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Thursday, January 11, 2007

ALEX JONES: Thank You For Your E-mail





 False Patriot Alex Jones


NOTE, January, 2007: I finally had to put Jones on my BLOCKED senders list, as his silly form responses just kept rolling in. What a jerk!

October, 2005

Today, I found this absurd little prepackaged form response in my yahoo e-mail box, sent by Alex Jones:

Alex Jones wrote:

To: "Sherwood J. Percival"
From: "Alex Jones"
Subject: Thank you for your email
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2005 19:16:57 -0500

Thank you for your email and for your support. I appreciate all the news tips and comments that I receive and read them all.

Although I might not respond to you directly, rest assured we appreciate your input and will make good use of the information you sent us.

Thank you for all you do to help us fight the New World Order

Well, it's kind of interesting that I got a "response" from a person I have never sent e-mail to. Maybe the hackers and identity thieves are up to their dirty tricks again. No matter, I may as well take this opportunity to let Mr. Jones know what I think of his M.O.

Dear Mr. Jones:

I have never written to you personally. I certainly did not send you any "news tips" and furthermore, I do not offer any "support" to you or your cronies. Let me explain why, though I'm sure you already know.

Here's the thing: You, Alex Jones, had me ripped off the air on a GCN broadcast in November 2003. I was on the Floyd Report, remember that? I'm sure you must, since Jeremy Floyd quit his job, on principle, due to your censorship of Barbara Hartwell and went over to Truth Radio.

One of your alleged former "supporters", Larry Lawson, claims credit for this little victory. I guess you and Lawson don't really care too much about the first amendment. Since Larry Lawson is a known liar, who says I work for CIA, I certainly cannot believe anything he says.

However, Mr. Lawson has been known to make such phone calls before, in fact, to "warn" any talk show hosts who have had the nerve to actually put Barbara Hartwell on the air. So in this case, I tend to believe him.

But I do find it ironic, since you claim to so vehemently oppose the New World Order, that you would be so quick to censor a person who goes on the air presenting factual information about some of its henchmen (posing as NWO expositors and good guys) namely ex-FBI agent Ted L. Gunderson, former senator John DeCamp, and their minions, Tim White, Ken Adachi, et al.

I can only guess that my former colleague, Ted Gunderson, did not like having some of his criminal activities exposed, such as: selling Stinger missiles to CIA asset Osama bin Laden in 1979, while he was still working for the FBI. Which he at first denied, feigning outrage on one radio show, claiming that Barbara Hartwell is a "CIA disinfo agent".

But then, strangely enough, Ted admitted it, on another GCN program, "Fountain of Truth" (how very ironic) hosted by none other than Larry Lawson. He admitted it only after he realized that I and some of my associates had the documents to prove it.

As usual, Ted tried to make excuses for himself, claiming it was necessary to stop the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Red Menace. Not that I have any use for the commies, mind you, but it still doesn't excuse the dirty drug and weapons deals Gunderson is famous for (at least among those in the know.)

As for Gunderson's other illegal covert operations (like Operation Brownstone and CIA Finders, the child sex slavery and pornography networks, used to blackmail government officials, perverts and pedophiles and get them in the NWO's pocket) he never did admit to those. I suppose that would have been just too much for the public to stomach, wouldn't you say?

I find it kind of interesting (not to mention extremely disturbing) that you would continue promoting Gunderson and DeCamp on your websites and radio programs. And especially, on a personal level, since they are spreading their carefully calculated CIA disinfo about Barbara Hartwell, on many other programs as well, including Alex Merklinger's Mysteries of the Mind and Alan Stang's radio program.

But anyway, I don't have much else to say at this time. Except that perhaps, if you are REALLY concerned about "exposing" or "fighting" the NWO, it might behoove you to stop pandering to the ACTUAL CIA/NWO disinfo agents and maybe get some legitimate government whistleblowers on your programs and website, who will tell the truth, for a change.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Barbara Hartwell

P.S. I won't bother to actually SEND this e-mail to you. If I did, I'd only get another of your little form responses that you send to everyone, no matter the subject. I've seen them plastered on message boards all over the World Wide Web. So I'll just post this instead. Maybe that way, you'll actually read it.