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Thursday, June 12, 2014

EXTREME PREJUDICE: The Government's War on American Whistleblowers (2)

by Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee

It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government.
--Thomas Paine
We must respect the sworn depositions and complaints of the often forgotten true patriots within the FBI, CIA and elsewhere who stand as government whistleblowers and sanctioned targeted individuals for the American people and our human brothers and sisters around the world, like Sibel D. Edmonds, Coleen Rowley, Barbara Hartwell, Geral W. Sosbee, and Bob Levin.  Within my possession are numerous case files exposing local, state and federal corruption that would have already resulted in criminal convictions within the “harvested” private sector if not affected as ongoing COINTELPRO operations that have continued since 1956.
-- Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Bob Levin
 My only regret in my life is that I defended this evil and corrupt government on the battlefield and in combat.
--Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee
In PART ONE of this report we presented documentary/anecdotal testimonies, which serve as evidence of the neutralization campaigns against government whistleblowers, focusing on Geral Sosbee (former FBI) , Barbara Hartwell (former CIA) and the late Michael Ruppert (former LAPD).
Please read PART ONE before continuing with PART TWO, as they are parts of a whole, not meant to stand alone.

In early 1971, the FBI's domestic counterintelligence program (code named "COINTELPRO") was brought to light when a "Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI" removed secret files from an FBI office in Media, PA and released them to the press. Agents began to resign from the Bureau and blow the whistle on covert operations. That same year, publication of the Pentagon Papers, the Pentagon's top-secret history of the Vietnam War, exposed years of systematic official lies about the war.
"How or wherefrom evolves such bold and violent arrogance of authority that move and embolden the thugs and assassins of fbi/cia/police to torture, imprison, force suicide and kill our people at will, by secret, unbridled fiat (or by unquestioned policy), all the while such public servants pretend to honor, protect and preserve the fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights of each and every individual in our society!"

"The absolute and corruptly applied power of this government over the general population frightens into submission many among us who might otherwise raise a fist in defiance of the murderous sociopaths who presently rule. I cannot submit to such inhumane force, and under current circumstances I would urge others to share my stance in support of liberty from the evil oppression of our time."
"This is not my country and I have little or no faith that the USA can recover from fbi/cia rot that has destroyed the very humanity of our people by turning them into hateful and ignorant fools, criminals, and accessories to torture & attempted murder."
--Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee, recipient of the AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE AWARD
In PART ONE we left off with Michael C. Ruppert's testimony against former FBI Chief Ted L. Gunderson, who, it has been shown, was instrumental in the campaign designed to neutralize Ruppert.
In his RESPONSE TO BARBARA HARTWELL (March, 2001), Gunderson labeled Mike Ruppert a "disinformation specialist". This was the first public statement against Ruppert ever made by Ted Gunderson, but the slurs against Ruppert have continued from that time on, via Gunderson's criminal accomplice and PR shill, Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), where they remain to this day, in a special section of Adachi's website (Educate-Yourself), dedicated to libeling Mike Ruppert. Just as this filthy slug, Adachi, in the same time frame (circa 2001) began his far more extensive and damaging malicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. On Adachi's website he has created a permanent section titled: "Barbara Hartwell, Founder and CEO of Liars, Inc." (See KEN ADACHI heading  below, in this report, for details.)
Adachi has also made several libelous statements against Geral Sosbee, clearly by virtue of the fact that he is my friend, colleague and defender, on general principles, and more specifically in opposition to Ted Gunderson's efforts to discredit me and my work as a whistleblower and activist, exposing and fighting government corruption.
And now we come to a very important issue in relation to Ted Gunderson and Geral Sosbee. Sosbee joined the FBI in 1971, but by 1978 had been forced out. His "offenses"? Defending the Constitution (as per his oath) against all enemies, foreign and domestic; reporting the crimes and 'irregularities' (euphemistically speaking) of his fellow agents; following proper legal procedures in his dealings with suspects and witnesses, and defending THEIR constitutionally protected rights. Refusing to take any part in FBI lawlessness and  corruption; refusing to aid and abet criminal actions by his superiors and/or his fellow special agents.
Sosbee writes for the record on April 30, 2005:  
"gun [Gunderson] indicates on his website that he was chief inspector for the fbi in 1973; in such capacity, gun had the responsibility to investigate Sosbee's reports of fbi crimes during that year. Not only did he fail to perform his duties as chief inspector, he continued thereafter to serve in high level positions in the fbi at a time when Sosbee was being harassed for reporting the criminal conduct of numerous fbi agents as set forth in:
See: Ex-FBI Agent Sosbee on Ted Gunderson's Character
Now, let us consider a statement from Mike Ruppert [PART ONE of this report.]
"As to Gunderson's reference to me let me just state that Gunderson was the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Los Angeles FBI office in 1978. It was then that I went to the L.A. Office of the FBI seeking help when, as an LA Police Officer, my life was in danger after discovering that the CIA was dealing drugs. Under Gunderson's direction the L.A. office took the public position that I was crazy and refused me any assistance even though I had a tape recorded death threat in my possession and an attorney at my side verifying my allegations and the documentary evidence I presented."
1978 was the same year that Geral Sosbee was forced to retire from the FBI. Under what threat? Under the threat of being incarcerated in a mental institution. In other words, according to his superiors in the FBI, he was deemed "crazy".
Both Ruppert (LAPD) and Sosbee (FBI) presented documentary evidence of corruption, which had directly affected their professional work, compromised their careers, and put their lives at risk. Both were deemed "crazy" and their evidence dismissed.
Having conducted my own investigations, involving both Gunderson and Sosbee (since 2001 in the case of Sosbee, and 2000 in the case of Gunderson) I have had no choice but to draw the conclusion that it was Gunderson (head of the LA office of the FBI) who engineered the campaign against Sosbee, especially considering the fact that it was Gunderson, who as Chief Inspector, ignored/discounted and refused even to acknowledge Sosbee's reports of internal FBI corruption. Like Mike Ruppert, Geral Sosbee did not discover Gunderson's role until roughly two decades later (1999-2001), and in both cases such discoveries were connected to their interactions with Barbara Hartwell, a former professional colleague of Ted Gunderson.
Moreover, as Hoover's COINTELPRO Kingpin, Gunderson would have been in the perfect position to direct a neutralization campaign against Sosbee.
Then, there is the fact that shortly after Geral Sosbee had put up his website, Sosbee vs FBI, in 2000, Ted Gunderson made an approach to Geral, trying to "recruit" him as a team player in Gunderson's "whistleblowing", just as he had successfully (for a time, between 1997-2000) recruited Barbara Hartwell as his ally and colleague --that is, until I discovered his true identity and broke off the association.
Fortunately, Geral Sosbee did not take the bait. This was because by early 2001, Geral and I had become friends, and when Geral told me about Gunderson (to whom he had not responded), and asked if I knew of him, my answer was "And how!" 
I filled him in with a complete history of my three year association (1997-2000) with Ted Gunderson; how he was planted on me by CIA; that he was not a whistleblower, as he claimed, but a bounty hunter, searching out true whistleblowers (CIA, FBI, Military Intel/Black Ops, etc. etc.) who had survived the operations, with the intent to neutralize them, one way or another. 
Geral Sosbee:
"I learned over the years while I served in the fbi that J. Edgar Hoover himself and his assistant (Jenkins) made the decision to force me out of the fbi following my report of crimes by the fbi Tampa, Florida office in 1972.
Jenkins instructed SA Dan Saunders to lay the dirty groundwork. I was then assigned to work with Saunders (aka the dean of new special agents), and he wrote a memo in my file in Tampa wherein Saunders falsely indicated that Special Agent Geral Sosbee was not capable of effectively conducting official fbi interviews because Sosbee stutters. 
This was the first of many false memos entered into my file at the direction of Hoover, Jenkins, and other field supervisory agents following orders from 'on high'.

