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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Obama's Communist Darkness








Demonic Communist Barack Hussein Obama


"President-Elect Obama offers us new hope that some of the injustices perpetrated by the PNAC/Bush criminal syndicate can be redressed under his tenure as President."

-- Obama supporter, godless communist, government stooge, James F. Marino, November, 2008

NOTE:  The above quote by James F. Marino is a perfect example of the massive ignorance and stupidity which allowed communist traitor Barack Hussein Obama to insinuate himself into the good graces of Americans.

Ironically, this belligerent ignoramus, Marino, accuses Barbara Hartwell of being CIA AND FBI, simply because I corrected his false assumptions regarding real patriots and whistleblowers (including ex-CIA Barbara Hartwell and ex-FBI Geral Sosbee), about whom he writes unauthorized, uninformed and libelous commentaries; and because I issued a warning about his promotion of criminals and con men (including Obama) on his website; and because I  exposed him (and his idol, Obama) for what they are.

There is nothing much that can be done about the Marinos of this world. These loud, aggressive, useful idiots should be exposed, and then, to the extent it is possible, ignored. After all, they are nobodies, and in the final analysis, will have no effect, one way or another, on the fates of nations, nor on the principles that rule them.

But speaking for myself, as far back as I can remember, even to early childhood, I have always hated communism. I have always been outraged by the idea that any collective, any corporate entity, any group, any committee, could get away with imposing its will on the Individual.

I have always instinctively known (this knowledge revealed to me by the Holy Spirit) what God intended for His Children, the Individuals created in His image: Liberty, Sovereignty and Freedom --from invasion, intrusion and aggression by any sort of mob.

Communism is the destroyer of Liberty and an abomination to God. But when you consider what the founders of this country (through their blood, sweat, tears and laying down their lives) put in place, a Constitutional Republic, in which the Rule of Law reigns supreme, then the fall to  godless communism by this once great nation is all the more of an insufferable outrage. 

Insufferable and unforgivable. 


We, The People, have every RIGHT to fight back. In fact, those who are patriots have a DUTY to fight back. To take down this criminal impostor who has usurped the presidency; this communist tyrant; this globalist; this liar; this sodomite; this poseur "Christian"; this long legged mack daddy who is destroying our beloved country; and who is a disgrace to the principles and the way of life we hold dear.

One thing needs to be stated: Barack Hussein Obama HAS NO RIGHT.

Let me count the ways....

1) Obama HAS NO RIGHT to be sitting in the White House.

He is not a natural born citizen of the USA. Therefore, he had NO RIGHT to run for president, because he was never eligible. Obama is a liar, a deceiver and a manipulator.

2) Obama HAS NO RIGHT to pass legislation which is unconstitutional.

He had NO RIGHT to sign into "law" the Hate Crimes bill, effectively giving special "rights" and protections to rapists of children, sodomites, transvestites, transsexuals and other perverts who euphemize their perversions as "paraphilias", some of which involve criminal aggression against innocent children.

Obama also HAS NO RIGHT to sign into "law" any sort of "healthcare reform". The people of this country have a RIGHT, as INDIVIDUALS, to determine  how, when, why and IF they will seek medical/dental care, and from whom. The government HAS NO RIGHT interfering in the private business of The People. 

Obama HAS NO RIGHT to force his will on The People. Period. Case closed.

3) Obama HAS NO RIGHT to disobey the Constitution (which he took an oath to defend); nor to trample the God-given (natural)  unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed RIGHTS of the Individual.

I repeat: Obama HAS NO RIGHT.

By Obama's fruits shall you know him.

Here, an excerpt from an article on this subject. Click on the link for the entire article.

But let's not just "mourn". Let's FIGHT to stop him and his supporters from this ungodly communist reign of terror and destruction.

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Enemy of the usurper "president", his supporters, and their  godless communism.
Weeping with the Angels
March 30, 2010

In what is being described as one of the most astounding power grabs in modern history by newspaper headlines around the World, President Obama has succeeded in his audacious plan to remake America into a full fledged godless communist empire barely one year into his term with the enactment into law by the US Congress of his mammoth health care plan innocuously named H.R. 3200-Americas Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 and described by one Kremlin legal expert as having “nothing at all to do with health, but everything to do with control.”

To fully grasp the full and grim implications of Obama’s power grab over the American people with his Nationalization of the United States entire health care industry and student loan programme accomplished with the passing of this new law, it must be remembered that since taking office on January 20, 2009 he has also taken over their automobile, mortgage, and banking industries too with the Internet said being next “in his sights”.

Read entire article
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

Monday, March 29, 2010

Christ & Constitution Vs. NWO & New Age

From 2000 to 2003, I posted my reports on Rumor Mill News. I resigned my posting privileges in November, 2003, due to 1) selective censorship by the editor, Rayelan Allan and 2) constant  harassment by New Agers.
Why was I being censored and harassed?
Because I am a Christian, a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because I am a "conservative"  (meaning that I defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic). Because I have zero tolerance for liars and manipulators. Because I am not a collectivist or team player, but rather defend the God-given rights of the Individual. Because I expose criminals and bad guys by name. Because I refuse to compromise in the defense of Liberty. Because I expose the "doctrines of devils" (New Age secular humanist mumbo jumbo and pop psychology) for exactly what they are. That about sums it up.....
Anyway, as a result of my blunt, truthful, politically incorrect reports, I became a pariah at Rumor Mill News. 
I should also state that Rayelan and some of her flunkies were defenders of George W. Bush, claiming that he was part of  "Faction 2", the "good guys" who would save us all from the New World Order. (Never in my life have I heard such a ludicrous statement!)
But I wasn't alone in my beliefs, or in defending the principles I hold. Here are some letters from readers which I received in response to reports, posted on RMN.  At the time I had a public e-mail address, and so I also received my share of hate mail and idiot mail (I'll save that for another time.)
The messages are mostly self-explanatory, and often are in reference to the attacks on me by the New Agers at RMN.
Note that most (if not all) are Christians.
I have removed the names to protect the privacy of the writers, except in the case of Dr. Byron Weeks, a friend whose letters have already been published on my website, and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, another friend whose letters to me have previously also been published.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 29, 2010
Dear Barbara,
I wholly agree. Congratulations on your finely focused perspicacity!
Some of us have smiled much too long at Rayelan's dabbling in nefarious New Age necromancy, for she has long been immersing herself in Lucifer's subversive and stagnant pools of cognitive ledgerdemain..  
Unfortunately, her ludicrous defense of the evil puppet, George W. Bush, has fooled many but, in addition, her "doublethink" has indeed created a cleavage between those who have chosen to heed the messages of Almighty God, and those who fatuously embrace the deceptions of the Prince of Darkness and his demonic channelers. Like a waxen image exposed to fire in the galleries of Madam Toussaud, the apparently benevolent face is melting, and smile has been revealed as a hideous grimace. The facade has been penetrated and the deceptions at last made manifest. We now understand the dichotomy between  the sheep and the goats.
Dear Barbara,
You are still my heroine and you serve as an example of raw integrity and courage that continues to inspire me. I was a victim similarly, but on a smaller scale when, in the 1960s, I stood alone against the rapacious IRS and the growing influence of Socialism in our schools and elswhere. I was attacked by the Mormon Church and the local newspapers, and ultimately the IRS. I was forced out of private practice and had to accept an offer to return to the U.S. Air Force. But, to my horror  and dismay, I found it to be in the thrall of the globalist cabals.  I found that 90% of our generals were for merging with the Soviet Union. Vocally opposed the takeover of the military by the globalist NWO, I finally resigned after 14 years of dirty tricks and bad assignments, and returned to civilian medical practice.
Keep up the good fight and your dedication to God's work.
Byron Weeks
I cheer each time I read one of your posts. Standing for that which is true and right. Way to go!
Since my youth I have felt that each person has the right to be themselves, and own their life. This made me unpopular with the group I where I was raised. My parents were multigenerational cult/abusers and military related, all the children in my family were programmed/tortured. This will end with my generation. No More.
I have little to offer for financial support as my current state (PTSD/DID/DA) leaves me unable to work regularly, never the less, you are welcome in my home any time you are in the area.  
Gentleness and kindness may yet be found on earth.
Greetings: I have read the responses that you have published. The negative responses are disgusting to me. How can anyone think, let alone respond to you in an uncomplimentary manner when they have not been subjected to what you have experienced?
For the last few years I have become totally disenchanted with my fellow persons.  They have allowed the government to violate the Constitution, they have allowed an agency to unlawfully steal their labor earnings in collusion with their employers, and they have allowed the executive to violate the Constitution in its' entirety and they still do not complain.
The Congress is composed of self-indulging, career desiring individuals and the masses still do not object.
The courts are almost a farce with regard to their total disregard to the Constitutional restrictions.
Keeping all of the aforementioned FACTS in mind, how can those masses have the audacity to criticize anyone that tells the truth?  Simple, they are the cowards that history has warned us about repeatedly!
You may publish this article in retaliation for those critical, cowardly remarks!
Re: WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' DEMOCRACY! [a report by Barbara Hartwell]

Right on!  Well done. 

Democratic constitutional republic.  Rule by law.  Sweet words, and so abused.

"The U.S. Constitution has not failed America.  Americans have failed the U.S. Constitution.

"If you think we are free today, you know nothing about tyranny, and even less about freedom," 
--Tom Braun.

God bless you.
By the way, the recent piece that was written by you was brilliant, eloquent and innovative. I feel certain that we are already prevailing, as witnessed by the excessive fear mongering, sabre rattling and lying going on at the top (visible) levels. When the darkness gets this obvious and blatant, it says to me that the Light is really bright and causing the darkness to squirm most uncomfortably.
Blessings to you and yours for your faithful service to the Truth.
Dear Barbara,

The hacking has been going on since at least 12 noon central time. It first started on Patriotlad's responses to Hobie and Dove. A few other posts were also denied, but most posts came up very easily.

Most posts still do...but not yours or Patriotlad's. I'm a daily reader of RMN because of people like you and Patriotlad. You are both highly principled and honest people who are trying to shed light on the dark realms of  our world. No wonder you two have been hacked again!

I thoroughly enjoyed your radio interview earlier this week! My prayers are with you and your sister daily!


Barbara: Well 'they' are at it again...last evening I noted your succinct letter to xxxxxx re St. Clair..I wish that I could have said it one half so well.. As you said, I don't like to get into debates on this medium, but as you also pointed out you were not in a debate, just stating facts.
There are more of us than of them, but I wonder just when "we" will be pushed to the point of counter punch...keep charging as you have more followers than the astrologer will ever have, because "we" know who's in the right.
Charles (in Dixie)
I just read your message on RMN addressed to McColloch and all I can say is HALLELUJAH!!  You can plainly see through all that New Age stuff.
I pray for your safety daily.  I will send you some funds when I get my income tax back.  You are such an angel, and have helped me grow and start to think for myself.  I no longer buy into the US propaganda they show on the nightly news. 
Thank you so much!
May God bless and keep you,  May He give you the strength and perseverance to fight the good fight.
Dear Barbara,
I have been watching developments in the US very carefully and am filled with rage and despair.  What happens in the US usually follows in Australia.  It used to take anywhere up to twenty years for us to catch up to the US...these days it seems like twenty months.  At the outside. 
I despise Bush and his cronies.  I know enough about the US to know just how proud and connected the people of America are to their constitution. To have this very scary piece of work and his henchmen tear it to shreds in around two years is gutwrenching.  To see that the majority of Americans don't care to find out what's happening right under their noses because they're too pre-occupied with their own battles is saddening and frustrating!!
This news will not go unheeded (thanks to people like you!)...the Pollyana in me is of the belief that these latest developments just might end up giving a lot of well-earned flak to this cretin and make people start to ask questions - a lot of people and a lot of questions would be a great start.
Thank you for bringing your news and insights to your readers, I admire you and your courage, tenacity and ability to write great articles! 
Best regards,
(Fighting the good fight in Australia)
I stand by your evaluation of George Bush (and his family) 1000%.  Many, many, many years ago, I began referring to people like this guy commenting  to you on this subject as "Intellectual Idiots"  This is one more proof to me that they will always be with us.  Believe me, I know them.
Dearest Barbara,
I have never heard such a story as yours.  Rumors from the patriot intel are hardly verifiable but not easily removed from intelligent thought once placed.  I find your story to be a long awaited source of fresh verification of programs long known to exist but not open to scrutiny.  I rarely reach out to "whistle blower" community, although for you, I will make an exeption. 
I believe the US government has run it's course and can only produce evil continually.  It has become a beast that cannot be tamed nor pacified with bread.  It has become a creature that now feeds on itself and yet grows daily.  I am not an anarchist, rebel, or seditionist.  I am also not a defeatist or pacifist.  I believe that resistance to tyrany IS OBEDIENCE to God.
What has happened to you is without a doubt, TYRANNY!!!!
I would like you to know I am on your side and will help.  When can I expect to hear you speak in the pacific northwest???
May you relay my utmost blessings to this gentleman as now I can only send my unconditional love!

Also, I want to let you know that I respect you extremely and love to read your written communications via the Internet.

BLESS YOU TOO!  Love, peace and harmony forever.
Can't help with money right now. I do read all of your posts and have for some time. I believe you. One thing I can do and I do every night when I say my prayers is to pray for you. When you were on your trip I prayed for you and your sister. I will continue to pray for you.
Keep safe. I know what a rotten government we have.
Rayelan wrote:
"Barbara, even your supporters and fans have written to ask what has happened to you? They no longer read you. They feel sorry for you."

 Great work , Barbara, in reference to the above false statement by Rayelan. 
They lose in this absurd shift in "rules"; also, the absence of your material from RMN diminishes the overall value of the network and at the same time given your public remarks about their silly and unfounded criticisms renders  your particular voice of reason, sound judgement and excellent analysis  in even greater demand than ever .

Sunday, March 28, 2010

"I Just Want the Truth Out There!": Ted Gunderson Exposed by Targets & Victims

NOTE: I received these comments in 2004.  And although the e-mails were on a public list, I  have decided not to disclose the names of the writers, since it is possible they may not want their names used.

The first is from a man who contacted Jackie McGauley re Ted Gunderson. The second is from a government mind control survivor.

McMartin preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley also wrote some comments, which have already been made public and I post them again here.  

As for Jackie, she is one of the victims of Ted Gunderson who is seeking justice and who is willing to communicate with others interested in documentation re the wrongdoing, crimes and scams perpetrated by Ted Gunderson and his  criminal accomplices.

Gunderson and his accomplices (individually and/or collectively) are guilty of a range of crimes, which include (but are not limited to) the following: rape of children; blackmail; extortion; murder for hire plots; murder; drug trafficking; illegal drug/ arms dealing; forgery; counterfeiting; grand larceny; mail fraud;  child prostitution and pornography; scams for stealing money from vulnerable women, especially old ladies; real estate scams; medical scams and health fraud; racketeering; criminal harassment; stalking; criminal menacing; felony threats.

On a lesser scale of offenses, Ted Gunderson is the Kingpin of  COINTELPRO libel and slander campaigns against genuine whistleblowers (such as Jackie McGauley and Barbara Hartwell). He (with the help of his accomplices and PR shills) attempts to persuade the public to believe that McGauley, Hartwell and others are "crazy" and/or part of a "government disinformation program".

Ironically, Ted Gunderson was involved in the most massive disinformation program that ever was, COINTELPRO, while in the FBI, and is still running  COINTELPRO, officially or not, to this day.

Lastly, BEWARE of these unscrupulous accomplices of Ted Gunderson, those who promote and/or support and/or defend him at the expense of his victims and targets. They not only support Gunderson, they libel/slander and/or stalk and/or harass the targets.


Timothy Patrick White
Clarence Malcolm
John DeCamp
Alan Stang (deceased)
Alex Merklinger
Don Stacey
Doug Millar
Alex McGowin Studer
Mark Phillips
David Icke
Alex Jones
Todd Brendan Fahey
D'Anne Burley
Ken Adachi
A. True Ott
Larry Lawson
Dennis Bossack
Don Nicoloff
George Green
Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor
Pam Schuffert
John Allman
Brenda Negri
Charles Bruce Stewart
Francine Kelly
Clay Douglas
James Rothstein
Anna Mae Newman
Ray Lavas
Osama bin Laden (deceased)
Christopher Jones

By their fruits shall you know them.

March 28, 2010


Dear Mrs. McGauley:

As the brave authoress, of the page you give your testimony on, mentions we would hope to wake up people, as to the extreme danger they are in, but we perserve for the well being of "our" posterity, even with the Gunderslime's, constantly harrassing us, in spite of such criminal behavior, to bring an end to their Criminal Overlord's reign of terror world wide, hopefully at the end of short ropes!!!  

Please Continue to Pray as if your life depends upon it, but consider, now we know, it's all life's longevity, that is dependent upon how fervently and powerfully you and yours "PRAY"!! 

There is a very small, valiantly human Christian Patriot community, throughout the REPUBLIC who will persevere to the end, hopefully and prayerfully Sovereign,  appreciating your continued efforts to shed light on these cockroaches.

I remain Constitutionally yours, 


PS: Please let Mrs. Hartwell know, we appreciate her efforts, possibly she would interview with Dr. Stan, maybe she can wake up some of her junior classmates in time, each soul is of equal importance to Our Lord!! 

Bless You and Yours


E-mail received, 2004

This would be of interest to anyone interested in ritual/sexual abuse of children and associated cover up, and also anyone who knows or knows about Ted Gunderson. 

Date sent: Fri, 6 Feb 2004

"FYI -

This is for anyone who has any interest in the McMartin daycare ritual abuse case.

I've been in touch with Jackie MacGauley, the writer of the E-mail below, for years.  She appears credible and sane, and others - including investigators and journalists - have vouched for her credibility to me.

The ex-FBI agent she mentions below, really did a number on her.  At the time, she was the most outspoken of the parents of the McMartin victims. That seemed to make her the enemy's #1 target. 

In record time, Ted Gunderson romanced her, moved in to live with her, accessed all her documentation about the case, bilked her out of money (bankrupting her). And then, after he moved out, he told everyone who would listen to him that Jackie was crazy.  (She became physically ill as a result of the tremendous stress he put her through.) 

But Ted didn't stop there.  He then published his version of the archaeological report, insisting (as he still does) that HE authorized and oversaw it.  He did not.  Jackie did.  But who is going to believe a "crazy" mother over a respected ex-FBI agent who claims to be an advocate for ritual abuse victims?  

I have tremendous respect for Jackie.  She could have fought back dirty. God knows I wouldn't have begrudged her the right to do so.  But instead, she took the high road and kept to her original mission, to fight for the credibility of the victimized children - who are now adults.

For whatever reasons, Ted Gunderson appears to be a serial predator.  He has romanced and bankrupted at least 2 other women (they both contacted me, with outside verifications of their stories.)  Each woman had also tried to speak out about the reality of ritual abuse.  I helped another potential victim free from his control after that. 

Unfortunately, there is another outspoken survivor who he is bilking and controlling to the max, using her to spread his disinformation (e.g., encouraging the victim to believe that the people who hurt and used her are "lizard aliens" who morph into human form.  And of course, those lizard aliens rule our world from behind the scenes. Whatever.  This stuff gets really crazy sometimes.)

There are at least 3 other "ex"-intelligence officers who are preying on outspoken female survivors and pro-survivors in similar ways, and are verified business partners with him.  Two of them befriended and betrayed me, although they did not romance me.  These women not only went through original hell - either their own or that of their children - they then were horribly revictimized BECAUSE they dared to speak out. And on top of all that, their (and our) credibility was torn to shreds by FMSF [False Memory Syndrome Foundation] spokespersons, most of whom - we can now prove - have had very questionable, if not downright dirty, motives for making their claims. 

It's a mess out here in Survivorland.  Things are going on that most people don't know about, but we are not going to stop speaking out.  If you are interested in the McMartin case, please consider buying a copy of the book. It's well worth it."


My daughter attended the McMartin Preschool 20 years ago. She was 2 and a  half. She is now 22. 

In the Spring of 1990 a group of parents gained access to the preschool  property and decided to look for tunnels the children had described. Many children said they were taken into tunnels under the school, abused, and transported away from the property into the community. 

I still live here in Manhattan Beach. There were hundreds of families who filed police reports and 42 families whose children were chosen to testify. I hired an archaeologist and he and his team uncovered 3 sections of tunnels  directly under the preschool building foundation. The fact that tunnels were found was reported in the news.

A year later I commissioned a formal report. I arranged to pay the archaeologist $3,000 to write the formal report, $1000 in donations, $1000 from Gloria Steinam and $1,000 from me. I contacted many publishers. No one would publish it.

Technology has changed since then and publishing is not the major expense  it used to be. I have had copies made at my own expense and sent them out on request, but I cannot do this on a large scale. I am disabled and have  no other income than Social Security. I had to file bankruptcy in 1993 because of a carpetbagger X FBI con man [Ted Gunderson] who embezzled $30,000 from me.

Since then the group False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) has said "there are no tunnels." This false statement is repeated often by anyone researching the trial. 


Hundreds of children are being called liars. This untruth is used DAILY to "prove" children are simply LIARS. It is used to set pedophiles free! 

Sadistic (ritual) abuse DID happen at the McMartin Preschool!

If you are a parent or someone who cares about the safety of children, please contact me about getting this report published! I don't want to make money on this. I just want the truth out there!!!  Please copy this plea and distribute it widely.

Thank you for your help!

Jackie McGauley
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

Take Down Obama, Save America

Pastor James David Manning speaks about the subversion of America by Barack Hussein (the long legged mack daddy) Obama and his cronies: the Clintons; George Soros et al.

Our children are being taught to hate the Constitution and to abandon the Christian values that made this country great.

Hear the truth from Pastor Manning on this video and make plans to attend the trial.

CIA Columbia Obama Treason Trial
May 14-19, 2010
Harlem, NYC
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

The Two Trees

The Two Trees
by William Butler Yeats

Beloved, gaze in thine own heart,
The holy tree is growing there;
From joy the holy branches start,
And all the trembling flowers they bear.
The changing colours of its fruit
Have dowered the stars with merry light;
The surety of its hidden root
Has planted quiet in the night;
The shaking of its leafy head
Has given the waves their melody,
And made my lips and music wed,
Murmuring a wizard song for thee.
There the Loves a circle go,
The flaming circle of our days,
Gyring, spiring to and fro
In those great ignorant leafy ways,
Remembering all that shaken hair
And how the winged sandals dart,
Thine eyes grow full of tender care;
Beloved, gaze in thine own heart.
Gaze no more in the bitter glass
The demons, with their subtle guile,
Lift up before us when they pass,
Or only gaze a little while;
For there a fatal image grows
That the stormy night receives,
Roots half hidden under snows,
Broken boughs and blackened leaves.
For all things turn to barenness
In the dim glass the demons hold,
The glass of outer weariness
Made when God slept in times of old.
There, through the broken branches, go
The ravens of unresting thought;
Flying, crying, to and fro
Cruel claw and hungry throat,
Or else they stand and sniff the wind,
And shake their ragged wings: alas!
Thy tender eyes grow all unkind:
Gaze no more in the bitter glass
Beloved, gaze in thine own heart,
The holy tree is growing there;
From joy the holy branches start,
And all the trembling flowers they bear.
Remembering all that shaken hair,
And how the winged sandals dart.
Thine eyes grow full of tender care:
Beloved, gaze in thine own heart.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hackers and Obama Crazies Disrupt Christian Ministry's Broadcasts

NOTE: I have been a fan and supporter of Pastor James David Manning since last summer when I first watched one of his videos.  In all the years since the usurper "president" Barack Hussein (the long legged mack daddy) Obama rose to prominence, I have never seen anyone more astute in his observations and his assessment of this communist evildoer than Pastor Manning.

The fact that James Manning is a black preacher from Harlem, the best-known black community in the world, adds tremendously to his credibility. That, and the fact that Manning is not only brilliant, but also highly educated, with a 28 year track record as a minister, teacher and activist in the community.

With his numerous videos and daily radio shows, Pastor Manning has done more to expose the unvarnished truth about the criminal (and non-citizen) in the White House than anyone else I know of. Not only has Manning exposed this communist CIA impostor, he's doing all in his power to see to it that Obama is tried and convicted of treason, as well he should be.

We (I and my friends) love Pastor Manning! 

May God bless him and keep him.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 26, 2010



Dear Friend Barbara Hartwell,

We are experiencing continuing broadcast disruption by Hackers and Obama crazies. I have met with our chief technician and it is our plan to purchase a spy proof firewall service. It appears that we will not be up live again until next week. Please check our YouTube site for our updates. I will not be defeated, only death will partially slow me down. Put your Trust in the Lord.

Pastor Manning

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

Thursday, March 25, 2010

McMartin Preschool Whistleblower Jackie McGauley Exposes Ted Gunderson and Accomplices


Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson & Ronald Reagan
This brief commentary was taken from a site where people were discussing Ted Gunderson, Barbara Hartwell, Jackie McGauley and others. Since most of the comments were by people using screen names, there were no credible sources on the message board --all too often the case.

Mostly it was just speculation and gossip about all of us, which I find to be annoying, as that is how rumors get started. One person states a personal  opinion (usually an uninformed and very subjective one) and the next thing you know, that opinion, with all its unwarranted conclusions and idle speculation is being disseminated as if it were fact.

One such person posting on the board called Barbara Hartwell and Jackie McGauley "crazies", apparently simply because we told the truth about some of the bizarre antics (not to mention the crimes) of Ted L. Gunderson.

These folks don't know Ted, they don't know me and they don't know Jackie.  

And like many of the other fools who populate the Internet, I guess they have nothing better to do with their time than gossip about people they do not know.

However I also found some comments written by Jackie McGauley, using her real name. I've known Jackie since 2002 and I endorse her as a truthful person and a legitimate whistleblower.

This particular discussion was centered on the McMartin preschool case, which Ted Gunderson has been using for shameless self-promotion for decades. Ted's PR shill, government stooge Ken Adachi, has also been promoting the sensationalist lies about Gunderson being the 'hero' who saved the day.

In the message thread, one person said "curiously enough Jackie McGauley claims to own the... report...."

Here's Jackie's response:

"Curiously enough"? Maybe I own it because I commissioned the report [tunnel report] and the entire project. gunderson was there-like a leech on a vein, but he was NEVER HIRED OR INVOLVED IN ANY OFFICIAL CAPACITY-AT ALL in my case.

I hate him because he embezzled $30,000 from me and my children. And now he continues to travel around the country conning and bilking people.

See his schlock website put on the web by Clarence Malcolm, convicted of counterfeiting $100 bills in Bellflower, CA and now on the lam for other criminal charges. is no longer on line because THAT webmaster [Christopher Jones] is in prison for molesting young boys.

The people who are ted's detractors [Barbara Hartwell was mentioned as such a detractor] are so because they KNOW him and follow his trail of deceit and cons. We don't go out of our way to follow this crook, people come to us. I'll never see my money again but he continues to steal from victims and little old ladies. For documentation to prove this contact me.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Statement from Chief Leonard Crow Dog on Human Rights/Leonard Peltier


March 24th 2010: 

12465 days of WRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT !!! 

Statement From Chief Leonard Crow Dog on Human Rights/Leonard Peltier


Since the injustice that is happening is not only to our Native Tribes but to all human beings. With many of them, there is a reasonable doubt of the cases. The grand juries that indicted our relation, Leonard Peltier, not only Leonard but others on a political foundation. There is still a reasonable doubt as to the grounds of these cases. But did we have a chance to pick the grand juries or was it the Justice Department? Now this injustice has been over 34 years. Do we have a Human Rights understanding? Let us exercise the Human Rights and research. Let’s look at the conviction in this case that they call a case. Let’s look at it on an international level regarding the 6 million Jews that have been murdered and who was convicted. And let’s look at the 1890’s massacres of Indian Tribes, so called Native Americans.

So, as human beings looking at the case of Leonard Peltier there is still a reasonable doubt as to the case and the trial. So now it’s been over 34 years and we feel the case needs to be looked into in regards to our Human Rights. So we must have a grand jury assembly.

Peltier is Crazy Horse but Crazy Horse has been murdered but no one has ever been convicted or tried for this case. So let’s look at the 28 states for the human assembly research. This is not a “Rosenberg” case, for that purpose. This man, Leonard Peltier, is a First Nations relation that was protecting the unborn generations and the elders of the tribes in what we call America. Therefore, I believe that this case needs to be looked into again for the sake of all our Human Rights.

Hecetu Welo.
All My Relations-A Ho,

Chief Leonard Emanuel Crow Dog


IPF e-mail:

Also, please visit the website of the
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC):


Ted Gunderson Redux, COINTELPRO & CIA Mind Control

NOTE: Here, a segment from my June 2001 report: Time to Set the Record Straight, Part 2. In brief, I refer to an open letter Ted Gunderson wrote in response to Barbara Hartwell, after I had exposed some information in which Gunderson was named.

Since that time there has been much additional false information promoted by Gunderson and his cronies, minions and stooges, about Barbara Hartwell.

But this shows how it all started...Ted's claim that I must still be under CIA mind control. To this day, Ted and his entourage --most notably a con man named Doug Millar and Ted's PR shill, Ken Adachi, neither of whom know me, nor anything about me-- are still making the same ludicrous claims about Barbara Hartwell.

The only difference is that they have embellished the disinformation to try to demonize me further, an effort for which they have no shortage of followers and hangers-on, all parroting the lurid stories and fabricating some of their own.

The bottom line is very simple: I have exposed their criminal conspiracy and their network of containment operations, their protection racket and the crimes they are desperately trying to cover up by their pretense of being 'patriots' and 'investigators', and 'whistleblowers'.

For example, consider this: How many people consider Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp to be Heroes and Patriot Celebrities? How many people are swallowing the COINTELPRO lies hook, line and sinker?

Too many.

I think it's easier for these people to hate Barbara Hartwell, to shoot the messenger, rather than considering the message. It's a message almost no one wants to hear, and a truth very few are able to see.

Were I actually CIA and/or "under mind control", would I be exposing these criminals and their minions and stooges (some of whom are also criminals)?

No,no, no....I'd be in collusion with them (as several CIA agents, to my knowledge, are).

Re Kurt Billings: At the time this was written, I had not yet become aware that there was something "wrong" with Kurt and his wife LeAnn. However, my problems with the Billings had nothing to do with Ted Gunderson; nor was there any attempt to "reprogram" me (the very thought is laughable!) but rather that they were promoting the same bogus death threat against Barbara Hartwell which, to my knowledge, originated with Tim White. If I'd listened to the Billings, rather than to the Holy Spirit, I most likely would have died in 2001, by the hand of a real CIA assassin. But that's another story...

But here's the deal in 2010: I'm very, very tired of all the lies and all the coverups.  I'm also tired of being harassed, threatened, stalked, libeled, slandered, and of being made into a scapegoat for these lowlife lying government rat bastards and their shills.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 24, 2010


I quote from Ted's article:

"The next time I heard about the Billings, they were involved with Barbara Hartwell and the result was that Barbara began publicly criticizing Brice Taylor [aka Sue Ford] and myself."

For the sake of argument, let's examine Ted's ideas regarding the purported disinfo/slander campaign against him as a hypothetical scenario.

CIA "plants" Kurt Billings for the purpose of "reprogramming" Barbara Hartwell. The agenda of CIA in this operation? To make BH a part of the campaign to discredit Ted Gunderson. As a result, BH joins in with other conspirators (also working for CIA? Also under mind control?) and having been successfully "reprogrammed", back in the "grasp of the CIA", she is activated in a mind-controlled mission.

Objective: To discredit Ted Gunderson. (And let's not forget the redoubtable Brice Taylor).

But let's be realistic. Why would CIA think I have the political clout to make a significant contribution to discrediting one of their presumably most high-profile targets, namely retired Senior Special-Agent-in-Charge, 27 year veteran of the FBI, Ted L. Gunderson?

Why not use someone with "official" status, with unquestionable government-sanctioned bona fides? Or maybe a bogus whistleblower or slick disinfo agent having access to a large and formidable public forum. Someone with the resources and backing to mount an effective assault on Ted's credibility.

Now, in fact, this is a fair approximation of what Ted suggests to be the case about Art Bell. Art Bell is regarded as a celebrity. His radio show has one of the largest audiences in the world. He has tremendous influence in shaping public opinion. But even assuming Ted's hypothesis were true, why would someone like Art Bell (described by Ted as "the American hero" ) need any help from the likes of me?

As for myself, it is ironic that not only have I been blacklisted from mainstream media due to my whistleblower status; but reliable sources --as well as my own common sense and personal experience-- tell me I've even been blacklisted by certain promoters/producers of alternative media.

I've also been set up by certain talk-show hosts who invited me on their programs for the purpose of ridiculing or discrediting me. (Clay Douglas, of The Free American, a crony of the infamous Mark Phillips, comes to mind, but that's another story...)

Let's face it: I certainly haven't won any popularity contests --among ANY faction or collective of influential persons, no matter what their agenda or their politics. Most of these groups don't like me because I insist on remaining autonomous and refuse to join up and be a mouthpiece for whatever it is they're promoting. I haven't yet published any books. And the talent scouts are not beating a path to my door to invite me for speaking engagements. Having nothing to sell, I have nothing to promote.

So I repeat: Why me? Why would CIA consider it imperative that I be involved in the campaign against Ted Gunderson?

Does the scenario that Ted Gunderson presents make any sense? Not to me, but then maybe I'm a little dense. Or maybe I should just find myself a good "deprogrammer". Maybe then I'll finally see the light.

But let's get real: Although I am aware that CIA would like nothing better than to have me back in their grasp, and have in fact made many such efforts to that end, including for the purpose of "reprogramming" me, any such attempts have failed. Always have, always will.

Ted, Sue and their entourage may believe what they choose. But, as God is my witness, I'm outta there! I have shown my adversaries that I'm willing to lay my life down fighting for my freedom, if that's what it takes. And they know I mean business. Bottom line: They'll never take me alive.

But even so, I can't imagine CIA's reason for wanting me back under their control would be so that I could become just another cog --and a low visibility one at that-- in a disinfo machine against Ted Gunderson.

No, I'm sorry to say that CIA has far more weighty issues with me, and they have nothing to do with Ted Gunderson. Sorry Ted, it doesn't compute. I only wish my life were that easy.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren. 

Proverbs. 6:14-19

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.

Ephesians 5:11

The names on this list are placed at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell, and are to be considered the opinion of Barbara Hartwell.

Because certain names are more common than others, persons whose names appear here may be other than the actual individual intended. (Example: for  a name like "John Smith", there are most likely thousands.)

For this reason, the designation "one" should be understood to precede each name. Let it be known, for the record, that I have no wish, nor the intent, to label anyone as a bad guy, who is undeserving of having their name in a HALL OF SHAME.

Also note that the form of the name most commonly known/used is given. Examples: The true name is William, but the person is known as Bill. The true name is James, but the person is known as Jim, and so on and so forth.

This list includes all kinds, male and female, the living and the deceased, from every place on the spectrum --from aggressive, obnoxious, loud-mouthed busybodies and snoops, to career criminals, child rapists and murderers.

On this list there are malicious liars, thieves, blackmailers, extortionists, sex perverts/predators, pederasts, psycho stalkers, porno-mongers, human slave traffickers, identity thieves, COINTELPRO operatives and their minions, CIA, FBI, NSA (etc. etc.) agents, mind control handlers, perpetrators of eugenics, voodoo "scientists", black magicians/occultists, anti-Christs, false prophets, demons masquerading as angels of light, cowards, traitors, U.S. Constitution-shredders, corrupt cops and government officials, slanderers, forgers, plagiarists, drug traffickers, common criminals, career criminals, war criminals, predicate felons, misogynists/male supremacists, racists/bigots, animal abusers, satanists, pedophiles, leftists, collectivists, socialists, communists, fascists, Nazis, Bolsheviks, globalist totalitarians, purveyors of disinformation, invaders of privacy, New Age nincompoops, secular humanist psycho-babblers, social engineers, psychopaths (and other assorted whackjobs), gun-grabbers/anti-gunners, scamsters, hucksters, mountebanks, snake-oil salesmen, swindlers, charlatans, con artists, government stooges, minions and shills.

I have not included any of the titles, credentials, military rank or "letters" some of these characters use (either legitimately or as fraud); for my purposes here they are irrelevant.  

Some are notorious wrongdoers; some I'm sure you've never heard of.  You see, it doesn't really matter to me who they are, or why they are engaged in wrongdoing or crimes.  I am an "equal opportunity" expositor. Some of these individuals are exposed in detailed reports on this website.

From where I stand, it's all about exposing INJUSTICE, as well as seeking JUSTICE for the Targets and Victims, who suffer as a direct result of the aggression by these wrongdoers. The individuals named here have participated --one way or another-- in aggressive actions which violate the unalienable rights and liberties of others. The point is, they should all be held accountable for the wrongs they have done, the lies they have told, the false information they have disseminated, the crimes they have committed, the attacks on their Targets and Victims.

Also despicable is the promotion of bad guys to the detriment of truth-tellers and legitimate whistleblowers and expositors of corruption.  It's not only a general matter of principle, but to me, also very personal. And when these perps unjustly attack my family, friends and allies, they are by extension attacking me.

I have not listed the 'anonymous' cowards (hiding behind screen names) who have come out of the woodwork to attack Barbara Hartwell, as well as my friends and colleagues. There are certainly more of them than of those whose names I know, but no way to pin their identities down. As far as I am concerned, anyone who posts comments on the Internet, but fails to come forward with his/her real identity, is not only a coward, but has ZERO credibility. 

Some of the bad guys listed here also hide behind pseudonyms or screen names to cover themselves, and in such cases the known pseudonyms and false identities are included.

Only individuals are listed, no organizations, but anyone may easily look up the groups with which these individuals are affiliated.

 Names are listed in alphabetical order for easy reference.

This list is (unfortunately) expanded on a somewhat regular basis. Of course, there are limits to how many names I can include, so you'll have to read between the lines. 

By their fruits shall you know them.

Also see:




I never cease to be amazed at some of those (you'd think they would know better!) who are promoting the websites of malicious liars and evildoers like Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau ('Educate-Yourself'), and Todd Brendan Fahey aka many, many aliases and screen names too numerous to count, which the little coward hides behind to do his dirty work ('Friends of Liberty'), two of the worst offenders in libeling/slandering Barbara Hartwell with diabolical calumny, as well as harassment, monstrous invasions of privacy, and spreading outrageous disinformation. "Xena Carpenter" (one of many aliases used by Todd Fahey) is another such loathsome website. Same goes for fed snitch, predicate felon, psycho-stalker Timothy Patrick White aka Tim White, a longtime accomplice of these individuals, who has no website of his own, but posts his garbage all over the Internet.

I don't know if these promoters of evildoers are simply operating out of ignorance, or if they just haven't bothered to check the content of these vile websites (or the character of these individuals) before linking to them on their own sites, but I no longer care WHY. There is NO EXCUSE for promoting these loathsome workers of iniquity. Anyone who promotes these criminals is automatically my enemy, for having any part in aiding and abetting the character assassination and persecution of Barbara Hartwell (and friends) and will be named here in the Hall of Shame.
[NOTE: Since this was published Todd Brendan Fahey and Ken Adachi have died, so they will no longer be slandering, libeling, harassing or threatening Barbara Hartwell. However, their legacy of hideous filth and demonic falsehoods lives on through the outrageous lies they have disseminated far and wide on the World Wide Web. May their names live in infamy, for the horrendous harm they have done, and may all those who have lived on to promote, support or endorse any part of their defamatory falsehoods be the recipients of God's swift and terrible justice. They know who they are, and so do I. See reports on this site, exposing their odious accomplices, reprobates, one and all.]


I would have added every single "news agent" (all shills and stooges by virtue of association)  who contributes to Rayelan Allan's New Age, occultist, anti-Christian government disinfo website, Rumor Mill News, except for the fact that most post under (and hide behind) idiotic screen names. 

Also to be noted is the fact that Rayelan Allan aka Raye Smith aka Darlene Smith and her accomplices are using Rumor Mill News as a venue to post extremely damaging disinformation and outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, while soliciting money from readers in direct connection with the libelous falsehoods about Hartwell. This is fraud, just as is perpetrated by others among my enemies, such as Ken Adachi, Todd Fahey and others who solicit donations from the public to support their campaigns of defamation and character assassination against Barbara Hartwell.

So let it be known that the cowards (ALL RMN "agents") are hereby designated as inductees in the HALL OF SHAME.


The United Nations is one of the most evil institutions on the face of the earth. Their goal is a globalist totalitarian One World Government, otherwise known as the New World Order. They have no business whatsoever interfering in the business of these united States, nor have any jurisdiction or authority over the Sovereign Citizens of this country. Commie bastards!

Many misguided persons support, defend or traffick with the U.N., and those who do have proven that even if they are not embracing evil in other respects, they have NO RESPECT whatsoever for the God-given unalienable, constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights of the INDIVIDUAL. Names of known traffickers with the U.N. will be added to this list.



I have listed a few particularly offensive persons who deserve special "dishonorable mention" in this HALL OF SHAME. As seen here, they are Todd Brendan Fahey, Timothy Patrick White, Ken Adachi and Rayelan Allan. My reason for this is that each of these individuals has caused extreme damages to the name of Barbara Hartwell, by defamation, libel, slander, exploiting my name and promoting outrageous lies.

All of these individuals (malicious liars, one and all) have high-traffic, commercial websites (and/or post on them), so that their libelous falsehoods have done far more damage than other offenders.

As of today, January 25, 2016, I find it necessary to add one more name: Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema, another malicious liar extraordinaire, who has done almost as much damage in a short period of time (2013-present time) as each of the others, who have been engaging in their dirty work for more than a decade.

This used car salesman, Howard Nemaizer, a rank amateur, is posing as a "journalist". He is an extremely aggressive busybody and gate-crasher, seeking public attention. So now, he will get more attention than he bargained for, from someone whose name he has been exploiting in the hope of making a name for himself. When his efforts failed, he began promoting libelous falsehoods and making false accusations, and his lies have now been spread far and wide by some of the very liars named here in the HALL OF SHAME. These accomplices, promoting the lies of Howard Nemaizer, while defaming the name of Barbara Hartwell,  include Todd Brendan Fahey, Ken Adachi, James F. Marino, Vincent Blasone (aka "Vinny Bda truth" --how idiotic!), Harry Link, David St John, and left-wing agitator, UN advocate, Marxist hypocrite, Janet Phelan.

His wife, one Maureen Nemaizer, also deserves dishonorable mention. This woman is a hysterical harridan, a snoop, a snitch, a malicious gossip, a pathological liar, and one of the worst busybodies I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. She attends heavy metal devil worship events, where Satan is saluted and where Bibles are burned onstage. Yet Maureen Nemaizer falsely claims to be a Christian. The entire Nemaizer family (including their son, Patrick Nemaizer) is heavily involved in this filthy, demonic, heavy-metal, anti-Christ culture. The Nemaizers (and all their supporters) are of their father, the devil.
And...there is something I should have added, a long time ago. Better late than never. In 2013, when I was driven to homelessness and total destitution by government persecution, Howard Nemaizer made a fraudulent, bait-and-switch offer of "sanctuary" at his rental home in Torrington, CT. In desperation, not having anywhere to go, because no one would help me, I accepted his offer. Little did I know at the time that the "sanctuary" he offered would be in his basement, not fit for human (or animal) habitation. I was stranded in a filthy, unheated, toxic mold-infested basement (a true dungeon) for 29 miserable days, from November 22, 2013 until December 21, 2013. All during that time, I was harassed, grossly insulted by Nemaizer, his wife, and their lowlife friends, until finally I was thrown into the street on December 21 (a satanic holiday). I barely survived the hellish ordeal, and only by the grace of God, found a rental property in New York shortly thereafter. Howard Nemaizer then continued to grossly exploit my name, in multiple venues, and when, in righteous outrage, I exposed the truth about this lying SOB, he began publishing defamatory falsehoods, in efforts to cover up his own lies and offenses (civil and criminal). Nemaizer's outrageous lies were then widely promoted by his accomplices (see names above). The Nemaizers stole my belongings, tampered with (stole) US mail addressed to me (a federal offense), and then ran a malicious gossip fest against me on social media. Maureen Nemaizer was harassing members of my family (whom she contacted on Facebook), spreading more outrageous lies. Anyone who supports, promotes, or has any dealings with these reprobates is my enemy, and will be added here in the HALL OF SHAME.
See my many reports on this site exposing the demonic Nemaizers and their accomplices. Their names should live in infamy, in perpetuity, and I will continue to do all in my power to expose them.

ADDENDUM #5: Dishonorable Mention of “Targeted Individuals” & Promoters of Fraudulent Info on MK Ultra


Over the past few years (and in some cases, decades) there have been a number of persons and groups who identify themselves as “targeted individuals” or “TIs”, who have been engaged in exploitation and/or defamation of the name of Barbara Hartwell. I have no dealings with any of these persons, nor have ever been involved in any way with their groups or organizations. Nor do I have commonalities with what they are promoting as their theories and/or personal experiences as so-called "targeted individuals" and/or on MK Ultra.


Many of these individuals are leftists who promote and advocate for the totalitarian United Nations, making "appeals" to this enemy of Liberty for "human rights", while, in stunning hypocrisy, claiming to defend the US Constitution, and are thereby a part of advancing the Communist agenda and takeover in the US and worldwide.


Some promote New Age and/or Secular Humanist ideologies which are anti-Christian in nature. Examples: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), "Life Coaching" (a particularly idiotic phrase used by those with no credentials, in attempts to gain credibility, where none exists). Some promote "Monarch" as a CIA operation under MK Ultra, which in fact it was not. Many of these characters make extravagant/sensationalist claims for which there is no basis in fact, seeking public attention and/or material gain, and thus muddying the waters to taint the truthful, factual information which is exposed by legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, and survivors of MK Ultra and/or other government black ops.


Most promote false information in support of the late FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson, and hail him as a hero for "targeted individuals".


There are too many to name in this addendum, however, all their names have already been added to the HALL OF SHAME, and the names of the groups with which they are affiliated have been named in the HALL OF SHAME (2). Some of the individuals named here are deceased, but their vile legacy of lies, fraud and diabolical calumny against their Targets should not be forgotten.

Due to the extreme damages they have done, including to my name, and/or to the names of certain of my friends and colleagues, and generally speaking, to the truth on these issues, I now find it necessary to publish this special “dishonorable mention” addition to expose them, and as a warning to others, especially to genuine Christians and patriots.

By name, they are: Katherine Horton, Bill Binney, Ann Vandersteel, Timothy Shelley, Karen Melton Stewart, Julianne McKinney, Millicent Black, Makia Freeman, Beverly Cuellar (aka "Bee Dizzle"), Tiffany Fontenot, Sherri Guarnieri, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Alex Jones, Clarence Malcolm, Walter Bowart, Jon Gentry, Dennis Bossack, Todd Brendan Fahey, Don Nicoloff, Ken Adachi (pseudonym), Rosalee Grable (aka 'Webfairy'), Anita Dalton, Polly Cunningham, Stewart Swerdlow, Janet Swerdlow, Virginia McCollough, Ron Garon, Shirley Anderson, Brenda M Negri, Mark Hostlaw, Ron Cerra, Mary Ann Cerra, Chase Brandon, Anthony Hilder, D'Anne Burley, Glenn Canady, Beth Goobie, Harry Link, Erik Karlstrom, Kay Griggs, Midge Mathis (aka Doris Clause), Ortaine Devian (aka Jeff Hedrun), Andy Spoo, Susan Olsen, Howard Fisher, Samuel Ludwick, Eyerly Felder (aka Ella Free), Ray Schumann, Daymond Jones, Matthew Arnegard (aka Matthew Aaron), Mark Williams, Allison Ireland, Penny Shepard, Anthony Thomas, Derrick Robinson, Danielle Blumenthal, Cathy Fox, Fiona Barnett, Ellen Atkin (aka "MK Ultra Girl"), Jay Parker, Cathy O'Brien, Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor), Pam Schuffert, Andrew Basiago, Timothy Patrick White (aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski), Alfred Webre, Eric John Phelps, Aaron James, Charles Bruce Stewart, Jay Myers, James F. Marino, Marilyn Guinnane, Don Stacey, Paul Ingbretson, Doug Millar, Barbara Crouse Brown, Francine Kelly, Alma Ott (aka A True Ott), Alex Studer, Fritz Springmeier (aka Victor Schoof aka Arthur Alexander Jr.), Linda Anderson (aka Cisco Wheeler), Mark Phillips, Clay Douglas, Kurt Billings, Bob Cabacoff, "Xena Carpenter" (also a pseudonym of Todd Brendan Fahey), Michelle Ray, Jeff Murray, Michelle Monk, David Icke, Connie Boisvert, Fiona Cristian, Arthur Cristian, Rayelan Allan (aka Rayelan Russbacher aka Darlene Smith aka Raye Smith), Fintan Dunne, Lynda Brasier  (aka "Susoni"), Carrie Boyer, John Kaminski, Stew Webb, Remmic Lewis,  Tom Heneghan, Deborah Anne Weber, Kerry Cassidy, Erika Meyer, Nina Gonzalez, Kola Boof, Barbara Harrison, Deborah Tavares, Amy Rayboun (aka Teresa Reed), Arlene Johnson, Sue Arrigo, Chris Zucker, Janet Phelan, Patricia Shupe, William B Mount, Rima Laibow, Howard Nemaizer, Maureen Nemaizer, Wanda Renee Grantham, Frank Allen, Audrey Ann Bolin, Richard Lighthouse (aka Owen Calvert), Carol Pilgrim.

All are extremely aggressive. Some have invaded privacy, some have spread false information, some have engaged in defamation and/or stalking and/or harassment. Some make false claims to be “investigators” and/or “whistleblowers”. In my opinion, any such claims are fraudulent, as they have been exposed as shills, charlatans, poseurs, belligerent ignoramuses, social engineers, busybodies and liars.

Some run organizations, which make claims of “helping TIs” and/or run “hot lines", conference calls, or what they claim are "safe calls". In my opinion, none of them are qualified to dispense any form of advice (legal, psychological, or otherwise) to the general public, or to individuals seeking any form of assistance. They tend to promote each other, so you may see these names in interviews on radio/podcasts and on social media, where each is propping up the false information being promoted by the others.


Many are engaged in spreading malicious gossip on social media. Some are false “Christians” who have promoted grossly false information against Barbara Hartwell, calling me a “satanist”, a “demon”, “member of the Church of Satan”, and some have promoted ghastly images of demons in connection with the name of Barbara Hartwell. Some of these individuals are so presumptuous, self-aggrandizing (and deluded) that they actually claim to be "angels", though judging by the false information and anti-Christian doctrines they promote, I can't imagine any less "angelic" beings.  I have also been falsely accused by many of these odious characters of being a “CIA agent”, “CIA handler”.


Some of these individuals have been exposed on this site, in detailed reports. BEWARE anyone making the claim of being a "targeted individual", especially if they are involved with the groups populated by those named here.

Lastly, I should make it clear that anyone who promotes, supports or endorses any of these individuals is persona non grata to me. And that these shady characters really need to learn to mind their own business, and stop sticking their noses into mine!


Matthew Aaron (aka Matthew Arnegard)
Paul Abbate
Dorothy Abbot
Sarah Abbott
Gene Abboud
Melina Abdullah
Dawud Abdulwali
Salman Abedi
Huma Abedin
Martin F. Abernathy
Marina Abramovic 
Stacey Abrams
Harold Abramson 
Jerry Acevedo

Terry Ackerman 
Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau)
Deana Adams
Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams (aka Sacha Stone)
Mike Adams
Sarah Rachel Adams
Tedros Adhanom
Niki Ahearn
Ravi Ahmad
Qanta Ahmed
Daniel Alafonza
Ajmal Alami 
Abdurahman Alamoudi
Madeleine Albright
Manuel Banuelos-Alcala

James Alefantis
John B. Alexander
Keith Alexander
Laurie Alexander
Jonas Alexis 
Saul Alinsky
Sharifa Alkhateeb
Rayelan Allan (aka Rayelan Russbacher aka Darlene Smith aka Raye Smith)
Frank Allen
Gail Allen
Sterling Allen 
John Allman

Colin Allred
Theresa Alt
Aviv Alush
Xavier Alvarez
Shepard Ambellas
Ron Amitron
Helen Andelin
Linda Anderson (aka Cisco Wheeler)
Mark Anderson
Mike Anderson
Sean Anderson
Shirley Anderson

Steven Anderson 
Chris Andre
Willow Andreasson
Jake Angeli (aka Q shaman) 
Andrew Anglin
Kofi Annan
Alex Ansary
Salini Teri Apodaca
Gene Appel
Julissa Arce
Ana Maria Archila
Nikole Ardeno

James Arendt
Cathy Areu
Jose Arisitimuno
Jesse Arreguin
Gustavo Perez Arriaga
Sue Arrigo
Devon Arthurs
John Ashbrook
John Ashcroft
Ed Asner

John David Roy Atchinson
Michael Aquino
Ellen Atkin (aka "MK Ultra Girl")
Gabriel Atkins
Andrew Auernheimer
Catherine Austin-Fitts
Bob Avakian
Tony Avella
Michael Avenatti
Donna Cohen Avery
Nihad Awad
Bill Ayers
Jonathan Azaziah

Abd al-Baset Azzouz  
Sai Baba
Bob Babecka
Idan Daniel Bach
Michelle Bachelet
John Bachtell
Zak Bagans
Holly Baglio
Abu Bakr al Baghdadi
Alice Bailey
Jeremy Bain
Ella Baker
James Edward Baker
Skip Baker

Bailey Baldus 
Chuck Baldwin
Peter Ball
Jim Ballard
Dele Balogun
Ban Ki Moon
Richard Bandler
Stephanie Baran
Jeanice Barcelo
JB Bardot (aka "Lilli Hart")
Marilyn Barnewall

Dan Barker
Louise Barker
Fiona Barnett
Chesley Barnestell
Roseanne Barr
Sonia Barret
Kevin Barrett
Tyler Raj Barriss  
Adam Bartlett
Almine Barton
Blanche Barton
Andrew Basiago
Tracy Basterrechea
Forrest E. Bateman

Jack Bates
Robert Baty
Loretta Baughan
Jay Baumgardner
Mary K Baxter
Carlos Bayon
Michael Baxter
Ethan Bearman
John Bechtel
Chris Beck
Cheryl Beck
Thomas Becker
Jere Beery
Joy Behar
Carrin Behr
Justin Beiber
Heidi Beirich
Ron Belaire
James Clinton Belcher
Josh Bell
Rob Bell
Michael Beller
Joel Benenson
David Ben-Gurion
Arthur Benjamin
Scott Bennet

Sophia Benoit
Dierks Bentley
Todd Bentley
Friedrich Paul Berg
Cali Shai Bergandi  
Bowe Bergdahl  
Sandy Berger
Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Francis)
Arthur J. Berman
Richard Berman
Jason Bermas
Ben Bernanke
Edward Bernays
Holly Bernier
Christopher Bertolino
Steven P Bertolino
Elianna Beswick  
Connor Betts
Jeff Bezos
Joe Biggs 
B.J. Bernstein
Ebrahim Bham
Joe Biden
Dan Bidondi
Del Bigtree
Jacob R. Billig
Kurt Billings
LeeAnn Billings
Tray Garbatini Binette

Steve Bing
Bill Binney
Steve Birkett
Deborah Birx
Jean Marie Bizeau
Don Black
Millicent Black   
Rod Blagojevich
Mike Blair
Lori Zarlenga-Blaquiere
Vincent Blasone (aka "Vinny bda truth") 
Stephanie Blass
Irene Blinston 
Jack Blood
Lenny Bloom (aka Nelson Thall)
Michael Bloomberg
Danielle Blumenthal
Richard Blumenthal
Michael Boccardi
Brett Bohl
Connie Boisvert
Scott Bolden
Audrey Ann Bolin
Paul Bonacci
Will Bond
Kola Boof
Cory Booker
Mark Borla
Ricky Borla
Tammy Borla  
Dennis Bossack
Sean Boushie
Wynette Boushie 
Nick Bostrom
Barbara Bouchey
Lee Edwin Bouton    
Walter Bowart
Christian Bowe
Robert Bowers
Jacob Boyan
Richard Boykin
Barbara Boxer 

Carrie Boyer
Richard Boylan
Luis Bracamontes
Dakota Bracciale
Kevin Bradshaw
Sarah Brady
Alice Braga     
Chase Brandon
Lynda Brasier  (aka "Susoni")
Pattie Brassard
Eddie Bravo

Tawana Brawley
Mark Bray
Donna Brazile
Margaret Brech (aka Mia Brech aka Mia Stewart)
Martin Brech
Martin Brech Jr.
Charles V. Breed
Denali Brehmer
John Brennan
Terry Brewer
Neil Brick
Barbra-renee Brighenti
Chris Britt
Ralf Christian Broermann

Timothy Brogan
Todd Brogan
Michael Bromwich
Sara Bronfman
Clare Bronfman
Darrell Brooks
David Brower 
Barbara Crouse Brown
Courtney Brown
Emma Brown
Jermalle Brown

Jerry Brown
Kalee Brown
Kate Brown
Lisa Brown
Patrick Brown
Susan Brown (pseudonym)
Sylvia Browne
Jean-Luc Brunel
William J. Bryan
Zbigniew Brzezinski 

Marie Buchanan
Ray Buckey
Peggy McMartin Buckey
William F. Buckley Jr.
Leticia Bueno
Warren Buffet
Julie Bujalski
Robin D Bullock
Lauren Burch
James Burdock
Greg Burleson
Wade Burleson

D'Anne Burley
Chris Burton
Barbara Bush
Cori Bush
George Herbert Walker Bush
George Walker Bush
Jamie Buturff 
Robert Byrd
Rhonda Byrne
Michael Byron

Tiffany Caban
Polly Cady
Danny Cahalin 
Thomas Cahraman 
Greg Calbi
Jason Caldwell
Camille Calibeo
Stephen Calkins
Kevin Callahan
Winter Owen Calvert (aka Richard Lighthouse)
John Calvin
Luke Calvin
Ewen Cameron
James Cameron    
Bruce Campbell

JB Campbell
Steve Campbell
Glenn Canady
Charles Caniglia
Charles Caniglia Jr.
Aaron Cantu
Christopher Cantwell 
Lori Carangelo 
Rebecca Carley
Greg Carlson 
Michael Carlson
Sean Caron  

"Xena Carpenter" (also a pseudonym of Todd Brendan Fahey) 
"Liz Carpenter" (aka "Xena Carpenter" aka Todd Brendan Fahey)
Legba Carrefour
Jim Carrey
Bob Carroll
E. Jean Carroll 
Kathy Carroll
Roberta Carroll
Clayton Carter
Willis Carto
Bob Casey

Ingri Cassel
Kerry Cassidy
Kisha Castellanos
Ariel Castro
Fidel Castro
Greg Castro
Joaquin Castro
Julian Castro
Stan J Caterbone
Leon Catlett
James Cavanaugh
Judi Cecchetelli
Mike Cernovich  
Ronald Cerra
Mary Ann Cerra

Jay Cesnak
Lori Cesnak
Sam Cesnak
Chad Chaddington
Saikat Chakrabarti
Ernie Chambers
Scott Ryan Charney (aka Scott Green)
Megan Charpentier
Jason Charter    
Hugo Chavez
Cher (whatever her real name is)
Jim Cherney
Dick Cheney
Melissa Cheng

Michael Chertoff
Ed Chiarini
Tom Chittum
Noam Chomsky
James L. Choron (pseudonym of Brenda Negri) 
Anjem Choudary
Jeremy Joseph Christian
Wilson Ciancanelli
Eric Ciaramella 
Madonna Louise Ciccone (aka Madonna)
Nicholas Cifuni 
Dennis Cimino 

Donna Cinelli
Nicolas Clamorgan
Eric Clanton
James Clapper
Clay Clark
Jennifer Clark
Kristen Clarke
Travis Clark
Veronica Clark
Wyatt Clark
Doris Clause (aka Midge Mathis)
Matt Clifford
Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels)
Anthony Clifton
Marjorie Clifton
Chelsea Clinton
Ejay Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Barbara Hand Clow
Mike Clute
Nicki Clyne
Craig Cobb
Paul Craig Cobb
Debra Coffey
Jared Cohen
Richard Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen

Yakov D Cohen
Allie Cohn
Sheldon Cohn
Steven Colbert
David Cole
Greg Coles
Stephanie Collage
Denise Collazo
Charlotte Collins
Nate Collins
Sarah Collins
Nikki Columbo
James Comey
Bill Connelly

Susan Shea Conner
Carissa Conti 
Eusebio Contreras
Christina Cook
Tim Cook
Kim Cooks
Alice Cooper (aka Vincent Damon Furnier
Joshua Copeland
Kenneth Copeland
Gloria Copeland
Neil Corbel
John Cornyn
Jackson A. Cosko
Shawn Coston
Joe Cortina
Bill Cottle
Paul Cottrell
Katie Couric

Kevin Courtois
Andrew Cox 
Sonny Crack 
Benjamin Creme
JoAnne Cremer
Destin Cretton
Bob Criscuolo
Arthur Cristian
Fiona Cristian
Chris Crocker
Mary Croft
Don Croft
Liz Crokin
Alex Crosbie
Laura Cross

Paul Croutch
Jason Crow
Candy Crowley
Tom Cruise
Bryan Crusius
Patrick Crusius
Nikolas Cruz
Rebecca Cruz
Ellie Crystal
Beverly Cuellar (aka Bee Dizzle)
Patrisse Cullors
Brad Cummings
Ruth Cummings 
Polly Cunningham

Andrew Cuomo
Chris Cuomo
Jim Cusimano
Miley Cyrus
Christie Czajkowski
Jessie Czebotar  

Joni Dahlstrom
Anita Dalton
Thomas Dalton
Mike Daly 
Ed Dames
Chris Damian
Nathan Damigo
Matt Damon
Eileen Dannemann
Ramola Dharmaraj (aka Ramola D)
Sadie Darnell

Charles Darwin
Lasha Darkmoon (pseudonym)
Stacey Dash
Dave Daubenmire (aka 'Coach Dave')
Rob Daven
Mark Davey
Andrew Jackson Davis
Angela Davis
Erin Davis
Frank Marshall Davis
Lamont Davis

Rudy Davis 
Vanessa Davis
Richard Dawkins 
Carrie Dawn
Suzie Dawson
Laura Day
Lorraine Day
Sheldon Day
Bill Deagle
Jim W. Dean
Bill De Blasio  

John DeCamp
Myrna Deckert
Richard DeCristofaro Jr.
Morris Dees
Randy Dees
Ron DeHaven
Ryan Deitch
Mike Delaney
Marc Delantre
Letitia Delgadillo
Enrique Martin Delgado
Jose Delgado
Liliana DeLucca
Mike DeWine
Aria DiMezzo
Robert De Niro
John de Nugent

Johnny Depp
Alan Dershowitz
Jean-Jacques Dessalines
James Desarno
Ortaine Devian (aka Jeff Hedrun)
Robin DiAngelo
Mark Dice (aka Mark Shouldice aka John Conner)
Mahalia Dickinson
Ann Diener
Curt Dietrich

James DiEugenio
Ronnie James Dio
Patricia DiPerri
Carl Dix
Mindy Dixon
Thomas Dodd
Bernadine Dohrn
Jennifer Dohrn 
Gerry Donaldson
Susan Dones
Tad Donley
Joe Donnelly  
Michael Donohue
Chris Door
Bob Dorf

Jack Dorsey 
Bruce Doucette
Clay Douglas
Matthew Dowd
Leslie Driskill
Mark Driscoll
Shanta Driver
Paul Drockton
Jennifer Duck
Nick Dudich
Marc Paul Alain Dutroux
Gordon Duff
Tyler Dugger
David Duke
Allen Dulles

Christi Kennedy Duncan
Robert Duncan
Lena Dunham
Ann Degidio Dunn  
Fintan Dunne
John Dunphy
Deborah Dupre
Lon Milo DuQuette
Dick Durbin
VK Durham
Jenny Durkan
Pat Dussault
Andrea Dworkin
Scott Dworkin
Cate Dyer
Aaron Dykstra
Paul Dylan
Hans Dypka

Roy Eacups
David Earles
Patrick Earp
George Eaton
Alireza Ebadi
Zac Echola
Sarah Edmondson
Merlin Edmonston
Alice Edwards
Ron Edwards
Bobbi Egan
Mike Eggleston
Barbara Ehrenreich
Laura Eisenhower
Brett Eldredge
Jenna Ellis   
Terri Ellis
Keith Ellison
Megan Ellison
Stacy Emerson
Mike Enoch (aka Mike Peinovich)
Jeffrey Epstein 
Franz Erdl
Recep Erdogan
Werner Erhard
Milton Erickson
Natasha Erickson
Randi L. Erickson 
Thomas Espinosa
John Esposito
Julian Epstein
Michael Eugene
Robb Gary Evans
Amelie Eve
Ashraf Ezzat
Mena Ezzat   

Sorcha Faal (pseudonym)
Jay Faber
Gretta Fahey 
Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter" aka many, many other aliases and screen names)
Christine Fair
Robin Falkov
Mary Fanning
Robert Fanning
Wallace D Fard
João Teixeira de Faria
Evelyn Farkas 
Jonathan David Farley
Louis Farrakhan 
Daniel Farrioli
Michael Farris
Dennis Fashbaugh
Reggie Fashbaugh

Paul Leo Faso
Anthony Fauci
Brooke Federline 
Dianne Feinstein
Yvettte Felarca
Ella Felder (aka Ella Free)
Lorien Fenton 
Marilyn Ferguson
Neil Ferguson
Victor Fernandez
Sylvia Lynn Ferrare
Jim Fetzer
Christiana Figueres
Bill Finck
Larry Fink
Noelle Finkle 
Brian Fischer
Howard Fisher
Michelle Fisher

Timothy Fitzpatrick
Colin Flaherty
Jeff Flake
Vincent Flanders
Matthew Flavel
Sean D. Fleming
Lizzie Fletcher
Susan Fletcher
Jane Flint
Katherine Flint
Ophir Flomenbom
Larry Flynt
Jared Fogle
Jane Fonda
Peter Fonda
Tiffany Fontenot
Christine Blasey Ford 
Dylan Ford 
Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor)
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Laurie Fortier
Anthony Forwood
Melinda Pillsbury Foster
Cathy Fox
Donald Fox
Jamie Foxx   
Joe Francis
Barney Frank
Al Franken   
Ella Free (pseudonym aka Felder)
Jamie Freeman
Makia Freeman
Clement Freud
Samuel Frey
John Friend
Katherine Frisk
Lauren Fromm
Paul Fromm
Ralph Fucetola
Nicholas J Fuentes 
Zander C. Fuerza (aka "Zion Crime Factory")  
Benjamin Fulford
Jeff Fuller
David Fulton
Joel Funk
Vincent Damon Furnier (aka Alice Cooper)
Steven Furtick
John Fusco
Judith Futerfas
Douglas Gabriel
April Gaede 
Kevin Gagan
John Angelo Gage
Sharon Eileen Gagon
David Gahary
Larry Gaiters
Ernesto Esquival-Garcia
Zen Garcia
Rob Gardner
Roy Gardner
Kristian Gareau
Merrick Garland  
Ron Garon
James Garrelts
Alicia Garza
Bill Gates
Melinda Gates
Francisco Garcia

Hamilton Gavitt
Mara Gay  
Mark Geiger
Jen Gennai
Jon Gentry
Ann Georgulas
Todd Giffen
Derek Gilbert
Greg Giles
David Gill
John Gill
Christina Gillam
Kirsten Gillibrand

Andrew Gillum
Peter H. Gilmore
Rachel Gilson
Newt Gingrich
Tom Ginsburg
James Giordano
Mark Glaze
Scott Gleeson
Gene Glenn
Mark Glenn
Heather Glock

Donald Glover (aka "Childish Gambino")
Rhonda Goade
John Godwin
Aitan Goelman
Kimberly Ann Goguen
Parker Shawn Gohs
Emma Goldman
Jeremy Gong
Nina Benito Gonzales
Beth Goobie
Rachel Gooch
Corey Goode
Richard Goodstein
Amanda Gorman
Kermit Gosnell
Charles Gough
Al Goldstein 
Amy Goodman
Michael Goodspeed
Mikhail Gorbachev
Jeff Gordon (aka "hobie" aka "Zapper")
Al Gore
Sydney Gottlieb
Russell Jay Gould
Rosalee Grable (aka 'Webfairy')
Josephine Grace
Daniel Graham

Lindsey Graham
Donald Grahn
Antonio Francesco Gramsci
Ariana Grande
Andrea Grass
Hugh Grant
Wanda Renee Grantham
Lucien Greaves
Adam Green

George Green
George Dawes Green
Graham Greene
Richard Green (aka "Patriotlad")
Jonathan Greenblatt
Zachary Greenblatt (aka Zachary K. Hubbard)
Barbara Greenburg
Ian Greenhalgh 
Alan Greenspan
Patty Greer
Steven Greer
Alexis Grenell

Amy Grey
Kathy Griffin
Kay Griggs
John Grinder 
Bill Grisby
Lesley Groff
Steven Grogan
Gaige P Grosskreutz
Adam Grover 
Patrick Groves
James Grundvig 
Bob Guccione
Sherri M Guarnieri

Juan Guerra
John Guess 
Che Guevara
Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Barbara Guillette   
Marilyn Guinnane
Fethullah Gulen
Andrew Guzik
Ted Gunderson
Antonio Guterres

Barbara Hachenburg
Gehad El-Haddad
Oliver Haddo
Noel J. Hadley
Gabriella Hafner

John Hagee
Chuck Hagel
Kenneth E. Hagin
Joachim Hagopian
Chris Hahn 
Dee Dawkins Haigler
Catherine Hakim
George Ellery Hale
Nikki Haley
Debra Hall
James Hall (aka SARTRE)
Michael Hall
Greg Hallett
Christine Hallquist
Mark Halpern
Scott Hamlin
Rachel Hamm
John Hammell
Doug Hamp

RJ Hampton (aka "Roxie" Hampton)
Ernest Hancock
Tommy Hansen
Steve Hanson 
Mike Harari
Yuval Noah Harari
John Hardon
Michael Hardt
Mary Hardy
Casey P. Hargrove
Clyde Hargrove
Harriet Harman

Willis Harman
Dan Harmon
Mark Harp
Michael Harrington
Kamala Harris
Mike Harris
Rolf Harris
Barbara Harrison
Mel Harrison (aka "Liberty Mel')
Christine Joanna Hart 
Grant Hartley
Reese Hartstirn
Nidal Malik Hassan

Dennis Hastert
Kathy Haston
Jacqueline Hatch
Chris Hatfield
James Hatridge
Lisa Haven
Jennifer Hawkings
Scott Hawkins
Michael Hayden
Tom Hayden   
Anna Hayes (aka Ashayana Dean aka Katie Tegue)
Dave Hayes (aka "Praying Medic")
Peter Telford Hayman
Steven Hayne 

John Hays
Stuart Hazeldine
Edward Heath
David Heavener
Jerry Hedgecock
Meredith Headquist
Jeff Hedrun (aka Ortaine Devian) 
Hugh Hefner
MJ Heger
Matt Heimbach
Heidi Heitkamp
Jesse Helms
Richard Helms

Michael Hemmingson
R.J. Hender 
Dean Henderson
Deborah Henderson
Leonard Henderson 
Tom Heneghan
Yahya Hendi
Scott Hensler
Bill Henson
Richard Hernandez
Sally Hernandez

Richard Hernandez
Sally Hernandez
Rick Heskey
William Hetland
Tim Hicks
James Higham
Anthony Hilder
Helena Hill
Michael Hill
Faith Hill
Wesley Hill
Donna Hilton

Jeremy Himmelman
Katherine Hine
Colvin Hinton
Sherri Hinton
Mazie Hirono
Leon Hirsch
Isra Hirsi
Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
Dale Ho
Richard Hoagland
John Hoaglund
Kathy Hochul
Dave Hodges
James Hodgkinson
Catherine Hoffman
Jim Hoft

David Hogg
David Hogue 
Eric Holder
John Holdren
Sheila Holm
Timothy Holmseth
Amy Holem
Bob Hope
Dillon Ulysses Hopper
Daniel Hopsicker
Donna Horcher
Lon Horiuchi
Katherine Horton
Anushay Hossain  
Mark Hostlaw

Raphael Hostey (aka Abu Qaqa al-Britani)
Russ “Pappy” Houck
Brian Houston
Frank Houston
Jim How (pseudonym)
Greg Howard
Jim Howard
Laura Howard
Thomas Howard
Keith Howe
Brad Hoylman

Allison Hrabar
Al Hubbard
Barbara Marx Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard
Zachary K. Hubbard (aka Zachary Greenblatt)
Anthony Huber
Eric Hufschmid
Dolores Huerta
Karen Hughes
Julian Huguet
Evan Hultman

Ted Humes
Dave Hunt
Denny Hunt
Eric Hunt
E. Howard Hunt
Tiffany Edwards Hunt
Robert B. Hunter
Bob Hurt
Robert Hurt
Jaylani Hussein
Aldous Huxley
Julian Huxley 
David Wayne Hyslop

David Icke
Paul Ingbretson
Julia Ioffe
Allison Ireland
Ethan Isaac
Tony Isaacs
Mike Isaacson
Harris Isbell
Andrew Isker

Ehab Jaber
Rafeeq Jaber
Wayne Jacobsen
Rob Jacobson
James Harris Jackson
Ketanji Brown Jackson
Laura Knight Jadczyk  
Aaron James
E.L. James
Eli James
Letitia James
Preston James

Quentin James
Alison Jamieson
Dave Janda
Jeff Jansen
Valerie Jarrett
Robert Jeffress
Adam Jeffrey
Ross Jeffries
Warren Jeffs
Jerry Jenkins
Teri Jenkins (aka "Lulie" aka "Lulie bad slave")
Floyd Jennings
Ted Jenson
Sarah Jeong
Jay Jericho
Ed Jewett
Xi Jinping
Arlene Johnson
Greg Johnson 
Hank Johnson
Justin Johnson
Keith Johnson
Robert L Johnson
Ryan M. Johnson
Miesha Johnston
Angelina Jolie
Alan Jones 
Alex Jones (aka Bill Hicks)
Bob Jones
Christopher Jones   
Dawn Jones   
Daymond Jones   
Gina Ortiz Jones
Jim Jones
Nikole Hannah Jones
Tony Jones
Van Jones
Zhila Jones  
Patrick Jordan
Joshua Joscelyn
Peter Joseph
Rick Joyner
Jean-Claude Juncker
Kyle Jurek 

Tim Kaine
Kate Kaiser
Rashid Kalid
John Kaminski
Christina Kanas
Morgan Kane (aka Murray Weiner)
Nathanael Kapner (aka Milton Kapner)
Stuart Karaffa
Pamela Karlan
Erik Karlstrom
John Kasich
Debra Katz

Peter Kawaja
Andrew Keegan
James Edward Keeler
Montague Keen
Simon Keen
Bob Keenan
Michael Keith 
Sarah Kellen (aka Sarah Kensington) 
Charlotte Kellogg
Melinda Jane Kellogg
Brooke Kelley
Devin Patrick Kelley

Francine Kelly
Megyn Kelly
Penny Kelly 
Robin Kelly 
Jamie Kelso  
Ted Kennedy
Jason Kenney
John Kerry (aka John Kohn)
Ken Kesey
Jason Kessler
Alicia Keys
Mia Khalifa
Mahboob Khan
Sadiq Khan
Suhail Khan
Parag Khanna
Ro Khanna
Antony Kidman
Nicole Kidman
Robert W. Kilroy
Jimmy Kimmel 
Larry King
Phyllis King
Sean King

Shaun King
Thomas Kinkade
Alfred C. Kinsey
Scott Kirby
Jeane Kirkpatrick
Jim Kirwan
Henry Kissinger
Tyler Kiwala
Monica Klein
Amy Klobuchar
Angela Kneale

JZ Knight
Trey Knipfing
Kurt E. Koch 
Adam Kokesh
Alex Kosinski
John Koskinen
Robert Kovacs
Lawrence M. Krauss
Tracy Krawitt (aka "SPACEY TRACY")
Amy Kremer
Patricia Krenwinkel
Kristin Kreuk

Laurie Krieg
Stanley Krippner
Barry Krischer
C, Baxter Kruger
Mike Kruglik
Stanley Kubrik
Aaron Kuhn
Luke Kuhn
Paul Kurz
Russell Kyle
Sharon Kyle

Jet Lacey
Tim Lahaye
Rima E. Laibow
Jennifer Lake
Richard Lalancette
Ben Lambert 
Mark Lane
Andrew Lanham 
Gary Larabee
Mark LaRochelle
Chuck Larsen
Nathan Larson
Robert Lashbrook
Frank LaRue
Brian Laundrie
Christopher Laundrie
Roberta Laundrie 

Anton LaVey
Satan Xerxes Carnacki LaVey
Zeena LaVey
Sam Lavigne
Walter Lavigne
John Law
Iona Lawrence
Karen Lawson
Larry Lawson
Dawn Lay

Timothy Leary
Daniel Lebowitz
Daniel John Lee
Marty Leeds
Patricia Lentz
Ryan Lenz
Paul LePage
Lois Lerner
Anthony Levandowski
Marlene Levenson
Zachary Levi
Carl Levin
Ezra Levin
Herbert M. Levine
Rachel Levine

John Lewis
Peter Lewis
Remmic Lewis
Monica Lewinsky
Caleb Leyland
Allan Lichtman
James Lico
Joe Lieberman

Shai Lierley
Richard Lighthouse (pseudonym for Owen Calvert)
John C. Lilly
Mike Lindell
Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman (aka Tore Lindeman)

Jacqueline Lindenbach
Alex Linder
Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey
Harry Link
Jason Livermore
ZS Livingstone
Jodi Livon
Keith Ljunghammar
Graham Lloyd
Lana Lokteff
Steven Lombardo
Eddie Long
Ian David Long
Jennifer Lopez
Audre Lorde

Taylor Lorenz
Eve Lorgen
Chevalier de Lorimier
Frank Losey
Nice Loufoua
Joseph Loughlin
Marina Louw
James Lovelock
TL Lowery 
Samuel Ludwick
George Lujack
Lim Lynn

Lacy MacAuley
Kevin MacDonald
Ron MacDonald 
Robert Glenn MacDougall
Marcial Maciel 
Shirley Maclaine
Allison Mack
Rick Macy
Ashley Madison
David Madison
Mohamed Magid
Bill Maher

Ella Mahony
Chris Maisano
Lars Maischak
Henry Makow 
Clarence Malcolm
Robert Malone
Dan Malloy
Spencer L. Malone
Nelson Mandela
Scott Mandelker
Eric Mann
Horace Mann
Charles Manson
Marilyn Manson

Kyle Mantyla
Scott Manzone
Jim Marchant
Nadia Marcinkova
Barbara Marciniak 
James F. Marino 
Susan Markenstein
Kurt Markus
Kathleen Marquardt
Monroy Marquez
Hector Marroquin
Texe Marrs
Pamela Marsh
Beverly Marshall
Ian Marshall
Heather Martin
James Martinez
Bekah Mason
James Mason 
Mike Mason
Lynda Mathews
Midge Mathis (aka Doris Clause)
Miles Mathis
Maureen Mattes (aka Maureen Nemaizer)
Patricia Mattes
Teresa Mattes
Thomas  Mattes
Sumire Matsubara
Chris Matthews

Thomas J. Mattingly
Chuck Maultsby
John Mayer
Ghislaine Maxwell
Jordan Maxwell
Mary Maxwell
Theresa May 
Stephen Maye
Ben McAdams
Lee Ann McAdoo
Andrew McCabe
John McCain
Bruce McCandliss
Dave McCarthy
Sinead McCarthy
Bill McCartney
Field McConnell
Elizabeth McCrae
Shirley Mccune
Stanley McChrystal
Allison McDowell
Liz McGee
Amy McGrath
Scott McKay
Kenneth Frank McKenzie Jr.
Julianne McKinney   
Monica McLean 
Marsha McClelland
Susan McColloch
Ty McCollough 

Virginia McCollough
Aaron McCollum
Rob McConnell
Rhiannon McCarter
Claire McCaskill
Joneve McCormick
James McCoy
Shirley McCune 
Patrick McGean
Dave McGowan

Tim McGraw
Janette McGregor
Thomas McInerney
Kayden McIntosh
Sarah McKechnie
Terence McKenna
DeRay McKesson
Michael McKibben
Brian McLaren 
Virginia McMartin
H.R. McMaster
Evan McMullin
Angela McNabe 
John Mecca
Stephan Meier

Edwin Meese III
Drunvalo Melchizedek (pseudonym)
Richard Mellencamp
Nils Melzer
Thomas Mendiola
Alex Merklinger
Cord Meyer
Erika Meyer
Joyce Meyer
Michael Lewis Arthur Meyers
Marc Mezvinsky
Jay Michaelson
Paula J. Michaud
Craig Mickel
Robert Middlebrook

Natalie Midiri
Bette Midler
Anthony Migchels
Alyssa Milano
Jim Milano
Norma Milanovich 
Doug Millar
Frazier Glenn Miller
Mark Miller
Merlin Miller
Oliver Miller
Robert Miller (aka "Six")

Ian Millhiser 
James Milligan
Lana Mills-Sowchuk
Rob Mills 
Linda Minor
Hedieh Mirahmadi 
Gina de Miranda
David Miscavige
Beth Mitchell
Edgar Mitchell   
James Mitchell
Julie Mitchell

Paul Andrew Mitchell
Radha Mitchell 
Lissa Mires
Jason Moldonado 
Stephen Monier
Dave Monat
Michelle Monk
Peter Moon
Sun Myung Moon
James Moore
Michael Moore
Gage Monroe
Dennis Montgomery
David Morehouse
Billy Morgan
Piers Morgan
Richard Morgan
Jake Morphonios
Gene Morrell
Saul Morse 
William Mosher   
Sean David Morton
Stephen Moss 
Glenn Moulthrop
William B. Mount
Christopher Moukarbel
Philip Mudd 
Tristan Muir 
Robert Mueller
Robert Muller
Ibrahim Munir
Pat Muniz
Victoria Muramoto
Ruppert Murdoch
Lachlan Murdoch

Lisa Murkowski
Dave Murphy
Lawrence Murray  
Rupert Murdoch
Kevin Mulvey
Jason James Murphy
Jeff Murray
Jim Murray
Keith Mutch
Maggie Myer
Jay Myers 
Roxanne Rose Myles

George Nader
Jerry Nadler
Peggy Nadramia  
Janet Napolitano
Emily Napierski
Chuck Nappi
Mario Nardone aka Alex Wadesky
Graham Nash
Larry Nassar
Heather Nauert
Ana Navarro
Gloria Navarro

Antonio Negri
Brenda M. Negri
John Negroponte
Bill Nelson
Gaylord Nelson 
Kelleigh Nelson
Howard Nemaizer (aka Howard Nema)
Maureen Nemaizer
Patrick Nemaizer
Samantha Ness
Peter Newell
Hawk Newsome (aka Walter Newsome)
Huey P Newton
Preston Nichols
Todd Nickerson 
Don Nicoloff 
Sheldan Nidle
Adam Nixon
James Nixon
Chelene Nightingale
Perry Noble
George Noory
Grover Norquist 
Oliver North

Ralph Northam 
Ted Nugent
Vincent Nunes
Carlos Valenzuela Nunez
Sarah Nyberg
Bill Nye
Peter Nygard

Marti Oakley
Nathan Oakley
Barack Hussein Obama (aka Barry Soetoro aka Barry Dunham)
Michelle Obama (aka Michael Robinson)
Mark A. O'Blazney 
Cathy O'Brien
Daphne O'Brien
Brendon O'Connell III
Peter O'Connor 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Matthew O’Dea
Christine O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell
Robert Smith O'Ghobhain
Bruce Ohr
Nellie Ohr
Stephen O'Keefe 
Keith Olbermann
Susan Olsen (aka Miss Boston)
Magnus Olsson
Ilhan Omar
Saule Omarova
Andrew Oneschuk 
Bill O'Reilly 
Wanda Oreilly
Jeff Orenstein
Martin Orne

Robert Francis O'Rourke (aka Beto O'Rourke)
Ozzy Osbourne
Jeff Osburn
Jordan Osowieck
Alma C. Ott (aka "True" Ott)
Joan Ott
Danielle Outlaw
Allie Overstreet
Jesse Overton
Michelle Ann Owens
Craig Oxley

Kirsten Pabst
William Pabst
Gus Pac
Rob Pac
Richard Pacheco
Mike Pack
Angel Padilla
Stephen Paddock
Grady Jonathan Page
Lisa Page
Marilyn Page
Camille Paglia
Douglas Palaschak
Sarah Palin
Craig T. Palmer
Walter James Palmer
Henrik Palmgren
Dawn Palumba
Leon Panetta
Pete Papaherakles
Maura Papile 
Alan Park
Grace Park
Clay Parker
Della Parker

Jay Parker
Tony-Guy Parker
Matt Parrott
Jack Parsons
Mark Passio
Madeline Pastore
Mansi Patel
Joe Paterno
Logan Paul 
Ron Peaker
Debi Pearl

Michael Pearl
Greg Pearson
Bobbi Peitsch
Nancy Pelosi
Mike Pence
Mike Perez
Tom Perez
James S. Perkins
John Perkins
Adam Perrelli
Katy Perry
Rick Perry
Michael Persinger

Scott David Peters
David Petraeus
Marion David Pettie
Daneen Peterson
Wayne Peterson
Dylan Petrohilos
Don Pettit
Carl Pfeiffer
Janet C. Phelan
Eric Jon Phelps
Mike Philbin

Abby Phillip
Gina Phillips 
Mark Phillips
Clay Pickering
Shawn Pickering
Shawn Piehler
William Luther Pierce
Caryn Pierson
Emma Pietrzak  
Stephen Piggott  
Albert Pike  
Carol Pilgrim
Mary Pineda   
Michael Collins Piper
Joe Pistole
Brad Pitt
Renee Pittman
Stanley Plotkin
John Podesta
Tony Podesta
Matthew E. Poese
John Poindexter
Roman Polanski
Renee Polin
Branden Polk
Jonathan Pollard

Mike Pompeo
Holly Pond
Brandon Porter
Carlos Whitlock Porter
Susanne Posel
Matt Post
Robert Post 
Mark Potok
Brian G Powell
Dane Powell
Angela Power-Disney
Angela Lee Powers

Christian Powers
Varshini Prakash
Marquice Prather
Kate Prengel
Ayanna Pressley
Dick Price
Lori Price
Sharon Price
Karen Propst
Jean Marie Provencher
John Prukop
Andrija Puharich
Hal Puthoff
Tim Pyle

Christine Quinn
Declan Quinn
Mike Quinsey  

Martha Raddatz
Kendall Rae
Zaid 'Abdur-Rahman
Drew Raines
Jeb Ralston
Cyril Ramaphosa
Deborah Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
Solomon Samuel Ramone (aka RAZ)
Jorge Ramos
Jesse Randolph 
Charles Rangel
Keith Raniere
Harvey M Rapp

Joseph Ratzinger (aka Benedict) 
Michelle Ray
Trevor Ray
Amy Rayboun (aka Teresa Reed) 
Christopher F. Raymond (aka 'Chris Freedom Flowers')
James Redfield
Josh Reich
Harry Reid
Joy Reid
Richard Reid
Philippe Reines
Thomas Reisinger

Luther Renfroe 
Janet Reno
Michele Renouf 
Jeff Rense
Robb Revere
Eben Rey
Tony Rezko
Condoleeza Rice
Susan Rice
Cecile Richards

Eric Richardson
Margery Richardson
Christine Riddiough 
Jeremy Rifkin
Mike Ringley
Elizabeth Rigney
Donald E. Ritchey
Anna Rinna
Rochelle Ritchie
Oscar Lopez Rivera
Michael Rivero

Thomas Robb
Dean Roberts
John Roberts
John G. Roberts Jr.
Steve Roberts
Tifffany Roberts
Brandan Robertson 
Anthony Robbins
Ryan Robbins
Derrick Robinson
Jim Robinson
Nathan Robinson
Haley Robson
David Rockefeller
Nelson Rockefeller
Ron Rockwell
Maggie Roddin
Margaret Casey Rodgers
Tony Rodrigues  
Alfredo Rodriguez  
Conrad Rodriguez  
David Nino Rodriguez 
Jose Rodriguez 
Julie Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez
Joe Rogan
Jamala Rogers
Lee Rogers
Richard Rojas
Pete Roland
Len Rom
Mitt Romney
Melanie Rose
Louise Rosealma
Joseph D Rosenbaum
Alfred Rosenberg
Susan Rosenberg
Joseph Rosenkrantz
Linda Rosenthal
Adriana Ross
Colin Ross
Rebekah Roth 
James Rothstein
Kathy Rowe
Melissa Roy
Jennifer Rubin
Luke Rudkowski
Paul Rudnick
Arthur Rudolph
Kathryn Ruemmler 

Gunther Russbacher
Bertram Russell
Brandon Russell
Harvey Ruvin
April Ryan 
Bill Ryan
Dean Ryan
Paul Ryan
Angela Rye
Jirka Rysavy

Jeffrey Sachs 
Teri Kealoha Sahm
David Sales
Michael E. Salla
Lauren Salzman
Nancy Salzman
Mina Samuels
Michelle Sanchez
Bernie Sanders
Jerry Sandusky
Margo Sanger-Katz
Esteban Santiago

Leyla Santiago
Pete Santilli
Rosianne Santos
Linda Sarsour
Salah Sarsour
Jordan Sather
Virginia Satir
Robert Sau (alias for Karen Melton Stewart)
Juan O Savin (aka Wayne Willott)
Kshama Sawant
Jan Schakowsky

Michael Schiavo
Adam Schiff 
Jacob Schiff
Eric Schmidt
Herbert Edward Schmidt
Ted Schmidt
Roseanne Marie Schneider
Scott Schneider
Thomas H. Schnieders
Ralph Schoenman

Nickolas Schreck
Kim Schrier
Helen Schucman
Pamela Schuffert
Ray Schuman
Amy Schumer       
Chuck Schumer
Klaus Schwab
Joseph Schwartz
Bev Schweitzer 
Andrew Scott
Brent Scott
Dave Scott
Kate Scott
Russell Scott

John Scudamore
Robert Seiple
Hose M. Serrano
Jim Sensenbrenner
Sophia Shafquat (aka Sophia Smallstorm)
Faisal Shahzad
Assata Olugbala Shakur (aka JoAnne Deborah Byron) 
Pat Shannan 
Paul Shapiro
Hesham Shashaa
William Shatner
Stephen Shellen (aka Stephen Shellenberger) 
Eric Sheptock
Chris Shermer
Darin Schilmiller
Walter Shaub
Timothy Shelley
Donald Shivel
Kelly Shoplock

Michael Shrimpton
Owen Shroyer
Justin Shturtz
Hermelinda Shumate 
Mike Shupe 
Patricia Shupe (aka Patricia Johnson-Holm)
David Shurter
John Shyloski
Kathleen Sibelius
Ben Sibermann
Joe Sigur
Laura Silsby
Sarah Silverman

Larry Silverstein
Rob Simmon
Tator Simmons
Lisa Joy Simon
Kyrsten Sinema
John K. Singlaub
Rebecca Skellett
B.F. Skinner
Jay Sklar
Dan Skolnik 

Judith Skutch 
Dennis Slatton
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Melvin Vesto Slipher
Jodi Sloan
Jussie Smollett
Hendrick Smit
Alfred E. Smith  
Andrew Smith
Colleen Smith
Daryl Bradford Smith
George F. Smith (aka 'SARTRE')
Harrison Smith
Jan Smith
Omar Smith
Olivia Katbi Smith
Sondra Sneed
Brenda C. Snipes
Olympia Snowe

Javier Solana
Qasem Soleimani
Peter Sollenberger
Celeste Solum
Wesley Somers
David Sorensen
Alexander Soros
George Soros
Lauren Southern 
David Spangler

Graham Spanier
Michael Sparkes    
Jenny Sparks
Arlen Specter
Craig J. Spence
Octavia Spencer
Richard Spencer
Alice Speri
Summer Sperke
Sean Spicer
Deanna Spingola
Elliot Spitzer
Andy Spoo
Fritz Springmeier (aka Arther Alexander Jr. aka Victor E. Schoof) 
Annie Sprinkle
Preston Sprinkle
Charles Spurgeon  

Don Stacey
Leslie Stahl
Adele Stan
Alan Stang
Andy Stanley
Joshua Stark
Mike Stark
Daniel Starks
Lakeshia Starks
Anton Starodubtsev
Rosa Starodubtsev
Yuli Starodubtsev
Christopher Steele
Robert David Steele 
Polly St George (aka "Amazing Polly")
Alan Stein
William Steincamp
Victor J. Stenger
James Stenzel
Bret Stephens

R.L. Stephens 
Robert Sterling 
Howard Stern
Sheryle Stern 
Charles Bruce Stewart
Edward Stewart
Emily B. Stewart
Karen Melton Stewart (aka Robert Sau)
Mia Stewart (aka Mia Brech)
Peter Stewart
Tom Stewart
Will Stewart
Michael St. Clair

David St. John
Devon St. John
Tom Steyer
Jim Stone (pseudonym)
Linda Stone
Sacha Stone (aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams)
Pamela Stonebrooke
David Straight
Paul Stramer
Donald Strange
Meryl Streep
Julius Streicher
Cheryl Strickland
Lee Strobel
Rick Strom
Maurice Strong
Chrissy Stroop
Peter Strzok

Albert Stubblebine
Alex Studer
Daryl Sturgis (aka Tim Hall)
Frank Sturgis
Antonio Subirats
Krista Suh
Jon Summers
Scott Summers
David Sumrall
Cass Sunstein
Peter Sutherland
Juan Sutton
Maria Svart

Mohamed Sudan
Chelsea Swanger
Ingo Swann
Dave Swanson
Adam Swart
Michael Sweeney
Stewart Swerdlow
Janet Swerdlow
Julie Swetnick
Taylor Swift
Liz Swisher
Richard Syrett 
Greg Szymankski (aka Eric Samuelson)

David Tafuri
Harrison Tang
Jake Tapper
Russell Targ
Webster Tarpley
Clinton Tarzia
Mark Tassi
Deborah Tavares
Lou Tavares 
Russell Taylor
Sunsara Taylor
George Tenet
John Tester
Tou Thao
William Thetford
Anthony Thomas (Pseudonym & aka "V")
Cathleen Thomas
Marshall Thomas
Jennifer Thomason
Al Thompson
Hunter Thompson
Mark Thompson
Patricia L Thompson 
Walter Allen Thompson
Randy Thornhill
Billy Bob Thornton

Greta Thunberg
Michele Anne Tittler
Rashida Tlaib
John Todd
Alvin Toffler
Eckert Tolle
Roger Took
Nick Tomchik
Opal Tometi
Paul Topete
Andrew Torba
Sergey Antaolyevitch Torop (aka Vissarion)
Kerrie Torres
Rebecca Traister
Kathy Tran

Tom Trask
John Travolta
RW Tramin
Tim Treadstone (aka 'Baked Alaska')
Jane Tripp
Barrie Trower
Justin Trudeau
Pierre Trudeau
James True 
Michael Tsarion
David Tuley  
Alec Turner
Crstal Turner
Matthew Turner
Ted Turner
Eve Tushnet
Bob Tuskin
Mike Twitty
Joel Tyner
Neil deGrasse Tyson

John Uitendaal
Kim Jong Un
Ralph Underwager
Sean Christopher Urbanski 
Cenk Uygur 

Michael Vachon
Matteo Valdambrini
Lorraine Valente
Carol Valentine
Pieter Valk
Paul Vallely
Ann Vandersteel
Willem Van Spronsen
Ken Vardon
Jose Antonio Vargas
Christian Vasile
Emanuel Velez
Nicholas Veniamin
Diane Vera   
Mark Vicente 
Marc Victor 
Caroline Victorin
Gonzalo Villalobos
Alex Villanueva
Les Visible
Igor Volsky
Fritz Von Balluseck
Werner Von Braun
Anna Von Reitz (aka Anna Maria Reitzinger aka Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia Riezinger Von Reitzenstein Von Lettow-Vorbeck)  
Pam Vredenburg (aka Pam Suggs)

Jeanette Wakefield
George Wallace
Kelly Wallace
Rochelle Walensky
Michelle Walling
Meghan Walsch
Neale Donald Walsch
Paul Walter
Barbara Walters
Ty Sheem Ha Sheem Walters III
Peter Wanless
Charlie Ward
Matt Ward
Matthew Ward
Suzy Ward
Judith Warner

Elizabeth Warren
Rick Warren
Maxine Waters
Emma Watson
Mark Watson
Paul Watson  
Paul Joseph Watson
Alan Watts
Shannon Watts
Jim Wayman
John D Weaver

Michael Weaver
George Webb
Gregg Webb
Sam Webb
Stew Webb
Deborah Anne Weber
Guy Webster
Don Weeks
Sharon Wehrly
Heidi Weigand
Anthony Weiner
Murray Weiner (aka Morgan Kane)
Harvey Weinstein

Neil Weinstein
Marty Weiss
Martin Weissgerber
Andrew Weissmann
H.G. Wells
Frank Weltner
David I. Weprin
Lilian Werner
Cornel West
Jolyon West
Michael West
Sarah Westall

Therese Westphal 
Thomas Joseph Westerman
Cisco Wheeler (aka Linda Anderson)
Ted Wheeler  
Chris White
George Hunter White
Logan White
Micah White
Paula White 
Timothy Patrick White (aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski)
John W. Whitehead 

Mark Whitford
Gretchen Whitmer
Joanna Whitney
Terry Cole Whittaker
Kirk Wiebe 
James Wickstrom
David Wilcock
Arizona Wilder (aka Jennifer Greene)
Rick Wiles
Stephanie Wilkins
Wayne Willott (aka Juan o Savin)
Armida William 
Bryan Williams
Camiella Williams 
Lindsey Williams
Mark Williams

Patti Williams
Ron Williams
Marianne Williamson
Frederica Wilson
Heather Wilson
Robert Anton Wilson 
Patrick Wilson
Will Wilson
Oprah Winfrey
Nathan J. Winograd
Timothy Wirth

Greg Wiska
Merlin Wolf
Michelle Wolf
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
Debbie Petersen Wolven
Michelle Wolven
Mike Wood
Dean Worthington
Sam Worthington
Christopher Wray
Richard Wurmbrand
Ty Wyss
Laura Yan
Alonso Yanez
Annie Yan Xu
Carolyn Yeager 
Raymond "Buddy" Young 
William Paul Young
Ravi Zacharias 
Leo Zagami
Michael L Zager
Jeneane Zant
Ayman al-Zawahiri
Jean Ziegler
John M Zielinski
Aaron Zigman
Taylor Zimmerman
David Zublick  
Chris Zucker
Howard A Zucker
Jeff Zucker
Mark Zuckerberg
Barbara Zuoski (Zewoski?...spelling uncertain)
Jayna  Zweiman