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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Ironically, we who are now being tortured and murdered are in a sense freed from substantial fear because all is taken from us, except our last breath. When relief comes, many of us will thank God for the deliverance from the torture and pain.
--Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee 
It has been ten years since I wrote this report, in May 2004. At the time of its first publication I had known Geral only three (3) years, but knew him well enough that we had already become best friends. After all these years, he is still my best friend, and this holds true even though there have been times when we didn't speak for months on end --usually because one or both of us were under such heavy fire by the perps (government-issue Satanists and Nazis, that is) that it was all we could do to make it through another day.
What I admire most about Geral is that he holds to Godly principles and practices moral absolutes --no matter what they throw at him, he refuses to compromise with evildoers.
Unlike most others I have known, he sticks to his guns, and I have never once heard him try to make excuses for wrongdoers; rather he calls them out and declares in no uncertain terms that they will be held accountable, if not under the law, at least by those of us who will fight to the death for Liberty.  And just as I do, he knows that in the end, they cannot escape the judgment of God Almighty.
Geral Sosbee, through his uncompromising stand for Truth and Justice, and his ceaseless activism, year in, year out, stands as a living testament to the victory of the Human Spirit.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
May 14, 2014

"America is a willingness of the heart."
--F. Scott Fitzgerald
Imagine this: He is an American citizen, born and raised in the U.S. of A. As a young man, he enlists in the military, the U.S. Army, where he serves his country as a soldier in Vietnam. Following military service, he earns a college degree and begins a career with the FBI, where he specializes in espionage/foreign intelligence operations. 

After leaving the FBI, he pursues post-graduate studies and earns a law degree, becomes a Doctor of Jurisprudence. He goes on to become a prosecuting attorney in the state of Texas and subsequently an associate municipal court judge. As a university professor, he teaches Constitutional law, at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including to military personnel.

Sounds like an enviable life, doesn't it? A life any American would be honored to call his own. The life of an American Patriot, a Defender of the Constitution who loves his country so much he is willing to give his all in dedication to the service of its loftiest ideals...Liberty and Justice for All.

But as you read on, you will discover that somewhere, somehow...something went terribly wrong. Life did not turn out as it should have for this American Patriot....


He is now, at age 58, financially destitute, having been forced into bankruptcy in 2003 resulting from the FBI and CIA campaign to destroy him. He was at one time forced to live in his car, moving from place to place; and to borrow from his credit cards to survive as he sought safe haven from his tormentors.

He suffers physical disabilities (associated with a back injury in Viet Nam and a knee injury sustained while in FBI service) both of which have been exacerbated by the chronic illnesses brought on by poisonings and assaults with directed energy ("non-lethal") weaponry.

He has had most of his property stolen or destroyed, including two (2) computers, a car and a motorcyle (which were not protected by bumper-to-bumper warranties). Now being without a vehicle, unable to afford to replace his losses, he is forced to walk or take public transportation.

Being without a computer, he is forced to go to a library or pay for the use of a computer elsewhere in order to continue his work. Work for which he receives no compensation but pursues as a tormented labor of love, still driven by the need to serve his country in the pursuit of Liberty and Justice for All.

The same liberty and justice which have been denied to him by the henchmen of the corrupt system he seeks to expose and to hold accountable for its crimes against its own citizens.

This story of political persecution, violations of privacy and outrageous abuses of human rights, that of ex-FBI agent Geral W. Sosbee, may stretch credibility to the breaking point, but is nonetheless the unvarnished truth. How can I be so sure his story is true? Because the hero of the story is a man I have come to know well, and now consider to be my best friend.

I also believe in him because I have conducted my own thorough investigation of his case over a period of three (3) years, from 2001-2004. I have listened to countless hours of his testimony. He has allowed me to interrogate and debrief him in order that I might have a full understanding of the situation. (Just ask Geral, I can be the most brutal of interrogators, in search of the facts and the truth.) In the course of this investigation I have collected a large file of his written reports, documenting events which have transpired between 1971 (his first year in the FBI) and the present time. I have studied the documents (official gov't letters and FBI reports) which validate his claims.

But more than all of this, I myself have become a witness to some of the tactics of harassment being used by criminal elements of the FBI and CIA in attempts to neutralize one of their former agents.

They regularly commandeer the phone lines and sabotage our calls. They put echo chambers on the line and break in with electronic interference to let us know they are on the case, listening to and recording every word. They shut off his cell phone after he commits the crime of talking to me. They send "punishing" or taunting e-mail messages to Geral, on the subject matter of our various calls, to let him know they don't like him talking to me. But I think they hate it most when we laugh at them, finding comic relief in the absurdity of their sophomoric behavior.

Yes, the very government he served with honor for so many years is responsible for designing and implementing a terror campaign so brutal, it's amazing that he has survived it thus far. I can honestly say, with no reservations, that the persecution Geral Sosbee has been targeted for is by far the worst I have ever investigated or even heard of, barring none.

He is pursued, day in, day out, by the Hounds of Hell. They invade his home, poison his food, send thugs to intercept him at the bus stop or in other public places. They assault him with ELF weaponry in the apartment where he now lives, so that he has little chance of getting any sleep.

