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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Pro-UN, Anti-Constitution, Left-wing Agitator Frank Allen of Targeted Massachusetts Promotes Libelous Falsehoods, Makes False Accusations Against Barbara Hartwell




Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.

1 Corinthians 10:21

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Isaiah 5:20


Frank Allen runs a website called Targeted Massachusetts.


He is one of the many characters who promotes numerous liars, shills, frauds, charlatans, criminals, FBI snitches and publicity hounds, all claiming to be “targeted individuals”.

He is a staunch supporter/promoter of the Marxist UN and their accomplices. By definition he is anti-Constitution and anti-American, though in typical leftist fashion, he is a hypocrite who waves the American flag, while spouting psychobabble about “human rights”.

He is a supporter/promoter of a number of my enemies, all of whom have done grievous damage to the good name of Barbara Hartwell. And since Mr. Allen has added to the libel extravaganza with his own idiotic comments, I will take this opportunity to expose him (once again) along with his accomplices, and to soundly refute his defamation.

I found this smear against Barbara Hartwell included at the following link:

Further Targeting of the Too-Much-Truth-Telling Journalist by Self-Named “Targeted Individual Activist Leaders”: Karen Stewart Moves from Smear Operation to “Calling the Police” while Midge Mathis, Matthew Arnegard, Frank Allen Send Public and Private Insults


"...Frank Allen sent me a private passel of insults, which I responded separately to; ditto Matthew Aaron, albeit less extensively."

"Frank Allen, someone I have never met and do not know, has been particularly opprobrious and persistent in leaving me insults in comments at my web site and elsewhere, this is not his first insulting email to me. He has Karen Stewart to thank for this publication now, because I would not have bothered to publish any of this had Karen Stewart not aired “calling the police” threats—his email echoes the false-claims and lies in hers and is relevant to this publication of the entire communication I received from members of this unwanted email list."




Frank Allen to Ramola D:

"Hello Friends,

I have answered this thread for one reason. Ms. Ramola D has placed my name in print. Ramola...Dear...You have stabbed everyone here in the back on numerous occasions. The content within this thread an inclusion. You and Ms Hartwell have made quite a team. Together, You have taken great pleasure in letting it be known that you do not appreciate anyone. I have been trying to decide what in the bloody hell is the matter? This helps your YouTube following I'm sure. The whole bloody community thinks that you have gone mad...You have slandered, mocked and betrayed everyone. Midge, Karen, Ella, Richard, Linda C, Matthew and Myself, just to name a few. You sound like a pompous ass...Grow Up! You are a big girl now! You should consider dropping the phony British accent. We as a community have had enough...


Frank Allen"


How my name got dragged into this, I don't know. However, it is my policy to never let anything pass. They aim fire at me, guaran-damn-teed, I shoot back.

Here, Mr. Allen, in his condescending, insulting message to Ramola D, also exploits my name and gratuitously throws it into the mix, though I am not, and never have been, involved with any “TI” groups, nor the so-called “TI Community” in any way, shape or form. Nor am I a participant on any e-mail lists or discussion groups.

Nor do I know any of the individuals he names. As for my opinions of these individuals, based on my observations of their publicly promoted words and actions, I am free to express them if I choose. There has never been any “slander” involved, not on my part. I merely expose facts, backed by evidence. Usually the evidence consists of their own words, with which they usually ineptly manage to hang themselves, with no help from me. This includes Mr. Allen, a bloviating pompous ass if ever there was one.

As for back-stabbing, that would be reserved for someone who knows, and has had dealings or relationships with another person, which I have not, not with any of these characters.

For the record, I am not part of any “team”, as he falsely states here. I am not a team player. I am an independent journalist, who speaks strictly for myself. Nor does anyone speak for me.

"Together, You have taken great pleasure in letting it be known that you do not appreciate anyone."

What the hell does that mean? There have never been any actions “together”, not involving me, certainly not in regard to this issue. And Mr. Allen has no way of knowing what I do –or do not – take pleasure in. He is engaging in wild speculation, nothing more, evidently based on unwarranted malice.

And no, speaking strictly for myself, as always, I certainly do not “appreciate” anything about the crew of liars, frauds and charlatans he promotes, who are his accomplices in doing great harm to this Constitutional Republic by promoting their Marxist propaganda and inane psychobabble.

So next time, leave my name OUT of any of your malicious, fact-free missives, or you will be exposed yet again along with your comrades, your fellow travelers, marching down the road to One World Government, New World Order.

Barbara Hartwell

Target of Leftists Worldwide

April 28, 2022









IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM? Hypocrites for “Human Rights”: Appeal to the UN, Enslave Yourself, Your Family & Help Implement Worldwide Totalitarian Rule




SELLING OUT AMERICA: Hypocrites, False Patriots, Fake Christians, Bogus Whistleblowers & Government Stooges Promote, Support & Endorse United Nations as Advocate for “Targeted Individuals”

This report exposes groups and individuals who are trafficking with the United Nations, while simultaneously promoting the pretense of adhering to a Christian faith, and/or defending the US Constitution and/or opposing the New World Order and/or protecting human rights and/or claiming to be working for Liberty and Justice for all. They are all, in a word, hypocrites. In some cases, far worse.

The United Nations is anti-Christian; anti-Liberty; anti-Sovereignty; anti-Justice, anti-American. There are no two ways about it, and anyone who claims otherwise is a conditioned dupe, a would-be tyrant, an actual tyrant, or a damn fool.

I write this from the perspective of someone who has fought communism (and every other form of leftist tyranny and totalitarianism) for over half a century, that being my entire adult life. I have witnessed this diabolical tyranny firsthand, from inside the belly of the beast, and from outside, through my direct personal and professional experience, and as a victim and designated Target of the criminals and tyrants who are hell-bent on destroying this country. Not only from the outside, by foreign enemies – but especially by the enemies within our own borders. And for anyone who does not believe that trafficking with the UN makes one a domestic enemy, read on...

Defending God-given, Unalienable Rights, as protected and guaranteed under the US Constitution, has been the primary focus of my work for decades, including, but certainly not limited to, what is published on this website.

And I will not stand idly by while the plotters of a communist revolution, and their minions and stooges, via insidious propaganda, foment ideological and cultural subversion, destroy everything I love and hold precious, everything I believe in, everything that I and other genuine Christians and patriots have worked for, fought for, sacrificed for, and which some of us have died for, or will die for, before this is over.

The enemies are within the gates and must be clearly identified. In all too many cases, they are American citizens, though, as far as I am concerned, they sure as hell don't deserve to be.

I will start with a group called Targeted Massachusetts, run by one Frank Allen.

Targeted Massachusetts


A waving UN flag is prominently displayed in the center of the front page of the site, with two American flags in the corners. What is the message here? Mr. Allen and his members and followers have declared themselves the enemies of this Constitutional Republic, in no uncertain terms.

This organization is promoting, endorsing and supporting the United Nations in a number of ways.

Here, also displayed prominently on the front page, a letter to “the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture”:

United Nations Report

Psychosocial Dynamics Conducive to Torture and Ill-Treatment Report

I don't have much to say about this letter, except that it is rife with meaningless platitudes and deceptive psychobabble, which attempts to draw the readers in to the belief that those referred to as “targeted individuals” are all held captive, with no possible escape, except by some form of intervention by the United Nations.

Here, an excerpt:

"Cybertorture is conducted via access by satellite. This is the only technology that would allow them coverage of the entire globe with no gaps. Cybertorure incorporates all the fore-mentioned. There is no place that you can hide."

Mr. Allen thus adheres to the false, and widely promoted propaganda that satellites are the “only” method by which directed energy weapons are deployed against a person. He is merely parroting the party-line designed to deceive the populace as to the actual methods of delivery, which consist primarily of ground-based systems, microwave towers, undersea cables and portable devices. Anyone who has taken the time to do the serious research may confirm this.

There is ZERO actual evidence that this technology is deployed from satellites. This is what NASA, another satanic agency, wants everyone to believe, which tragically, most do, without ever questioning the outrageous lies --for which billions and billions of dollars are stolen to promote-- or taking the time to do their own research.

The radio show run by Frank Allen, on RBN, is a sensationalist (but very boring) platform which promotes the same falsehoods and propaganda, with the same regular guests, those endorsed by Targeted Massachusetts, the shills such as “Richard Lighthouse” aka Winter Owen Calvert, and their dupes, Midge Mathis aka Doris Clause, Susan Olsen, all members of Targeted Justice. Allen actually promotes Midge Mathis and “former NASA Lighthouse” as “whistleblowers”, persons who have established no credibility whatsoever.