By 1973 Ted Gunderson was fbi inspector and served in that capacity during most or all of my remaining years in the fbi. Gunderson was knowledgeable of my reports on the Rodriquez case and of the orders from Hoover to end my career.
By 1978 the New York office (under SAC Alfred E. Smith) orchestrated my forced resignation with the full knowledge of the fbi assistant director, New York division, and with Ted Gunderson's blessing .
Thus, by connecting the dots over the past several decades, I am certain that cross-dresser Hoover, his henchmen Jenkins, Gunderson, et. al, all participated in the destruction of my life in order to discredit and discourage me from reporting the many crimes committed by fbi agents.
Today, the fbi is in near panic mode to 'finish me off', as I have documented in many pages of my website. The fbi's methods to torture, imprison, force suicide or kill Targets has become the primary focus of my work online for the past 14 years. 
Thanks in part to my friend Barbara Hartwell, I have been able to survive and to expand my reports on the unending attacks on me by the most heinous thugs whom this nation has ever produced: the homicidal sociopaths of fbi/cia."
In my report (2004) TARGETED FOR TERROR: EX-FBI AGENT'S GRUESOME ORDEAL, I presented only a bare-bones summary of the tactics of persecution deployed against him.
Here, we will elaborate with additional details, some in Geral's own words. Links are provided for those who wish to see full reports.
[Readers may have noted that Geral does not capitalize: fbi, cia, etc., or the names of  certain of their minions and operatives. This is his statement in denouncing them for their outrageous criminality and cutting them down to size, as they continue to function as if they were 'above the law'. On the contrary, they operate on a level so far below the law that one would be hard pressed to cite any among the career criminals of the world who in engage in more lawless disrespect for the Rule of Law, which these government agents have taken an oath to uphold and defend.]
Geral Sosbee: "BOLO by UT POLICE against me while police, fbi operatives are assaulting and battering me in provocative attacks on campus at the library, computer room."

"Note that the UT POLICE refused to accept my request for internal affairs investigation because such inquiry would prove police crimes & conspiracy to provoke and to arrest me. The Texas AG covered up UT POLICE crimes outlined in parts 19, a, b, c.
...harassment by neighbors, phone harassment, DEW [directed energy weaponry] assaults, destruction/vandalism of my car, etc. 

So, apparently, the assassins of fbi are feeling the repercussions of my reports.  Yet, I am suffering more than ever in my efforts to endure.
Here are the facts:
1) Several years ago fbi operative (upton, aka duval, aka, etc.) wrote online that I never served in combat. I submitted evidence that I served in combat per us army documents and photo of me in combat. 

2) Recently, fbi operative online falsely states that as I served in combat I am therefore a murderer. In another context the fbi operative says that I am a "possible mass murderer".
(Aside: apparently the fbi has actually created murderers and mass murderers by their torture campaigns and they incorrectly consider that the present campaign against me will yield a similarly disturbed mind.)

