free: She is willing to work with ANYONE. No matter that they are criminals, liars, shills. All comers welcomed.

I do not find it at all “sad” that some do not “play well with others”. Only a fool would throw their lot in with the members of Targeted Justice, or Freedom for Targeted Individuals.

Only a fool would place his trust in the likes of Ella Free.

Ella Free: “TI ANGEL”, or Pretentious Poseur?

You decide.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
Target of the Pretentious Poseurs at Targeted Justice and Freedom for Targeted Individuals

August 31, 2019


This note was sent to me by Ramola and I have added it here for additional clarity.

"Following our podcast (Report # 144) and my own tweets, Ella Free made a number of abrasive remarks on Twitter, directly to me, some of which I sought to address, but eventually blocked after I saw the number and inanity of her tweets. Something she's now done both on Twitter and in her note below her "Response/Chief Jones/TI Day" podcast, as Barbara Hartwell eloquently points out, is conflate and fabricate and confuse with outright lies, resting all this on her scattered schedule, life, and routine while letting her falsehoods stand; as an honest observer relayed to me, this is "her usual ditzy blonde routine." (Eg., conflating my Second Memo to Trump with my First Memo, fabricating stories of others being attacked (Jack Christiana has certainly not been attacked by me but she implies it, nor has anyone else mentioned been "attacked" by me--please see my notes on Twitter, in response to her suggestions and statements that she is one among many to have been "attacked," etc.)

Seeking to align with others is apparently her way of trying to run down those who point out Facts exposing her incredible inability to be a spokesperson for any cause, let alone those being wrongfully targeted and experimented on by the DOD and DOJ and CIA and numerous other unethical entities. But she is also seeking to establish her legitimacy this way. I've stated some of my thoughts on Ella and her operation posing as "Leader" of TIs at Twitter (@EccEveryday #EllaFree) and the rest will be shared shortly in my article on Neil Steinberg's injurious Media Perfidy for the Chicago Sun-Times, where Ella Free starred, among others also to be covered, please stay tuned.

Media posturing is a huge, mega-issue to me in this scenario of covering up military/intelligence/academic crimes in which many infiltrators play a part. All observing owe a huge debt to Barbara Hartwell for her candid and incisive dissection of all--and on a side-note, also revealing the darker side of Ted Gunderson, who has certainly been built up to be a hero in our midst--and whose affidavit on organized stalking, FBI COINTELPRO and Satanic child-trafficking is certainly usefully revealing, but which does not excuse his own involvement in nefarious activities--and those like Ken Adachi who have helped build him up while also helping disappear the true voices of journalism and whistleblowing--excavating and unflinchingly publishing the truth for years!--like hers and mine."

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

An Open Letter to the Global Targeted Individual Community by Jack Christiana

This open letter was written in February, 2019, by Jack Christiana, former Legal Director of a group called Targeted Justice. I received a copy of the letter courtesy of human rights activists/journalists Ramola D and Cassandra, two of the original recipients.

I am posting this letter because the issues covered here are of great concern to me personally, and because I stand in agreement with Mr. Christiana's position, on principle.

I should make it clear that I am not personally acquainted with any members of Targeted Justice (former or current), nor have ever been involved in their activities.

However, the false information being promoted by certain members of the current group, Targeted Justice, as well as their followers, has been damaging to me personally, as well as to others with whom I am acquainted, my allies, friends and colleagues.

Among the current board members of TJ, are Midge Mathis, Owen Calvert, using the pseudonym Richard Lighthouse, Katherine Horton, and Kerry Cassidy, all of whom have promoted blatant disinformation (some of a patently absurd nature) on various issues. Katherine Horton is running a defamation campaign against Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell (whom she claims is a “CIA plant”, a “bitch”, and other epithets), and others. Horton, like Mr. “Lighthouse”, flagrantly advocates for unlawful activities, including monstrous invasions of privacy, what amounts to stalking. Horton has actually issued statements which are solicitation of MURDER, as well as inciting violence and terrorism.

In summary, I should make it clear that in my opinion, anyone who is promoting, supporting or endorsing the group Targeted Justice (and/or the above named individuals) is an accomplice to their wrongful and injurious actions, and should be shunned by reasonable, honorable, sincere and law-abiding activists who stand on principle, for REAL JUSTICE.

Barbara Hartwell
August 27, 2019

An Open Letter to the Global Targeted Individual Community

Hello Targeted Individuals,

This is Jack Christiana, a fellow target of extreme abuse for the past eleven years. I’m writing to share some significant changes to Targeted Justice as well as transitions that are actually positive news, both of which potentially affect the entire TI community.

I was the Legal Director and on the Board of Directors of Targeted Justice (TJ) from December 2017, when TJ was formed, until February 6, 2019. And now recently, several of us discovered that TJ has veered off course. According to its mission statement, Targeted Justice is “a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to exposing and ending the Targeting Program through public awareness, education, and both federal and local legal actions for Targeted Individuals.” Yet over the last several months, one of the team members, Winter Owen Calvert (also known as “Richard Lighthouse”) has drifted into criminality and is recommending that TIs do the same. This endangers and discredits Targeted Justice, Targeted Individuals who follow his recommendations, and all TIs generally.

Other Targeted Justice advisers and I tried hard and made many attempts to address the problem (including official letters by me on January 6, 2019, January 10, 2019, and January 16, 2019) to the TJ Board and Team, but all our efforts were met with resistance and defiance. In the end, Mr. Calvert and the organization made no changes.

Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) has written eBooks that are currently available on publicly accessible websites. In the first two, he publishes in intimidating fashion personal information about Air Force and Department of Homeland Security employees he accuses of involvement with targeting. The information includes the names of their children and spouses and their home addresses. Although we didn’t realize it initially, by “doxing” federal employees who hold sensitive positions in this way, Mr. Calvert potentially commits multiple felony counts. We warned the Targeted Justice Board about this when we discovered it but they inexplicably gave it no weight, which is when the rift and impasse began. In another eBook, Mr. Calvert recommends that TIs submit false information (federal crime) falsely representing themselves (federal crime) for the purpose to abuse the current FBI terrorist watchlist until it is overwhelmed and useless, and becomes a joke (federal crime). The three eBooks are:

Treason at the Air Force Space Command - Criminal threats to federal employees (18 U.S. Code § 119. Protection of Individuals Performing Certain Official Duties) 5 years each count.

The Governors of Gangstalking - Criminal threats to federal employees (18 U.S. Code § 119. Protection of Individuals Performing Certain Official Duties) 5 years each count.

Targeted Individuals Standard Nomination Form – Recommendations that people make useless and a joke (sabotage) the FBI Terrorist Screening Database (18 U.S. Code § 1001. Statements or entries generally) 5 years each count. If you are involved with Richard Lighthouse, that can make you complicit with his federal threats and federal crimes related to terrorism.

We plan to expose this targeting program and win justice! In order to do so, we need the public, the media, politicians, human rights groups, donors, attorneys and law enforcement to know that we are on the good side of the fight. If we get into crimes and crimes related to terrorism, our credibility will be destroyed. The public will consider us thug criminals, the politicians will not give us meetings to address this, the media will write negative stories, human rights groups will not donate money for class action lawsuits, attorneys will not work with us, and the good law enforcement will not care about us either. What was the thinking process? How do these actions help get donations, get positive articles, or get meetings with politicians? They do not. They hurt that goal and strategy. They hurt Targeted Individuals.

What would you think if the American Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, or any respectable non-profit organization had an integral team member that was involved in the federal crimes of 1) making public threats to employees of the government and 2) encouraging members to falsely represent themselves and submit false information to the FBI’s terrorist watch list?! Responsible organizations would immediately terminate the person from any association with the organization. But Targeted Justice six days later actually PROMOTED Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) to the Board of Directors! Richard Lighthouse is still an official spokesperson for Targeted Justice. This is dangerous for those TIs who follow his advice and makes TIs worldwide look bad because Targeted Justice is supposed to represent all Targeted Individuals.

I sent a letter to Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) and the Team that as Legal Director of Targeted Justice, I must protect Targeted Justice and all Targeted Individuals. So I demanded Lighthouse retract his recommendation of crimes related to terrorism and federal threats – or – I will contact the authorities including the FBI. Instead, Richard Lighthouse defended his actions and told Targeted Justice Team that he is doing nothing wrong. This is not private as Lighthouse has all this on the internet. It would be used against us sooner or later. So I gave a second warning to Lighthouse and the TJ Team that it is my legal duty, fiduciary duty, and ethical duty, as Legal Directors of this 501c3 civil rights organization that I have no choice but to notify the authorities if the eBooks weren’t removed.

Mr. Calvert and the organization still made no changes. So to protect Targeted Justice, each of the Board of Directors personally, and – especially - all Targeted Individuals, I notified the FBI that we disavow all these federal threats and federal crimes related to terrorism. I did my legal duty, fiduciary duty, and ethical duty to protect the reputations and credibility of Targeted Justice and Targeted Individuals. In response, six days later the board asked me to resign, which is a federal crime with up to 10 years in prison (18 U.S. Code § 1513. Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant) and removed my name from the website.

TJ Advisory Board member Karen Stewart made valiant efforts to address this. After her requests fell upon deaf ears, she resigned from Targeted Justice. Another member of the Board of Directors resigned from the board. Other previous TJ leaders like Hope Franklin also entirely left TJ. Other significant Advisory Board members have announced plans to resign.

We are now forming a new organization with a strong emphasis on public awareness about targeting as well as legal information on both local and federal lawsuits. We will be honest and transparent with you. We will officially announce this new organization, Targeted America, in a week or two. In the interim, you can follow us on Twitter.

We will be stronger. I promise you that we will expose and end this program as it is now. I will never stop fighting. And because I reported Mr. Calvert’s illegal activities, law enforcement and the FBI now know - what we have always known –that we TIs really are the good people!

Thank you all so much for having faith and confidence in Targeted Individual leaders. We will not let you down.

Jack Christiana

Monday, August 26, 2019


NOTE: This notice has been posted on my site since 2015. I now find it necessary to post it again, because I continue to receive letters and requests for professional consultations/investigations by post, along with personal testimony of these individuals.

What I do not understand is why this is happening. I have repeatedly posted notices on this site, making it crystal clear that I do not offer private consultations. And yet, the requests continue. I would have thought that any readers of this site, who have taken the time and effort to write to me, would have also taken the time to read the CLEARLY STATED NOTICES.

Some have written to me repeatedly, complaining that I have not responded. The reason is simple, as stated in my notices, over a period of years:


This is not to say that I do not welcome or appreciate communications from the readers of my site. I do, and I have a postal address on my site for that reason. When I receive gifts (including donations) by post, along with notes/cards from those who find my work to be of value, I usually respond with a thank you note, assuming a return address is provided.

I hope this makes my position clear.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
August 26, 2019


I post this NOTICE, dated January 1, 2015, for the purpose of stating the following facts for the public record.

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is an independent website, published and edited solely by Barbara Hartwell.

The content of Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is determined at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell.

All content published on Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Caveat lector. The readers may make of it what they will.

Barbara Hartwell is not an attorney and Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA does not offer legal advice. No material posted on this site is to be construed as legal advice.

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is not a “news” site, but rather an archive documenting the work of Barbara Hartwell.

The work of other authors published on Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA is posted for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, either by the consent of the author, or by “fair use”. This includes excerpts, or articles in their entirety, and all external links to other websites.

Barbara Hartwell does not necessarily endorse the content of any material published on this site, written by other authors, or via electronic media, nor the opinions expressed therein.

Any and all material written and published by Barbara Hartwell is not to be construed as advice, but rather only as the considered personal/professional opinion of Barbara Hartwell.

Barbara Hartwell is not a partner of any person or entity in any professional capacity.

Barbara Hartwell is not an employee of any person or entity, nor receives financial compensation from same.

Barbara Hartwell does not offer professional services or consultations (pro bono or for compensation) to the general public. This includes offering advice, or discussions relating to legal (or other) issues of a personal or professional nature.

Barbara Hartwell does not run any organization, nor is a member of any organization which offers professional services to the general public.

The readers are asked to please NOT contact Barbara Hartwell for the purpose of requesting such advice, discussions or consultations.

Barbara Hartwell does not solicit comments, opinions, or advice from the readers of this site, nor from the general public.

Barbara Hartwell is not engaged in any form of commerce and has nothing to sell from this website.

No person or entity is authorized to solicit donations for Barbara Hartwell, unless by explicit permission, or to act as a conduit/intermediary in collecting such donations. Any and all such solicitations are to be considered fraudulent.

Donations are accepted, and greatly appreciated, with the proviso that they are given free and clear, no questions asked, no strings attached, as Christian charity or love gifts, to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell, to support this website and related professional endeavors. Donations are NOT tax-deductible.

Barbara Hartwell does not use intermediaries for any purpose. No person or entity is authorized to speak for or about the personal or professional business of Barbara Hartwell.

The readers are asked to DISREGARD any comments, communications, publicly or privately stated, which claim to be speaking on behalf of, or by proxy, relating to Barbara Hartwell. Any and all such communications are to be construed as unauthorized, fraudulent and as misrepresentations (or 'false light') of Barbara Hartwell, and of this website.

Barbara Hartwell does not have a public e-mail address or telephone number for use by readers of this site, or the general public.

Any and all “known associates” (including those editors/publishers of websites, radio/TV hosts, etc. who publish the work of Barbara Hartwell)  do NOT function as intermediaries, or conduits, for the purpose of passing messages by e-mail, telephone or post.

No communications sent to third parties, which are intended for Barbara Hartwell, are to be assumed to have been received or read by Barbara Hartwell. Barbara Hartwell does not respond to third party communications.

All communications, as well as donations, intended for Barbara Hartwell should be sent to:

Barbara Hartwell
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
January 1, 2015

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Jesus is NOT on Facebook

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

1 John 2:15

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2

Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

James 4:4

I have heard the question asked more times than I care to remember: Are you on Facebook? My answer is always the same: No. I don't use any kind of social media. Usually I don't bother elaborating, not unless the questioner seems truly interested in my reasons.

Just a brief statement, for clarity: Facebook is, and always has been, a government operation for data extraction and collection on individuals, which is used as a tool for social engineering, propaganda, and ultimately, control. Social media, in general, is a tool of the surveillance society, the totalitarian collectivism of the anti-Christian New World Order.

And, if people's lives are so empty that they resort to seeking “friends” on Facebook, what a crying shame.

This report serves as my position statement on what the Internet has become, and the reasons I have chosen to limit my use of it. More than that, it will reveal my intense dislike of the intrusive and disrespectful culture it has spawned.

A culture where respect for the privacy, personal boundaries and spiritual integrity of individuals is a thing of the past, as people voluntarily publish the most minute and intimate details of their lives for all the world to see. And while they're at it, they drag in the names of others who are not so inclined, whose lives, as they have every right to determine, are not an open book, fodder for all and sundry to examine. I am just one such individual.

They not only do not respect the privacy and boundaries of others, they do not even acknowledge the rights of the individuals whose privacy they are invading. Well, everybody does it, they smugly proclaim. As if that is a defense of the ethically indefensible, a justification for the unjustifiable. And no, “everybody” most certainly does not do it.

A culture which encourages exploitation, aggression and predatory behaviors by opportunists, mountebanks and snake oil salesmen, quite a few of whom are criminals. A culture populated by gossips, meddlers and busybodies, who clearly believe they have the 'right' to invade the lives of others, simply because they have the means and opportunity to do so. As for the motives, they range from seeking the approval of the world (ego-gratification, self-aggrandizement), to raking in ill-gotten profits at the expense of others; and worst of all, to assault others with their vile perversions.

Not that there is anything new under the sun, this has always been the way of the world. But the culture of the Internet has made it far more difficult for people of faith to live a Christian life, with the values of the world intruding on every side.

For me personally, this culture has become a minefield, a source of stress and troubles galore. A culture, especially as a Christian, I want no part of. It is tailor made for those whose love is for the things of the world, rather than the love of and obedience to God.

Not just the Internet, but 'smart phones', and related technology, which has created a population of tranced-out screen zombies. The screen is always on, always at hand. Any activity in their lives will be interrupted, as the endless flow of messages pop up, accompanied by various beeps, buzzes and ringtones of noise pollution. The screen zombies are 'on call' (literally) 24/7, seemingly enslaved by the fear of missing a message. Heaven forbid!

My uses of the Internet are limited to e-mail (used only for brief messages or sending documents); publishing reports on my website, and as a guest on radio programs; doing research.

In today's world, it is virtually impossible to function without this technology. Finding products, services or organizations? There is no other way.

Before the Internet, if you wanted to hire some sort of service, you could simply look up a number in a phone book. You could call the number, get a real live person on the line, request the information you needed, and decide to hire that service – or not. Now, you are asked to 'sign up', 'sign in' or 'log in', in order to even access the information. Otherwise, you are blocked from any further information you need. Unless I can find a phone number to call, where I can speak to a human being, they will not get my business.

Since there are no public phone booths anymore, few hardcopy phone directories, you would be hard-pressed to be able to communicate without a cell phone. Most people use cell phones exclusively, and don't have a landline in their homes. As I have heard some say, their whole lives are on their phones. And what will happen if they lose the phone? Disaster will follow, as they have invested all they have in a device, a mere piece of equipment.

I have a basic cell phone, an old prepaid model, no contract, not listed under any name. I use it only when necessary when I am not at home, or for emergencies when driving. Otherwise, it is turned off. Period.

