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Monday, December 4, 2006

The Heartbreakers

July, 2002

I recently had a telephone conversation with a friend who lives far away. My friend was formerly employed by one of the U.S. intelligence agencies. He's one of the good guys, a man who has taken a serious and benevolent interest in my work and in my case as an individual targeted for political persecution. 

His assistance, in the form of moral support and sage advice, has been invaluable.

As to our discussion on the phone: It was all about the heartbreakers.

The heartbreakers (who unfortunately are the subject of most of my discussions these days) are the incarnation of evil in human form: Evildoers who tyrannize, oppress, harass and otherwise wreak havoc in the lives of innocent law-abiding, freedom-loving citizens like myself.

The heartbreakers are liars, cowards and traitors. Many of them, though not all, work for the U.S. government.

Most of them (whether they know it or not) are being used by the government. Some are under mind control. Some are mercenaries, who earn their blood money breaking hearts; while yet others do it for the sheer sadistic thrill of it all.

But 'heartbreakers' is only one of my names for these bad guys. Sometimes I call them scumbags. Other times, SOBs. Most often, I call them simply 'the bastards' as my friends and professional colleagues well know.

I'm sorry if you find my language offensive, but there's really no other way to describe them. Unless of course, I were to use even more vile epithets, which I would rather not do --at least not in print.

Anyway, this friend of mine (who prefers to keep a low profile) is one of only a few persons who truly understand my background; how I was trained and utilized by the Criminally Insane Agency. He knows what I've been up against in my lifelong and relentless battle with the heartbreakers; and he knows, for lack of a better way to describe it, WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON in my life.

What's going on is not good.

Due to the escalating and ever-more-brutal neutralization campaign being waged against me, most of the support I once had has been ripped away, by the design of the heartbreakers. Most of my family and personal relationships have been destroyed. My character has been assassinated and my sanity impugned.

Most recently, and most ironically, two 'retired' CIA operatives claim to have filed a 'criminal complaint' against me and my sister, Irene Adrian, in the state of North Carolina for 'inciting violence and terrorism'.


Terrorism? Where have I heard that one before? Oh yes, now I remember: It was quite a few years back, around the time I broke out of the black operations. I was conducting an investigation of some covert operations in an underground facility in Pine Bush, New York, connected to a Special Ops Training Base.

The place was crawling with CIA; DARPA; Air Force Blue Berets and God only knows who all else.

These guys had some incredibly advanced technology, like anti-gravity; cloaking devices; anomalous airborne craft, otherwise known as UFOs, all of which I witnessed at this particular location, just as I remembered the same scenario in other locations where I had been utilized in these types of operations.

So I was looking into it, along with a private investigator and electronic surveillance expert, a friend who volunteered his time and expertise to help me with my research.

Over a period of roughly three (3) years, we had managed to gather quite a bit of evidence of these illegal covert operations.

We had identified the specific frequencies of military signals, some of which were coming from bugs planted in my home; later in a hotel room where I was being held under covert (plausibly deniable by CIA) 'house arrest'; and in an office in the home of an associate where I was working in Pine Bush.

We had plenty of photos too. Beams of light shooting up out of the ground from the underground base below; the commandos with their high-tech gear; glowing balls of light floating in mid-air; visible energy fields captured on special infrared film and other very strange phenomena.

Typically, all the evidence was later stolen (break-ins to my home) including the photos.

Government agents also confiscated photos (and lied about it, of course) direct from a specialty photo shop, used mostly by law enforcement and intelligence personnel, where we had sent the film to be developed.

In fact, the owner of the shop said to my friend that ever since he dropped off those photos, his establishment had been under heavy surveillance.....enough said.

But the plot thickens. Some butt-head from Air Force Intelligence made a phone call to a colleague of mine, a guy named Don Danbois (a veteran of the Air Force). Don was a computer expert who was trying to set up a website with some of his associates, on which some of my research on UFOs and the underground base was to be published.

So, this AF spook gave Don a 'friendly warning'. He was told that 'they' were not going to allow us to continue with the project. He was also told to 'Stay away from Barbara Hartwell'. My name, among all those involved, was the only one mentioned.

According to AF Intel, I was deemed to be a 'terrorist'; and as a 'rogue operative' a 'threat to National Security'. Therefore, Don was told, I was targeted to be 'neutralized'. If Don didn't listen up and snap to!...well then, he too would meet a similar fate.

Don's mother later received an anonymous call, delivering a not-so-friendly death threat. If those boys (her two sons) kept up what they were doing, the cloak-and-dagger man warned, someone was going to be badly hurt..... possibly even killed.

Of course, the boys made a hasty retreat. Their fear of the 'terrorist' and 'rogue operative' was plainly displayed on their faces. They avoided me like the plague.

God only knows what they were told about me, but even then I had to laugh, and years later I still laugh, just thinking about it. The Danbois boys dismantled their equipment, got their affairs in order and got out of Dodge.