3) I receive messages to "kill yourself Geral Sosbee". 

4) The DEW assaults are now extreme, but I have been able to collect no evidence of such. Phone harassment that prevents me from communicating with loan dept and credit bureau is a real problem. When I try to explain to the T Mobil rep, credit bureau and car company that I am not pressing the keyboard to disrupt my own calls (but that the fbi is causing the 'beeping' noise that prevents a conversation) they hang up on me, or suggest that I am delusional. So, the average person has misplaced and blind confidence in the assassins & torturers of fbi."
Government spooks and goons have been harassing Geral and me for many years, disrupting our telephone conversations with jarring electronic 'sound effects', and especially, cutting the line if we mention certain names, or operations being run against us. Just recently the line went dead when we mentioned a particular name, in connection with this report.
Geral remarked that they are recording all conversations, in efforts to find some statement made by us which could possibly be used against us. Such a notion, held by these agents, is in fact ludicrous as all hell. Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell are, and have always been, law-abiding citizens. We do not endorse or promote using violence. We are not conspiring to commit any criminal offenses.  We do not break the law, not even as scofflaws. Nor does either one of us have a criminal record. Geral Sosbee has never been arrested.
And in the interest of truth for the record, though I have been arrested several times, it was only for activism based on conscience, such as protesting  unconstitutional wars of aggression (marching on the Pentagon, back in the '60s, etc.), and for defending the rights of animals being tortured in laboratories for medical research and/or cosmetics. At worst, civil disobedience. Several arrests, no convictions. And also for the record, on certain occasions CIA got me out, promptly, when I told the cops to make a phone call to HQ at Langley. Such were among my petty 'benefits', which the Agency graciously bestowed.
(Last arrest 1990, in Greenwich CT, for delivering petitions to the home of Loreal V.P. James Nixon to STOP THE TORTURE & KILLING OF SMALL ANIMALS for cosmetics testing. Loreal finally DID stop the testing as a result of my and others' many years of activism on behalf of animals.)
So once again, for the public record: We two law-abiding, God-fearing, peace-promoting, Constitution-defending, freedom-loving, disabled senior citizens (disabilities in both cases a direct result of government service and/or assaults with DEW, chemical/biological warfare, arranged 'accidents" etc. etc.), living these many years in the poverty engendered by longterm persecution, (having most of our possessions stolen and destroyed by machinations of the U.S. government), and not being compensated in any way for our work in defense of all we hold dear --namely Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee-- are Targets of neutralization campaigns by counterintelligence agents in a conspiracy fomented UNLAWFULLY against us.
There is NO "probable cause" (and never will be), not even for any sort of "investigation". There has been no "due process", and NO lawful excuse whatsoever for invasions of privacy and continual surveillance.  And NO JUSTIFICATION, under any reasonable and lawful set of standards, anywhere, for harassment, physical assaults, criminal menacing, death threats and terrorism (for it is nothing less) directed against us!
Everything we do, everything we say, is right out in the open, as we shout our legitimate grievances from the rooftops!
We defend God-given, unalienable INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties as protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution and as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Trample our rights? Not on our watch.
"The guilty speak in whispers, the innocent shout from the rooftops."
I have known Geral's wife (to protect her privacy, she shall not be named) for about 7 or 8 years. I have spoken to her many times on the phone. Since we decided to include her in this report, I made sure to get her witness testimony directly, so that I heard it from her, and not only from Geral.
She is a very sweet, sensitive person and a devout Catholic, what people of our background would call a total innocent. She doesn't speak much English, and has had no background whatsoever which would allow her to fully understand why her husband is suffering this brutal persecution, day in, day out.
And yet the government goons who are attacking him (for what they falsely deem as "cause") are so totally lacking in humanity, and so hell-bent on their evil intent to neutralize Geral Sosbee, that they don't give a damn who else gets hurt. To these reprobates, innocents are merely to be dismissed as "collateral damage".

Geral Sosbee: "My wife received a telephone call where the Hispanic male told her to "fear the assassin." 
The so-called "assassin" whom this FBI operative/thug made reference to is none other than Geral Sosbee. This is a typical intimidation tactic used against anyone close to a Target. They aim to engender as much fear as possible in family, friends and associates, so that the Target himself will be blamed and, they hope, eventually abandoned, when the pressure mounts and those close to the Target end up in fear for their own lives.
I know of several such cases, where the spouse of a Target filed for divorce, after he/she felt so threatened, he/she was driven to live in fear for the safety of children and other loved ones.
Geral Sosbee: "Note that a Target of fbi terror sometimes may show signs that border on neurosis and that my wife has suffered from watching me sustain continuous psy war and physical assaults for about the past ten years."
Next item: The perps break into Sosbee's home and leave live tarantulas, to be found by Geral or his wife. Another favorite tactic of these bastards is to dump dead animals, mutilated in horrible ways (domestic cats, or wild creatures) on their doorstep, or in the yard.
Sosbee: "On some occasions snakes, tarantulas, dead animals ,etc., are planted in my home or patio to test my response."
Having investigated such cases of persecution for over three decades, I have heard the same stories from friends of mine who, as ex-CIA, DIA, FBI etc. are Targets of neutralization campaigns.  
One friend told me that they had murdered an innocent neighborhood cat, who roamed freely and was regularly fed by those in the community who cared for him. My friend came home one day to find the dead cat dumped on his front porch. Oh, and by the way, he has a son (only six years old, at the time) who had loved the cat, and who was traumatized by this horrendous event. The same bastards fired shots into the trees near my friend's home, as his little boy was getting off the school bus.
Lest we forget, who is committing these atrocities?  AGENTS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
What will these miscreants not stoop to? To what lengths, what depths of depravity, will they not sink?
Killing and mutilating God's creatures, frightening innocent children, traumatizing an innocent wife, all to destroy the life of a Target, in order to stop him from his crusade for justice, his activism for Liberty. To stop him from his righteous defense of the principles and laws upon which his country was founded, which he served with honor, only to find that he was left no choice but to defend himself, and those under his protection, from the thugs and tyrants who run the U.S.  government.
Geral Sosbee is also a Target of  FBI cyber-stalkers and their minions. The government regularly hires criminals to stalk Targets with libel/slander and threats. One such libelous statement is that:
"They must think that he is planning an act of terrorism, or maybe he is getting ready to shoot up a school or theater."
These operatives, cowards that they are, use multiple aliases to prevent the Target from identifying them and reporting their offenses. 
 Geral Sosbee:
"The fbi has removed and deleted the original links showing labels of  "murderer, mass murderer" from all sites. My reports and yours [Barbara Hartwell] remain, but the original links to actual texts are gone. Fbi operatives upton, duval, jamal, paint me doubtful have deleted their original lies and their ad hominem attacks."

The thugs knew that soldiers, vets, black ops, etc., would not like fbi's calling me a murderer as a result of my combat duty. Those links (to the murderer name calling) were to my original reports/articles at Portland Indymedia and one other.
So the fbi deleted all original links to the 'murderer' reference. However, they left the 'mass murderer' link on the net."
Geral Sosbee:

"As of June 3, 2014, the fbi's assaults on me with DEW (directed energy weaponry) are the most extreme ever at a level of about  9 on a scale of 1- 10 (ten being the most painful and symptomatic).

The DEW attacks are 24/7 and continue for the past 14 years. Currently, the net effects of the attacks render me a prisoner to my own residence and bed for about 15-20 hours per day on average. Other symptoms are also disturbing,  but I dare not list them here.

The DEW assaults follow 1) assaults and battery on my person (and destruction of my car) by fbi street thugs, police, and operatives, as I have documented on many pages of my websites; and 2) harassment by federal, state and local  cops pretending to investigate crimes manufactured by the fbi wherein my name was planted at the scene of the crime. Also, neighbors often  join in the crimes against me as directed by fbi hoodlums and assassins."


Sosbee: "As I previously documented the fbi commits a crime in Dallas, Texas, plants my name at the scene of the crime and sends the US Postal Inspector and Texas DPS on a wild goose chase and fishing expedition in search of a way to charge this Target with any offense, civil or criminal.

The following is a summary of recent efforts by the fbi to silence me from reporting their crimes. The same brutal and criminal tactics used against me are sometimes used on a broader scale globally against others, including political targets and non-conforming (or divergent) nations. I have not included in the report an incident where a uniformed, armed police officer attempted to intimidate me in my home. Also, neighbors often assist the fbi in assaults on me and my wife in apparent efforts to provoke an answer.

Most people accept the fbi’s propaganda campaign against me, so that doctors, dentists, lawyers, realtors, mechanics, etc., sometimes seek ways to insult or harm me. I consider all such individuals as accessories to the felonies committed against me by the fbi over the past twenty five (25) years. Finally, note that assaults on me by directed energy weaponry continue with great intensity, causing dramatic symptoms. The government thus is evidently controlled or overthrown by the intelligence community which can get away with almost anything with total impunity because the main stream media is also complicit in the offenses that I describe."

"This message is in support of my very best friend in this life, the splendid Barbara Hartwell, and against Stew Webb who is our former mutual friend.
I first met Barbara on line when I was being tortured by psyops, various bio/viral assaults, and other assaults and battery on my person by fbi street thugs in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the fbi was to drive me insane, or to kill me. Barbara and I immediately became friends, more than a decade ago, and our close professional association has increased every day since then.
Briefly stated, Barbara stayed a constant and loyal ally during the worst time in my life when the fbi was trying to harm me and when everyone else abandoned me. Further, she helped me through the crisis that I was facing in my efforts to grasp the horrors confronting me by the fbi's 24/7 campaign of terror which continues today. For that and for her superb support of me (at her own great personal risk and cost) and of others who are similarly being tortured and murdered by the United States of America's intelligence community, she is truly a heroine & a liberator of mankind by showing all the world the cruel methods and murderous objectives of the fbi/cia/dod, etc.  I believe that history records Barbara Hartwell as one of the bravest and most spiritually blessed leaders of our time and that her service to humanity is beyond compare.
Now when a one time friend of Barbara attacks her, as Stew Webb recently did on a radio show, as documented by Barbara, I am reminded of the many instances when Barbara came to my defense (and to the defense of many others) under attack by so-called friends. One such example in my life was the psyop campaign run against me by one Charles Bruce Stewart who pretended to befriend me at a time when I needed a friend, then abruptly turned against me for no apparent reason and attacked me in a most vile manner. Barbara addressed the fraud of Charles Stewart and suggested to him that he has no right to attack me and no legitimate basis to do so.
The recent claim on air by Stew Webb that Barbara engaged in certain criminal conduct (including murder) when she was associated with the CIA is one of the most blasphemous lies I have ever witnessed and I cannot withhold my contempt for Webb's low verbal assault on Barbara Hartwell.
I first met Stew Webb through  my contact with Barbara; I drove from my residence in LA to Las Vegas to meet Webb in person because I felt that he was a bright and promising figure in the resistance efforts against the fbi/cia assassins (including the Bush clan mafia group which underpinned the presidencies of both Bush men). I found Stew Webb to be very knowledgeable on numerous issues and to possess a wealth of information on corruption in government.
I also learned to my dismay that Stew Webb is arrogant and self possessed beyond reason. For example, at one point during my visit with Webb, he interrupted the dialogue by invoking the name of God to chastise me for my language. In doing so, he displayed a disrespect for my personal boundaries that all civil men should honor and I felt that I was in the wrong place in his company. I cut short my visit with Webb, but I remained friendly with him until he turned against Barbara.
I point out parenthetically that a verbal attack by a former friend hurts a great deal, and Webb knows that he inflicted pain on Barbara by his lies against her on the air. His complete disrespect for the personal boundaries of Barbara Hartwell, as shown in the radio show referenced above, is as despicable as it is unforgivable; for what can motivate a man to try to destroy a former friend with lies and contrived calumny by association.
Stew Webb should apologize and retract his absurd, libelous lies against Barbara and he should get in closer touch with the God on whose behalf he pretends to speak from time to time. God is never a party to evil and Stew Webb has crossed into that domain (absent God's company) by his gratuitous lies against one of America's national treasures & spiritual giants, Barbara Hartwell."
Geral Sosbee's updated comments on Stew Webb (2014):
"Stew Webb seems to have abandoned the role of a legitimate whistleblower, i.e., one who must first and foremost never align with fabricators, liars and fascists. The need to expose government atrocities has never been more urgent than it is today because we are at the crossroads of a total breakdown of traditional  law (one which values individual freedom and inviolable rights & liberties) in service to the formation of  a deadly police state not unlike that of Nazi Germany.
Government atrocities committed largely by fbi, cia & police (with the full awareness of law makers and judges) across this nation are the main issues confronting us, but many self proclaimed whistleblowers choose to ignore such life and death issues in favor of self serving advocacy for a regime out of sync with humanity."
"Between you and me, Stew Webb is seriously unbalanced and extremely unreliable. I had to threaten legal action to stop him from clogging my fax machine about a year ago. He is frequently wrong in what he publishes. Brenda [Negri] also has serious problems. Now, rather than living in a world where someone is either an ally or a government agent, I live in a world where there are government agents, allies, people who are really perceptive with good intentions, people who are inexperienced with good intentions, and people who are just plain fucking nuts! Stew Webb is just plain fucking nuts!" 
--Mike Ruppert comments on Stew Webb from letter to Barbara Hartwell (2003)
During the time period when I was in contact with Mike Ruppert (off and on between 1998-2003), I had several conversations with Mike about various individuals who were mutual acquaintances, one of whom was Stew Webb. The reason Mike wrote me the note (excerpted above) was that he, like myself, was a Target of harassment by a group of G-Man-wannabes, under Ted Gunderson's direction, whom I called the 'Gunderson Groupie Stalkers.'
These stalkers included career criminal, predicate felon, transvestite, Timothy Patrick White, a fed snitch who made a deal to reduce his prison sentence by harassing, threatening, libeling Targets; Brenda Negri, a delusional whackjob of a woman, working a menial job as a secretary, but fraudulently posing on the Internet as a male FBI agent, calling "himself " 'Ranger Rick', who harassed Targets (including sexual harassment of genuine former/current male  government agents and whistleblowers, including Mike Ruppert, Ex-ONI Al Martin and Stew Webb).
You couldn't make this stuff up...but anyway, Mike Ruppert had "warned" me about Stew Webb, and didn't understand why I would want to "compromise" my credibility by continuing to associate with Webb, because Stew Webb had become notorious for his sensationalist "news stories", many of which were not based on facts.
Ruppert wasn't the only one to advise me that I would be better off  cutting Webb loose. But at the time, Stew was my friend (or at least I thought so), and I was aware that despite his flights of fancy into the realm of hyperbole (to put it mildly), he did possess a large body of genuine knowledge about government corruption (as mentioned by Sosbee in his comments, above), for much of which he had documentary evidence. 
Most significantly, Stew Webb, like myself, was a Target of Ted Gunderson and his cabal. Long story short, I worked with Stew Webb from 2001 until early 2006, during which time I appeared on many radio shows with Stew and collaborated on writing reports, mostly exposing Ted Gunderson and his stable of minions and stooges. At one time, most of the legitimate reports on Stew's website which exposed the criminals in government were written by Barbara Hartwell. (I'm sure Stew will take exception to this, but frankly, Stew is not the best writer --to put it charitably.)
I finally ended my association with Webb because he would not accept NO as an answer when I told him I refused to be involved in his schemes of disseminating false information, forged/fraudulent documents, and highly questionable "news stories", for which he presented no evidence and no documentation, only the testimony of suspicious unnamed  "intel sources", some of whom I knew to be entirely bogus.
Additionally, there was the issue of Stew's promotion and staunch support for Al Gore, the gun-grabbing leftist who had been involved in some of the operations in which I was utilized during my time in CIA --specifically the New Age, anti-Christian tentacle of the New World Order.
From Hartwell Report:
"I happen to know, due to my background of many years in CIA, that Al Gore was involved in certain business dealings, organizations and activities connected to the so-called New Age movement. The New Age movement is used in psychological operations to spread propaganda and foment New World Order dictates. Both Democrats and Republicans are a part of the NWO scheme; though they approach it from different angles, the end result is the same: tyranny by trampling on the God-given rights of the individual. A totalitarian one world government in which national boundaries and sovereignty are expunged."
Shortly after I ended my association with Stew Webb, he began his own campaign to libel/slander Barbara Hartwell, in conjunction with his pal, Tom Heneghan, a political hack who bills himself as "International Intelligence Expert", and former campaign manager for Al Gore.
Heneghan and Webb slandered me on the Hal Turner Network (Remember Old Hal? Racist, bigot, FBI snitch who finally ended up in prison after the FBI betrayed him.)
Excerpt from Hartwell report re slander:
But I must say I do not appreciate the patronizing comments from either gentleman, such as Tom Heneghan's remark: "Barbara, if you're listening, we still love you, dear." (Sounds just like Ted Gunderson, does it not? Can't you just feel the "love"?)
A January 12 post on Stew's website claimed that Karl Schwarz was "exposed" on the Hal Turner Network in "espionage against America" via involvement with Israeli companies; further, that he was "pushing disinfo" re depleted uranium and Al Gore. And finally, that "ex-CIA Barbara Hartwell has joined in Karl Schwarz's disinfo campaign."
From Karl Schwarz's report, 'Outing A Liar Named Stew Webb'
"Former CIA Barbara Hartwell is one of the people who cut off Stew Webb due to his trying to use lies to get his way and get Al Gore into the White House. She recently wrote the following and I have included it in its entirety."

Karl Schwarz wrote:
"When Barbara Hartwell cut him off, they then alleged that I bribed her to cut Stew off. No, actually Barbara is a lot like me in that lies have no place in her life, or liars, and she severed ties with Stew Webb on her own and at no cost to me. He even called and threatened her to stay in line with him, or else. He threatened other people as well when Barbara Hartwell and I put [journalist] Tom Flocco on notice that he had been fed false information by Stew Webb.

Then Stew tried to ingratiate himself with a wide range of people trying to find more suckers that would send him money every month for his “important work”. Most people that go to Stew’s website walk away thinking it is a menagerie of a lunatic and they are not far off in that assessment. He commingles issues that are not related in the least bit and tries to spin them into a story that attempts to make him important. If the dots do not connect, he and Heneghan just create a new fictitious dot and keep babbling."
Among the various slanders (on radio and in print) of which Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan accused me:
 Barbara Hartwell is a "fallen angel"; a "CIA hit man" (murderer); part of an "Israeli spy ring"; "is working with Tim White" (fed snitch, career criminal and psycho stalker of Barbara Hartwell since 2001 --fat chance!); is still "on the CIA payroll" (No, Stew, not for more than 20 years, but now you're taking a page from Gunderson's playbook.) Has been "injected with alien DNA"; is in a conspiracy with Ken Adachi, in a "FBI/CIA Stooge Game" to "target federal whistleblower Stew Webb" (This one is really beyond the pale, and Webb knows it. He must be really desperate to discredit me if this is the best he can do.) That Barbara Hartwell is "Mega-Mossad" (an accusation also leveled at Karl Schwarz); is an "Old CIA Stooge" reactivated to target Stew Webb....and on and on it goes, one accusation more preposterous than the next.
Glenn Canady is an extremely aggressive, ambitious amateur, a bootlicking lackey whose only function seems to have become to promote Stew Webb and his cronies (the latest being Editor in Chief, Gordon Duff and the columnists on Veteran's Today), no matter what they say or do. No matter how many lies they tell, no matter whom they attack with calumny, no matter what outrageously false intelligence they disseminate. (And as I have repeatedly exposed, there's damn sure plenty of it!)
Canady had written a ridiculous commentary, claiming to "expose" Alex Jones, which was posted on Veterans Today (under the Stew Webb 'columnist ' section) and elsewhere. I had only one direct encounter with Canady, when I was invited, along with my friends Dr. Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane, to be guests on Michael Vara's radio program, Late Night in the Midlands, then co-hosted by Canady (2012). Long story short, Horowitz, Kane and I provided many facts exposing  Alex Jones as a government shill, but Canady went ballistic in Jones's defense, and in derogatory comments against us, once we went off the air.
Then, shortly thereafter, the pretentious fool, Canady, did a 180 reversal and started attacking Jones, with the same apparent passion with which he had previously promoted him. I wrote a number of reports exposing Canady and Stew Webb, who had been on a rampage of libelous attacks against Barbara Hartwell, finally escalating  his attacks with bizarre threats of RICO lawsuits. (On what grounds, pray tell?)
Here, in an exchange with another fool, from the "comments" section, are yet more ludicrous (and libelous) statements (excerpts) by Glenn Canady against Barbara Hartwell:
Canady aka Fool #1:
"Those lies posted from years ago [truthful comments exposing Stew Webb & Canady] have nothing to do with the story that all come from other patriots and US Intel who has already outed Alex Jones. Barbara Hartwell works for the CIA. She has admitted to being on their payroll. Stew Webb has already outed her on his website So of course she’s going to attack me and Stew. She also claims she was injected with alien demon DNA as part of an experiment."

How utterly stupid can this guy possibly be? Canady is merely parroting the lies of Stew Webb, and possibly embellishing them to give his lies more bang for the buck. For the record, I have never "admitted" to being on CIA's payroll, NOT after 1994, when I got out, once and for all. 

As for "claiming" I was injected with "alien demon DNA"

Where in hell did this ridiculous falsehood come from? Wait, I think I know. It emanates from one of Stew Webb's many "International Intel sources". As we all know, they are never, ever wrong. (And no, I never made any such idiotic claim.)

Fool #2:

"… don’t you guys have legal redress for the allegations that both Barbara Hartwell and Michael Vara make? There’d have to have been litigation, wouldn’t there?

I mean to say: Barbara climbs right up everybody with this…
… yet nobody got sued. Hmmm."

Canady aka Fool #1:

"Stew will most likely suing her for her lies about him when he gets arounds to it. He already has the evidence on her. She is such a small fish and has no audience so it’s very low on his priority list...."

A small fish? Take a good long look in the mirror, Canady, if you want to see the reflection of a small fish. And if I have "no audience", then why in hell is Stew Webb on such a vicious rampage to discredit me, using outrageous lies and fabrications? Since, according to you, nobody is listening to me, why bother?

Fool #3 aka "mayhem":

"Not that i want to be seen as supporting the princess of smear, Barbara Hartwell. It’s really Ted Gunderson, patriot, that i’m for defending. I’m not even american for crying out loud. I might have to do my home work again, to remember exactly how it went, but i recall none of the spurious or heinous allegations leveled against him sticking. I will feel commanded to put shame on you, Glen Canady, if you insist."

Now here's a guy who admits he is not an American, but defends Ted Gunderson as a "patriot". I'm absolutely certain he never knew Ted Gunderson (neither did Glenn Canady), but has obviously bought into all the hype about Ted (the Gun), "Patriot Celebrity", which is being spewed by his lying PR shills. And Barbara Hartwell, as usual, is denigrated, in this case as the "princess of smear", simply for exposing the truth.

Comments from Hartwell reports:  

Glenn Canady is a typical 'know it all', who in fact knows nothing at all –at least nothing that is real, true, factual or accurate. To slap his own much-touted label on him –he’s a STOOGE. And none too bright, either.

It should be mentioned that some time back, Canady had been on a self-appointed and clearly obsessive mission to promote Alex Jones. Canady was posting a plethora of pro-Jones comments all over the Internet, on various social networks, touting Jones as if he were the ultimate yardstick by which patriotism and truth were measured.
I trust that 'Veterans Today' does not actually believe that Mr. Gordon Duff represents in his editorials the real veteran today, because he surely does not in my opinion. This veteran views Mr. Duff as a propagandist (however much misguided or unintended) for the corrupt and murderous intelligence agencies that have *overthrown the US government.
As I read his comments, I find nothing that seeks to edify the reader regarding the cowardly and out of control assassins of fbi, cia, dod, nsa, all of whom in large part run this country. Further, any agenda by any author that obscures the causes or genesis of  the USA's  macabre culture -as forged by military and intelligence agency fools-  is of no tangible use to the people and is seen as such by informed people everywhere.

Also, as Mr. Duff is a former Marine, I find that even they are not forthcoming concerning their roles in the development and application of DEW technology that is used to torture me and others today. The same high tech weaponry invented and deployed by the US Marines is intended by its design to force suicide or to cause mental & physical breakdown and death of many Targets (foreign & domestic).
(Add key words to search: neuronal entrainment, non lethal application.)
So, let the record show that when media, both mainstream and internet, are dominated by big mouths with big 'totalitarian' microphones, the people suffer and the nation falls deeper into the abyss of inhumane, fascist rule because truth is hidden under the veil of self serving and often irrelevant tripe. IMHO"
Criminal perp Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau) is responsible, more than any other individual, for engineering a libel/slander campaign so massive and so long-running (since 2001 and ongoing) against Barbara Hartwell, that his diabolical calumny has done immeasurable damage to my personal/professional reputation; has caused extreme emotional distress; has caused like-minded criminals to commit criminal/civil offenses against me; has caused tremendous material losses --by thefts committed against me, and by donations withheld from the public, who read and unfortunately, believed Adachi's filthy and outrageous lies against Barbara Hartwell.
But Adachi is not operating alone. His criminal accomplices include just about every minion and stooge of Ted Gunderson, who gleefully spread their lies against Barbara Hartwell, all over the Internet, on hundreds of websites and message boards, as character assassination, defamation, libel, slander. 
Meanwhile these same lowlife characters have stalked (on foot and by e-mail and telephone), harassed, committed forgery, fraud and identity theft against me, even going so far as making death threats.
One of Adachi's criminal accomplices, a vile and loathsome character named Todd Brendan Fahey, in collusion with predicate felon Tim White, carpet-bombed the Internet, posting my PRIVATE UNLISTED street address, along with photos of my house in Maine.
[NOTE: The same thing was done to former CIA agent Valerie Plame, when a campaign was mounted against her.]
But they didn't stop there: They solicited crimes against Barbara Hartwell by inviting like-minded thieves and thugs to trespass on my property, falsely  claiming that I was accepting "donations" at my private residence. This resulted in felony theft on my property, when thousands of $ of my possessions were stolen by local yokel lowlifes whom they had  contacted to harass me at my home.
Ken Adachi published their trash on his website (along with many other smear pieces), aiding and abetting them in their crimes. Solicitation to commit a crime is itself a crime.
Another of Adachi's accomplices is Brenda Negri (mentioned above), a woman posing as a male FBI agent, calling herself  "Ranger Rick", and "Ace G-Man", a Gunderson minion and stooge, who has been featured on Adachi's website for years.
As evidence of the type of criminal character Adachi supports and promotes, here is a death threat Negri made against Barbara Hartwell (by name) which was published on Larry Lawson News, 2002 (Lawson is another criminal promoted by Adachi):
"...the Mexican Mafia, the gangs, the heroin junkies and the meth dealers. They'll whip your ass into a pulp if we ask them to, and thats only if you're lucky. If you're not, they'll just flat kill ya......they'll slit your throat just as soon as say fuck you."
I called the FBI, in three states, seeking assistance and asking several agents to investigate the death threats, from Brenda Negri, Tim White ("I'll KILL that CIA BITCH!" and, "WE ARE COMING FOR YOU, CIA BITCH!) and their accomplices. I told them I could furnish documented evidence, in the form of hardcopies taken from the Internet. I had taped death threats from my answering machine (just like Mike Ruppert...) and threats of bodily harm.
But none of these agents would do a damn thing. They just made noises about "getting back to you", but I never heard another word. Of course not. The FBI had been on my case for years, trying to force me to shut down my website. 
Why? Because I was encouraging military vets to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. They didn't like that at all. Since I was doing nothing unlawful, simply exercising my right to freedom of speech, I sent a message back to the FBI goons via their messenger boy, who delivered their threats (they were too cowardly to approach me directly): GO TO HELL. If you have something to say to me, act like a man and say it to my face.
Ken Adachi has also published libel against Geral Sosbee on his website. Geral found this one (2010), which I had never seen. But then, it's hard to keep up with all of Adachi's hideous calumny. That would be a full-time job!
Adachi:  "I was open to Barbara Hartwell when she first came out of the shadows in the late 1990s and asked Ted Gunderson for his help. Ted invested time, energy, and money in order to help her and he got back betrayal and vicious poison pen diatribes plastered all over the internet in return for his assistance"...."I don't know Sosbee other than he's a two bit nobody, ex-FBI agent, helping Hartwell spread her lies. He was probably assigned to her by the CIA."
What the hell is Adachi talking about? He was "open" to Barbara Hartwell. Open to what?  I had never heard of this slimeball, Adachi, until he came "out of the shadows" (to use his phrase) to attack me with libel, accusing me of all sorts of dastardly deeds. According to Adachi, I am a "CIA disinfo Agent". I won't list the many other names he's slapped on me, the list would take up far too much space....
And for the record, I did not "ask" Ted Gunderson for his help. He offered it to me, and he was the one who pursued the association with me, from Day One.
And if Adachi wants to talk about being "assigned by the CIA", he's got the characters all mixed up. It was Gunderson who was planted on me by CIA, not Sosbee.
Geral Sosbee: "Right, 'a two bit nobody', but Adachi is afraid to use his true name as he uses ad hominem  assaults on those of us who expose his lies, and at the same time shake the foundation of this murderously corrupt government with our unrelenting  and truthful documentations. He is still quite the petty fraudster."

And now, at last, this sinister message, the obvious product of a psychopathic criminal mind, posted by FBI operatives, stalking Geral Sosbee on the Internet:

"Geral Sosbee, Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday. That was the end, Of Geral Sosbee.
 Poor little Sosbee, chip in the head and a foot in the grave. Making trouble for those who run the world. Why do you cause so much trouble for us little Sosbee? If you'd just conformed it'd be so much easier. We'd take that little chip out of your head and we'd stop keeping you up at night!
But if you keep being bad we'll have to turn out your light. Soon soon soon, you'll have to decide to play or disappear. Have you ever noticed that guy on the corner? Or the woman watching you in her rear view mirror? Of course you have, you're not stupid.  Just crazy right?  At least, that's what they say."
Now, if that is not a death threat, I don't know what is. But can we track down these cowardly bastards, using many aliases to pursue their Targets? No way in hell. Despite our training in intelligence work and investigation, we don't have the resources, we don't have the support. Sadly, we are outmanned (if you could call them "men") and outgunned.
So, I guess we've come to the end of this report. We had intended to cover much more material, but that will have to wait.
You may find our  numerous reports, covering these issues (and much more) on our websites:
Sosbee vs. FBI
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

Banners courtesy of FBI Whistleblower Bob Levin (Thanks, Bob!)
It is our sincere hope (and prayer) that the readers will seriously consider all that we have revealed here. Furthermore, we encourage those who are truly concerned about the future of this nation to take the time (or make the time) to do some research and begin (if you haven't already) to engage in activism to hold the government accountable for its actions.
We stand for Liberty, for defending and upholding the Rule of Law under the U.S. Constitution. We stand for God-given unalienable INDIVIDUAL rights, protected under the Constitution. We demand that the government obey the Constitution. We demand that the government stop torturing, terrorizing, harassing and persecuting its own citizens.
We hope that you will use your discernment and make up your own mind: Are we, the government whistleblowers, "crazy", as we have been accused? Are we liars and disinfo agents? Should we be ignored and discounted?
Or, are the forces of evil working through the government agencies we have exposed, to neutralize us with extreme prejudice, to ostracize us, to push us to the margins of society, to cast us aside, to silence us --one way or another-- before enough people are able to hear our message and discern the truth?
In the Cause of Liberty and Justice for All,
Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee
June 11, 2014
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA