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Friday, August 31, 2007


Another plot against the Browns which reeks of the feds' typical cowardice and deception......

From Edward and Elaine
August 30, 2007

Feds Try to Buy Their Way Into Browns

This morning we received a head's up call from a friend, letting us know about the feds' latest games:

Last week we ordered a few loads of fill for our yard. The driver brought up 3 loads, but never came back to deliver the last 2; we heard no word from him. 

Today we learned why.

Apparently the feds stopped him and wanted him to allow them to hide inside his truck when he came here, and they would then jump out and tazer Ed when he went over to the truck to pay the man. The driver refused to do this. The feds then proceeded to go to his house several times, trying to get him to agree. They asked him how much money it would take for him to agree. God bless this man - he refused to have any part in this deception. It's good to know there are still many good and brave patriots.

These are the extremes the unlawful 'federal' agents will go to achieve their ends. By agreeing to participate in this action, this man would be drawn into an unlawful act, and would have been party to a conspiracy.

Yahweh intends for us to remain here for awhile yet, while conferring upon us His protection. He has a plan, in which we each have a part. The plan has not yet been revealed to us, but He will not allow evil to prevail.

Yahweh continues to bless and protect us.

Edward Lewis and Elaine Alice

Friday, August 24, 2007


By Pamela Gaston

Sui Juris is the book teaching People how to defend themselves in today's courtrooms without attorneys. Sui Juris is a concept; literally meaning "in my own jurisdiction", and explains in plain language what your rights are, how they are being taken from you, and how you can get them back in court.

Sui Juris exposes the systemic judicial corruption and reveals a powerful Way to bring forth remedy. The KEY is exercising your God given Inherent Rights and restoring the Spirit of Truth in America.

Sui Juris, teaches you how to make the Truth in the Record; Sui Juris lets you Access the Courts, simply and quickly by writing and filing your own legal papers, get your own discovery and file counter charges for the abuse you have endured if you have been rendered by the corrupted court system in America today.

We have trusted public officials, judiciary, media and corporations, allowing them to manipulate every aspect of our society with complete unaccountability. Lay people turn to greedy bar member attorneys when they are afraid, only to be compromised into losing everything they have in the corrupted courtroom process. Usually their own attorneys and the rest of the courtroom players are all working against them for their own profit. The People do not realize this until they have been impoverished and destroyed.

Sui Juris shows that a REAL court is simply a place to make a Public Record, and it belongs to us. The People own the courthouse, the Record, the titles, the properties, the children.

We have allowed the corruption of Lawful process and wickedness now rules in high places. The legislature controlled by special money interests and corporate parties, set up and dominates the private incorporated business called the "STATE OF OREGON" or any state while upholding a facade with fronts that this is the government "of the People". IT IS NOT.

Such a STATE is proceeding under a false "voluntary" waiver that you are not a "people" but you are a "legal person"; and in that OFFICE OF PERSON you agreed that the STATE owns all resources including your children, your home, your cars, your property, your businesses, everything, taxed and licensed and assessed, and that you are beholden to administrative rules of the corporate state. Ever since the civil war abolished "involuntary servitude" (slavery), the corporate bankers and government had to devise ways to keep the People as SLAVES to their corporate interests.

The shadow rulers set about to make people "agree" to these compelled contracts on Sovereigns, to get people to unknowingly "'volunteer" their rights to protect themselves and their property from such theft and conversion. In the same way now, the federal government takes the money then "gives" some back with conditions and compelled contracts on the states.

EVERYTHING THAT IS TAKEN FROM YOU IS TAKEN IN A COURTROOM. Kings and Presidents, go before judges, and that is where the changes happen in restoring or losing our freedom.

In order to envision and realize the concept of FREEDOM, we have to know what it means to exercise our Inherent, God Given, un-a-lien-able, Constitutionally protected rights. We have to know what these are and what it feels like to defend these rights with all our spirit and strength.

Sui Juris literally means "in my own jurisdiction". Sui Juris lets you express what is REAL and TRUE in a courtroom.

The people have forgotten what it means to be Sovereigns, and joint tenants in the sovereignty at the county and state level, joined with 49 other Republics. When the Constitution was ratified, true Sovereignty under God for the common man was the seed planted that will bear fruit now.

The common man did not have to be in a court. Real courts are about real crimes, not like now where poor and innocent persons are rendered in a courtroom. In the beginning priests, bankers, corporations and special interests went into court to fight over their money. Now the judicial system has become a money grubbing industry to rob the people at taxpayer expense.

Sui Juris allows the layman to exercise sovereignty and stand against any who would seize his rights, his children, his property, his family, his business, his estate, his liberty or his freedom. Sui Juris takes the profit incentive out of the courtroom. Imposing a lawyer on your back and in your pocketbook insures their control and your impoverishment. Since when is a lawyer worth up to $300/hour?

Our constitutional protections have eroded. We must ACT in our Lawful authority NOW and reclaim the courtroom for justice. We must restore accountability and a standard of Law and Constitutional contract/oath with real penalties of prosecution for violations of the Public Trust by our government.

The information in Sui Juris will bring the People up to speed in all fifty states, as well as other countries, since human rights are universal, and Gods Children are the same in every Sovereign homeland. The GREED FACTOR has been in control far too long. We must go into court and insist on stating the facts regarding abusers crimes, naming names and forcing the criminals who are in our lawful offices to come out into the light.

GET THIS BOOK - LEARN THE MEANING OF SUI JURIS - MAKE SUI JURIS A HOUSEHOLD WORD IN AMERICA - It means your flesh and blood entity, your family body, your human rights and liberties, your posterity - your freedom - and the knowledge to exercise these and protect yourself in a courtroom.

People reading Sui Juris report whole new worlds open for them and that this information has changed their lives. Fear is generated in the courtroom by not understanding what is going on around you, being kept in the dark. Sui Juris outlines the corrupted process being used against you, so that you can "stand" through it and get your facts in to the record, by filing your own affidavits and aggressively pleading your own case in court. You are your own best advocate.

Once enough of us realize the gravity of the danger we face and act wisely regarding the corporate takeover of our lives, we can restore respect for the Spirit of Truth, and Justice and renew the Spirit of America.

You can purchase a single copy of Sui Juris for only $17 and $3 for shipping and handling. Sui Juris contains almost 200 pages of life saving information and legal documents that can be used for a format to write your own legal papers and affidavits in court. Compare this with paying a lawyer up to $150-$300/hour to sacrifice your well-being for his own enrichment and self-interest.

Sui Juris must reach the people now. To make this possible I offer a box of 20 books for the special wholesale price of $200 including shipping. That is $10/book to your door. Let us get the word out and enlighten the people.

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Sui Juris should be in every home, library, school, university and prison. This book should be required reading for every sixth grader in school. Please help spread the word of Truth that there IS an answer to the Constitutional crisis and judicial corruption we face today and with SUI JURIS we can exercise remedy.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Political Persecution in New Hampshire


I first came into contact with William Miller when I called Ed Brown to offer what support I could in January, 2007. Bill answered the phone and I spoke with him at some length and I gave him contact information so he could keep me updated on the situation in Plainfield.

I lost contact with Bill for awhile, due to the fact that he had left the Browns' home (as both he and Ed explained to me) as per Ed's wishes. Though I heard both sides, I won't presume to speak for either Ed or Bill; however Bill has made a public statement (which is posted on my site) regarding his position on this matter.

Then, Bill's e-mail address was sabotaged by the feds, a tactic I have become quite familiar with over a period of many years. This too, was made public (on my site and others) in a special report written by Bill Miller.

I later learned, from speaking many times with Bill by phone, some of the deep background connected to the larger picture --and I came to understand at least some of the reasons why Ed Brown had been targeted by the feds, long before the "federal income tax" issue was used to go after him.

This targeting by the feds also applies to Bill Miller; and certainly not only connected to his former association with Ed Brown. Bill is a former Constitution Ranger; was a Desert Storm paratrooper who spent four years in the U.S. Army and who has seen firsthand much of the corruption going on inside military and intelligence circles. He has also taken action in investigating and exposing it, spanning a time period of at least a decade and a half. Bill has plenty of training and from my observations, has the talents and the instincts of a top-level intelligence operative.

Bill has furnished enough factual information and evidence to me (much of which is documented) since January to earn my endorsement of his credibility, integrity and honesty.

One of the cases Bill is investigating is that of the murder of Phil Castora. Regarding this, I have personally read many of the documents of private investigator Dottie Castora (aka Lafortune) and have published some of them on this website.

Since relocating to Maine permanently in 2003, I have become increasingly aware of the web of political corruption in the greater Maine-New Hampshire area. And Bill Miller has been the most reliable of sources, having furnished much documentation, which I will continue to publish on this website, as more information becomes available.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Bill and his mother, Marie Miller, when they came up from New Hampshire to visit me at my home in Maine.

And there was a compelling reason why I wanted to meet Marie Miller. Bill had told me that when Ed Brown first asked him to drive from Florida (where he had relocated only late last year from New Hampshire) in January, to make the stand with him at the beginning of the "siege" on the Brown property, that he sent some people over to Ed's house to provide backup until Bill could get there. When I asked Bill whom he had sent to Ed's, he told me, I sent my younger brother and my Mom.

Your Mom? I was surprised, to say the least. How many elderly widowed grandmothers would have the grit to make such a stand? And remember, this was at the beginning of the situation, when Ed Brown was there alone, with no backup!

Marie expressed her admiration for Ed Brown, because of the stand he has made. She also knows firsthand about the kind of courage it takes to make such a stand, knowing that she may be risking her life in doing so. Just as her son has done; and it's important to state that Bill would have stayed with the Browns, had Ed Brown wished him to.

After meeting and talking with Marie Miller, I came to understand her dedication to the cause of Liberty. For one thing, she came straight out of Nazi Germany, where, at the age of six, she witnessed some of the madness and mayhem. Her grandfather had been part of the resistance to Hitler.

Marie and Bill also recounted how their family had been targeted by corrupt feds and police in New Hampshire, a situation which continues to this day. Please see Bill's reports on this website for an overview.

The Brown case has certainly become a cause celebre for many defenders of Liberty across the nation. It has also, unfortunately, escalated the persecution being directed at anyone who has been a "supporter" of the Browns; or who may be involved in actions to defend Liberty and Individual God-given rights and Sovereignty; and to stand against tyranny (including judicial corruption.)
I should also add that the Browns' stand has attracted many hangers-on, "camp followers" and grandstanders, including "alternative media" talk show hosts and editors of websites who are clearly exploiting the situation for their own financial gain and/or ego-gratification.

Then as always, there are the gaggles of attention and approval-seeking useful idiots posting on message boards all over the World Wide Web, in so-called "support" of the Browns, who don't bother getting the facts straight before hitting the "SEND" button and who only end up muddying the waters with their ignorant and incendiary commentaries.

Naturally, all this is exploited by the mainstream, government-controlled media. Their objective is to misrepresent Brown "supporters" (former or current) as "terrorists"; "anti-government militia extremists", and son on and so forth.

Reasonable individuals, like Bill Miller, who deal in facts and who are solidly committed to defending Liberty, Individual Sovereignty, God-given rights, etc. are unfortunately in the minority. And I say this based on many years of dealings with countless people who claim to be "patriots", "freedom fighters", etc. etc. Most, I have eventually learned, have their own agenda, political, religious or otherwise and when it comes down to the bottom line: Defending Liberty, they are nowhere to be found.

Bill Miller recently made a public statement:

"I am William Miller, known in some circles as a defender of Liberty, and known as one of the closest supporters of Edward-Lewis and Elaine: Brown.
I do hereby officially state that I am not to be known as a "supporter," nor associate of Edward-Lewis:Brown."

And Bill has given an explanation for his position. (See Ed Brown and "War Rhetoric" on this site.)

As for myself, the only "support" I have been able to offer for Ed and Elaine consists of publicizing their case on this website; and praying for a peaceful and just resolution. And I do "support" them, on principle, for the following reasons:

They are not criminals, nor have they broken any laws. THERE IS NO LAW requiring them to pay "federal income taxes."

They have shown the courage of their convictions to make a stand for Liberty.
They are not the aggressors in this situation. The government drew "first blood", at least in a figurative sense. The Browns are defending themselves, their home and their private property, which they have every right to do, certainly under God's law.

They have harmed no one, committed no acts of violence.

And speaking of violence, I should make it clear that I myself do not condone or support the use of violence, unless as a last resort IN SELF DEFENSE, and in defense of those who might be under my protection, or being attacked with violence by an aggressor.

And just so it's clear, Bill Miller has stated (publicly and privately, to me) that he also hopes for a peaceful and just resolution and that he made his best efforts in this regard, while still directly involved with the Browns' case; and that he has no intention of using violence against anyone. Bill, like myself, believes in SELF DEFENSE and not aggression, nor gratuitous violence.

I state this because I am aware that there have been recent events of great concern to Bill and his family. These events are also of great concern to me.
The latest, reported to me yesterday morning by Bill, is that a a cruiser from the Barrington Police Dep't has been parked for at least three days at the Farmington Police station. Several witnesses have noted it, as well as the electronic equipment inside the vehicle.

Also yesterday, I received a report from Bill that a silver Toyota Maxima, bearing government decals/markings had been seen cruising past the Miller home (apparently in surveillance mode) seen by several family members.
Tuesday evening, at his request, I posted another of Bill's reports on this website, regarding the issues being discussed here. Wednesday morning, I found that an e-mail to Bill had been returned to me as "undeliverable". This has been happening to me with increasing frequency for months. I have been unable to send e-mails to certain individuals, including Bill Miller.

The various persons whose e-mail addresses are being sabotaged to prevent communication with me are:

1) ex-intelligence/military, involved in investigations of the issues outlined here

2) investigative journalists

3) Those who want to offer some form of concrete support

I have also had at least one recent instance of postal mail (including a money order sent to me by a friend) being sabotaged, as the envelope never reached me. As for other such postal sabotage, I would never know, unless the person communicated by either phone or e-mail, and told me to expect something by post. Since my e-mail and phone numbers are never made public (for my own privacy and protection) it certainly reduces my chances of receiving any financial support through donations from the public.

Since for many years, I have been a high-profile target of a neutralization campaign, my communications (including e-mail) have often been sabotaged and derailed.

This is part of the Psy Op to isolate and alienate the target from friends and colleagues and thus prevent mutual support.

I have great concern for Bill Miller and his family, after hearing his testimony (and that of his mother, Marie Miller) and reading his documentation, some of which is posted on this website. It appears to me that these "multi-jurisdictional task force" types are moving in and may try to set him up for a false arrest, or worse.

Consider the fact that several newspapers in New Hampshire (including the Concord Monitor) are now escalating their libel campaigns against the Browns, and using Bill Miller's name; consider that U.S. Marshal Steven Monier says he is "investigating" Brown supporters; consider that Bill Miller has a longtime track record of investigating REAL crime and corruption; and recently of assisting Dorothy Castora (aka Lafortune) in investigating and documenting her case re the murder of her husband, in New Hampshire.

I will continue to post updates as they come to me, and meanwhile, I have a message for the criminal element inside the U.S. Government, any and all of those who are persecuting the Browns, the Millers, myself, my family, and other true defenders of Liberty:

When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

--commonly attributed to Thomas Jefferson

It's time for all you people who took an oath to defend the Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic, to start DOING THE RIGHT THING, instead of "just doing your job."

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell
August 23, 2007

More Libelous Misdirection Against the Browns

From Bill Miller

Friends of Liberty

What follows is an article in today's Foster's Daily Democrat, re: "Some supporters have left the Browns."

First of all, here I am reporting far and wide on a matter of murder, accomplice to murder and cover-up of murder, that has boatloads to do with a multi-state, local-to-federal trail of corruption and cops covering for cops, judges covering for cops, the US Attorney Clolonutono ignoring the cover-up of a murder, to which the Chief of Police in Farmington is an obvious accomplice before the fact...

And all these people can report is that the Browns have lost supporters, quoting me in a very limited fashion and out of context?!!!!

Do you see how thoroughly biased the reporting is?

This is the same Foster's Democrat which brushed right by the fact that the Chief of Police in Rochester clearly used his influence to aid his son in getting off the hook for rape...the Foster's that I alluded to in my article on Federal Badjacketing, that is on, the same Foster's that refused to acknowledge much less follow up on, my very well documented case of multi-"jurisdiction" police collusion in waging a campaign of state sponsored terror against my widowed mother, during my absence in Texas, as a means of politically motivated vendetta against me, all of which is in a federal lawsuit that actually was headed to trial at one point. ("not legitimate," of course, because if you do not have credentials like: cop, city councilman, dirty little federal mole...).

The Portsmouth Herald has also refused to act on any of this information.
They are too busy libeling the Browns as "tax evaders."

The federal court, marshals, Colontuono, etc, are ignoring all of this corruption, while investigating Brown supporters.

Furthermore, lumping me in with some weakhearted fairy liberals or whomever these "supporters,": might be, some guy who caved to the IRS, is libelous bolshoi, so there.

William-Dexter, Upon the Lands of the Confederation united States of America and Perpetual Union, Expressly Reserving All Rights
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some supporters have left the Browns

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) _ Some hardcore supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown, who were convicted of tax evasion and have refused to turn themselves in, are now keeping their distance.

In the more than six months since the Browns, holed up in their home, were convicted, they have hosted an ever-changing cast of supporters from across the country.

Some relationships have come to a bitter end: The Browns have squabbled with bloggers, radio hosts, and several spokesmen and assistants.

"Brown has ignored, on many occasions throughout the years, the good council (sic) of some valiant, focused, hard-working freedom fighters whom, unfortunately, exemplify a larger spiritual vision, and a more finely tuned sense of balance and reason than does Brown," said a recent e-mail from Bill Miller, an ex-military exercise trainer who left the the Browns' fortress-like home in February.

Doug Kenline, a blogger who set up a Web site dedicated to news about the Browns and who interviewed them for audio Webcasts, was rejected by Ed Brown; Brown had learned that Kenline's wages were being taken by the IRS to cover unpaid back taxes, the Concord Monitor

"I'm not talking any more to people who aren't going to stand up for the lawful laws of this land," Brown said in an Internet recording of the conversation in which the two parted ways. "People can be slaves, and I'm not going to associate with them any more."

David Ridley of Keene, a member of the Free State Project, said Brown told him to leave, in part because he disagreed with Ridley's pacifist views.

The Browns still have supporters, however, including Jim Hobbs of Phoenix, who lives in a trailer on the property and helps screen visitors, and Danny Riley of Albany,
N.Y., who was arrested and detained by marshals in June, after he stumbled on a surveillance unit while walking the couple's dog, the Monitor reported.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier, who is charged with arresting the Browns, said Tuesday that his office is continuing to investigate those who aid and abet them. So far, the marshals have not charged any supporters with crimes, he said.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


From William Miller

To America:

I have felt compelled to look askance at the goings on in the US Marshals since, in 1993, I travelled to Robeson County North Carolina to film a video dcoumentary regarding a political prisoner, Eddie Hatcher, and the drug corruption he challenged in a "terrorist" act of desperation, as the death toll mounted in his coummunity. (What it has to do with the US Marshals comes later, be patient).

That death toll included the murder of a county judge-elect, Julian Pierce who, on the night of his murder, appeared at an electoral victory celebration, with a briefcase hand-cuffed to his wrist, and told supporters that he had information that was going to put Sheriff Hubert Stone in jail.

If you had asked Bill Kuenstler, or his partner Ron Kuby, or former US Attorney General (Johnson Administration), Ramsey Clark, they would say that the murder was pinned on two minority youths who were clearly framed.

