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Saturday, January 4, 2020


Again, I must set the record straight on additional public comments from Karen Stewart (KS), posted on Twitter in reference to my report of December 27, 2019.

KS posted a screenshot of my report, marked up with red pen, along with the e-mail which she falsely claimed was “attributed to Barbara Hartwell”, in her article, Reply to Ramola.

As I have already stated, the e-mail (containing the screenshot of KS's entry on Twitter) did NOT originate with me, and therefore CANNOT, in point of fact, be “attributed” to me.

As I later learned, it was sent by Ramola, TO me, and I did not even receive it the first time it was sent.

Ramola has corroborated this FACT here:

"As a consequence of hacking, MY pvt emails to friends, incl. MY screenshots of KS's appalling tweets, were deliberately sent to #KarenStewart inst. of who I'd addressed my email to".

This may come as a news flash to some, but I have no control whatsoever over hackers, who regularly intercept both outgoing and incoming e-mail, as they have done for many years. Apparently it was sent to KS by these hackers, in an attempt to sow discord and stir up trouble – at my expense, so that I would be falsely accused of an action I did not take and blamed for something over which I had no control.

This is SOP for counterintelligence operations, a fact of which KS evidently has limited knowledge.

Still, the blame attributed to me involved a personal decision by KS, in drawing a false conclusion, making an unwarranted assumption, and then making it public, thus damaging my reputation on a false claim.

In any case, the statement by KS, included in the e-mail, was made PUBLICLY on Twitter, and was thus available for all and sundry to see. No accusation of  “snitch” or “watcher” or other such epithets could possibly carry any weight, at least with anyone who understands how such operations work.

In the screenshot of the e-mail posted on Twitter by KS, she marked it with red, adding the name HARTWELL, in caps.

So now, she fabricates her own “evidence”, in an attempt to validate a false accusation? Again, the name Barbara Hartwell was not in the e-mail, nor was the e-mail sent TO anyone by me.

Then, she cooks up another false accusation:

"Love that Ramola outs Barbara / out of the blue. And anyone not doing Ramola’s bidding suddenly becomes “a plant” too who slanders her slander."

There was never any “outing” of Barbara Hartwell, by Ramola, or anyone else. This statement is as absurd as the original accusation of “snitch”. And, for the record, I have accused no one of being a “plant”, related to this situation. Nor could I ever be accused, by any reasonable person interested in facts, of “doing Ramola's bidding”.

The statement that KS “loves” this so-called “outing” of Barbara Hartwell speaks volumes, and shows that there is most certainly a negative bias, with no relevance to facts.

And it gets even more absurd, with this statement from KS:

"Note, Ramola is cyberstalking me by email as well, showing Barbara and mob are “watching me” on Twitter by emailing Screen shots. “Vee vill make you comply!” Keep it up, dimwits."

I have no reason to believe this accusation, that Ramola is “cyberstalking” Karen Stewart. I have seen no evidence of any such actions. I have only seen Ramola responding publicly to defamatory statements, in her own defense.

And now, I am also accused of being part of a “mob”. How this could possibly be concluded from any of my actions could only be a testament to the illogical, subjective perceptions of a person whose beliefs are determined not by the objective observations and assessment of FACTS, but rather by a propensity to ignore facts, and to distort facts, for some agenda, which I will not presume to name.

Furthermore, I have never in my life had any intent of, nor taken any action, which would be for the purpose of coercion against anyone, in a Nazi-esque manner, to “comply” with anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the height of absurdity, as is labeling me a “dimwit”.

Lastly, this:

"Have done THREE interviews telling non-target audiences about the Targeted Individual plight in December 2019 alone. Yet a pack of self-centered immature dimwits wants to attack & attempt to discredit the ONLY NSA Whistleblower SPEAKING OUT AT ALL much less CONSISTENTLY for TI’s."

It is not my concern how many interviews Karen Stewart has done, or in what time frame. As stated many times in my reports, I am NOT INVOLVED in the so-called “TI Community”, nor have commonalities with those reporting as such. As also stated, for the record, I consider these “TI” groups to be involved in containment operations/protection rackets, which do not operate for the benefit of any individual who is actually seeking to find the truth, or pursue justice against the perpetrators targeting them for various crimes.

None of this has anything to do with me. For the record, I have never once “attacked” Karen Stewart, nor am I involved with any so-called “pack of self-centered immature dimwits”, nor could any of my words or actions ever be reasonably construed as such.

And why is it that my name (along with Ramola's) is the ONLY one ever mentioned, among this so-called “mob” or “pack”, which could only mean a group?

More to the point, I DO NOT KNOW the persons accused of being part of this "mob", with whom I am accused of being complicit in “attacking” or “discrediting” Karen Stewart.

I don't join groups and have never been a team player. I am extremely selective in my associations with others, personally and professionally. So, in fact, I am being portrayed as if I were the the polar opposite, labeled with all the odious characteristics I despise, and which I stand against – in individuals, or political entities. Truly beyond absurd.

I remain, as I always have been, an independent investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist, a CIA whistleblower. My reports are FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of my reports what they will.

These attempts to discredit me, by accusing me of being a “snitch”; of being part of a “mob”; of being a “self-serving dimwit”, are completely baseless and, as always, only reflect on the accuser.

Again, I repeat:

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
January 4, 2020