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Thursday, July 28, 2022

BEWARE THE QANON CULT: Con Artists, False Prophets & Merchants of False Hope...& Their Hordes of Duped Followers









"The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan."

-Adolf Hitler

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

Ecclesiastes 1:2

I should make it clear up front that a number of issues are addressed briefly in this report, albeit they are not the primary focus. The focus is on how the Cult of QAnon has framed the issues and what has been promoted in the form of propaganda and indoctrination. For, in the objective of gaining power and control, propaganda is the foremost weapon of any cult. Capture hearts and minds, and let the followers fall in line and do the dirty work.


For the record, I am not, and have never been, a Trump supporter and for the purpose of this report, that is irrelevant. But I have no doubt, based on verifiable facts and evidence, that Joe Biden was not lawfully elected as president. Where I disagree with what seems to be the most prevalent belief is in the methods used.

The best example is shown in a massively publicized video, called Absolute Proof, which was anything BUT. The title itself shows extreme arrogance.

This video promotes false information about an operation called the Hammer (aka HAMMR). Based on my own research, and the thorough research and investigations of other sources which I find to be trustworthy, “the Hammer” is a hoax, spawned by a con man/convicted criminal named Dennis Montgomery, and then adopted and promoted by a number of former intelligence professionals, politicians, journalists, attorneys and their allies. In fact, it qualifies as an actual conspiracy. Some of the participants are adherents of QAnon. And I've no doubt there was money to be made by signing on – and plenty of it.


This term is one coined by CIA, which by now, is no secret. This is their way of discrediting people who expose a true conspiracy. They can then say, Oh, that's just a conspiracy theory, pay it no mind.

Here is a definition of conspiracy from a legal dictionary:

An agreement between two or more persons to engage jointly in an unlawful or criminal act, or an act that is innocent in itself but becomes unlawful when done by the combination of actors.

Conspiracy is governed by statute in federal courts and most state courts. Before its codification in state and federal statutes, the crime of conspiracy was simply an agreement to engage in an unlawful act with the intent to carry out the act. Federal statutes, and many state statutes, now require not only agreement and intent but also the commission of an Overt Act in furtherance of the agreement.

I use the phrase, when appropriate, because despite the intent of CIA, it is still technically accurate. Someone promotes a theory about a conspiracy. The theory may be true or false. In the case of the QAnon cult, my point is that certain theories are formed, then promoted as true, when quite a number of such theories have been proved false, at least by those who have taken the time to investigate and develop the evidence.

QAnon is described by the leftist mainstream media as a conspiracy theory. In point of fact, it is an actual conspiracy, one of vast proportions.


Much of the attention of the QAnon cult has been focused on the events of January 6, 2021. In fact, their adherents and followers made up a considerable portion of the attendees. During the event, 5 people were murdered. To this day, a number of people are still being held captive by the government, with no due process. Some have committed suicide. That this is absolutely wrongful, outrageous, appalling, and as antithetical to the principles of Liberty on which this nation was founded, as repugnant to the Constitution, as any atrocity ever committed, there can be no doubt.

To anyone with a background in intelligence, it should have been obvious from the beginning (even before the event) that the scene would be crawling with fed snitches, confidential informants, hired agitators and provocateurs. I would venture a guess that anyone with even a modicum of intellectual discernment would agree, even if only after the fact.

I don't doubt that the majority of those who traveled to the Capitol that day were patriotic Americans, with honor in their hearts, a good many of them Christians. They were seeking a redress of grievances, as supposedly “guaranteed” under the Constitution. They were fed up with the tyranny, with the unlawful mandates, the lockdowns. The election fraud, certainly nothing new, had now become flagrant, in-your-face, an extreme provocation no Liberty-loving patriot would ever tolerate. And that applies across the board, not just to those who were at the Capitol on January 6.

All this notwithstanding, how much of the protest, and the issues it addressed, might also have been based on false theories? Conspiracy theories, to be more precise. And who was it that was largely responsible for waging the propaganda campaign to promote those theories?

There is a legal maxim which states: Fraud vitiates everything. And another: Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus (false in one thing, false in all things).

So, it would follow that even though many of the issues which were being protested were based on actual events and legitimate grievances, if there is an element of fraud, on which certain complaints/grievances were based, that would make the complaints null and void. Please consider this carefully, as you read on, because that is what the false prophets of QAnon have done.

In a recent online conference meeting of a Christian Patriot organization, a woman joined the call, having accepted an invitation sent out to a large number of non-members. We had been discussing our efforts to raise awareness of the Constitution, through education programs designed by one of our members, an expert on Constitutional history and law.

The woman raised her hand to speak. In a non-sequitur, she delivered the following message, stated with authority, as if it were coming down from On High: The 'White Hats' of QAnon are working behind the scenes. Trump is still in office. And, not to worry, there is all the money we will ever need. She and her associates were working on a plan...

How many times had I heard this scenario (or versions of it) promoted? On glitzy popular talk shows hosted by publicity hounds, “patriot celebrities” and mountebanks, who always had something to sell (gold & silver, specialized equipment, T-shirts, hats, emblazoned with slogans); on the vast spaces of social media platforms, where those calling themselves “influencers” (read: propagandists) peddled their QAnon conspiracy theories and wares.

The Saviors of America (the so-called 'White Hats' and their valiant foot soldiers) were stationed in the wings, waiting for the right time. All will be well. The Plan is coming together...any day now...

And how many times had the false prophets of QAnon issued their predictions of great things to come, messages delivered and widely promoted by an army of their minions, True Believers, slavishly hanging on their every word, only to be proven false? Time and time and time again...

Some of the QAnon adherents were billing themselves as evangelical Christians, commingling QAnon rhetoric with scripture, and issuing predictions, touted as “prophecy”, complete with setting dates (always beware the date-setters!) for events of Biblical proportions. Events which never came to pass. They then made lame excuses as to why their “prophecies” failed. But not to worry, the dates were now moved was only a matter of time... TRUST THE PLAN.

Were I acquainted with any of these “prophets” (which I am not, by choice) I might ask the question: Where is God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth, in all this wild rhetoric and sloganeering? Why do you set such store in the QAnon “prophecies” , the doctrines of men, rather than standing on the Word of God? Why do you TRUST THE PLAN, rather than trusting in the Lord?

I ignored the QAnon promoters from the time they first appeared, some time in late 2017. It was glaringly obvious that this was just another government-issue Psy Op, engineered to propagandize and indoctrinate those who call themselves Christian conservatives. To draw in as many people as possible, to “unite” them under the banner of QAnon. And to provide a controlled opposition force to the Luciferian Left, BLM, ANTIFA, Marxist/Progressives, LGBTQ Mafia, etc. etc.

Remember the word, “unite”. To unite is to make one out of many. It is to consolidate various factions for an agenda, in this case a political agenda.

I don't travel in any of those circles, but if one of the QAnon believers should happen to appear in proximity to me (for one reason or another), I would avoid any discussion of the subject, should they start spewing rhetoric. I would remain silent and walk away (or disconnect the line) at the first opportunity. In my view, there is no point in getting embroiled in controversy with a person whose eyes are glazed over with fanatical zeal.

If my friends or colleagues mentioned QAnon and asked my opinion, I would explain my position by stating facts and providing evidence.

Here is just a brief summary.

When anything using the word “anonymous” is promoted, there is a huge problem with credibility. Legitimate people use their real names. They don't hide behind pseudonyms, screen names, or self-glorifying monikers (“Judge”, “Prophet”, “Bishop”, “Postmaster General”, etc.).

If someone is hiding behind “anonymous” or an alias in a widely promoted public “movement”, it means they have something to hide. It is also a manipulation tactic, used to plant the notion that they must be “important”; to suggest, in cloak-and-dagger intrigue, that their lives might be in danger if they revealed their true identity, or, to add an element of mystery to get their targeted audience hooked in. These tactics are nothing new. They are as old as propaganda itself, and just as dishonest.

The slogans are used as an indoctrination method. They are repeated, over and over, until they sink in to the hearer's mind and take root. That is how propaganda works, at least on those who do not have the intellectual/spiritual discernment to recognize it for what it is and disregard it.


What plan? They never say what, exactly, is “The Plan”. Only vague hints are given. No facts. No evidence. Never any information which can be verified. Among the most prominent of QAnon promoters, there will be talk of things happening “behind the scenes”. But only the “insiders” are allowed to know what these things are, until the time is deemed right to bring them into the open. You will simply have to place your faith in The Plan, and very soon it will all become clear.

Only a credulous fool would blindly trust some anonymous entity (singular or plural). They want you to believe that they, the all-knowing, all seeing “intelligence insiders” will lead you in the right direction, if only you will allow yourself to be subsumed into the fold and TRUST THE PLAN.


This phrase is meant to engender false hope, in the misguided belief that “people are waking up”. What, exactly does that mean? To whom do they refer? I have heard this phrase repeated so many times, as the supposed answer to any number of questions and concerns.

Here, an example. Man: I am really concerned that the government is issuing mandates and overstepping their lawful authority. What can be done to stop this outrageous tyranny?

QAnon believer: Don't worry. People are waking up! We are winning! Trust the Plan.

So, in other words, leave it to the “experts”. Just follow the leader, along with the rest of the herd, and everything will be fine. People are waking up! The Plan relieves you of your individual responsibility of standing your ground, sticking to your guns, no matter what large numbers of other people are doing. You need to count on others, rather than doing what is in your own power to fight tyranny.


This slogan is pure idiocy. It is just another way of promoting the pop psychology trope, “We are all in this together”. It is the herd mentality. Group think. Follow the leader. Trust The Plan.

This phrase also discourages independent thinking and action. Forget self-determination based on critical thinking, exercising God-given INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties. Stay in the safety of the herd, even if you have to compromise on any number of issues. It is the BIG “WE”. Be a team player, no matter what that means. Unite! Don't worry about “uniting” with criminals, left-wing agitators, mountebanks, or government-issue provocateurs. We are all in this together. Where we go one we go all.


The so-called “white hats” are touted as the “intelligence insiders”, the good guys working behind the scenes, anonymously, for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

They can't reveal their identities, no, not yet. They are risking their lives, for YOU, and you should be grateful for their valiant efforts. Don't ask too many questions, you need to just trust them. Whatever you do, don't ask for their bona fides!

These characters will appear on video, their faces blocked out by some digital device, or cloaked in darkness. Their voices will sometimes be changed, sounding garbled, or echoing, as if they are speaking from the bottom of a dry well.

The talk show hosts who interview them are complicit in the drama. They seem to be bursting with pride to be given the privilege of having this “celebrity insider” ON THEIR SHOW!

Rumors will swirl around them, planted by the manipulators pulling the strings. Did you hear? He is really JFK Jr., come back from the dead! I have it from an unimpeachable source...

These rumors will then be promoted en masse on social media, all the “influencers”, intelligence groupies and cyber-junkies jockeying for position, posting the exact same photos, images and text. You heard it HERE first!

It makes for great clickbait for the gullible masses, and if they're lucky, they might even be able to cash in for their trouble.

I can guarantee, the actual “intelligence insiders” (current or former, good guys or bad guys) watching this from behind the scenes, are falling off their chairs, hooting with hilarity, at the utterly ludicrous clown show.

And that is what it is, a show.


There is a network of QAnon believers, supporters and promoters, loosely connected. These individuals and groups tend to promote others in the network. They appear on the same shows, they are published on the same websites, and they back each other up in spreading the same “information”, slogans and predictions (some claimed as “prophecy”).

The primary claim of the QAnon promoters/believers is that the evil cabal that runs the world will be dismantled by the White Hats (and other civilian insiders). For many, Donald Trump is the key figure. He is viewed as some sort of savior, a heroic figure, of Biblical proportions.

The QAnon Conspiracy crowd promotes all sorts of issues. They are big on anything to do with “outer space” such as reptilian aliens, “The Galactic Federation”, slave colonies on Mars, and other such nonsense.

Human trafficking, sex trafficking of children by pedophiles is another issue they focus on. And although this is a very real issue, the QAnon believers taint the subject by promoting false information and fabrications, such as “The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”, which does not exist.

A large number of the QAnon adherents are Jew-haters, who promote vile propaganda against “The Jews”. They can be heard speaking of the “Khazarian Mafia”, the “Jew World Order”, the “Holocaust hoax”, the “Serpent seedline”, etc. etc. This too, taints any actual diabolical conspiracies by blaming it all on “The Jews”.

The conspiracy theories abound. Everything but the kitchen sink. Again, some of these conspiracies are real. Others are not. But the way they are all mixed in together, the false theories inevitably taint the conspiracies that are very real with sensationalism and preposterous, outlandish lies.

Here is a list of just some of the most vocal promoters of QAnon. This list is far from complete, I have given only the names and a few brief descriptions taken from their websites or public comments, and aliases they have used.

They are all listed in my HALL OF SHAME, not only because of QAnon, but for other reasons as well.

By their fruits shall you know them.













Juan O Savin: (Alias) Aka Wayne Willott aka “W the Intelligence Insider”. Promoted by some as JFK Jr. back from the dead. Producer of Bloody Hill documentary on January 6.

Sheila Holm: HIS BEST Ministries. “Prophet”.

Robert David Steele: (deceased) International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Charlie Ward: The Charlie Ward Show.

Tracy Beanz: Aka Tracy Diaz, leader in Republican Party in Horry County, South Carolina.

Scott McKay Aka “Patriot Streetfighter”. Talk show host.

Ann Vandersteel

Kerry Cassidy: Project Camelot

Deborah Tavares: STOP THE CRIME dot net.

Larry Gaiters : “Bishop”. “Prophet”. Talk show host.

Dave Hayes: Aka “Praying Medic”.

"Patriot Nurse": No real name given. Talk show host.

Karen Melton Stewart: Former NSA analyst.

Kirk Wiebe: Former NSA. Promoter of “The Hammer”.

Bill Binney: Former NSA. Promoter of “The Hammer”.

Katherine Horton: STOP 007 website. Wife of Bill Binney.

Penny Shepard: Shepard Entertainment website.

Midge Mathis: Aka Doris Clause. Targeted Justice website.

Liz Crokin: Hollywood gossip columnist.

Daniel John Lee: “Evangelist preacher” aka “Preacher Dan”.

Polly St George: Aka “Amazing Polly”. Talk show host.

Jake Angeli: Aka “Q Shaman”.

"GhostEzra": Neo-Nazi.

David Lester Straight: “State National”. “Galactic Federation”. “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”. “SPACE FORCE”.

Timothy Holmseth: “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”.

Randi Erickson: “Judge”. Publisher of Timothy Holmseth.

Roseanne Barr: “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”.

Anna Von Reitz: Aka Anna Maria Riezinger. “Judge”. “State National”.

Field McConnell: “Abel Danger”. “The High Command”.

Mike Lindell: “Absolute Proof” documentary.


Conspiracies are real. Conspiracy theories (like any other theories) may be true, or false. There may be elements of truth in some theories, but the minute a false element is added, for an agenda, the theory becomes null and void. And there is always an agenda, at least for those who value fame and fortune, power and control, over Truth, over Liberty and Justice for one and all.

I would only ask the readers to consider what has been presented here, and to use discernment to decide for themselves what is true and what is not.

Do your own research. There is no substitute.

Considering the state of affairs in this country, your life, the lives of your children, your grandchildren, your family, your friends, your brothers and sisters in Christ, may depend on not only knowing the truth, but acting on it.

It is a personal responsibility of each Individual. Forget the “woke” herd, the “White Hats”, the “Judges”, the “Prophets”, or the “Intelligence Insiders”.

They will lead you astray, but only if you let them.

Turn to God. Pray for His truth to be revealed. Pray for the courage to do His will, and for His guidance and protection in all your endeavors.

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

Barbara Hartwell

July 28, 2022



Saturday, July 16, 2022

WARNING: ZERO TOLERANCE FOR GOSSIP & MEDDLING BY BUSYBODIES: Ramola D False Accusations and Defamation Against Barbara Hartwell


NOTE: The person previously unnamed is Ramola D, of The Every Day Concerned Citizen. I have now found it necessary to name her, due to escalating preposterous boasts and bogus claims about herself. Please see additional report at bottom of page.


As I have stated many times in my reports, I am a fierce defender of my privacy. My life is not an open book for all and sundry to peruse; nor do I have an open door through which the uninvited are free to invade, to interfere in my personal/professional business.

I run a public website FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of the content what they will. I am entirely independent in my work and do not answer to anyone for what I report and publish. It is no one's business but mine. I also don't give a tinker's damn “what people think”, or if they approve, or not.

But as always, there are those people who simply do not respect the privacy and personal boundaries of others. They attempt to meddle in my business and lacking all discretion, they seem to believe they have the right to appoint themselves as unwanted intermediaries; to presume to speak about me, even FOR for me, based only on their subjective opinions and unwarranted assumptions; to act as Town Criers, spreading gossip far and wide. These individuals could not possibly be more misguided, or more WRONG.

It has come to my attention that one individual has been sending defamatory messages to certain of my friends, behind my back, in apparent efforts to discredit my work, with false accusations, and making claims that I am “wrong” in what is published in certain of my reports. I have no idea how many people these defamatory messages have been sent to, but judging from past behavior, there may be quite a few.

If anyone reading this has received such defamatory messages, then you may know the identity of the person to whom I refer, and for the record, I guarantee the messages contain false information and should be disregarded.

So here is my warning:

If anyone has anything to say TO me, they are free to say it to my face. If anyone has something to say ABOUT me, they are free to say it publicly, in any venue they choose, right out in the open, rather than lurking in the shadows, spreading gossip to selective recipients.

I can then choose what I will do in defense of my own honor by addressing the issue publicly.

But I have ZERO tolerance for gossip, meddling, and attempts to influence others against me. There is no honor in this behavior, and I have had enough!

Lastly, consider this:

Would you say the same words in the presence of the person you are talking about, whether they are true or not?

Barbara Hartwell


July 16, 2022



The individual who sent out these defamatory messages to at least 2 of my friends (and how many others I do not know), has not only made false claims against me, but also, in my opinion, has been promoting puffed up claims about herself, apparently trying to make it appear that she is some sort of “whistleblower” (using the term in connection with her name), which she most certainly is not.


Add to this that she regularly makes claims, variously, of being: "the one lone journalist", "the ONLY journalist", "the primary journalist", "the top journalist" who is exposing crimes involving directed energy weapons against "targeted individuals". And claims that this is the reason she has been "targeted" for "retaliation".


There is no basis whatsoever for this claim, and in my opinion, there is no reason to believe it to be true. It appears to me to be grandstanding, seeking attention and acclaim for herself, at the expense of the truth.


In point of fact, there have been many people (scientists, government whistleblowers from various agencies, journalists and victims) exposing the attacks with these weapons, going back decades. I have been covering this subject since the 1980s (as an investigator) and have case files full of documentation (some published on this site, some elsewhere). There are numerous detailed reports on my website, going back to 1995 when my reports were first published on the Internet.

I have seen articles in which she attempts to compare herself to some actual, legitimate whistleblowers (including Barbara Hartwell) and others whom I know or have known, some of whom are deceased. My name has also been exploited and lumped in, falsely, with any number of people calling themselves “targeted individuals”, none of whom I even know, nor are any of them whistleblowers of any kind, by any stretch of the imagination. They are ambitious, aggressive amateurs, seeking publicity and acclaim, attempting to ride the coattails of those whistleblowers who are actual targets of retaliatory political persecution.


If she were not exploiting my name, and if she were not making false accusations behind my back, none of this would concern me. Unfortunately, this is what she is doing, and I won't let it pass without correcting the record with the truth and the facts.

I have decided to publish her defamation, and to refute it in my own defense. I won't allow anyone to smear my name with false accusations, behind my back, even if they have not been made known to the general public, but only in an attempt to turn others (including my friends) against me by misrepresenting my work and grossly insulting my honor.

No names are given here, to protect the privacy of recipients, only the evidence of the defamatory messages.

Defamatory message to Recipient #2:

"I'm forwarding a note I just sent to [X] about something Barbara has written in her new article which I find disturbing -- I am afraid she is in my view damaging the testimonial and fact-based journalism I and others have done on the subject of targeting and fusion center and intelligence operations against people.

I may address this publicly...the term TI of course is the problem and there is no doubt an army of opsters out there playing victim, to discredit the entire category. It may be time to once more address this term in a public way.

Amazing how it Never ends -- because so many are protecting these operations. And sadly it looks like Barbara is too, now, with these absurd statements!"

Defamatory message to Recipient #1:

"I just read an article by Barbara and am a little surprised at what she says about "TIs"--I know her longstanding dislike of that term and label being affixed to her... but she has raised some questions about the validity of the claims and the fusion center operations--and weapons-testing ops--against people (toward the end of this article)--I am not sure why she would do this.

She seems to be claiming that only government whistleblowers are persecuted the way she describes and all else are fabricating wrong!

I find this disturbing because hers is an important voice and I have always supported it -- makes me wonder if I should address this in some way publicly, because she is very wrong on this matter. I will think about it. This is the article:"


In my reports I speak strictly for myself, promoting my own views and opinions. I speak from certain areas of professional expertise, such as counterintelligence operations and psychological operations, based on decades of personal and professional experience. I do not presume to speak for others, ever. Nor is it my concern whether or not they agree with me. I am not involved in their groups, nor their "TI community"; I am not part of their Internet/social media culture of gossips and busybodies, not a team player, and I don't give a damn what they believe, except when they promote their false beliefs against me.

In this particular report (cited above) no names were mentioned, including that of the person who took it upon herself to launch these false accusations against me.


It might behoove this individual to learn to mind her own business, instead of sticking her nose where it does not belong, and trying to interfere with legitimate professionals who are exposing factual information, which has nothing to do with her.

To say that I am “sadly", "protecting these operations” against anyone is ludicrous, as well as extremely insulting and condescending. I have no dealings with the so-called "targeted individuals" who are making claims about such operations (whatever they may be, or not be); much less have I ever been part of any operations meant to do harm to others in any way, shape or form. She is way off base in making these foolish accusations; she does not know what she is talking about, that much should be clear.

And I can guarantee that the so-called “operations” she refers to have no similarities or commonalities whatsoever to anything I have written about. I have never been a target of any "weapons testing ops", nor have ever made such a statement.

Nor have I ever, at any time, made such statements as are given here; this is pure speculation, combined with false assumptions, apparently attempting to promote commonalities, where none exist and to draw my name into an unwarranted comparison. So much for "damaging the testimonial and fact-based journalism I and others have done on the subject of targeting and fusion center and intelligence operations against people."


If she is so concerned about "facts" she would never have had the effrontery to misrepresent my name and work for the apparent purpose of gratifying her ego at my expense. In my view, it is a matter of honor, not ego.


I am outraged that these false accusations have been made against me, when I have done nothing wrongful to anyone, and there is no basis whatsoever for these ridiculous claims.


This needs to stop. NOW.




PREPOSTEROUS, SENSATIONALIST BOASTS & BOGUS CLAIMS: “The Story of the Century”, “Whistleblower Retaliation on the World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist Exposing MK ULTRA, DEW, and Neurotech Classified Mil/Intel Crimes”


Ramola D Launches Public Complaint Against Barbara Hartwell: “Defaming Posts” & “Slander”


A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter.

Proverbs 11:13

A troublemaker plants seeds of strife; gossip separates the best of friends.

Proverbs 16:28

A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid anyone who talks too much.

Proverbs 20:19

Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.

Proverbs 26:20

And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.

1 Timothy 5:13

Webster’s 1828 definitions:


One who runs from house to house, tattling and telling news; an idle tattler.


One who officiously concerns himself with the affairs of others; a meddling person.


A person who officiously (meddling) tells tales; one who impertinently (irrelevant) communicates intelligence or anecdotes, and makes mischief in society by his officiousness.

Monday, July 11, 2022


And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather, reprove them.

Ephesians 5:11

One of the most wicked of the unfruitful works of darkness is the promotion of gross defamation and all-inclusive condemnation of an entire group of people (whether by 'bloodlines' or by religious affiliation) known collectively as “the Jews”.

And since words lead to action, there will always be the most horrendous of consequences, as history bears witness.

I have written and spoken on this subject for many years, and of the various issues I cover as a journalist, my reports exposing Jew-haters seem to have drawn the most attention, from the general public, from Christians and Jews who are as outraged as I am, as well as from some of the most wicked and rabid of Jew-haters themselves.

This report is a psychological study of some of the most prevalent characteristics of Jew-haters, covering the spectrum from the cult of staunch advocates of National Socialism, Christian Identity, White Separatists, Nazis, and Adolf Hitler, to what might be described as the garden-variety sort, those who indiscriminately follow any 'popular' trends, who shift their views with any way the wind blows, and who clearly lack the slightest spiritual and intellectual discernment.  The spectrum is a slippery slope, which is bound to end in a slag heap at the bottom – for everyone involved.

But one thing is clear: suffice it to say that the views of Jew-haters (wherever they may be on the spectrum) are indefensible and unjustifiable. They are anathema, and not to be tolerated by any decent, honorable person who acts on moral absolutes. And most certainly, no one who claims to be a Christian.

Before I get into my analysis of the signs and warnings which display the characteristics of Jew-haters, here is a letter I addressed to the national leaders of a Christian Patriot organization with which I work to defend liberty and pursue justice, and to hold government officials accountable for their tyranny against We the People.

I have removed some of the names and replaced them with “X” and left in the ones I find necessary. This report is not about naming names (I've done that in most of my reports exposing Jew-haters, which can be found on this site), but is more generic in exposing the psychological profiles of the Jew-haters.

November 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

I find it necessary to write this message, as I don't see that I have a choice. I have grave concern that persons whom I can only describe as Jew-haters have been present at X meetings and conference calls with affiliated groups.

One such individual, X, has clearly stated his ideology and named several publications with which he was affiliated, those being SPOTLIGHT magazine (now defunct), American Free Press and Barnes Review. This individual also promotes the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as a legitimate document. This was a forgery/fraud, and used by Hitler to demonize Jews, even knowing and admitting that it was a fraud. Anyone may do the research to verify this fact.

These publications have all promoted denigration and demonization of Jews, and worse, endorsement of Nazis, including Adolf Hitler. The writers associated with these publications (past and present) are also Holocaust deniers. Some even claim that Jews are demon-spawn, and thereby sub-human.

I have direct personal and professional knowledge related to these publications, and those affiliated with them, due to my former professional association with the late FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson (died 2011), who was the primary COINTELPRO Kingpin under J. Edgar Hoover. Gunderson was affiliated and heavily involved with these propaganda outlets, as were some of his colleagues.

I have exposed these individuals and their publications on my website (and on radio programs) for more than a quarter century. My reports are based on facts and backed by solid evidence.

Then, there was another individual (whose name I do not know) who was present on a conference call. He began ranting about “the Jews” and made insulting accusations against others who did not agree with him. My policy is never to engage such a person in an argument, so I hung up the phone, not being willing to listen to any more of his tirade of invective.

I cannot, in good conscience, have any dealings with such persons, nor would I ever consider working with them. I also do not want my name or e-mail address on any lists with them.

If it should be determined by the leadership of any organization or individuals with which I am affiliated, that these individuals and their ideologies are welcomed as members/participants, then I will have to withdraw from any participation, as much as I regret having to do so.

Please accept this message in the spirit it was intended. I would be willing to answer any questions about my position, but have no interest in arguing with anyone about this issue.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell


I am thankful to report that the leadership of this organization (all Christians) was in full agreement with me, and that they made it clear in no uncertain terms that Jew-haters are not welcome as participants in our efforts. Which is why I am still working with them to this day.

In my experience, Jew-haters often attempt to infiltrate patriot and Christian groups, in efforts to influence the members with their vile propaganda. If the leaders do not exercise their authority to “nip it in the bud”, but instead tolerate the infiltrators, they will then get their hooks into the more naive and ignorant members, swaying them to their position. Jew-haters tend to be very aggressive in proselytizing for their beliefs. They use the tactics of bullying and trying to make others feel stupid for not falling into line, to go along with the program, claiming they have all the evidence (historical and otherwise) against “the Jews”.

If anyone stands up for the truth, that the views of the Jew-haters are unacceptable, not to be tolerated, some will make excuses for them, claiming such things as, Oh, but she's a nice person, or, He seems like a good guy to me, let's give him a chance. All it takes is one Jew-hater, one rotten apple to spoil the barrel.

Decent people (at least those with discernment) will leave the group, on principle, either quietly walking away, or after their efforts fail to get others to see the truth, based on reason and principle. Those without the moral courage to stand up against evil will hang on, continuing to make excuses, to compromise their principles (assuming they had principles to begin with). And some will turn into full-blown supporters, in their willful ignorance, not realizing that they have been deceived, or not caring, going along to get along. To such weak-minded persons, the group itself (or the leader) is considered more important than acting on principle. Eventually, the organization will become corrupt beyond redemption and/or become a laughingstock. All because of one rotten apple who was allowed to wreak havoc, rather than be cast out from the inception.

I have seen this scenario play out many times. Those with decency, honor and integrity will stand up against tyranny in any form, including from Jew-haters, even if they have to stand alone. They will take no part, have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.


This profile is somewhat generic, based on my observations and analysis of the typology of those most likely to become Jew-haters. But it should be recognized that every person is an individual, so it is not a one-size-fits all perspective.

I will begin with typical buzzwords, names and descriptive phrases which are likely to be used by Jew-haters, as they parrot the pre-programmed, shrink-wrapped propaganda with which they have (knowingly or unknowingly) been indoctrinated.

Khazarian Mafia

Khazar Jews


Jew World Order

Protocols of Zion

Holocaust hoax

Revelation 2:9 & 13 (synagogue of Satan, etc.)

Jew-owned (referring to businesses, etc.)

Goyim (referring to themselves, as "victims" of "the Jews")

ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)

Dual seedline (bloodline of Cain being demon-spawn of “the Jews”)


Jew-haters are not unique in their attitudes, far from it. Like any cult (for that is what they have joined, knowingly or unknowingly), they adopt the prevalent beliefs, worldview and creeds of the master manipulators, the overlords who control them.

In observing them, you may notice a smug, self-congratulatory demeanor. They think they are superior to others, in the false belief that they alone are in possession of The Truth. Having identified “the enemy” (the Jews), they see themselves as the champions of righteousness, the dragon slayers who will rid the world of every imaginable evil, if only they can “wake people up” to join with them in their Holy War against “the Jews”.

Jew-haters are extremely aggressive in promoting their ideology. If someone disagrees with them, they become even more pushy, digging in and doubling down, ignoring all reasonable, logical arguments. They actually believe it is their job to “educate” or “train” others, whom they regard as the ignorant, unwashed masses.

Though they bully others in pursuit of their agenda, in reality, they are approval seekers, pleasers of men, who seek the validation of the World. And there is no one more worldly than the Jew-hater. They are boastful and cowardly, as are all bullies, and are awash in spiritual and intellectual pride.

When they claim that “the Jews” come from “bad” bloodlines, they show that they operate from a carnal mind, believing that DNA is destiny, rather than acknowledging the free will bestowed by God Almighty, that each individual may make a choice between good and evil, no matter who they are, or where they came from, certainly not excluding “the Jews”.

I have a litmus test, which I have found to work quite well. If I am watching a video, in which the producer/host claims to be “exposing” someone, say, a politician, a journalist, or so-called “celebrity”, and I hear several references relating to “the Jews”, I then place that producer's name in a search engine, along with the word “Jews”.

Jackpot! In most cases, there will be a number of references to that individual, in which their involvement in promoting anti-Jewish propaganda, over a period of years, and his/her association with like-minded individuals, is a definitive sign that he/she is a confirmed and unrepentant Jew-hater.

I have seen Jew-hater websites which are so appalling that I can't imagine that anyone could possibly be so utterly stupid as to even consider the material therein to have the slightest veracity.

One example: Claims that certain physiological/morphological characteristics indicate, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the person is a “Jew”. This includes people who appear to be white, black, Asian, Hispanic, or of mixed race. Any color hair, eyes, or skin. But NO, according to the authors of these sites, ALL THESE PEOPLE MUST BE JEWS!

And because they are Jews, they are ALL BAD, they cannot be redeemed, they must be run out of town on a rail, they must be ostracized, they must be expunged and wiped from the face of the earth!

Frankly, I think these people are obsessed. They are so fixated on their pathological hatred for, and fear of, “the Jews”, that they develop a toxic tunnel vision and lose all perspective based on reason, logic, all spiritual/intellectual discernment.

Don't let these reprobates have the slightest influence on you. When they attempt to invade and infiltrate your life, your community, your churches, your organizations, turn away from them! Cast them out! Tell them to go to Hell, where they are already heading at warp speed, in a handbasket.

Jew-haters: By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

Target of Rabid Jew-haters, Worldwide

July 11, 2022