Meanwhile, the perpetrators were assaulting me with their high-tech war toys, exotic 'non-lethal' weapons. (Believe me, those weapons are lethal.)

I was knocked unconscious on more than one occasion and had strange seizures on others. I nearly died after two of these attacks.

Long story short, I was the only person not intimidated by the bastards. All others went running for cover.

I guess the line of logic went something like this: We'll leave the wimps alone. But that Hartwell woman, she's going to strike back......She's actually going to defend herself. How dare she??? We can't have that!

So, we can justify our campaign to neutralize her by branding her a 'terrorist'. Yeah, that's the ticket!


All that was a long time ago. Things haven't changed all that much. I'm still fighting back (although I'm somewhat worse for the wear) and the bastards are still trying to neutralize me. They haven't succeeded.....not yet.

But the ultimate showdown is approaching. I can feel it in every fiber of my being. I see it in my visions and in my dreams.

Actually, I look forward to the showdown. Though I've always hoped and prayed for serious backup --the big guns-- (and even one lone commando would do in a pinch) it hasn't arrived yet and I can't be sure if it ever will.

But if it's meant to be just me against them, so be it. Whatever is meant to be is God's will, not mine.

As I've always known, sometimes it takes the 'good bad guys' to stand up to the 'bad bad guys'.  Sometimes you have to be 'bad' if you really want to do some good. As 'good' as you may be, in your heart of hearts, if you don't have the 'killer instinct' it's best to stay out of the crossfire.

Not everyone has the killer instinct (thank God) and oddly enough, it really has nothing to do with killing, not in a literal sense. Some have it, some don't. It's just one of God's mysteries. Thank God, I have it.

The perpetrators of the MK Ultra program attempted to create the 'perfect spy'.

Using mind control, and trauma-based programming, they compartmentalized the psyches of their operatives. They used psychotropic drugs, hypnosis and psychotronic technology. They 'erased' the memories of certain missions and operations, using among other modalities, something called 'electronic
dissolution of memory'. They used codes and triggers to activate certain missions.

They believed that the operatives they 'created'......their 'perfect spies', were 'guaranteed under National Security'.

The perfect spies would never remember, so they could never tell; they could never give up sensitive information under interrogation. Not unless they were debriefed by their handlers, who knew the right access codes.

But the heartbreakers have been proven wrong and it will surely be their downfall. Their perfect spies weren't so perfect after all.

My sister, Irene Adrian, once told me that some years ago, in prayer and meditation, she was told by God: "Your remembrance will be their destruction."

Irene is not the only one who remembers. I remember too, as do quite a few others. We may not remember it all, but we do remember enough. Enough to take these bastards down. And we have as yet publicly revealed but a fraction of what we remember and know. The best...and the yet to come.

Back to my current situation:

I suffer from debilitating illness and disabilities, all a direct result of abuses, terrorist assaults and persecution by the heartbreakers.

Due to a financial meltdown of unprecedented proportions, I am on the verge of losing the very roof over my head and what few possessions I own.

There is not one person I can rely on for any kind of concrete assistance. There is no one, within close range of where I live, whom I could call for help, even in an emergency. Let me modify that. I could call, but there's no one I could RELY on to respond.

Most of those whom I once believed cared for me have run as fast and as far as they could, like rats deserting a sinking ship. That's a good analogy, as the heartbreakers once said I was 'beyond salvage'.

Some of my friends and family have been intimidated, threatenened or warned off. Some have believed the lies and slander they were told about me. Some believe I have only myself to blame for the abject poverty and the persecution under which I live.

And I guess, some just don't give a damn and probably never did.

The friend previously mentioned, at one time in the intelligence community, and privy to many secrets, understands that I have been targeted for some of the most brutal tactics of a persecution which is intended to destroy my life, piece by piece, until there is nothing left to salvage.

He knows all about the Psychological Operations, who runs them, and why.
And he knows that unless I am able to get some serious backup, of a concrete nature, soon--really soon-- I may not have long to live.

Of course, that's up to God, as it always has been, always will be. Nonetheless, from the look and feel of things, it's the eleventh hour. I anxiously scan the horizon, but so far, the cavalry is nowhere in sight.

When I called my friend that morning, feeling despondent, to tell him the latest in my personal war with the heartbreakers, I asked for his advice. He told me not to give up hope.

He told me that there was one thing I could still do (aside from praying); despite my circumstances of isolation, alienation and deprivation, the classic BIG 3 tactics used to neutralize a target in Psy Ops.

No matter how ill, how poverty-stricken; no matter how many betrayals; or how hopeless my circumstances may look, I could continue documenting and publishing as much as I can, as fast as I can, while I still can. Before the phones and Internet service are shut off (which could be any day now).

Having no financial resources himself, he is not able to help me in that way, though he has assured me that if it were possible, he would.

He also advised me not to hold back the worst; not to minimize the dreadful nature of my circumstances, something I admit I have a tendency to do. I guess that's because I want people to know the BIG PICTURE, not just the small piece of it which comprises my life and my own personal struggle.

I certainly don't want to be regarded as the object of others' pity. I'm not the only person under this form of persecution. Far from it.

I'll continue to talk about some of those others --and they are all my personal heroes--who have given me permission to publicize their cases, similar to my own.

I'll also continue to expose the villains, as many as I can.

Another reason I am reluctant to tell all, to tell the worst, is because in doing so, I would be giving up the last of my privacy.

Although it may seem strange, for someone who has made her case so public, my privacy is one of the most important things in the world to me, second only to my freedom; perhaps because my privacy has been violated so consistently by the heartbreakers, throughout the course of my life.

So, as a compromise, stricly with myself, I will attempt to give the broad outlines, telling some of the worst, while still protecting my privacy as best I can.


I have always believed in moral absolutes: Good vs.evil; heroes vs. villains; friends vs. enemies; freedom vs. slavery....and so on and so forth.

Given my background, having been utilized and exploited (enslaved) by my enemies for so many years, it's not surprising. In order to maintain my spiritual integrity and my honor, against the odds, I have also been forced to think long and deeply about moral issues which might never assume such importance to the average person.

And I have witnessed and experienced the corruption of our government (controlled by a shadow cabal of global elite) in ways that most people never will.

In my way of thinking, there is one moral absolute that must stand above all others: NON-INTERFERENCE.

Non-interference, first and foremost, means respecting the spiritual integrity of others. It means respecting individual rights, above all else. It means never attempting to manipulate or control another person, no matter what.

It means respecting the personal boundaries of individuals, as individuals have delineated those boundaries.

It means never, ever, meddling in the life of another, even when you think you know what's best for someone else, and sincerely want to help. Meddling is just a euphimism for interference. It helps no one.

It means respecting the Inviolability of Personhood, a God-given right.


Aside from our God-given rights (which apply no matter what religion or spiritual belief --or lack thereof-- a person adheres to) this principle of non-interference is what our Bill of Rights is based on.

It is what our Constitutional Republic is based on. Many people mistakenly assume that our country was meant to be a Democracy.

Democracy is mob-rule, rule by consensus of the masses, right down to the lowest common denominator; nothing more than a thinly veiled form of Socialism.

The founders of our Constitutional Republic meant to ensure INDIVIDUAL rights and lack of interference with the individual by Big Government or by mobs of the ignorant and provincial.

Law and order --Constitutional law-- is based on non-interference with individual rights. Anything less is a slippery slope, at the bottom of which lie Communism or Fascism, take your pick. Two names for the same state of affairs, that being the loss of individual freedoms and rights.

The heartbreakers don't see things this way. They are blinded by their lust for power and control; ruled by their negatively-inflated egos; and driven by their fear of their own deaths.

They have been indoctrinated into a collective psychosis which compels them to sacrifice the spiritual integrity of the individual, even at the cost of their own souls.

They are spiritually and morally bankrupt. Worse, much worse, they have had the audacity.....the arrogance, the utter hubris, to attempt to usurp the power of God.

The heartbreakers, sure as hell, don't respect defenders of the Constitution.

They have NO respect for the individual or his/her inalienable rights. No indeed. They believe that might makes right.

They attempt to control others, simply because they can. They interfere with others; they violate privacy, physically and mentally, simply because they can.

And I call them the heartbreakers because their egregious interference, both insidious and overt, over the course of a lifetime, has broken my heart.


They have broken my heart, but they haven't broken my spirit, and they never will. My spirit belongs to me and more importantly, to God, the Ultimate Power and Infinite Intelligence that creates and sustains this universe.

What the heartbreakers don't realize, in their profound spiritual ignorance, is that NO ONE can usurp the power of God.

They may be able to ravage physical bodies and break hearts; but NO ONE can possibly co-opt an individual human spirit; not against the will of that spirit.
God gives us free will for that very reason. Free will is God's failsafe plan, the only form of real security we can ever hope to know.

That is why I know that the heartbreakers will fail, and fail miserably.

In fact, their failure is guaranteed and not only under their twisted, misguided notions of 'National Security'.

Their failure is guaranteed because they are the enemies of God and of all who love and serve God. They are the enemies of the freedom of the human spirit, guaranteed by God.

These bastards are in a no-win situation, if ever there was one.

So I have one question for the heartbreakers:

How's that working out for y'all?

Barbara Hartwell
July 11, 2002

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else
is more important than fear.
--Ambrose Redmoon

Anyone who proposes to do good must not expect people to roll stones out of his
way, but must accept his lot calmly, even if they roll a few more upon it.
--Albert Schweitzer

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for the heart to conquer it.