For quite some time, texting has been the preferred method, rather than a phone conversation. I have never sent a text message. I don't know how, and have no desire to learn. The few persons who have my cell number know that it is turned off most of the time; if they want to reach me they can call me at home. If I am out they can leave a voice mail.

They have also been told that I do not communicate by texting. And yet, some continue to disregard my clearly stated wishes by sending text messages. My 'response' is to simply hit the DELETE button, without reading the message.

I have actually been harassed by people who do not seem to understand the simple phrase: I DO NOT USE TEXT MESSAGES, NOR DO I ACCEPT THEM.

And yet, they continue to badger me, telling me that I need to 'adapt'. No, I 'need' to do no such thing, just because other people find it to be convenient for them. I have even recently learned, to my dismay, that some people have decided to automatically translate voice mail into text messages. This they say, is more 'convenient'. So, they will never even hear anything I had to say. Instead, they will receive a sterile message devoid of the actual meaning I intended to convey. My response to that, once I learned that my intended messages are not getting through, is that if I call them and they don't pick up, I disconnect the line. They can choose to call me back, or not.

I refuse to become a zombified slave to other people's convenience. I am not available 24/7; I will not be pressured to answer messages on anyone's timeline, and I will not be forced into their soulless mode of communication. It is depersonalizing in the extreme, and I refuse to be drawn into this system.

If they really want to hear from me, if it is actually important to them, they will make an actual phone call and speak to me. If not, that tells me all I need to know.

Back to the Internet. The prevailing trend is now to use Twitter and Facebook (as well as other social media), even for journalists. They post a brief statement on Twitter, which often leads to a link to another site. Often that site is Facebook. For someone like me, who does not use Facebook, that means that more often than not I am unable to access the page.

Some people have told me that they use Facebook only as a platform to promote their work, or as a professional venue as a 'public figure'. I won't criticize them for that, it is not my business. I can only say that since I am unable to access what they are promoting, if they don't choose to make it public for all to see, they may lose any support or promotion I may have otherwise given, since I am locked out from their material.

Countless times, I have heard or read the complaints from users of Facebook: I have been suspended from Facebook! I have been banned from Facebook! My Facebook page has been shut down! Woe is me!

My question is, why would anyone willingly be a part of a system that censors, blocks, suspends, bans them? An operation which does not allow them their God-given right to free speech? Which tries to force their politically correct, totalitarian, marxist/socialist/communist standards on the content? WHY? Why, I wonder, don't they just free themselves from the tyranny and get the hell off Facebook!

One of many reasons I refuse to use Twitter or Facebook, is that simply by doing so the user invites contact from the general public, along with their comments. The automated system also sets things up so that the user's name is linked to any of a number of other accounts, without their previous knowledge or consent. Evidently, this doesn't bother most people, but it is insufferable to me. I don't want my name associated with strangers, known charlatans, or people who are my enemies, simply because a computer system run by robots, bureaucrats and social engineers decides there is relevance where none exists.

Then, there is the function of 'blocking'. So-and-so blocked me on Facebook! So-and-so blocked me on Twitter! They publicly announce this in a hissy fit to all and sundry. This system produces a culture of suspicion and hostility, where the approval seekers are in a constant battle, jockeying for supremacy and oneupmanship. To what end? By the same token, they boast about who “follows” them. As if their whole purpose, the ultimate goal of their lives, is to get followers, “likes”, and hit counts. To be pleasers of men, rather than followers of Christ.

On You Tube, the users are battling against others for subscribers. This, in part, is about money. I understand that some people make a living on the Internet by producing content. Again, I would not criticize them for that. But I don't subscribe, nor join up, nor sign in, in order to have access to any content. The same goes for pay walls. If content is not free, I don't pay to access it, no matter how interested I might be.

Then, there is 'Patreon'. Most users (podcasts, talk shows, print media) offer special benefits and exclusive content to subscribers. I understand, they have to fund their enterprises. And there are some individuals and organizations I would gladly support, had I the resources. All I am able to do, given my circumstances of living in dire poverty, is to promote them by placing a link to their websites on my own site. If I had the money, I would send a donation, or regular donations, by post. But I would draw the line at subscribing, or using Paypal.

On these issues, I speak strictly for myself. I don't expect others to agree with me, nor do I try to force my views on them. The one thing I do expect is that others will respect my privacy, my personal boundaries and my right to self-determination, based on my Christian faith. I will not be a part of this system, on principle.

Here's a question to ponder: When Jesus returns, in all His glory, to judge the living and the dead, do you really believe He will be using social media?

Jesus is NOT on Facebook.

Barbara Hartwell
August 8, 2019