Then, there are others, including ex NSA, Karen Melton Stewart, and Janet Phelan, both of whom also promote, endorse and support the United Nations, by making appeals and signing petitions on behalf of “targeted individuals”, and in Phelan's case, having been a longtime trafficker with the UN, attending their conventions and advocating for their treaties and other UN-Constitutional meddling in the affairs of these united States.

Mr. Allen also promotes a group called Freedom for Targeted Individuals, run by a woman named Eyerly Felder, also hiding behind a false name, “Ella Free”, just like Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) and Doris Clause (Midge Mathis).

The website promotes the following notice:

"Call A TI Support Lines"

The “support” lines consist of some of the “targeted individuals”, including “Ella Free” (FFTI) and Millicent Black (Refugee from the Storm). Millicent Black, a “Christian pastor”, has openly promoted Roe vs Wade, citing abortion as a “woman's right”. She also claims to be a therapist of some kind, which does not bode well for the unborn babies of any of her “clients”.

They promote “Support Websites”, which include FFTI, Targeted Justice, among others, all of which are trafficking with the United Nations.

Janet Phelan, a dyed-in-the-wool career leftist agitator, if ever there was one, has a long history of trafficking with the United Nations, as well as promoting leftist politicians and officials, here and abroad, including John Kerry and Hugo Chavez (double barf-bag alert!)

She has inveighed against capitalism:

"How capitalism accommodates attacks on 1st Amendment Rights--Impromptu with Howard Nema"

Her “good friend” and fellow busybody, Howard Nemaizer (aka Nema) had teamed up with Phelan in a lurid gossip fest on social media against the “character assassin”, who runs a “libel site”, Barbara Hartwell, claiming that I am a CIA operative who has put a “spell” on him and many others, leaving a “trail of tears” for the past two decades. (You can't make this this stuff up...yet, idiotically, they do.)

Phelan heavily promoted the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, sponsored by George Soros and his entourage of Marxist thugs, while living in Mexico, and giving out a call to “Occupy the courts!” (In the US, that is, where she herself dared not show up, as she is in self-proclaimed “exile”.)

Janet Phelan has contributed her articles, filled with deceptive political rhetoric, to notorious leftist publications, including (but not limited to) LA Progressive, New Eastern Outlook, and Veterans Today.

Recently, Janet Phelan wrote this piece:

Open Letter to Congress

Upon signing the letter–and a digital signature is fine here–please return the letter to Frank Allen at

"After the election of 2016 it was discovered that the US government had violated its core principles in that certain public officials used their position to literally negate the 1st Amendment, 4th and 14th Amendments to our Constitution and use what was known to be a false document to spy on a political campaign through use of a FISA warrant. If our leaders and potential leaders cannot escape the deeds of those members of the political elite who do not respect America’s core values how can a private citizen’s rights be safe?"

As always, Janet Phelan speaks with forked tongue. Does she herself respect “America's core principles”? Hell, no! America's core values most certainly do not include running to the UN and begging them to meddle in the affairs of this Sovereign Nation. But then, she, like her comrades, believes she can cherry-pick the Constitution to support what are glaringly clear are her UN-American, Marxist principles.

Here, yet another of Phelan's open letters, this one to the UN itself.

An Open Letter to the Biological Weapons Convention


"We, the people of the world, are asking for your appropriate intervention. Our future depends on you."

Here, she arrogantly presumes to speak for “the people of the world”. (That would be every person on God's green earth.) And claims that “appropriate intervention” of the UN will determine “our” future. So much for the Constitution she pretends to support, that is, when it suits her leftist agenda. I can guarantee, she does NOT speak for any American patriots or Christians, not a one. And OUR future will most certainly NOT depend on the brood of vipers at the United Nations. Over my dead body, you communist scumbags.

Next item from Janet Phelan:

UN Receives Reports That US Citizens Have Been Tortured


"The cat may be out of the bag: The leader of the free world tortures people. Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer has promised his report to the Human Rights Council in March of 2020. That would be the same Human Rights Council that the US resigned from in 2018, after Trump accused it of bias. It remains to be seen if Dr. Melzer will begin to tackle this issue head on or if he will fall prey to other influences."

Can she possibly be serious? AS IF it is a newsflash that the US government wrongfully engages in torture. As for the UN Human Rights Council, they have NO BUSINESS determining what “human rights” are, according to their skewed communist perspective, and, more to the point, NO BUSINESS imposing their standards on the US of A. Our rights are bestowed by God Almighty, not to be doled out by any government, or by any totalitarian entity, including the UN.

Trump certainly did the right thing, but did not go far enough by resigning from this one Council. We need to ditch the whole damned thing and free ourselves from all UN-Constitutional interference of this hideous behemoth. 


For more on Comrade Phelan see:


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Barbara Hartwell Targeted for EXPLOITATION & FALSE INFORMATION on "Gangstalking" & "Havana Syndrome" by Stan J. Caterbone of ADVANCED MEDIA GROUP

Who is Stan J Caterbone? I have no idea. I never heard of him until today, when I found the name of Barbara Hartwell being grossly exploited, misrepresented and promoted in a false light in articles on “Gangstalking” and “Havana Syndrome”, on this website:

I should make it clear that I don't ever put my name into search engines, because it never fails they will turn up voluminous false information in reference to my name, which causes me great distress. As is usually the case, I found this item when searching for something unrelated. But there it was, and I need to set the record straight with the truth and the facts, for which Mr. Caterbone clearly has no concern whatsoever.

Very often, aside from the defamation which has been plastered all over the Internet, it will be someone who does not know me, who in fact knows nothing whatsoever about me, nothing about my professional background, but who is exploiting my name for some self-serving reason.

It would literally be a full time job for me to expose every one of these characters who is exploiting my name, and to refute the false information they are promoting. I don't have the time or inclination for such a pursuit.

But I will make an exception for Mr. Caterbone, since the false light in which he has portrayed me is particularly damaging.

Here are two entries, using the name of Barbara Hartwell, which I have refuted below with my commentary.

Stan J. Caterbone. December 26, 2020


"There are several high profile whistleblowers that came forward this year with illuminating information. Dr. Robert Duncan, the scientists who work on these weapons specific weapons that target me, with DARPA, the CIA and a host of other people down there was CIA whistle blower Barbara Hartwell, who was CIA and she ran the psyops programs for the CIA, not all of them, but some of them. She was a psyops operative. Now she came forward last year, I think in October of 2019.

Then there's Karen Stewart, of course, he's been a whistleblower for the NSA. And now we've got a problem and that being people are trying to get Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and reality winner other whistleblowers that are imprisoned. Snowden is not in prison,

but he's in Solomon, Russia. They're trying to get them pardoned now by Trump."


I left CIA operations in 1994 and first went public as a whistleblower in 1995, TWENTY-SEVEN years ago. NOT in 2019, as falsely stated by Mr. Caterbone.

As a journalist, my written reports and radio/TV interviews have been published on the Internet, as well as cable TV and terrestrial radio. I have worked as a journalist for more than 40 years (inside and outside CIA operations) including hosting/producing radio and TV programs and print journalism for hardcopy publications.

I was involved in Psychological Operations, which is a broad discipline, in my case, involving profiling, debriefing of military/intelligence personnel, connected to Black Operations.

At no time did I “run” any “psyops programs for the CIA”. Where he got this false information I have no clue. I have never at any time stated such a thing.

Mr. Caterbone is operating on pure speculation and does not know what he is talking about.

And to link my name with Karen Stewart is an insult. Karen Stewart has been running a defamation campaign against me since 2019, making false claims that I am a CIA agent and CIA handler. Since she has proven herself to be a malicious pathological liar, I do not consider her any kind of whistleblower, far from it.

Next item:




(131) Video Links (107) Documents (12) Folders



Mr. Caterbone here is falsely using my name, in a list of videos (among other documents) claiming:

"The Above Support all CLAIMS AND ALLEGATIONS"

That is a falsehood. I have never supported any claims or allegations made by Mr. Caterbone, nor by any of the other persons he names. As previously stated, I had never heard of him, nor any of his claims and allegations. Mr Caterbone is extremely presumptuous to make such a false statement.

He provides a link to a video, which he has stated was “RECORDED on August 27, 2020” but then gives the date of October 28, 2019. This makes no sense whatsoever.

For the record: Any interviews I have done on various programs/networks (including, but not limited to this one) are discussions between me and the host. Period. They are not to be interpreted as “supporting all claims and allegations” of unknown persons, in this case, specifically, claims and allegations by Mr. Caterbone, nor any other named or unnamed persons. I speak strictly for myself, and no one speaks for me.

Furthermore, I am not involved in anything to do with “Gangstalking” or “Havana Syndrome”, nor am I promoting such subjects. None of this has anything to do with me, nor have I ever made such statements.

It also appears that Mr. Caterbone has exploited my name, in a false light, in connection with some court case, or legal document, without my consent, and against my wishes, which makes it all the more injurious.

I hereby DEMAND that Mr. Caterbone REMOVE my name from his article, along with all false information he has promoted.

Barbara Hartwell

April 27, 2022


Sunday, April 24, 2022












I can't state strongly enough my loathing for the promotion of false information, regardless of the reasons. There is simply NO EXCUSE.

False information does great harm, on a spectrum from the individual, to groups, to society at large. It is an injurious act of aggression against others.

False information destroys lives, it breaks up families, it starts wars, it topples governments.

So why is false information so rampant?

Most false information is spawned by those in positions of power (whether or not they have lawful authority), in service to an agenda. For any agenda, CONTROL is the key word. In order to control a society, a country, a religion, or in most cases, the populace at large, they must control the flow of information. They must control what people believe, what they support, endorse and promote.

There are various categories of false information. There is misinformation, disinformation, sensationalism, lying by omission, lying by misdirection, by promoting a side show, a distraction to divert attention, and most insidious, there is propaganda.

Propaganda is carefully crafted and disseminated through psychological operations by those seeking control. It usually begins in the Intelligence Community and is then filtered down through the media. Mainstream media, for more than seven (7) decades, has been owned, lock, stock and barrel, by CIA, the masters of propaganda and deception. But unfortunately, it has also taken over in what is known as “alternative media”.

Most of these media operations are no better than the mainstream. Some call themselves “truthers”, and claim they are part of a so-called “Truth Movement”. The actual truth is that this “movement” was created by counterintelligence factions of CIA, and to a lesser extent, FBI. It is rife with government shills, propagandists, charlatans and salesmen, seeking to make a buck off a credulous public.

But most of those comprising “alternative media” are simply poachers and parrots, promoting any information which is “trending”, regardless of the veracity, or lack thereof. They are seeking attention and/or material gain. “Truth” is their last concern, as made clear by the lack of legitimacy which abounds.

Worst of all is social media. Facebook, Twitter and on and on...

The truth is, social media was engineered by the government as a surveillance system, a data extraction and collection operation. It was meant to expunge privacy and personal boundaries, while creating a mindset of collectivism, socialism, communism.

Social media has created an environment of free-for-all, where anything goes, driven by peer pressure, approval seeking, utterly lacking in respect for God-given unalienable rights, including privacy and personal boundaries of the Individual.

It is a hotbed of busybodies and gossips, and thus a perfect vehicle for spreading propaganda. Just consider the term “influencer”. How many people boast of being social media “influencers”? AS IF this were something to aspire to.

I do not use social media and never have done, never will do. It is egregious how my own name and work have been exploited, poached and/or defamed by these mobs of busybodies and gossips. Since I am “locked out” of most social media sites, not being a member of any, I have seen only a fraction of the false information that is out there in connection with the name of Barbara Hartwell. But I am well aware of the extensive damages.


Here is a list I have compiled, based on my observations and analysis, of some of the tactics and methods by which false information is promoted.

Most important, as a caution, I would say, in all cases, CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Don't believe anything you read or hear, and then indiscriminately pass it on to others. By doing so, you become part of the problem and your own credibility will be damaged when the information is revealed as being false.

1. Operating on speculation, making unwarranted assumptions, rather than searching out and presenting facts.

2. Operating via subjective opinions, not based on facts.

3. Projecting one's own views, feelings, opinions on others, thus drawing false conclusions.

4. Employing terminology simply because it is a “trend” or popular, when it is not accurate for the subject matter.

5. Making accusations, labeling people CIA, FBI, NSA, COINTELPRO, etc. with no evidence to support the claim.

6. Lumping disparate individuals with no connections/commonalities into one general category.

7. Indiscriminately using the term “ALL” when reporting on a particular issue.

8. Making a claim that he/she is the “ONLY” or “primary” journalist covering a particular issue.

9. Stolen valor: Making grandiose claims of being a victim/target and/or “whistleblower” of persecution/government crimes, lacking evidence to support the claim.


10. Using hyperbole, sensationalism, exaggeration, rather than sticking to facts, backed by evidence.

11. Promoting “stories” based merely on trends/popular opinion.

12. Parroting and disseminating “news stories” without doing research/investigations.

13. Lack of discernment/discretion by promoting individuals/groups, at the same time promoting contradictory information by opposing or unrelated individuals/groups.

14. Embracing/supporting/endorsing contradictory viewpoints on issues.

15. Claiming title of “whistleblower”, “expert”, or unmerited credentials for oneself or others when unqualified for such a status.

16. Exploiting the names/work of legitimate individuals in attempts to make a name for oneself.

17. Invading privacy of individuals by publicly promoting information (true or false) which is injurious to the individual and/or discussing privileged information with others (includes gossip).

18. Defamation of individuals, false accusations, for the purpose of self-glorification, material gain or motivated by malice.

19. Compromising the security and/or endangering the safety of individuals by publicizing private phone numbers and/or street addresses.


20. Loyalty to persons (right or wrong) over principles (always right).


21. Situational ethics and moral relativism over moral absolutes.

22. Lying for any agenda.



Do your own research. Take the time to establish the veracity of information before publicly promoting it.

If you see false information, expose it and set the record straight, with the truth and the facts.

Furnish evidence which corroborates the facts.

Don't be a participant in spreading false information, for any reason. Don't be a busybody, meddling in the affairs of others. Don't be a gossip, a talebearer.


If you don't KNOW it to be true, don't disseminate it as truth.


Don't allow yourself to be influenced by "influencers".


Make it a priority to be a part of the COUNTERSTRIKE against false information.

Lastly, consider the consequences to others of promoting false information, and consider how YOU would be affected if false information were promoted against you.

Barbara Hartwell

April 24, 2022




Thursday, April 21, 2022

Tracy Krawitt, Irresponsible Owner of Howling Dog, Causes Constant Noise Disturbance on Rhinebeck Property

This is the second report I have found it necessary to publish regarding one Tracy Krawitt, who lives on the rental property where I have resided since 2014.

This particular issue involves a dog owned by Krawitt. The dog is left alone inside her house for long periods of time. A window is left open, out of which the dog hangs his head and front paws, howling and barking at all hours of the day and night.

If a car pulls up to any of the cottages on the property, the barking and howling immediately starts up. If anyone is walking outside on the common driveway, or working outside in their garden or yard, the howling begins, and does not let up.

I should make it clear that as an animal lover, and having worked in animal welfare and advocacy for many years, I don't blame the dog. In fact, I feel very sorry for the dog. The owner is always responsible for allowing the animal to become a nuisance, such as in this case, disturbing the peace by loud barking and howling.

I and other neighbors are being disturbed day and night by the constant barking and howling from a dog who, in my opinion, is neglected and not receiving proper care from the owner.

Since this woman has caused other disturbances on the property, it comes as no surprise that she fails to respect the rights of others on the property, to the quiet enjoyment which can reasonably be expected when they pay for a rental. No one should have to put up with having their peace disturbed, or being unable to sleep due to the noise.

In most cases, I would have notified the owner of the dog of the problem, as a courtesy to a neighbor. In this case, I avoid any dealings with this woman, and I am not on speaking terms with Krawitt, due to past offenses she committed against me, the worst of which was calling the police and making a false complaint, lying to the police, slandering me, falsely accusing me of making a threat to “kill” her when I had done no such thing!

After this outrageous offense, I set the record straight and informed the police that I would never speak to Krawitt, but would call them were she to commit further offenses.

This is not a police matter, so I called Dog Control for the town of Rhinebeck and explained the situation to one of the officers. I was informed that unless the dog was outside, running free or tethered by a rope, there was nothing to be done to stop the disturbances. To me, this is unacceptable.

I don't know what recourse is to be had by those of us who are suffering from the gross irresponsibility of a neighbor who clearly has demonstrated her total disregard for the feelings and the rights of others.

I would ask anyone reading this who lives on the property (or nearby) who is suffering from this disturbance, to please make a call to Dog Control to report this issue. Maybe if enough calls are made, someone will do something. One can hope...

In any case, I know I have done what I could to expose Tracy Krawitt (again) as a dishonest, irresponsible character and to warn others who may wish to avoid having dealings with her.


And get this: Just now, as I was about to post this report, I heard the dog barking and howling right outside my window! The dog was unleashed, and when I went outside to check, I saw the dog running out toward the road. This had never happened before. Unbelievable!


I have no idea how this happened, but I put in another call to DOG CONTROL.


I am now very concerned about the safety of the dog.


To be continued...I will add an update when I hear back from DOG CONTROL.

Barbara Hartwell

April 21, 2022



Tracy Krawitt (aka SPACEY TRACY), the Neighbor from Hell: FORMAL COMPLAINT TO POLICE & COMMENTARY