Having interviewed Eddie Hatcher inside the Raeford County jail, on the backside of Ft. Bragg North Carolina, in close proximity to various remote airfields, perhaps somewhat plausibly deniable to US Special Operations Command....near Robeson County, I returned home to write my story, an abbreviated version of which found it's way into the University of NH student newspaper, as I was attending the University for some follow-up subjects, at the time. A week after I left the county, it was reported in the national media, that the body of James Jordan (Michael's father) was discovered at a rest area on the road side in Robeson County, NC.

Ramsey Clark told me that he had no doubt, that the two minority youths accused in this instance were set-ups, just like the two convicted in the murder of Julian Pierce.

Prior to entering Robeson County, I had faxed a statement regarding my impending investigation, to Mark McClarty, Chief of Staff of the Clinton White House, had notified a human rights organization Jimmy Carter is associated with, and informed the Command Sergeant Major of a Special Forces Company.

I do not know how much of that figured into the fact that my camerman and I were not officially murdered by some minority utes, or how much it had to do with the fact that Stone and company had one red flag of a corpse to contend with already, as I was tromping all over the county "investigating" and probably walked right past the corpse of James Jordan. Weird. However, I survived and I told my story.

A national magazine guy said, "It's a good read. I think we might go with this." I was twenty-seven years old, had graduated college, done four years in the Army including pounding the ground very extensively and in "hardcore" fashion, in the DMZ in Korea, sleeping on frozen ground in the winter, in the burning sands in the summer, had tromped the very ground around the Raeford County jail, in advanced individual soldiering trials that resulted in massive, pus filled blood blisters on my feet...

Now I was on the verge of being a serious national caliber investigative journalist.

For whatever reason, I balked at the notion. I did not follow up. Let's face it, life in the zone somewhere, carries let down factors and empty spaces inside of a questing young man, after the ride comes to a close. It is not an easy adjustment back to society after being gone from the world. As the movie, Cold Mountain would indicate, it is along march home. Maybe you never find it again.

[My soldiering in Saudi and Iraq, during the Storm, and how it shaped me and my life flow in the direction of certain matters of international diplomatic consequence, and attendent matters, is an undivulged story and a story for another day. Such are highly personal and emotional matters, especially in the drama of youth].

The following March (1994), Charles Raab, in response to the murder of James Jordan, did his own investigation for GQ magazine, and his story line essentially paralleled mine. So, you see, when I write about the inherent crimes and criminality of what passes for government, and some journalists, looking to badger and box in Ed Brown with their snares, carrying out their actual assigned roles as good little federal occupation moles, and these "journalists" say things like, "Man, those are some pretty sweeping allegations; do you have any kind of actual evidence about these things?"...this demonstrates exactly the crux of the reasons for why Ed Brown despises the lousy little, lazy federal moles that pass for journalists in this denial ridden society.

Ed Brown did his own such investigation with other concerned members of the Unamerican Activities Investigations Commmission, in regard to federal drug corruption and the Mafia in Alabama and several surrounding states, back in the early nineties. He and his cohorts, conducted extensive filming and surveillance and, volunteered the results of hundreds of hours of privately funded manhours that "taxpayers" ought to have spent good and well spent money upon, to the service of the FBI, saying here is our evidence....

Finally, the goverenor of Alabama was beginning to look into the matter in a focused manner. One day the state police escort to the front of his limo, wandered away, far away, and then there was an attack from an ambush position by someone wielding some form of light anti-tank weapon, and the governor narrowly escaped with his life.

The governor was no longer interested in investigating drug corruption after this.

So, I present you more evidence that the trial of Edward and Elaine is a politically motivated witch hunt.

So here we have the truth of Ed and Elaine's "selfishness" as to how they choose to dispense with the hard earned fruits of their own labors, ay?

Certainly the USAIC and the Constitution Rangers have been referred to repeatedly, in the police documents I have seen as "anti-government militias." These anti-government militias have repeatedly tried to work with "the government," in bringing such matters to light!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I digress.

What does this have to do with the US Marshals?

The drug lord of Robeson County, North Carolina, a murderer, Sheriff Hubert Stone, having been "investigated," by way of Congressional hearings in 1988, was about to be nominated by Bill (Mena Airstrip) Clinton, to be Sr. US Marshal for the Eastern District of North Carolina, at the time of these investigations by me and later Chuck Raab.

Stone was a shoe-in. Congressman Charlie Rose said so blatantly, loudly and often, after a boatload of scandal had hit the national wires surrounding Congressional hearings on Robeson in 1988. I like to believe that the run my camera man and I made in the late innings, probably contributed a little bit to closing the deal on the derailment of Stone's nomination and release of Eddie Hatcher. (It was a long, coordinated multi-national effort). Stone had not sought re-election as sheriff (in a county where there is entrenched voting scandal, intimidation at the voting booths like in some third world dicatorship), and was out of a job.

Eddie Hatcher was released from jail not long after. The last time I spoke with him in 1998, he stated to me that he has no respect whatsoever, for Michael Jordan, whom he regards as a self-serving greedy buzzard who doesn't care about the misery of people in thrid world countries, just like Robeson County. Jordan, said Eddie, had a chance to say something to the world about how a black kid and an Indian kid were about to get framed for his father's murder. He chose instead, just to take his money and run.

Anyway, as regards US Marshals and Congressmen: What makes you think there are many of these operators at all who are not criminals?

Never mind. Just keep paying the tax.

I am forwarding a recent article sent to me, by Dottie Castora, from Maine, whose home was stolen from under her, by York County Chief Justice Arthur Brennan, acting in his official capacity as "the law," in "his court," on behalf of a crime syndicate, the existence of which is well documented now by Dottie, and by her deceased husband, Phil Castora.

As I noted previously, Phil Castora, was kidnapped by his niece, in Farmington NH, held there while being drugged, in an ongoing matter of kidnapping and elder abuse, reported (as per documentation I have in hand) to Chief of Police Roberge of Farmington, who, through his lieutenant, Kevin Willey, told Dotty there was nothing to investigate, as Phil Castor was being drugged to death in Farmington, and witnesses, reported in official police reports, that Phil was being drugged and forcibly held. Dotty and Phil's bank accounts were being drained, and vehicles stolen form Dotty, and thugs in residence there, including an unreported convicted sexual offender, had used violence to prevent the rescue of Phil Castora.

Documentation indicates that the Farmington Selectmen are aware of this matter for a year and more...Evidence indicates that the Town Administrator at the time left his post almost immediately after Dotty brought these things to light at a town meeting. A new one is coming in and he, also, will be apprised of these matters, by me.

You see, Farmington is the town where I grew up, am residing now, and I never knew Dotty had this problem, because Ed Brown apparently, having known Dotty some years, did not feel it was enough of a crisis to pass on to me, I guess. You see, you get too self-involved about these matters and you miss things. 

Anyway, the Universe and/or God Almighty work in very mysterious ways indeed. It was on a conference call with Fred Smart, in regard to the recent botched Ed and Elaine trial, and the impending siege, that I discovered Dotty's story about ongoing corruption in Maine, to the highest levels and how it links to New Hamsphire. Yeah.

So, you see how the Universe brings it all back around, with a view toward ultimate justice. It's coming...

Anyway, I am trying to wrap this up, lotta story elements.

In the early nineties, I was writing on federal drug corruption in the UNH newspaper, and before and after then, beginning in 1992, I was running for the NH legislature (Libertarian delegate in 1996), explaining that the WARONDRUGS is a big nazi lie complex designed to psych the people upon these lands into buying into complete police state domination, all day every day, in all their affairs. I was the splinter element then. It was Clinton time. Whooo hooo...economy's roaring, Bill's a nice guy, means well, deserves a blow job.....

Actually, Bill does deserve...

I did not realize at the time that there is some strong indication of the "Chief of Police" in Farmington being drug corrupted. I am saying this, without benefit of a smoking gun, lost in the haze of all these years of official cover-up by the boys at the "federal court district of New Hampshire," who have ignored my presentations since my "federal lawsuit," was filed in 2001. If Roberge wants to sue, groovy. we will get to the bottom of what is his relationship with one Walter "Bubba" Haycock of Farmington.

Maybe it all had to do with the fact that some good federal mole cops from around the seacoast were upset that I upstaged Ron Brown of whatever agency oversees the AFTF, when he came to UNH to perpetuate federal lies about "The Waco Experience," as he called it.

As it turns out, I discovered the Roberge problem in 1997, when, apparently due to some vendetta of not completely known origin, Roberge began a ruthless campaign of harassment, false arrest and assault against my widowed mother (wife of very well decorated career Army veteran, and Postmaster), and other family members, during my absence in Texas.

The assault upon my family was spearheaded by a gang of thugs, headed up by sons of Bubba Haycock, a known motorcycle travelling companion of Roberge.

My mother complained one too many times that Haycock-Beauvier and company were standing in groups of as many as thirty youths, armed with baseball bats and the like, yelling "You dirty, Nazi, German fucking cunt," and the like. Roberge began the other pincer of the movement against my family, a veritable campaign of state-sponsored terror. Little did they know, that I know something about stopping fascist pincer movements, courtesy of Marshal Vasilei Ivanovich Chuikov, Marshal of the Soviet Union, commander of the 62nd Army at Stalingrad, whose forces took the life of my grandfather, a Whermacht (not Nazi) officer who died fighting in von Paulus's Sixth Army, in attacking the fortress on the Volga.

After I notified in writing, from Texas to then Governor Shaheen, a woman, incidentally, indicating my concern over the matter, and would she act as Chief Magistrate to remedy if not utterly redress the matter, pretty please with a cherry on top, the matter seemed to go away for a while and then later start up again. I returned from Texas in 1999.

A friend in the hemp freedom movement turned me on to Brown, and with a minimum of guidance as to documentary evidence building, I began to set matters straight. (Miller v Chief of Police Conway et al, US federal court, Concord--in re: US Code Title 42 crimes, committed under color of law and authority).

People who think I am somehow inherently violent, ought to consider the 22 year campaign of harassment against Carl Drega, before his "killing spree," in Colebrook in 1997, same year that Roberge launched his campaign against my family; that three military veterans have died in police incident-related shootings under questionable conditions, in the last ten years, in Strafford County (the most egregious being, reportedly, the outright shooting of a man on the spur of the moment--difficult to confirm exactly--, for pulling into his own driveway and exiting his car with a firearm); I am a veteran; this is Strafford County; I have had police officers in December of 1999, creep on up to my mother's porch in the middle of the night with all this stuff going on, whispering in the dark, at after 10PM, their excuse later being that they needed to serve notice on Marie Miller, my mother, that she has an outstanding parking ticket in Rochester.

The cops around here are lucky I have prized my skills of writing and oratory over those of mortal combat, with with I am also somewhat familiarized.

Street level intelligence has indicated to me, some years ago, that family members of Bubba Haycock have indicated, that in past years, upon his return trips from Florida, he recieved state police escorts to his home, from the Massachusettes state line. I made presentation of this to the judge of Hampton District Court, who assaulted me once, while I was on the witness stand, in regard to a traffic violation, with a half dozen very large state troopers in attendance. I figure, since he and I basically like and respect each other, (no, really, long story), and that Rte 95 runs through his "jurisdiction" from Massachusettes, northward, that he might like to know this little bit of intelligence.

I also passed this on to then (billionaire) Governor Craig Bensen, who is too wealthy to care and has too much to lose. Maybe he talked to the former governor of Alabama. "That Brown will lead ya down a dead end road and get ya killed...."

Dottie Castora states that one Kathy Denale, suspected of the drugging and murder of Phil Castora is known to be tied to drug dealing operations that extend at least to Massachusettes, and that Denale lives, along with an unregistered sex offender, at 576 Ten Rod Road, in Farmington, which is where the alleged kidnapping, assaults, thefts, drugging and murder are alleged to have taken place.

So, as the world turns and as it turns out, it all comes back around.

In mid January last, Deputy US Marshal Gary Dimartino called me on my cell phone as Brown had been authorized to pass the number on, wanting to confirm that I was basically stabilized in a decent mood, and that I had no imminent plans for enacting the destruction of lives in regard to the situation in Plainfield, so he could reassure his superiors in Washington.

I said, "Yeah, man, it is casual, except that you guys are operating against the law. I am prepared to temper my future dissertations so as not to indicate terrorist cell activity, but I will by no means back away from the material facts of my presentations."

He said that would suffice quite nicely for his reports, and that we would see about somehow getting beyond this with everybody being on friendly, civilized terms and nobody getting hurt, and I indicated my concurrence with the notion that this is probably to be desired.

Then I called him back minutes later and said, "Gary, how reliable and accountable are you?" He said "very reliable." I said, "Okay, then, I am giving you this charge of investigating the material facts regarding federal crimes committed against me and my family that the federal court you are sworn to defend, has failed to investigate to satisfactory, responsible and adult conclusion." I gave him the name of the lawsuit, etc. He said he would look into it. That was approximately seven months ago.

Meanwhile, Edward and Elaine are under siege, having committed no crime.

Meanwhile US Marshals have gone to visit, and intimidate people (holster flaps plainly open...) at least three homes and a business in Florida, stating that "William Miller has threatened the lives of federal officials. We are concerned as to whether he is capable of such violence...," knowing all the while I am in New Hampshire since a few days after my conversation with Dimartino, and everyone knows I am mostly, pretty easily found, if anyone is looking, because I am not exactly sneaking around in my country and on my watch.

One of the reasons I got involved with Edward is that he repeatedly said over the years, "No clandestine activities. No overt acts of aggression, never are we to be the aggressor..."

So, there is my story in these regards, up to this point.

And there is more to come.

What follows now, is a story forwarded to me by Dottie Castora re: a US Marshal/whistleblower. Dottie has tracked and reported a case of inter-linking statewide/federal US Attorney, etc., cover-up of these matters, all the way up to the level of the inspector General of Department of Justice, and they too, have promised to look into it. Eventually, they will get around to these things I am sure, after they get done apprehending Edward and Elaine, who have committed no crime.

William-Dexter, Expressly Reserving All Rights.

U.S. Marshal files complaint against agency
http://www.indystar .com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20070726/ LOCAL/70726042>http://www.indystar .com/apps/ pbcs.dll/ article?AID= /20070726/ LOCAL/70726042

A U.S. marshal has filed a complaint with a federal agency alleging he was mistreated for exposing wrongdoing within the Indianapolis office of the U.S. Marshals.

Jason Wojdylo, a supervisory deputy with the U.S. Marshals, is seeking protection under the Whistleblower Protection Act after exposing federal officers who, he claims, obtained citizens' telecommunication records with a forged subpoena, broke into residences and vandalized the property of people who didn't cooperate with their investigations, according to a statement from Wojdylo's attorney.

Wojdylo claims he was passed over for promotion, harassed by fellow deputies and eventually transferred to San Antonio, Texas, for uncovering the alleged misdeeds and reporting them to officials within the U.S. Marshals Service, according to the statement.

"Government regulations clearly require that my client report to appropriate authorities gross mismanagement, serious misconduct, and illegal activity. As a U.S. Marshals Service management official, he met that obligation." Wojdylo's attorney, Richard Waples, said.

"Despite being ranked second in the nation among his peers in a merit-based promotion system, Mr. Wojdylo has been overlooked for career advancement within the USMS and has suffered other serious acts of reprisal, including attacks on his character that have hurt him both professionally and personally."

A statement from the U.S. Marshal's Indianapolis office said they are aware of the investigations, but wouldn't answer questions about the allegations.

"The U.S. Marshals Service takes all such allegations seriously and the District will continue cooperating fully with any reviews," the statement says. "We have internal procedures to handle such matters and the local office is confident that these issues will be properly addressed."

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

William Miller on Ed Brown and "WAR RHETORIC"

This report is posted FYI. The position stated here is that of William Miller, not Barbara Hartwell. However, Bill is a true defender of Liberty and I know him to be a person of integrity and honor. People should hear what he has to say and draw their own conclusions.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
August 15, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: William Miller on Ed Brown and "WAR RHETORIC"

From New Hampshire, in re: Ed Brown's recent media antics.

I am William Miller, known in some circles as a defender of Liberty, and known as one of the closest supporters of Edward-Lewis and Elaine: Brown.

I do hereby officially state that I am not to be known as a "supporter," nor associate of Edward-Lewis:Brown.

This is not an effort to cut this beleaguered old man's throat,and leave him back for the wolves. Nor is it a grant of permission to the forces of the Communo-fascist UNITED POLICE STATES Occupation, to do further harm to Ed and Elaine, quite the contrary.


I have made it clear with Ed Brown, beginning with my entrance into "the seige," in early January, that his efforts at "communication," were inappropriate, ultimately detrimental to his own cause, and harmful to the greater cause of resurgent Liberty.

Brown has ignored, on many occassions throughout the years, the good council of some valiant, focused, hard-working freedom fighters whom, unfortunately, exemplify a larger spiritual vision, and a more finely tuned sense of balance and reason than does Brown.

I have known Ed for more than seven years, and stood with him at "the Alamo," in the clutch, long before anyone even thought of having a concert in the summer outside his house, (now that we have seen a, perhaps brief, time of relative safety for summer patriots and sunshine soldiers). As such, I am officially stating to the world:

Ed Brown has far overstepped the bounds of any "authority" he may have had, with concerned freedom fighters, by way of having gained some national reknown as a Constitutionalist. Ed Brown has made far-ranging claims, on behalf of an undefined set of men and women, known as "supporters," claims that he is not properly empowered to make.

Whatever Ed may have said on Wednesday last, which, of course is subject to the far-reaching revisions of "journalists," who seem all too eager to badger an angry, beleaguered old man, into saying whatever suits their narrow agenda (certainly that agenda not being to seek the truth), the fact remains that no one declares war on my behalf. Nor does Ed Brown have the authority to declare war on behalf of the rest of the nation, any more than the big-eared village idiot outta Texas has any right to do so, unilaterally, from the security of his oval office.

Furthermore, Ed Brown was handed by God, and by the probabilty fields of the expanding, life-seeking Universe, a tailor made opportunity, to stop the world, and open a window of opportunity for ongoing, meaningful communication with the world, regarding legitimate, widespread grievances of our free people; grievances which mirror the grievances enumerated in the Declaration of Independence; an opportunity to send an elevated message of resurgent Liberty to the freedom-seeking men and women of the world, whose ranks grow daily due to concern over the murder in Iraq, and the assault upon Liberty throughout the world, by the Communo-fascist United Police States, the private corporation that occupies this land, in violation of Article Ten of the New Hampshire Bill of Rights, The Right of Revolution.

Ed Brown failed his mission categorically.

I do not blame Brown. He is no criminal; in essence an honest man, who worked his way up from five years of homelessness in which he never took a dime of public money, and built himself a successful business, before meeting his current wife.

Ed Brown was pushed over the top with personal anger because, knowing he had committted no crime, he was examined up the rectum by the dirty, sleasy little joker, Deputy US Marshall Gary Dimartino, who has a fetish for other men's recti, and is soon to retire, having done his share to create the mess in Plainfield Yes, the sleazy little joker is going to retire and live out his life at the expense of the working men and women of this country, having blatantly committed crimes against a man and woman, who, clearly, have committed no crime. Elaine was examined in the vagina as well as the rectum, by a female joker officer, all on camera for complete humiliation of course, all because they would not pay a tax for which there is no law.

After the Stalinist sham trial, Ed went so far as to offer Colontuono and his sleazy little partner in crime, whatever his side-kicks name is..., to make a payment to the Communo-fascist United Police States, of $656,000 US, in exchange for being left alone.

But Colontuono and company wanted to go for blood. Thinking it was a walk in the park, just like the blitzkriegers were going to drive the 62nd Army of the Soviet Union into the Volga, and be home by Christmans, Colontuono and company were determined to go for blood. They could have walked away with $656,000 in extortionary tribute, and left an old man and his wife with their lives in shambles and publicly humilitated, but it was not enough.

The agents of Communo-fascist tyranny wanted to go for it all.

They bought the whirlwind.

Having been subjected to a slam bang media circus of a Stalinist show trial, at the hands of US Attorney Colontuono, and the "judge" McAuliffe, and having been suppressed, blatantly and openly in his efforts to wage a defense, in a matter that ought not have gone to trial in the first place, Ed Brown, was tired, and understandably enraged, when I departed the warm sunny beaches of Florida, to return to the Northland, and handle the business of communicating Brown's cause, and the cause of Liberty.

Brown, in a state of anger and confusion, was soon to reject my efforts, and those of others, who had come as reinfforcements, to hold the line against Communo-fascist aggression by the forces of the United Police States.
Meanwhile, Colontuono, McAuliffe, magistrate judge Muirhead, Gary DiMartino, and Monier, as well as a boatload of public officials at local, state and federal levels, in four states and to the inspector general's office of the Justice Department, continue to ignore tha fact that:



In Rochester, New Hampshire, we have a "Chief of Police," who used his influence, first to cover up the commission of the crime of rape by his son. Then, when I found about about it by way of street level intelligence, and reported on the matter, in 2003, to Judge Pam Albee, of Rochester District Court, in a document that was provided the Rochester City Council, and other agencies, in 2005 it was revealed in the Foster's Daily Democrat of Dover, that Chief of Police Dubois son, had gone before a secret grand jury for rape. Not long after, the youth wrote a letter of apology to his rape victim, whose family no longer wants to talk about it--hmmmmmm, wonder why----and that letter by no means, mind you, was an admission of guilt, just a device to carry out an agreement, whereby the charges were dropped.

It is of course, not necessary for any of these matters of police corruption, to be investigated, because God knows, the public safety is far more threatened by people like Edward and Elaine.

I will have more to present in these regards, by way of the public forum at, or at Perhaps in the future I will construct my own site and freeze some of my documents as is: what I am saying is that I have some things to say to the world to sum up this situation and round out the true story, having known Brown many years, and that I want to get out of all of this, because, at age 42, I am a long time veteran of these stupid little psypos-counter-psyops games, and I am tired of it.



It is time to get out of these bought and paid for courts, and reactivate the Old Republic, under Articles of Confederation. Check out the site; you will see what I mean.

I also refer you to ---scroll down far, to the interview with Greg Hallett, "US Is Really A British Tax Plantation,"

and see the report, "Dissent of the Pennsylvania Minority (To the Constitutional Convention).

The truth is, that the US was sold out to the British empire by way of a back door deal, through Article Six of the Administrative part of the US (C)onstitution, which does not rescind, and cannot rescind the International Treaty, and law of nations, the Articles of Confederation.

See also the works of Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, Light Horse Harry Lee (the father of Robert E. Lee), George mason of Virginia, and Patrick Henry. Not every founder and/or freemason was a sellout.; Hallett;

Faithfully, and in peace,
from the Northland,
William Miller

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


" least Geral Sosbee has some class -- something you'll never have."
--James F. Marino, slur against Barbara Hartwell

"The word, 'class', refers to the honor of association with those of spiritual greatness, courage and strength of character. Any 'class' that may be discernible in or attributable to Geral Sosbee emanates from his privileged friendship with great persons such as Barbara Hartwell."

--Geral Sosbee

  Geral Sosbee wrote:
"The following statements by James Marino regarding my friend Barbara Hartwell are false, mean-spirited, and ill considered; the remarks should be retracted (along with an apology) now:"

"Hence it is all the more disturbing that Barbara Hartwell would attempt to undermine my work. And this is indicative of what I have been reading about her on myriad other Websites."

Predictably, like so many others who pretend to know far more than they do about the issues being addressed here, and whose writings blatantly exhibit their own ignorance, James Marino has now embarked on a rampage of libel against Barbara Hartwell.

In a report dated August 10, 2007, I made some simple statements of fact regarding the dissemination of misinformation about myself, my friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee (about which he has made it very clear he is in agreement with me) and others on his website; and I requested that Mr. Marino remove my previous endorsement of his website, which was prominently displayed in bold type in the sidebar of his site. This endorsement was written BEFORE I became aware that he was misrepresenting quite a few expositors of government corruption in a false light.

I also made it clear that, having discovered (over a period of months, after looking further into the material posted on his site) that I am in vehement disagreement with Mr. Marino's politics (as outlined in my two previous reports); and that I could not in good conscience endorse a website which promoted government disinfo websites, such as Educate-Yourself, that of government stooge and malicious liar, Ken Adachi, who has been running a vicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell for the past six (6) years.

Ken Adachi is part of a criminal conspiracy in which a number of such people have been in collusion for years; including to target legitimate whistleblowers for harassment, persecution, and libel campaigns which include government-sponsored black propaganda.

On his website (to name just a few of the criminal conspirators) Adachi features people such as ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, ex-officio COINTELPRO, de facto COINTELPRO; Tim White, career criminal, predicate felon, stalker, who had made numerous DEATH THREATS against Barbara Hartwell and others; Todd Brendan Fahey, criminal stalker, identity thief, blackmailer.

Why in hell would I endorse Mr. Marino's website when he is providing links which promote my enemies?

And, ironically, who are part of the very COINTELPRO operations Mr. Marino claims to be "exposing".

Yet Mr. Marino's obnoxious aggression in attempts to justify his foolishness and bottomless ignorance now takes the form of aligning with one of these criminals, namely Ken Adachi. Here, he uses Adachi's epithet, "The Merchant of Venom" to describe Barbara Hartwell.

Mr. Marino is now parroting the very type of COINTELPRO black propaganda he claims to oppose in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell. He thus now defines himself as just another "useful idiot".

Here are some excerpts from Mr. Marino's latest libel of Barbara Hartwell, which he has added to his original post. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.

Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

"I'm just glad that I never sent her a dime in donation fees; something I actually considered doing at one point. And she is clearly is disinforming the public when it comes to the FEDS' attacks on myself and my Family -- something which continues to happen in the present day. She has no idea what they have put us through so how dare she presume to know otherwise?! And Barbara has done all of us an enormous injustice by making her crude and ignorant comments."

[BH: I've never heard of anything called a "donation fee". But I don't accept "fees" for my work. I only accept donations in the form of Christian charity, otherwise known as "love gifts". But I too am glad he didn't send me money. If he had, I'm sure it would only have increased his self-righteous boasting about his previous "support."

I am "disinforming" nobody. And I have "presumed" to know nothing whatsoever about Mr. Marino, his family, or what their experiences have been.

Mr. Marino has publicized his claims about his own case, but his personal claims about "the FEDS" were never the issue of concern to me. He was the one who brought this irrelevent argument up by ASSUMING (falsely, I might add) that my purpose was to "undermine" his "work".

Anyone may see this by simply reading my first report. In my second report, I addressed this issue ONLY in response to Marino's fallacious arguments about this very subject.]

"And yes Barbara, like you, I am entitled to my opinion. I expect this will bring on yet another rant, so go ahead and waste your time. I am through wasting my time where you are concerned. Perhaps there is more CIA left in you than you imagined. As for my comments in regard to the NSA's illegal spying on my person and myriad others, I stand by them. John Akwei's information in regard to satellite based remote neural monitoring is for real and this agency is illegally spying into the homes of a great number of Americans, as well as subjecting us to mind control experimentation. Your Website has never once mentioned any of this or even John's lawsuit against the NSA. I wonder why something of such importance to the American people is not mentioned on your site given that you CLAIM to be a government whistle blower?

As for people saying that you continue to be a disinformation agent (since your claim to having broken free of the CIA years ago), I have no idea if this is true of not. However, I will no longer rule it out."

[BH: Marino keeps stating that he is through wasting his time. He has changed this same post, over the past few days, adding to and editing it, even changing the title (the latest, with Adachi's phrase, being given above), each time saying it is a waste of his time. Why then, does he keep at this?

As for myself, I do not consider it a waste of my time to refute his libelous remarks --tiresome, yes, but necessary on principle. Because when it comes to defending the Truth, I'm all business. Mr. Marino evidently finds the truth to be offensive, but that's his problem, not mine.

In his apparent desperation to defend his own position, Marino now resorts to the old standby: accusing Barbara Hartwell of being CIA. Very predictable. That's what almost all of these fools say when they are confronted with their own ignorance and arrogance and told they will be held accountable for it.

Yet again, Marino brings in a topic which is totally irrelevant to the issue at hand: a lawsuit by John St. Clair Akwei. For Mr. Marino's edification, I've been aware of the case since it first became public. What's his point here?

It is none of Marino's business what I choose to publish on my website. I don't answer to him, nor am I required to explain myself.]

"And as far as writing responses to people's comments, at least Geral Sosbee has some class -- something you'll never have. Moreover, most of your rants are complete nonsense. As for your criticisms regarding libel, take a good look through your two recent posts in regard to your attacks on me and my Website, and you will find plenty of your own. Your stating that I must have known that you removed the links to my Website as I posted your comments. How do you arrive at this conclusion? Are you so important that people plan their entire days around what you do? Perhaps the CIA also trained you to be a clairvoyant when they were teaching you to be disinfo artist? It sounds to me like you are the one who's guilty of conjecture here."

[BH: Mr. Marino's lovely 'class' comment has already been addressed by Geral Sosbee. Thank you, Geral, from the bottom of my heart. I have no further comment.

Again, Marino continues with his tiresome assumptions. But actually, he did get one thing right, albeit by accident: In fact, I am clairvoyant, but not because I was trained to be by CIA. That's a gift from God, a "gift of the spirit" I've had since childhood. The training only enhanced my natural talents. In fact, my talents in the 'paranormal' realm, what some might call supernatural, was one of the ways I was utilized by CIA. I haven't written much about this, simply because I am far more concerned with defending Liberty than with providing background information on myself.

But the comment about the "disinfo artist" is way out of line. Mr. Marino's unmitigated stupidity is truly astounding.]

"I also wonder if there is not some other underlying factor in her removal of my posts that she is not talking about? Something that might give me better insight into how the FEDS routinely trash my reputation as part of their long-term COINTELPRO against me? However, only Barbara knows that."

[BH:Keep wondering, Mr. Marino. If you are really as intellectually challenged as you appear to be, you'll be wondering a long, long time.]

"In regard to morality, what can you say for federal agencies that use satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms? Agencies that have a history of lying about everything they do; even the most horrific crimes ever documented. Like it or not you once worked for one of these agencies Ms. Hartwell. And they appear to have taught you well."

[Mr. Marino appears to be obsessed with spying in "bedrooms and bathrooms". He has blathered on about this ad nauseum in his many commentaries. But why connect any of this to me? Personally, I have had no problems with this particular form of "spying" being directed at me, nor have I ever participated in any such lowlife activities.

Why a cheap shot like this? Speaking of 'class', Marino has about as much 'class' as a cubic yard of dirt.]

"Like the US Intelligence Community, Ms. Hartwell simply leaves out the information that does not suit her purpose. That is the same as lying. And yes, I know that she will probably read this as soon as it gets posted. I do find it necessary to update my posts from time to time and so do many others. After all, we can't all be as perfect as Barbara Hartwell. As for lying, she is an admitted disinfo agent for the CIA who lied professionally while employed by them. So she is in no position to criticize anyone else. And as for her criticisms regarding my moral compass and those of others, I cite the following quote: "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." People reinvent themselves all the time and it appears that Ms. Hartwell is attempting to do the same. Hence her holier than thou attitude."

[BH: "An admitted disinfo agent for the CIA"? Nowhere have I ever "admitted" to such a thing. Now, Marino has really gone off the deep end. How much nastier can he get?

If anyone needs to "reinvent" himself, perhaps Mr. Marino might benefit from giving it a shot.

1) He could stop talking about people and subjects on which he is appallingly ignorant.

2) He could actually do some research and start dealing in facts, for a change. Perhaps he could start by hiring a fact checker, as he seems incapable of gathering his own factual data.

That way, he might avoid exposing himself as a pretentious and presumptuous fool, a pompous windbag and an aggressive ignoramus.

3) He could get a clue about who's who and what's what when it comes to disinformation, COINTELPRO, "sting operations" and the like, before he presumes to tell the public that they can "educate" themselves by reading his website.

Go for it, Mr. Marino! It's never too late to "reinvent" yourself.

Barbara Hartwell
August 14, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007


The following commentary comes from James Marino, posted on his website, 9-11 the Mother of All Black Operations.

My comments in repsonse to Mr. Marino are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.

Thanks to my friend Geral Sosbee for coming to my defense and telling it like it is, as he always does. I should make it clear that Geral's brief statement was written in response to the ORIGINAL, much shorter post by Mr. Marino, before he added all of what follows here. Mr.Marino failed to state that, so I have.

And although I really hated having to take the time to refute the foolishness being spouted by Mr. Marino, it was not something I was about to let slide.

Please see my original report (August 10, 2007) titled: Correcting Misinformation & Retracting Recommendation, in which I exposed the misinformation being disseminated on James Marino's website, about Barbara Hartwell and others.

Barbara Hartwell
August 12, 2007

Unfortunate Turn Of Events & Great Disappointment

"The following is a recent post from Geral Sosbee on his Website regarding my post below:"

"The following statements by James Marino regarding my friend Barbara Hartwell are false, mean-spirited, and ill considered; the remarks should be retracted (along with an apology) now:"

"Hence it is all the more disturbing that Barbara Hartwell would attempt to undermine my work. And this is indicative of what I have been reading about her on myriad other Websites."

"My response: Geral there will be no apology issued since it was clear that Barbara's comments had every intention of discrediting my own personal experiences. And moreover, that she left out much pertinent information which would serve to prove that I am telling the truth."

[BH: Mr. Marino's "personal experiences" are not, and never were, the issue and I would have no reason to wish to discredit him. But I will add that by this time, he's done a fine job of discrediting himself.

The primary issue I addressed in my report was that Mr. Marino has, over a considerable period of time, been promoting FALSE information about Barbara Hartwell and others. This misinformation is damaging and I found it necessary to correct it and refute it with the facts.

As for "leaving out pertinent information"? That is subjective and irrelevant, a non-issue. I am not required to defend or promote Mr. Marino's claims of truthfulness. Nor am I required to go through all his writings with a fine-tooth comb in search of possible clues to his truthfulness, or lack thereof.

As for proving the "truth" of his allegations, by my standards, proof can only be established by irrefutable hard evidence. I have seen no such evidence, but again, that was never the issue I addressed.

Anyone who establishes a website and publishes material, including his or her personal testimony, can reasonably expect the readers to assess their writings, use their own discernment (intellectually/morally/spiritually) and to draw their own conclusions.

As a reader of any website (including Mr. Marino's) I am entitled to form any opinions I may hold as to the veracity of the information in question. It's just that simple, yet Mr. Marino is engaging in convoluted "logic" which goes nowhere, and establishes the truth of nothing.]

"There are numerous Websites in which Barbara has attacked the characters of many people; I know this because I have seen these sites. And on certain occasions she may well have been right to do so. However, when she makes comments such as the one where she states that I support Ken Adachi, this is a deliberate attempt at misrepresenting the facts. How does Barbara know whether or not I support Ken? For the record, I have no opinion on him either way. However, I do find many of the articles listed on his Website to be of interest me -- especially those of a paranormal nature. Yet, once again, that does not mean that I support him."

[BH: Like so many others of his ilk, Mr. Marino seems eager to accuse me of "attacking" people. But there is a vast difference between attacking a person's character and EXPOSING the crimes that person has perpetrated; the scams and hoaxes he or she is running, or the moral/spiritual bankruptcy of that person's character.

The people Mr. Marino makes reference to (he only names one, Ken Adachi, and I'll get to him in a moment) are CRIMINALS. They are all malicious liars. Some are criminal stalkers, some have made numerous threats against Barbara Hartwell, including DEATH THREATS. All of them fall into at least one of the following (broad) categories:

1) Corrupt/criminal Government agents/operatives, covert or overt

2) Stooges of criminal government agents/operatives

3) Minions/shills of criminal government agents/operatives

4) Useful idiots who promote government disinformation and/or black propaganda, knowingly or unknowingly, often simply parroting the libelous/slanderous falsehoods they have read/heard.

5) Criminals who have "made a deal" --avoiding jail time/get out of jail-- in exchange for becoming snitches/stool pigeons and/or participating in harassment of legitimate whistleblowers/patriots/Liberty activists.

Exposing crimes and corruption connected to government is what a legitimate whistleblower DOES. Mr. Marino just doesn't seem to get that. And by speaking about people and issues he clearly knows little or nothing about, he is awarding potential credibility to these criminals who claim I am "attacking" them, and who Mr. Marino now also claims I am attacking.

Mr. Marino is certainly free to believe what he will, and to express his opinions, however misguided they may be. 

But I will not just stand by and allow him to libel me in this manner. I will, as always, set the record straight with the truth and the facts, in defense of my good name and in defense of the principles I hold.

Re Ken Adachi: I never, at any time, claimed that Mr. Marino "supports" Ken Adachi. I merely stated that he PROMOTED Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself, by providing links to the website for various articles.

(See my original report for confirmation.)

Ken Adachi runs a government/disinfo/New Age website. He is a government stooge and minion of COINTELPRO Ted Gunderson. He endorses and promotes corrupt government agents/operatives, criminals, porno-mongers, stalkers and malicious liars. Adachi has gone so far as to place a permanent link on his website, dedicating an entire section to libeling Barbara Hartwell. It is titled: Barbara Hartwell, CEO of Liars, Inc.

Adachi is also soliciting further criminal harassment/stalking of Barbara Hartwell, thus violating my privacy, compromising my security and endangering my safety, by publishing my UNLISTED street address on his website, in an article written by criminal stalker/blackmailer/porno-monger/malicious liar Todd Brendan Fahey. Soliciting criminal harassment is a crime in and of itself.

And so, if Mr. Marino has "no opinion either way" about a criminal government stooge and malicious liar like Ken Adachi, I would have to wonder if he has any moral compass at all. It would seem not.

But the bottom line is this: I do NOT want my name connected to ANY website (including Mr. Marino's) which PROMOTES evildoers and crimnals like Ken Adachi. Case closed.]

"Now while I cannot legally force you to remove the links to my site that you have listed (anymore than you can force me to keep your links on my Website) I am asking that you do so. I don't enjoy having to post anything defamatory on either you or Barbara and I would prefer to be able to just delete this post altogether -- which I will gladly do if you agree to do the same on your Websites."

[BH: Mr. Marino does not need to try to "force" anyone to remove links to his site. Geral Sosbee informed me days ago that he intended to do just that, before any such request was made by Mr. Marino.

No doubt, Mr. Marino is now certainly posting defamatory material about Barbara Hartwell. He even admits it. However, I have no intention of removing my report on Mr. Marino. There was no defamation involved, none whatsoever. The report is truthful, based on facts and was written in defense of my own good name, as well as to correct errors on Mr. Marino's part, in service to the truth, and as a matter of principle.

I don't want Mr. Marino to delete anything. I couldn't give a tinker's damn what he does. He has made his position clear, though his arguments don't begin to hold water.

I am addressing ISSUES. Mr. Marino, on the other hand, is simply trying to justify his wrongful behavior by "attacking the messenger".]

"Barbara claimed that I had misrepresented her in many posts in which she has been mentioned and her name has been removed from the offending posts -- and in some instances the entire post. I have also removed the posts from the sidebar which she complained about. I have done what she asked".

[BH: Thank you, Mr. Marino. However, you have now replaced mere inaccuracies, misstatements of fact, erroneous suppositions and the like with libel, which you will be held accountable for.]

"If she had just sent me an E-mail (or asked you to -- you do have my Email address) this could have been done without the need to post here on the Websites themselves. However she chose to do otherwise."

[BH: I do not need or use intermediaries. Geral Sosbee is my friend and professional colleague, not a conduit to deliver messages from me. False information was being disseminated on Mr. Marino's website, also placing Barbara Hartwell in a "false light". This is a public matter, not a private one.

When I become aware that misinformation (intended as such or not) or purposeful disinformation is being disseminated publicly, using my name, it is my policy to refute falsehoods with facts, also publicly.]

"I have no desire to get into a war of words with either of you. You can avoid this by simply removing all reference to my Website from your own and to request that Barbara remove her recent post. This way there will be no need for us to continue in this vein. No one wins a war of words. They only end up saying cruel things which they later regret. And given our daily battles with the FEDS and their psyops none of us has the energy to attack one another -- something that I believe would be extremely foolhardy on all our parts."

[BH: Marino contradicts himself here re the "war of words." By this very response to my report, he draws first blood by his provocations.

But sorry, I see no point in engaging in a "war of words" with an unarmed man. Maybe it might behoove Mr. Marino to realize that and give it up. And defending my eminently justified and reasonable position and refuting falsehoods is not foolhardy, but necessary.

Mr. Marino is attempting to take the moral high ground to justify the unjustifiable. It's a common tactic used by those who are so ego-centered, they can't see the forest for the trees; and can't see the difference between facts and their own subjective (and uninformed) personal opinions.

His arguments are based on false premises. Let him do as he will, say what he will. By continuing in this vein, he will only continue to discredit himself by showing himself to be a person who would rather attack the messengers of truth, rather than acknowledge his own ignorance and take steps to remedy it.]

"So please do the right thing and remove all references to my Website and self from your own and please ask Barbara to do the same. And I will happily remove this entire Post. I am not being unreasonable here, nor am I looking to defame either one of you. I have done as Barbara requested and I am now asking you both do as I request. And I will happily remove this entire post; one which I was not at all pleased to have written.

[BH: Do the right thing? Mr. Marino has a lot to learn about the principles of truth and justice.

The "right thing" would have been very easy to do, as well as very simple. Mr. Marino could have simply acknowledged his mistakes, including factual errors --as I pointed out in my report. He could have simply removed the past endorsement I had written for his website (now retracted by me) as per my request, without resorting to ad hominem attacks against Barbara Hartwell in a futile attempt to defend his untenable position.

He could have apologized for not respecting the personal boundaries of others (including mine) by presuming to speak about them/for them, thus publicly promoting damaging misinformation, based on nothing more than his erroneous assumptions; and redolent of his own ignorance of the issues. He could have done all these things. Instead, he chose to provoke an argument he cannot possibly win.]


"To Whom It May Concern:

In the past I have given a great deal of moral support to both Geral W. Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell -- two former US Intelligence operatives who became whistle blowers when they saw crimes being committed within their respective agencies.

I have also given Geral Sosbee $750 to maintain his Website; Geral himself has acknowledged that I am the only person to have ever given him any monies in efforts to help him promulgate his information."

[BH: Speaking strictly for myself, I have never needed nor requested Mr. Marino's "moral support." If he chose to support my work, of his own volition, because he found it to be valuable (for whatever reasons) that would have been to his credit, had he not eventually overstepped his bounds by attempting to enhance his own credibility by exploiting my name and making unreasonable and inaccurate comparisons between his alleged case and my own.

And I have to wonder why Mr. Marino feels the need to tout his contribution to Geral Sosbee, especially by naming an exact sum. I think that would be best left as private business between donor and recipient. I do not speak for Geral, but I do know that Geral has made it clear, publicly, that he appreciated Mr. Marino's generous donation and thanked him for it.

Donating money to support what one believes to be a worthy person or cause is admirable --as long as the donor does not expect that he is "buying" influence, loyalty, or other "quid pro quo" benefits by so doing. I'm not accusing Mr. Marino of this, but I do find it remarkable that he seems to be using this donation as a promotional device for himself.]

"Moreover, I have never once been anything but kind and supportive of both of these people in efforts to understand their predicaments while they (by their own accounts) have been treated viciously by so many others."

[BH: As stated in my report, Mr. Marino does not know me. He has never been a friend or colleague, but is a complete stranger to me. I have never had any form of contact with him. And based on his many misstatements of fact and the false conclusions he has repeatedly drawn, he clearly does not understand my case. 

Not understanding, he should have refrained from commenting. Even if his intent was to "support" me, that is not relevant to the MAIN ISSUE. Which is: He has no right to publicize his assumptions about Barbara Hartwell, and promote this misinformation AS IF it were based on facts, which he has repeatedly done.]

"Hence it is all the more disturbing that Barbara Hartwell would attempt to undermine my work with a recent post in which she appears to have slanted information for her own use and left out much exculpatory information in regard to my harassment and those of others whom I have written about. And this is indicative of the criticisms that I have been reading about her on myriad other Websites which I have until now chosen to ignore. I am not going to waste any further time getting into a war of words with this person. At her request I have removed as many references to her as I have found and will continue to remove any others that I find. I respectfully ask that she do the same in regard to her latest post and I will be also delete this post as well. A war of words here isn't going to accomplish anything but to serve as a waste of time and effort."

[BH: Mr. Marino has made yet another false assumption. Will these assumptions never end? Correcting factual errors about myself and others; and stating my disagreement with Mr. Marino's politics, beliefs and opinions; stating that I do NOT want my name attached to his website, does NOT constitute an attempt to "undermine" his "work". But since his "work" is something I cannot in good conscience endorse, I have every right to make that clear. I HAVE made that clear. What, in this simple position, does he NOT understand?]

"Ms. Hartwell says that I never mention "WHY" the FEDS have attacked me which is yet another lie. I have clearly stated on myriad occasions that I believe it was an FBI agent by the name of Raymond Migliore who has done so, waging his own personal vendetta against me while violating my Civil Rights under the color of law statutes in this country. His reason for doing so is a perceived wrong doing in regard to one of his family members which is clearly erroneous and could easily be cleared up if this person and I were both willing to take a polygraph in which to do so. I have in fact already volunteered to do so, yet have never been taken up on my challenge because the FEDS know that I am telling the truth. And their illegal attacks on my person have only served to make each agent who has conspired to do so complicit in a criminal conspiracy."

[BH: Again, I have not gone through Mr. Marino's website and writings with a fine-tooth comb. I don't have the time, nor ever had the interest. I have simply noted that Mr. Marino rants on and on about "the FEDS", mostly with emotional name-calling, while in most of the articles containing his personal testimony, he does not furnish any background information which would clarify the reasons for the persecution he claims he has been targeted for.

Are the readers just supposed to take all this on faith? Only a fool would give unquestioned credibility to everything they read on the Internet, or elsewhere. Speaking for myself, I analyze everything I read, as well as using my intuition and spiritual/intellectual/moral discernment.

Mr. Marino is not a government whistleblower, nor is he even a high-profile target of any government agency. I doubt that most people, inside or outside government intelligence/law enforcement have ever heard of him. He claims to be an "alternate journalist"; a "mind control target"; a "target of a "failed COINTELPRO sting operation."

He also has repeatedly stated that he has been targeted for "27 years", and in some cases, "30 years", yet I have personally never seen any cogent explanation from Mr. Marino as to WHY this would be so. I won't belabor this point, because it really does not concern me. What DOES concern me is only that Mr. Marino is now libeling me and making patently false accusations against me.]

"The FEDS are not allowed to go on open ended "surveillance" fishing expeditions for years on end, yet that is exactly what they did in my case; a situation which may well turn out to be the worst violation of Civil Rights in US History!"

[BH: He's entitled to his opinion re his own case. I don't share it, and, as a trained intelligence analyst, I believe Mr. Marino is overinflating his own importance where the "feds" are concerned.]

"In regard to my post on activist Rick Stanley, I wrote about far more than just his defense of the Second Amendment and anyone who has read the posts that I have written about Rick would clearly see that.

I also experience great sorrow for Rick, his wife and the Stanley Family for what was in my opinion an extremely unjust conviction. And I also disagree with Ms. Hartwell's statement that Rick was not setup for a COINTELPRO STING. It was clear from the information that I have seen that Rick was definitely setup for such a sting operation because of his association with a militia and his attempts to enforce the US Constitution. After all he does refer to himself as a Constitutional Activist."

[BH: I merely corrected Mr. Marino's false (and utterly foolish and trivializing) statement that Rick Stanley was arrested merely for wanting the government to "ease up on gun laws".  As I explained in my report, there are no constitutional "gun laws."

I can assure everyone reading this that Mr. Marino does not know enough about Rick Stanley's case to make such a statement about an alleged "COINTELPRO sting operation", especially AS IF IT WERE FACT.

I have known Rick Stanley as a friend and ally for two and a half years, but my knowledge of his case predated that.

I have spoken to him many times about his case; I have personally researched the case, and have gained a thorough understanding of the facts of the case. I have read the legal summaries (some of which are not published) sent to me directly by Rick. Rick has published many of my reports in his newsletter, and I have been a guest on his radio program, Standing Up For America.

In addition to this, some of the same corrupt FBI agents (FBI Division 5) from Colorado had been involved in persecutions of myself and others, going back to the late 90s. The Joint Terrorism Task Force also included operatives from local law enforcement in Denver, Colorado. Anyone who wants information on that may find it in my Denver Connection series, as well as other reports on my website.

I know Rick --and his case-- well enough to state that he was NOT the target of a so-called "COINTELPRO sting operation", as Mr Marino continues to allege.

And I know Rick Stanley to be a hard-core freedom fighter, a Defender of Liberty, par excellence. He KNOWS the Constitution and what the Declaration of Indepence and Bill of Rights actually stand for.

The same cannot be said for James Marino, as evidenced by his many comments on issues he clearly does not understand. To minimize Rick's situation, as Mr. Marino has done ("easing up on gun laws") does nothing to "support" true patriots and Defenders of Liberty. On the contrary, such statements insult and undermine not only the defenders of Liberty, but the very ideals and principles on which this country was founded.

Again, Mr. Marino is entitled to his opinions, but it has become obvious to me that he is operating not only out of ignorance, but also from his own bias, in which he seems to be projecting his personal beliefs and feelings onto others.]

"As for God Given Rights, not every person on this planet believes in Ms. Hartwell's God. There are many who do not. So in making such an assumption Ms. Hartwell automatically assumes that every person does so. Many people believe in a greater force than ourselves which cannot be clearly defined as a God. It is human religious indoctrination that has allowed for the acceptance of such a God. And it is also clear that anyone who adopts this indoctrination will vociferously defend it, even though there is no clear empiracle evidence of the existence of such a God.

Many people have begun to see religions (including the better known ones) as nothing more than successful cults having reached nearly sacrosanct status. Yet if one does their own research into these religions they oftentimes find many unpleasant facts about them which their parishoners know nothing about."

[BH: Again, Mr. Marino's profound ignorance surfaces. He makes statements which are completely irrelevant to the issue at hand.

The term "God-given rights" (in the common law, on which the Constitution is based) refers to "natural rights", "unalienable" rights, "inherent" rights on which the constitutional guarantee and protection of those rights depends. 

Rights are NOT bestowed by government, nor by the Constitution of that government. They come directly from "God", the Almighty, the Creator.
It is all that simple.

I have "assumed" nothing, certainly not about what "God" anyone believes in. "God" is simply a term, and does not explicitly nor implicitly have a meaning connected to any form of organized religion. It is a generally agreed upon term, which in this case relates to the rights of the Individual under the Rule of Law.

Religion has nothing to do with this issue. Nor does what "many people believe" make a damn bit of difference. The point is, "God-given" rights are the Natural, Unalienable, Inherent Individual Sovereignty which is the birthright of every person. EVERY PERSON, regardless of religion or lack thereof; regardless of belief in "God", or lack thereof.

The Rule of Law, under the Constitution, does not change according to the "beliefs" held by anyone. It simply "guarantees and protects" the unalienable rights of the individual.

These unalienable "God-given" rights are NOT the same as "civil rights", as Mr. Marino seems to mistakenly believe.

Mr. Marino REALLY needs to do some research on this, as he has shown himself to be utterly clueless regarding the issues on which he is presenting his arguments.

And anyone who would "appeal" to the United Nations, or promote this organization, as Mr. Marino has done, is living in La La Land.]

"Ms. Hartwell also makes many other libelous statements in regard to my support of others including Ken Adachi. However, just because I have a link to Adachi's Website does not mean that I fully support him. His site contains many articles which I do support. As for Bob Shultz of the We The People Foundation, I was not aware that he had actually taken part in a hunger strike and will correct this information on the appropriate article."

[BH: Nowhere have I ever "libeled" James Marino. I doubt he even knows what constitutes libel, but I won't waste my time enlightening him.

If Mr. Marino was "not aware" of the facts in the case of Bob Schultz, what was he doing writing reports about it and thus making misstatements of fact? What kind of "research" is Mr. Marino conducting? Who/what are his sources? Perhaps he's been "educating himself "at Ken Adachi's site. Sure seems that way.]

"As for my posts in regard to Aaron Russo, Aaron was an insider for quite sometime and he himself even referred to himself as a "bad kid" when he was younger. And he has shown so many of us, that people can and do change for the better if given the chance. His documentary on the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds is superb, and clearly demonstrates Aaron's ability to do good work and to help humankind."

[BH: I repeat: Aaron Russo was NEVER any kind of "insider" connected to the government, organized crime, Illuminati, nor other such cabals. Admitting to being a "bad kid" does not make someone an "insider". Nor has Aaron Russo ever stated in any public form of media, that he was an "insider".

Mr. Marino really needs to educate himself on many issues and on many levels. As it is, he is just shooting his mouth off, parroting what he's read or heard, and then jumping to erroneous conclusions, which he unfortunately publishes. He then goes so far as to DEFEND his false assumptions, even after they have been corrected with the facts.]

"As for my compassion for the Virginia Tech shooter, that was in no way meant to defend the horrific thing that he did. I did in fact state (which Ms. Hartwell also chose to leave out) that it was the use of psychological warfare on this young man which drove him into such a rage that he became the monster that he did. And I also compared the rage that this young man experienced to what TI's are put through each day, by those monsters within the US Federal Government and our own communities who use "psychological warfare" to drive us to such states."

"The people who perpetrate these psychological operations know exactly what they are doing and expect to see a violent reaction as a result of them. Then they will accuse those whom they have attacked of being violent, when it was the perpetrators of these "operations" who were responsible for creating the violence in those whom they were targeting all along."

"This situation has become a serious problem in the modern day in which government sanctioned groups of organized stalkers (which in many cases now include entire communities) take part in these vicious attacks against those whom the government cannot arrest legally."

"This is a barbarian type of behavior by people who claim to be civilized, yet by their nefarious actions clearly no longer are."

[BH: I've already addressed this issue in my report. Nobody in their right mind would ever "condone" such an act, so why Mr. Marino feels the need to drag all this in is anybody's guess. The fact of the matter is, Mr. Marino DID express "sympathy" for the monster, and became an apologist for him in so doing.

And my position remains the same: This perp could have been taken out, had the people been ARMED. Marino can have all the "compassion" he wants, it won't change the fact that when people are prevented BY THE GOVERNMENT from defending themselves against violent criminals, the purported "reasons why" someone became a monster are secondary. The RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS includes the RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE.]

"As for the "latest news" in regard to the Federal Reserve Bank Fraud, anyone who read "The Creature From Jekyl Island" has known about it for quite sometime.

However this information does come as a shock to those who have recently learned about it, given the trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve has stolen from the American people since 1913."

 [BH: So what? Why trot this out, it is completely irrelevant.]

"And Ms. Hartwell also expresses disapproval of Barack Obama for President. He could hardly do worse that the Nazi sympathizer that we have in there now, or Hillary Clinton, who has done nothing for New Yorkers since getting elected 6 years ago.

I recently wrote that I am supporting Texas Congressman Ron Paul, however Ms. Hartwell did not bother to mention that. I should also state that I seriously doubt that Ron Paul will ever get elected, simply because he stands for meaningful change in this country; something that most of Congress is vehemently against."

[BH: I simply stated in my report that Mr. Marino was vociferously endorsing Barack Obama. And that this was one reason I did NOT endorse his website. I won't argue politics with Marino, that is NOT the issue. I don't care what Mr. Marino's bleeding heart liberal beliefs are, nor do I care who he endorses or supports, including Barack Obama, Ron Paul, or the Man in the Moon. Doesn't he get it?]

"Heaven forbid any American attempting to criticize the status quo in this country without risking the US Government's PitBull Agencies FBI, DHS and CIA attacking them.

As for taking this situation any further than this post, I have no intention to. Ms.Hartwell is already far too busy fighting with the likes of numerous others who continue to post negative statements in regard to her. I will not join these people in demonizing Ms. Hartwell because I don't believe that she deserves that; however I no longer support her or her Website. There are far too many people on the Internet carrying on these flaming wars and such attacks are simply not worth the time."

[BH: Mr. Marino, you truly are a presumptuous fool.

Marino has NO IDEA what I am "busy" doing. It certainly isn't "fighting" with any of the people he mentions. I have no contact with them at all, nor do I engage in arguments, discussions, or debates with them. I have simply EXPOSED them in my reports. Period. As for joining these other fools and liars in demonizing Barbara Hartwell, he already has.

But at least it's a relief to know he no longer supports me or my website. With "supporters" like Marino, who needs enemies?

Barbara Hartwell
August 12, 2007]

"As for the information that I have posted on my Website in regard to the "mind control" and illegal spying by the NSA that I have experienced for decades, as well as the FEDS' attacks on myself and my Family, I stand by everything that I have written in regard to such attacks as this information is the absolute truth. And this also includes the FEDS' demonization campaign which they have been waging against me for the past four years (and is getting worse by the day). They simply don't want the truth about the outrageous crimes that they have perpetrated against us being publicized on a large scale. And one day they will pay dearly for the damage that they have caused my beloved Family and self. This I promise them.

As for Geral W. Sosbee, I still agree with his work regarding the dissolution of the FBI and CIA, however I would prefer that he remove any references to my Website including the banner on his main page. I have removed most references to Geral (with the exception of a letter that I wrote to the ACLU in regard to my harassment in which I mentioned his name as well as Barbara Hartwell's in efforts to illustrate the complete absence of justice in this country for those who are attacked by agencies of the US Intelligence Community). I will continue to do so as I find them."

Jim Marino

Unfortunate Turn Of Events

"To Whom It May Concern:

In the past I have given a great deal of moral support to bothGeral W. Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell -- two former US Intelligence operatives who became whistle blowers when they saw crimes being committed within their respective agencies.

I have also given Geral Sosbee $750 to maintain his Website; Geral himself has acknowledged that I am the only person to have ever given him any monies in efforts to help him promulgate his information.

Moreover, I have never once been anything but kind and supportive of both of these people in efforts to understand their predicaments while they (by their own accounts) have been treated viciously by so many others.

Hence it is all the more disturbing that Barbara Hartwell would attempt to undermine my work. And this is indicative of what I have been reading about her on myriad other Websites. I am not going to waste any time getting into a war of words with this person. At her request I have removed as many references to her as I have found and will continue to remove any others that I find. I respectfully ask that she do the same in regard to her latest post.

There are far too many people on the Internet carrying on these flaming wars and such attacks are simply not worth the time. As for the information that I have posted on my Website in regard to the "mind control" and illegal spying by the NSA that I have experienced for decades, as well as the FEDS' attacks on myself and my Family, I stand by everything that I have written in regard to such attacks as this information is the absolute truth. And this also includes the FEDS' demonization campaign which they have been waging against me for the past four years. They simply don't want the truth about the outrageous crimes that they have perpetrated against us being publicized on a large scale.

As for Geral W. Sosbee, I still support his work. However, I would also ask that he remove any references to my Website including the banner on his main page.

Jim Marino"