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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kaminski: Neo-Bolshevik Utopian Fantasy

September, 2003


John Kaminski has done it again.

His latest essay, The Teeth In The Smile, continues where the others left off (and "left" is the operative word) cleverly promoting Kaminski's leftist ideology by appealing to the bleeding heart liberals and starry-eyed New Agers among us:

Those who are so disillusioned with the deplorable state of affairs in the U.S. of A. that they are apparently ready and willing to sacrifice the ideals of a truly free country, where Constitutional Rights are guaranteed under the Rule of Law --INDIVIDUAL rights, that is-- to be led down the garden path, following Kaminski's dubious vision of a Utopian Society.

Kaminski's utilitarian sympathies, advocating --and agitating for-- a system of 'social justice' in which the perceived "good of all" supersedes the rights of the individual; and where peace and "community", at any price --even if that means the ENFORCED sacrifice of individual liberties-- is the order of the day.

Kaminski spits in the eyes of all who have fought and all who have died to preserve our Constitutional Republic.

The stark, unpalatable truth, which Kaminski and his advocates evidently either cannot or will not see, is that there can be NO freedom, NO justice, for ALL --not a hope, not even a prayer-- unless and until there is freedom and justice for EACH INDIVIDUAL.

And therefore, it is incumbent upon each individual --it is a moral imperative!-- to claim that freedom, that justice: To DEMAND them, as God-given, non-negotiable, natural rights, no matter how corrupt the ruling entities in government have become; no matter how far they have strayed from what is just, right and true.

Semper Fidelis! Liberty or Death! Don't Tread on Me!

Kaminski writes:

"The greatest hope of all, democracy, has been revealed to be an alluring but deceptive scam, as persuasive patrician propaganda misguides the hordes like a flock of birds whose natural radar has been somehow scrambled, and the masses cheer for mass murder in the same enthusiastic tones they spew when rooting for their favorite sports team."

So, again, it's woefully clear that Kaminski's "greatest hope" is "democracy".

The stench of Mob Rule --Democracy, among the most egregious forms of government-- emanates from Kaminski's writings like a heap of dung at high noon on a sultry day.

But can there be any doubt that where democracy flourishes, socialism --and then communism, can not be far behind? Different labels, same old shit.

Can there be any doubt that Kaminski is a dyed-in-the-wool communist? Not in my mind, anyway.


"Personal corruption - the notion that everyone has a price beyond which they cannot maintain their integrity - dooms even Jesus's brand of communism into an exercise of coercion and cupidity, where the cost of maintaining your honesty can easily be your own life."

So now, he calls Jesus a "communist". And appallingly, it's obvious he means it as a compliment.

For those of the Christian faith, I guess I don't have to tell you what that means.

Now, if you still have any doubt about precisely what it is that Kaminski is promoting, read on and take a good hard look at these excerpts from another of Kaminski's essays, Random Ideas For A New Society, which he says he wrote in response to questions from readers, asking for his suggestions as to what can be done to change the deplorable state of affairs in the world .


"While I'm honored to receive these questions, I'm as puzzled as the writers about how to deal with this new totalitarian police state threat that is growing like a nuclear-powered giant fungus in the United States and engulfing the entire industrialized world."

Well, first of all the "totalitarian police state" is hardly anything NEW. The "fungus" didn't just sprout up after 9-11, but has been flourishing in the darkness of the apathy and ignorance of most of our citizens for at least half a century.

A long, insidious process which has been allowed to go unchecked simply because most American citizens have FAILED TO BE VIGILANT IN PROTECTING THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.


"OK, we're all agreed. Things are much worse than we ever thought they'd be."

Speak for yourself, Mr. Kaminski. Many of us, though definitely the minority, have seen this coming, for a long, long, time. And we're not going to take it lying down.


"This radical state of corporate-sponsored human self-destruction, I think, demands radical solutions."

Now, some of the "solutions" Kaminski has at the ready, since he believes:

"We need to change direction. Here are some suggestions."


"No absentee landlords. I'm not talking about factories, public facilities, or places of business. I'm talking about domiciles that house families. I'm talking about homes.

Absentee landlords are responsible for all the slums of the world, and most of the environmental problems. If a person lives on the premises he or she owns, chances are excellent they will care for it, nurture it, make it comfortable and secure, because that's where they live. If they don't live there, they don't really care about how nice it is, they only care about the profit from it. This is human usury. It should be abolished, and many of world's most pressing problems would be eliminated just by doing this one thing, just by passing this one law. Home ownership would spread across the planet, friendly neighborhoods would be reestablished, and harmony would replace strife if actual owners of homes were interacting with their neighbors in the best interests of the community. This is clear as glass."

Clear as glass? Why not just make the walls of all houses out of glass, so everyone can live in an even more transparent fishbowl, what with all the gov't-sponsored surveillance we're already subjected to?

Now, I must admit, when I read THIS piece of Bolshevik rubbish, it made my blood boil. Kaminski wants ENFORCED "neighborliness"? The "best interests" of the "community" are valued over the right to privacy and the legal right of "quiet enjoyment" of a tenant's leased property?

Say what?!

Like most Americans, I had been a tenant most of my adult life. Why? Not because I wanted to be, but because I simply did not have the resources to buy my own home. And as long as I was going to pay rent, you can best believe that I would ONLY consider an "absentee landlord." In fact, I rejected, out of hand, ANY property where the landlord was living within a 50-mile range of the rental property!

If I wanted "community", I'd move to a commune. Needless to say, that's the last thing I want.

What I do want --and need-- is privacy, to live in peace and quiet in any way I choose.

The last thing I'd want is nosy neighbors and a meddlesome landlord hovering over me, watching my every move. Believe me, I've been there, done that. I've made the mistake of taking a couple of leased properties where the landlord lived right next door.

All I can is say is, thank God for absentee landlords!

Good fences make good neighbors, that's my philosophy. And damn any communist who tries to force me to live any other way. Y'all can take your enforced "commune-ity" and shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

Now, moving right along, let's hear just a small part of Mr. Kaminski's " radical solution" for the Jews.


"All Jews must leave Israel. The nation of Israel, which has caused such consternation in the world's oldest neighborhood, is a totally illegal and immoral entity."

Once again, Kaminski agitates for ENFORCING GLOBAL SOLUTIONS for all the world's political problems. And who, pray tell, is going to issue the edict that all Jews MUST leave Israel? Who is going to enforce it?

I can only surmise that the enforcers will be representatives of the One World Government crowd, otherwise known as the New World Order. Those very people who have done their damnedest to destroy what's left of our Constitutional Republic, and enslave the rest of us, that's who!

As if this is not enough, Kaminski adds insult to injury as he waxes poetic about the Jews:

"Since they have chosen to reject the fallible concept of an afterlife embraced by all of the other major religions on this earth, Jews will come to understand that their true mission as "the Chosen" means that God chose them to make a heaven on earth, and to assist all the peoples of the earth who are less enlightened than themselves in this honorable task."

The "fallible concept" of an afterlife????

Kaminski's notion of "enlightenment" is a strange one indeed. And a "heaven on earth" will surely not be ushered in by those who DENY THE LIFE OF THE SPIRIT (whether Jews or non-Jews) and who instead embrace the secular humanism being churned out by the propaganda machine of the NWO overlords.

And now, as he hammers the last nail in the coffin of the National Sovereignty of the Constitutional Republic, consider this, Kaminski's idea of an "epiphany."

"This epiphany, so long in coming, would have begun an inevitable geopolitical trend toward genuine democratic decentralization, the thousands of representatives of which each contributed personnel to an egalitarian, worldwide police and judicial system that was not dominated by any single powerful entity (as it is now). This system would have necessarily produced far more arguments that the present system, but because of the egalitarian worldwide police and justice systems not dominated by any one power source, would have resulted in far fewer actual conflicts."

"Egalitarian, worldwide police and judicial system"?


And unless you are truly laboring under a terminal case of denial or Utopian delusions, you know what that means: Enslavement under global totalitarianism.

Now, to wrap up, some final gems of Bolshevik wisdom from John Kaminski:

"I understand that this essay is all utopian fantasy. This is a world where we talk about justice but don't really mean it."

Anyone TRULY concerned with REAL justice knows that there can be no justice without INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS, the only true essence and meaning of freedom.

And some of us --more of us than you may know-- DO indeed mean what we say, so much so, that we will prove it by fighting to the death, if necessary, to see justice done.

And meanwhile, while the delusional masses are railroaded into globalist communes, disguised as "communities"....let the rest of us pray that Kaminski's "Utopian Fantasy" remains just that.....a fantasy.

Barbara Hartwell
September 17, 2003