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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Irrefutable Evidence: The Truth About Brenda Negri







Brenda Negri: Would you want this whackjob screening YOUR baggage?

May, 2003


Brenda Negri is a psychopath engaged in criminal harassment of legitimate government whistleblowers; survivors of black operations; and ex-military and intelligence personnel.

Brenda Negri is a scamster who hides behind many screen names and aliases to do her dirty work, writing and posting libelous material on various message boards on the World Wide Web.

"Ranger Rick" is the name most commonly used by Negri, dating back to at least September 2001. Negri uses various other handles such as: John Doe; The Hateful Nerd; Flynnsghost; Agent Scully; Captain Blood and others too numerous to mention. She is the architect of a website she calls The Fifth Horseman, yet another alias used by Negri.

Negri has NEVER used her real name, when posting her libelous disinformation --despite the fact that she was exposed as a phony, a pathological liar and a fraud back in December 2001, by myself and other legitimate whistleblowers whom she has targeted for criminal harassment and libel.

Several of us, all ex-military; intelligence and law enforcement, have conducted an intensive investigation of Brenda Negri, aided by licensed private investigators. We have now collected all the information and evidence we need to FULLY EXPOSE Negri and put this woman out of business, once and for all. HARD irrefutable evidence, presented here for the first time in a comprehensive report.

Documented evidence as well as the testimony of reliable witnesses and trustworthy sources will clearly show that Brenda Negri has engaged in the following criminal violations:

Impersonating Federal Officers, fabricating, carrying and flashing false I.D.

Carrying an unregistered weapon without a permit (dangerous, because she does NOT know how to use a gun, as she admitted to at least one witness involved in our investigation.)

Stew Webb was one witness to whom Negri flashed a bogus Los Angeles County Sheriff Dep't badge as well as an FBI shield. She also showed Webb the unregistered handgun which she was carrying in the glove box of her car.

Engaging in criminal harassment and stalking by phone, e-mail and in person.

In February 2002, Negri was fired for lying to her former employer, Delia Swan, of Swan Legal Services in Los Angeles; for using the office computer without her employer's knowledge or consent to run Internet scams; to write and post libelous material; and to engage in criminal harassment of legitimate government whistleblowers.

Brenda Negri is also a thief. Delia Swan told us that Negri engaged in theft of services: unauthorized use of the office's metered mail system and office telephone lines and that she ran up THOUSANDS of dollars in phone bills at Swan Legal Services while perpetrating her criminal harassment.

Lying to her current employers (Federal Agents from TSA) on her application form to land a government job, falsifying personal records and employment history. Negri also failed to report her history of mental illness and having been placed in a psychiatric facility by family members due to her delusional and bizarre behavior.


Brenda Negri is currently employed at the Transportation Security Administration, in a low level, menial job as a baggage screener. Meanwhile, Negri continues her criminal harassment of myself and others, writing and posting libelous disinformation and STILL telling outrageous lies, variously claiming to be an "undercover Fed" or a "mole" inside the Department of Homeland Security, "ratting out"; "snitching"; and "spooking on" (in Negri's own words) her employers.

Here, as evidence, is a post from Negri's yahoo group, "Flynnsghost" :

(Negri recently changed the format of her yahoo group so that it is now for MEMBERS ONLY, so it cannot be accessed by the general public. However, I have collected all the posts containing libelous statements about myself and others whom Negri has targeted, going back to February 2, 2003.)

Negri's comments are in quotes, preceded by her name. My comments follow in brackets.

Written by Brenda Negri:

"We suddenly seem to have police escorts and undercover hovering around watching our back...."

[Negri exhibits classic symptoms of being delusional and clinically paranoid, believing she is being followed and watched, either by her 'enemies' or by those she imagines would want to 'protect' her.

But in reality there would be no reason whatsoever for anyone working "undercover" --good guys or bad-- to take ANY notice of Brenda Negri. The very thought is laughable to those of us who have actually been INVOLVED in covert operations or who have actually been targeted for such surveillance.

Negri is a nobody who has never been involved in anything remotely resembling these operations. Nobody would waste their time or money targeting the inconsequential Brenda Negri.]


"A national mag does a big hit piece on our agency and there we be, front and center, The Fifth Horseman, in living color, quotes and all, snitching them off...the artful timing of it putting a big bucket of water on Babs' bogus threats and Webb's frivolous lawsuit...and making their handlers sweat nails...and back off..."

[Negri evidently imagines that she will be 'protected' from criminal prosecution simply by having her name and picture in a magazine in connection with her employment in a low-level government job.

As for the so-called "handlers" of myself and Stew Webb --there are no such handlers. Negri also imagines that she inspires fear and that she has the power to intimidate intelligence/law enforcement personnel. Again, a ludicrous thought spawned by Negri's delusions of grandeur.]


"As Blabs Hartwell disintegrates into an altered state of insanity with hot air threats about lawsuits that will never happen as usual..."

[As a function of her psychopathology, Negri routinely projects her OWN fears; mental state; insanity and character flaws upon others. Thus the FALSE accusations and allegations about myself and others she has targeted for harassment.]


"Al Martin needs another drink to calm his nerves when Tom Ridge does not return his phone calls..."

[Ex-ONI and Iran Contra Whistleblower Al Martin is one of Negri's primary targets. Negri was sexually harassing Martin, as she has done to countless other men, and when he rejected her advances in disgust, she went on a rampage and has been libeling and harassing him ever since.]


"Ed Schooling is trying to forget he ever met Mr. Lithium, Stew Webb...while Wayne Schooling tries to forget he's related to Ed..."

[Negri does not KNOW Ed Schooling, nor his brother Wayne. Negri targeted Schooling simply because he is a friend and professional colleague of mine; and because another malicious liar, nutcase, and groupie, a woman named Shirley Anderson of North Dakota, also involved in harassment of whistleblowers, including Schooling and myself, furnished Negri with false information. In fact, Anderson had been sexually harassing both Stew Webb and Ed Schooling, with a similar M.O. to that of Negri.

Negri only met Stew Webb on ONE occasion, when she drove to Las Vegas from L.A. to pester Stew, claiming she was on a "mole hunt" and that she had "valuable information" about Ted Gunderson, another man she does NOT know and had never met.

Ted is a former colleague of myself and Stew Webb, whom we have both broken off association with. The so-called 'information" about Gunderson would have been easily obtainable by anyone with a computer and access to the Internet.

Negri had no information that was not already widely known, coming from such publications as The Last Circle, written by journalist Cheri Seymour. Negri also claimed to have incriminating information about FBI agent Mike Foster, another man Negri had a fixation on and who rejected her sexual advances.

Negri also tried a seduction act on Stew Webb, and when her advances were rejected she began to libel and harass Webb, just as she had done to Martin and Foster. As per the testimony of many witnesses, Negri desperately seeks attention and approval from male authority figures --especially former or current military, law enforcement and intelligence operatives-- but every man I know of that Negri has targeted has told me the same thing: They consider Negri unattractive, even repulsive, both in physical appearance and personality.

After all, what decent, self-respecting man could possibly enjoy being stalked and sexually harassed by a delusional nutcase and law enforcement/intelligence groupie?]


"Bab's Wackenhut Lawyer goes on permanent vacation now that her cover has been blown to hell..."

[Here again we have one of Negri's outrageous lies: That Barbara Hartwell has a lawyer connected to Wackenhut. In fact, I am not represented by ANY attorney, much less one in league with Wackenhut.

I refuted this lie long ago with hard evidence and facts, and yet Negri continues to make these false allegations, libeling myself and my close friend, attorney Marcy Gordon of New York City. These lies have done serious damage to my professional reputation, as it so happened that others in collusion with Negri, such as Larry Lawson, who also wish to discredit me, have begun repeating the same lie (the ONLY source of which is Negri) about the Wackenhut connection.

Negri also promotes many other lies about me, such as that I am a "CIA plant"; a "CIA goon"; "former CIA prostitute"; that I receive "funding from Langley" for "rogue black ops"....and on and on in this vein.

In truth, I am NONE of these things, nor ever was. And the last "funding" I ever received from Langley was over ten (10) years ago, when I was still involved in their black operations. Yet Negri's vicious lies about me have created a world of trouble; compromised my professional reputation and security; even endangered my life.]


"Rayelan waits for Planet X to save her lying ass from being condemned to hell and damnation for the evil she has perpetuated through RMN..."

[Rayelan Allan, ex-wife of CIA operative Gunther Russbacher; investigative journalist and editor of Rumor Mill News, is also one of Negri's primary targets for libel and criminal harassment. In fact, Negri first set up the flynnsghost yahoo group, which she called the "Anti-Rumor Mill News Site" for the SPECIFIC purpose of libeling Rayelan, myself and others who are news agents for RM News.]


"Tim White cuts loose with the names, Larry Lawson tells Hartwell to go to hell and burn, and the shakedown black ops goons panic...muster the troops...and try to fend us little avail..."

[Tim White is a predicate felon; drug abuser; transvestite; paranoid and delusional; collector of child pornography, in collusion with Negri and others to harass and libel me and my colleagues. For a comprehensive report on Tim White see this article:

A True (But Stranger-Than-Fiction) Crime Case: The Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist

Larry Lawson is another of Negri's unscrupulous cohorts, also engaged in libeling and harassing gov't whistleblowers. Lawson runs his own yahoo group site, similar to that of Negri, called Larry Lawson News.]


"And the coded message for inside folk with the inside dope: the tenacious and ever-true Torrid T Men get the Thumbs Up/Go G Men Go Award..."

[Negri's delusions, once again, of "coded messages"; of being an "insider" and having covert dealings with "G-men".]


"Meanwhile, US? Still moled inside the DHS...spooking on and ratting out the cretin who are up to no good..."

[Here, Negri claims to be a "mole" and "spook". Instead of naming TSA, where she ACTUALLY works as a lowly baggage screener at LAX Airport, she cites the Department of Homeland Security, which sounds more IMPORTANT and OFFICIAL, under the delusion that she could actually impress people with her 'credentials'.

The irony and the unmitigated stupidity of Negri's approach is that NOBODY actually working "undercover" would brag about it on a public message board!

Note that Negri always uses the plural pronouns "we" and "us". She does this in every commentary she writes. Perhaps in addition to her other forms of psychopathology, Negri has multiple personality disorder? She uses many aliases; often appears to be talking to herself; and NEVER uses her real name. But the silly and peculiar writing style, as well as the same malicious lies about her targets, give her away every time.

Now, let's take a look at some excerpts from the very article from the "national mag" Negri references in her post.

{Grounded: Brenda Negri became an airport screener to serve her country. For Brenda Negri, becoming an airport screener in the months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was the culmination of her deeply felt need to serve her country.

“It meant so much for me to work for the government,” says Negri, an airport screener at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). “I cried when I got sworn in.” Because many of her family members served in the military, working for a federal law enforcement agency “epitomized the ultimate in terms of professionalism and integrity.”

“I'm answering the call to civic service and doing something to combat terrorism,” says Negri. But without a voice on the job, airport screeners are powerless to improve TSA or public safety. “Now we're propping up a house of cards,” she says. “That's been the hardest thing for me.”}

Well, if Negri REALLY wants to "serve her country" and to "combat terrorism"; why in hell doesn't she start by ceasing her OWN CRIMINAL HARASSMENT AND THREATS against legitimate whistleblowers and survivors of government black operations?

Why does she NOT defend the Constitution, instead of working for an agency which by its very nature, ushered in under the treasonous and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Patriot Act, serves NOT the country and its citizens, but ONLY the Powers-that-Be, headed by tyrant George W. Bush.

I can tell you why: Brenda Negri is NOT a patriot, far from it. Brenda Negri is only a pathetic wannabe, a law enforcement and intelligence groupie --desperate for ANY government job that would hire her.

Since she has been rejected by every other government agency she has applied to; since she has no education; no training and clearly a low intelligence quotient coupled with mental instability, she would be a liability, instead of an asset.

So, Negri claims she wants to "combat terrorism"?

Negri has called me a "terrorist" on more than one occasion in her public commentaries, "Barbara Hartwell and her Terrorist Connections" well as making blatant comments about threats to my life, such as that "Hartwell could be whacked by a Rusky with a silencer". Sounds like a terrorist threat to me.......

Negri has also made threats to both Stew Webb and Al Martin, by phone and in her public commentaries.

As far as "professionalism" goes, Negri lacks any semblance of it. She has no formal education; no professional training whatsoever in ANY field.

Remember folks, the only job she could get working for the government was as a BAGGAGE SCREENER! And since the newly created TSA was desperate to fill the slots, they hired just about ANY Joe or Jane who came down the pike.

In fact, it was recently exposed in the mainstream press that the TSA has a serious problem on their hands for FAILING to do adequate background checks on their baggage screeners, as many of them (roughly 700 at last count) were later found to have criminal records!

Here are Negri's comments, from Flynnsghost, about the fact that baggage screeners with criminal records had been allowed to slip through the shoddy security and background checks at TSA.

Brenda Negri wrote:

"Hey, so what's a few felons here and there, anyhow? I mean, so they let a bomb go through a checkpoint or part of a gun get on a plane, heeeey! It's LA! Sheesh....

And the inevitable question arises: Did WE have something to do with this leak? YOU BETTER BELEIVE IT."

So now, here is Brenda Negri, ADVOCATING allowing bombs and guns to go through the security checks. Unbelievable!

Not only that, but Negri actually tries to TAKE CREDIT for the "leak"! Again, unbelievable!

Perhaps most unbelievable of all, Negri is ONE of the VERY individuals who LIED on her application to get the job! LIED about her history of mental illness. LIED about her criminal activities. LIED about her employment history.

BRENDA NEGRI: A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. A THIEF. And worst of all , A DELUSIONAL NUTCASE WHO CLAIMS TO BE A "MOLE" AND "SPOOK" inside the Department of Homeland Security.

Let me ask you something...Would you want this psycho screening YOUR baggage?

And if engaging in criminal harassment; stalking; making threats and telling outrageous lies, is Negri's idea of "INTEGRITY", then I think Brenda Negri needs to do some serious soul searching.

And while she's at it, it would behoove her to seek professional counseling for her mental illness.

Brenda Negri is a psychotic, malicious woman who may actually, in her delusional fantasies, BELIEVE herself to be the "under cover Fed"; Ace G-man; "spook" or "mole" as she boasts of in the many commentaries she has written and posted.

But what should by now be clear is that Negri is a potential menace to ANY employer, especially a government agency, no matter how lowly a position she holds.


In early April 2003, several of us being criminally harassed by Negri, including myself; Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb; and retired LAPD officer Ed Schooling, tracked Negri down and received confirmation from a TSA official, Mr. Paul Lipscomb, Assistant Federal Security Director at LAX Airport, that Negri is in fact working as a baggage screener for T.S.A., the newly created Federal agency under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security.

All of us filed formal complaints with TSA by telephone, furnishing information about Negri's unscrupulous and criminal activities and her mental illness; as well as outlining the damages done to each of us by Negri's continuing interference; criminal harassment; libel and slander.

We also provided evidence of Negri's illegal activities from archives of posts written and disseminated by Negri on various Internet message boards.

We requested that a formal investigation be conducted by the T.S.A. and advised them that we would also be contacting other Federal and state agencies in regard to Brenda Negri.

Following are excerpts from my own letter to TSA official Paul Lipscomb.

Mr. Paul Lipscomb
Assistant Federal Security Director
LAX Airport

Dear Mr. Lipscomb:

Please consider this letter as a written formal complaint against Brenda M. Negri for criminal harassment. As confirmed by you in our phone conversations of April 4, 2003, Negri is currently employed at LAX Airport as a baggage screener for TSA.

During two (2) phone conversations, to which a Mr. Jonathan Fleming was also privy via speakerphone, I gave you my testimony and a brief overview of my dealings with Brenda Negri. I will repeat some of that here, for the record and will provide additional details.

I understand that you also spoke with other witnesses, including Stew Webb and retired LAPD officer Ed Schooling, also targeted by Negri for criminal harassment; libel and slander.

Negri first approached me in October 2001, claiming to admire my work as an investigative journalist and my political activism as a whistleblower out of CIA covert operations. At that time Negri was impersonating a male FBI agent, using the name "Ranger Rick". Negri was writing and posting material on various message boards under this pseudonym, as well as on her own website, The Fifth Horseman.

I explained to Negri when she first approached me in October 2001 that I refused to have dealings with people who presented themselves only using pseudonyms, aliases or screen names. I wanted to know her real name; her credentials and bona fides, if any, before I would agree to enter into any correspondence with her.

At that time, Negri gave me the following information about herself:


She is a female civilian, NOT a male FBI agent.

Her real name is Brenda Negri.

D.O.B. December 13, 1955

She worked as a secretary in Los Angeles, CA at Swan Legal Services.

Employer's name: Attorney Delia Swan

She earned a salary of $21,000 a year.

She was divorced, with a fifteen year old son, who lives with his father, as the child refused to live with Negri. [It was later confirmed by Negri's ex-husband that Negri lost custody of the child, due to her mental illness and incarceration in a psychiatric facility.]

Negri said that she had taken up long-term residence in a "crack hotel" in San Pedro, CA, after she had been evicted from another apartment in connection with a criminal charge.

That she had no formal education; no college degree; no training or background in law enforcement or intelligence work.

She was a civilian woman and NOT the "Ace G-man" called Ranger Rick, as she claimed and promoted herself in her writings.

When I asked Negri why she was impersonating a male Federal Officer, she told me that people would not take her seriously or respect her if they found out she was just a "nobody"; a civilian woman with no education and no training in law enforcement or intelligence work. So she was lying in an attempt to gain respect and approval from legitimate professionals and others currently or formerly in government service.

It soon became clear to me as well as to others whom she targeted for this Internet scam that Negri was what I can only call a "wannabe" and law enforcement groupie.

She was in possession of NO original or legitimate information, nor first hand knowledge of intelligence operations. The ONLY information she had was that which anyone with a computer and some time on her hands could pick up from perusing various websites, such as my own or others whose editors were former intelligence or law-enforcement personnel or professional investigators.

Maybe she was just reading spy's anyone's guess where she picked up these tidbits which she claimed to be "inside information"; and which she posted on her website.

She talked about subjects of which she clearly knows nothing; such as "tradecraft"; "PsyOps"; "black operations"; "mole hunts"; etc. And worse, continually boasted of her "insider expertise" in these matters.

Any truthful information she managed to get her hands on was merely scavenged from people such as myself, none of which came from firsthand knowlege or experience on Negri's part.

She soon started dropping my name on her website along with other names of high-profile/well-known individuals who were Federal Whistleblowers; survivors of covert intelligence operations; ex-military and intelligence personnel; investigative journalists; including Al Martin; Stew Webb; Mike Ruppert.

Negri soon began to make numerous harassing phone calls to me at my home, at all hours of the day and night, sometimes as many as 7 or 8 calls a day.

I had made the mistake of giving a small amount of confidential information to Negri, during the period of roughly two (2) months that I stayed in contact with her. Negri posed as a sympathetic "supporter" of me and my work and claimed she wanted to "help" me. She used the same M.O. with others.

Negri used flattery and feigned sympathy to conceal her lies and duplicity and her relentless attempts to pick my brain and scavenge information about myself and others and our involvement in intelligence operations.

But as I quickly learned, Negri had other, very unscrupulous motives for befriending me, as well as others. Negri began to violate my confidences by passing on sensitive private information to third parties (as was confirmed by witnesses); and it soon escalated to the point that she was violating my privacy by posting personal confidences as well as her wild speculations (untrue) about me and some of my professional colleagues on her website.

She wrote of subjects on which she was completely uninformed; also making wild accusations against people she had never met whom she claimed were "criminals"; "mob goons"; "Yakuza thugs"; "spooks"; etc. etc.

Some of the individuals Negri named were former or current government officials, including FBI agent Mike Foster and ex-FBI agent Richard Wade, the "Ranger Rick" whose identity she had co-opted; whom she called the "Ace G-Man"; and for whom she clearly had an obsession, sexually and otherwise.

As I and others observed, most of her writings sounded like something from a comic strip or a badly written dime store detective novel. There were no facts; no credible sources; no evidence whatsoever to support her outrageous allegations.

Negri also began to harass some of my professional associates; using my name in order to ingratiate herself with these individuals.

Some of the e-mails she sent to these people were of a threatening nature. For example, she wrote to a friend of mine, ex-Special Forces, that "Ranger Rick is on a mole hunt and NOBODY survives a mole hunt by Ranger Rick"; or "We eat goons like Ted Gunderson for breakfast".....and other such nonsense.

The Special Forces man told her to get lost and not to pester him again. And yet, Negri did serious damage by telling malicious lies about me, slandering me in attempts to make my friends and associates suspicious of me.

Negri also engaged in sexual harassment of various men, including Al Martin and Stew Webb. When they rejected her blatant and shameless sexual advances, she turned vicious and went on a rampage of libelous writings about these men, publishing outrageous lies about them.

Here is just one example of a harassing and obscene message written by Negri to Stew Webb, which she posted on a PUBLIC message board, at American Patriot Friends Network, under the pseudonym Ranger Rick, which clearly shows the nature of this woman's psychopathology. This has become known as the infamous "Penis Envy Post".

["Listen Webb, it's obvious we're having a problem in the communications department. In the future you've got to tell me what it is you want right away, because otherwise I've got no way of knowing that you don't want to see my penis. I'm a pretty sharp guy/girl, but you can't expect me to know how you're feeling all the time. Unless you tell me, I'm going to just assume that you want to see my penis.....I'm just a guy/girl with, if I do say so myself, a very nice penis. Hefty. Thick. Purpose-built....... A miracle of evolutionary design. There's no way anyone could look at it and think it's anything but a fine healthy penis. I know, because out of the literally thousands of people who have seen it, not one of them has mistaken it for anything but a penis.....Showing my penis is my way of being part of the crowd. More important, do you think I'd show my penis so much if I wasn't a friendly person ? Of course not..... I'm not just doing this for myself, though it does give me the warm feeling that comes from sharing. I do this because I want everyone to be my friend. And there's no better way to make friends than by showing people your penis. All this talking about my penis makes me want to see it right now. Just to look at it, mind you. I'm not going to touch it in any fashion that doesn't relate to letting everyone see it better. That would be sexual, and that's not the point. The point is that everyone should get to see it. Therefore, I have to raise it up a bit, or otherwise manipulate it so that it's more visible, then that's what I have to do. Of course, if you still don't want to see it, I won't take it out at all, out of respect for your weird neurosis."]

It soon became clear to me and others that Negri is delusional and is laboring under some very severe psychopathology. Apparently, she may actually have believed herself to be some kind of "spook"; "Fed"; "undercover agent"; or "rogue operative" as she repeatedly referred to herself on her website and other message boards.

By mid-December of 2001, I had reached the limits of my tolerance for Negri and her amateur spy games; delusions; insane rantings and invasions of my privacy.

I issued a warning for her to stop harassing my associates; to stop interfering in my investigations; to stop violating my privacy; to cease and desist from using my name on her website, and from posting her wild speculations regarding me.

In December 2001 I had no choice but to expose Brenda Negri as a phony, a pathological liar and a provocateur. I did this to protect myself from further damages to my personal and professional reputation, and in the hope that it would stop Negri's obsessive harassment of me and others whom she had targeted.

But despite the fact that Negri was exposed --by myself and several others-- as a phony and liar, she continued her criminal harassment with impunity.

Since that time, I have written a number of articles exposing Negri, most of which are archived on my website. The first was titled, A Morality Tale, and was written in the style of political satire, although everything written in the article about Negri is truthful. It also contains some material written and posted by Negri on her website, The Fifth Horseman, more examples of Negri's outrageous lies and delusions of being an "undercover Fed".

[I also included in this letter to Mr. Lipscomb the post from Negri's yahoo group, flynnsghost, given above, containing the libel against myself and others; more threats and harassment; more lies; Negri now claiming she is a "mole" inside the DHS.]

Ms. Negri has been engaging in criminal harassment of myself as well as other individuals, since mid-December of 2001. Negri has also written and posted literally hundreds of libelous messages on various message boards all over the World Wide Web.

In February 2002, I wrote another article about Brenda Negri, which describes her illegal and unconscionable activities at Swan Legal Services and how Negri's employment was terminated, after formal complaints were filed by myself, Al Martin and Stew Webb, Just The Facts: A Report on Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick.


On February 2, 2003, Brenda Negri put up her "news group" named flynnsghost on Yahoo! Here are some of the terms of service outlined by Yahoo!


You agree to NOT to use the Service to:

Upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; "stalk" or otherwise harass another.}

Yet Negri has set up this message board at Yahoo for the VERY PURPOSE of stalking; harassing; libeling; defaming; invading privacy, etc., the very VIOLATIONS outlined above.

Several individuals, including myself; Stew Webb; Ed Schooling; Rayelan Allan, have made numerous written complaints to Yahoo about Negri's violations of terms of service. And yet, nothing has been done to put this this unscrupulous and mentally deranged woman out of business.

Negri continues her activities with impunity, disregarding all warnings and directives issued by her targets to cease and desist.

Mr. Lipscomb, it is my understanding, as per our phone conversations, the latest of which was today [April 7] that you and your colleagues at TSA will take this formal complaint seriously and conduct a full investigation of Brenda Negri and her illegal and unscrupulous activities.

As has been made clear from some of her recent postings, Negri is now claiming to be a "mole" inside the DHS. She states that her purpose for being there is to "rat out" the personnel working for DHS.

Negri is still lying; still posturing as an "undercover Fed"; and/or "spook" --and worse, using this false persona to attempt to gain credibility with the public so that they might believe her outrageous, bizarre lies and character defamation about myself and others, as well as about the employees of TSA and/or DHS.

For the record, I am a law-abiding citizen. I have no criminal record. I pursue all investigations that I conduct in a lawful manner. In my reports I deal only with facts, evidence and the testimony of reliable witnesses.

My objective in writing this letter; in making this formal complaint; is to see to it that Brenda Negri is not allowed to continue her activities, many of which --over a period of time between October 2001 and April 2003-- have caused serious damages to me personally, as well as certain family members; friends and professional associates, all of whom are willing to testify against Brenda Negri.

I also believe Brenda Negri to be a menace to society at large, and a danger to others, due to her delusional and psychotic behavior. I do not exaggerate when I say that in my opinion, based on my observations and direct dealings with her, Brenda Negri is criminally insane.

My colleagues, all ex-military, law enforcement and intelligence personnel, as well as trained investigators, agree wholeheartedly.

I hope that after a thorough investigation has been conducted; and after you are satisfied that Brenda Negri has indeed been perpetrating the illegal and unscrupulous actions I have outlined here, and as per the testimony of other witnesses, you will find it prudent and necessary to terminate her employment at TSA.

As for myself, I intend to file both civil and criminal complaints against Negri with all the appropriate Federal and state agencies and courts of law.

If I may be of any further assistance to you in your investigation; or if you require additional information regarding Brenda Negri, you need only ask and I will be happy to provide what help I can.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very Truly Yours,
Barbara Hartwell

cc: Jonathan Fleming

After sending this letter (dated April 7, 2003) to Paul Lipscomb, I also furnished him and one of Negri's supervisors, Mr. Jonathan Fleming, with a large body of documented evidence of Negri's outrageous lies; libelous writings and her criminal harassment of myself and others. I sent them many files from Negri's Flynnsghost and other message boards by e-mail.

I waited about a month, but did not hear again from Mr. Lipscomb, although I sent several e-mails asking about the progress of the investigation on Negri and Negri's status at TSA.

Finally, I explained to Mr. Lipscomb by e-mail that I believed enough time had passed (about 6 weeks); that I was not willing to wait any longer; and that I needed some statement from him as to whether or not Negri's employment would be terminated, based on the evidence we had furnished; as well as the results of the investigation by TSA into Brenda Negri's criminal activities.

Mr. Lipscomb then called me and told me that he was not in the position to make a decision regarding Negri. He said that according to her supervisors, Negri had not failed to perform her assigned duties.

I explained that I was disappointed that the TSA would allow a mentally unstable, malicious liar like Negri, who was engaged in criminal harassment to continue working at this government job.

I also pointed out that it could be a public relations nightmare for the TSA if they failed to terminate Negri's employment, after valid concerns had been expressed and hard evidence as to Negri's criminal harassment had been provided by the individuals she had targeted.

Mr. Lipscomb asked me, as a professional courtesy, to call a Mr. Larry Fetters, the Acting Federal Security Director at LAX, and that Mr. Fetters would be able to give me a statement I could use in my report as to Brenda Negri and her status at TSA.

I called several times, but was unable to reach Mr. Fetters. Nor did I receive a return phone call after leaving a message with a secretary.

As for Mr. Lipscomb, he was always courteous, respectful and polite in his dealings with me. He seemed to take my complaints seriously. He also admitted to me, after I had read him one of Negri's ranting commentaries on the phone (the one given above in this report) about being "moled up inside the DHS" that he did not think a sane person could write such material or make such outrageous claims.

And yet, as far as I know, Brenda Negri is STILL working as a baggage screener at TSA, despite all the evidence of her mental illness; despite her criminal background; despite her lies; despite the CRIMINAL HARASSMENT she continues to perpetrate TO THIS VERY DAY, against myself and others.

My last phone conversation with Mr. Lipscomb went something like this: I thanked Mr. Lipscomb for his time and attention, complimented him on his sincerity and professionalism; but reiterated my disappointment over TSA's faiure to act with due diligence on the evidence which had been provided about Brenda Negri.

I told him that in my opinion, Negri's employment with TSA should have been terminated for cause; and that criminal charges should also have been filed by TSA, at the very least for Negri's lying to Federal officials on her application form.

Mr. Lipscomb suggested to me that perhaps I and the others who have sustained damages from Brenda Negri's criminal harassment and libel, could obtain satisfaction by filing a civil complaint aginst Negri. I explained that would be unlikely, as it seemed Negri, by virtue of her impecunious financial status, would be "judgment-proof".

But I did assure Mr. Lipscomb that indeed, I WOULD obtain satisfaction. That it was my intent to see to it that Brenda Negri is prosecuted for her criminal violations, to the fullest extent of the law. I told him it was a matter of honor; of my professional and personal reputation, badly damaged by this malicious liar, pestiferous nutcase and poseur.

And that if the TSA decided to allow Negri to continue her unscrupulous activities with impunity, while still employed by them, it would no longer be my problem, but would become theirs.

Brenda Negri: From the loony bin to TSA, under the Department of Homeland Security. And I have to wonder: Whom will the government hire next?

Barbara Hartwell
May 24, 2003


I and my colleagues hope that anyone reading this report, who has also been harassed; stalked; threatened; libeled or slandered by Brenda Negri will add their voices; address this outrage and file formal complaints against her with TSA; the FAA; the L.A. County Sheriff Department; the FBI; or the Department of Justice.

We also urge you to boycott LAX; to picket the airport and to make it clear WHY.

This criminally insane woman needs to be STOPPED, post haste.