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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Showdown in Montana? CIA Dirty Antics?

Pam Schuffert aka "Pambo the Belligerent" on CIA Dirty Antics

Open Letter to Montana Militia & Law Enforcement

I have received two (2) harassing e-mail messages, dated December 14 and December 21, 2006, respectively, from one Pamela Schuffert.

These e-mails are certainly harassment, since Pam Schuffert has been warned, more than once, NEVER to contact me for any reason, after I learned that she had been libeling myself and my sister, Irene Adrian; and after her unscrupulous actions and interference in my personal and professional business were revealed to be in connection with a COINTELPRO-style operation, in which she and her criminal cohorts attempted to discredit me and several of my friends and professional associates, including Jeff Swedenburg.

Pam Schuffert has also been libeling me in her public reports, since 2002. Some of these reports have appeared on the following websites/forums/message boards:

Larry Lawson News (Larry Lawson); Educate Yourself (Ken Adachi); American Holocaust (Pam Schuffert); and most recently, Revolutionary Coalition Forum (Rick Stanley.) --This last site was a surprise to me, since I had been a member of the Revolutionary Coalition since May, 2005 and had been a frequent contributor to their forum on which I posted my reports.

In fact, one of the very harassing and libelous e-mails in which Schuffert used my name to promote her falsehoods and character assassination was posted on December 15 on that forum.

But before I get into the harassing (and criminal) content of these messages, in which my name was mentioned, in attempts to implicate me in various criminal conspiracies, you may need some background information on Pam Schuffert.

Pam Schuffert claims to be a "Christian", on a "prayer journey" across America. She also claims to be a "reporter" who investigates the New World Order. The latest title she has given her operation is:

CHRISTIAN COMPASSION NETWORK, also used in the harassing e-mails sent to me.

The truth is quite another matter. Pam Schuffert is a freeloader, scamster and con artist who travels from state to state, town to town. fleecing unsuspecting families in the "patriot" and militia communities across America.

Here's the M.O.: She moves in with a family, lives off them until she is thrown out, then violates personal confidences they have shared with her in good faith, and PUBLISHES this private information on message boards across the World Wide Web. She also "reports in" with this information to government-sponsored criminals, who then file it and use it to demonize/neutralize patriots, sincere Christians and whistleblowers.

Pam will also twist any information she is given for the purpose of demonizing her targets, the very people whom she has been living off. She also fabricates outrageous lies; or spreads disinformation she has been fed by other scamsters and liars.

One such Christian couple, Fred and Katy Sasse, were put through hell when Pam descended on them, using the pretext of "ministering" to them. She drained their bank account, violated their personal confidences and then PUBLISHED private information about them all over the World Wide Web. She has also fabricated lies about this decent Christian couple and their children. I have letters from the Sasses, exposing Pam Schuffert, which will be posted on this site in the near future.

Since no true Christian would bear false witness; nor run scams; nor be involved in criminal conspiracies and racketeering, I can only say that in my opinion, Pam is no Christian; though ironically she advertises herself as: "End Time Martyr"; and "Mighty Warrior for Jesus Christ."

Pam Schuffert specializes in fear-mongering and rabble-rousing. Pam serves as a "useful idiot" and is connected to a network of other useful idiots, such as predicate felon/transvestite/stalker Tim White; Ken Adachi, editor of a government disinfo/New Age website, and all-purpose flunky and shill for Ted Gunderson.

Pam Schuffert is also in collusion with ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson, the head of the COINTELPRO operations to discredit, divide-and-conquer and neutralize sincere patriots across America.

Now, to the libelous and harassing e-mails sent to me by Pam Schuffert.

The first such message (claimed to be a "report"); dated Decmember 14, was titled:


The same "report" was published on the Revolutionary Coalition Forum, under the title: SHOWDOWN IN MONTANA.

The second message, dated December 21 was titled:


I will not waste my time (or yours) by giving the whole of the libelous, preposterous and melodramatic messages here. But I will summarize and quote from these messages, specifically as they involve my name and the falsehoods promoted about Barbara Hartwell therein.

I will also refute the libelous claims of Pam Schuffert with the truth and the facts.

To: [e-mail address removed]
Subject: Jeff Swedenbrug , DIRTY CIA ANTICS ONCE AGAIN!
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 19:00:45 +0000


Pam Schuffert wrote:

"And then.......that wicked laff in the library in WHITEFISH, MT, tipped me off that SOMETHING YUCKY WAS BREWING. I took one quick glance at the person behind that evil laff, saw the knowing smile and evil eyes......and figured out LATER that it was none other than JEFF SWEDENBURG, low level CIA lackey and "bodyguard" for CIA misinformation ops nasty person, BARBARA HARTWELL".


I, Barbara Hartwell, am not a "CIA misinformation ops nasty person." Pam and her cohorts, namely Ted Gunderson, Tim White, Ken Adachi and Larry Lawson (among others) have been promoting this falsehood for years, for the purpose of discrediting my truthful, factual reports on government crime and corruption.

Jeff Swedenburg is not, nor has ever been employed by CIA. This is another libelous falsehood being promoted by the same COINTELPRO crowd of disinformers.

Swedenburg was my bodyguard, at my request, only during one trip to various areas of the country, in 2002, while we were investigating a criminal conspiracy involving some of the very people (including Ted Gunderson and Tim White) whom Pam Schuffert is now in collusion with in various unscrupulous and criminal activities, including the spreading of disinformation about myself and Jeff Swedenburg.

Pam accuses Jeff Swedenburg of breaking into a family's home, and stealing a computer. She also writes:

"THEN this idiot EMPTIES MY BACKPACK out all over the floor DELIBERATELY scattering my personal delicates OVER the place just for spite......(sorry they weren't VICTORIA'S SECRET quality, eh, Jeff? Has the CIA turned YOU into a pervert too, among other things???)

And to TOP IT ALL OFF, he begins to SEND "HARTWELL DISINFORMATION/COINTELPRO" LIES TO MY HOST FAMILY...THAT VERY NGHT HE DID THIS...and I SEE THEM WITH MY OWN EYES appearing on the host family's computer email acccount!!

Okay, Jeffie boy, how MUCH did the rats at the CIA pay you for THIS shindig, eh?"

First of all, I have no reason to believe that any of these outlandish claims by Pam Schuffert ever occurred.

As usual, she presents no evidence to support such claims. In one claim, she says she "LATER learned" the so-called "identity" of Jeff Swedenburg.

But who were her sources? I can make an educated guess: Tim White and/or Ted Gunderson, both of whom have been promoting libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell and Jeff Swedenburg for OVER FIVE YEARS.

Both of whom were involved in attempting to set up and/or promote "murder for hire" schemes and hoaxes, targeting none other than myself and Jeff Swedenburg. What a coincidence.

Furthermore, I do not know the whereabouts of Jeff Swedenburg. The last contact I had with him was early this year.

I have no reason to believe he is in Montana; nor have I sent him any "HARTWELL DISINFORMATION COINTELPRO LIES."

So, whatever happened (or more likely, did not happen; and which in my opinion, did not involve Jeff Swedenburg at all) --had absolutely NOTHING to do with Barbara Hartwell-- and that, I can guarantee, is an ironclad FACT.

Now, Pam accuses Jeff of being a "pervert"? This, I find not only absurd, but sickening. Because, knowing Jeff for years, and having spent much time in his company, one thing I can attest to is that he is anything but a pervert. Jeff Swedenburg was never anything but a perfect gentleman in his treatment of me personally, and from my observations, in his treatment of others.

If Pam wants to talk about a "pervert", maybe she should stick to her cohort, Tim White, the transvestite and collector of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY -- a crime, by the way, for which he was never charged!

Now, from the second "report" written by Pam Schuffert: 

"(Okay, Jeffie boy, just WHAT nasty plot did you set up, ONCE I RETURNED TO THAT AREA for bogus sheriff papers??? Set up to abduct/torture/sacrifice me, satanist style..??? Or maybe YOU personally terminate me. with your nifty little handgun I was informed you carry around...maybe EVEN as a little personal favor for girlfriend BARBARA HARTWELL and beyond...???"

Now, Pam accuses Jeff Swedenburg of a MURDER PLOT?

Where have I heard this before? Well, this was the very same LIE being promoted by Tim White, beginning in 2001. Tim White claimed that Jeff Swedenburg was a "CIA assassin"; and further, that he had threatened to "kill that CIA bitch, Barbara Hartwell."

But nothing could be further from the truth. I did not even know Jeff at the time of this bogus "death threat". I only met him after I tracked him down and confronted him, asking if he had any business with me. After I investigated him myself and determined beyond any shadow of doubt that there was no truth to this "death threat."

And contrary to this totally bogus claim by Tim White, I never at any time felt the slightest bit "threatened", nor did Jeff Swednburg ever do anything to harm me, much less did he have any reason to want to kill me; nor was he "hired" (by CIA or anyone else) for such a task.

I'm damn sick and tired of these liars and their fabricated "death plots" and threats!

But now, "Pambo the Belligerent" (as she signs her first "report") goes one step further: She now accuses ME, Barbara Hartwell, of being involved in yet another "murder for hire" scheme, involving Jeff Swedenburg!

Pam has the audacity (and unmitigated stupidity) to suggest that I would want her assassinated; or hatch such a plot?

No, Pambo, I don't run that kind of operation, never have, never will. I am not a murderer; and the ONLY legitimate reason for killing would be in SELF DEFENSE: Anyone who perpetrated violence on me and mine or threatened deadly force in my presence. So don't try it...and pass on the message to your fellow cowards, traitors, liars and criminal conspirators.

Pam also states that I am Jeff's "girlfriend."

Well no, Pam, that is a lie as well. Nor have I ever been Jeff's "girlfriend". We have never been anything more than friends and professional associates -- and NO, not connected to CIA.

But this is not surprising, as this is the same kind of disinformation being spread by Tim White.

White accused Jeff of being my "sweetheart" in one of his many harassing phone messages; also saying that Jeff and I had a "cozy little situation." (I have it all on tape); and finally, on many message boards, claimed that Jeff and I, "go way back" in our "CIA connections."

These liars are trying to paint a picture of myself and Jeff as some sort of Bonnie and Clyde, on a rampage of murder and mayhem. Either they have overactive imaginations....or there is something more sinister going on here. And of course, I know it to be the latter, as does Jeff Swedenburg.

But since now Pam Schuffert has joined those who have tried to set me up for and/or implicate me in the notorious "murder for hire" schemes, known to be run by Ted Gunderson and Tim White, I will have no choice to report these threats and false accusations to law enforcement myself.

You're busted, Pambo! Better keep a low profile until you find another patriot family to con and bilk out of their hard-earned money.

But I think I'll wait until after the New Year. I won't allow Pam Schuffert and her lying cohorts to ruin my Christmas, which I'm very sure was part of the intent.

Barbara Hartwell
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Defender of the United States Constitution
Enemy of the New World Order Police State