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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

STOP THE LIES: Boycott Ted Gunderson

NOTE, January, 2007:

I have known Jackie McGauley since 2002, when she contacted me after she learned that I was exposing the truth about former FBI agent Ted Gunderson. Since that time Jackie has furnished hard evidence and documentation to support her claims regarding the scams, hoaxes and con-man operations being run by Ted Gunderson.

I had worked with Ted Gunderson for three (3) years, between 1997 and 2000, in a professional capacity. I broke off my association with Ted after I learned that he was in fact a government plant, and that he was in collusion with other "former" government operatives, such as John DeCamp, to cover up and contain the very cases involving child sex abuse, satanism, CIA drugs-for-weapons deals (in which Gunderson himself has been involved).

As for Jackie McGauley, Ted Gunderson lived in her home for three years. Jackie was driven into destitution and bankruptcy after Gunderson maxed out her credit cards, and to this day she still has creditors calling her home re money owed by Gunderson, debts he ran up while using Jackie's address.

[See: Seriously, I am sick of this!...Jackie McGauley's letter to Ted Gunderson, on this website]

Lastly, former senator John DeCamp, Ted's crony and ally for many years, and in collusion with Gunderson for over two decades to run coverups and containment operations, has been threatening to sue Barbara Hartwell for almost two years.

DeCamp has also been slandering and libeling Barbara Hartwell by spreading outrageous lies on many radio programs (including Alan Stang and Alex Merklinger, among others); as well as on many websites and message boards, through his PR shills, including predicate felon, transvestite and child porno collector, Tim White. White is a long time Gunderson minion who made a deal with corrupt feds in Denver to get out of jail and who has publicly boasted that John DeCamp is his "personal friend" and even his "attorney".

Another DeCamp shill is Todd Brendan Fahey, false patriot, psychotic stalker, porno-monger, blackmailer, identity thief and pathological liar.

Then, there is Ken Adachi, editor of New Age/gov't-disinfo website, who promotes Gunderson as a "hero", along with John DeCamp. He also endorses Tim White and even gave White his own section 'Tim White Postings'. Adachi runs smear campaigns against Barbara Hartwell, Jackie McGauley and others targeted by Gunderson, DeCamp and their fellow liars and false patriots.

These minions of Gunderson and DeCamp (criminals, liars, psychopaths, porno-mongers) show the ilk of person these "former" government operatives are using to do their dirty work in their attempts to neutralize legitimate whistleblowers like Barbara Hartwell, Jackie McGauley and others.

No doubt, they'll keep on lying, but their lies will not stand.

June, 2003


Note from Babs:

The following is a report from Jackie McGauley, in reference to Ted Gunderson's interference and spreading of lies and disinformation in more than one high profile case of child abuse, as well as Gunderson's attempts to promote himself at the expense of the victims.

Ken Adachi, Ted's mouthpiece, is also involved in promoting these lies and disinformation, through his website, Educate-Yourself.

Included in Jackie's letter are some documents, including a letter from Ted Gunderson. If you are interested in THE TRUTH about the McMartin Preschool case, you may contact Jackie at:


By Jackie McGauley

A mutual friend of mine and Joe Klaas, Polly's grandfather, gave Joe my home phone number and suggested he call me about my case (McMartin). Joe called me to talk about the kind of abuse the kids in my case went through and told me that he was unhappy about all of the psychics that were hanging around the center where the search for Polly was being organized.

I talked to Joe several times about ritual abuse and my case and how these bizarre crimes happen. I did not see the connection he had made between my case and his at the time.

Days later I got another call from Joe. He told me that Ted Gunderson was planning to come to Petaluma where Ted's close friend Doug Millar had a small group of fundamentalist Satanic crime busters and do a press conference about Polly. Joe asked me how he could stop that from happening. I told him that he could not stop him but the best way to deal with it was to just ignore the whole thing. If anyone asked to say that they had nothing to do with Gunderson and just stay away from it.

A week or so later I received this letter from Ted:

[TED L. GUNDERSON AND ASSOCIATES • International Security Consulting and Investigations. 2210 Wilshire Blvd.• Suite 422•Santa Monica, CA 90403• 310/364-2280

Dear Jackie

I learned last night that Polly Klaas's grandfather called me at your home shortly after she was kidnapped for the purpose of having me help locate her. As a result of his conversation with you he decided not to use my services. I believe I could have helped with this case, especially early on, and perhaps saves a little girls life. If this scenario brings you pleasure then think how you would feel if [my children's names] were kidnapped and you needed the help of a top professional. Our personal problems are one thing but when it affects a little girls life you are going too far. GET HELP NOW


Member, Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of

Joe called me, not Ted. I consider this letter libelous and if Ted had an address where a subpoena could be served, I would have been able to sue him.

The first day I rented my house where Ted lived with me I was forced to accept a subpoena for $90,000 for an office complex he rented and never paid the rent.
Unfortunately for them Ted had evaded them long enough that the statute had run out and they were unable to proceed.

For those of you that don't already know, Ted was kicked out of the Special Agent's Society. The only agent in the history of the FBI to ever be banned from that group.

This morning I got a call from Assistant District Attorney Greg Jacobs of the Sonoma County DA office. Greg was the lead prosecutor in the Polly Klaas trial. He reconfirmed for me that Ted Gunderson had absolutely nothing to do with the Polly Klaas case.

Ted is giving a speech in Davis in a few weeks. I have been trying to contact the organizers to let them know that Ted has no authorization to talk about my case or the Polly Klaas case. Greg gave me his phone number (707 565-3797) and told me that if anyone had a question weather or not Ted was involved in the case they could call him.

Here is the notice for the Davis speech:

[Controlled America Conference Presented July 12 & 13, 2003
From: Lani Tachera

(From Educate Yourself website)

June 2, 2003

Controlled America lectures were formed to educate the public about the Government's Directed Energy Program. Through rallies, lectures, videos, and books, they expose the human rights abuses/torture involving the U.S. Government, military, C.I.A., F.B.I. and Independent Contractors and their use of bio-electronic weapons (such as extremely low frequency {ELF} electromagnetic weapons, which have been used as mind control devices).

When: Saturday, July 12, 2003 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m & Sunday July 13, 2003, 1:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.

Where: Unitarian Church, Davis, California
Cost: $35.00 each day

Learn about GPS satellite & Microchips, Government Mind Control Programs, Directed Energy Weapons Harassment, HAARP, CIA Satanic Ritual Abuse, & CIA Drug Dealings.

Ted Gunderson - "CIA Satanic Ritual Abuse." Ted is a retired FBI Sr. Special Agent-in-charge in the Los Angeles office. He has worked on exposing CIA and U.S. Govt. satanic ritual abuse cases for 20+ years. Some of his more high profile cases have been the McMartin preschool, Polly Klass, and Franklin cover-up.]

I have made it clear that Ted had NOTHING to do with my case, and has no authorization to put it on his resume much less give speeches claiming he was hired by anyone-or that he spent any of "his own" money on the investigation. This would be an excellent place for me and others to serve him with a subpoena for the money he stole form me and Mrs. Homer Young, and Lillian Madsen and Mary Scheibe, and many others as all of Ted's addressees are either mail box drops or other people's homes.


Monday, January 29, 2007

The Agenda: Defending Liberty? Or Al Gore 2008?

NOTE, January, 2007:

There are three reports here, originally separate. Since they address the same issues, I have combined them into a single one.

Since the time these reports were written (January, 2006), my "predictions" re Al Gore and his agenda have begun to materialize.

Stew Webb has continued with his libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, Karl Schwarz and others. I still pray for Stew every day, as I have been doing for years, and love him as a brother in Christ. But that is all I can do. Stew has made his choices and he must take the consequences.

As for 9-11 widow, Ellen Mariani, she is my dear friend and has suffered far worse from the terrorist attacks than anyone else I know. To exploit her case, for their own agenda, as some have done, is absolutely shameful and insufferable.

Ellen has stood up for the Truth about 9-11, and for the most part has stood alone. She has refused to be a part of the coverup, has refused to take hush money, as some of the other families of victims have done. God bless Ellen Mariani, a rare person of courage and integrity.

PART ONE: A Matter of Great Concern

To Whom It May Concern:

This past week some issues have surfaced which I now find it necessary to address. Considering that these issues, and disagreements regarding them, are now being aired publicly, I write this public statement for the purpose of making sure my own position is clear, as I have been involved in some of the communications with various parties who have expressed opposing positions on these issues.

1) 9/11 Evidence

On the Hal Turner Network, Thursday, January 5, 2006, Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan made negative comments regarding Karl Schwarz. They did not use his name openly, but referred to him in their criticism for taking 9/11 evidence he had collected to New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer. Their position was basically that Elliot Spitzer is the enemy and that Karl Schwarz should not have given such info to the enemy.

In the radio commentary on Spitzer, there were also remarks and slurs about "Jews" which, in my estimation, reflected a bigotry that was uncalled for and in any case, not relevant in the matter of 9-11 evidence. As I told Karl Schwarz in a phone conversation later that same evening, in my opinion, furnishing evidence for an investigation of 911 to the proper legal authority was the right thing to do, whether or not that authority appreciated it; or was likely to pursue due diligence in acting on it.

Then there is the fact that Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb were named as sources in an article by Tom Flocco [re 911 widow Ellen Mariani] in which it was stated that Heneghan and Webb also provided information to Spitzer. Karl Schwarz has made it clear that he went to Spitzer with another individual on December 27, 2004 and that no information coming from Webb or Heneghan was included in the evidence package.

[See addendum from Karl Schwarz at bottom of page]

2) Al Gore

Previous to this radio show on the Hal Turner Network, Karl Schwarz had written a commentary in which Al Gore was mentioned, not in a favorable light. As far as Gore is concerned, I happen to agree with Karl. I do not support Al Gore and never have.

On the other hand, Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb have promoted Gore over roughly the past two (2) years as "the duly elected president of the United States." Although I have been a close friend and professional associate of Stew Webb since 2001, I need to make it clear that I have never been involved in any of the activities which promoted Al Gore nor with the so-called American French Alliance.

I happen to know, due to my background of many years in CIA, that Al Gore was involved in certain business dealings, organizations and activities connected to the so-called New Age movement. The New Age movement is used in psychological operations to spread propaganda and foment New World Order dictates. Both Democrats and Republicans are a part of the NWO scheme; though they approach it from different angles, the end result is the same: tyranny by trampling on the God-given rights of the individual. A totalitarian one world government in which national boundaries and sovereignty are expunged.

In addition, I must say I will never forget Al Gore's outrageous response to the Columbine massacre. As Vice President, he appeared as a speaker at a memorial presentation, and actually used the tragedy as an opportunity to lobby for gun control! Gore was also, strangely enough, dressed in a black trenchcoat when he took the stage. I found this disturbing to say the least, as the "Trenchcoat Mafia" was cited as the group the perpetrators and certain other students were alleged to have belonged to.

In fact, I discussed this with Tom Heneghan the first time I ever spoke to him, in 2004. I clearly outlined my position on Gore and told him that unless (and until) I was furnished with hard evidence of a sincere change of heart (and political position) from Gore I could never support him in any way.

In summary on the Al Gore issue: I am in agreement with Karl Schwarz that Gore is not a solution for America's problems. And the only solution I can see --or have ever seen-- is to return this country to the Rule of Law under the Constitution. I believe that can happen in only one of two ways:

Change the leadership through an independent third party which defends the Constitution, with no compromises.

A second American revolution in which corrupt politicians are removed from office by force.

3) Tom Flocco Articles and Sources

First let me say that my name has never appeared in any of Tom Flocco's articles. I was put in contact with Tom Flocco this past summer (2005) by Stew Webb, one of the sources for a series of articles he has written on topics such as 9/11; grand jury investigations and related topics. Because I have worked with Stew for a number of years on various investigations; and because he and I have been targeted by common enemies among the criminals in government and their minions, I have discussed some of these issues in telephone conversations with Tom Flocco since that time.

My estimation of Tom Flocco is that he is a sincere person attempting to get to the truth on any issue; a person who wants to see justice done and to depose the criminals in government. Flocco has been criticized by many people because in several of the articles he wrote, hard evidence for the claims of the sources was not presented; and because some of the sources were anonymous or using pseudonyms to protect their identity.

Speaking strictly for myself, I do not accept the testimony of anonymous sources and I require hard evidence before drawing any conclusion. I also do not promote any information unless I know it to be factual. Although I have been in possession of information in relation to certain of these articles, there were others about which I had no way to make a determination. So I simply took a "wait and see" attitude. Let me say it this way: I personally do not know whether or not Bush and Cheney have been indicted. I do not personally know whether or not Barbara Olsen was arrested in Europe. And because I do not know, because I personally have seen no hard evidence to substantiate these allegations, I have not had much to say on these matters. Nor will I comment upon them until such time as I have concrete evidence to substantiate either the truth or the falsehood of these allegations.

Judging from the comments written by many who would like to trash my reputation, they seem to assume that just because I have had a longstanding association with Stew Webb, I am in agreement with him about every issue and/or am involved with every activity or endeavor he pursues. This is simply not true. Stew and I have had our disagreements over the years; and in most of these cases we simply agreed to disagree, while still cooperating and working together on those endeavors in which we had a solid agreement.

Judging from recent events, I can say it may have reached the point where I have irreconcilable differences with Stew Webb in matters of great importance. Only time will tell, but most importantly for me, I refuse to compromise my principles nor to move one inch away from what I stand for, even if that means I lose friends, witnesses or allies.

I stand for Liberty and I stand in defense of God-given (natural) unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
January 9, 2006

Addendum from Karl Schwarz

Hello Tom, Stew,

Over the weekend one of Flocco's articles was brought to my attention, purportedly written about Ellen Mariani with the byline "by Tom Flocco and Stew Webb."

First off, I am a private citizen, not a federal whistleblower:

"Federal Whistleblower Karl Swartz's investigation revealed that missiles were retrofitted by Hughes Corp on one of their A-3 Airplanes at the Ft Collins Colorado Airport and that one of them was the missile that hit the Pentagon—not an airplane."

Secondly, the proper spelling of my name not Swartz or Schwartz, it is SCHWARZ.

Third, the next statements are the main reason I sent this email to you and many others as it appears twice in the joint Flocco and Stew Webb article:

"New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer, filed a RICO Suit against Greenberg instead of putting him in jail in 2005 after whistleblowers Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Karl Schwarz provided evidence to Spitzer who then covered it up. But Greenberg had to resign as CEO of AIG to take the heat off of the connections to Greenberg-Traurig."

"Whistleblowers Schwartz, Heneghan and Webb provided evidence to New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer who continues the cover-up, which is obstruction of Justice."

For the record boys, neither of you had anything to do with what me and another person delivered to Spitzer's office on December 27, 2004.

I was there and can assertively state that neither of you were with me at Spitzer's office nor did you have anything to do with what I delivered [documents pertaining to a fraudulent $120 billion Brady Bond transaction] to Spitzer's office in any manner whatsoever.

If you have presented separate evidence, clearly state exactly what that was, exactly what documents, and when presented for I have never collaborated with either of you (Stew Webb or Tom Hennegan) on anything that I did take to Spitzer's office.

It is glaringly apparent that the recent actions against V K Durham and me are linked to your affinity for Al Gore, our separately outing of Gore and the stated fact that neither of us having any intentions of ever supporting Al Gore. I guess maybe it did not occur to you that the falsified gold certificates on that $120 billion dollar Brady Bond fraud tie back to GAIA and Clinton, Gore and the Bush family.

It is odd that you first claim what appears to be co-credit on what went to Spitzer and then go on Hal Turner's Show last Thursday night questioning my taking evidence to Spitzer, after the expose I issued on Gore January 1, 2006.

Thank you both for showing your true colors.

PART TWO: All Aboard! The Al Gore Freedom Train?

Last night on the Hal Turner Network, Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan put on a performance which I can only categorize as a theater of the absurd. The broadcast consisted mostly of a cacophony of shouting and melodrama. Near the end of the program, they threw in wild allegations regarding myself and Karl Schwarz which made me wonder if these two gentlemen have gone off the deep end. They also felt the need to issue a disclaimer that the Hal Turner Network was not responsible for the content of the show. First time I'd ever heard that, but by the end of the program I saw the method behind the madness.

Before addressing these allegations, I should mention that prior to this broadcast, Stew had made it clear to several persons I know that he was on the warpath against Karl Schwarz, threatening to "take him down", apparently for the very simple reason that Karl refused to go along with endorsing Albert Gore Jr. as "the duly elected president of the United States"; or in promoting Gore as the solution to America's problems. As a matter of principle, I stand in agreement with Karl. This is nothing new, I have held the same position for many years. I have never, privately or publicly, stated otherwise, to Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan or anyone else.

What has become clear to me and several others, including Karl Schwarz, is that there is an agenda here, one that supersedes returning America to the Rule of Law under the Constitution. It would seem that there are two trains running. I for one, haven't bought my ticket for the Al Gore Freedom Train, nor will I ever.

Now, why is it that there has been such an extreme reaction from Webb and Heneghan against people who refuse to endorse Gore, including myself and Karl Schwarz? Why can't they just agree to disagree with us if they in fact share the same overarching agenda: To return this country to the Rule of Law under the Constitution.

Last week on the Hal Turner Network, Stew and Tom criticized Karl Schwarz for furnishing 9/11 evidence to Elliot Spitzer, as if by so doing he was trafficking with the enemy. Evidence that they had previously tried to claim some degree of credit for, themselves. As those who read my last commentary are aware, I expressed my disagreement with this mindset, on general principles. I also saw this as an unwarranted personal attack on Karl. Rather than bringing the real issue out in the open (their support, endorsement and promotion of Al Gore, which Karl does not share) they threw out a distraction re 9/11 evidence for the apparent purpose of making Karl look like some sort of traitor.

Several days before the latest radio broadcast (January 12, 2006) I received a message on my phone machine from Stew Webb. The message was an ultimatum: Either call him back before the end of the day or he would assume our relationship was over. Specifically, "I will cut you off."

As it happened, I had been ill for about two weeks; I was in a weakened state, and was in no mood to be shouted at, which Stew has been known to do when he feels strongly about any issue. Previous to this phone message from Stew, I had asked a mutual friend to please give Stew a message for me, to tell him that I would call him as soon as I was able to.

But more importantly, nobody --but nobody-- delivers an ultimatum to me; or if they do, they are told in no uncertain terms that they need to adjust their attitude if they want to remain on good terms with me. I wrote Stew two personal/confidential letters by e-mail, explaining that, and said I'd be happy to talk to him if he wanted to do so in a civilized and respectful manner; but that I would not respond to an ultimatum, nor to anyone who tries to pressure me into doing their bidding. Stew's attitude in this case seemed to be: My way, or the highway!

I also explained in my letters that I could not in good conscience endorse some of his actions, as a matter of principle; nor would I become involved in any "cloak-and-dagger" type endeavors which might be tainted by manipulating or exploiting others or misrepresenting the truth as a means to an end. I do feel, based on my own knowledge and information, that Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan misled Tom Flocco as to certain information from "intelligence sources".

And I can state without reservations, based on lengthy personal conversations with him, that Tom Flocco is an honest and sincere person. I also know him to be a kind and compassionate person who has done his best to help others in various ways, including myself. In fact, after Tom Flocco read my affidavit of July 2005, he sent me a contribution, one of very few who did. As it turned out, the only two people who posted my affidavit were Rick Stanley of the Revolutionary Coalition and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee. I had repeatedly asked Stew to read it, as it was important to me, and also requested that he post it on his site. The last I knew, he had not even read it, which disappointed me, to say the least.

I also explained to Stew that ISSUES and FACTS were relevant here; rather than personal motives and personality conflicts. I told him that I had not turned against him, nor betrayed his trust in any way. That I wanted to stay a friend, not have him view me as an enemy, just because we disagree on serious issues. I never got any response from Stew, not by e-mail or phone. The only response I got was the unwarranted allegations about me on the Hal Turner Network, in which several other individuals were named, including Karl Schwarz, VK Durham and 9/11 widow, Ellen Mariani.

So now, according to Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan, and their latest spin on current events, I, Barbara Hartwell, am connected to some shady Israeli spy ring, via my association with Karl Schwarz. I was kind of expecting them to say I am CIA, which seems to be the old standby for those who disagree with me and need a handy excuse to dismiss me from their lives when I refuse to compromise my principles or go along with their particular agenda. But they didn't. Thank the Lord for small miracles.

Their attack on Karl Schwarz, complete with shouted accusations, histrionics, and even threats, was apparently based on the flimsy pretext (also bogus) that Karl held interests in the technology company that was involved in the spying. Aside from being a totally unsubstantiated allegation (Karl provided documented facts to refute it), and aside from being absurd, it looks like they're playing dirty pool...with the specific intent of putting Karl Schwarz behind the eight ball. I won't stand by and watch that, nor have any part in it. Rather, it is my duty to stand up for the truth as I know it.

Next item: Webb and Heneghan implied that Barbara Hartwell is some kind of fool who has been hoodwinked and manipulated by Karl Schwarz. Nothing could be further from the truth. They apparently cannot get their minds around the simple fact that I happen to agree with Karl Schwarz on many important issues, including but not limited to, the true nature of Al Gore; the fact that the corruption and the overall tyranny we face in this country today is engendered from both sides of the two-party system, Republicans and Democrats.

Next, Stew Webb announced that Barbara Hartwell was "waiting on VK Durham" for the promises of money from a "whistleblower fund". Again, nothing could be further from the truth.

1) I haven't spoken to VK Durham since 2003. I'm sure she would be my witness, if asked.

2) VK never promised me, at any time, any money connected to a whistleblower fund.

3) It was Stew Webb himself who told me, several months ago, that VK wanted to start a whistleblower fund to help us all.

In fact, I was hearing plenty of tales about these so-called whistleblower funds, with different parties being named as benefactors. My response was always pretty much the same: Well, that sounds great. I'll believe it when I have the money in my hands.

Same thing when I was told "protection" would be made available to me from the American French Alliance. Wonderful thought, but no such protection ever showed up, not even a lone gun bodyguard or commando. I've had to watch my own back for years, meanwhile sticking my neck out to help some of these cloak-and-dagger types who were nowhere to be found at the times I could have used their services. I hardly consider myself a damsel in distress, awaiting rescue from a Knight in Shining Armor. Nice fantasy, I suppose, but then, this is the real world.

But moving right along, Stew and Tom didn't attack me as they did Karl. No, they were patronizing, speaking of me as if I were just a recalcitrant child, or a fool. Apparently, all I rated was a mild scolding. (I could just visualize them shaking a finger at me as they addressed me on the air.) Stew at least, should know better; we've been good friends for years and have had disagreements before. I have always stood my ground, just as I am doing now. There has never been any animosity between me and Stew, despite any such disagreements. Nor do I have animosity toward him now. In fact, I was actually laughing through any outrage I felt at their antics. At least they were entertaining.

But I must say I do not appreciate the patronizing comments from either gentleman, such as Tom Heneghan's remark, Barbara, if you're listening, we still love you, dear.

Okay, if they "love" me then maybe they could start to show it by treating me with respect instead of condescension. Better yet, maybe they could --instead of their attempts to paint me as a fool, or a silly girl, hoodwinked by a traitorous operative of an Israeli spy ring-- just address the REAL issues openly and honestly. For a refreshing change....

Maybe they could just start LISTENING, when I and others speak and hear what is actually being said, instead of hearing what they want to hear.

In my opinion, Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan owe Karl Schwarz an apology. They owe VK Durham an apology. They owe Ellen Mariani an apology. They owe Tom Flocco an apology. I do not presume to speak for any of them, but only for myself. But these are all decent, honest people, each in their own way trying to get to the truth and expose it. All have suffered at the hands of the criminal rat bastards running this government, and they all speak from the heart.

I say this because based on my observations and based on known facts, each of these persons has been misled and/or been taken in with false promises; and/or exploited for an agenda which sadly, is not based first and foremost on exposing Truth and defending Liberty, but rather on political machinations for the purpose of seeing to it that one man, namely Al Gore, comes into a position of power.

All aboard! The Al Gore Freedom Train....

There are indeed, two trains running.

Barbara Hartwell
January 13, 2006

PART THREE: Regarding the Al Gore 2008 Agenda

In a post dated January 11, 2006, Stew Webb announced in the U.S. Intel Breaking News section of his website that he had "cut off all communications with Barbara Hartwell and Karl Schwarz due to a "change in their loyalties."

A January 12 post claimed that Karl Schwarz was "exposed" on the Hal Turner Network in "espionage against America" via involvement with Israeli companies; further, that he was "pushing disinfo" re depleted uranium and Al Gore. And finally, that "ex-CIA Barbara Hartwell has joined in Karl Schwarz's disinfo campaign."

Let me start by addressing the "change of loyalties" statement.

1) I, Barbara Hartwell, have not "changed" my loyalties to anyone or anything. My loyalties remain consistent. At no time was my "loyalty" to any person(s), but firstly to God and to defending the rights bestowed by God, also protected under the United States Constitution. My loyalties remain the same, as they always will. This statement by Stew Webb is a bald faced lie and the fact that he posted it on the front page of his "breaking news" section is an outrage.

2) As for Karl Schwarz, and his loyalties, I cannot speak for him, nor would I presume to do so. I only know that judging from anything I have ever read in his reports, or heard from him in personal conversations, he stands for the same principles as I do. In any case, Stew has made a serious mistake in publishing such false information and I cannot let it pass.

As for the "disinfo campaign":

1) I, Barbara Hartwell, have not "joined" any such campaign, disinfo or otherwise.

2) I have seen absolutely no evidence that Karl Schwarz is involved in any such disinfo campaign. Nor have Tom Heneghan or Stew Webb (who claim to have "exposed" him) furnished any evidence whatsoever that Karl is involved in disseminating disinfo, or in any form of "espionage".

3) I do my own investigations, write my own reports, just as I have always done, and will continue to do. I do not and will not "join" anything which would violate my principles. I stand for the same ideals I have always held dear: Truth, Liberty and seeing Justice done. And I am not involved in any form of "espionage" against the United States of America.

I find it truly sad that Stew Webb has resorted to fabricating lies about me and others, simply because we refuse to go along with his agenda in supporting, promoting and endorsing Al Gore. Or maybe, these lies are being fed to him by others in the Al Gore camp, and he believes them. Either way, there is no justification for the promotion of such falsehoods.

In my opinion, Al Gore is just another lying politician, who now happens to be jockeying for position for the 2008 elections. Consider this: Al Gore never defended the Constitution when he held the office of Vice President. CFR member and New Age proponent Al Gore was very much a part of the Clinton agenda and he was part and parcel of the corruption, tyranny and skulduggery of the Clinton administration. Documented facts back up this assertion. Facts that anyone may find on their own; they certainly don't need me to furnish the facts, they are there in plain sight, available to all and sundry, for anyone with eyes to see.

But now, just because Al Gore comes forward, in a well-timed televised speech, excoriating George W. Bush et al for their violations and transgressions; and because he purports to defend the Constitution, suddenly, after all these years, we should buy into his political rhetoric? We should swallow it, hook line and sinker?

Only a fool would jump on the Al Gore bandwagon on such a flimsy bit of "evidence".

Tom Heneghan was a major backer and campaign manager for Al Gore, to my knowledge, at least as far back as the 2000 elections. I have heard from several trustworthy sources that Heneghan was "Al Gore's right hand man".

It appears to me that since the inception of Stew Webb's association and alliance with Tom Heneghan, that he bought into the "Gore is on our side" propaganda being promoted by Heneghan. Before Tom Heneghan appeared on the scene, I never heard Stew endorse Al Gore. Never once. Now, it seems he is willing to cut off and denounce his friends and allies simply because we refuse to be a part of the Gore agenda.

This is truly heartbreaking for me, as it is clear that not only has Stew cut me off, now he evidently feels justified in falsely accusing me of having connections to Israeli espionage via Karl Schwarz ; and further, alleging that I am part of a disinfo campaign. Now, it would appear, according to Stew Webb, I am "the enemy".

But whatever he may believe about me, I can state with no qualifications, that these allegations made by Stew Webb have absolutely no basis in fact. Furthermore, I cannot in good conscience allow him to continue publishing these lies without stepping forward in my own defense to refute them. Lastly, I did believe for years, that Stew Webb was, first and foremost, a patriot; a defender of the Constitution who stood for individual liberty and the unalienable rights bestowed by God.

But considering his utterly false allegations against myself and others, including Karl Schwarz, I have had no choice but to reassess those beliefs. My loyalties have not shifted one iota. But I'm afraid I cannot say the same for Stew Webb.

I will continue to fight tyranny in any form I may find it, wherever I find it, from whichever direction it emanates. Whether it comes from George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush; from Bill and Hillary Clinton; from Al Gore and his supporters or any others.

Finally, I will repeat: Mark my words. Al Gore is NOT the solution for America's problems. Al Gore is NOT a defender of the Constitution, nor ever has been. I will not support, endorse or promote Al Gore in any way. Nor will I vote for him, should he become the presidential candidate in any party in 2008.

Speaking strictly for myself, I have not voted in over thirty years. That is my prerogative. When and IF I find a candidate worth voting for, one who defends the Constitution with no compromises, I will change my policy. And I will demand a paper ballot.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell
January 23, 2006

Former FBI Agent Blows Whistle on Corruption






Former FBI Agent and Whistleblower Geral Sosbee

Sosbee Vs. FBI 

By Geral Sosbee

This once great nation, the United States of America, is ruled by thugs, terrorists and assassins who (desperate to consolidate power by going to war at will) regularly and as a matter of course...

...murders, tortures,and terrorizes human beings when its corrupt legal process fails to imprison or kill the targets.

...destroys other nations by the use of nuclear, biological, chemical, or conventional weaponry, when the threat of such force fails to subjugate the peoples of the targeted nation.

...wildly labels individuals and nations as criminals and terrorists even as the United States sends professional assassins to kill specific humans and to disrupt political and economic stability in the targeted nations.

...manipulates the global media by use of blackmail,extortion, and financial isolation in order to control the daily news broadcasts.

...terrorizes and silences the most viable and credible critics of the United States by the use of a combination of some of the above mentioned methods.

...supports patently corrupt governments when such governments cooperate in the extermination of the targets.

...insures the continuance of the permanent underclass in the world by stocking the prisons and hospitals with people who cannot find work, who cannot gain social standing, and who refuse to bow to corrupt and unjust authority.

...abandons any concern for the basic Rights of the majority of the world's population, and treat the targets (for death) as no better than discarded refuse.

The failure of the world leaders to stop this tyranny is an indictment of them for the same offenses described above.

--Geral Sosbee
January 21, 2002

Sunday, January 28, 2007

It May Just Be Political Ideology...

NOTE January, 2007:

This report by Karl Schwarz addresses issues which seem to have been conveniently swept under the rug by many so-called 9-11 "researchers", as well as political pundits and alternative news media.

Karl is the author of One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas.

Knowing Karl as a friend and professional colleague, and having discussed these issues at great length with him, in both face-to-face meetings and phone conversations, I can attest to his remarkable ability to analyze intelligence and to draw accurate conclusions which take into consideration the "big picture".

Following Karl's update, he has included a brief commentary I wrote on the false allegations being promoted about Karl and myself by some of the Gore supporters. This camp includes Stew Webb, a longtime (former) friend of mine, who has now become a shill for the Al Gore-2008 campaign.

I held to my principles, and lost a friend. Not a new situation, but definitely heartbreaking each time it happens.

February, 2006

From Karl Schwarz

It May Just Be Political Ideology...

To all Email Update Members,

One of the things I watch very closely in members of the so called 9-11 Truth Movement and some of the so-called Patriots is whether they slant their actions or design their ends around political objectives more so than matters of justice and what is best for all Americans.

One such group is Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb and some of their sycophants like Mary Schneider that are dyed-in-the-wool Al Gore backers. I am not going to sign off on, endorse, or support any politician that has blood on their hands and that includes Al Gore. With GHWB, Clinton, Gore and Bush, I have learned my lesson and have had enough of all of them.

For example, these two purported "Connect-a-Dot" experts cannot get anything straight or right and would probably lose playing connect-a-dot with a three year old. On their "U.S. Intelligence Report", aired via the Hal Turner network of February 2 they stated that Douglas Feith had just been convicted to 12 years in prison and had fled the country. Well, sorry, Tom and Stew but Douglas Feith has not been charged, tried or convicted of anything. Larry Franklin, who did work for Feith in the Pentagon, was convicted and sentenced to 12 years and he is in custody of federal authorities and in a federal prison.

If you ever listen to their show you will learn what I mean in saying that their U.S. Intelligence Report is a contradiction in terms.

Tom Heneghan started spouting off Bridas Corporation matters on recently with Lenny Bloom about the Bridas "oil find" in Afghanistan and a pipeline to the People's Republic of China. The pipeline in question is, and always has been, the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ocean. Afghanistan has no, repeat no, proven oil reserves. The Bridas oil reserves were in Turkmenistan, signed in 1992 and 1993, not in Afghanistan and they needed the pipeline to get the oil and natural gas to the ocean.

They also told their miniscule audience that Barbara Hartwell and I are aligned with the Mossad, Foxcom, and Jack Abramoff and spying on the U.S. Congress. That is about as preposterous a statement as has come out of any American's mouth on any subject. I have never in my life met, talked to or seen Jack Abramoff, any Mossad agent to my knowledge and have never done business with or talked to Foxcom in any manner whatsoever.

Stew Webb's Website - A Menagerie, a Portrait of an Idiot in Action

Where are the hard, verifiable facts, Stew Webb? Can any of us get a single sentence out Tom Heneghan that is factual from start to finish? I have spoken to Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan on many occasions and they talk a lot, cannot or will not produce a single document to back up what they say.

They are both all mouth and made it clear to me via Stew that they have no hesitancy in using lies over the truth when they feel like it.

The following is posted on the Stew Webb website:

[REWARD: For the whereabouts and arrest of Timothy Patrick White

Last known address 700 S. Ogden Street, Denver, Colorado living in a garage behind this address. Current outstanding arrest warrant. To collect the reward simply call the Denver Police tell them White's location, full name and these 2 birth dates May 3, 1947 and May 3, 1948. Upon arrest notify me Stew Webb. Give the local Colorado Police the time of your call your name and address to collect your reward. White known to use public library computer rooms, frequents VFW & gay bars in Denver. Further attends Patriot meetings & events. Description: Male known cross dresser-dragqueen (aka Susie Hostlaw), known child porno collector-child sex preditor, 5'8" tall, 175 lbs, hair light gray, eyes blue, ex-wife Elizabeth White, daughter Beth White. CURRENTLY KNOWN NARCOTICS USER AND DEALER Colorado Prison #1269350. Declared nutcase by Colorado Bureau of Prisons. Drives 1980s Junk Chevy Blazer, uses Denver Library computer rooms daily. Known sidekick associates Karl Schwarz who's company was partner with Israeli company who bugged US Congress and Senate office buildings. Additional sidekick associate Loony Larry Lawson involved in Florida 2000 election fraud. Additional sidekick associate Ted Gunderson who sold Terrorist Osama Bin Laden Stinger Missiles for Narcotics. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPREHEND MAY BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS. CALL POLICE GIVE THIS INFORMATION TO POLICE. BOUNTY HUNTERS & LAW ENFORCEMENT ARE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE THE REWARD.

If you have been slandered, stalked, threatened by nutcase Tim White, you may contribute to the fund by contacting Stew Webb.]

Big spender – Webb is offering a reward he does not have the money to pay.

Exactly what is the domicile of "The American French Alliance", or AFA that the two of you spout off about? Is that an entity in good standing anywhere on this planet, or just more idle words coming from the Webb–Heneghan duo?

Fact – My company has never met with, talked to or partnered with the company Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan have alleged and neither myself nor my company have ever engaged in any such conduct. That is slander, defamation and libel and the matter will be addressed by our attorneys. They have put it in writing; they have voiced such lies on the air on the only radio show that will give them a slot, the bigotry station of the Hal Turner Network.

At the start of each show Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan boast that "we hold the Hal Turner network harmless", which is somewhat ludicrous since they cannot afford to pay the bounty on Tim White without having to raise the funds. Hal Turner might want to reconsider the financial means of his wannabee guarantors.

Einstein said it best – "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". Stew Webb has no problems using lies to push his agenda, a nutcase and illiterate, and has been doing the same things for years expecting different results.

Just read his writing again, taken verbatim from his website.

With these two, if they cannot get the dots to connect, they manufacture the dot and to Hell with the Truth. I have to keep reminding myself that they are Al Gore supporters, another person who is not hemmed in by the truth. Their bashing of me started when I refused to withhold information on Gore as I exposed the Democrats and Clinton – Gore along with Bush.

Just one look at the facts we presented regarding the Democrats and Republican conflicts of interests on the 9-11 Commission is proof that the problem is on both sides of the aisle.

They are the people that sabotaged Tom Flocco's credibility with knowingly false information (key phrase: knowingly false information) regarding the purported assassination of JFK, Jr., a non-existent grand jury seated on that assassination, and they just keep spouting it off. Just before my January 1, 2006 email came out Stew Webb and I got into a discussion regarding their use of false information and he made it clear to me that he could not care less if they were spreading disinformation and misinformation, or lies as a means to achieve their objectives.

Another such group is the twosome of Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith, who for some reason lash out at anyone that does not buy off on the Jimmy Walter theory that the complete solution to 9-11 lies in World Trade Center 7.

Additionally, there are what I call "nuance groups" that apparently take actions in the US courts along the lines of justice for all but then something interesting happens. When confronted with evidence that might help their actions but expose Democrats too they never return calls, emails, or take any action along the lines that they could take to expose the Bush GWOT fallacies but in doing so would be exposing Clinton and Gore actions going back to that administration.

The two books Neoconned and Neoconned Again, especially the latter, have very detailed parts about the Rasul v Bush and Hamdi v Rumsfeld cases. I am not criticizing those books and what I am about to share with you has not been discussed with the editors of that book. These two books are the best I have read regarding the lead up to the war in Iraq and the efforts to expose every detail about what happened from Desert Storm through the Clinton – Gore Administration and now the actions by Bush. They are monumental works but some of the contributors seem to have taken action that was more political than justice oriented.

However, there is something very subtle going on that is affecting this nation, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and there are political ideology camps that are apparently more concerned about election outcomes for 2006 and 2008 than they are the greater good of this nation. Such actions are coming in many forms but the most distinguishing feature is trying to pin it all on Bush and Cheney when the facts show that Clinton – Gore were actively involved in Caspian Basin and Afghanistan matters well before September 11, 2001. In fact, if you read Neoconned it is easy to see that war crimes charges for genocide should be brought against George H W Bush, Clinton, Gore, Madeline Albright and Bush – Cheney for what has been done to the Iraqi people.

Within the 9-11 Truth Movement are persons and groups that bash anyone that is working on 9-11 facts that shed light on involvement of people in both parties. They wish to pin it all on Bush even when the facts show otherwise. When they do not get their way they bash and trash persons who are working to expose it all and all guilty parties. I am one such person and have been attacked viciously by such DNC attack dogs.

One group has alleged that I am in bed with Abramoff and spying on the US Congress. Until his name came up in 2005, I had never heard of Jack Abramoff. Another group has erroneously alleged that I am an arms dealer while another has taken simple facts of my life and twisted them around backwards. I have learned firsthand that they will tell any lie and their agenda is the elections of 2006 and 2008. The fact that my efforts and those working with me are exposing both sides of the aisle on matters preceding 9-11 and since to the current time is causing them to bash our entire group of researchers.

I could be wrong but this same phenomenon might also describe the way the lawsuits have been handled regarding the rights of the enemy combatants being held by our government. Facts are available and known, certain chronologies are easily proven, yet are not being used to win those lawsuits. Once we dug deeper on the issues in the pleadings to the courts there are certain Clinton – Gore era facts that are absent from the pleadings that were made on behalf of Hamdi and Rasul.

Both of the cases were lost at the US Supreme Court and Bush was allowed to keep the lid on and his veil of secrecy as to why he does not want anyone, especially attorneys, talking to any of the enemy combatants being held by our government. If a case loses in court, many times the why was not explained sufficiently in the pleadings and briefs for the court to see the wrong being done. In this case, why Bush fears anyone being allowed to talk to the alleged enemy combatants he is holding incommunicado at Gitmo and other places.

The recent email updates have clearly spelled out that many of the alleged 9-11 terrorists are alive, have ties to US military and CIA, and have every appearance of being dropped names instead of the real perpetrators. There is an agenda in play and we have exposed that as well as any group.

In our research on 9-11 we may have come across the why that can explain why Bush fears any of these prisoners talking.

On September 24, 2004 an article appeared on that I wrote titled A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Truth.

Within the contents of that article is information regarding Bridas Corporation, information that I presented in New York City at the Jimmy Walter financed 9-11, Confronting the Evidence. Many Americans and foreigners have seen what I had to say in the DVD made of that event and it only contained about one-third of what I said that night.

Then on September 30, 2004 about seven hours before the first Bush –Kerry debate, we sent a facsimile to the White House and copied both DNC and the Kerry campaign with emails of a Demand Letter I sent to George W. Bush. Item three of that demand letter might be the real and true reason that George W. Bush does not want anyone at Gitmo (or other prisons around the world) to ever be allowed to see an attorney. A close friend sent the fax from Ground Zero in New York and I sent the emails to people I was in contact with at the Kerry campaign and DNC. These actions happened at 1 pm EDT , and the first Bush - Kerry debate started at 8 pm EST that evening.

I demand to know how many prisoners are being held at GITMO and other places that are either BRIDAS EMPLOYEES or are persons that know all about Bridas Corporation and what your administration did to get control of that Trans-Afghanistan pipeline.

The US government has even moved prisoners from Gitmo when it appeared that they might have to provide access to legal counsel.

After the A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Truth article appeared I was contacted by a former Bridas Corporation employee who advised that the company was missing employees that they feared were either terminated to keep them quiet or had been put in Gitmo or other places where no one could talk to them about what really happened in Afghanistan. The only other option is they went into hiding knowing that what they know about Bridas, Afghanistan and that pipeline might be hazardous to their health.

That simple fact might be the real reason Bush is so adamant that the prisoners cannot talk to the ICRC [International Committee of the Red Cross], Human Rights Watch, or Amnesty International or their family members, or attorneys.

In fact, if you dig deep enough you find that most of the Gitmo prisons were not captured due to U.S. intelligence. They were handed over by bounty hunters to collect money from our government under their terrorist reward program. That alone makes the value of those prisoners highly suspect.

It is easy to prove that Bridas Corporation was all over the Caspian Basin well in advance of US and UK oil companies. They signed agreements with Turkmenistan as early as 1992 and 1993 and then had to make arrangements for a pipeline across Afghanistan and Pakistan to get that oil to ocean terminals and loaded onto oil tanker ships. That company negotiated and signed an agreement with the Taliban and General Rashid Dostum in 1996. The latter is the Uzbek general that controls the northern part of Afghanistan and apparently sold out Bridas and the Taliban shortly before 9-11 and our attack on Afghanistan.

Operation Steppe Shield was in play in 1989, Clinton – Gore with the 20 Year War plan, CIA renditions and Patriot Act, aka: PDD #39 and even the book The Grand Chessboard all happening in 1997.

One of the fact patterns we dug into was this sudden shift of General Dostum. In 2002 we were contacted about a matter that might explain the sudden shift in loyalties by General Dostum and we reported on it in early 2005 once we finally tracked down as much of the known facts as we could.

Oddly enough, the trail we picked up was in Kosovo, not Afghanistan or Iraq. The trail ended at the death of the man you can read about at the link in Part VI of Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble. I even sent a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and copied most of the major media outlets on the letter, with no action from any of the media.

The recent email update disclosing how many of the alleged 9-11 terrorists were involved in Kosovo and Bosnia should turn on a few light bulbs among the readers.

Since we knew about Bridas Corporation in 1999 and its role in the Caspian Basin, our approach to looking at 9-11 has been different from most of the 9-11 researchers or other persons addressing certain facets and side effects of our policies since that time. Having a lawsuit in the U.S. courts was very telling and being able to track it from 1999 through the final US Supreme Court decision on March 22, 2004 helped my team to see things in their proper perspective.

We have also tracked the various cases such as Hamdi v Rumsfeld and Rasul v Bush where various legal groups have supposedly fought for the habeas corpus and Constitutional rights of those persons we hold captive in Gitmo and other places. I say supposedly because there is a trend line building that makes it reasonably clear that many such actions may have been for Democratic political gain and not judicial reasons. They may have been actions to embarrass Bush to create advantage in 2006 and 2008 for the Democrats. I do not say that lightly and explain below what has transpired.

The people who pursued these lawsuits on behalf of Rasul and Hamdi might have very good reasons for why they did not address Bridas Corporation. However, as long as the facts clearly show that the Clinton and Bush Administrations were directly involved in actions against Bridas and Afghanistan it opens the door as to why they only presented Bush era facts and chronology and not the entire set of facts going back to at least 1995.




No. 03—334. Argued April 20, 2004–Decided June 28, 2004



No. 03–6696. Argued April 28, 2004—Decided June 28, 2004

If you subscribe to the belief that everything happens for a reason, we may have come across something that is starting to smell of just business as usual in Washington, DC and politics wrapped up in apparently Constitutional issues.

Since 9-11 happened and we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, the Bush Administration has tried to change the classification of Prisoners of War to enemy combatants and deny them legal representation or access to anyone except the federal and military employees holding them captive. Most Americans have heard of the CIA renditions, abuses at Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo Bay. Two groups, on their own and without actually meeting with their clients filed lawsuits. One was the Center for Constitutional Rights, or CCR representing Hamdi and the other was law professor Joseph Margulies, University of Chicago representing Rasul.

During the Christmas break I focused on finishing Neoconned Again and even read these parts of the book twice to compare with what the authors were saying to what we know to be true.

I contacted Michael Ratner of CCR by telephone in early 2006 and one of his aides returned my call. I contacted Joseph Margulies by email and by telephone and he did not respond at all.

That was not the first time I had contacted Michael Ratner on this matter and had done so in 2004 as well while the CCR lawsuit was in front of the US Supreme Court. In 2004 I spoke several times with his aide and then with Michael himself regarding facts we uncovered or were provided by key people who surfaced because of my writings or my appearance in New York City. The aides I have spoken to are not sharp on facts and details as to why I was calling.

To our dismay, they apparently never did anything about the information we provided regarding Bridas Corporation and its possibly missing employees.

These are links [not given] to excerpts to parts of Neoconned Again that relate to the Bush secrecy matters and the efforts taken to sequester the Gitmo detainees away from the world so they cannot tell their story or even defend themselves. Evidence against them is not allowed by our government to be seen by them so they can respond and defend themselves.

Professor Joseph Margulies, Esq.

Dr. Joseph Margulies, Esq

Col. Dan Smith, USA (ret) (My comment: This retired colonel did what I think is the best article on what is wrong with the Bush policies but there is no mention that the policies started under the Clinton – Tenet CIA.)

Over the past several weeks we have laid out the facts that CIA renditions, DU use policy, the precursors of Patriot Act, and the 20-year War Plan all started under the Clinton – Gore Administration around 1997. That is the same period of time that actions had been taken against Bridas Corporation and the lawsuit was filed in Texas. That same lawsuit was won by Bridas Corporation at the Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals on September 9, 2003, Case Number No, 02-20929 and the appeal by Turkmenneft was lost at the US Supreme Court on March 22, 2004, Case 03-1018.

That is not hard to figure out once you know three facts:

1) The CIA Renditions started under the Clinton – Gore Administration; and

2) The 20-year War Plan for 2000 – 2020 was commissioned under the Clinton – Gore Administration around 1997; and

3) The Patriot Act was commenced under the Clinton – Gore Administration. I am certain of that now that we know about the CIA renditions, the 20 Year War Plan and these two PDD documents all occurring during the Clinton – Gore Administration.

You can add the fourth item to that list in that Bridas signed their agreement with the Taliban in 1996, the lawsuit was filed in Texas in 1997 regarding interference of contract to Bridas operations in Turkmenistan and direct efforts to lure the Taliban into breaching their agreement with Bridas started in earnest under the Clinton –Gore Administration.

With 2006 and 2008 being election years, and I clearly see that DNC is licking their lips at the thought of taking back power from the Republicans, I see a possibility that these lawsuits to supposedly defend habeas corpus and get legal counsel for these detainees might be yet another attempt to discredit Bush without pointing a finger at the Clinton – Gore Administration.

I watched the 9-11 Commission hearing in earnest because I wanted to see if any of them had the guts to bring up the name Bridas Corporation. Not a one of them brought up that name or that the case was at Fifth Circuit while the 9-11 Commission was purportedly investigating what happened on 9-11..

If you file a lawsuit in US District Court, then to the US Appeals Court and then the US Supreme Court on crucial constitutional issues and fail to prove "the why" of the matter, odds are you will lose the case. If you fail to provide information to the court that can explain the why of the matter, such as Bridas Corporation and its missing employees, and even its presence in Afghanistan, it raises a question as to why the attorneys did not avail themselves of all facts and information in their attempt to win their arguments before the courts.

The Clinton – Gore Administration were taking overt and covert actions against Bridas Corporation. That is a matter of public record and court records. As of 9-11, the only remaining obstacle to US control of that pipeline was the Taliban – Bridas agreement and that can easily be proven. The Bush Administration apparently took covert actions through General Rashid Dostum and direct military action as a result of 9-11 without ever disclosing to the world that Bridas Corporation had a contract with the Taliban for a pipeline that was coveted by US oil companies.

The true embryo of this entire Global War on Terror had its roots in the Clinton - Gore Administration and for some reason certain persons are taking steps that do not tell the whole story. The pleadings to US courts have been directed at Bush and I have yet to see a one of the cases that lays out the entire chronology that led up to 9-11, or the invasion of Afghanistan and what has transpired since that time. If I can find out that our government is financing that TAP pipeline via the Asian Development Bank and OPIC [Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a Washington, DC financing and political risk insurance entity], so can these attorneys that have filed multiple cases and all of them have failed to get the matter opened up to public scrutiny or even win in a court of law.

If we can find Bridas Corporation and the chronology of what they did in the Caspian Basin and Afghanistan, so can others. They have been mentioned in the book Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth by French authors Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie, and in my book and on many radio shows heard all across America and Canada. Some of the information we sent out also went to CNN, FOXNews, all major networks and most of the major city newspapers, Newsweek and others. None of them addressed the matter in any story we have seen.

It might be very easy to prove if someone would file and cite the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and stop slanting matters to pin it all on Bush - Cheney. Bridas Corporation and its missing employees might be the real reason that Bush has to maintain secrecy and not let any of the detainees talk.

The only downside to that is one would have to expose it all and that includes the role that Clinton – Gore had in what has led up to 9-11 and our attack on Afghanistan to take over the pipeline that was controlled at one time by Bridas Corporation.

Are there serious abuses going on at Gitmo and elsewhere regarding the legal rights of humans? Yes and probably far worse than reported thus far.

Is there a way to blow the doors open and get this matter fully looked into by a court of law? Possibly, they can be opened if one of the matters in the pleading is that an Argentina corporation is apparently missing employees that have either been killed or being held incommunicado by the Bush Administration. Those employees are definitely not enemy combatants, they are just persons who have information that the Bush Administration and Clinton Administration do not want you to ever hear.

There is a reason Bush wants total secrecy and no contact by anyoneto the enemy combatant detainees. That reason might be as simple as Bridas Corporation and its employees that were in Afghanistan.

The jury is not out. The jury has never been allowed to be seated to hear the facts. Odds are, until someone files a lawsuit on behalf of the detainees and puts the entire matter in the pleading instead of slanting it only towards Bush and Rumsfeld, the truth will remain hidden.

The reason I got fed up with most of the 9-11 Truth Movement is it is littered with people who are only working on slanting the facts to make Bush appear to be the only culpable party and our facts clearly show that many from the Clinton – Gore Administration should be grilled for hours before a real 9-11 Commission on their actions as well as the Bush Administration. The events of 9-11 are a crime against the United States and other nations that has nothing to do with political ideology or party lines.

The bottom line is simple: if Bridas employees are in fact missing and being held by our government to silence them so they cannot talk about what was done to upend their contracts with Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan, those are facts that the world needs to know about. That includes the courts that would hear such matters.

Where was the primary US base of operations during the period 1992 through 2001 for the Caspian Basin? Azerbaijan is the correct answer via a CIA front known as the US – Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce.

Where was the primary US base of operations during that same period regarding Afghanistan? Pakistan is the correct answer.

What was our leverage on General Rashid Dostum? Certain reports indicate that he has been a CIA asset for quite some time and following 9-11 was paid a very large sum of money, by our government. See Part VI of the Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble series at the link that appears earlier in this email. [link not given]

What languages does FBI translator Sibel D. Edmonds speak? She speaks Farsi (Iranian), Turkish (her mother), Azeri (her Azerbaijani father) and English.

What did she find inside the FBI? She found foreign and American names involved in drug trafficking, money laundering and financing of 9-11. What she found was not in the Arabic language. What she found dated back to 1998, ongoing drug investigations, and the Clinton – Gore Administration.

About six to eight hours after the WTC towers crashed to the ground, a flight took off from Kosovo bound for Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan, and from there a large amount of cash in crates was off loaded onto helicopters and flown into the northern part of Afghanistan. That flight, same day as September 11, 2001, may well have been a huge bribe or reward paid out to General Rashid Dostum.

The United States government has suppressed the investigation into every matter regarding 9-11 and what has been done since that day. The reason is apparently simple – lies have to be covered up.

It is my considered opinion that national security is not the objective. The protection of certain nationally prominent butts is why the total veil of secrecy has been invoked and it can be ripped away in a simple way. Our facts point in that direction and so does what Sibel D. Edmonds found inside of the FBI.

Find and question the missing Bridas Corporation employees. The entire veil of secrecy Bush and Rumsfeld want to keep on the enemy combatant detainees could be as simple as they do not want anyone to know about Bridas Corporation or that we are holding people that are in no way enemy combatants or terrorists. If they have been killed or tortured to death by agents of our government that alone is evidence of a crime.

The odds are high that our government is holding these Bridas people somewhere to keep them quiet and what they have to say should be on the record for the world to hear.

This matter cannot be pleaded to the court along ideology lines and ever get to the whole truth. The problem is both sides of the aisle and both the Clinton and Bush Administrations were involved.

Maybe the appropriate action should be filed under 18 U.S.C. § 2441, The War Crimes Act. We have polluted Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq (and possibly the Sudan) with dirty bomb DU weapons through the past three presidential administrations.

Additionally, if we are holding corporate employees that are not enemy combatants or terrorists, that would be a War Crime and a gross violation of every law I have ever seen regarding Human Rights and the Geneva Conventions.

The infamous Judge Gonzales memo dated January 25, 2002 even cited that he recommended the approach to lessen liability under the War Crimes Act, but once the truth is known and fully laid out that memorandum and Clinton and Bush actions will not stand scrutiny before a court of law.

Secrecy is not always to protect National Security. Many times it is to conceal criminal conduct at the highest level of our government.

There are two morals to this story.

First, the 9-11 Truth Movement cannot beat the liars with lies. It will take the truth to stop the insanity and policies that should have never been created and implemented.

Secondly, if people are going to stand up and fight back they need to avail themselves of every possible tool, fact, and means to take on the type of institutional deception that our government has now proven to the world and to America that it is capable of committing. Policies do not happen by accident and many times do not happen due to necessity. What we are seeing are policies that are driven solely by power and greed.

Best regards,


PS: the following was written by Barbara Hartwell, former CIA. Barbara Hartwell has known Stew Webb a lot longer than I have and sees the pattern he is doing now. It is a pattern that he has done over and over again by picking the wrong sides, following the wrong path. Stew Webb has a lot of history and his actions are predictable. It is a mistake he has made for many years and keeps doing it to himself and then blaming others, lashing out at them instead of facing his own results due to his own actions.

Note from Barbara Hartwell

Stew Webb: Where are the facts?

Last month, Stew Webb posted on the U.S. Intelligence Breaking News section of his website, that I, Barbara Hartwell, had been "cut off" due to "joining in a disinformation campaign with Karl Schwarz."

Fact: I have joined no such disinfo campaign.

Fact: Karl Schwarz is running no such disinfo campaign.

Stew has more recently posted a "bounty hunter" reward for the arrest of Tim White. Included in that notice is the statement that White is the "sidekick" of Karl Schwarz. Further, he claims that Karl Schwarz was involved in "spying" on the U.S. congress and senate, through a connection with an Israeli technology company.

Fact: Karl Schwarz has no such association with Tim White, such that White could possibly be considered a "sidekick"; there is no alliance of any kind between Tim White and Karl Schwarz.

Fact: Karl Schwarz has never been involved in any such "spying" nor has he had business dealings with such a company.

If Stew Webb wants to make these wild allegations, for the apparent purpose of attempting to discredit Karl Schwarz and myself, I would at least suggest he furnish some solid evidence to substantiate his claims.

However, there is one very serious problem that I can see: No such evidence exists on any of these claims. They are lies, plain and simple.

So I would ask Stew Webb, please, to cease from making these false allegations. In addition to these public postings, it has also come to my attention that similar lies about myself and Karl Schwarz are being disseminated to certain individuals who are mutual acquaintances/friends/associates of myself and Stew Webb. I have already encountered a good deal of trouble in my personal life, due to these lies. I am outraged that someone I have considered a good friend for over five years would engage in such tactics.

Please stop it, Stew. I am asking you nicely, at least the first time. If this nonsense persists, it will only do more harm to your own reputation and credibility.


NOTE, January, 2007:

Normally, it is my policy not to publish "anonymous" articles. Nor can I give credibility to most writings without knowing the author. I also like to give credit where it is due, so in this case, should I learn the identity of the author, I will certainly do so.

As for Carl Worden, he has, for years, been one of my favorite authors. In fact, I had an entire section on my old website featuring Carl's articles.

The one point of contention I have with Carl's brief preface is that "there is no evidence that our government was behind the 9/11/01 attacks." I have not personally "investigated" 9-11, but I have certainly seen enough evidence, in the years since then, presented by numerous credible scientific investigators, to have corroborated my original "belief" (as in part, outlined in my article, Tyranny, Treachery, Terrorism and Trauma: The Formula) that 9-11 was an "inside job."

By that I mean that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were orchestrated, at the very least, with the collusion of U.S. government officials, as part of a larger international criminal conspiracy.

Barbara Hartwell

March, 2003

Ladies & gentlemen:

I didn't write this masterpiece, and I do not know the author as yet, but this is a remarkable reminder if there ever was one.

There is no evidence that our government was behind the 9/11/01 attacks, but there is more than ample evidence this administration used the events of 9/11/01 as an excuse to get us to where we are today in Afghanistan and now Iraq.

Take a hard look in the mirror, and then read this.

Carl F. Worden


Everyone likes to say, "Hitler did this", and, "Hitler did that". But the truth is Hitler did very little. He was a world class tyrant, but the evil actually done by the Third Reich, from the death camps to WW2 was all done by German citizens who were afraid to question if what they were told by their government was the truth or not, and who because they did not want to admit to themselves that they were afraid to question the government, refused to see the truth behind the Reichstag Fire, refused to see the invasion by Poland was a staged fake, and followed Hitler into national disaster.

The German people of the late 1930s imagined themselves to be brave. They saw themselves as the heroic Germans depicted by the Wagnerian Operas, the descendants of the fierce Germanic warriors who had hunted wild boar with nothing but spears and who had defeated three of Rome's mightiest legions in the Tuetenberg Forest.

But in truth, by the 1930s, the German people had become civilized and tamed, culturally obsessed with fine details in both science and society. Their self-image of bravery was both salve and slavery. Germans were required to behave as if they were brave, even when they were not.

It's easy to look back and realize what a jerk Hitler was. But at the time, Hitler looked pretty good to the German people, with the help of the media. He was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year in 1938. The German people assumed they were safe from a tyrant. They lived in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government could and more importantly could not do. Their leader was a devoutly religious man, and had even sung with the boy's choir of a monastery in his youth.

The reality was that the German people, as individuals, had lost their courage. The German government preferred it that way as a fearful people are easier to rule than a courageous one. But the German people didn't wish to lose their self-image of courage. So, when confronted with a situation demanding individual courage, in the form of a government gone wrong, the German people simply pretended that the situation did not exist. And in that simple self-deception lay the ruin of an entire nation and the coming of the second World War.

When the Reichstag burned down, most Germans simply refused to believe suggestions that the fire had been staged by Hitler himself. They were afraid to. But so trapped were the Germans by their belief in their own bravery that they willed themselves to be blind to the evidence before their eyes, so that they could nod in agreement with Der Fuhrer while still imagining themselves to have courage, even as they avoided the one situation which most required real courage; to stand up to Hitler's lies and deceptions.

When Hitler requested temporary extraordinary powers, powers specifically banned under German law, but powers Hitler claimed he needed to have to deal with the "terrorists", the German people, having already sold their souls to their self-delusions, agreed. The temporary powers were conferred, and once conferred lasted until Germany itself was destroyed.

When Hitler staged a phony invasion from Poland, the vast majority of the German people, their own self-image dependent on continuing blindness to Hitler's deceptions, did not question why Poland would have done something so stupid, and found themselves in a war.

But Hitler knew he ruled a nation of cowards, and knew he had to spend the money to make the new war something cowards could fight and win. He decorated his troops with regalia to make them proud of themselves, further trapping them in their self-image. Hitler copied the parade regalia of ancient Rome, to remind the Germans of the defeat of the legions at the Tuetenberg Forest. Talismans were added from orthodox religions and the occult to fill the soldiers with delusions of mystical strengths and an afterlife if they fell in battle. Finally, knowing that it takes courage to kill the enemy face to face, Hitler spent vast sums of money on his wonder weapons, airplanes, submarines, ultra-long range artillery, the world's first cruise missile and the world's first guided missile, weapons that could be used to kill at a distance, so that those doing the killing need not have to face the reality of what they were doing.

The German people were lured into WW2 not because they were brave, but because they were cowards who wanted to be seen as brave, and found that shooting long range weapons at people they could not see took less courage than standing up to Hitler. Sent into battle by that false image of courage, the Germans were dependent on their wonder-weapons. When the wonder-weapons stopped working, the Germans lost the war.

I remember as a child listening to the stories of WW2 from my grandfather and my uncles who had served in Europe. I wondered how the German people could have been so stupid as to have ever elected Hitler dog catcher, let alone leader of the nation. Such is the clarity of historical hindsight. And with that clarity, I see the exact same mechanism that Hitler used at work here in this nation.

The American people imagine themselves to be brave. They see themselves as the heroic Americans depicted by Western Movies, the descendants of the fierce patriot warriors who had tamed the frontier and defeated the might of the British Empire.

But in truth, by the dawn of the third millennium, the American people have become civilized and tamed, culturally obsessed with fine details in both science and society. Their self-image of bravery is both salve and slavery. Americans are required to behave as if they are brave, even when they are not.

The American people assume they are safe. They live in a Republic, after all, with strict laws regarding what the government can and more importantly cannot do. Their leader is a devoutly religious man.

The reality is that the American people, as individuals, have lost their courage. The government prefers it that way as a fearful people are easier to rule than a courageous one. But Americans don't wish to lose their self-image of courage. So, when confronted with a situation demanding courage, in the form of a government gone wrong, the American people simply pretend that the situation does not exist.

When the World Trade Towers collapsed, most Americans simply refused to believe suggestions that the attacks had been staged by parties working for the US Government itself. Americans were afraid to, even as news reports surfaced proving that the US Government had announced plans for the invasion of Afghanistan early in the year, plans into which the attacks on the World Trade Towers which angered the American people into support of the already-planned war fit entirely too conveniently. But so trapped are Americans by their belief in their own bravery that they will themselves to be blind to the evidence before their eyes, so that they can nod in agreement with the government while still imagining themselves to have courage, even as they avoid the one situation which most requires real courage; to stand up to the government's lies and deceptions. The vast majority of the American people, their own self-image dependant on continuing blindness to the government's deceptions, never question why Afghanistan would have done something so stupid as to attack the United States, and as a result, Americans find themselves in a war.

Now the US Government has requested temporary extraordinary powers, powers specifically banned under Constitutional law, but powers the government is claiming they need to have to deal with the "terrorists". The American people, having already sold their souls to their self-delusions, are agreeing. The temporary powers recently conferred will be no more temporary in America than they were in Germany.

The US Government knows they rule a nation of cowards. The government has had to spend the money to make the new war something cowards can fight. The government has decorated the troops with regalia to make them proud of themselves, further trapping them in their self-image. Talismans are added from orthodox religions and the occult to fill the soldiers with delusions of mystical strengths and an afterlife if they fall in battle. Finally, knowing that it takes courage to kill the enemy face to face, the United States government has spent vast sums of money on wonder weapons, airplanes, submarines, ultra-long range artillery, cruise missiles, and guided missiles, weapons that kill at a distance, so that those doing the killing need not have to face the reality of what they are doing.

As I mentioned above, Hitler was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year in 1938. Stalin was TIME Magazine's Man Of The Year for 1939 and 1942. Both of these men, and many others also celebrated by the media, were unimaginable monsters. The lesson from these facts is that it isn't easy to spot a genocidal tyrant when you live with one, especially one whom the press supports and promotes. Tyrants become obvious only when looking back, after what they have done becomes known. The German people did not stand up to Hitler because their media betrayed them, just as the American media is betraying the American people by willingly, voluntarily, even proudly, abandoning its traditional role as watchdog against government abuse.

It is the very nature of power that it attracts the sort of people who should not have it. The United States, as the world's last superpower, is a prize that attracts men and women willing to do absolutely anything to win that power, and hence are also willing to do absolutely anything with that power once they have it. If one thinks about it long enough, one will realize that all tyrants, past and most especially present, MUST use deception on their population to initiate a war. No citizen of a modern industrialized nation will send their children off to die in a war to grab another nation's resources and assets, yet resources and assets are what all wars are fought over. The nation that wishes to initiate a war of conquest must create the illusion of an attack or a threat to start a war, and must always give their population of cowards an excuse never to question that carefully crafted illusion.

It is naive, not to mention racist to assume that tyrants appear only in other nations and that somehow America is immune simply because we're Americans. America has escaped the clutches of a dictatorship thus far only through the efforts of those citizens who, unlike the Germans of the 1930s, have the moral courage to stand up and point out where the government is lying to the people. And unless more Americans are willing to have that kind of individual courage, then future generations may well look back on the American people with the same harshness of judgment with which we look back on the 1930s Germans.