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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Letter in Support of Investigative Journalist Ramola Dharmaraj

Barbara Hartwell
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22

Rhinebeck, NY 12572

April 28, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in support of investigative journalist Ramola D/Dharmaraj, editor of The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

Ramola has informed me, in recent telephone conversations and by e-mail, of some very disturbing information regarding false, injurious and defamatory public allegations levied against her by administrators of the school her child attends.

As I understand it, the principal, Richard DeCristofaro Jr. (and possibly other school administrators) of her child's school has made totally unsubstantiated, and what I can only call wild, accusations, based not on any facts, nor evidence, but solely on Ramola's distribution of a public document reporting on anti-personnel weaponry, deployed against her and many of her professional colleagues, some of whom are scientists with expertise in such technology; some of whom are former intelligence professionals, who have studied and documented the use of these weapons against themselves and associated persons.

It is a well-known and prolifically documented fact that such electro-magnetic weaponry exists and has been operational for decades, used by the military and intelligence agencies (including but not limited to FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DOD, DARPA) against persons deemed “dissidents”, whistleblowers, journalists and expositors of vital information which should be of concern to every American who values the God-given, unalienable rights and liberties enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights contained therein.

Ramola reports that she met with the principal of the school, Richard DeCristofaro Jr. and the vice principal, Susan Shea Conner. Subsequently, the deputy superintendent, Kevin Mulvey and the senior director of student support services, Maura Papile informed her husband that they were concerned and would be contacting Child Protective Services.  

A CPS case worker, one Terri Ellis, then contacted Ramola and her husband, first by leaving voicemail, next by a hand-delivered document in their mailbox, and finally pressed for a home visit, for the purpose of determining whether an “investigation” should be conducted into her home life, based only on the false allegations by the school administrator(s).

During the home visit, the case worker stated that a report had been made by one or more of the school administrators, making the following allegations:   

The mother is extremely mentally ill, delusional, psychotic, and does not take medication.

The mother has an untreated mental illness.

The mother is a published author and journalist and seriously mentally ill.

This, with no evidence whatsoever of the veracity of these false and defamatory allegations, what can only be seen as a misguided, baseless and biased subjective opinion, from a person (or persons) unqualified in any way to make such a “diagnosis”. Absolutely outrageous!

Perhaps an even greater offense is the wrongful action such that these school administrators took it upon themselves to interfere in the private affairs of a family and attempt to usurp the parental rights over a minor child, which they had absolutely no business doing.

As I understand it, Ramola was then informed that "neglect" could  include "untreated mental illness" in the home.

Ramola reports that the CPS worker would not specifically identify the person(s) who made the false report, saying Massachusetts State Law protected their identities.

So, Ramola D, a diligent, hardworking, conscientious investigative journalist, and a caring, attentive and supportive mother, has now been falsely accused – injurious, defamatory, malicious allegations, it cannot be stated too many times! – and supposedly, under the 'State Law' her accusers are “protected”.

Where is the “protection” for this mother, who has broken no law, committed no offenses, civil or criminal? And now, she is prevented from even facing and confronting the false accusers. Again, outrageous beyond belief!

Ramola's privacy (and that of her family) has been egregiously invaded, she has been subjected to extreme emotional distress, intentionally inflicted by persons who do not know her, and who have summarily and with no just cause, labeled her “mentally ill”, “delusional”, and parlayed these false allegations into an accusation of “neglect” of a child.

I became acquainted with Ramola D when invited as a guest on her podcast, to discuss (among other issues) FBI and CIA counterintelligence operations, including the aforementioned anti-personnel weaponry.

I have found Ramola to be very well-educated on the many subjects she covers; she is a brilliant writer and a compassionate listener, especially for the guests (including myself) who have suffered horrific injustices at the hands of government agencies, their crimes against persons and humanity at large. Including – and it cannot be stressed enough – assaults with remote high-tech directed energy weaponry.

She has been courageous in reporting on these issues, and is now (like so many of us) facing the retaliatory wrath of those whose criminality she has exposed.

I am one of many former intelligence professionals, an independent investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist, who, for more than a quarter century, has been documenting and publicly reporting on the high-tech anti-personnel weaponry used against us.

I am not a scientist, but I have worked with scientists in various disciplines, as well as with private investigators under former contract with government agencies (including CIA) in gathering evidence of this technology in field investigations. My colleagues possessed the cutting-edge technology to track the psychotronic and directed energy weaponry, as well as to identify military frequency signals.

I have worked as a journalist (print, radio and TV) since the 1980s, including in mainstream media. I am a former Press Representative for Amnesty International.

Among my areas of professional expertise are psychological operations and counterintelligence. I am also a Christian minister (ordained 1979, D.Div.), specializing in pastoral counseling, and trained as a psychoanalyst (Jungian and other methods.)

I am a survivor of CIA black ops (covert operations, including MK Ultra) which routinely used such psychotronic technology and anti-personnel weaponry on both “test subjects” and military/intelligence personnel, which has been widely reported and documented, by me and numerous others, for decades.

The criminal perpetrators of these campaigns against those targeted (most notably including former intelligence professionals turned whistleblowers, journalists, human rights activists, liberty-loving patriots and defenders of the Constitution) have, as an exercise in “plausible deniability”, in order to continue these violations and crimes against humanity, implemented a scheme to silence and/or discredit those who, as persons of decency, integrity and conscience, as conscientious objectors, document and publish such information, in defense of the founding principles of this nation; of the rule of law in this Constitutional Republic; and of “the consent of the governed”. In defense of unalienable rights, bestowed by our Creator, rather than privileges issued at the discretion of the government.

The scheme involves impugning the sanity of the Target, making false allegations of “paranoia”, of being “delusional”, of “mental illness”. Their objective is to remove the Target (one way or another) from the public arena where her expositions are heard and where her activism may gain support from other concerned citizens who are becoming aware of the threat to anyone who speaks out, and ultimately, to humanity at large, by this out-of-control juggernaut of government agencies run amok.

Back to the school administrator(s). Their offenses should absolutely not be tolerated. Libel, slander, defamation, “false light” misrepresentation, character assassination against Ramola D's good name; as well as harassment, invasion of privacy, and the intentional infliction of severe emotional distress.

The offenders should be issued a directive to cease and desist from all such offenses. They should be held accountable for all damages to the injured parties. A demand for a public retraction of all false allegations, and for a public apology to Ramola D.

We the People must stand up against such tyrannical and totalitarian systems in government, which have infiltrated and have become a systemic corruption in the schools, as well as other public institutions.

I consider it a moral imperative, and my duty, especially as a Christian, as a patriot, as a human rights activist, and no less importantly, as a grandmother, to do all in my power to support those, most certainly including Ramola D, who stand on the front lines in defense of liberty and justice for all. The future of this nation depends upon it.

Barbara Hartwell

Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA


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Thursday, April 26, 2018

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart: Letter of Endorsement for Investigative Journalist Ramola Dharmaraj

Reproduced with permission from Ramola Dharmaraj.

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

April 16, 2018

To whom it may concern:

I am a retired Intelligence Analyst for the National Security Agency, at Ft. Meade, MD. I spent a decade or so working in the Weapons & Space Directorate. I have reported on exotic weapons being produced and used by foreign powers but I am familiar with American counterparts that we produce and use. I am also somewhat familiar with clandestine operations.

In order to be considered for employment, I had to pass a rigorous battery of tests, to include psychological fitness, as well as a background check. I do not drink, I have never indulged in drugs, and I do not even smoke. NSA had no qualms hiring me. Thereafter, I also easily passed their routine background re-investigation and psychological re-evaluation tests given every 5 years or so. I also have had re-evaluations from independent psychologists affirming my strong mental and emotional health. You would be hard-pressed to find someone more psychologically vetted.

Having said that, I will tell you that I have been working closely with Ramola Dharmaraj for almost two years and am quite impressed with her multifaceted talent, integrity, superior intellect, brilliant writing capability and exceptional research
ability. What she is telling you about highly advanced, covert technology being used on “inconvenient” people, people of integrity (whistle-blowers), truth-tellers (certain journalists), activists, potential leaders in a community, independent and aware thinkers, patriots, and Constitutionalists, as a means to intimidate, isolate, torture, murder and “make examples of” them to the general population, is 100% true. The Shadow Government has now “overshadowed” the elected government to the point that it wants people to understand that their rights are a mere pretense which they had better not try to exercise anymore or they will be destroyed.

The high-tech, covert technology to which Mrs. Dharmaraj refers, has been used secretly for decades against our enemies when overt actions were simply too risky. And these technologies have been used by our adversaries on us as well. Two examples are, the Soviet Union’s use of microwave technology to bombard the US Embassy in Moscow to sicken and kill the personnel there in the 1980’s and the recent incident in Cuba (summer 2017) where more embassy personnel were assaulted and injured by similar covert technology, this time apparent sonic/sound-based weaponry, though it could also have been microwave which has a tell-tale, high pitched whine. This is nothing new to the Intelligence Community or certain parts of our military. The Navy even has its Naval Security Group which is nicknamed the “Silent Warriors” because they develop and use what is called Directed Energy Weapons, the big brother to “non-lethal” weapons being given to Law Enforcement (which are potentially lethal). Their headquarters is co-located at Ft. Meade along with NSA.

These weapons can be so big and powerful that they can be set up on battleships to use against personnel on enemy battleships miles away, to kill them
before they even hit the deck and through solid steel.
They can also be anti-personnel devices so small that they can be put in cars, backpacks, large purses, or hand-held for assaults on individuals, (though the perpetrators and non-targets in the vicinity will
eventually suffer health problems as well). I am afraid the technology is such that once familiar with the principles of these weapons, any mechanically and technologically talented person could reproduce many of the smaller devices in his garage or basement and sell them to the criminally inclined for the perfect, undetectable weapon, making a good under-the-table income for himself and loosing a nightmare on the population in his area.

Similarly, these types of weapons are also being provided to the Fusion Centers spread across the nation to be used “to defend the Motherland”.
Like with any toy, immature people will want to “play with” the toys. Thus, many, many innocent Americans are being falsely reported to these FBI-
affiliated Fusion Centers as “terrorists” or merely “suspicious,” with little to no vetting, and no consideration for their Constitutional Rights in this 17-year long contrived “state of emergency” declared after 9/11. (I was at NSA during 9/11, it was indeed an inside job to usher in a Police State as we are watching take over now). These ill-conceived Terrorist Watch List hysterics provide live targets for the toys.

Fusion Centers pay locals who call themselves “Infragard” or other such quasi-patriotic names, to actually slander, harass, harm, and even murder people loaded onto the secret and fraudulent Terrorist Watch List to bloat the numbers, provide the basis for tax dollars to fund this ever-growing operation, and give locals “something to do” to
divert their attention from the real enemies within the government subverting it, and a way to earn under-the-table tax money to betray their country and fellow countrymen deemed scapegoats and who are also serving as cash cows for unsophisticated locals, eager to trample someone else’s rights for profit and a false sense of worth.

It truly is a genius plan to create a caste of unthinking, mercenary traitors and thugs to destroy-
on-command anyone who notices, reports, decries, or resists creeping totalitarianism based on false fear-mongering among the somnambulant masses and a never-ending source of fake enemies among the populace... superior people, deemed a threat to those who would destroy the USA as the masses were focused on nonsense. Thus potential people of influence are quickly identified, falsely vilified and discredited, and serious efforts to destroy their lives are made to curtail their audience and influence. This ploy hearkens back in the annals of history, but one recent example is from Communism in the Eastern Block countries of Europe, the secret police employed operational techniques called “Zersetzung” (deconstruction of a person’s life) to destroy people who spoke out for freedom. They destroyed their best minds and their bravest hearts to the detriment of their population and country... as we too are now doing to create a malleable, population of sheep who were tricked into trading freedom for security by the very people who are really behind the false flag attacks on us by so-called terrorist bogeymen.

There is indeed a Secret Government of unelected bureaucrats who have no intention of allowing the populace a voice in their own future, and the fa├žade of a Democracy is fading fast with the advent of America’s version of Brown Shirts run by DHS through the FBI, which clearly has a long history of trampling our rights (COINTELPRO) for political gain. These revamped Brown Shirts, are being used like the originals were used by the German Nazi regime, to destroy people who resisted or even questioned the Nazi take down of Germany as a Democracy. American Brown Shirts are called Infragard, C.O.P.S., and other fascistic names that go far beyond community policing. They are the proxy dupes whose numbers and vapid obedience allow the criminals within government who are subverting our country and Constitution, to use plausible deniability in this regard, but make no mistake, the civilian thugs are getting under-the-table TAX DOLLARS to harm, intimidate, and murder people of conscience who are trying to sound the alarm like modern day Paul Reveres.(Surely you are familiar with that name?)

This is not an overt take-over, though people who are paying attention have seen this coming a long time. But it is a well-planned, well-funded, take-down to advance the globalist agenda of a one-world, Socialist government that reserves all “rights” for the elites and none for the rest of us. The Communists who took over Russia for their benefit and the utter detriment of the Russian population, accomplished it through propaganda that fooled the Russians into believing lies and subverting their own futures, and that of generations to come. The Russian Communists, the Bolsheviks, referred to these people as “Useful Idiots”. Well, this also applies to the unthinking zealots attracted to Community Policing in your area, who are participating in the harassment and assaults on innocent people. All because the local Fusion Center has unilaterally declared certain people as scapegoats to train an unthinking army of minions to attack by slander, shunning, hate-and fear-mongering upon command, sans any critical thinking or common sense, much less any sense of justice or Constitutionality.

I assure you, Ramola is an island of intellect and
discernment in a sea of somnambulant citizens at best and utter fools at worst, who perhaps are deserving of the fate which awaits them in the end, if they do not heed the voices crying from the wilderness rather than attack them. Look in your own mirrors for the root of this problem of society’s devolution and coming chaos. When the vapid and rigid hold power and extinguish the light among the populace, then man returns to the trees. Do you care nothing for your children’s futures? Your grandchildren’s? Are you the generation that puts America and our founding principles in the grave because you truly could not tell the difference between fascism and the principles upon which we were founded? How sad, how pathetically sad. Rather than attacking your sages, you should be demanding the complete ban on such covert weaponry since humankind does not have the morality, common sense, or integrity to responsibly use such power. And probably never will.

K. M. Stewart
National Security Agency
Intelligence Analyst,
ret. 28 yrs

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp & Alex Jones: Counterintelligence Propaganda Exposed

On April 20 the podcast of my interview (PART 2) with Ramola D of the EveryDay Concerned Citizen was published on You Tube.

The subject for discussion was COINTELPRO, specifically the operations run by the FBI, in particular focusing on FBI chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson, J. Edgar Hoover's protege' and right hand man.

Following the video were a number of comments by listeners, two of which I will address as an example of the pervasive COINTELPRO propaganda which is parroted ad infinitum, ad nauseam, by the masses of asses who have bought into it and swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

I should state up front (and as my regular readers will know) that I do not run an “interactive” website. I do not solicit comments from the readers. I do not engage the readers in discussions, arguments or debates, nor answer questions, on this site or any other.

All reports published on this site are “for information purposes only”, a fact stated repeatedly in the NOTICES section at the top of the site. The readers may make of my material what they will. Caveat lector. The same applies to my radio interviews.

I do not have a public e-mail address. Anyone who is interested in contacting me may easily do so via my postal address, also given at the top of the site.

I realize that this policy is not the norm for most people who run websites, nor is it typical of the culture of the Internet, which has become a sort of gargantuan free-for-all, via social media, discussion groups and venues of constant and instant contact among individuals and groups.

I do not participate in any of that; I find it highly invasive, even offensive; nor would such engagement serve my professional purposes. It does not concern me, “what people think” of me or my work; whether they agree or disagree with the information I publish; whether or not they share my opinions, viewpoints or political ideology.

However, when someone publicly defames my name, in any venue, such that false information is promoted; such that my privacy is invaded; when there is harassment; or there is injurious exploitation of my name, I may decide to expose the individual(s), in my own defense, to refute the libelous/slanderous falsehoods, and to set the record straight.

In fact, many of the reports on this website are written precisely for that purpose, to expose criminals, liars and frauds, many of whom have engaged in character assassination, defamation and/or crimes against persons (including Barbara Hartwell and/or my friends, family, colleagues).

I fully understand that when my work is published in other venues (print or electronic/radio/video) that comments from listeners/readers will be made, unsolicited by me. Usually, I ignore these comments (favorable or otherwise). And sometimes, when it serves a purpose, I address them, especially when they are defamatory, or particularly stupid.

Then, there is the fact that most people commenting in various venues (including You Tube) hide behind aliases or screen names. I automatically give zero credibility to such persons. If they are not willing to give their real names, they are mere anonymous cowards, defaming persons who DO use their real names.

Here, a comment from one such person, whom I would describe as (among many others of this ilk) a belligerent ignoramus. A person who does not know what she is talking about; who states no facts; who provides no evidence, except, perhaps, of her own malice and stupidity.


"The quest IS the dis-info Agent. Your guest states she heard from an "unimpeachable source" that John de Camp was himself a pedophile. Do know how much John de Camp did historically for child trafficking!? How disrespectful. First your guest defames, Ted Gunderson, a hero again in exposing child trafficking. De Camp and Gunderson are both dead so they can't respond to the Interview. Then the quest takes down Alex Jones : I've personally listen to Alex Jones , for hours, for 8 years. He's honest. Judge him, then, by the quests on his Show. Craig Sawyer, Vets for Child Rescue, is frequently on. When Craig Sawyer couldn't get nothing going Alex Jones gave him 100 Grand. Gerald Celente, another quest. Joel Skousen, Matt Bracken, Navy Seal on & on When Trump bombed Syria, Alex Jones did come out " yelling and hollering" and uncensored 4 letter words at the President. Alex Jones is honest. Alex Jones cares , firstly about Family. I wish Ramola more people would come out "yelling and hollering" and I'll tell you millions of educated listeners are relieved he does. I repeat: Your guest is the disinfo agent. Period."

The anonymous coward calling herself (or possibly himself, who can say?) “Rita” begins by calling the “quest” a “disinfo agent”. It appears she means to say “guest”, namely Barbara Hartwell.

"Do know how much John de Camp did historically for child trafficking!? How disrespectful."

Speaking strictly for myself, as always, I know a great deal about the history of John DeCamp, none of it good. Which comes from more than two decades of dealings with DeCamp and Gunderson, as well as exhaustive investigations.

I know that DeCamp and Gunderson disseminated a plethora of material about child trafficking, most of which has been blindly accepted and endorsed by many people who have NOT done their own research, much less investigations. They also maintained a network of cronies in the intelligence community and media, as well as government stooges and lackeys whom they exploited to do their dirty work.

Gunderson and DeCamp are widely held up as heroes and patriot icons, but the actual nature of their criminal activities have rarely been exposed.

My expositions of these individuals have mostly  fallen on deaf ears, by those who are hell-bent on defending them, no matter how large the body of evidence, nor the facts which could be verified, should they choose to make an effort to remedy their willful ignorance.

Many others have chosen to attack the messenger, spreading outrageous and defamatory falsehoods, usually parroting the very slurs against Barbara Hartwell fabricated by Gunderson and DeCamp.

And speaking of being “disrespectful”, I have no reason to respect either one of them. Respect (aside from general respect for a person's rights, privacy and personal boundaries) must be earned, not given freely and blindly to those who not deserve it.

Then, she states:

"De Camp and Gunderson are both dead so they can't respond to the Interview."

In point of fact, I said nothing in this interview which I have not said repeatedly, either in written reports or on radio, going back at least fifteen years. There are no news flashes here, nothing these men had not already been aware of.

And Gunderson and DeCamp certainly have responded, many times, in many venues, in their defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell. Anyone who does not believe this may easily find the evidence of their “responses” plastered all over the Internet, including John DeCamp's harassment and threats of a lawsuit against Barbara Hartwell, exploiting the network of his fellow criminals, sex predators (including targeting children), drug-traffickers and psycho stalkers, including predicate felon, career criminal, Timothy Patrick White and his accomplice, blackmailer, forger, identity thief, Todd Brendan Fahey,

And I don't do interviews (or write reports) in expectation of, nor seeking any “response”. I state the facts, for information purposes only. I have no control over what people believe, or the comments they decide to make.

The fact that Gunderson and DeCamp are dead is not an argument that carries any weight. That's like saying, Oh, I dare not make any negative comments about Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, etc. etc. He's DEAD and can't defend himself! Very, very stupid.

"Then the quest takes down Alex Jones : I've personally listen to Alex Jones , for hours, for 8 years. He's honest. Judge him, then, by the quests on his Show."

Now, she establishes that she is a huge fan of Alex Jones, and claims, “He's honest”. I vehemently disagree and with good reason, based on my personal and professional experience of many years.

And no, I would not ever judge anyone (including Alex Jones) by the guests on his show. My assessment of a person's character is solely based on his own words and actions, and not by the company he keeps or the guests he promotes on his show.

I won't bother commenting on any of the names she mentions here, they are irrelevant to the issue of the credibility and legitimacy of Alex Jones himself, which in my opinion are nonexistent. I have personally known quite a number of legitimate people who have been guests on Alex Jones's show, most of whom later saw the truth, from their own experiences. Jones exploits credible guests to give credibility to himself and to further his own agenda. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Next item:

"Alex Jones is honest. Alex Jones cares , firstly about Family. I wish Ramola more people would come out "yelling and hollering" and I'll tell you millions of educated listeners are relieved he does."

Aside from his longtime involvement in counterintelligence operations, Alex Jones is a loudmouthed grandstander and a narcissistic bully. True, he has drawn many hapless people into his media empire, and fleeced them for millions of dollars, but I would not call his fans “educated”. Rather, indoctrinated, by the very brand of counterintelligence propaganda engineered long ago by the likes COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson.

As for his “caring” about “Family”? Perhaps this video of his ex-wife will shed some light on the true nature of Alex Jones.
EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Tells All, Conspiracies, Fake Supplements

Lastly, this:

"I repeat: Your guest is the disinfo agent. Period."

This credulous fool is entitled to her opinion, though clearly based on nothing more substantial than her subjective biases and utter lack of discernment.

But then, that is precisely what these counterintelligence propagandists count on, as they rake in the big bucks, laughing all the way to the bank.

Now, the second comment from another anonymous coward, hiding behind this screen name.


"I love how this lady brings up her personal relationship with the only two credible sources TargetedJustice has... heh I think heh this lady is heh heh full of heh SHIIIIIT!!"

Since he/she does not name the so-called “credible sources” to whom he refers, there is no way of knowing who they are. I mentioned quite a number of names in the interview. I have no idea what this “TargetedJustice” is, either.

But let this serve as a typical example of the crude and malicious mentality of those who have no better use for their time than shooting off their mouths on a public message board.

And now, for some actual evidence of just one of Ted Gunderson's many counterintelligence operations against whistleblowers and dissidents.

This is an excerpt from a report on this site, containing a portion of a document from my files, Ted Gunderson's letter to Larry Flynt. My comments follow.

Ted Gunderson's Published Proposal to Deploy COINTELPRO Tactics

Excerpt from Ted Gunderson's Letter to Larry Flynt

December 21, 1998
Larry Flynt
Flynt Publications


I. Counter Intelligence Operation
Organize a select group of trusted, loyal Americans to operate an effective legal counter-intelligence operation. The goal of a counter-intelligence operation is to educate and, in some instances, to disrupt the enemy by mailing anonymous letters to selected individuals and groups in order to create distrust and paranoia. Another goal is to furnish disinformation and create confusion. I was a counter-intelligence expert in the FBI and I am aware of numerous techniques with which to work towards this goal. I wish to emphasize we will not conduct any criminal or illegal activity, nor violate any laws. All activities would be legal. There are other techniques than can be used, in addition to anonymous letters, i.e., telephone calls from public telephones. Disinformation can also be spread on radio and television talk shows.

End of excerpt

First, I would say that Gunderson's choice of an accomplice for his operation, the notorious pornographer, publisher of Hustler magazine, has got to be the lowest sleazoid on the face of the earth. Ask yourself, who would want to do business with a low-life like Flynt?

Next, note that Ted Gunderson states that he was "a counter-intelligence expert in the FBI." Really? Then any reasonable person is left to draw the conclusion that Ted Gunderson was COINTELPRO, as that is the primary counter-intelligence operation in the FBI.

And now, he is looking to recruit more accomplices for his "legal" counter-intelligence operation.

"A select group of trusted, loyal Americans..."

Who could these "loyal Americans" be?

Let's start with some known associates of Ted L. Gunderson: Ken Adachi; Timothy Patrick White; Larry Lawson; Pamela Schuffert; John DeCamp. There are others, too numerous to mention, but these names will certainly be recognizable to anyone with an interest in the controversy this issue has generated over the past decade.

And for a damning statement, this one can't be beat:

"Disinformation can also be spread on radio and television talk shows."

So, Ted Gunderson, in his own words, suggests spreading disinformation! And as many of us who have become his targets know, he's done just that, and in spades.

I can't count the times that Ted has gone on the airwaves slandering Barbara Hartwell, stating that I am a "government spook" or "CIA disinfo agent."

[For the primary example, at least in print, see the New Age/government disinformation website of Gunderson's PR shill, Ken Adachi.]

Fact is, this operation has been running for a long time. Ted Gunderson, joined by his cronies and amateur recruits (government stooges Tim White, Pam Schuffert, Ken Adachi, Todd Fahey, Larry Lawson et al) have wreaked havoc on the lives of many COINTELPRO targets. And there is no end in sight.....

As far as I can see, this so-called "legal" counter-intelligence operation will continue until the lives of the targets are so far destroyed that there is no hope to repair the damages.

And by the way, there is nothing "legal" about fraud, criminal stalking, identity theft, extortion, criminal harassment, death threats, murder-for hire schemes, inciting violence and terrorism.....this operation is a criminal conspiracy par excellence, rife with most every crime imaginable. Racketeering at its finest.

As for the privacy invasions and the libel/slander campaigns against targets, I guess you might stretch it to say these are "legal". After all, these are civil matters.

And since most of the law enforcement to whom we have reported these crimes refuse to do anything to protect the targets of criminal harassment/stalking and threats of violence and death (which are crimes) --or more to the point, to enforce the law-- who is going to care that the reputations of decent, legitimate Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty are being destroyed, along with every other area of our lives? Nobody. After all, that is what "neutralization" is all about.


I will be covering the subject of Ted Gunderson and his counterintelligence operations in much more detail in PART 3 of my interviews with Ramola D of The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 25, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D (PART 2)

NOTE: This interview was sabotaged before we even started and continued through the podcast. First, in trying to call Ramola's regular cell phone, I got a recording stating that “This call cannot be completed as dialed. Please try again.” So I did, at least 3 more times. Her number had always worked before, where I got either a direct answer from Ramola, or voice mail.

So, I e-mailed her to let her know and she called me back immediately.

Then, there was an echo on my end of the line during the entire podcast, which was distracting, to say the least. The 'echo chamber' is a typical tactic used on me for many years, especially on radio broadcasts or calls with certain persons, discussing certain issues.

The podcast was later cut off entirely and Ramola had to set up another time and then had to splice together the pieces.

Again, I apologize to the listeners for the quality of the recording due to severe allergies.

We agreed that we will do a PART 3, because there is so much more material to cover.

Barbara Hartwell
April 20, 2018

Ramola's website is:

The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

NOTE: You Tube channel was terminated, so interview is no longer available.

Report #64: Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Reports COINTELPRO Crimes & Ted Gunderson's Role

In this revelatory and thought-provoking conversation, Barbara Hartwell, CIA whistleblower who is attesting to a long-term program of illegitimate and wrongful targeting, surveillance, and abusive energy weapon use by the FBI/CIA on her person, discusses the lengths to which these secretive Intelligence agencies will go in order to “neutralize” anyone they decide to target for whatever reason.

The effects are felt even by those who tangentially enter the target's life, she illustrates, as for instance the FAA official who proffered information on the military fighter jet breaking sound barriers over her New York home when she called in to ask about it, and was almost immediately transferred to California, across the country from New York.

Those who whistleblow or refuse to participate in propaganda creation for the secret agencies often face retaliation and defamation. Describing at length the articles active and archived on her website, Ms. Hartwell notes that she stopped publishing her email address some years ago after receiving inordinate amounts of hate mail, and suffered slanderous takedown attacks online from various quarters, but emphasized she can indeed still be contacted by anyone through her PO box and mailing address.

Offering insights both historic and contemporary into COINTELPRO, the repressive and stealthy Counterintelligence program started by J. Edgar Hoover in 1956, and unleashed on Civil Rights activists like Martin Luther King and others, she discusses especially Ted Gunderson, the high-ranking FBI official who stopped short of becoming Director, and who ran the COINTELPRO program with Hoover and was surely familiar with its nefarious Modus Operandi.

Intent to offer information about Gunderson from her knowledge of him, her initial friendship and working collegiate relationship with him, as well as her later investigative research, she reveals the part played by Gunderson in illegal arms deals, and speaks about his role in covering up for child traffickers and pedophiles such as John de Camp who wrote The Franklin Cover-up, as well as in running “black propaganda” or a campaign of lies on targets, and in himself running the COINTELPRO programs of organized stalking he reveals as criminal in his well-known affidavit of 2011.

In partially revealing truths about COINTELPRO, what Gunderson and others were running, she notes, were containment operations, whereby larger parts of the operation were kept concealed. The odd story of the brief marriage Ted Gunderson had with Diana Rively the ex-wife of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, which both parties spoke to Barbara about, but which Ted denied later as a marriage, is also aired.

In addition, Barbara Hartwell reads out excerpts and statements from Geral Sosbee, ex-FBI, who attests that Ted Gunderson was Inspector at FBI when Mr. Sosbee himself was being forced out of the Bureau for essentially questioning a wrongful arrest; at the time, Gunderson did not do anything about it, nor did he help Geral as the FBI began a 3-decade long persecution of this conscientious whistleblower.

Geral also provides further testimonial to the absolute viciousness of those FBI operatives and minions who blindly follow the pack, going so far as to kill, relating how a young woman tenant of his, Jane Hatley, was killed by toxic gassing, in an untimely assassination surely intended for himself.

Like Barbara, Geral too is a high-profile and highly important whistleblower, who has been coming under focused retaliatory attack taking down his life and career over a long period of years. Especially notable in the accounts of retaliation leveled at both Barbara and Geral is that the persecution has been excessive, with both being driven out of their homes, overtly surveilled and provoked in public, assaulted with directed-energy weapons, and handed death threats, a few of which Barbara shares.

This conversation was attacked both before, and during, and after the recording, with phones being made inoperative at the start and audio tracks being messed with at the end. We were bumped right out of the meeting by the phantom spook who had apparently been a silent eavesdropper throughout, his ire revved at mere mention of the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome being identical to the “bio-effects” of targeting with energy weapons. A small part of the video is out of sync with the audio after on-air interference and hacking, but the audio recording throughout has been preserved.

Friday, April 13, 2018


NOTE: There are several different flyers which can be accessed and/or printed at this source:

Please copy and distribute widely (electronically or hard copy) and take action to expose this monstrous criminal conspiracy.


from The Everyday Concerned Citizen/US-Europe Joint Investigation Team

Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes

Notice to One is Notice to All

Psychological Warfare, Operations, & Deception Along with Electromagnetic Anti-Personnel Assaults Are Being Run in Quincy & Boston, Massachusetts by Govt Agencies-- FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, DOD, DOJ

All Participating are Accomplices to Potential Murder


FBI, CIA, NSA Whistleblowers/The Everyday Concerned Citizen/US-Europe Joint Investigation Team



These programs are extrajudicial COINTELPRO Character-Assassination, Mutilation, Destruction, Blacklisting, Life-Sabotage, Torture, and Murder campaigns, intending to fully destroy the lives of
outstanding community activists, journalists, writers, teachers, professors, whistleblowers, and civic-minded citizens.

Thousands of Americans are being destroyed like this by the FBI/CIA/DHS.


Remember please that only FBI/CIA have powers with Fusion Centers globally to run horrendous campaigns for torture and murder. Also, FBI has a duty to investigate the crimes we describe. The FBI and FMJ (Federal Magistrate Judges) authorize these offenses and could stop them.

The FBI is spearheading the most colossal and evil attacks on people ever conceived on the face of the Earth, and they are using Deep Space-based technology, they are using Bio-Chemical Bio Warfare Elements and Agents, and they’re using Psychological Warfare to destroy people.

(April 1, 2018 /Ramola D Reports/Report #56-Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower Reports Massive
Crime By FBI)


The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List, which is then turned over to Defense Contractors to target under perverted interpretations of NDAA and PAA (Patriot Act).

Police are even used as liaisons to citizen vigilante groups like Infragard, or other “civic minded” organizations who are lied to about the target (being a terrorist/ traitor/ criminal) and enticed/paid to stalk and harass them 24/7.

(May 26, 2016/NSA Whistleblower, Karen Stewart: Synopsis of the Silent Holocaust Taking Place in the United States)


I can't hone it down to just CIA, but I can tell you, all these people, they're all connected. For instance, in a Town Hall, every little town in the United States, every city, you'll get people–there's a Town Hall and there's a City Government or a Town Government, they've got people in there...they have them in the Post Office... What they're doing is they're recruiting an army of Citizen Spies and Busybodies—and the People, who don't even know what's going on, some of them, they gladly become a part of it, thinking “Oh, I'm doing a service to my country!” But they're NOT.

(April 10, 2018/Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower Discusses CIA History, Propaganda, Targeting)


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D of The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

NOTE: You Tube channel was terminated, so interview is no longer available.

Candid and informative discussion with Barbara Hartwell, CIA whistleblower with 25 years of experience in the CIA as an investigative and intelligence analyst, journalist and radio host who reports being a childhood survivor of MK ULTRA as a child born into a family with military and Central Intelligence connections.

The early history and roots of the CIA derive from its Nazi background she notes, when Project Paperclip brought over SS officers and scientists in the thousands and ensconced them in Intelligence and military jobs in the US, where they pursued invasive and abusive mind control research among other things. Narrating an astounding story surrounding one notorious Nazi scientist, she reveals that her own family had an intimate and unfortunate connection to this Nazi history. 

Unafraid to address the criminality, occultism, and Satanism which, she has found, as many of us have, lies at the heart of much CIA pursuit as it sought to overthrow governments and install puppets, she reveals that most of what the CIA does is not exactly Intelligence gathering but surveillance and propaganda dissemination in addition to other dark operations.

Pointing to New Age and UFO propaganda and deceit cluttering the airwaves and currently the Internet, she shows how propaganda creation appears to be a full-time occupation of the CIA, with much of mainstream media in its back pocket, including newspapers and media outlets like the New York Times and CNN. While working for the CIA, Barbara reports that she followed her own interests in animal and environmental issues as well as metaphysical subjects and UFO studies in her radio journalism and research. 

She was also sought after by the Agency for her unique, intuitive gifts—which were put to use in detective work with the police. However, her time in the CIA included being handed journalism subjects less to her liking and as she sought to leave the Agency and shortly after, she found she was being targeted in obvious COINTELPRO ways such as car sabotage, and also in extremely abusive ways with directed energy weapons (DEWs) in apparent retaliatory consequence of her whistleblowing, some of which she discusses, some she hopes to cover in Part Two of this podcast, to be recorded shortly.

Many thanks to Barbara Hartwell for this informative interview. Please visit Barbara Hartwell's excellent website and read her many fine articles at: 

Monday, April 2, 2018

Radio Interview with Former FBI Agent & Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

NOTE: This article comes from Ramola D of The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.

Following the introduction is a transcript of an interview with Geral Sosbee.

I heard the interview, but as Geral and Ramola state, the sound quality was very poor, as a result of interference/sabotage by those who do not want you to hear what Geral has to say.

Similar “technical difficulties” have occurred many times on my radio interviews, so I was not surprised.

It must have been quite a time-consuming project to write this transcript, but she has done an excellent job.

Please take the time to read the transcript, it is long, but filled with important information about government counterintelligence campaigns against Targets.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 2, 2018


Please also listen to a second interview with Geral Sosbee at this link:

The audio quality on this podcast is easy to listen to, unlike the first interview.

April 9, 2018

You may also listen to the actual interview at the link given here:


Geral Sosbee, JD, MA is a world-renowned FBI whistleblower with post-graduate degrees in Law and English, an accomplished background as an attorney, judge, college professor, US Army veteran, and FBI Special Agent, who has taught Law and English at universities in Texas, and became targeted after reporting internal crime and corruption to the FBI.

Posted below is the transcript of my recent interview with Geral Sosbee, who reports being targeted extra-legally by the FBI for over 30 years, and who shares his opinion and observations on the nature of today’s (extreme) Surveillance State Abuse with COINTELPRO and directed-energy weapons and neuroweapons that is currently ongoing in the United States of America and all over the world, an open secret that is yet being hidden and kept secret by federal, state, and city governments as well as local police—and which I continue to report on here and elsewhere online.

As many know, I posted the video file last week despite evidence of massive audio tampering and sabotage—presumably or possibly by the FBI, who do like to monitor communications unfavorable to themselves no doubt, but who also seem to wish to stay closely informed of my every pirouette online. Because Geral reported that he was unable to do the interview on his computer, he used his phone—but the call itself and the recording were tampered with. Not being an audio expert, I did what I could to amplify his recording—the interview is still hard to listen to, and so I embarked on recording the transcript (a mammoth task!) because I think this interview is so very important, and everything that Geral reveals here is absolutely critical for every American and really every citizen worldwide to hear.

Two of the most shattering revelations for me, I can tell you, have to do 1) with his exposition of the process by which he believes innocent Americans are being wrongfully targeted, by an agency which has clearly gone off the rails and drowned itself in massive crime and corruption, via court-orders fraudulently arrived at, with the help of corrupt Federal Magistrate Judges or FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) judges, and 2) with his revelation of the criminal abuse by Intel agencies such as the FBI of the Global Disease Surveillance System, whereby innocent Americans can be fraudulently labeled with a communicable disease, and even “honey-potted” into being infected with a communicable disease (such as AIDS) which apparently lets Intel goons worldwide tail and surveil them wherever they go.

What is unraveled here is a picture of extreme illegality, corruption and crime; because the FBI has seemingly established for itself long-term a false image for itself as upstanding and reliable and deeply “American,” Geral notes Americans treat them with awe and respect when they come by to defame and slander FBI-targeted-neighbors, seeking co-operation essentially in Psychological Warfare “gangstalking” and surveilling and monitoring their unfortunate FBI-targeted-neighbor, showing court orders and saying they are engaging in what has elsewhere been reported as “court-authorized activities related to an ongoing investigation.” In other words, it is the FBI which is defaming targets to their neighbors, the FBI which is unleashing the massive COINTELPRO harassment (inclusive of character assassination, employment sabotage, relationship sabotage, blacklisting, and roadway and retail harassment) reported by targets, and the FBI which is using or permitting the use of deadly DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) technology on people’s bodies and brains.

Geral takes care to establish that much of what is presented here derives from his own opinion based on professional observation and experience, and I should probably disclaim too, to say the conversation we had derives also from my own understanding (from documents, from whistleblowers, from reportage to me, from my own experience) of how these repressive programs of Surveillance Abuse with deadly EMF neuroweaponry are being played out in our cities, counties, countries, and world.

It is my own opinion therefore, from my own observations, and post this conversation, that it is indeed a “very powerful group like the FBI” which is behaving in extremely anti-American ways in my own neighborhood and in others’ neighborhoods, running flagrantly deceptive and defamatory campaigns against me and other innocent, wrongful, extra-judicial targets where they live, lying to courts to get fraudulent court orders, creating false files and records, lying to neighbors, lying to local businesses and staff at public places, creating fraudulent profiles, and indeed fraudulently profiling innocent, upstanding, and outstanding Americans as questionable characters, suspected-terrorists, anti-social, “extremists,” mentally unstable, endowed with communicable diseases, or otherwise so utterly and extremely dangerous as to need 24/7 electronic surveillance with all sorts of dirty stealth radiation weaponry, still coyly labeled “non-lethal” and “anti-personnel.”

This exact protocol, Geral notes, is being used worldwide, and in his estimation it is very much a FBI/CIA protocol; something we also discussed is how all the various “Intelligence” agencies and DOD (Department of Defense) seem to work together, as part of that secretive shadow government we are all learning more about today.

I am grateful to have made contact with Geral before he got off Facebook last week. His testimony as a former Special Agent is critical to the complete uncovering of the truth behind all of these dark and shadowy programs based on extreme privacy-invasion, sadism, and torture, which are bringing ruination, distress, and even death to hundreds and thousands of precious, productive, and meaningful American and human lives.

As many may appreciate, I needed to publish this transcript first, before I scheduled further podcasts with Geral, and I hope in the weeks following to further highlight his experience and analyses as posted on his website and elsewhere online, but it is also my hope he will return for future conversations, which he has indicated he will be interested in doing, so please stay tuned. I will begin as well a new article series immediately, Background Check: The FBI, to drive a closer look at the FBI. (Yes America, I’m an American journalist and writer and poet who is already extra-judicially and wrongfully and abusively FBI-targeted; it is time to Surveil the Abusers.)

Geral reports that after the posting of this video he received added COINTELPRO harassment and subliminal death threats via an Obituary Notice being sent his way; I can attest I have also noted increased COINTELPRO on the streets around me (especially aggressive, hazardous driving) and some covert communications as well suggesting death threats (“Clancy” spelled out on a van crossing my path).

Much gratitude to Geral Sosbee for his courage and commitment to humanity in speaking out.

This is not the America any of us signed up as citizens of, whether by birth or naturalization, these activities are not American, as some of us have previously conceived of the word “American,” and it is our hope that by speaking out, we will continue to pave the way for a much brighter future stripped of such abusive actions by rogue Intelligence agencies and a DOD who have turned against Americans and other countries’ citizens in the most deplorable and execrable of ways.

(Note: Ellipses below indicate bits of lost text here and there; undecipherable on the audio. Parentheses indicate guesses at possible words; also indicate my responses here and there when Geral was speaking.)

Ramola D: Hello, everyone, and welcome to this evening edition of Ramola D Reports. I’m Ramola D, and I’m here this evening with a very special guest, Geral Sosbee, former Special Agent of the FBI, and he’s got a very interesting story to report, he is an FBI whistleblower, who has a particular experience of targeting to report, and we’re here this evening to speak about both his experience and his views — his very important insights into the FBI, given his experience. So, welcome Geral, I’m so glad you could join me this afternoon.

Geral Sosbee: Thank you very much, Ramola, and thank you for all of your work in trying to bring all of our stories together–to help everyone who has been tortured and murdered by the FBI.

Ramola D: Oh absolutely, you’re very welcome Geral, I’m just doing what I feel compelled to do–I find it extraordinary that you would start off by saying people are indeed being tortured and murdered by the FBI–now you feel very strongly that the FBI is very majorly, mainly involved in this, right?–I mean, they are a primary component of this program?

Geral Sosbee: Yes, let me–may I make a couple of administrative announcements here?

Ramola D: Oh absolutely, go for it. Yes, absolutely.

Geral Sosbee: My name is Geral Sosbee–S-O-S-B-E-E–I was born August 30, ’45; I entered the United States Army in ’66, and served in Vietnam until ’68, I all the time was in Vietnam; I entered the FBI in ’71 and ended my career in ’78. Now the references to my work in the FBI are all on my website, — you can look at the FBI History Book, which is a summary of what I did in the FBI ….received from the directories of the FBI. (Finally) you can go to the for my biography and papers that I have written on the corruption of this evil FBI.

So what I am doing now is offering this to Ramola, with gratitude, for educational purposes–(in that) I have never participated, while I was in (any) service, in any type of activity that we are describing here (that is wholly to do with) directed energy weaponry, home invasions, threatening people, persecuting to suicide, locking them up….what we are looking at today is a massive program, from my personal and professional experience–and this is not legal advice, and I’m not soliciting anything here, I’m not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

(I want people to know) that this is a personal opinion–based on also my professional experience–that the FBI is spearheading the most colossal and evil attacks on people ever conceived on the face of the Earth, and they are using Deep Space-based technology, they are using Bio-Chemical Bio Warfare Elements and Agents, and they’re using Psychological Warfare to destroy people.

The only way that a person who is listening to me can understand this would be to (with the ability to) read much of my materials, starting with my story in detail, to understand how these guys–I’m talking about the FBI and all their friends–can actually drive a person insane, and that’s what they are trying to do in many instances.

Now the FBI recently sent the United States Postal Inspector to my home to threaten me and my wife. We have done nothing wrong and they knew it. The Postal Inspector–his name is Knipfing-I forget his first name K-n-i-p-f-i-n-g–Trey Knipfing–I have written several reports on Mr. Knipfing, he came out with Texas DPS, Conrad Rodriguez who turns out to be a real hotshot profiler. He’s a retarded man as far as I am concerned, but these 2 guys came out, after years of FBI stealing my mail, they come out to my home and threaten me and my wife with arrest, but they didn’t use the word “We’re going to arrest you” they just made it very clear why they were there. So in other words, the FBI has control over every agency in government on cue, whenever they want to, whenever they see the need–are you still there Ramola?

Ramola D: Yes yes I am listening closely–I wanted to ask you if you had experienced any of this, if you had any awareness of the extraordinary power the FBI has, when you were in the FBI–when you yourself were working there?

Geral Sosbee: Well as I said I never participated in anything like this. I was not aware that it even existed. My work what I did in the FBI I can’t go into it right now.

Rd: Sure

Geral Sosbee: They are listening and they would love to find a way to charge me with a violation of the (Right) oath of privacy and everything.

Rd: Right

Geral Sosbee: No, at no time did I even know that this kind of stuff was going on. In fact when I left the FBI was when I learned of their complete evil corruption. So when I left the FBI and they started in on me when I was in law school–if I did anything they started playing mind games with me, tearing up my car–this sort of thing.

Ramola D: Gaslighting? A lot of psychological warfare, all of a sudden?

Geral Sosbee: Thank you Ramola, I’ve written a short paper, short article on Gaslighting, I think it appears at AustinIndymedia. But it took me 2 years, Ramola, to figure out what was happening. Ten years after they destroyed my life in El Paso Texas–I was an attorney, a judge, and so forth–the SAC, the Special Agent in Charge who was a guy named Schwein–he was instrumental–and I got this from a former FBI Agent, a friend of mine, used to be a friend–Gary advised me (that they were going to be) ordering me to report to the FBI the day and time that I leave the city. This guy Schwein just revealed when he said that to (Gary) that he was in charge of destroying my career and my life–and he knows it, I’ve written about it–Anyway, it took me a long time to figure out how to combat it.

Ten years after it started–it started in about 1988, something like that–and about the year 2000, I finally figured out, I need to file a lawsuit! I filed a lawsuit, I took them all the way to the Supreme Court, and at every level, every judge, every Justice threw it out–I didn’t get a hearing anywhere, and in fact, the judge in my case in Los Angeles–and a transcript of what he did is partially on my website–he was blatantly prejudiced against me, and it was clear that he had an ex-parte meeting with the FBI to prevent me from presenting a case.

Now, this brings me to the other point if I may, Ramola, (Sure) Many people want to sue whoever is doing this, the stalking, the assaults the poisonings, the DEW attacks from directed energy weaponry and with microwaves and Extremely Low Frequency sound– we don’t know whom to sue–now when you don’t know who to sue, that’s a real problem.

You don’t know who to sue because these orders against us are being issued by corrupt and small-minded Federal Magistrate Judges or other judges–now I don’t think that the FISA judges–the Federal –(the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance) yes, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judges–I don’t think they’re the ones on my case, they deal with court-suspected Terrorists and Enemies of the State–they have their hands full with dealing with that kind of problem.

These domestic issues–from what I can determine, and I was able to get myself into a position where I am admitted into this Federal District Court or Southern District Court of Texas–which is headquartered in Houston–in that group, there’s one or two judges in there that know me and that have been actually subliminally supportive of me. And there is evidence of that on my website having to do with Notices of Support from Federal Judges–or Federal Courts, excuse me.

So, I managed to get myself admitted into the Federal Court in Houston and all the Federal courts in the Southern District of Texas, and so I got to be acquainted with some of the Federal Magistrate Judges. In doing so I actually went into the Courthouse and met some of them.

And through my little investigation, limited as it was, I can prove that these Federal Magistrate Judges are the most corrupt, small-minded, and ridiculous men who have ever held office in the Judiciary (Very interesting) (for a hundred thousand a year, these guys) and so they are fully supported by the Federal District Judges –the one in Los Angeles who didn’t give me a fair hearing. (I see)

And …first of all lawyers don’t even want to talk–I had to sue the FBI alone–I couldn’t even get a lawyer to go co-counsel with me, because no-one wanted to go out on a limb against the FBI (Sure) that’s how powerful these people are. What I think they are doing here to us–is they are using secret orders from the Federal Magistrate Judges against individual targets such as Geral Sosbee–me; they take that around and show it–they show it to the police, they show it to your neighbors, they show it to the State agencies that you might be involved with.

Now the State Bar has never taken any action against me because they have very strict guidelines before they come after someone for disciplinary reasons–so the FBI has not been able to take away my Law license. Even though they have made some overtures– with phony clients in for example pretending to be in need of legal services, then I discovered they were not, they were frauds–

Ramola D: I see. Some kind of framing and entrapment operation over there–that failed–

Geral Sosbee: Yes, the Federal Judges and FBI need to profile a person who is targeted, and a person can be targeted for any reason at all–by the federal agencies such as NSA CIA, any of these agencies for any reason–if they don’t like you or if there is something about you that they don’t like, they can find–or if they think you’re a whistleblower–and incidentally I never intended to be a whistleblower, that was not my intent to be a whistleblower–all I am doing is showing the facts of, that surround the FBI’s attack on me–and people who are listening to me can decide whether or not I’m a whistleblower.

But I’ve never seen anything this horrendous and as huge as what we are looking at here because the FBI operations–and they are all tied in together, they knew that the FBI has the support of the CIA, all of these agencies work together but the actual executive command as far as I can determine, at least in my case, and I think in many cases is the FBI–they’re so powerful.

Ramola D: Very interesting, you know, so that suggests–

Geral Sosbee: No-one will question them and that’s a little problem when you–I forget who said it–but if you have a police group, you are not allowed to question what they are doing, then you can’t trust them, that is fundamental.

Ramola D: And that would suggest that, you know, that– since you think the executive order seems to come from the FBI — but you also suggested there’s a connection between the FBI and these Federal Magistrate Judges–so does the FBI first go to the judges and get this kind of order which they then present to everybody in the local fusion center or local Law Enforcement?

Geral: I’m having difficulty in hearing Ramola, I’m sorry–you were asking me about the orders from the Federal Magistrate Judges.

Ramola D: Correct. What is the connection–how does the FBI work it, do you think, between the Federal Magistrate Judges and then sort of issuing notices in the neighborhood and to the local fusion centers etc.?

Geral Sosbee: Well, I’m not an expert in this and I never tried to hold myself out as an expert–what I am saying is based on my personal opinion and my observations and I have no proof here to tell people–the issue is if it’s secret, it is sealed, you can’t get to them–how can you sue them if you don’t know who to sue?

Lawyers don’t want anything to do with it, plus lawyers want to make money–so if you go to a lawyer, with this kind of case, they’re just going to be real polite to you, say “We’re not interested” — so they know they’re not going to make any money most likely, plus they’re going to look bad, it’s going to make the FBI come down on them. These Federal Magistrate Judges or whoever, the FISA judges or whoever is issuing these orders–they’re doing it so no-one can get to them.

If Congress would investigate, I have many many witnesses, who would protect me — I know who they are…I have photographs of some of these stalkers–I consider them to be accomplices to potential murder, that’s why I recently identified some on the David Atkins video — tried to intimidate you and threaten you on the David Atkins video– you can see right there assault and intimidation and in a civil sense that’s a violation of a tort law–attempt to cause depression–

Ramola D: Provocation, right?

Geral Sosbee: Extreme emotional distress is what I am trying to say–but look, as far as these orders, Ramola, this is the most horrendous–there is no due process. No-one is ever told why he or she is being attacked—they can only speculate. Some people are being attacked because of their jobs—something in that they worked for the NSA, CIA, or any of these other intelligence agencies—they’re subject to being targeted if they do or say something, or if their personal lives don’t conform to these agencies’ idea of what they’re supposed to do.

Ramola D: Very often, it seems, especially among whistleblowers from the NSA etcetera or the Army—people I’ve spoken to, they’ve usually done something or they’ve spoken out against corruption inside the organization, you know, and then they get targeted. Or they’ve started an EEOC case about discrimination or something like that, and then they get targeted.

Geral Sosbee: Yeah, I’ve tried to understand that, Ramola, a few years ago I wrote a paper, a little article –on the criminal FBI, criminal abuse of the Global Disease Surveillance System. When I looked at that—it’s somewhere online—Criminal Abuse of the Global Disease Surveillance System–I learned there is a whole group of diseases, usually communicable diseases, that the government, the FBI, the HH Services (Department of Health and Human Services) some of these agencies, would use in order to profile a target so that they can–that will help them get the Federal court order in secret.

Now once they get that Federal court order, for example if a person has HIV—which I do not—but many people may come in contact with HIV or other diseases that I list in my report. That alone is enough, right there, to put a Global Surveillance Order on that person (wherever he goes and ever resides)

And the problem here that people don’t understand, we all want to be careful here who we have personal relationships with, everyone should be real careful there—however if they’re going to intentionally infect people, which is what I am saying they do, and if they are going to single out these people who have different type of illnesses, then why not make it public? Let’s see—why don’t you tell us FBI, tell the people why you have targeted me, and how you’ve been able to get my records to do that—I have invited them to do that—if they will comply, everybody can see what is going on.

But they won’t, this is a secret program–they don’t want to have to explain what they are doing. The minute they start explaining, it is an admission of all the things that you, that we have alleged against them—

And one more thing—when I say Surveillance, and I think Ramola, you understand this very well, I don’t mean just people following us around. It’s assault and battery, torture, home invasion, destruction of the cars–

Ramola D: With electromagnetic weapons, through-wall surveillance, radar, tracking, etc.

Geral Sosbee: Yeah. The whole ball of wax–they won’t stop at anything. This is unprecedented in human affairs, Ramola.

Ramola D: Absolutely. Would you say, Geral, that this is the use, this is sort of the misuse, this is the criminal abuse, I should say of power, of using covers of classified labels and secrecy labels in order to conceal crime—for this is literally crime, right, these are criminal assaults against people?

Geral Sosbee: Yes, that’s exactly right, Ramola—the problem is, and I’ve thought about this earlier–how can we actually comprehend what’s going on, it’s so difficult—and I’ve mentioned this earlier—it took me ten years to even figure out what I needed to do, and I sued them and then I started my website–

So what I can see is piece by piece we can get a picture, it’s like a jigsaw puzzle–we can fit together the whole program and understand it better–we can only do it piece by piece—that’s why I referenced my papers earlier in our talk here today, the papers at –because in those papers I show little pieces of what they are doing to me and others, such as the quasi-secret criminal justice system that the FBI has started–they’re using a civil process, abusive civil process to go out and provoke people into responding, and then they arrest some people and put them in prison or in a mental institution. So it’s piece by piece is what we are trying to do, I think, is to put this thing together so ultimately we have the jigsaw puzzle altogether and we can see what is going on.

Ramola D: That’s a good plan—because there are indeed many pieces to this, right, aren’t there; there is the initial targeting and then the going to the Federal Magistrate and getting an order and then informing the neighborhood, informing the local Fusion Center and then engaging in these harassive entrapment activities which further push the target into further dire straits either being imprisoned–arrested and imprisoned–or sent off to a Psych Ward?

Geral Sosbee: Yes, that’s right—and one more thing here please. I’m really disappointed in our Police Departments, because first of all they are programmed and trained by the FBI at the National Academy—and there—the culture has become so corrupt that they are killing people on the street willy-nilly. They can kill people and get away with it because they are trained to do that by the FBI—now Police departments sometimes refuse to accept my complaint of a crime against me–

Rd: Oh yes.

Geral Sosbee: Even threatened to arrest me…when I make a complaint. My wife and I filed a complaint in Brownsville and the Police Detective, his name is Adrien Posada, and this is all on record, I’ve written reports on it, he quietly threatened to arrest me—in his words, for filing a false police report, and then he said, go take your medication–my wife is sitting there right next to me.

So when he stated this to me, I knew immediately that this guy Adrien Posada, detective from the Brownsville Texas Police Department and on here, the Commander of the Police Department got involved, he told me that Posada didn’t behave properly and this Commander,I forget his name, criticized Posada’s demeanor, the way he treated me and my wife. So at that point I knew we had a corrupt cop. But it’s not just Posada, I am seeing something here.

Ramola D: Oh yes. Oh yes, you know, it’s like they follow a protocol, it seems like they’ve been trained to use this mental health story—immediately accuse people of being mentally unwell when they are presented with complaints like this.

Geral Sosbee: That is a good point, thank you for putting that in there—and in fact it even goes beyond the police. The FBI apparently contact medical doctors and falsely report a paranoid delusional disorder, they receive in their file a false mental diagnosis, they try the same methodology–in Part 20 of my story in detail you’ll see the medical doctor’s report where he falsified that report. That same medical doctor today is working for the DA…also I have a DA pdf at my which will show some of that information that’s going on with these doctors.

Ramola D: Very interesting, so you have information; in other words, you’re aware that the FBI actually contacts doctors beforehand, psychiatrists also possibly, in order to get this kind of psychiatric diagnosis right, misdiagnosis, I should say–

Geral Sosbee: Yeah, Ramola, I can’t prove it, again this is all based on personal experience and my–I should use the word speculation–but how else can the doctor and the police, these sorts of people, turn against an innocent man or woman–unless some very powerful group like the FBI goes in there and displays a Federal Court Order which says/looks valid, since this is completely extra-legal in the sense that, there is no due process, there’s no equal protection under the law, there’s no Bill of Rights applied, then how are you supposed to defend against this type of thing?

Ramola D: Right–so many people are reporting precisely what you are reporting Geral– so many people, across the country and literally across the world, pretty much the same scenario is being replayed around the world right, the same protocol, the same story, people being targeted, people being assaulted with weaponry, and when they speak out, when they make a complaint to police, it’s always an issue of, you know, that the police either don’t take the complaint seriously or they accuse the reporting victim of being mentally unstable and needing a psychiatrist immediately.

Geral Sosbee: Yeah, and that’s exactly what’s happening. You got it exactly correct, its global, it’s not just something that’s happening in our little individual neighborhoods, and it’s something that people need to be educated about and I don’t know how to educate them except through what people like you and me and others are doing.

Ramola D: Absolutely. Public awareness–just speaking out, you know, and just sort of relaying our own experiences, as you are doing Geral and as I have been trying to do, –how else can you reach the public, right, you just report what’s going on on the ground. And of course mainstream media isn’t covering this, so we have an uphill battle to climb, we have to put the information out there, regardless, right?

Geral Sosbee: Yes, and let me say this–United States Attorneys are aware of this, they’re aware of what is going on, these are (US attorneys) all over the country are aware of this -and the States’ attorneys and the city prosecutors. All of these people will not do their job if the FBI lets them see these Federal Court Orders. Federal Court Orders — it’s the civil law that we’re talking about here — they’re so powerful, Ramola, it’s like a (decree) from God has come down in that civil court order.

Ramola D: That’s awful.

Geral Sosbee: In other words everyone that they come in contact with, and I mean everyone, is immediately turned against the target.

Ramola D: Yes, everybody — Because they actually go and contact everybody who’s within the target’s circle of acquaintance, circle of friendship, circle of collegiate relationship, personal relationship — anything, right?

Geral Sosbee: Yeah. My brother is afraid to be associated with me–I have two brothers–they, I’d love to see them before my time is up, and I’ve tried to see them, but it’s difficult, because, you know, no-one wants the FBI snooping around. And another thing–I think that the FBI controls Congress and the courts by implied blackmail. Anyone that has any human behavior that’s…..if Congress and the judges sitting there in the high courts, if the FBI ever disliked them, and wanted to get them, then they would find something in their personal lives that would be embarrassing, and they would ruin them. Everybody has something in the closet.

Ramola D: Yeah, I understand that’s how they run it. They have control files on all the Congresspeople, right?

Geral Sosbee: Yes, And they have extensive files on Congress.  And on the Board of Judges on the court. Is there anything else that I have skipped that I haven’t addressed? That you and I have wanted to talk about?

Ramola D: There’s a couple questions that I had, you know, you had actually talked about this in previous conversations with me, and I just thought, you know, that other people would be interested in hearing this too. One of them is: you know, how do you see the CIA as being involved–because many people see the CIA as being a heavy part of the Deep State or Shadow Government, the control mechanism behind the whole thing–that’s one question–

Geral Sosbee: Real good question, Ramola. I received a message about the year 1990 or 1988 or so–and the CIA sent me a little subliminal message having to do with employment with the FBI and employment with the CIA. I didn’t think the CIA would send me a message like that…..let me just say the CIA wherever they are have total access to everything–they are the secret government, the FBI and the CIA, these groups are like governments unto themselves. They are like sovereign states, if I may use that expression. (Sure)

Now when I took off, I fled the United States for Thailand. Big mistake.

The CIA and FBI completely controlled Thailand (through) DOD. So when I was in Thailand, I was being assaulted by FBI operatives and thugs and informants; and incidentally, FBI operatives and thugs and normal citizens are involved in all of this, it’s not just the specialized and highly trained agents; it’s informants, operatives, and members of the general public on all who are involved in provoking people.

So now in Thailand I had so many assaults coming at me from so many I was kidnapped—all kinds of….

And one day some very smooth operators they didn’t seem to be FBI came at me when I was trying to exercise in the workout room, and they were very discreet, and I thought, these guys are not FBI, they’re acting more like CIA–

Rd: I see, a little more polished you mean–

Geral Sosbee: That was pure speculation, Ramola, but those were the two examples when I felt the CIA has been involved against me.

Ramola D: I see. Very interesting. And the FBI operatives you are talking about on the ground, I mean over here in the US as well, you know, we have Infragaard, and now we have the COPPs, the Community Policing Watch Services, and so forth and so they’re also all working with the FBI as well, right, what people call the gangstalkers.

Geral Sosbee: Yeah. Yes. That, see—let me go back to: The FBI has somehow managed to distil in the minds of all people a kind of feeling of awe-A-W-E-or respect. People believe that whatever the FBI says has got to be true.

Ramola D: Correct. Yes, yes—the FBI you know, it’s the guys with the FBI badge—so whatever investigations they are conducting have got to be kosher, have got to be legit, that’s what people imagine.

Geral Sosbee: If people knew what these FBI agents are doing around the world—and you and I are trying to show this—then I don’t think they’ll be so quick to say to the FBI, “anything you say, we’ll believe.”

Ramola D: Absolutely, and you know, I think that ‘s something to stress, Geral, as we try to inform the world, actually stress what exactly is going on on the ground, you know the actual horror of these programs, that are being conducted on people, on Americans right in America as well as other people, other citizens in other countries as well—being attacked extremely with these weapons to the point of torture, to the point of sadism, to the point of brutality, and to the point of death, because many people who are targeted actually die of the targeting, right?

Geral Sosbee: Yeah the idea of forcing people into a final exit. That is most abominable,

Rd: It’s criminal to start with! Its illegal.

Geral Sosbee: Yeah its hideous. That’s what the FBI do. We have a few of our friends, one or two of our friends you may recall committed suicide

Rd: Yes, unfortunately

Geral Sosbee: –trying to deal with the energy weaponry and the assaults, the stalking, and the character assassinations and all that, they can’t get jobs, they can’t even find a place to live, because they’re blackballed, so this kind of stuff can only happen under a murderous regime that doesn’t really respect human life (Yes) that’s my opinion on it.

Ramola D: Absolutely. I had one last question Geral, and that had to do with the DOJ. Now you made a very interesting comment to me yesterday about the FBI supposed to be under the DOJ, right—that’s supposed to be the set-up, the hierarchy, but it’s the other way around, actually?

Geral Sosbee: Yeah. I think I sent you a link to an article that I wrote, having to do with the loss of the constitutional government of the United States.

Rd: Yes, yes.

Geral Sosbee: Now in that article I showed—now I borrowed information, it was not all my data, I borrowed it from another book showing that the DOJ pretends to be the Head Honcho of Law Enforcement in this country. Actually the DOJ takes orders from the FBI. The FBI does whatever it wants to do, and then the DOJ has to support it. That’s my experience with the FBI and the DOJ.

Ramola D: Very interesting. I think people would be very interested to see, you know, the sort of interconnection and the actual hierarchy you know, that’s actually playing out. The NSA also comes to mind you know, because from what we are learning from the Snowden documents, that Suzie Dawson has found more information about, the satellites that are over every country are now being openly used by the NSA through various Intelligence Agency agreements that they’ve made with other countries. So–

Geral Sosbee: Yeah. That’s really scary, it may be beyond my ability to comprehend, what is actually going on with these satellites and different countries accessing them, Maybe it’s not just simply a global effort by the United States FBI, CIA to control the world, it’s an actual effort (of) purging everyone that’s on the Earth, who doesn’t conform to the standards that are dictated by these various Government officials. Now that’s a scary thought—a global purge in order to control the Earth and Outer Space. Then we’re really in for some bad times.

Ramola D: Yes and I think, unfortunately, you’ve hit the nail on the head there. There Is a globalist movement as you know, and there is a New World Order that’s been established, and if you look at the protocol of targeting throughout the world, it’s remarkably similar and has a very sinister similarity to it, so one has to kinda look at that direction and look at the Globalists, and look at their…you know, connect that to what the United Nations has been doing and the various depopulation programs that are in action etc, and yes, you know, global targeting of all humanity is indeed underway and has been underway for quite some time now in many different ways, shapes and forms which is horrifying to contemplate. But that sort of shows the connection between the local FBI and local CIA– I mean, I suppose you could never say the CIA is local, right because they’ve always been a bit octopus-like!

Geral Sosbee: Yes, the other thing that is horrifying to me is that the Media doesn’t say a word. …we don’t get Media coverage of what you and I and all the other people that are working on this project are reporting, to expose the insanity of what is happening to people.

Ramola D: Yes, we have to conclude they are a part of it Geral. They are a part of the Globalist enterprise to suppress and repress humanity, so we who are speaking out and we who are trying to do something, we are sort of the Alt Media, you know, we are the New Media

Geral Sosbee: Thank you Ramola Sad thought–That is an indictment as far as I am concerned, all these personalities and shows and Newscasts at night, all these reporters who pretend to be reporting news around the world, we’re indicting them, we’re showing they are cowards, they’re not doing any programs at all on something they know is happening–so it’s sad to realize

Rd: It is.

Geral Sosbee: It’s sad for our species, that we have these kinds of people, big media moguls, making huge sums of money, billions of dollars, some of them, and they’re not doing anything to educate the people about what’s going on.

Ramola D: Yes, absolutely. Do you have any advice for anybody who is out there and listening and waking up slowly to what is going on and wondering, What can I do to help change this situation?

Geral Sosbee: Well I thank you Ramola—other people need to be just like you…reaching out and trying to get people to submit their different accounts is the least they can do—Regards advice, look, from—from a long time ago I do not hold out hopes that this will stop (Oh boy)—I know some people will disagree, I hurt their feelings when I say that—but if we have the ability to stop this program—now we might be able like as you say to pull it back, but as to stop it, I don’t think it is possible and I don’t have any hope that it will stop.

Because the technology that is being used today, it’s to consolidate power and to control different governments, will have to continue to be used in the future for the same reason. Because other governments have access to it. In fact the embassy in, the recent embassy incident in Cuba–in which some people were losing their hearing. That’s an example of someone using some frequencies and destroying people’s hearings at the Embassy. Even after that admission, we don’t have people looking into our stories of DEW or… so I’m not happy at all with imagining we can stop them.

Now this may not be a good attitude now this sounds like a not good attitude but I see this as some kind of warzone – some of us live in a warzone—and my experience of war tells me you don’t ever sit back and hope the enemy won’t come at you, that’s something you just don’t do, it defies all logic, you’ve got to fight until you’re not there anymore.

Ramola D: Absolutely And it is a warzone, you’re right, you’re absolutely right, but it is Asymmetric War, because the people fighting this war against people like you and me are using weaponry, and we’re not using weaponry, we’re just using our words to report what they are doing. So they see it as an Information Warfare, they see this as an Information Operation—and they are daring to call their attacks with these weapons, they’re daring to call these attacks Information Attacks—they’re not information attacks, they are Assaults. They are physical assaults and they are mental assaults on our brains and our bodies. So it is a warzone, it’s the Next World War, which many people are not aware of—many people aren’t aware that it’s actually going on, but it is going on, we know it is going on, right?

Geral Sosbee: Yes Ramola thank you these are secret technologies, we don’t know the full range of these technologies on human beings Some people talk about Voice to Skull—we don’t talk about that but I believe them when they say that.

Ramola D: Oh yes, because the patents exist, many patents exist, and there’s a history of development that’s also been revealed through the work of many whistleblowers who’ve spoken out and through some information as well from military documents.

Geral Sosbee: Yeah—now do you know a lady named Eleanor, White or something—do you know her

Ramola D: Yes, yes I remember, she had a website, and she put some information out online.

Geral Sosbee: Okay. Now many years ago, I read some of her material and she was very right on target. She made some points that I didn’t understand but now I am beginning to think she was right-on. She stated that these technologies could be used to stimulate parts of the body. So if this is true, then what these guys are doing, who work for the FBI they’re using technologies to stimulate people’s bodies or their brain or their private parts or whatever—what are they thinking? Where did this technology come from – and how extensive is the application that it has taken? These are the kinds of things that we would need Government to open up, Congress would have to not be cowards (Yes)–Congress has some cowards in Congress—that’s another impossibility to realize!

Rd: Or we may have to replace Congress with some less cowardly people right?

Geral Sosbee: We just..If I were in that position…I would stand on the floor until I collapsed and was exhausted to make sure that a law was passed to examine and open up and make public all of these kinds of technologies that our government is using against our own people. And when we talk about people today, everyone in the world today is our own people–because we are one big community today in the world.

Ramola D: Correct. Yes, absolutely. And I thank you for your commitment and integrity there, Geral because you are indeed one of the few and far between for having the conscientiousness to say that. We need Congresspeople like that, you know, who would care about humans—but they don’t seem to care, they seem to be quite happy to ignore what is going on, and to simply give the Intel agencies a free ride and let them do whatever they want and keep it all under cover and classified labels and Secrecy you know—and not look any further into these weapons which we have information on from you know the Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directorate, etc are pretty horrific there is a lot of information on the Bioeffects of these weapons, that information has been published, and as you say the weapons can affect the organs, can affect the nerves, the bones, and joints, and indeed can affect their private parts—and indeed targets, people who are targeted are reporting precisely that. They’re reporting being invaded in their private parts in their brains, in every part of their bodies and in their brains—people are reporting it, Mainstream Media is not touching it, and Congresspeople are ignoring it—that’s the state of affairs, the sort of sad and gory state of affairs today.

Geral Sosbee: You touched on something that’s important there, about Congress. I mean these people in Congress are making so much money, I mean they live in …I mean they’re not just making hundreds of thousands of dollars from their salary, they’re making money from their private investments in violation of FCC rules and insider trading—an example of that is Feinstein. Another example of an extremely corrupt Senator is Cornyn.

Rd: Oh yes.

Geral Sosbee: And one more thing that you reminded me of, and maybe you didn’t mean to but you did, and it’s this—if our government is doing this kind of thing to its own citizens, its own people—they’re going to be doing the same kind of thing to other civilians around the world, The United States is making a lot of enemies.

Rd: Sadly, yes.

Geral Sosbee: If something like this is going on, they don’t like it I’m talking about ordinary people everywhere who see what this evil group of Intelligence agencies is doing—FBI, CIA, NSA, NSC, DOD all these different intelligence groups together—then that’s not good for our own national security

Ramola D: Excellent point, absolutely—yes, we are not safeguarding our national security by using weaponry on our own people or on the people of other countries–

Geral Sosbee: No….we don’t know what they are capable of doing—now DOD (they’ve got messengers and drones) they’re able to kill people and take them out—the masses of people (that run) the State everywhere around the world when they begin to realize what they’re doing, even though they’re incapable of doing…of hurting our own people here, (they can try) to get back at the government—that’s just some of the big risks that are being run by these intelligence agencies–

Ramola D: Yes absolutely, absolutely. Well I think there is so much to talk about on this subject and you know it would be wonderful if you could come back another time and talk about your understanding and your experience—I really thank you for coming forward—is there anything in particular that you would like to touch on before we close this session?

Geral Sosbee: No, Ramola, except to say, thank you again. You and my dear friend Barbara Hartwell are among the most brave people I’ve ever known—you’re taking a chance and a risk at what you’re doing here and most men couldn’t do it! I don’t mean to be sexist, but the bravest people I know are women!—so thank you very much and I look forward to our—thank you for our friendship and you are on Facebook right so you know I quit Facebook

Rd: I heard about that just today—I saw that note you posted–you quit Facebook yesterday?

Geral Sosbee: Yeah but I wrote a report as to why–I think they’re too close to the FBI and they’re engaged in the cover-up of crimes that are being committed by–that David Atkins post that I mentioned earlier –

Ramola D: Yes, and you know actually I haven’t seen that video, and I’d like to see it and explore that a little bit and try to find out what exactly that’s all about

Geral Sosbee: Thank you, that is a video, it shows these 2 guys, it shows their faces, it shows them trying to provoke this guy David, I don’t know him that well, he was my friend on Facebook, but he was clearly being terrorized by these two idiots, so then after I wrote about it and I criticized it, those 2 guys, and I said they were accomplices to attempted murder, Facebook shut…Facebook has shut me down approximately 3 times—so Ramola, that’s all I’ve got and—and I look forward to talking with you again. Did you want me to stay on the line after we disconnect?

Ramola D: Not necessarily, but I thank you so much for being here this afternoon, and for spending so much time in talking about this. We’ll pick up on this conversation again and definitely you know I’ll explore a little bit further about Facebook and see if I can explore the Facebook connection—as you know Facebook is in big trouble these days – with all the social data mining they’ve been doing—I’m glad to see that, I think we’re all glad to see that – so we’ll talk more on all these subjects, thank you so much again, Geral.

Geral Sosbee: Thank you Ramola. Bye bye.

Rd: Bye bye.