There will be those who would rather turn their eyes away; who do not want to believe Geral Sosbee's story for the simple reason that it is unfathomable to them that such evil, such brazen iniquity, could exist in the hearts and minds of so many of those in positions of power and authority in our government. But I will ask you, if nothing else, to suspend judgment and read on with your own open mind and compassionate heart.

The truth will set you free, though at first it may hurt like hell. Hopefully, it will also make you mad as hell.


In 1978, while he was working in New York City, the FBI orchestrated the breakup of Sosbee's marriage, using operatives to cause his wife to abandon the relationship. Then, having isolated Sosbee by removing his primary source of support, the FBI surrounded him one day in the apartment complex where he lived, using more than half a dozen FBI agents who gave him the following ultimatum: Resign or be incarcerated in a mental institution.

The FBI's reason for the forced resignation was that Sosbee had reported perjury, suppression of evidence and other irregularities --which comprised obstruction of justice--to his supervisor years earlier. The cases in which the FBI crimes were committed implicated dozens of FBI agents, supervisors and possibly the Director himself.

The same cases were used --and are still being used to the present day-- as legal precedent for all future cases of similar facts. The end of the appeal time for some of the plaintiffs and defendants in the cases in which Sosbee was involved as an FBI agent (and arresting officer) terminated at about the same time that Sosbee was forced out. The FBI waited until the statutory time limits elapsed for appeals (in the suspect cases) so as to preclude Sosbee from discovering and reporting the crimes and cover ups in the cases.

Today the FBI uses the precedents mentioned above to prevent other defendants and plaintiffs from receiving a fair hearing.

Imagine that: A person who defends the Constitutional rights of both suspects and law enforcement personnel is deemed "insane". What a sorry nation we have become. How far we have fallen from the ideals of our Founding Fathers.

So before going further, it is important to understand that Geral Sosbee's forced resignation from the FBI --under threat of losing his liberty and having his sanity impugned-- was a direct result of his uncompromising adherence to proper legal procedures as a law enforcement officer; and of keeping his sacred oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

This might-makes-right attitude by government authorities with overblown egos and a shortage of gray matter may well get over in a Banana Republic, but is insufferable --not to be tolerated!-- in the Constitutional Republic.


It is deeply ironic that while working for the FBI, from 1971 until his forced resignation in 1978, Geral Sosbee had received several commendations from the FBI Director for excellence in service. Here is one such letter:

Dear Mr. Sosbee:

I am pleased to commend you for your excellent services relative to the Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution case concerning William Elisha Davidson and Ella Coffin Davidson.

Even though this investigation was of a trying and difficult nature, you pursued your responsibilities with attentiveness, perseverance and dedication.

Your valuable services were in keeping with the Bureau's highest traditions.

Sincerely yours,
L. Patrick Gray
Acting Director

[Please see Geral's website for the original document]

Then, there is the FBI History Book, in which Geral Sosbee is one of those Special Agents listed, describing some of his accomplishments while in service to the FBI. Below, a summary of the book:

"Turner Publishing Company is proud to have assisted the Society of Former Special Agents in compiling this volume of their history. The stories collected here, from the Bureau's history to the nearly 1,400 individual biographies, recount the courage, intelligence and integrity of those who have served in the most elite law enforcement organization in the land....Turner also would like to thank all former Special Agents and their families who contributed photographs, biographical or anecdotal material for the book...."
On page 11 of the book (which may be borrowed from a public library through the Library of Congress) the FBI mission is stated in part as follows:
"...and to perform these responsibilities in a manner that is faithful to the Constitution of the United States of America."
So, for those who still find it a stretch to believe that the FBI could persecute one of their own, how much MORE of a stretch is it to comprehend how FAITHFULNESS TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION could be the primary cause for such a harassment campaign?
Now, in his own words, some comments from Geral Sosbee, describing some of his former colleagues.

Samuel W. Jones, now deceased. Sam was an outstanding FBI agent and a close friend who advised me that the FBI intended to end my career soon; this occurred while I worked in the Albuquerque and Alamogordo FBI offices.
Benjamin H Cook, now retired, was the Assistant Special Agent In Charge of the Springfield , Illinois, FBI office while I served under his command in the Rock Island Resident Agency of the FBI. Cooke was a part of the general conspiracy to keep me silent by transferring me to the Defence Language Institute in California after he learned that all the agents in the Rock Island Office refused to assist me in an arrest that I was ordered to make alone (a procedure unheard of, to be sent out with no backup.) Cooke was fully aware of the slander campaign which was intended to force me to resign. Besides all of this, Ben Cooke was and is now a good man who, under any other circumstances, I would have been honored to serve.

Lawrence M. Connelley and James R. Rogers, both served in the Rock Island FBI office with me and were aware of the conspiracy to force me out.

Donald E. Ritchey, now retired and living in Ft. Worth, Texas. Ritchey is the FBI agent who was with me at the time we illegally arrested an innocent woman named Margarett Rodriguez and falsely charged her with various criminal memorialized in the law books. Prior to the arrest I advised Ritchey (about 15 years my senior) that I reviewed the file on the accused and that I could find no evidence of any type of criminal activity. Ritchey advised me to report this to the supervisor and to the case agent, which I did. Ritchey could verify many of my statements, but he is afraid to do so. He could single- handedly cause a Congressional Investigation into FBI corruption by simply coming forward to confirm that I helped arrest the accused against my will and against my stated verbal protestations. Ritchey retired from the FBI January, 1979, just a few months after my forced resignation from the FBI. Also, the statute of limitations for a plaintiff's appeal of the Rodriguez case expired in 1978; Ritchey and I were both defendants in the civil case and I was prevented from testifying. Ritchey now lives a comfortable life and I am tormented; as far as I am concerned he is a coward or a fool for his refusal to back me up.

Why not put THAT in the FBI History Book? And while they're at it, the publishers could make some other revisions and tell the FBI's history LIKE IT REALLY IS.


Geral Sosbee was first brought to my attention in early 2001, by a friend, formerly in military service and retired from the LAPD. I went to Geral's website to check it out. Over the years, I have known quite a few whistleblowers out of government service; some have gone public using their actual names, some have used pseudonyms. I also know many former military and intelligence operatives who have spoken to me privately but have chosen for various reasons, not to make their cases public.

But in most cases, they all approached me to begin our correspondence. Being something of a recluse (even to the point of being anti-social) I do not normally seek out contact with other people. I have been burned too many times when agents were planted on me in the guise of well-wishers or supporters of my work. For the most part, all I want is to be left alone.

But once I started to read the material on Geral's website, I felt I had to make an exception for him and initiate contact myself. This was because so much of what he reported, the specific harassment tactics, including the violations of his privacy and personal boundaries; the 24-hour surveillance in his home, his car and everywhere he went; the break-ins to his home, the drugging and poisoning of his food and drink, the slander campaigns, and being accosted by government goons, was eerily similar to what had happened to me.

I believed his reports, if for no other reason than that I am intimately familiar with how the goons operate, how they try to drive a person to desperation, insanity or even suicide. Put simply: Isolation, Alienation, Deprivation. Right out of the CIA Psy Ops manual for political prisoners, detainees or other targets best described as enemies of the state. And most sickening, these "enemies" seem, with increasing frequency, to be their own people, those individuals whose conscience has led them to do the right thing, no matter the consequences to themselves.

It took awhile to get to know him, since he seemed somewhat shy and almost as reclusive as myself. At first, our phone conversations were brief, as were the e-mails. But what impressed me most about Geral was his truthfulness and his humility. For instance, I never learned that he was an attorney, had been a prosecutor, a judge or a professor of Constitutional law until a mutual acquaintance told me.

Unlike most others being persecuted by the government, I have never heard him boast of his credentials or personal accomplishments. Rather, he seemed truly saddened, for their sake, that the government blackhearts could not see the light of truth.

Geral once said to me that he could never have imagined, while he was growing up, or during his military service or even when he first started working for the FBI, that he would ever be in such a position. Where instead of fighting crime and criminals, he would be fighting against the criminals in his own government!

But when I began to understand the level of harassment and political persecution directed against him, I was truly horrified, as well as amazed that anyone could bear up under what he has had to endure. Geral does not believe in using violence to solve his problems, but rather his intellect. He calls his tormentors "Mental Dwarves", which pretty well sums up who and what they are. As I've told him many times, I don't think I could have the level of restraint he shows if I were accosted by goons on a regular basis, the way he has been. I might be tempted to punch their lights out! (In fact, on certain occasions I have done just that, but usually only if they touched me first.)

My reason for writing this article was that I wanted Geral's story to be told in a way that could give people a more comprehensive idea of his character; of who he is as a person; the nature of his considerable accomplishments and talents; his trials and tribulations in the fight for freedom; and his dedication to serving his country and humanity at large.

Many people have visited his website. They have looked at the reports and documents and they have been impressed with his credentials, which are posted there for anyone who makes an effort to look. And yet, his modesty in downplaying his own background and accomplishments has been a source of frustration to me personally because he deserves a much broader recognition for his work than he has thus far received.

Geral Sosbee is a Champion of Liberty and the only former government agent I have ever known (and I've known quite a few) whose record in government service can hold up under close scrutiny with no black marks, no skeletons rattling in the closet. His case, as a persecuted whistleblower, deserves far greater scrutiny as well, both by those within government and by all freedom-loving people in the U.S.A and around the world.

Barbara Hartwell
May 18, 2004


Fortunately, I'm not the only one who appreciates Geral Sosbee and his work on behalf of Liberty. Below, some comments from friends of mine who have been keeping up with Geral's work and his excellent website.


Mr. Sosbee is a loyal friend and a formidable foe. I am familiar with some of his works. I congratulate you both.

Dr. Byron Weeks

Dear Barbara:

I am so pleased you have Geral as an ally....a good man who, from what I see, tells it exactly as it is.

Best Always,
Wayne Blanchard.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust