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Monday, December 9, 2013

State of Emergency: Urgent Appeal for Help

NOTE: This was written from the so-called "sanctuary" at the house of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer. On December 21, 2013 I left, after 29 days, because Maureen Nemaizer issued a directive that I, a disabled senior citizen, utterly destitute and under persecution,  be thrown into the street.

While there, I was grossly insulted and mistreated.

Howard and Maureen Nemaizer are liars, who later stole some of my property which I was forced to leave there until  could afford to move it. He also stole the mail addressed to Barbara Hartwell that was forwarded to his house

As for some of the other property I lost, that was because Howard Nemaizer made false promises, which he reneged on at the last minute and I was forced to leave it behind.

They have also since that time, been publicly disseminating lies about Barbara Hartwell and defaming my name.

See my reports exposing the offenses of the Nemaizers on this site.

Dear Friends, Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Defenders of Liberty:

I have been offline for over two months, after my phone/Internet service was shut off, for the final time, due to my inability to pay the bill. I have no e-mail, only a temporary Internet connection I am using to post this urgent appeal for help.

My radio broadcasts, as co-host of The Medical Conspiracy Radio Show, with Dr. Antonella Carpenter, had to be suspended. As my regular readers know, Dr. Carpenter is living under similar dreadful  circumstances to my own, as a result of persecution by the government. Like me, she has lost everything, including her home, her professional practice (her only means of making a living), her vehicles, and has been living at a 'safe house' at an undisclosed location. This, after an unlawful raid by FDA in 2012, in which all Dr. Carpenter's property was stolen, and a Federal Grand Jury investigation early this year.

We have been trying to expose the brutal nature of neutralization campaigns against a Target: The perps aim to destroy every area of your life, leaving you destitute and homeless and isolated from any support systems you may have had.

In the end of November 2013, I lost my home in Maine, a rental I could not afford to continue to pay for. Prior to that time, for the past year, I had been forced to appeal to Christian charities just to get food. Other necessities were hard to come by, most of which I could not get at all. The Salvation Army and a division of Catholic Charities were able to help, according to their limitations, by paying electric bills when I was threatened with losing my power after I received a final disconnect notice. During the last months at my residence I was able to get fuel in the tank (oil heat and hot water) only by last-minute donations from friends. 

My public appeals for donations were mostly ignored, save by a few kind and generous persons who offered what support they could. The Priest from my church, of which I had been a member since 2009, helped as much as he could (the church has very limited resources) with donations for food and gas for my car. 

In 2010, I had lost my previous home, a property I owned, forced to sell at a loss, in a bad market, due to threat of foreclosure for taxes. I had invested everything I had in this house, in the belief that it would be a secure home for the rest of my life. True, I lived in poverty, having no reliable source of material support, but at least I had a roof over my head. To make things worse, my enemies posted many lies and much false information about the ownership of my home, libeling various individuals in the process. The criminal perps also posted my UNLISTED PRIVATE street address, accompanied by photos of my house, thus invading my privacy, compromising my security and endangering my safety, even soliciting crimes against me by like-minded thugs.

After the sale of my home in 2010, I was forced to live in motels, moving from place to place, for a period of eight (8) months, with all my possessions in storage, which drained my resources. The fact of the matter is that no landlord would rent to me, for the following reasons: I have no credit history and no official employment history; I am a "ghost" in the system and do not use a social security number. I was horrified to see the forms a prospective tenant was expected to fill out --intrusive as hell, they wanted to know details of a person's life, finances, etc. which constituted extreme invasions of privacy.

To make matters worse, my name and reputation had been utterly ruined by the outrageous lies published on the Internet, in the massive longterm libel campaign being run by my enemies. I was blacklisted automatically, the minute a landlord put my name in a search engine. Or for that matter, anyone else with whom I needed to do business.

I finally found a rental home in December 2010. The landlords were nice people (not searching the Internet, nor demanding reams of private information) and I had excellent references, including a letter from the Priest at my church, but my resources were drained by what I had been forced to spend, trying to survive, as well as by loans I made to others, which unfortunately were never repaid.

Three years later I am now utterly destitute and without a home. In addition to my disabilities, my health has suffered tremendously, as a result of constant stress and lack of the regular health care and medicines I need. I have suffered from one acute illness after another, and I am in so much pain I can barely function, and I have no way to get relief.

I write this letter from a 'safe house', a location I will not disclose, somewhere in the Northeastern U.S. In the months preceding the loss of my home, I knew I would need to find sanctuary if I hoped to survive. No money even for basic necessities, much less to pay for another rental or utilities (even if anyone would rent to me). I made inquiries among my friends and family, but no one offered me even a temporary situation. Finally, in late October I received the one and only offer of sanctuary.   

But unfortunately I have learned that the sanctuary offered here will not extend more than a few weeks at most.

During the time I was preparing to leave my home in Maine, I was forced to deal with these brutal  circumstances alone, since I was unable to get any help at all. I was forced to sell any possessions which could be sold, including my furniture, and some family heirlooms I'd had for decades, at a fraction of its worth. Of course, the state of the economy made it nearly impossible to sell any but the most valuable items. 

The rest of my furniture, for which I could not find a buyer, I had no choice but to donate to the Salvation Army, as I could not afford to store it, had no place to move it, no way to move it, and needed to remove all my possessions before leaving my rental house.

I also was forced to sell many of my books, most of my CD collection, again, for pennies on the dollar value. These I can never replace. Other boxes of books I gave away to Christian charities. 

Long story short, I lost nearly everything I owned and sustained many thousands of dollars in losses.

My losses included a large collection of recordings of my radio broadcasts and TV shows, which I had planned to convert to digital when I could afford it (it never happened); my crystal glasses and vases, all my kitchen appliances, pots and pans, china, linen, blankets, sheets, and whatnot and other items which not only had practical value, but sentimental value, the precious possessions of a lifetime. My paintings, some of which I sold for a fraction of their worth, others simply left behind.

Because I had no help in packing, and no money for packing supplies, the best I could do was to go to a local supermarket to ask for boxes, which were in short supply. As it was, on the day I was picked up to move whatever few possessions I could salvage to the 'safe house', items had to be shoved at the last minute into garbage bags. As for the rest, which was not packed (no time, nor resources, and no help whatsoever) and could not fit into the vehicle used for moving, it was left behind, to be taken to the dump by my landlords, who, knowing of my situation, were willing to clean out what I couldn't remove, using a portion of my security deposit for the cost to them.

I've lost my plants (lovingly nurtured for decades, even though moved several times), which I gave to the Priest from my church, who also has a green thumb. I also gave him a collection of my artwork and other items I could not bear to part with, except to give to a friend I knew would appreciate them.

Heartbreaking, all these losses, I miss being able to attend my church, and am homesick for my beloved Maine --but now my life could be under immediate threat if I can't find another place to go.

I now have a mere few weeks to relocate yet again to another 'safe house', and there are no prospects that I know of. I have no money and the extreme stress has driven me into a state of nervous exhaustion, from which I can only pray to recover, assuming the life-threatening circumstances can be remedied and I can get to a safe place.

I have arranged for my mail to be forwarded to the address of the temporary safe house, and hopefully I will still be able to receive it.

Please, if you find my work of value, my reports exposing government corruption, my regular radio broadcasts on The Medical Conspiracy, and the occasional videos on which I appear as a guest, and/or simply because you care, make a donation so that not only can I stay online, but so I can survive under these extreme hardships of homelessness, destitution and persecution.

And please pray for me, for healing, and for deliverance from this dreadful state of affairs.

Thank you for your consideration, and for what ever you may find it in your heart to give, in the spirit of Christian charity or love gifts.

May the grace, the peace and the protection of God be with you, and wishing you a blessed Christmas season.

Barbara Hartwell

December 9, 2013