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Thursday, May 5, 2022

GREAT NEWS ON THE BABY CYRUS CASE: Fear Mongering Hysteria of Reggie Fashbaugh Et Al Proved Wrong


For those interested, including the Christians who contacted me, expressing their outrage regarding the call for unlawful mob action on the Baby Cyrus case, you will be glad for this news.

Here is the report, published in March, 2022:

Reggie Fashbaugh of TINY HEARTS BRIGADE: Advocate or Agitator?

I have added this latest as an addendum to the original report, but have decided to also publish as a separate report. 

Barbara Hartwell

May 5, 2022

ADDENDUM 2 on the Baby Cyrus Case

This is great news!

Please see the short video which accompanies this message, below. I had been in contact with Diego Rodriguez, the grandfather of Baby Cyrus. I had sent him a message, on behalf of a number of other Christians, warning him of the public calls for unlawful mob action, delivered with shrieking hysteria, put out by one Reggie Fashbaugh and her followers, for which he thanked us.

Contrary to Fashbaugh's false predictions and dire fear-mongering, Baby Cyrus is indeed FREE.

The family, all of us who prayed for them, and those of us who engaged in PEACEFUL protests against the evil kidnappers, in accordance with the family's wishes, have now been vindicated.

Thank You, Jesus!



May 4th - Baby Cyrus's Case Has Been Dismissed!

We have no words to express our heartfelt THANKS and GRATITUDE for everyone involved who has supported our family!

Yes, the case is truly dismissed! It is over. The story is not over yet, as there is much more still to be settled—particularly the "resisting and obstructing" criminal cases against Marissa and Miranda—but the most important part is over! Baby Cyrus is now FREE!

This is nothing less than the grace and mercy of God! Each and every one of you were used by God to help save Baby Cyrus and we couldn't be more grateful!

We will keep you all informed with more updates shortly. For now we just wanted to give you the news!



For information about the case and continued updates, please see this website: