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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ


O God, who hast caused this holy night to shine with the illumination of the true Light: Grant us, we beseech thee, that as we have known the mystery of that Light upon earth, so may we also perfectly enjoy him in heaven; where with thee and the Holy Spirit he liveth and reigneth, one God in glory everlasting.
May the Peace, the Love and the Grace of Christ be with You.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Christmas 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

Institutionalized Depravity: A Culture of Sex Predators, Their Advocates and Protectors

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
Matthew 18:6

"As for the rapists of children, if I had the resources, the wherewithal and the authority under the law, I'd personally hunt them down myself, one by one, and throw them in the deepest dungeon I could find, where they would never see the light of day --or harm another child-- again. But since I lack the ability to handle the situation the way I'd like to, the best I can do is expose any such perps who come to my attention, which includes any person who commits the criminal offense of being in possession of child pornography."

--Barbara Hartwell, from Open Letter to Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson: Report of Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering

In my more than thirty years of investigative journalism, my main concern has been exposing --and more importantly stopping-- abuses and atrocities, especially by those who exploit/violate the most innocent and defenseless beings (animals and children) for profit and/or for their own twisted forms of gratification.
By my way of thinking, not only as a devout Christian, but also as someone who has been a fiercely protective mother (and now, grandmother), sexual abuse is absolutely the most hideous atrocity that can ever  be perpetrated against a child. From my own investigations of many years; from my observations of the devastating effects of such abuse on some of the people who have been close to me; and from counseling abuse victims as a therapist and Christian minister, I can say with certainty that sexual abuse destroys lives.  I've yet to encounter even one person who was able to fully recover from the sexual abuse he or she was subjected to. Not one.  Sexual abuse of a child rips apart the fabric of his or her life in a relentless pattern of emotional trauma and horror. Far beyond the longterm psychological damages and traumas, it is nothing less than  soul-shattering.
The purpose of this report is to encourage the reader to take a hard look at the prevailing attitudes  (I will give a number of examples, which still, barely scratch the surface) of a culture which not only fails to prevent the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, but which actually blatantly encourages it.  A culture inculcated with the 'values' of what I call 'Secular Humanist New Age Pop Psychology'  --the moral relativism and social engineering which comprise the doctrines of devils, as opposed to the moral absolutes, the irrefutable laws of God, which comprise the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Rather than taking a hard line against the rapists of children --seeing them clearly for the evildoers, the monsters, they are-- those with this secular humanist/New Age mindset coddle these criminals, protect them, and make excuses for them... "Oh well, they were (or may have been) abused themselves...."...."Well, they were just 'born that way' and after all, everyone has a different 'sexual orientation'"...."We need to forgive them and treat them with compassion..."
The hell with forgiveness and compassion for these evildoers!  We need to fight for the rights and the protection of all children. We need to fight for justice.  These loathsome criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, permanently taken out of circulation to guarantee they can never harm another child again. Period. Case closed.
The first step in addressing this horrific state of affairs is to acknowledge the unvarnished truth: the absolute EVIL which fuels this holocaust against children.  There must be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy held by each and every individual, in every known instance of child abuse/exploitation; those who are responsible (legally and otherwise) for the children under their protection must take action to get the perpetrators off the streets, out of the school systems, out of positions where they wield any authority over children, and put them behind bars, where they belong!
"Pedophile" is the term most commonly used to describe these criminals.  I've never liked that word, as it is clearly euphemistic and misleading.  It seems to place these villains in the same category as "bibliophiles" (book lovers), "anglophiles" (lovers of all things English), or "philanthropists" (lovers of mankind), and so on and so forth.....
The Greek  root "phile" means "love".  But to describe "pedophiles" as those who "love" children? Nothing could be further from the truth!
The truth is, pedophiles operate from a pathological compulsion to destroy children, to steal their innocence, to dominate and control them, all for their own sick, twisted form of sexual/ego gratification.  At the deepest level, it's not really about sex, and it's most certainly not about any kind of love. Like all forms of evil, it's all about POWER OVER others, CONTROL of others, forcing others into submission, and the AGGRESSION of one being against another --especially against those who are unable to defend themselves, nor, in many cases, even to give voice to the horrors they endure at the hands of these vile rapists. Pedophiles are child rapists, the lowest scum of the earth, and should be recognized as such.  Stop minimizing the crime, stop the coddling and the excuses and call them what they are: EVIL CHILD RAPISTS, a satanic menace to society and a blight on the the world. Raping children is not only a felony crime, it is a crime against nature and the worst of all abominations to God.
As for those who embrace the various forms of moral depravity which have permeated the culture, including by exploiting children, by making them into sex icons, by pandering to the perverse psychopathology of the predators; those who skirt the law with "legal" enterprises such as pornography (in any form), they should at the very least be shunned and exposed for the perverts and predators they are. Because ALL pornography is an abomination to God and ultimately a threat to the welfare of children.  And although it is an exercise in futility to attempt to  'legislate' morality, it is certainly a moral imperative to denounce all activities of the godless perverts and predators (and their advocates) who are responsible for floating this nation down into the gutter on their rising tide of sewage.
Certainly, anyone who is a true Christian (not only in name, but in real devotion to Christ and His Gospel) will take a stand against this EVIL and do all in his/her power to expunge it from the face of the earth. 
In the late 1980s and early '90s, I was living in Greenwich, Connecticut.  At that time, I was producing/hosting radio (WGCH, Greenwich) and television (Cablevision of CT, Norwalk) programs which covered a variety of topics, including animal welfare/rights and humane education, as well as political and human rights issues.  I was also an occasional contributor of newspaper editorials, including in the Greenwich Time and Stamford Advocate.    
A friend (I'll call him Bill) who worked on the video crew for my TV show was briefly also employed at two different companies, one a video production  enterprise, and the other a video rental/sales enterprise, both located in Stamford. 
I was unable to track down the names of the owners of the video production company (I was only told that they were a pair of lesbians), but here's the story, as told to me by Bill. 
My friend was assigned one day to videotape a 'bachelor party'. But when Bill got to the location, he found that a stripper (prostitute) had been hired, and the clients expected him to videotape the sleazy goings-on. Disgusted, he refused, on moral grounds. 
When Bill told me about the incident with the stripper, I said, Good for you!  As far as I am concerned, no decent, self-respecting woman would even consider marrying a man who would hire a stripper/prostitute (or allow his friends to hire one) to "celebrate" an upcoming marriage. Nor would any decent,  self-respecting man be interested in such activities; rather, he would be giving thanks to God for the blessing of love and commitment of his future wife and for the sacrament of holy matrimony.  Yet this type of degenerate behavior has come to be considered so "normal" in the culture, that anyone who refuses (on principle and/or due to personal distaste for such depravity)  to be a part of it, is made the object of derision and scorn.
Shortly after this incident, Bill was fired from his job at the video production company for his refusal to be involved in the ongoing sleaze.
Subsequently, Bill took another part-time job at a video sales/rental shop. The owner of the business was a man named Bob Dorf. (Yes, this is his real name, and as far as I was able to ascertain, he is still in business.)
Bill told me that Mr. Bob Dorf had decided to start an advertising campaign to sell more videos. Dorf's scheme?  To exploit  some high school girls who worked at the store after school (or during summer vacation) by having them display themselves on the street in front of the store, scantily-clad in tight, lowcut leotards and fishnet stockings, handing out flyers to generate more business.
Outraged (and knowing I would be too), Bill asked me what could be done to put a stop to this.  I told Bill to get me a list of the names of all the girls who worked at the video store.  I wrote a public letter of protest, exposing Dorf's exploitation of these underage girls and I sent it by post (there was no e-mail back then) to the parents of the girls, all from good families in Stamford or Greenwich.
Bottom line: Bob Dorf's advertising scheme was stopped dead in its tracks.  The parents of these girls were as outraged as I was, and gave Mr. Dorf  bloody hell. Dorf also lost several of his employees when the girls' parents refused to allow them to continue working for such a sleazebag.
But, believe it or not, it gets worse...
I later found out that in addition to using teenage girls as sex objects to sell videos, Mr. Dorf had, among the stock carried in his store, not only a large selection of "legal" pornographic videos, but also child pornography!
By the time of this discovery, and due to the scandal involving the highschool girls, Bill, in complete disgust, had quit his job at the video company, but another employee at the store contacted Bill and told him that he had found evidence of this crime.  Apparently, the secret stash of child pornography was uncovered during a routine inventory.
At this point, mad as hell, spitting bullets, I called the FBI.  I told the agent I spoke to that based on the testimony of a former employee and another source (whose name I did not know) I had reason to believe that this "businessman", Bob Dorf, was engaged in the trafficking of child pornography. I told him that Dorf's business needed to be investigated.
But was anything ever done about this felony crime? Not to my knowledge. As far as I know, the FBI didn't even conduct an investigation. When I called back to check, I was given nothing more than a cursory answer that they were "looking into it".  Evidently, Mr. Dorf was a "protected individual" in the affluent and upstanding Greenwich/Stamford community. Not having access to any evidence of this crime, there was nothing more I could do.
And even when I wrote an editorial regarding the exploitation of teenage girls and sent it to the same newspapers who normally published my work (as well as regular interviews of me by their own staff writers), as a well-known local radio/TV talk show host and print journalist, they wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.
But times have changed. Now, after all these years, I can finally publish this story without being at the mercy of the mainstream media. I hope you're reading this, Mr. Dorf.  And I hope that anyone who was exploited by you (or who witnessed your wrongdoing, or has knowledge of any felony crimes like trafficking in child pornography) will come forward with his/her testimony and expose you for the pervert and predator you are!
Everyone knows about it by now.  Jerry Sandusky, assistant coach at Penn State.  Indicted on numerous counts of sexual assault. (And who knows how many victims there actually were? We only know about the ones who came forward, and the testimony of those witnesses which has been made public.)
Joe Paterno, a close friend and colleague of Sandusky, lost his job as head coach. Paterno, well aware of the crimes, going on for many years, instead of coming forward and doing the right thing, instead of caring about the victims of Sandusky's vile crimes against children, stayed silent and covered for the perp.
According to Sandusky, he is "innocent" of any such crimes. No, he claims he was only "horsing around" with the boys.  Horsing around?  Forcing sodomy (or other sex acts) on children (or on anyone else) is a violent assault (rape) and a felony crime, Mr. Sandusky. No horsing around here....just more happy horseshit from another child rapist. Haven't you heard? They're always innocent, every last one.
Then, to add insult to injury, the students at Penn State, instead of being outraged at the crimes, instead of standing in defense of their fellow students, instead of demanding justice for the victims, held protest demonstrations in support of Joe Paterno, the beloved "JoePa". How sick, how twisted, is this attitude? How utterly shameful.
What the hell? More denial, more coddling of criminal sex predators and their supporters.
Once again, the refusal to stand up against EVIL, nor even to acknowledge it for what it is.
Warren Jeffs: Leader of the offshoot of mainstream Mormonism, the  Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Convicted rapist/pedophile, raped numerous children, made videos of himself raping children (child pornography), engaged in child sex trafficking.
Now in prison, this loathsome psychopath, right where he belongs! Can anyone count the cost in suffering to these children?  Not most of the so-called "sister wives", some of whom still defend Jeffs and his hideous crimes to this day. They are simply too stupid and/or too filled with false spiritual pride, to break out of the indoctrination about male supremacy, polygamy, sexual assaults on children and female subservience to tyrannical male abusers. But these lowlife "sister wives" also should be held accountable for aiding, abetting and enabling these diabolical crimes against children. Indoctrination is no excuse! Anyone who participates in such acitivities (in the name of God?!?!) is guilty as sin. If any of them truly knew Jesus Christ they could never, ever support such atrocities.
This so-called "Church of Jesus Christ", headed by an odious egomaniacal  rapist, breaks the record for absolutely demonic atrocities.   The question here is not, "What Would Jesus Do?"  It is, What WILL Jesus do? Mr. Jeffs, I've no doubt, will get exactly the judgment he so richly deserves.
DANCE MOMS: Grooming Little Girls as Trollops, Floozies and Strumpets
Normally, I don't watch television, but a few months ago, while at the garage waiting for a car repair, I happened to see previews for a 'reality' TV show called 'DANCE MOMS'.  The 'star' of the show was a hugely fat, trashy,  loudmouthed woman named Abby Lee Miller, a dance instructor for little girls.
The theme of the show (and the focus of the "entertainment") seemed to be the screaming matches and the vulgar altercations between the mothers of the girls and the obnoxious, aggressive dance teacher. The teacher was yelling at the girls like a drill sargeant, using intimidation tactics, browbeating them and humiliating them if they failed to snap to! at her harsh directives.  In her dealings with the 'dance moms', she was arrogant, insulting and bullying.  I can't imagine a more offensive character than Abby Lee Miller, or why anyone in their right mind would put up with such abuse, or allow their children to be subjected to it. Stranger still, what kind of person would waste their time watching such a show?
But there was clearly another agenda here: to indoctrinate these children into the belief that they must 'sexualize' themselves in order to be successful and to gain the approval of their audience.  The teacher, who looked and acted like a 'bull dyke', yelled out comments like, "Look sexy!"  (remember, these are children she is talking to), and the sleazy costumes (heavy makeup, bright red lipstick, garish eye shadow, trashy hairstyles etc.) worn by the girls looked like the getup worn by a street hooker while soliciting tricks on 42nd street.
Horrified by this program, I later looked it up online to find out what I could, and viewed as much as I could stomach. But you can see it for yourself:
When I was a child I took years of ballet lessons, but it was a different world back then. The teachers, who were professionals, instructed us in the art of classical ballet. There was no exploitation, only the discipline and the reward brought by the accomplishments we earned by hard work.  And even the pushy 'stage mothers' (thankfully mine wasn't one of them) would have been outraged had the teachers tried to exploit their children, dressing them up like hookers, using threats and coercion, pressuring them to look "sexy".
This Abby Lee Miller character is nothing but another pimp, promoting children as sex icons, as easy targets for the vile predators who would jump at any opportunity to perpetrate further abuse on them. As for the vacuous 'dance moms', they are nothing short of despicable for placing their children in such a goldfish bowl of depravity on national TV.
Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey: High level official of CDC.  Arrested for sexual assault of a six year old boy, as well as bestiality. What kind of a demon could sexually assault children and animals? And this woman, this subhuman piece of gutter trash, was in charge of "disease control"? She herself is a disease which cannot be controlled except by locking her (and her accomplice, Thomas Joseph Westerman, the so-called "boyfriend") up and throwing away the key!
And to add outrage to outrage, this woman has been reinstated at her job! What the hell is going on here?
But as usual, here come the apologists for such odious perps. One such moron is going by the name "Crystal River", one of many anonymous cowards posting under silly screen names on Rumor Mill News, a large commercial New Age, government-disinfo website run by New Age occultist Rayelan Allan.
Here, an excerpt from the posting by 'Crystal River' re Kimberly Lindsey:
"First, how can we help protect the innocent? Prayers for the child so that this woman will be free to do her job and prayers for the woman that she will be safe while this job is completed and after; may she walk in safety. You folks that are close to this event; the good guys---time for high gear to protect!"
This idiot is mainly concerned, not about stopping atrocities against children, but rather, that a rapist of animals and children will be "safe" and "free to do her job". 
And I can assure this creep (whoever he or she may be) that no "good guys" would ever be involved in anything except bringing this monster, Kimberly Lindsey, to justice. Unbelievable! Yet this is precisely the type of attitude which aids and abets, which minimizes these hideous crimes, enables them to continue, and the perps to walk free. Again, unbelievable! But not surprising, coming from Rumor Mill News, where nothing is sacred, and where brainwashed New Agers advertise their immorality with impunity.
Rayelan Allan, the editor of Rumor Mill News, has been an apologist for many tyrants, traitors and evildoers, including George W. Bush whom she has claimed is one of the 'good guys' (from her fantasy land, "Faction 2"), and gun-grabber Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom she promoted and endorsed for Governor of California, her home state for many years. She has also been an apologist for the Patriot Acts, and even for torture, attempting to minimize numerous atrocities with her New Age moral relativism and psychobabble. Rayelan (not surprisingly) has even banned "news agents" from her site for witnessing for Jesus Christ!
[See reports on this website re Rayelan Allan and Rumor Mill News, for the gory details...]
Rayelan Allan is also aiding and abetting criminals who have been involved in child trafficking and pornography.  For the past few years, she has been promoting The Franklin Coverup by John DeCamp, in a prominent advertisement on the sidebar of her website. (Yes, there is always money to be made by exploiting the misery of others, the sordid sensationalism promoted by false witnesses and wolves in sheep's clothing...) 
Rayelan does not have the excuse of "ignorance" in promoting DeCamp --far from it. She was well aware of the outrageous truth, and in fact I discussed it with her in detail while I was still associated with Rumor Mill News (2000-2003) and she clearly acknowledged knowing the truth.  She also knew the truth about Ted Gunderson, and even accused him (in a public report on her own website in 2003) of being a hit man who was given a contract on her life!  Yet due to her own cowardice, she caved when she was threatened by Gunderson and one of his lackeys, Tim White, with a lawsuit, because of reports by Barbara Hartwell on Rumor Mill News, exposing a criminal conspiracy (including racketeering) involving Gunderson, DeCamp and their cronies. 
Instead of defending the truth, instead of standing up against a criminal conspiracy which included child-trafficking, pornography, and coverups of same, Rayelan tried to censor me, and when I publicly resigned my posting privileges refusing to be censored, or to tolerate interference from Rayelan and her entourage of New Age busybodies, she  accused Barbara Hartwell of being CIA --the same false accusation made against me by my former colleague, FBI Chief Ted L. Gunderson.  How convenient.  How typical. (And how despicable, to betray someone who is risking her life in attempts to stop the atrocities against children.) Rayelan even went so far as to solicit "curses" from "the many witches who read Rumor Mill News", to destroy the "enemies of Rumor Mill News" (Guess who Rayelan, in her paranoid fantasies, places in that category? Get behind me, Satan!)
In 2003, I first exposed the so-called Franklin Coverup --as a double-coverup, a coverup of a coverup, by John DeCamp and former FBI Chief Ted L. Gunderson.  As a result of exposing DeCamp and Gunderson, I was censored on a GCN radio show (The Floyd Report) and summarily ripped off the air, not by the host, Jeremy Floyd, but by one of the network's head honchos, Alex Jones, yet another apologist and shill for Gunderson and DeCamp.
I was subsequently blacklisted from many other radio shows (and networks) on which I had previously been a regular guest.
[What I exposed went far beyond just the Franklin Double Coverup. There was also the fact that Ted Gunderson sold Stinger Missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979, while still working for the FBI; Gunderson's marriage (1998) to Satanist Diana Rively, the ex-wife of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. I had evidence to support the facts of both events, both of which Gunderson vehemently denied. He finally came clean about the Osama bin Laden deal, after he realized that I and my fellow investigators had documented evidence. But he denied the marriage to Diana Rively to his dying day. See reports on this site for more information and evidence.]
In 2005, when I wrote a report (a public letter to Ted Gunderson, see link below) again exposing certain of DeCamp's and Gunderson's crimes and coverups, I was repeatedly (and publicly)  threatened by DeCamp with a lawsuit. DeCamp solicited "HELP" from his minions (all of whom are criminals, especially  predicate felon, criminal stalker, fed snitch, sex predator/child porno freak, Tim White), and implemented a very public libel/slander campaign against Barbara Hartwell, on many radio programs, as well as in print.
DeCamp's accomplices in publicly threatening, libeling/slandering Barbara Hartwell also included male supremacist/misogynist Alan Stang ('The Sting of Stang'); psycho-stalker, blackmailer, identity thief, sex pervert/predator (including targeting children), etc. etc. Todd Brendan Fahey ('Friends of Liberty'); Alex Merklinger ('Mysteries of the Mind' radio show); Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau, the primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson and cronies ('Educate Yourself'); Daryl Bradford Smith ('I Am the Witness');  talk radio host D'Anne Burley, and many more whose names I don't remember/don't know. But I do know that the libel, the slander and the threats against Barbara Hartwell, instigated by DeCamp, Gunderson and others named here, were disseminated on hundreds of websites and radio/video all over the World Wide Web.
These perps also engaged in criminal harassment and monstrous invasions of privacy, by publishing my UNLISTED PRIVATE street address all over the World Wide Web, and soliciting additional crimes against Barbara Hartwell by like minded thugs.
[See: Open Letter to Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson: Report on Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering
This is what happens to anyone who stands up against the evil of child rapists and their supporters, who refuses to be intimidated, bought off, or otherwise silenced. I am not the only one, but as far as I am concerned, there are far too few of us exposing the truth and doing all in our power to put a stop to these heinous crimes against innocent children.
Susan Ford claims to be a "survivor" of the 'Monarch Project'. Contrary to the claims of Ford and many others who say they are either "survivors" or "researchers" (including Mark Phillips, Cathy O'Brien, Fritz Springmeier aka Arthur Alexander Jr. , Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau, Alma Ott aka "True" Ott, et al), 'Monarch' was never a CIA operation, and was not a part or sub-project of CIA's MK Ultra program.  
As I have stated many times in my reports, spanning more than a decade and a half, Monarch is a smokescreen, a sideshow, used by certain mind control handlers, and parroted prolifically by their army of stooges, as cover for the real black operations of CIA's MK Ultra, designed to 'create the perfect spy' during the Cold War Era.  I should know, I was there.  I don't speak from speculation, nor even primarily from my own  research and investigations (though I've done all that too), but from many, many years  of direct personal/professional  experience. In short, unlike many others, I know exactly what I am talking about.
The so-called "Monarch sex slaves" (Cathy O'Brien, Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor et al) were trotted out during the mid to late 90s, claiming they were "exposing" this operation. But here's the point that is most important to make in the context of this report:  The actual/official CIA MK Ultra program was never about "sex slaves" or "satanism".  I myself was never at any time subjected to any kind of sex abuse, nor was involved in any way in "satanism". I was certainly tortured and abused in other ways (trauma-based programming, etc.), but the goal was to turn me (and others in the same category, who were recruited and groomed by CIA in childhood) into a top-notch, high-level  intelligence operative, and the training I received reflected that. None of us (not one person, male or female, I ever knew) was sexually abused, nor involved in satanism.
As I've stated many times, the truth is, if anyone had ever tried to rape me (even as a child) I would have done WHATEVER was necessary to neutralize my assailant(s), I would have been screaming bloody murder from the rooftops to expose the criminals, and I would have found no rest until I hunted them down and put them out of business-- permanently. Make of that what you will.
But let me get straight to the point: "Monarch sex slave" Susan Ford as an apologist for child rapists, and a false accuser/witness against ALL survivors of CIA's MK Ultra.
Here, an excerpt from an old report:
In a lecture at Global Sciences Congress, 1998, Sue Ford made a statement which I, as well as many others, found extremely disturbing: "Anyone who claims that they did NOT abuse their own children is NOT a real survivor."

When Sue Ford issued this proclamation, I was sitting in the front row, and when I heard this, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

I also have it on videotape (the aforementioned Mind Control Goes Public) and every time I hear Sue's words, it feels the same.

As I and many other "real survivors" know, the measure of a "real survivor" is NOT whether they did --or did not-- abuse their own children!

I can state categorically that I NEVER abused my children. I know this, and so do my children. There are many types of "survivors", and we all have had our own tragic experiences. But to make such a blanket statement --which is patently false-- only serves to cast aspersions on those of us who did NOT abuse our children.

It also serves to provide cover for the abusers --whether those abusers are 'mind control survivors' or not--with the idea: They couldn't help it, they were under mind control!

It is not that I don't have compassion for Sue or for others who were involved in intergenerational child abuse in connection to mind control. But it is just NOT TRUE that EVERYONE who was EVER under ANY kind of mind control was involved in child abuse --as a victim and/or an abuser.

And no matter how great my compassion, it does not mean I am willing to be lumped into a category where I do not belong, and to be falsely accused of something I have not done.
Since the time I wrote that report (more than a decade ago) it has become increasingly clear that the government-sponsored disinformation (disseminated by people such as Susan Ford, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp et al) about CIA's MK Ultra program, has become so ingrained in the beliefs of the general public, that those (like myself) who have come forward with the truth about these operations are dismissed as liars and "CIA disinfo agents".
Robert Glenn MacDougall, of San Fransisco, CA, was arrested by the FBI on charges of possession of child pornography. MacDougall's friend and neighbor, Alex Studer, came forward on a TV news program in MacDougall's defense.  
Studer is a government stooge and lackey of Alma Ott (aka "True" Ott), a man using false credentials of  "PhD" and "N.D.", and a longtime crony of the late Ted Gunderson and accomplices, including John DeCamp and Doug Millar.  
Studer, Ott's toady, is also  an accomplice of predicate felon, child porno freak, fed snitch, psycho-stalker Tim White, in harassing, libeling/slandering legitimate whistleblowers and journalists such as Barbara Hartwell, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, all of whom have exposed child trafficking/pornography networks and their connection to  COINTELPRO,  naming the names of some of the aforementioned  perpetrators, as well as others. 
This lowlife, Alex Studer, in addition to being an advocate/apologist for child porno freak Robert Glenn MacDougall, is himself a porno freak, who has stated that "Legal adult pornography is as American as apple pie", among other such comments. Studer, like his mentor, "True" Ott, is also a Jew-hater/bigot extraordinaire and a misogynist who denigrates women with names too filthy to mention.
And naturally, Studer also endorses/defends John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson (Studer lied in a letter to the San Francisco FBI, boasting that Ted Gunderson was a "personal friend", when in fact he later admitted to the fact that he had "never had any contact" with Gunderson), and promotes John DeCamp and The Franklin Coverup on his website. When the Sandusky scandal broke, Studer parroted Alma Ott (as usual), claiming knowledge he does not possess about the alleged connections between the Franklin Coverup and Sandusky.
Alex Studer is nothing more than a sleazy, vulgar, loudmouthed  busybody, belligerent ignoramus  and government stooge, who parrots the false information disseminated by his fellow stooges and their government masters, shooting his mouth off about topics (mind control, 'Monarch', psy ops, biological warfare, etc.) on which he has no knowledge or understanding.
And this is precisely the type of low grade moron who is trying to make it seem like pornography is 'normal', acceptable, 'hip' or 'cool', rather than the abomination to God, the destroyer of lives, it actually is.
Now, on to the sex perverts and predators connected to the Catholic Church.
The future Pope Benedict XVI resisted pleas to defrock a California priest with a record of sexually molesting children, citing concerns including "the good of the universal church," according to a 1985 letter bearing his signature. The correspondence, obtained by The Associated Press, is the strongest challenge yet to the Vatican's insistence that Benedict played no role in blocking the removal of pedophile priests during his years as head of the Catholic Church's doctrinal watchdog office.

The letter, signed by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was typed in Latin and is part of years of correspondence between the diocese of Oakland and the Vatican about the proposed defrocking of the Rev. Stephen Kiesle, who pleaded no contest to misdemeanors involving child molestation in 1978.


But Cardinal Bertone halted the process after Father Murphy personally wrote to Cardinal Ratzinger protesting that he should not be put on trial because he had already repented and was in poor health and that the case was beyond the church's own statute of limitations.

"I simply want to live out the time that I have left in the dignity of my priesthood," Father Murphy wrote near the end of his life to Cardinal Ratzinger. "I ask your kind assistance in this matter." The files contain no response from Cardinal Ratzinger.


Quotes from Pope Benedict: 

"....pedophilia was theorized as something fully in conformity with man and even with children."
"It was maintained — even within the realm of Catholic theology — that there is no such thing as evil in itself or good in itself,"
No such thing as good or evil in itself? Such a statement is not only absurd, it is blasphemous in the extreme.  And here is the head of the Catholic Church, deemed by his flock to be God's representative on earth, asking us to believe that the blatant, flagrant evil committed by the demonic rapists of children, is simply to be dismissed and overlooked, "for the good of the universal church".
The Church --any church, all churches, who claim to be preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- are fully responsible, and will answer to God if they fail to expose the perpetrators of sex crimes against children, defrock the priests/ministers, and cooperate in seeing to it that these monsters are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
No decent God-fearing Christian person (church member or not) will sit back and allow this horrendous situation to continue, not when we ALL (at the very least) have the ability to speak out against the sleaze, the pornography, the exploitation of children as sex icons, the child-trafficking and pornography rings.
For the Love of God, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?
For those Christians who don't know what is really going on, you need to FIND OUT. You need to use your God-given spiritual discernment, your intellectual discretion and your common sense, to ascertain the identities of the demonic  liars and criminals posing as heroes to 'save the children', who are actually running the coverups and continuing the crimes. You need to 'connect the dots' in this network of criminal conspirators, and find out about the nature of the associations among them.
You also need to confront and expose the apologists, the supporters, the shills, the promoters of these criminals and to shun them like the plague they are.
Don't let them get away with this! 
The lives you save may be those of your own children and grandchildren.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
December 9, 2011
Poisoned by Pornography: A Plague of Perverts, Predators, Pedophiles and Pimps (2011)
God's Liberation from the Morality Wasteland (2004)
Open Letter to Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson: Report on Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering (2005)
Do Abortion, Religious Apathy, Sexual Perversion Mark the Beginning of the End?
On the Nature of Evil
Christopher Jones: Former webmaster for Ted Gunderson. Convicted of raping little boys, sent to prison, was recently released. Claimed to be "innocent".
Paul Bonacci: Awarded one million dollars by a judge, represented by attorney John DeCamp. Participated as a perpetrator in the abduction, drugging and sexual assault of Johnny Gosch. Instead of doing time in prison, was rewarded with a large sum of money.
Hunter Thompson (deceased): Lowlife scum who promoted his endless sleaze via  "gonzo journalism". Participated in child sex trafficking/pornography ring.  According to witnesses, was reportedly interested in being present for a "snuff film" (no hard evidence that this happened, at least that I could find). This guy was the lowest scum of the earth. Imitated (plagiarized) and promoted for years by porno freak, blackmailer, identity thief, psycho-stalker Todd Brendan Fahey, who has publicly stated that he condones "sex with children".
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA