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Sunday, August 13, 2017

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT (?): Howard & Maureen Nemaizers' Anti-Christ Spirit

As a Christian minister for nigh on forty (40) years (ordained 1979), I have had a broad range of experience with the supernatural realm. Christians are called to engage in spiritual warfare, though most Christians today are not taught in the churches the vital importance of this.

Many do not even believe that demons are real. Maybe they don't believe in demons, but most assuredly, demons believe in the followers of Christ.

By the same token, there are many ignorant people who believe that the heavy metal rock culture, where tribute is openly paid to Satan, is “only entertainment”; it is only harmless fun, they say, and they will mock Christians who admonish against it.

They believe that as long as they are not directly participating in formal satanic rituals, they are “safe” from the spiritual consequences. Or, if they are atheists, they believe there are NO consequences whatsoever.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

(And there are no atheists in Hell.)

The occult culture of witchcraft and satanism, especially in heavy metal, its primary vehicle of delivery, is a corrosive influence which destroys lives.

This diabolical culture is directly connected to pornography, “sex magic”, satanic ritual abuse practiced against children, and sex predators in human sex trafficking.

Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either grossly ignorant, or willfully evil.

Now, to the subject of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, of Torrington, CT, two longtime participants in this satanic heavy metal culture.

Howard Nemaizer, an extremely aggressive and ambitious amateur/government stooge, who hosts a program called 'TRUTH TALK NEWS' and a site called 'Howard Nema dot com', has been on a rampage of defamation against Barbara Hartwell, preceded by his efforts to latch on to a legitimate CIA whistleblower, trying to make a name for himself. In so doing, Nemaizer has been grossly exploiting and misrepresenting my name since 2012.

When I demanded in public notices that he REMOVE my name and website from his promotions, instead of a public apology and retraction, as any person of even common decency would do, he dug in and doubled down, and began promoting outrageous lies, which have now been disseminated far and wide by his criminal accomplices, including Ken Adachi and Todd Brendan Fahey, who run large, high traffic commercial websites, and both of whom have engaged in massive campaigns of defamation and criminal harassment against Barbara Hartwell for well over a decade.

Of all Nemaizer's offenses, one of the worst is fraudulently promoting my name and website, ON THE SAME PAGES of his promotions of criminals and devil worshipers.

As I have stated repeatedly in my reports exposing Howard Nemaizer, I do not currently have the resources to sue him (I have multiple grounds), but I will continue to expose him, and I will continue to stand in my own defense and to seek justice, by any and all lawful and ethical means available to me.

I have created a permanent link in which I have documented the civil and criminal offenses of Howard Nemaizer, which is regularly updated with new reports and brief comments on the continuing offensive against Barbara Hartwell.


For this report, I have taken excerpts which relate to the culture of devil worship in which the Nemaizers are heavily involved.

All the evidence is from public sources, posted by Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, as well as my testimony, based on what I have witnessed.

But before I get to that, just as one example, here are the lyrics to a song titled, Lady Evil, by the late Ronnie James Dio, of Black Sabbath, a man promoted by both Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, as you will see as you read on.

There's a place just south of Witches' Valley
Where they say the wind won't blow
And they only speak in whispers of her name
There's a lady they say who feeds the darkness
It eats right from her hand
With a crying shout she'll search you out
And freeze you where you stand

Lady Evil, evil
She's a magical, mystical woman
Lady Evil, evil in my mind
She's queen of the night
All right!

In a place just south of Witches' Valley
Where they say the rain won't fall
Thunder cracks the sky, it makes you bleed, yeah
There's a lady they say who needs the darkness
She can't face the light
With an awful shout, she'll find you out
And have you for the night

Lady Evil, evil
She's a magical, mystical woman
Lady Evil, evil on my mind
She's queen of the night

So if you ever get to Witches' Valley
Don't dream or close your eyes
And never trust your shadow in the dark
'Cause there's a lady I know who takes your vision
And turns it all around
The things you see are what to be, lost and never found

Lady Evil, evil
She's a magical, mystical woman
Lady Evil, evil on my mind
She's queen of the night

She's the queen of sin
Look out, she'll pull you in!
Lady wonder!

Ronnie James Dio



As documented in a previous update, Maureen Nemaizer expressed her admiration for a heavy-metal devil-worship group, appropriately named "Lady Evil". A so-called "tribute band" for Black Sabbath and Ronnie James Dio.

She attends heavy-metal devil worship events where Satan is saluted and Bibles are burned onstage.

On her Facebook page there is a family photo of herself, her husband and their son. Above this photo is a large photo of another heavy-metal devil-worshiper, a lowlife named Ronnie James Dio.

How many young people have been drawn to the left-hand path of Satan, because of this man and his ilk? How many have committed atrocities, such as sacrificing innocent animals? How many may have committed suicide, when filled with nihilistic despair, because of the hellish lyrics of Dio (who changed his name to honor the memory of a gangster)?

Why would Maureen Nemaizer be promoting this evil character as a backdrop for her personal Facebook page?

Why indeed?

The only text available on the page (at least which can be read by anyone not a member of Facebook) is this:

"Private homecare"

Apparently this is a description of Maureen Nemaizer's "job".

But who would hire the likes of Maureen Nemaizer for any kind of "homecare". She is not a nurse, she has no training in any field. A woman who promotes a Satanist on her Facebook page.

This is a warning about the true nature of Maureen Nemaizer. Aside from promoting heavy-metal anti-Christian devil-worship, this woman, being a snoop, snitch and gossip, would spread the private business, far and wide, of ANYONE with whom she has contact. And worse, she would fabricate stories, just as she has done, and continues to do, about Barbara Hartwell.

Would you want this woman in YOUR home? As a "caretaker" of YOUR loved ones?


When I recently did a search for Maureen Nemaizer's Facebook page, I found that the family photo, with the background photo of Ronnie James Dio, had been REMOVED. Now, there is only a small headshot of Maureen Nemaizer. I wonder why?


Maureen Nemaizer, who attends heavy metal devil worship events, is a member of this group: Nemaizer - Torrington, CT.

On her "profile" she has listed her favorite performer as "Lady Evil".

The description of "Lady Evil" is as follows:

"Lady Evil is New Yorks premier Ronnie James Dio and Dio era Black Sabbath tribute band, performing Dio, Sabbath and Rainbow."

Could anyone believe Maureen Nemaizer is not a Satanist? The evidence certainly does more than suggest it.

Black Sabbath is notorious for Satan worship, also for killing innocent animals.

So why does Maureen Nemaizer pretend to be a Christian? Why does she claim that Barbara Hartwell, her Target for libel, slander and malicious gossip, is "evil"?

Is she a hypocrite, or just stupid? Probably both, as well as evil. A very bad combination.

On Howard Nemaizer's website, Howard Nema dot com, he has a list of "categories".

In the category of "Church of Satan" he has copied material from various sources, about Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey and rock musicians who are followers of Crowley and other satanists.

He presents this material AS IF he is outraged and taking a stand against the evils of satanism.

Then, in typical Nemaizer fashion, he contradicts himself by this statement:

"As a musician heavily influenced by these Satanists and a person who believes in God, this is a terrible and powerful reality. I still listen to Zep and my favorite bands and still play their music, but I am perplexed by their Satanist origins. Is this wrong, I am sure it is not right, but not necessarily wrong. After all, I am a true musician, but I am a believer in God and hate all that works against God in this evil world. It is truly an enigma.

Am I promulgating evil? Im not certain. Do I love God. YES! Would I die for God and righteousness? Yes! I struggle with this to this day.

After all, I am a ROCKER! And I ROCK for God, not Satan! Johann Sebastian Bach believed God gave him his abilities and talent and so do I."

So, it is very clear that Howard Nemaizer has no clue as to the difference between good and evil. What is Godly and what is ungodly are mixed up in his mind. That does not sound like a person who "loves God". It sounds like a person who just wants his own way, no matter that he is slapping God in the face.

Nemaizer says: "I am sure it is not right, but not necessarily wrong."

This statement makes no sense at all. If it is "not right", then how can it possibly also be "not necessarily wrong"? He can't have it both ways, but clearly is making excuses for himself. He considers it "an enigma" that he is embracing evil, rather than simply admit that yes indeed, he is "promulgating" it.

So, according to Howard Nemaizer, being a "true musician" trumps all else, including making a choice between what is good and what is evil, or between serving God and serving Satan. What he himself admits is evil is apparently A-OK in his case, because he is a "ROCKER!" He can do what he pleases, no problem.

I think it's more likely that he is OFF HIS ROCKER, as well as entirely lacking in intellectual and spiritual discernment.

He compares himself to J.S. Bach, AS IF such a comparison could ever be made between a genius like Bach and a member of an obscure heavy metal garage band, whom no one has ever heard of.

Why do I care?

Because Howard Nemaizer has posted MY NAME, in his fraudulent notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", right there on the same page, making it look AS IF I and my website are a part of his idiocy and lunacy.


Nemaizer has STILL REFUSED TO REMOVE his fraudulent, defamatory, injurious material, exploiting and misrepresenting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell. After all the demands and the formal warning to CEASE & DESIST.

Now, that is evil. Knowingly promoting false information that harms another person. Nemaizer has apparently adopted the philosophy of the satanists whose evil he claims to hate. "Do what thou wilt". Nemaizer has done just that.

Get behind me, Satan!

And while you're at it Old Scrat, REMOVE MY NAME & WEBSITE, once and for all, from your trashy website.


After posting a plagiarized piece on CIA operations, not attributed to the actual source, (Nemaizer just lifts the material and places it on his website) he adds his own comments:
 "The CIA’s response to this growing knowledge and criticism follows a typical historical pattern.
The first journalists writers and whistleblowers who reveal the CIA’s criminal behavior and Nazi connections were harassed, censored and attacked by COINTELPRO, like former CIA Agent and whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, who is a constant target of the shadow government."

Nemaizer attempts to link his name, website and TV program with the name of Barbara Hartwell. He presumes to speak about me, exploiting my name, when it is not his story to tell, and has nothing to do with him.

Then, Nemaizer adds this:

"Soon after, Anthony J. Hilder was exposed on my radio show Tim White, (photo right), a cross dressing pedophile paying off early release from prison by working as a COINTELPRO operative like many other slimy, degenerate vermin used to do the dirty work.

White and other COINTELPRO bad guy operatives began a relentless attack campaign against me for my association with Len and Sherri and other reputable people in the truth community such as former CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell. Take a moment to read what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White on her blog."

First of all, Tim White is not, and has never been, any kind of "operative". He is merely a career criminal, a government stooge, exploited by actual COINTELPRO operatives. Howard Nemaizer clearly does not know the difference between an operative and a stooge. His ignorance of COINTELPRO is exposed, as he tries to present himself as some sort of authority on the subject.

Then he makes another outrageously false statement:

"...what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White..."

No, I have never at any time "put up" with anything from Tim White. How idiotic! I have, on the contrary, always done just the opposite: I have exposed the outrageous lies of Tim White. I have reported the criminal offenses of Tim White to the appropriate authorities.

Nemaizer is way out of line here. He can't seem to mind his own business, but tries to insert himself into an issue that has nothing to do with him. He tries to make it seem as if HE is a "target", when in fact he is not. Tim White harasses anyone who has ever had me as a guest on a radio/TV show, or who has used my name in any way other than in a negative context.


Now, Nemaizer uses this promotion on almost every page:

"If you seek truth and want to restore Constitutional Gov’t please subscribe and share the valuable information contained on this blog. Thank you for your continued support.

Together we can restore Our republic. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world by exposing the forces that wish to enslave us."

Nemaizer promotes false information and fraudulent notices, using the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, then tries to sell his slogans.

For the record, there is nothing whatsoever that I have done "together" with Howard Nemaizer, nor any of his cohorts (such as Harry Link or Janet Phelan) that bears any relevance to "restoring constitutional government".

Howard Nemaizer is a liar, using false information in attempts to make himself look "important" and pretending to knowledge he does not possess.

And why does he use a pseudonym? Even the name he uses is false.




Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema is affiliated with UNITED FM RADIO, owned by Keith Mutch of Torrington, CT.
Nema's show, 'Truth Talk News' is broadcast on this station.

Keith Mutch is a predicate felon and career criminal, convicted of multiple counts of arson and other criminal offenses.


Another "NEWS" item from UNITED FM RADIO:

[This was Howard Nemaizer's program re Agenda 21, co-hosted by Keith Mutch.]


Pure evil. But no worries here, on UNITED FM RADIO. Flaming skeletons, devil worship, lyrics from the Pit of Hell.... no evil at all.

Why is this loathsome character, Keith Mutch, still out on the street?

As far as I can see, it is only a matter of time before the next incident.

Is Keith Mutch designated by Howard Nema as a "TRUSTED PARTNER IN TRUTH"?

And Howard Nema is STILL exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell in his totally fraudulent promotions.

He STILL has arrogantly REFUSED to remove my name and website from his false promotions.

Now, my name is under an even worse assault, because Nemaizer is using it on the same pages with this whackjob/psycho criminal, Keith Mutch.


You want to play with fire, like your lowlife cohort?


Since these items were posted, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer evidently have made an effort to scrub their Facebook pages, and other sites in order to cover up the truth about their involvement in this demonic culture.

I believe this is a direct result of my reports exposing them for what they are.

Howard Nemaizer has also lied, in public articles, and accused Barbara Hartwell of not “checking the facts”, when his offenses were exposed. Of course, he accuses me of being a “liar”. He claims I am a “CIA Operative”. He has even gone so far as to call me "mentally ill" and "delusional", grasping at straws in his ludicrous (but evil) attempts to save face.

The fact of the matter is that Howard Nemaizer has no evidence, nor has ever had any evidence whatsoever, to back up his many lies and his diabolical calumny against Barbara Hartwell. So, as all malicious liars do, he fabricates ridiculous, sensationalist stories.

Most importantly, I want to issue a warning to all Christians who may have been deceived by the lies of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, who by their words and actions openly display the spirit of Anti-Christ.

Consider the source:

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Target of Satanic Deceivers
August 13, 2017