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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nazi Propagandists: Liars From the Pit of Hell

....& Their Stooges, Minions, Shills

Janet Phelan and Barbara Hartwell on Truth Talk News

Hosted by Howard Nema
IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this report was originally posted, Howard Nemaizer (Nema) and Janet Phelan have both proved themselves to be entirely lacking in integrity and credibility. They are a pair of petty gossips and aggressive busybodies, seeking public attention for themselves, at the expense of legitimate journalists and whistleblowers.
Janet Phelan, a "progressive" (read: Marxist) advocates for all manner of leftist causes and politicians (Hugo Chavez, John Kerry), and traffics with the evil UN, and Nemaizer goes along with these leftist politics on broadcasts with Phelan, while hypocritically contradicting himself on his own websites.
Nemaizer and Phelan have been promoting outrageous lies and defamatory falsehoods galore against Barbara Hartwell since they were exposed for their many offenses, in efforts to cover their own unscrupulous schemes and abject hypocrisy. They have both done tremendous damage to Barbara Hartwell.
I have decided to leave this report on my site, even so, as it exposes other bad guys, Nazi propagandists. Marxists, as rabid leftists, are just as bad as Nazis (also leftists, with National Socialism). Bad guys like Phelan and Nemaizer are no better than bad guys who are neo-Nazis. Being evil and dishonest in their treatment of others, they are birds of a feather.
I have removed the links for Nemaizer's site, as I do not wish to promote anything connected to this reprobate. Nemaizer is a total fraud.

Janet Phelan sent out an announcement of this evening's program:

The anti-Jewish impetus lurking within the “patriot movement” has raised its ugly head. Websites and radio shows galore are now denouncing the Jews as the cause of all the world’s troubles. Are we seeing Hitler redux? Tune in tonight from 9-10 ET as host Howard Nema , Barbara Hartwell and I talk about this disturbing development on the political scene.

Not long after this notice was posted, the host of Truth Talk News, Howard Nema, received a harassing telephone call from Timothy Patrick White, notorious psycho-stalker, predicate felon and fed snitch, who "made a deal" (2002) for a reduction in his prison term (sentenced to 4 years, served only 5 months) in exchange for libeling/slandering, harassing, threatening, stalking designated Targets, including Barbara Hartwell. White (a sex pervert/predator and transvestite) was convicted of drug-trafficking, yet never even charged for the felony crime of possession of child pornography.

This psychopath, Tim White, has harassed every single talk show host (by telephone and/or e-mail) who invited Barbara Hartwell to be a guest on their programs. White's harassment of Howard Nema began several months ago, and today he called once again to fill Howard's ears with more outrageous lies about Hartwell.

(Congratulations, Tim White! You've stupidly managed, once again, to get your name exposed for the maggot you are.  See reports on this site exposing this whackjob, Tim White.)

On tonight's program, we will expose by name some of the Nazi propagandists, Jew-haters and bigots who have infiltrated the "patriot" community, in a loosely organized network, some of whom are counterintelligence agents, and most of whom are their minions and stooges.

Most have links to the others' websites, and they promote, support and endorse one another. 

**A coward hiding behind the name "Zion Crime Factory". He doesn't give his real name on his website, but we tracked him down and apparently his name is Mike Delaney. Why is he hiding his real name? It's what cowards do.


After viewing all of the following videos and documentaries with an open mind, you will become Jew-wise, anti-Zionist, anti-Communist, anti-Israel, a Holocaust denier, and pro-Hitler/National Socialism (if your brain is functioning properly, that is). So go grab some popcorn, sit …

Patriotard Lies About Hitler

Mike Delaney also runs another nauseating website called Prothink.

This Nazi scumbag, Mike Delaney, this brazen defender of Adolf Hitler, has been interviewed on a number of  radio talk shows, including "The Unsolicited Opinion", hosted by Maggie Roddin on RBN. Maggie Roddin, exposed in one of my recent reports as a despicable bigot ("I call a spic a spic" and similar comments re "the Jews"), is one of many useful idiots parroting the Nazi propaganda.

Roddin is a screeching harridan who has the single most horribly grating female voice I have ever heard, a loudmouthed belligerent ignoramus who uses an idiotic slogan , "redistributing the truth, one word at a time", and repeatedly boasts, like a broken record, that she is "not politically correct", and that she has the "courage to speak the truth" --unlike those who are afraid they will be called "haters", "racists" or "bigots". In reality, she is simply parroting the hate propaganda of the controlled opposition, serving as their mouthpiece and lackey.  And clearly, seeking attention and approval for doing so.

Another promoter of Zion Crime Factory: Deanna Spingola

This time Deanna Spingola and I mainly discussed the holohoax as well as shills in the “truth” movement and their tactics to push Jewish disinformation on unsuspecting people seeking answers. We also touched on the lies told about Hitler, Nazi Germany and the slanderous disinfo peddlers who relentlessly smear Hitler’s good name and why we must fight these lies to bring down the Jew World Order.

