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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Since I first went public as a CIA whistleblower in 1995 and put my first website online in 2000, I have not published a detailed curriculum vitae on the Internet.

Over the years, I have made references to some of the training, education, issues and circumstances listed here, usually because they were relevant to the subject matter covered in my reports.

Although this C.V. is limited in scope, it does provide information which may be of interest to my regular readers regarding my background and range of interests, and which may help them to interpret my reports with a greater depth of understanding.

Another issue of great concern to me is that for over two decades I have been the Target of a counterintelligence campaign by the U.S. Government to neutralize me, to discredit my work, everything I stand for, and ultimately, to silence me.

A large part of this neutralization campaign involves defamation, character assassination, disinformation and black propaganda. Most of the 'information' found on the Internet in connection with the name of Barbara Hartwell is blatantly false. The obvious exception is my own website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.

My name has also been grossly exploited and misrepresented by those media whores and opportunists employing sensationalism for self-serving ends. They have pilfered, poached and scavenged from the information I have exposed, twisted it beyond recognition, engaged in identity theft, forgery and plagiarism. It has been a nightmare.

There is no way to stop these morally bankrupt vultures, I can only expose them by name and refute their lies. The truth for the record is important to me, and that is the main purpose of this website, to create and preserve an integral archive of my work in one online collection.

From my observations and experience, as both a journalist and as the subject of the 'journalism' (some professional, some not) of others, for well over three decades, there is little difference between the so-called “mainstream” media and what is now known as the “alternative” media. They are both polluted by the government's agenda of controlling the flow of information, disseminating propaganda, and their containment operations. They also run protection rackets (as criminal enterprises always do), so that anyone who refuses to be subsumed into the government-sponsored controlled opposition will be ostracized and blacklisted.

So, although the perps of this campaign have not succeeded in silencing me (not yet, anyway), they have certainly managed, using a number of carefully crafted lies (and many variations thereof), to plant the seeds of suspicion and to cast a pall of extreme negativity by promoting outrageous falsehoods in connection with my name.

By far the most prevalent falsehood is that I am a “CIA Disinfo Agent”, a lie concocted long ago by the late FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson, a former professional colleague and friend turned adversary, who implemented the largest, most organized campaign to discredit Barbara Hartwell. This, from a very real “disinfo agent”, J. Edgar Hoover's protege' and right-hand man.

(See reports on this site in which the legion of liars, shills and government minions are exposed and their falsehoods refuted.)

Then, there is the issue of privacy. Many people seem to falsely believe that just because I (or any other individuals) have a public website, because I have gone public by exposing information about my professional background and my dealings with government entities, that necessarily means every area of my life is an open book, for all and sundry to peruse. Dead wrong. Anyone who invades my privacy will find the consequences to be unpleasant, to say the least.

Again, we come back to the agenda of the government. They are running massive public indoctrination campaigns designed to inculcate the populace into accepting a total lack of privacy. 'See Something, Say Something' (Janet Napolitano). 'Total Information Awareness' (John Poindexter)....and on and on it goes...

Witness especially social media, where it seems everyone puts every last minute detail of their personal business in the street. Surveillance cameras everywhere; you can't even walk into a supermarket anymore without your presence being recorded. The government wants you to believe this is for your “security” or to ensure your “safety”. No, no, make no mistake: the government is hell bent on snooping into everyone's business, and any information they collect can be used against you, or to control you, one way or another.

The Internet itself is a hot bed of snoops and busybodies, all intent on sticking their noses into everyone's business, with no respect whatsoever for the privacy and personal boundaries of the individual. A free-for-all, no holds barred, nothing is sacred. They not only accept the lack of privacy, they embrace it! A culture comprised of snoops, snitches and busybodies. And that's just the way the government likes it.

People were shocked by revelations of NSA domestic spying? And that really comes as a surprise? Some of us have been reporting on unlawful domestic surveillance programs for decades, protesting the government's overreach and abuses of power. But lacking the large audience of mainstream media, we were hard-pressed to get this information out, we were dismissed as cranks, or “conspiracy theorists”. But the truth is, we don't need “theories” when dealing with conspiracy realities.

But just because these appalling invasions of privacy have become commonplace, even institutionalized, does this mean we must just sit back and accept them? Hell, no!

Privacy is a God-given unalienable right, and is also under constitutional protection. I am a fierce defender of the right to privacy. I am not running for public office (never have, never will); I am not employed by any person or entity, such that the general public would have the need to know, much less the right to know, information about my private business.

What I have chosen to divulge, or not to divulge, is strictly my own business, and for my own reasons.

I also must consider the privacy and personal boundaries of others, especially my relatives, in-laws, friends, colleagues. I won't ever use their names without their permission, nor compromise their security, nor endanger their safety. Far too much damage has already been done to some of these persons, only because of their association and/or relation to me.

Here is the amplified C.V. For the public record. Readers, as always, may make of it what they will.


Now, regarding CIA. There are many misunderstandings among the general public regarding CIA operations. Much of what I have written, or spoken about in my reports and broadcasts may not be common knowledge, or may stretch credibility. People do not want to believe that the government would be involved in such unconscionable activities.

But anyone who looks at more than two decades of my public reports may see that the information is consistent. My documentation is based on direct personal and professional experience.

I was recruited into CIA Black Operations through a family bloodline, going back to OSS. I am a third generation intelligence professional.

As a child, I was brought into CIA MK Ultra program without my knowledge or consent. I was trained and groomed in intelligence work, to be officially utilized beginning at the age of eighteen (18). But my training began in the home at the age of three (3). It was by “proxy consent” until I reached adulthood. In those days (I was born in 1951), the “legal” age was 18, not 21.

The training continued, some of which was through formal education, and some through internal CIA programs. Many people believe that CIA operations, and the ways agents are utilized are cut-and-dried and always follow the same patterns and protocols. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially where black ops are concerned.

MK Ultra, in particular, has been the subject of tremendous disinformation and misdirection, in attempts to obscure the true nature of the operations. The “exposure” of MK Ultra by most of those claiming to be “victims”, “survivors”, or “experts”, is rife with sensationalism and lurid tales of satanism and sex slaves.

In truth, the original intent of MK Ultra was to “create the perfect spy” during the Cold War era. Nazi war criminals from an operation code named Paperclip, were instrumental in the design and implementation of the operations. The CIA-Nazi collaborations began with OSS, the precursor to CIA.

There were roughly 165 sub-projects of MK Ultra. One major sideshow being promoted by government operatives/shills (as well as ignorant people parroting the shills) is “Monarch”. Monarch was never a sub-project of MK Ultra, never a CIA operation. And yet, try conducting a search for information on MK Ultra. What you are likely to find is “Monarch”, dominating and overshadowing everything else.

It has never been my purpose in my work as a whistleblower to focus on MK Ultra, in my reports or broadcasts. The CIA operations in which I was involved throughout most of my adult life (18-43) were mostly in the category of Psychological Operations. That is a very broad field, involving many disciplines. People hear the phrase, “Psy Ops”, and immediately think the meaning is limited to propaganda campaigns and “false flag” operations. Not so. There are numerous and divergent facets to Psy Ops in any government/military entity.

MK Ultra was just one of the government operations of which I was a victim (and since 1994, a survivor) though doubtless the worst. In my opinion, stealing the lives of children, exploiting them for the government's agenda, and engaging in psychiatric abuses and torture is the ultimate evil.

And once again, for the public record (how tiresome it gets...), at no time was I involved in satanism, nor was I victim of sex abuse, nor sex slavery. I am damn sick and tired of having to repeatedly correct these stupid labels slapped on me by the liars desperate to cover their crimes, and their minions, stooges and shills. I was trained as an intelligence agent and utilized as such, under NOC. Case closed.

CIA is described as “an independent federal agency”, under the executive branch of government. But in reality, CIA often functions as a rogue agency with little oversight. Just consider the many scandalous and unlawful covert actions and operations – and these are only the ones that come to light, by leaks to the press, by whistleblowers, or by declassified documents, usually many years after the fact. Then, they try to minimize the wrongdoing and crimes, trying to justify them claiming “National Security”. There is NO JUSTIFICATION, under any legitimate legal or moral standards.

Even when certain operations are exposed, CIA will not acknowledge the truth. For example, assassinations. Not only assassinations of foreign nationals, but of U.S. Citizens. CIA, on their “official” website states that they do not sanction or perform assassinations. That is a bald faced lie. Aside from the CIA-sponsored murders which have been exposed and are common knowledge, I have personal knowledge of numerous assassinations, some of which have taken the lives of my friends, family and colleagues. Some are falsely promoted as “accidents”, death by “natural causes”, or the CIA favorite, “suicide”.

As long as they can maintain “plausible deniability”, they can (and do) get away with most anything they want, including murder. I've yet to see any real accountability as far as these criminals are concerned, and don't expect I ever will.

Then, there is torture. They call it “enhanced interrogation”. They think they can hide behind their euphemisms. Under moral absolutes, there is NO EXCUSE.

But, in all my activism (including as a journalist and whistleblower), my primary purpose is to defend Liberty and pursue Justice. To expose criminals and evildoers and put them out of business. To stand up for the God-given unalienable rights of ALL.

Another misunderstanding which is prevalent is that because a person (in this case, me) was involved in CIA operations, that was the end-all and be-all of their existence.

That is not true. I've known many people who were employed by CIA (in various capacities), who were utilized in their operations, who also worked in professions which did not necessarily involve intelligence work.

Sometimes the “outside jobs” were a cover, sometimes they were connected to the operations, in one way or another. But that does not make these careers, activities or interests any less 'real' or legitimate.

Here, I have listed some of my formal education and professional pursuits. This list is not comprehensive, and for reasons of privacy and security (mine and/or that of others) I have by necessity omitted certain information.

It should also be noted that what is given here relates to the past, not necessarily the present. I am no longer involved, for the most part, in these activities, though some are interests and pursuits which have remained with me.

Some were related to CIA operations, others not. But for those with eyes to see, this C.V. might provide insights and enhance understanding of my work, at least that is my hope.

Fine Arts Training: 
Art Students League, NYC 
School of Visual Arts, NYC

Seminary & Religious Training: 
Eastern Religions, Metaphysics & Christian

Christian Minister: Ordained 1979, D. Div. (Universalist Church)

Specializing in Pastoral Counseling

Investigator of Paranormal Phenomena (UFOs, Interdimensional Portals, Satanism, Demonic Activities, etc.)

Journalist: Radio, TV, Print

Talk Show Host, Producer: WGCH Radio, Greenwich, CT 1987- 1993

Talk Show Host, Producer: Cablevision of CT, 1988- 1994

Advocate/Activist for Animal Rights

Private Consultant for Animal Behavior: Domestic Animals, especially horses

Director: Humane Education Network, Greenwich CT, Wilton, CT
Non-profit 501 C3

Public Lectures at Schools (K-University), Clubs, Societies

Lobbying, Education, Media

State Coordinator for Connecticut: Non Hunters Rights Alliance

Wildlife in Crisis, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Weston, CT

Animal Rights Alliance, Greenwich, CT

Humane Society of the United States

Fund for Animals, NYC (President, Cleveland Amory)

Psychotherapist: Jungian Analyst, Counseling

Instructor, Lecturer

Temenos Institute, Westport, CT

Carl Jung Society, NYC

Programs for Human Development, Greenwich, CT

Associate Director: American Psychic Association, NYC

Press Representative for Amnesty International, NY State Chapter

Consultant for Legal Firms, D.A.s Offices, Police Departments (including Internal Affairs) in Criminal & Civil Investigations, Jury Selection, Missing Persons

Private Practice in Psychotherapy, Counseling

Personnel Counselor & Consultant for Corporations

Psychological Operations & Counterintelligence: Profiling, Interrogation, Debriefing, Counseling, Intelligence & Military Personnel

Lecturer on CIA Operations, Counterintelligence Operations

(Banner courtesy of FBI Whistleblower, Bob Levin)

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Letter from a Reader: Pam Schuffert, “Witch from HELL”

I received a handwritten letter, sent by post, certified mail, signature required, at my PO box, posted on this website.

Since I do not have a public e-mail address, the only way for readers to contact me is by postal mail. This has been my policy since 2003, for a number of reasons, foremost among them protecting my privacy and stopping the flood of hate mail, threats and harassing e-mail from cyber-stalkers. Also, because people in general have a tendency to disregard my clearly stated NOTICES that “this website is "for information purposes only" and “readers may make of it what they will.”

I did not recognize the name of the sender, only that the letter came from Montana. I accepted it and signed for it.

I do not know the person who sent the letter, nor do I recognize the name. I am posting the letter here for the public record. Because the sender asked that I not use her name, I am honoring her request. The fact that she took the time and trouble to send it by certified mail told me it must have been important to her.

The subject of the letter is one Pamela Schuffert. My detailed response to the letter follows.

The handwritten letter has been typed by me, an exact copy. I have not changed a word, nor any punctuation, nor corrected misspellings. The only misspelling I have changed is the name: Schuffert. It was spelled: 'Shuffert'.

March 21, 2016

Legal Defense & Research Trust
Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Dear Barbara Hartwell,

I am writing to you concerning Pam Schuffert and a report that I am working with Pam Schuffert in her dirty scheme to get me back with dealings I had with her back a couple of years ago. Hell from Mt. X [sender's name] from Montana & I am so mad I seen that smear on your sight. I demand it be taken off, it is a Lie, Lie, Lie. She is a witch from HELL.

I first heard your interview with Jeremy Floyd, “The Floyd Report”.
Back a couple of years when he was in Mt. I knew Jeremy. It was through BJ's A.M. Radio station. I know who you are, the story. Well, I have mine also. I'm not a spy, I do not work with her, or have anything to do with her. God help me!! She got ahold of me through somewhere, Ghost Troop I think? Which she destroyed. She said she was a reporter. I believed her of course. She moved her butt in my home. Stole my contact list -group list- tried to poisen me, destroyed my home. I had to hire a bodyguard to save me, and have a witness, whom is a x-cop. She would not leave. Finally, I had to have her removed by the police. Sorry, I am upset.

Then yesterday I hear from J. McNeil, The Micro Effect Radio, she got in there. He don't realize the damage she can do. So I e-mailed him. He had to kick her out also, because she would not leave. Then as proof I sent him your site, so he can see first hand what he is facing. So if he goes to the site, guess what he will find? Me!! It destroys my name and credibility. I did not know you would print that, why did you not research it first? I am just a person who is in this fight to save what is left of our country. A nobody. I only trust you because Jeremy did?

Pam is out there doing her thing again, I thought she would have quit by now. Surprise, surprise!!

I am asking you to please remove me from the blogspot. I do not deserve the fanfare. Please. The harm it will do, you can't imagine. Yes you can. Lies can destroy. You know!!




First I should say that I have quite a number of reports on this site exposing Pamela Schuffert, and her M.O. (See links listed below.) Nothing stated about Pam Schuffert by the writer of this letter comes as a surprise, so I tend to believe her statements are truthful.

In fact, I have received numerous letters about the infamous Pam Schuffert over a period of years, giving testimony of the same general nature (some of which I have published), as to Schuffert's unprincipled character and unscrupulous activities. A grifter, a liar, a thief, a con artist, a stalker, a meddler, a gossip, etc. etc. No doubt she has done tremendous harm, from coast to coast in this country, as she travels from place to place, on her ludicrously misnamed “Prayer Journey” across America.

Some of her accomplices are also notorious, including career criminal/predicate felon, fed snitch Tim White, Ken Adachi (who publishes her outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell and others). Pam Schuffert is a fed snitch, part of the crew of COINTELPRO minions and government stooges, under the direction of the late FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson.

Just the grievous harm Pam Schuffert has done to me and my family could fill volumes. I call her “The Busybody from Hell”.

Unfortunately, only one of many such individuals (Busybodies from Hell) who have contributed to destroying the reputation and livelihood of Barbara Hartwell. The best I can do is expose their offenses, criminal and civil, in defense of my good name, and as a warning to others. One reason I decided to publish this letter. Consider it another warning of the evil of Pam Schuffert.

However, I do not understand X 's demand that the “smear” be removed from my website.

I am so mad I seen that smear on your sight. I demand it be taken off, it is a Lie, Lie, Lie. She is a witch from HELL.”

Upon reading the letter, I conducted a number of searches for the writer's name, including in conjunction with Pam Schuffert. I found nothing. Then, I did an internal search of my website, Barbara Hartwell Vs, CIA, to see what, if anything, came up. Nothing.

For the internal search of Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, I got this:

"No posts matching the query"

I then took the time to search through my reports on Pam Schuffert, but found no such name.

So, unless/until I am able to locate the “smear” in question (assuming it exists) I am unable to remove it. Or, if X wants to send me the precise information as to how I would go about locating this "smear", assuming it is actually on my website, I would be willing to remove it. As stated, I don't recognize X's name.

I first heard your interview with Jeremy Floyd, “The Floyd Report”.
Back a couple of years when he was in Mt. I knew Jeremy. It was through BJ's A.M. Radio station. I know who you are, the story.”

I was at one time a frequent guest on Jeremy Floyd's radio program (GCN), but that was many years ago (more than a decade). I have nothing but good things to say about Jeremy, especially that he stood up for me when Alex Jones tried to censor Jeremy's broadcast, pulled the plug on the show because I was exposing FBI Chief Ted Gunderson and his crony, former senator/CIA operative John DeCamp, and Jones threatened him never to have contact with Barbara Hartwell again!

Jeremy resigned from the station rather than be censored and bullied by Alex Jones.

But I've had no contact with Jeremy Floyd since that time.

As for “the story” of Barbara Hartwell, I doubt that this reader (or for that matter, most people) would know the truth or the facts about that, as evidenced by the massive defamation campaigns, ongoing for more than two decades, and the many false, fraudulent, libelous, slanderous “stories” which can be found all over the World Wide Web.

For those interested, though, the truthful, factual information may be found on this website.

Then as proof I sent him your site, so he can see first hand what he is facing. So if he goes to the site, guess what he will find? Me!! It destroys my name and credibility. I did not know you would print that, why did you not research it first? I am just a person who is in this fight to save what is left of our country. A nobody. I only trust you because Jeremy did?”

First, I would not consider anything posted on a website (including mine) as “proof” of anything. Evidence, possibly, depending on the standards employed by the individual reader and the credibility attributed to the source (in this case, Barbara Hartwell) by that reader.

Again, X fails to name the specific information she claims I have “printed”. As for the accusation, “why did you not research it first”?, she has not specified what “it” is. I do not ever knowingly print false information. I do not even know this person. Again, if she wants to contact me and provide the specific information which she claims is posted on my site, I can see if her claim has merit. Otherwise, there is nothing I can do to assist her.

And since she does not know me, why would she have reason to trust me? Just because someone else did? No, by my standards at least, trust must be earned, not handed out indiscriminately.

For now, all I can do is state that I will be happy to honor X's request to remove anything which contains her name, again, assuming it can be located.

As for Pam Schuffert, maybe X could consider writing her own testimony (aside from what is given here), using her actual name as a witness. By my standards, any information coming from “anonymous” sources has ZERO credibility.

So, though I don't expect anyone reading this report to give credibility to the source (being anonymous by her own request), I can state that in my considered professional opinion, she is most likely providing truthful information regarding Pam Schuffert, given that her testimony is consistent with that of many other Targets/Victims of Pam Schuffert.

As always, the readers may make of it what they will.

I do welcome the testimony of witnesses regarding Pam Schuffert, or other offenders of her ilk, exposed on this website, which I will publish at my discretion if I believe the information has merit.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Longtime Target of Libel/Slander & Monstrous Invasions of Privacy by Pam Schuffert


BEWARE the “Prayer Journey” of Pam Schuffert:


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA