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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life, Liberty & Resilience Documentary

In Memory of Joseph C. LaNier II 

This documentary, narrated by Joe LaNier II, takes us on an autobiographical journey of one man's life, from his birth and childhood in Columbus, Mississippi, which he describes as "a totally segregated city", to his military service in the U.S. Navy, and on to his relocation In Denver, Colorado, where he married and raised his family.

Joe LaNier was an American Patriot, and a Christian, who despite the bigotry and mistreatment he faced over his lifetime, did not allow himself to become bitter or develop a hatred for white people. Joe not only tells us, in stark and candid detail, but shows us, through photographs and video, the terrain of a racist society few of us have ever had the opportunity to witness or experience firsthand. Not that we would want such an "opportunity". Nor, I daresay, can most of us really understand what it would be like.

"COLORED" and "WHITE" water fountains, rest rooms, waiting rooms, transportation. 

"You were likely to be told, 'Nigger, you can't go over here, you can't be here'. It didn't have to be law enforcement, it could be any white person. That was the kind of town this was, and that's the way you lived."

In one anecdote, Joe, a Navy veteran, tells us how he came home after having served his country in World War II, and wearing his Navy uniform, walked into a registrar's office, telling the clerk he would like to vote. The response he got: "Niggers don't vote here."

What impressed me most about this documentary is that it is not filled with political rhetoric about racism, nor with gratuitous imagery of violence; rather we hear and see the story, told with quiet dignity, from the perspective of the protagonist, who walks the streets of his hometown, decades later, who returns to the cemetary, in search of his parents' and brother's graves: a cemetery that has been overgrown with neglect and littered with trash.

But I'll leave the rest of the story to be told by Joe himself...

I never had the pleasure of meeting Joe LaNier, though over the years I had heard much about him from his son, Joe LaNier III. The younger Joe is a very dear friend, a Brother in Christ, as well as a professional colleague, a fellow journalist and human rights activist who exposes the secret societies, the Illuminati, the shadow government and the plots behind the New World Order. He has also been the kind of supporter to me, and of my work, that makes me wish there were many more like him. 

Joe sent me the documentary and my immediate response was: I LOVE IT! May I post it?

So here it is:

Life, Liberty & Resilience Documentary:
In Memory of Joseph C. LaNier II 1926-2013

Monday, March 24, 2014

BEWARE: The "Prayer Journey" of Pam Schuffert

"Thank you for your urgently needed prayers for safety, and for your support as well. We are the BODY OF CHRIST, we are in this TOGETHER, and what I am doing is not primarily for MY sake, but on behalf of the imperiled Body of Christ across this nation at this time. And to reach out to the lost in our nation as well.

I have given my all, I have laid down my life for God's people, I cannot stand alone in this work on behalf of many others. Every day, thousands of people read my reports free of coast, yet less than 2 percent ever contribute financially to this important work. I cannot make it without you."

--Pam Schuffert, referring to her so-called "prayer journey" across America.

Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.

Timothy 5:13

And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you,

Thessalonians 4:11

But let none of you suffer as a murderer or a thief or an evildoer or as a meddler.

Peter 4:15

You shall not go around as a slanderer among your people, and you shall not stand up against the life of your neighbor: I am the Lord.

Leviticus 19:16

It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.

Proverbs 20:3

Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets, but he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered.

Proverbs 11:13

Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a simple babbler.

Proverbs 20:19

But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy,  heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

Pam Schuffert claims to be a born-again Christian. She has become notorious for her so-called "prayer journeys" across America, boasting that she is "ministering" to the lost. In fact, she has deceived many innocent people and is a classic archetype of the busybody, talebearer and meddler warned against in the scriptures.

As many Christian ministers agree, "busybodying" is not of God, but of the devil. It is a demonically-inspired activity, and not to be tolerated by any true Christian.

Pam Schuffert literally "goes from house to house", as a freeloader, draining her hosts of their hard-earned resources. But she doesn't stop there. Pam aggressively dispenses unsolicited advice, cloaked as "Christian ministering" or "counseling" (for which she is not qualified, in any case). She manages to extract from her victims private information (often of a sensitive personal nature), and then betrays the trust of the people who have kindly supported her, by spreading malicious gossip, and in many cases PUBLISHING the gossip on the Internet, often adding her own bizarre and sensationalistic twists to the "information".

Pam Schuffert is a "do-gooder busybody" of the worst and most flagrant sort, who makes a mission of meddling in other people's business, leaving a trail of righteously indignant people in her wake, people who have been unjustly damaged, vilified, slandered, libeled and betrayed, all  "in the name of Jesus", for Whom Pam boasts she is a "mighty warrior".

How do I know this? Unfortunately, I know this from firsthand personal experience. As do many others who have been targeted by Pam Schuffert for her unwanted, unsolicited "ministering", which resembles, more than anything I can think of, being run over by a two-ton bulldozer.

And although, in my own defense, and as a warning to others, I have already exposed Pam Schuffert in my reports, over a period of more than a decade, I continue to find her libelous rantings, filled with the most outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, on various sites all over the Internet. The damages to me, my family and friends, have been inestimable. 

I first encountered Pam Schuffert around the year 2000. Pam was a friend of my then webmaster, a man named Ron Garon, who also claimed to be a "Christian minister". (After later being betrayed by Mr. Garon, in such a way that it endangered my life, I understood that his brand of "Christianity" was one I wanted nothing to do with.) Ron Garon had given Pam Schuffert my unlisted telephone number, in direct disregard for my clearly stated policy that my phone number was to remain PRIVATE, not to be given to anyone without my explicit permission.

I received a message from Pam on my answering machine, and when I confronted Ron Garon about his violation of my trust, he apologized, as did Pam Schuffert. I forgave them both for their indiscretions, but I (unwisely, as it turned out) chose to give Pam the benefit of the doubt, and accepted her offer of "friendship". However, at no time did I ask for any advice from Pam, nor did I want or need her so-called "ministering" --as I told her repeatedly, but which, typically for the busybodies of this world, fell on deaf ears.

But unfortunately for me, she was hell-bent (and I mean that literally!) on "converting" me to her particular hidebound, literalist, legalist brand of fundamentalism, to which I have never subscribed and never will. If that makes me, according to Pam Schuffert, "NOT A CHRISTIAN"  and a "LOST SINNER", as she continues to rant, then so be it. I for one will let God be the judge of that, not Pam Schuffert.

Pam Schuffert began her slander/libel campaign against me some time in 2003, disseminating all sorts of malicious gossip, apparently based on bizarre fabrications from her "sources", all of whom happen to be demonic liars, minions of the COINTELPRO Kingpin and FBI Chief, the late Ted L. Gunderson. Ted was my former professional colleague, whose campaign to neutralize Barbara Hartwell began after I broke off my association with him, for cause, in 2000, after discovering the true nature of his activities, many of which were criminal in nature.

(See numerous reports on this site exposing Ted Gunderson and his cronies and minions.)

Among these demonic minions, used as "sources" by Pam Schufffert, are predicate felon, career criminal and psycho-stalker, Timothy Patrick White, with whom Pam teamed up to stalk various individuals, on one of her "prayer journeys". (Yes, Tim White, a notorious psychopath, stalker and collector of child pornography, also claims to be a "Christian"). Then, there is Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau, who served as the primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson, and who to this day, continues to add to the  large collection of diabolical calumny against Barbara Hartwell, published on his website, 'Educate Yourself', some of which is contributed by Tim White and Pam Schuffert.

Here, another of Pam Schuffert's "reports", targeting Barbara Hartwell for numerous libelous falsehoods, of which there appears to be a bottomless well, leading straight down to the pit of Hell.

My comments, refuting the lies, are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
Note that the text appears to be disjointed, filled with incomprehensible gibberish. I have left the highlighted text on my name, which came from a search engine, where I found this piece of garbage, in a search for an unrelated matter. This woman's calumny appears all over the Internet, and the only way to counter it is to repeatedly expose and refute it, from time to time, time-consuming and tiresome as it is.

"...and here are my findings. Barbara Hartwell works for the CIA actively..."

[BHP: No, I left CIA in 1994, never to return. This is the primary lie, the linchpin of the greater libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, spawned by Ted Gunderson, and disseminated by his minions, including Pam Schuffert.] 

"While there are VALID examples of people coming out of such CIA mind control background. We also were exposed to satanic rituals and abuse. to TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH and especially to wake up the American Christians who are endangered in this hour.." When I was visiting the home of my previous webmaster. there are also now COINTELPRO pretenders.... In my earlier years of research and reporting. satanic rituals and more. Many excellent articles on the internet from valid researchers have exposed this dark woman. well protected by the CIA and very dangerous.."

[BHP: There are no such "excellent articles" from "valid researchers". Note that she doesn't name even one. There are only fabrications, many of which are utterly ludicrous, and have absolutely no basis in fact. And no, I am not "well protected" by CIA, nor by anyone else, save God Almighty. As for being "very dangerous", it could only be to the agenda of Pam Schuffert and her fellow liars and minions of Satan.]

"...and interviewing her sister who IS a bona fide CHRISTIAN and delivered from her background. whose purpose is to deceive and then infiltrate valid organizations and movements whose purpose is to EXPOSE the NWO and tell Americans the truth. In my thirteen years of performing this work on behalf of the American people.Barbara has let me down again and again. Another infiltrator was JIM VASSILOS."

[BHP: My sister is one of many people whom Pam Schuffert has targeted for exploitation in her sensational "news stories". Pam has been spreading gossip about me and my sister for more than a decade. In fact, Pam knows nothing about CIA mind control, nor about any other facets of CIA operations. She is a loud-mouthed poseur, pretending to knowledge she does not possess.]

"One writer is Barbara Hartwell from the CIA. I spent much time witnessing to her about Jesus Christ.. Barbara Hartwell has repeatedly proven to be bogus. such as Cathy O'Brien (Tranceformation of America) and Sue Ford/ Brice Taylor (Thanks for The Memories) and others. The other is Stew Webb with the FBI. OK.. I was infiltrated by DOUG MILLAR. All ties with him have been severed as well. "My sister refuses to come to Jesus Christ and is not a Christian. with both her sister IRENE ADRIAN (of Winston-Salem NC) and herself exposed to horrific CIA mind control programming. I have met with and performed extensive research on all of the above."

[BHP: I have never "met with" Pam Schuffert. This is another bald-faced lie. The only contact I ever had with her was by phone and e-mail, until I cut off contact with her once I discovered that she was spreading malicious gossip all over the Internet.

This nonsense, "My sister refuses to come to Jesus Christ and is not a Christian" seems to be Pam's "quote", using my sister as a "source". I have no idea whence this fabrication emanated. Anyone close to me (including all family members) would have reason to know I am a Christian, and also that I was ordained as a Christian minister (in 1979, well over three decades ago).]

"More recently. I severed all ties immediately. Fred and Katy Sasse. both the CIA and the FBI have used several people to attempt COINTELPRO against me through writing libelous articles regarding me. Her bodyguard in the past has been CIA assassin JEFF SWEDENBURG. Her sister Irene admitted to me. Hartwell has been performing COINTELPRO against the Christian/Patriot (NWO RESISTER) community for a long time now. Ron Garon of TULSA.. I have experienced several attacks by government COINTELPRO. a man I learned later was being used by the government to infiltrate people concerned about and exposing the NWO agenda."

[BHP:  Fred and Katy Sasse are a genuine Christian couple, whom Pam Schuffert descended upon like a harpy, uninvited, and wreaked havoc in their peaceful Christian home. She later violated their confidence, and published lies about them on the Internet. (See letter from Fred and Katy, below.)
Pam has repeatedly also libeled Jeff Swedenburg, calling him a "CIA assassin". The source of this lie is Tim White, who promoted a bogus death threat against Barbara Hartwell by Swedenburg, later parroted by White's accomplice, Pam Schuffert.]

"She told him on the phone: . have been working with Hartwell and Webb to lie against me and discredit my reporting. a true CIA infiltrator into this world of former victims turned exposers. Hartwell comes from CIA MIND CONTROL VICTIMS family. A very sick couple from MN. As soon as I found out. In the past I have known her personally. he was attempting to do the website of Barbara Hartwell."

[BHP: The so-called "sick couple" are Fred and Katy, victims of Pam's "ministering".]

"AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN EXPOSED TO SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE!" YET.... Jeff Swedenburg has openly bragged to one person in the Christian Patriot community that I am in contact with.. then WHY OH WHY was her own personal bodyguard CIA ASSASSIN JEFF SWEDENBURG? .her own Christian sister.I do WHACK [assassination] jobs for the CIA."

[BHP: More idiocy here from Pam Schuffert. If she is talking about Barbara Hartwell, then it is certainly true that I have "never been exposed to Satanic ritual abuse", which I have stated many times in my reports, to refute the lies of people such as Pam Schuffert, Ken Adachi et al. And again, she exploits my sister's name, along with Jeff Swedenburg. What connection does she make between "satanic ritual abuse" and "assassination jobs"? And what could that possibly have to do with me? Nothing at all, just more lurid gossip from Pam and her fellow demonic minions.]

"The reality of Barbara being involved in CIA Satanism and rituals was admitted by Irene Adrian.. AND Hartwell openly contends in her writings and blog that SHE IS A CHRISTIAN and has NEVER been exposed to satanic ritual abuse! At one time when I was attempting to minister to her. in fact.Swedenburg is well protected by the CIA."

[BHP: Again, Pam Schuffert is claiming my sister as a "source", exploiting her name to libel Barbara Hartwell. How utterly despicable. So, I will state once again, for the record: At no time was I ever involved in Satanism in any way, shape or form. I would not presume to speak for my sister, nor would I believe anything coming from the mouth of Pam Schuffert, no matter the "source" she claims to be quoting.] 

"Barbara Hartwell constantly presents herself to the public as someone who has "come out of the CIA" to join the Christian/Patriot/NWO resister movement in America."

[BHP:  I have presented nothing of the kind to the public. I am not a member of any "movement", nor have claimed to be. I am just one individual who has become a CIA whistleblower. I am not a team player, but an independent investigator and journalist.]

"YET the cold hard facts are in total contradiction of Hartwell's lies! Her own Christian sister has exposed her as a liar."." and he was proud of it! A former CIA of over 30 years in the Denver area admitted further that ". even as he was infiltrating them in Denver. YET HARTWELL CONSTANTLY LIES TO US and MISPORTRAYS HERSELF TO THE PATRIOT CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY AS A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN! SHE DENIES IN ALL HER WRITINGS THAT SHE WAS EVER INVOLVED IN CIA SATANIC RITUALS! But in fact she is NOT a Christian "... involved in ministries in the past. that ".. in fact.AND NEVER WILL BE A CHRISTIAN" and WAS involved in satanic rituals in the CIA! And IF she has come out of the CIA."

[BHP: What "cold hard facts" are these, that Pam Scuffert boasts of? Where are the facts, Pam? Why don't you give us some evidence of these "facts"? Pam Schuffert would not know a fact if it slapped her across her silly face. No, she deals only in malicious gossip and hearsay, adding her own moronic speculation to the mix.

Who appointed the Busybody from Hell, Pam Schuffert, as an authority on the life of Barbara Hartwell? And if my sister had called me a liar, I think I might know about it. But I certainly don't consider Pam Schuffert a reliable source for any sort of accurate information.] 

"The reality of Barbara NOT being a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN was confirmed by her own sister and her former webmaster....... SAYS THAT HARTWELL WAS INVOLVED IN CIA SATANIC RITUALS. how she had given thousands of dollars to SWEDENBURG to protect her on one trip. and uses this to constantly attempt to infiltrate related groups and organizations. she even admitted at that time that her bodyguard was JEFF SWEDENBURG. Colorado. before she starting writing CIA COINTELPRO Libel against me for the government.I am NOT a Christian and will NEVER BE A CHRISTIAN!" She further told him.. Her sister told me.. her Christian sister." I have spoken to this person in Denver personally on several occasions."

[BHP: This "person" from Denver, the unnamed "source" of all the outrageous lies being spewed by Pam Schuffert, is none other than Tim White, Pam's comrade and fellow stalker, who made a deal with the feds, in 2002, to become their snitch and to harass and threaten patriots and whistleblowers, which he has been doing for well over a dozen years. Great "sources", Pam.

Trouble is, there is not one factual piece of information given in this entire "report".]

" But in fact IF she continues in this path of deliberate misinformation and lies. after receiving several inquiries from my readers who stumbled upon her CIA COINTELPRO libel against me. MANY OF YOU have been my radio listeners/report readers for many years now. she has been writing CIA COINTELPRO libel against me now for many years. In fact. I will be exposing STEW WEBB/FBI COINTELPRO OPERATOR and infiltrator in Christian/Patriot communities. in the government hopes of discrediting my reporting."

[BHP: I don't think Pam Schuffert needs me to discredit her "reporting". She does a fine job of that all by herself.]

"And so they attempt to find them by "GOOGLING" my name up. Many articles have appeared on the internet by quality writers and researchers investigating and exposing her as a fraud. want MORE of my reports... and the WORD OF GOD DECLARES: "AND ALL LIARS SHALL HAVE THEIR PART IN THE LAKE OF FIRE. they will ALSO encounter libelous CIA/FBI COINTELPRO MISINFORMATION published falsely against me. after hearing me on radio. "IT COMES WITH THE TURF:"

"I expose government corruption and warn my fellow Americans/Christians of what is to come. You know my credibility and hard labor for the Lord Jesus Christ and my character as a born again Christian for 35 years now. .org/cn/hartwellswebsitegone11aug04. and they attack me to attempt to discredit me. along with other COINTELPRO OPERATORS like STEW WEBB (FBI) and accomplices Fred and Katy Sasse and several others. she refuses to come to Jesus Christ for salvation and deliverance from CIA Satanism and from her dark role she now plays in CIA COINTELPRO. To coin a secular term. both SHE and THEY WILL PERISH according to the infallible WORD OF GOD. AGAIN. most people and researchers by now do not take Barbara Hartwell seriously anymore. "

[BHP: Again, Pam's "sources" leave much to be desired: Ken Adachi, notorious demonic liar. And who in the hell does Pam think she is, to brazenly declare her holier-than-thou, profoundly ignorant opinions about the spiritual state of others, including Barbara Hartwell?]

"I have decided to write this long-overdue report exposing this person for the infiltrator/COINTELPRO operator that she has sadly been proven to to be. and several people working with both Hartwell and Webb (The SASSE's from MN and CLEO from MONTANA) who are not necessary assets of the intelligence community but are working with them in the same agenda.. attempting to discredit and slander me." Because she is lost. I have been praying for her salvation for a long time she is being PAID TO LIE.shtml http://educate-yourself.
In my future However. http://educate-yourself. But what they do not realize is. involved in numerous ministries and MUCH sacrifice and suffering for the Gospel and to perform this kind of difficult and dangerous journalism for the Christians in America.And because I know the truth about Hartwell. More tragically. I have chosen to forgive her repeatedly when her articles appear. NONE OF THIS COMES AS ANY GREAT SURPRISE TO ME. Many people. HARTWELL is a LOST SINNER.shtml http://www. etc.

And its intent is to deceive and discredit valid journalism/journalists like myself. I work hard as an investigative journalist to uncover the truth that American Christians need to hear in this crucial hour. TEACHINGS THAT DENY JESUS CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOR and MORE??? The Bible says to PROVE ALL THINGS.that's all. SO many Christians FAIL to do their background research to discover the TRUTH. background or work. with most Christians no longer following Biblical principles of COMING TO ME FIRST with this kind of slander/accusations. BUT BECAUSE of the level of frankly immature Christianity in America I find today. I continue to trust Him for vindication.. And that sadly INCLUDES CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA. to quit falling into well laid government traps to DECEIVE and ultimately DESTROY them in the times to come. it has become THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO GOOGLE. And for SOME. BEWARE OF CIA/FBI CINTELPRO! It is found EVERYWHERE. trusting God for vindication. PAGAN TEACHINGS..

For years I have said nothing in rebuttal. etc. -Pamela Schuffert reporting live from Montana . And to undermine valid Patriotic organizations attempting to tell Americans the truth as well. simply come to me and ASK ME. Upon receiving inquiries from Christian sources who read HARTWELL'S and related GOVERNMENT COINTELPRO written against me to deliberately slander and attack my writing and my character. It is that simple. I am forced to publish rebuttals at this point.AND MANY AMERICAN ARE NAIVE AND DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS.. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding my character. How many websites are filled with NEW AGE HERESIES.

IT is time for the Body of Christ. and my fellow Americans. following much prayer. wherein EVERYTHING found on their search engines and the internet is somehow TRUTH! DEAD Wrong. to first INQUIRE as to whether it is true or not before repeating it or republishing it. I have decided I will no longer tolerate this kind of attack on my Christian labor and character unchallenged."

[BHP: I don't have much more to say, except that I think the lunatic rantings and fear-mongering of this aggressive, self-aggrandizing and pretentious busybody, Pam Schuffert, speak volumes about her own profound ignorance and character flaws.]

But please, do read this testimony of Fred and Katy Sasse, a lovely Christian couple (just one of a number who have had similar experiences with Pam Schuffert) who decided to speak out publicly in order to warn others.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival


November 24, 2003

Here is the testimony of Fred and Katy Sasse, of Minnesota, re Pam Schuffert, sent to me by them.

I have included my response to Fred, and his letter back to me, following the main letter.

Our contact with Pam Shuffert began with my wife reading her website, donating some money, and ordering (paying for) her book. Late July, we received a phone call from Pam stating that she was in an emergency situation, being evicted from her Bible College. She used the phone number on the check my wife sent her to call us up.

She stated that she would be passing through, and I repeat passing through, our area. Pam ended up staying exactly one month, until we simply could not take it anymore. At the breaking point, I told Pam she needed to leave in a week. She took that, and another four days to boot.

Anyway, about Pam's arrival from New York State. She needed $200.00 gas money to make it to St. Paul. We wired her the money. She arrived, and later that day she said her purse was stolen. I rushed home from work, to find out what happened. My wife and I both believed her completely, but in my spirit I knew something was wrong. We suggested she call the local gas station, it could be possibly left there.

I ran down the alley, looking for a discarded purse, with nothing in sight. Pam said this was impossible; she could never leave her purse. The normal thing to do is believe a theft took place, but as time went on, our suspicions grew. Pam is just now "filing" a police report. Doesn't it seem a little late? We said nothing and took Pam for her word.

During this time, Pam was doing very little, if nothing, to recover her lost driver's license, van title, and other documents that she needed. Pam quickly made herself at home. Then the manipulation began, slowly at first, but gradually building to the point where we were put in the position of "I can't leave here until this need is met".

We are in the process of adopting an orphan from India. Pam yelled at my wife while she was driving to various stores for items she needed (which we were paying for) about what a terrible decision this would be. My wife nearly got in an accident because of this.

Later, while taking her out to dinner, she began to chew me out as well. She said we should not do this; we should be using our money to store up food for the upcoming martial law. My wife was devastated by her intrusive, bullying, "I know God's will for you" attitude.

All the while, we kept paying for things for Pam. The total bill was over $2000.00. Pam would pile things at the counter at the last minute, and expect my wife to pay for them. Our checking account was nearly closed; we were put on the bad check list with the credit bureau (Telecheck) due to Pam's manipulation of my kind-hearted wife.

During this time, I also learned of Pam's work ethic. Like some of the extreme survivalists and anti-govs, Pam Shuffert does not believe in paying taxes to the IRS (in her mind, because the federal government subsidizes abortion). While we oppose abortion as well, why was it our responsibility to support her, with our money that WE (my wife and I) have to report to the IRS?

So, Pam does not believe she really needs to work a regular job to support herself, believing that in doing so she is betraying her beliefs. We tried to arrange for Pam to speak at our local church, but the Pastor refused. He had some insight that I did not have at the time.

We also helped Pam set up a TV show taping with a wonderful healing/worship/deliverance ministry that is located in downtown Minneapolis. This ministry, after praying about the taping, immediately cancelled it. These other believers and church leaders were seeing something that I was not at that time. But now it is all clear to me.

The reason I believe Linda Newkirk's prophecy is this. I believe Pam Shuffert hid her purse in her van to stay with us for as long as possible, to use as an excuse so she could get what she needed, and of course have a place to live.

Pam Shuffert plainly stated to us that she could not leave unless she had her driver's license and other documents replaced. Do you believe that this was our responsibility to her? And to extend a visit that was only supposed to be a couple days into a month long spending spree?

Of course, everyone forms his or her own opinion. After living with this for three months, a heartbroken wife (who now really needs counseling after the backlash for adopting an orphan from India) I had to come forward and tell my story.

This boy will be raised a Hindu and have a terrible future unless we act. Pam had no business touching something so close to our heart and God's. I had to come forward with this, even if it means Pam's wrath. If you get in her way, prepare to be bulldozed. I have heard her criticize just about every known ministry, except Dimitri Duduman (he has universal respect). So now, we are the liars according to Pam. I refuse to be intimidated by Pam Shuffert. She owes my wife a huge apology, which she has refused to date. She has plainly stated that she has done nothing wrong and my wife is mentally ill!!!!

Sincerely, Fred and Katy Sasse

Dear Fred,

I will post your testimony on my website, as soon as I can get it updated. I too have had many troubles caused for me by Pam Schuffert, which I will also be writing an article about.

I am very sorry that you were abused in this way. This woman is nuts!...there is no other way to say it.

Thanks for the letter and God bless,

Barbara Hartwell
November 24, 2003

Fred's reply to Barbara Hartwell:

Thank you, I want to do my part, so that maybe someone else may not be

As a retaliation, Pam has posted things we told her in "private counseling"
on her discussion board, but even then the facts are not straight.

I am just learning about some of the things you have been through in your
life, I don't know how you made it, the Lord has kept you alive. It is an
encouragement to us.

Thank you again!



Thursday, March 20, 2014

SHUT DOWN: A Brief Analysis of Political Perseuction in America

NOTE: Dr. Antonella Carpenter is my professional colleague and good friend. I first became acquainted with Dr. Carpenter about three years ago when I was invited as a guest on her radio program, The Medical Conspiracy, to discuss COINTELPRO. After numerous appearances as a guest, I was asked to be her co-host, and readily accepted the honor.

My contribution to the program was my expertise in counterintelligence operations, which I had quickly discerned were being run against Dr. Carpenter, in various forms, such as the typical libel/slander campaigns, the harassment, the efforts to ruin her financially, to isolate her and rip away any support systems she may have had, and ultimately to "shut down" Lase Med Inc., her practice, successfully treating cancer patients with her revolutionary laser technology, which unlike conventional (and toxic) methods of radiation and chemo, DOES NO HARM. Dr. Carpenter's treatment, most importantly, saves lives, as quite a number of her patients have testified.

As a government whistleblower, having been targeted for the same type of neutralization campaign as Dr. Carpenter, I fully understand what she is up against. Like Dr. Carpenter,  as a result of my efforts, for many years, to expose corruption, my activism to defend Liberty and God-given unalienable, constitutionally protected rights, I have lost nearly everything I owned, lost my home, lost most of the support (material and otherwise) I once had, and have been effectively "shut down". This is known as "retaliation against a whistleblower".

By the end of 2013, I had no choice but to withdraw from broadcasting with Dr. Carpenter, as I had no place from which to work and no form of material support whatsoever. Like Dr. Carpenter, I had been driven into homelessness by the ongoing persecution and lack of support. I had hoped to return to the program, assuming I was able to stabilize my circumstances, but before that could happen (as it still has not), I learned of the "shut down" of Orion Broadcasting Network in February 2014.

Now, the only venue which was left for Dr. Carpenter to expose the truth and to fight for health care freedom, her radio show, has been "shut down".

I don't believe in "coincidences", especially when I have observed the same patterns operating in the lives of genuine whistleblowers, that is, anyone who stands up for the unvarnished truth, year after year; anyone who refuses to compromise his/her principles; who will not be moved by outside pressures; who will not act on personal/political expediency; who will not traffick with the devil for any agenda; who will not stop speaking the truth, no matter what, no matter the consequences to themselves.

[Please also see Sosbee v. FBI:

Geral Sosbee, former FBI agent and America's foremost FBI whistleblower, a mutual friend/supporter of Barbara Hartwell and Dr. Carpenter, targeted for political persecution.] 

Perhaps most tragic, rather than gaining the support we need to continue our crusade for the truth and for justice, we will be abandoned by those who previously supported us; like rats deserting a sinking ship, they will distance themselves as fast and as far as they can. We will be blamed for circumstances completely beyond our control. We will be insulted and falsely accused, treated like pariahs, in attempts to marginalize us. We will discover that, as our circumstances become worse, some of those we counted as friends were never friends all  --for a true 'friend' stands by you, for better or worse. 

Meanwhile, the false accusers, the demonic liars, the "trolls", as Dr. Carpenter calls them, will continue to flourish, to profit from their persecution of whistleblowers, as their massive deception misleads the majority of the populace, who, if they would only open their minds to perceive the truth, would benefit immeasurably from learning that truth.

For those interested, please take the time to research these issues. Just by placing our names, Dr. Antonella Carpenter and Barbara Hartwell, into a search engine, you will be able to find our reports, articles and broadcasts. You will also discover the names of our adversaries, those who have libeled and slandered, sabotaged and persecuted us to the point of "shut down".

Here is Dr. Carpenter's recent report. I ask that all those who care about Truth and Justice, please read it and pass it on.   

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 20, 2014


 Another friend has been shut down, another friend is gone. I haven’t communicated through this media for many months, mostly because I have been so busy trying to defend myself from the abuses to my freedom, as an American citizen. Even if effectively in exile, separated from my family and unavailable to my former patients, I have still tried to keep the fire going, by constantly doing research on what continues to happen in the medical field and how the public is still being misinformed and entrapped in the drug pitfalls.

In the effort to protect the general public, the only weapon still available to me has been the radio program called “The Medical Conspiracy”. I began hosting the show about five years ago, when the trolls started popping up like weeds on the web. As a result, we started to see an increasing number of self proclaimed experts and assorted  pathetically clueless individuals, selected as trolls for their ignorance, accompanied by the willingness to make a spectacle of themselves in exchange for heaven knows what perks. My only answer to such outrageous conduct was to continue exposing the lies and abuses of the medical establishment, in cohort with the FDA and the large pharmaceutical corporations; I have done so through the radio show: “The Medical Conspiracy”, i.e. the conspiracy to keep everybody sick.

Obviously, even with the very limited audience, my show must have rubbed the wrong way some special interests, because in five years three radio stations had to close down, supposedly due to financial problems. Does anybody see a pattern here?

I was harassed about my show even as early as the times of that infamous civil law suit, brought about by a patient who was actually cancer free after my treatment, according to independent standard routine testing.  During my deposition for that ridiculous case, the plaintiff’s attorney kept “interrogating” me about the radio show and why I hadn’t closed it down.  This is a show that had absolutely nothing to do with the case, considering that it was started two years after the patient in question was treated at my Company’s facility; not to mention the fact that routine tests could not find any malignancy in her affected site.  

However, after the law suit had been filed, one of her oncologists insisted that she still had cancer and needed to have a mastectomy without delay. You know what happened next, with the assistance of a crooked judge; in the event you don’t know, you can find everything posted on the radio show’s web site .

My radio show has been used to expose not just occurrences like these, but also the dishonesty in the cancer and pharmaceutical industry in general.

People are being entrapped and victimized by “professionals” wearing a white coat and an hypocritical smile; people are persistently mutilated and poisoned by chemicals and radiation, with the common sense defying promise of an “extended” life, through what can only be defined as sheer torture.

These are the facts exposed, through science and empirical evidence, in what has been The Medical Conspiracy Show. This is the reason we have been tormented and sabotaged during the broadcasting. Apparently the “System” has won again, by forcing one more radio station to cease operations. You, the public, serve the “System” best if you are sick and financially ruined, especially if you are unaware of what is being conjured against you.

As a result, people like me must be silenced and thrown into oblivion, in order to support  the deception and sustain the financial gains of a restricted group of special interests. I hope that the people listening to my show have received sufficient guidelines to continue on their own and question any “remedy” proposed to them by the members of the AMA.

On my part, I will find the way to continue the show, even if simply on U-Tube and our web site (, for the moment anyway, until we find another station and new friends.