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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Strange Bedfellows: The Wannabe Meets the Spooks

September, 2002

Birds of a feather flock together. So do cowards, liars and traitors.

That's why it comes as no surprise that Brenda Negri --the notorious nut-job, law enforcement groupie and 007 wannabe-- has now teamed up with a couple of other liars, cowards and traitors.

It looks like Brenda Negri has finally hit the big time!

Yes sirree, the people Negri has joined forces with were --or are-- ACTUALLY employed by CIA. Imagine that..... a wannabe meets some REAL spooks. Negri must be bursting with pride.

I guess what Brenda Negri doesn't know won't hurt her.....unless it happens to be the simple fact that she is being used as a dupe by her new 'friends' from CIA. But that's to be expected.....after all, Negri is far and away from being the sharpest tool in the shed.

The 'retired' CIA operatives who have seized the window of opportunity to exploit Negri and her website, The Fifth Horseman, to promote even MORE libelous disinformation about myself and now, my sister, Irene Adrian as well, just happen to live next door to Irene in Wilmington, North Carolina.

What a coincidence......

These 'retired' CIA operatives whose unconscionable activities were publicly exposed on the World Wide Web some time ago, must REALLY be desperate, since they had to resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel and using the likes of Brenda Negri to do some of their dirty work. I guess good help must be really hard to find.

And being the despicable opportunist she is, Negri would jump at any chance to do some serious damage, some malicious mischief, anytime, anywhere, especially if the target is Yours Truly, Barbara Hartwell.

As an added perk for the CIA operatives, Brenda Negri's services are free of charge. Certainly it's cost effective, considering the deplorable state of the economy these days. Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt-cheap.

But read all about it for yourself.......

On the morning of September 27, I received e-mail forwarded to me from this address:

This message was sent from the same 'anonymous' author, 'Just a friend', to Brenda Negri, the architect of The Fifth Horseman website, which Negri has used as a vehicle to smear legitimate investigators and whistleblowers, including myself, over the past year.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 7:40 PM
Subject: Re Barbara Hartwell and Irene Adrian

"I hope this is the correct e-mail address for Brenda Negri. I wonder if you are aware of the fact Hartwell's sister, Irene Adrian, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon (handgun) on August 10, 2002. It took six deputies to arrest her. She is apparently seriously mentally ill, as is her sister Barbara Hartwell. I know nothing about you, but since you seem to be a target of this lunatic Hartwell there must be something good about what you are doing. According to Hartwell and Adrian's uncle both sisters are seriously ill, have a history of mental problems and drug abuse, and have been in trouble with the law before.

If you would like the documentation for some of this and an account of the incident (Hartwell went to NC and helped her sister after the arrest) just reply to this e-mail. Hartwell has apparently also been sending out death threats in e-mail under hacked e-mail accounts at Yahoo and using the name Dimitry Arbatov.

Just a Friend"

That friendly little message really warmed my heart. It's not the first I've gotten from these CIA goons, and probably won't be the last. In one such missive, a few months ago, they bragged that they would have "the last laugh". I guess we'll have to wait and see about that.

But talk about something to laugh about? Wait, it gets better.

For your reading pleasure, here's Negri's recent commentary from The Fifth Horseman, posted on the same date that Negri received the above e-mail message.

What a coincidence......posted September 25, 2002.

From the Fifth Horseman, written by Brenda Negri:

"Remember always that in your life, what goes around, comes around, and ultimately, virtue is it's own revenge.

With regard to all the spiteful, slanderous and malicious things that have been said about us and done to us for going public with glaring truths on this site, and going after and naming individuals involved with organized crime and political corruption, and fraud, and Internet fakes, the Gods enjoy a good joke now and then, and in a fit of mercy, have just provided us a rare gemstone of information concerning criminal charges against activities related to one of our most outspoken and most blatantly fraudulent antagonists.

These charges, which are on public record, are soon to be heard in a courtroom, somewhere in the U.S., and all we will say is, it is far and away from ol' L.A. There is sweet temptation to spill the goods on who it pertains to and what the criminal charges are on this site, and everywhere else on the Web, which would completely destroy this adversary's credibility on the Internet, on the radio, and in person, as public records would show beyond any doubt the truth behind the fiction this adversary has been putting out for the public's consumption.

Yes, the temptation is there alright. However, prudent judgment has overcome our thirst for revenge, and we recall Russell Gough's words that our character is reflected in what we say about others. It's not easy to pass this one up, folks, but we will. With again, a heartfelt thanks to the anonymous individual who was caring and courageous enough to provide us with this very damning, very incriminating and explosive information, we have decided to keep this chess move - for the time being - under wraps. Something like this will serve justice at some other time when really needed in the End Game, and should it be necessary, we will move our White Knight there and then and checkmate will be ours. And ye shall know the truth, and it shall set you free.."

Yes, the truth shall set you free. Amen to that.

But certainly not Brenda Negri's twisted and delusional version of 'truth'. So for those interested in the truth, let's take a closer look at just what the REAL truth might be.

The "caring and courageous" individual whom Brenda Negri so gushingly applauds in her commentary is none other than one of the same unscrupulous CIA operatives who are running a game on Negri, using her as their dupe in their attempts to discredit me and to cover up the truth about their own illegal activities.

As to the individual Negri refers to as "one of our most outspoken and most blatantly fraudulent antagonists".......???? You'd have to be almost as dumb as Negri not to figure that one out.

(An aside: Are there more than one of Brenda Negri? I have to wonder. It is strange that she always uses the plural pronouns "we" and "our". Perhaps, in addition to her other forms of psychopathology, she has fallen prey to Multiple Personality Disorder.

At least that would explain why Negri contradicts herself at every turn and why there is no consistency whatsoever in the opinions and viewpoints --or in the libelous allegations about myself and others-- she has been expressing on her website.)

I find it necessary to disabuse Negri of her grandiose notions about the so-called "very damning, very incriminating and explosive information" --which in her profound ignorance, stupidity and gullibility-- she thinks she has been made privy to.

Far be it from me to take the wind out of Negri's sails, but.......

TRUTHFUL information is comprised of facts. And the truth is, Brenda Negri has never, ever bothered to check the facts about ANY subject before shooting off her big mouth.

And truth be told, there are no facts in the 'anonymous' message sent to Negri by those who would use her for their own ends. Nor are there any facts in Negri's melodramatic and ludicrous commentary.

Both Negri and her new "friends", the 'retired' CIA operatives, are engaging in the purposeful and malicious intent to deceive the public and to discredit myself and my sister, Irene Adrian.

Why? Because they are desperate to cover up their own unscrupulous actions. Because all of them have already been exposed for what they are: Liars, cowards and traitors, the enemies of freedom and justice.

So in the interest of TRUTH, let's take a look at some facts.

The CIA operative ( Negri's new "friend") claims: "Hartwell's sister, Irene Adrian, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon (handgun) on August 10, 2002."


My sister Irene Adrian was indeed arrested on August 10. But the reason for this false arrest is that Irene's neighbor, the 'retired' CIA operative, made false criminal charges against her.

Irene owns no "deadly weapon", nor is there such a weapon in her household. The fact is, Irene was on her own property, minding her own business, carrying an air gun, a broken air gun at that, which contained NO 'ammunition'. An air gun can hardly be described as a "deadly weapon". Furthermore, she did NOT "assault" anyone, nor did she even point the air gun at anyone.

CIA operative: "It took six deputies to arrest her."

FACT: It did NOT take "six deputies". This fact will come out in court, as per the police report.

CIA operative: "She [Irene Adrian] is apparently seriously mentally ill, as is her sister Barbara Hartwell."

FACTS: The CIA operative has no evidence to suggest that Irene is "mentally ill"; nor does he have any such evidence regarding myself. His opinion is purely speculative.

CIA operative: "According to Hartwell and Adrian's uncle both sisters are seriously ill, have a history of mental problems and drug abuse, and have been in trouble with the law before."

FACTS: The CIA operative made phone calls to my family members (former and current CIA). This has been corroborated by my family members, to my sister, Irene Adrian. Among those who received such calls was an uncle, who has testified that he said NO such things about myself or my sister.

Neither myself nor my sister have a "history of mental problems and drug abuse". Nor does the CIA operative who makes these false claims have any documentation regarding such.

CIA operative: "Hartwell has apparently also been sending out death threats in e-mail under hacked e-mail accounts at Yahoo and using the name Dimitry Arbatov. "

FACTS:  I, Barbara Hartwell, have NEVER sent out any "death threats" to anyone.

I have never "hacked" any e-mail accounts on Yahoo or any other server.

I have never used the name "Dimitri Arbatov". I do not know anyone by the name of Dimitri Arbatov. The only contact I have ever had with a person using the name Dimitri Arbatov was an e-mail message sent to me in reference to Irene Adrian's CIA neighbors, which I posted on my website under Letters to the Editor.

As regards the court case pending for the false arrest of my sister, Irene Adrian: I and my professional associates have investigated this matter and a report, based on the facts of the case, will be published in the near future.

As for this buffoon, Brenda Negri, the 007 wannabe, and would-be 'player' who in her fantasies thinks she's playing some kind of chess game....whatever game she's playing, Brenda Negri's "checkmate" -- like the rest of her sick fantasies-- will happen only in her dreams.

I guess Negri thinks she's playing in the big leagues now, because some washed up CIA operatives, desperate to cover up their own criminal activities and save their own sorry hides, are using her as a shill.

But as Brenda Negri will find out --the hard way-- she is way out of her league.

Personally, I find Negri and her new "friends" pathetic. But I've no doubt they will all pay dearly for their lies, their malice and their harassment of innocent, law-abiding citizens like myself and my sister Irene Adrian.

Will Brenda Negri's "thirst for vengeance" be slaked?

Will the 'retired' CIA operatives continue to operate with impunity, in the smug belief that they are above the law?

Will the pact of the strange bedfellows serve their nefarious ends?

Or will justice be served?

Only the Shadow knows....

Barbara Hartwell
September 27, 2002


The 'retired' CIA operatives are Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra, of Wilmington, N.C.

My uncle, mentioned here, is Andrew Jackson Percival Jr. (CIA) who was acquainted with these criminals from past CIA operations. He in fact, warned my sister about them; and he at no time made statements about me or my sister, as claimed by these lying CIA slugs.

Ronald Cerra eventually had a warrant put out for his arrest, for criminal harassment and stalking of my sister, Irene Adrian. He fled the country to evade an arrest. This was a direct result of my five year investigation and of exposing the crimes committed by these 'retired' CIA operatives.

Ron Cerra admitted, in a court of law, to still being employed by CIA. When admonished by the judge for stalking my sister, he claimed: "I'm CIA! I can do anything I want!"

And I'm not finished with these CIA rat bastards, not by a long shot...stay tuned.

December 16, 200