And lastly, just a sample of others who will be further exposed:

**Alma Ott (aka "True Ott), "Edomaniac":  A rabid bigot who calls Jews "Edomites" and blames them for EVERYTHING.

**Alex Studer: Another Jew-hater, Ott's toady and parrot who promotes and sells paraphernalia emblazoned with the slogan: NUKE ISRAEL

**American Free Press: CIA propaganda mouthpiece published by Jew-hater and Hitler advocate Willis Carto, and with which the late FBI Chief,  COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson was heavily involved.

A copy of the AFP, with the headline, "Will the Feds Murder Sherry Jackson?" was sent to the prison where Sherry Jackson was incarcerated, and (as Sherry stated in one of her newsletters) she was immediately placed in solitary confinement, where she was kept for five months. All because of this newspaper and those foolish enough to subscribe to it, falsely believing it promotes "truth". 
The "patriot" movement is heavily infiltrated by these propaganda mills (radio, TV, print journalism) and large numbers of people are unfortunately buying into it. They think they are getting "truth" and "news" which they won't find in the mainstream media, when all the while they are allowing themselves to be indoctrinated, and falling into a different type of trap.

Boycott the bigots and their lies from the Pit of Hell!

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

Friday, May 25, 2012

Update on Erik Scott Case

NOTE:  The Scott family was advised by their attorneys last year to suspend posting on the Erik Scott case due to a pending lawsuit. I had been covering the case and posting articles written by Erik's father, Bill Scott, along with some of my own commentary, but removed most of the material from my site at that time.
However, I have kept in contact with Bill Scott, who has kindly given me periodic updates on the case. When I spoke with him earlier this week, he explained that the lawsuit had been dismissed and so I am now free to resume coverage.
Also, we look forward to having Bill as a guest on The American Awakening (date to be determined, but hopefully some time in June).
Truth and Justice for Erik Scott!
May 25, 2010
Here is some of the latest from the Erik Scott Memorial website.
Erik Scott Memorial Website
Springs family dismisses lawsuit against Las Vegas police in son’s shooting death
By Pam Zubeck
Colorado Springs Independent
April 18-24, 2012
The cops in Las Vegas, Nev., got away with murder — again. At least that’s how local author and former Air Force flight test engineer Bill Scott sees the death of his son. Erik, 38, was gunned down by the Metropolitan Police Department on July 10, 2010, as he left a Costco store.
The case led to changes in inquest procedures and played a role in the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s five-part investigative series published last year about Metro’s excessive use of force.
But one step in Scott’s search for justice ended in March, when Scott and his wife, Linda, dropped their federal wrongful death lawsuit against the Metropolitan Police Department, Sheriff Douglas Gillespie and the three shooters, Officers William Mosher, Joshua Stark and Thomas Mendiola. Mendiola has since been fired, after being charged in January with providing a handgun to a two-time felon.
The family asked the court to dismiss the case after the defendants asserted “qualified immunity,” which shields government officials from liability for the violation of an individual’s federal constitutional rights and “puts a brick on the scales of justice” against plaintiffs, Scott says.
Even if his family prevailed at the trial court level, the verdict would have been appealed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which “has an almost unbroken record of finding for police officers under qualified immunity,” he says.
Now, Scott is contemplating other ways to vindicate his son’s death.
“I firmly believe that Erik was murdered, the crime scene was corrupted, critical evidence was destroyed and fake evidence was manufactured and introduced,” Scott says, “and it was all done to protect an elaborate system that can only be described as a cartel of corruption.”
Erik Scott, a 1994 U.S. Military Academy grad with an MBA from Duke University, was shopping when a Costco employee noticed a handgun in his waistband and called a supervisor. Scott, a medical device salesman, explained the gun was registered and he had a concealed carry permit, but the employee said Costco’s policy forbids firearms, although it posts no signs at entrances and doesn’t mention the ban in membership applications.
The employee then told a manager, who notified a private security guard, who called police, saying a customer was acting erratically.
As Erik Scott walked to the exit, more than a dozen police cruisers rolled up. Officers jumped out, yelled conflicting commands at Scott — “Get on the ground!” “Drop your weapon!” “Keep your hands up!” — and then shot him within two seconds of issuing those commands, Scott says, citing dispatch recordings.
Mosher, who shot and killed a citizen in 2006, shot him twice, and Mendiola and Stark shot him five times in his back, after he fell, Scott says.
Police didn’t take possession of Costco’s video until five days later, but the segments of the shooting were found to be corrupted.
The same day as the shooting, the Public Administrator, a former Vegas officer, and a police officer used a locksmith to gain entry to Erik’s condo, where they confiscated a West Point saber mounted in a shadow box and a pistol he kept in a drawer, logging those items in police reports.
But after the search was conducted, the family realized two other handguns were missing and not logged in police reports. Scott contends the cops wanted a second gun, because they claimed Erik pulled a gun on them, prompting them to fire. But that story didn’t gibe with a report medics had written for their employer, American Medical Response, saying the gun was still on Erik, when he was placed inside the ambulance. Medics gave the gun to police, and photos of the shooting scene taken by police show a handgun and a phone on the pavement, after the pavement had been washed of blood, Scott says.
Police later claimed Erik was carrying two guns: one found by medics and a second he had drawn on officers. “He never carried a second gun,” his father says. Scott notes it would have been easy for police to learn about his son’s other guns, because Erik’s permit in his wallet listed all the guns he was licensed to carry.
“Everyone who testified [at the coroner’s inquest] said he was unremarkable and didn’t pose a threat,” Scott says.
But evidence at the inquest showed Erik had been taking pain killers — for a back injury, his doctor testified — leading authorities to depict him as a drug abuser, Scott says.
The shooting was ruled justified. Not surprising in a city where only one officer of the 194 involved in shooting incidents in 34 years was found at fault, and he wasn’t prosecuted, Scott says.
Research shows
The Scott case, the subsequent lawsuit and questions raised about other shootings prompted the Review-Journal to study local cops’ use of force. It found that since 1990, Clark County cops racked up 378 shootings, killing 142 people. Las Vegas officers were responsible for 81 percent of the deaths. Others happened in North Las Vegas and Henderson and other agencies. The newspaper also reported that frequency of killings in Clark County rose from an average of 12 a year from 1990 to 2000 to an average of 21 a year since then.
In comparison, the Colorado Springs Police Department and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office logged six officer-involved shootings each from 2008 through 2011, an average of three per year. Springs Police killed three people, while sheriff’s deputies killed four.
In one case, the newspaper reported, “On Feb. 28, 2003, Las Vegas police officer Brian Hartman shot Orlando Barlow in the back while the unarmed man was on his knees, surrendering to other officers, who had holstered their weapons and were moving in to arrest him for domestic violence.” Like the others over the years, the shooting was ruled justified.
Scott says Vegas cops also are vengeful. In the days after his son’s death, Erik’s friends placed magnetic ribbons bearing his name on their cars. One co-worker got two traffic tickets in one day. Another was followed home by a cop. Erik’s girlfriend was ticketed three times in three weeks, with one cop saying, “You may want to think about that Erik Scott ribbon. Have a nice day.”
Moving on
Now, 20 months later, Scott’s first waking thoughts are about Erik, though the pressure of the lawsuit and media interviews have faded.
But the ordeal has left Scott embittered and defiant, despite a small victory achieved in changing the inquest system to allow an ombudsman to represent victims’ families. Before, family members could only suggest questions that were left to the discretion of a judge. Even that small change led cops to refuse to cooperate, with the police union arguing the change violates their Fifth Amendment rights. As a result, “they have a backlog of inquest hearings,” Scott says.
The family hasn’t decided whether to file a lawsuit against Costco, but financial considerations may complicate that option.
Scott, who’s written two books on space warfare, based on nearly two dozen years as an aviation writer, is penning a fictionalized account of his son’s death called “The Permit,” to be published in coming months.
“If we’d gone for a financial settlement, I guarantee you part of it would be Scott can’t do any books — no movies, no documentaries. I would have been muzzled for the rest of my life,” he says. “It was never about the money. It was about justice and helping the people of Las Vegas root out this cartel of corruption.”
Scott won’t disclose his next strategy but says those steps include New York, California and Washington, D.C.
“I have no constraints on me now,” he says. “We like to think we can do more good and eventually attain justice of some sort.”
We are now posting chapters of "The Permit," a free, serialized book of fiction, online at: 
A new chapter will be available online every Friday.
"The Permit" was inspired by the actual event of my son, Erik Scott, being killed in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 10, 2010 ( Although certain elements are true, this is strictly a work of fiction, a product of my imagination, and all characters bear no relationship to actual persons, living or dead. However, a number of technologies and weapon systems depicted in the book do exist.
William B. Scott


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA     

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More on "The Unsolicited Opinion": A Fool Speaks Out

On Sunday, May 13, I posted a report on my website, titled, The Unsolicited Opinion? Keep It to Yourself!
 Janet Phelan forwarded me some comments addressing my article, written by one Bob Hurt, apparently posted on a discussion group, and/or sent to a list. 
I am not a member of any groups or e-mail lists; nor do I have a public e-mail address, precisely because I dearly wish to be left in peace and spared the "unsolicited opinions" of the army of busybodies who populate the Internet --and that is my prerogative.
But since Mr. Hurt demonstrates exactly the type of aggression, bigotry and ignorance I find it so important to expose, and which I stand firmly against, I decided to take this opportunity to refute his little screed and set the record straight.
My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
Bob Hurt wrote:
"Hartwell's article constitutes an unsolicited opinion.  I certainly did not ask for it.  Did you?"
[BHP: Unsolicited opinion? As a journalist, I write articles, which I post on my website. Anyone who takes the trouble to read the notices on my site may see that I clearly state that: All material published on this site is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of it what they will.
I do not post my reports on discussion groups, nor do I join them; I do not seek "feedback" from the readers, nor do I wish to engage them in discussions or debates. As far as I am concerned, they can take it or leave it.  In this case, Janet Phelan decided to post my report on a message board which I've never heard of. I did not post the report myself and so was not offering an "unsolicited opinion" to anyone, including members of that group, or this Mr. Bob Hurt.
If someone chooses to comment publicly on my writings, they are free to do so. They are certainly free to disagree with my viewpoints, but I have no part in "soliciting" any such responses, nor does anything I publish constitute an "unsolicited opinion".]     
"Furthermore, she displays the very bigotry she decries, basically showing hatred for fundamentalist patriots and Christians who comment honestly on what they consider dangerous racial / social / government trends.  Then she largely agrees with them about criminal behavior in government.  If she had taken her time and drilled a little deeper she might have commented more honestly about the ISSUE over which Maggie, whom she clearly hates, issued racial slurs."
[BHP: These statements by Mr. Hurt are nothing but unwarranted assumptions, involving his own subjective speculation. Nowhere in my report do I show "hatred" for anyone, nor "bigotry" against anyone, including Maggie Roddin. I do not know Maggie Roddin and have no reason to hate her.  
Disagreement (vehement as it may be) with the opinions of one woman (Maggie Roddin) and her like-minded supporters does not constitute "hatred" or "bigotry".  And only a fool would draw such a conclusion.
Mr. Hurt is dead wrong again. Nowhere in my report did I express "agreement" with Roddin et al. The brief facts I presented about criminality in government (related in this case to the subject of my report) come solely from many years of my own experience, and my own investigations, NOT from parroting the pundits and propagandists of controlled opposition in the so-called 'alternative media', as it appears Roddin and her associates do. 
Namely, those who blame the "Zionist Jews", or simply "the Jews", for everything that is wrong with the world --and, who have no compunction about demonizing any other entire group of persons (individually and collectively), simply because of their ethnic heritage. That is hate propaganda, and I call it exactly what it is. There is some "honesty" for you, Mr. Hurt.
And I don't need instruction about how to proceed in addressing the issues of concern to me --which is precisely what Mr. Hurt, yet another aggressive  busybody, offering his own "unsolicited opinion" is trying to foist upon me. Mind your own business, Mr. Hurt, or take the consequences.]
  "That raises questions.
1.  Do races exist?
2.  Do racial groups exhibit general trends of behavior or evolve any particular culture?
3.  What is the largest racial group in the nation?
4.  What are the fastest-growing racial groups in the nation?
5.  Do any racial groups present any particular kind of demonstrable, statistically evident danger to any others?
6.  Do religious groups exist?
7.  What is the largest religious group in the nation?
8.  Do religious groups exhibit any general trends of behavior or find most support in any particular type of culture?
9.  Do any religious groups constitute a clear and present danger to any other?
10. What are the fastest growing religious groups in the country?
11. Do any racial/religious groups constitute more of a benefit to the nation than any others, and in what way?"
[BHP: These questions from Mr. Hurt are irrelevant; they are HIS questions and have nothing to do with my report. I did not write the report with the purpose of addressing any such questions. The topic of my report was very simply hate propaganda and the bigots who disseminate it, with the focus on one particular talk show host whom I have found to be particularly aggressive and offensive, and for my own reasons. If Mr. Hurt is concerned with these particular questions, he is free to seek his own answers or to solicit the answers from those interested in communicating with him. I am not one of them.]

"You see the problem here with Barbara Hartwell's hysterical, hateful, anti-politically-uncorrect comments by Maggie?  She never delved into the possible justification for Maggie's comments, never checked to see whether Maggie might have suffered or witnessed some terrible traumatic event caused by members of some racial or religious group."

[BHP: "Hysterical"?  "hateful"?  How typical from a pretentious fool, projecting his own biases and unbridled emotions on me. Mr. Hurt does not know me. He has no idea what I have, or have not, "delved into".  And I am not required to explain myself, or justify myself, or my viewpoints, to anyone. As far as I am concerned, there is no "justification" for the flagrant bigotry of a person going on the public airwaves, "calling a spic a spic". Maggie Roddin has the right to free speech. Does that make her speech "just"? Not in my book, and I'll say so anytime I please.]

"Maybe Barbara forgot about the 9-11 incident, the race riots over Rodney King's beating, the genocide in Darfur and Rwanda, the incessant clamoring of Mexicans over taking their land back from the US, the mindless hatred of George Zimmerman by black activists in and out of government occasioned by the unwillingness of the Sheriff and State Attorney to arrest and prosecute Zimmerman even though his assailant had caused the incident in which the assailant lost his life."

[BHP: Here again, Mr. Hurt brings up issues which have nothing to do with the particular report he has chosen to comment on, and turns it into a personal  attack against Barbara Hartwell. Again, he engages in wild speculation about my motives, or my purported knowledge/viewpoints (about which he knows nothing), and spouts off his own opinions about these issues, which were not addressed in this particular report. What's his point?]

"Barbara forgot all about that and didn't bother inquiring, so just as has happened in this forum, she derailed the discussion, preventing anybody from making any point, and substituted therefore the non-point of bigotry complaints."

[BHP: What's with this guy? He thinks he has some kind of supernatural radar by which he can determine what's in my mind? What he claims I "forgot"?  What I know, or don't know? What I did or did not "inquire" about? Wrong again. He doesn't have a clue. None of this has anything whatsoever to do with the report I wrote. 

But more to the point, who the hell does this busybody think he is? It's none of his damned business, and it might behoove him to recognize the fact that I did not personally "derail" anyone's discussion, as I DID NOT POST MY REPORT ON ANY FORUM. I wrote a report and posted it on my own website. Period. It was later posted on a forum by someone else. That in no way requires me to answer to any idiot who comes out of the woodwork and wants to chime in with his ignorant comments.

But if Mr. Hurt enjoys putting his idiocy on public display, far be it from me to try to stop him.

And how dare he presume to address me, a person he does not know, by my Christian name? He is not on a first name basis with me and never will be. But how very typical of an intrusive busybody such as he is.

"By presenting her hateful, prejudicial commentary, Janet, you apparently intend to justify Wolf's hateful derailing of the discussion about improving the nation through benign eugenics programs, which he did by calling me a bigot and racist.  Do you have anything meaningful to contribute to that actual issue, or do you intend to snatch one opportunity after another to jam your political views about racism and bigotry down the throats of all who will tolerate it?"

[BHP: Well, now Mr. Hurt attacks Janet Phelan, about issues which again, have nothing to do with me or my report. If Janet found my report to have merit, and she posted it on a public message board, that's fine with me. But for me, that is where it ends.  I am not a member of this forum, do not know the persons he refers to, and have no interest in anything but refuting his moronic statements about Barbara Hartwell.] 

"It seems never to have occurred to you or Wolfgram that tha ACTUAL issue warrants intelligent discussion and debate.  Even Barbara admitted government, with full support of some political parties, seems intent upon doing precisely the opposite of benign eugenics through refusal to enforce immigration laws and eject those who have entered the USA illegally."

[BHP: Wrong again. I "admitted" nothing of the kind (and don't call me by my first name, fool). Again, I simply wrote a report.  Mr. Hurt, like others of his ilk, is again engaging in speculation, making unwarranted assumptions, and putting words in my mouth. If Mr. Hurt wants to refer to  statements I made, then why doesn't he stick to what I ACTUALLY wrote, if he is so hell-bent on discrediting my statements?]

"She goes blind, deaf, and almost dumb with insane rage over the way Maggie expressed herself.  She intends to shut Maggie up or force her to express herself according to Barbara's view of political correctness.  I don't see how anyone could esteem Barbara any more than Maggie for such ridiculous behavior.  That's something the two should handle privately, off line, outside the forum.

In the same vein, you and Wolfgram ought to take up your complaints against me, Zerman, etc., privately, not in this group.

In the future we can do that, if you don't mind. Please send my response to your undisclosed recipient list."

[BHP: Ridiculous behavior? Take a closer look in the mirror, fool!]

"She goes blind, deaf, and almost dumb with insane rage over the way Maggie expressed herself."

Who is "she"? Who is Mr. Hurt referring to? Janet Phelan? or Barbara Hartwell? He doesn't specify and consequently does not make himself clear.

And how dare you, you presumptuous fool!  "Insane rage"? It appears this applies to you, Mr. Hurt, which you once again project onto others. No one (neither Janet Phelan nor I) could possibly be described by any rational person in such a manner.

As for Maggie Roddin, I don't know her.  I have no agenda whatsoever in regard to her, and unlike this crew of aggressive busybodies you hang with, I have no interest in "forcing" my opinions on anyone, nor silencing anyone.  I am not a member of any forum, but if Janet chose to post my report there, that was her prerogative.

And I have to wonder again, who the hell this character, Bob Hurt, thinks he is? Now, he's telling Janet Phelan what she "should" be doing? She posted a PUBLIC report on a PUBLIC forum. Mr. Hurt chose to comment of his own volition. And now, he wants to offer not only his "unsolicited opinion", but his unsolicited advice (even worse!), while not even making it clear to whom he refers, Janet Phelan, or Barbara Hartwell.

Mr. Hurt:

I reserve the right to state my views, in my own reports, on my own website, or on radio broadcasts where I am invited to speak, on the issues of concern to me. Speaking strictly for myself, I consider any kind of bigotry, racism and the accompanying hate propaganda to be despicable, to be evil, an abomination to God.

And thankfully, there are others who agree with me, including Janet Phelan. Their decency and integrity is the main reason I have chosen them for my friends and colleagues.

As for you and your ilk, who call yourselves "patriots", May we forget you were our countrymen.

And here's my prayer for all the bigots, racists and hate-mongers of the world:

May God give you a love of the truth...but if you don't have eyes to see, or ears to hear, then may God's Swift and Terrible Justice be visited upon you.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 16, 2012

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Unsolicited Opinion? Keep It to Yourself!

 "I call a spade a spade..and a spic a spic."
--Maggie Roddin, host of The Unsolicited Opinion
There is an extremely disturbing and dangerous trend sweeping across these United States.
Why are so many people who claim to be "patriots" involved in promoting and espousing racism and bigotry?
From my observations, this trend has escalated at an alarming rate. I have addressed this issue often in my writings, as well as on radio broadcasts, exposing the names of quite a large number of these racists and bigots, especially those who would make scapegoats of several racial/ethnic groups, announcing in their articles and/or broadcasts that certain groups of people are responsible for all the ills, all the evils of the world.
Foremost among the scapegoated groups which the "patriots" denounce are the so-called: "Zionist Jews"; "Edomites"; "Ashkenazi Jews"; "Khazar Jews"; "Jews"; "the lower races" (anyone not white); the "Spics" (referring to Mexican/Hispanic peoples) and on and on it goes...
The white supremacist bigots who are spreading this hate propaganda (for that is exactly what it is) are lumping all persons who happen to be of a particular race, ethnic origin, bloodline, into a generic category and attributing wholesale blame and condemnation, simply because of the blood that flows through their veins, rather than recognizing them as individuals, all given life by the Creator, each responsible, and to be held accountable, for their INDIVIDUAL actions, be they good, or evil, in nature.
These so-called "patriots" are loudly and aggressively proclaiming that they are NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!...and clearly take pride in their racist remarks; they smugly wear their bigotry as if it were a badge of honor. But ironically (and tragically), racism and bigotry are becoming the new reactionary "politically correct" party line for those who boast that they are "fighting" the New World Order and "warning" others about the persecution of Christians, the police state takeover, etc. etc. etc. They actually seem to believe that they are deserving of credit for "waking people up to the truth". But there is no truth in such bigotry --the truth that any decent person will recognize is that there is absolutely nothing honorable about it.
Some of these white supremacists are very simply filled with hate, but others have foolishly allowed themselves to fall prey to the very "herd mentality" they so vehemently denounce.  Their hate propaganda identifies them as a veritable lynch mob, rather than being individual persons of integrity, honor and spiritual discernment who think for themselves. And, as one by one, these bigots parrot the racial slurs of the others, and the peer pressure increases, the hate mob expands.
I should make one thing very clear: I do not support "hate crime laws" that infringe on freedom of speech, or any other God-given unalienable rights, as protected under the Constitution. People have the right to say anything they want, including racists and bigots, and should not be criminalized for so-called "hate speech".  And (thank God!)  those of us who oppose racism and bigotry on moral and ethical grounds, have the same right of free speech --and I think it's way past time more of us exercised it!
I should also make it clear that I do not have any degree of tolerance for criminals, such as illegal aliens (from any country) who have invaded our borders. No doubt, such an invasion is happening, and the fed government is doing absolutely nothing to stop it. But my objection is only to the illegality, NOT to the ethnic origin of the persons themselves.
No, we should not have to "press one for English". No, we should not have to accommodate a foreign agenda or alien culture which threatens to destroy our way of life. No, there should not be "amnesty" for illegal aliens, nor should they be allowed any of the privileges for which they do not qualify under the law. If they don't belong here, if they are criminals, by virtue of being illegal aliens, they should be sent back whence they came.
It is the fed government which is allowing these problems to occur, and what's more, it is by design. But despite the corruption and criminality of the fed government, the kind of flagrant bigotry which threatens to erupt in 'race wars', only serves to foment more hate, to divide and conquer. Bigotry never results in any kind of justice, not for the bigots, and not for their scapegoats.  
Now, by way of example of the hate propaganda certain "patriots" are gleefully promoting, here's an anecdote which clarifies my point.
Just last Sunday, I had turned on a radio broadcast, while doing household chores, not knowing what show would be on. The host was a woman named Maggie Roddin, and at the time I tuned in she was in a discussion with her guest (I don't remember his name, only that he said he was Canadian.)
The guest kept complimenting Roddin, saying, "Maggie, you're a REAL American!", and effusively telling her how great she was for her "activism", etc.
Ms. Roddin's response to all this praise? She blurted out this statement: "I call a spade a spade... and a spic a spic."
At that point came a commercial break, after Ms. Roddin said, "Don't change that dial!"
But after that ignorant and hateful comment, I certainly did change that dial. Disgusted and outraged, I turned off the show.
I'd heard bits and pieces of Maggie Roddin's show before (RBN and Orion Talk Radio), called The Unsolicited Opinion, and didn't think much of it. I found Ms. Roddin's attitude to be generally aggressive and obnoxious, her speech to be coarse, and the very sound of her voice grated on my nerves.
Then, there were the frequently repeated comments, like "It's ALL the fault of the Zionist Jews!", in Roddin's vehement denunciation, no matter what the problem, no matter what the situation. Most of Roddin's callers were of the same ilk, backing up her bigotry and cheering her on, as if she were the quintessential "American", the REAL American, a walking icon of freedom and liberty.
But when I heard her racist remark about "calling a spade a spade and a spic a spic", and her cheerleader guest, filled with admiration for such an attitude, I decided this bigot deserved some additional public exposure.
As it happened, the day I heard the offensive portion of Roddin's radio show, I had just come home from church. A member of our congregation had died that day, and this lady was well-loved by all. I was standing outside the sanctuary after the service when I heard the sad news. Tears came to my eyes, and a friend, also grieving our loss, gave me a hug, saying to me, "I love you". This friend, by the way, is Hispanic. She and her husband are true Christians, believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who actually live by their creed of "love one another", not just by saying the words, but by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the poor, sheltering the homeless. Some of whom are Hispanic, and far more of whom, are not.
Can you imagine what my Christian Hispanic friend might have felt if she had been visiting me, and heard the despicable racist comment by Maggie Roddin about "calling a spic a spic"?  Slapping a crude and derogatory label on a person, simply because of her ethnic origin? And from the tone of her voice, Maggie Roddin was obviously seeking and expecting approval for her ethnic slur. No doubt, considering the apparent make-up of her listening audience, she got it.
I have other Hispanic friends as well, all of whom I love, and all of whom I daresay would be as disgusted as I was upon hearing this "Unsolicited Opinion".
It doesn't surprise me that Roddin would call her show "The Unsolicited Opinion". That title speaks volumes, as I thought the very first time I heard it. It is redolent of the mentality of an aggressive busybody, someone who is hell-bent on getting right in your face, foisting upon you her ignorant and misguided opinions, whether you want to hear them, or not.
Speaking for myself, I'd really, really rather not.  As for "The Unsolicited Opinion", I surely wish that Maggie Roddin and her bigoted pals would keep it to themselves.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 12, 2012
offensive. A contemptuous term for a Spanish-speaking person from Central or South America or the Caribbean.
n. Offensive Slang  Used as a disparaging term for a Hispanic person.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA  

Friday, May 4, 2012

COINTELPRO & War of Aggression Exposed by Sosbee and Hartwell

He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren. 
Proverbs. 6:14-19
Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.
Ephesians 5:11
Geral Sosbee and I have worked together for over a decade in exposing the massive corruption and criminality of the fed government, especially when it comes to the psy war against American citizens, most notably human rights activists, whistleblowers, journalists and patriots.
COINTELPRO, on which we have written extensively, has become the catch-all term for operations meant to neutralize Targets, who are most often considered "dissidents", those who refuse to tolerate or participate in any form of human rights violations, or to obey unconstitutional statutes. Those who defend the God-given rights and Liberty on which this nation was founded.
We expose not only the violations, but the government lies and coverups which are always connected to their crimes and wrongdoing.
The root of all such offenses which trample the Individual's God-given unalienable rights, protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution, is AGGRESSION.
It is the right of ALL Individuals to be free from aggression, be it by a  government, by any collective, entity or individual.
Aggression comes in many forms, from the snooping, meddling, gate-crashing  and tale-bearing of a garden variety busybody, to atrocities in the felony crime category, such as rape and murder.
The rights of one Individual end at the point where he oversteps his bounds and violates the rights, invades the privacy, crosses the personal boundaries,  of another. You have the right to swing your fist through the air as far as you like, but that 'right' ends at the other fellow's person, at which point it becomes assault.
It is really all that simple --but the aggressors of the world refuse to respect, or in some cases, even acknowledge, the personal boundaries, the Inviolability of Personhood, which God has bestowed on each and every Individual.
There is no "grey" area when it comes to aggression against Individual rights. There is right (respecting the rights of others and behaving accordingly) and there is wrong (violating the rights of others). There is good, and on the other hand, and there is evil. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND. Those who say there is, are either evildoers, or are deceived by evildoers. You cannot serve two masters.
As veterans of this psy war, fighting against the perpetrators of this War of Aggression, we find it of utmost importance to name the aggressors, to expose their acts of aggression, their crimes against persons and against humanity, and to do all in our power to shut them down and put them out of business.
Among the aggressors, specifically as related to COINTELPRO, are those who engage in multiple offenses against designated Targets. Most common are libel/slander campaigns in attempts to discredit the Target; harassment and invasions of privacy; and stalking and threats in attempts to intimidate the Target.
These offenses, when used in a multi-pronged attack, tend to create an  overriding and pervasive  state of extreme stress, against which the Target is hard-pressed to defend himself, often because he lacks the resources and/or because he receives little or no support from family, friends or professional colleagues. 
Despite all this, the only response any of these loathsome characters ever get, as far as Geral and I are concerned, is outrage at their invasions of privacy, stalking, harassment, and their threats and attempts at intimidation (which have never worked and never will), and the exposure of their names, detailing and documenting each and every offense (criminal or otherwise).
You may find many of the names of these aggressors listed in the Hall of Shame.
This list includes all kinds...from every place on the spectrum --from aggressive, obnoxious, loud-mouthed busybodies and snoops, to child rapists and murderers.

On this list there are malicious liars, thieves, blackmailers, extortionists, sex perverts/predators, pederasts, psycho stalkers, porno-mongers, human slave traffickers, identity thieves, COINTELPRO operatives and their minions, CIA, FBI, NSA (etc. etc.) agents, mind control handlers, perpetrators of eugenics, voodoo "scientists", black magicians/occultists, anti-Christs, false prophets, demons masquerading as angels of light, cowards, traitors, U.S. Constitution-shredders, corrupt cops and government officials, slanderers, forgers, plagiarists, drug traffickers, common criminals, career criminals, war criminals, predicate felons, misogynists/male supremacists, racists/bigots, animal abusers, satanists, pedophiles, leftists, collectivists, socialists, communists, fascists, Nazis, Bolsheviks, globalist totalitarians, purveyors of disinformation, invaders of privacy, New Age nincompoops, secular humanist psycho-babblers, social engineers, psychopaths (and other assorted whackjobs), gun-grabbers, scamsters, hucksters, mountebanks, snake-oil salesmen, swindlers, charlatans, con artists, government stooges, minions and shills.
From where I stand, it's all about exposing INJUSTICE, as well as seeking JUSTICE for the Targets and Victims, who suffer as a direct result of the aggression by these wrongdoers. The individuals named here have participated --one way or another-- in aggressive actions which violate the unalienable rights and liberties of others. The point is, they should all be held accountable for the wrongs they have done, the lies they have told, the false information they have disseminated, the crimes they have committed, the attacks on their Targets and Victims.

Also despicable is the promotion of bad guys to the detriment of truth-tellers and legitimate whistleblowers and expositors of corruption.  It's not only a general matter of principle, but to me, also very personal. And when these perps unjustly attack my friends and allies, they are by extension attacking me.
Note the last paragraph above. Geral and I have always been in solid agreement about this issue. If anyone promotes, supports, or endorses a perpetrator of any offense against a friend/ally we will not tolerate that individual's presence in our midst and will have no dealings with that individual. This certainly (and most often) applies to those who (for any reason) are promoting COINTELPRO stooges, minions, provocateurs, PR shills and disruptors who attack legitimate whistleblowers/journalists, activists.
All that being said, here are a series of commentaries and links to reports written by Geral Sosbee, exposing COINTELPRO and the agenda and tactics of neutralization (including by genocide), by various means, used by criminal perpetrators, masquerading as "Intelligence Officers",  "law enforcement", and their minions.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 4, 2012
FBI Assasins Show Their Evil Intent..& Other Horror Stories 
By Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee

The president 'presides' over fbi/cia sponsored chaos, murder and global
terror. The world's population must focus on the real problem: the fbi/cia cointelpro which in one form or another threatens all peoples:

For the layman, 'cointelpro' may be loosely defined as information and technology systematically used by government agents and operatives (particularly fbi/cia) who, while asserting powerful influence over all branches of government at all levels (including the judiciary), engage in torture, imprisonment or murder of an expanding number of Targets.

A form of genocide is apparently in the making whereby a massive program (sometimes referred to as 'cointelpro') is now underway to remove/kill/control large numbers of people. Only a few Targets have credibility because an integral part of the deadly operation is to discredit people who try to report the crimes associated with such operations.

Death threats against this reporter:

24/7 surveillance and harassment by thugs and their electronic weaponry:   

Prepare to meet the tsunami of assassins sweeping over the USA and the world:

The fbi criminal activity:

The reader is invited to venture into the mind(s) of the fbi’s homicidal sociopaths in order to comprehend the clear and present danger posed against our citizens by the very officials who are sworn to protect and defend our  fundamental  human, civil, and constitutional rights. One method to gain an insight into the twisted thinking patterns of the  murderers and torturers of the fbi/cia is to read their filthy comments which are recorded by Geral Sosbee as evidence that  1)the USA is destroyed from within by the fbi/cia agents, operatives, street thugs, assassins and torturers, such as J.Robert Upton and Johnny Smith  and 2) all of mankind is threatened by the same unbridled brutality that attacks those of us Targets who are being harassed and tortured 24/7  for decades or for life.

Note: My best friend and professional colleague Barbara Hartwell also provides her assistance in the documentation of the criminal cyberstalking described herein.

Here are the links for a study of the abnormal psychology of the United States officials (demonic in their dayly practices while often pretending to be *religious on Sundays) at all levels and in all branches of government because all of them  have largely  ignored my reports and have  thereby given their imprimatur to the criminal conduct reflected in the passages below.  Note  that  in the first report below the  fbi  operative Upton comments on the food and drink that I consumed in my home (i.e.: wine and cheese); only one of the assassins who monitors me 24/7 and who enters into my home at will under the authority of a fraudulent court order (signed by a corrupt judge/magistrate) could possibly know the type of  food and drink that I consumed  on a given evening.
Hate Message: "Kill Yourself Geral Sosbee"

Below are the links to my reports that the fbi tries to discredit or ignore:
One of my reports focuses on the need to prosecute the fbi/cia for murders.*Must prosecute fbi/cia assassins For Clandestine Murders.

*[Because otherwise,wholesale extermination of dissidents becomes public policy.]

The central question of our time is to determine how many people globally have been murdered by fbi/cia operatives in covert, illegal, counterintelligence programs, etc., by methods (among others) described in the links below.As the crime of murder has no time limits for court prosecutions, we must prosecute the criminals in the fbi/cia who are responsible for the crimes suggested herein.

See: (obscure methods to torture & kill):

an hysterical fbi operative engaged in criminal stalking):

Kidney stone assault:

 My personal reports:

Summary of intel community global crimes:

My suggestion on what we must do to survive:

Infection placed in tooth #14:

Death messages:

Horrendus program designed to force suicide:

Painful directed energy assaults 24/7 for the life of the Target:


Tracking device that itself causes life threatening risks:

Cointel program:

Efforts by the fbi operatives to unlawfully assault and try to arrest me:

Medical authorities including doctors help the fbi assassins:

My sworn affidavit:

Finally all prisoners are largely innocent on a relative basis:
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA