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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Here are two reports from Geral Sosbee, followed by my own personal message. Please see the links given for the original reports by Geral.


Here is what is happening to many Targets, including me:

When I exit my residence the fbi frequently has in place operatives who commit assault and battery by comimg up on my backside to offensively grab, or touch me (including vehicle assaults on me and my wife).

The fbi knows that I am a combat vet and trained by the fbi to react; I do not.

The latest incident is documented here:

When I filed the police report, the detective apparently intentionally hid the report and falsified it so the matter would never see the light of day.

The police refused to later provide me with a copy of the report. When I finally obtained the report after the Texas AG ordered police to release it, I noticed that it was false or fraudulent on its face. One can confirm this by simply looking at the report (the top portion completely contradicts the bottom portion).

So, I complained to internal affairs at the police department. Then the detective reopened the case, obtained a "refusal to prosecute" from the city attorney and closed the case again.

Then, the city attorney and the police refused to provide me with a copy of the refusal to prosecute. I filed another request with the Texas AG to order the police to turn over the refusal to prosecute and all other data. I await the AG response.

I also filed a complaint with the Texas State Bar against the city prosecutor for possible obstruction of justice. I await their response.

So, what we have here is another example of apparent blackballing of a fbi target so that he or she has no rights when being criminally assaulted by fbi thugs on authority of fmj. For a prior similar case please see how I documented criminal assault and battery on my person by Alonzo Yanez in Harlingen Texas:

As in the present case involving Jose Solis, the University of Texas (UT) police flat out refused to investigate. the two UT cops responsible for assisting fbi by sending Alonzo Yanez to assault me are UT supervisory cops Wilson and Bleier in San Antonio, Texas.

By all the evidence that I have gathered over 35 years the fbi and the fmj corrupt police and prosecutors everywhere in USA; the very authorities whom we entrust with protecting public safety and guarding our constitutional rights are actively cooperating with fbi & fmj to obstruct justice, prevent prosecution of known thugs, and provoke the Target in order to incarcerate her/him.

In this report I seek to educate the world about the plenary corruptive influence of fbi assassins.

From my personal and professional experience: A report of extreme societal and human corruption & evil in USA  which our leaders pretend do not exist because fbi is the primary guilty party.

This report redefines through evidentiary details the meaning of criminal insanity whereupon police, prosecutors, fbi and their operatives, doctors & lawyers and 'upstanding' and regular members of the community at large become accessories to torture, mayhem, murder and assorted unconscionable  crimes. They are in their work with fbi assassins criminally insane.

All courts and federal magistrate judges (fmj) are co-conspirators with fbi in their crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs.

Now Hear This: 

The fbi turns USA into a living hell for Targets, whereas our most trusted and wrongly revered professionals support or otherwise participate in the torture, mayhem and murder of selected Targets. This bodes ill for all people everywhere.

SEE my papers at:

A few pieces of evidence among dozens that I compiled for about half century:

The Rodriguez case, Tampa Fla.:

El Paso Texas as I began to practice law:

Fbi plans and attempts to suffocate me while I was unconscious in hospital recovering from surgery for a service connected injury:

EL PASO Tx: A doctor and a dentist tortured me when I was a patient. Many upstanding citizens terrorized me at the direction of fbi. (SAC Schwein, fbi, was in charge of the COINTEL Program against me).


My Story In Detail.

Fbi plants bacterial infection in proximity to the brain:

Fbi orchestrated synthetic production by chemical combination an artificial kidney stone in vivo in me:

Note that fmj whose jobs and future depend on fbi favors fraudulently authorize fbi to poison me everywhere I eat. Fbi is very adept at swiftly entering restaurants & Starbucks to show the fmj order, and then instructing the employees how to poison me.

Medical fraud by a doctor for fbi:

SEE also my VA pdf at:

All authorities, including boards of medical and dental examiners  ignore all my reports of crimes by fbi. See also:

USPI refused to investigate extensive mail theft by fbi, including theft of court summons in crime of assault and battery where the perpetrator (a fbi/police operative pled no contest); see part 19b referenced below. USPI also joins with Senator John Cornyn, fbi, Texas DPS to threaten me and my wife in our home.

Fbi blackballs my name with all police who then ignore my reports of crimes and who then commit crimes against me.

Cruz case involving Jose Solis:

Alonzo Yanez case:

***Fbi operatives engage in extensive assaults and battery in public libraries with full cooperation of police and library administrations at Brownsville and Harlingen Texas (U.T. Campus).*

Finally, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my dear and best friend...  BARBARA HARTWELL

...for her bravery in filing reports similar to this one. This courageous woman is a national treasure.


Like Geral Sosbee, I have been documenting crimes by FBI and CIA (and their minions), committed with impunity, against me and other Targets, for more than three decades, including my written reports on the Internet, published since 1995.

In recent years I have not written as much as in the past, especially about my personal circumstances. For one thing, I must defend as best I can against the ever-increasing invasions of privacy by my enemies.

Any time I post a report containing personal information, it is seized upon by aggressive busybodies and malicious liars and gossips and the information is twisted to misrepresent the actual events/circumstances and to demonize me.

Members of my family have also been targeted for harassment and defamation, for no other reason than that they are related to me. For the record, my work (including this website) does not involve my relatives or inlaws, does not reflect their viewpoints, but strictly my own, and it is beyond despicable that they would have to suffer these indignities and injustices.

Like me, Geral, whom I have known as my best friend and most valued ally, for seventeen years, has been a Target, not only of physical assaults (including DEW), sabotage and vandalism of his possessions, poisonings and attempts on his life, but also of diabolical calumny, libel, slander, all forms of defamation. I'm sure his family have been negatively affected as well, because of the campaign against him.

One of the qualities I admire most in Geral is his tenacity in documentation; he provides personal details of the various assaults, on a regular basis. 

And he is as trustworthy a source of truthful, accurate information as I have ever known.

Most people cannot understand that the campaign against a Target is ongoing, relentless and often insidious. And it is extremely difficult to obtain evidence, much less proof, even when we know who is behind the persecution, even though we understand why. Others, unless so targeted, do not.

We are met with disbelief; we are labeled “paranoid” or “delusional”. For me, the worst is having to hear platitudes, or be the recipient of unsolicited advice, from people who lack all understanding of what is actually happening. Or, having others try to minimize or invalidate my experiences when they are presented with the facts. I don't blame them, because most mean no harm; but I am through trying to explain; it is exhausting, frustrating and seemingly an exercise in futility.

I long ago gave up talking about it, even to most of those closest to me. Obviously, Geral (among a very few others) is an exception.

Some people seem to assume that just because I am posting reports on my website, I must be “doing okay”, or that if I don't report regularly on the ongoing circumstances of extreme hardship, or persecution, nothing much is happening.

After speaking to him recently about some of the events (in Geral's case and mine), I decided to document some recent incidents which are typical in these campaigns against a Target.

On March 11, I took a bad fall and sustained injuries to my left arm and shoulder, as well as my left leg, which exacerbated my preexisting condition of disability. This was an accident, though my previous injuries (of the spine and neck) were not, having been caused by 'arranged' car crashes which, never having been properly treated, resulted in chronic pain and other debilitating conditions.

My general condition had been worsening over time, especially since I have not been able to afford any medical care at all for the past eighteen months. My last visit to my doctors (a chiropractor and a naturopath) were in September, 2016.

Both doctors were aware of my need for regular medical care and treatments, and even kindly offered me lowered fees, but I still don't have the resources to pay for the medical care I need. I am barely scraping by, just trying to pay for rent and utilities. I narrowly avoided having my electric disconnected last month.

Without going into detail, suffice it to say I live far below the “poverty line”. On this issue, the malicious gossips have published outrageous lies, claiming that I live in a “tony, upscale neighborhood” and that I am a “con artist”, soliciting donations to support my lifestyle.

Anyone who visited my home and saw the conditions under which I live would immediately know otherwise. Quite a lifestyle. Enough said.

On March 12 (my birthday) I had an incident I consider suspicious. I should explain that birthdays have often been traumatic for me (in one way or another) because days of personal importance to a Target (birthdays and holidays) are chosen by the perps to inflict harm.

I have had screws in the tires of my cars on birthdays past. Others have reported similar incidents. The last “screw you” message by the perps was in August, 2017. The tire had to be replaced. I don't know what “crime” I committed, on that occasion, for such a message to be delivered, but they must have thought it was a fitting punishment for something.

This year, I had plans to go somewhere on my birthday, and was picked up at my home. I left my car in front of the house, where it is always parked.

Before leaving the house that morning, I had posted a report by Geral on my website. (I'm sure they did not like that at all, as it exposed the vast corruption of their so-called “criminal justice system”.)

I got home after four hours and needed to go out to run some errands. I went to a gas station, and was trying to pump gas, when I saw that there was a problem: the gas was spilling out onto the asphalt. I stopped the pump and went into the store, to tell the clerk. He came out and saw the large puddle of gas. He then looked under the car and told me that there was a hole in the gas line.

He came out with a large bag of cat litter, which he used to soak up the spill.

I knew it would be dangerous (and was also warned by the clerk) for me to try to drive the car home, so I called for a tow truck and had the car towed to my mechanic.

I drive a car that is a 1999 model, so I often need repairs, but there had been no indication of any problem with the gas line.

I can't say for sure that my car was sabotaged. But why did I suddenly have a major leak in the gas line, after leaving my car unattended for four hours, on my birthday? Too much of a coincidence, I would say. But of course, I will not be able to prove a thing.

The mechanic told me there was a “huge hole”, and showed it to me after he replaced the entire gas line.
As for the repairs, I had to use the money I had been saving to pay for another necessity.

Due to lack of medical care, my condition had already got so bad that even simple chores were no longer possible for me, and the ones which were absolutely necessary, were painful.

I had serious problems sleeping and could not deal with the sleep deprivation, on top of everything else. For months, I have not been able to get up before 10 AM, so I had to give up everything (including going to church) which requires early rising. As those of us who suffer sleep deprivation will know, sleep is of the utmost importance, and speaking for myself, I will do anything I need to do to get it. Anything that stands in the way of sleep, must be sacrificed.

Now, with the recent added injuries and no medical care, I am having trouble walking, and also driving.   

Then, there are what I would call the “little things”. A few days ago I went to the CVS pharmacy for a few items. I had a shopping cart, and was standing on the line for the register. A tall young man came right up behind me, invading my personal space, and interrupted the transaction by complaining to the clerk about something in the store. He was loud and obnoxious. I said nothing, but moved to the side of the counter, trying to get some distance. He finally walked away, still talking and complaining.

Next thing I know, there is a very short woman right behind me, not respecting my space. Customers are asked, by a sign on a post, to “ please wait here” until their turn in the line. This woman was hovering so close to me, I again tried to move away. 

Finally, having completed my purchase, I turned around and saw her face. She looked like a ghoul, with dead-white pancake makeup and black rings around her eyes. I said to her, Please step back, Ma'am, you are standing too close. She did not move back, but instead started pushing her way past me up to the counter. I managed, with difficulty, to move my cart past her, and as I was exiting the store, I said to myself, shaking my head, “unbelievable”. Now, the obnoxious young man stepped into my path and loudly proclaimed: YOU certainly are!

I said, Mind your own business, and exited the store.

Yes, there are rude people everywhere, no doubt about it. But there's more...I actually recognized the young man and his voice was familiar to me. I then remembered where I had encountered him before. It was in Maine, at another store, where the clerk was giving me the third degree, asking me for ID to buy a bottle of wine (I was 59 years old at the time, and as I stated, I was born when Harry Truman was president!). 

I refused to provide the ID, as I told the clerk it was police state tactics. The same provocateur, behind me on the line, chimed in with his taunting comment, You ought to be flattered! I told this character to mind his own business, just as I did the second time he appeared.

Where do they find these creeps, anyway? And why would the same man be following me from Maine, only to harass me in New York? Maybe those with eyes to see, ears to hear, are beginning to get the picture.

Similar harassment has happened to Geral, with the same creep (a woman he called The Beast) following him and his wife from place to place (in different towns), attempting to provoke him.

But anyway, because of the dreadful state of my health, which has become my main concern, I have decided that until such time (if ever) that I am able to get myself under the regular care of the doctors whose help I need, I will have to stop most of the “normal” activities, especially those involving other people. I can't be reliable for others when I am unable even to take proper care of myself. It has simply gone too far.

I don't want to talk about it anymore. I am not a hypochondriac, I am not paranoid or delusional, and I refuse to be a health bore.

Asked and answered. For anyone who wants to know, these are the facts for the record.   

One of the few things I can still do (as long as I am able to maintain an Internet connection) is to write my reports, as I find time. I will continue to fight these bastards, until God sends the chariot to take me home.

But I must say, I am heartbroken, not only for myself, but for all the others who have had to live with a bulls eye on their backs, who are denied the support (material and otherwise) they need. All because of the nefarious machinations of some criminally insane, morally bankrupt control freaks in the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. etc. etc.

Lord God Almighty, hear my prayer and let your swift and terrible justice be visited upon them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 27, 2018

PS: Where are the “marches” for the lives of those of us being persecuted by a totalitarian government? Oh, silly me, I forgot. Nobody gives a damn.