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Monday, February 28, 2011

Todd Brendan Fahey: Psychotic Liar, Criminal Stalker, Obsessive Whackjob

Psycho Stalker!
Recently, in checking the links on my website, I discovered that some of my reports had been mysteriously DELETED.  So I reposted these reports on the front page, given the fact that on this 'blogspot' site, owned by Google, there is no other way to replace a post once it has been removed.
To my knowledge, only one of my reports, exposing the moronic "Xena Carpenter" website, which publishes pseudo-reports filled with libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, and others among my friends/colleagues, was "officially" DELETED (without my permission) by the "Blogger Team" of Google Gestapo; this, after they received a "complaint" from "Xena Carpenter", with the false claim that there was a "copyright infringement" by Barbara Hartwell.
See evidence here:
CENSORED! Xena Carpenter Meets the Demonic Duo:Libel and Fraud from the Pit of Hell
But the fact is that "Xena Carpenter" (whether "she" is a real person or not --and I have seen no evidence whatsoever that "she" is) is a name regularly  used by a criminal psychopath, Todd Brendan Fahey, under which pseudonym he has written and posted many libelous, defamatory articles targeting Barbara Hartwell.
The "Xena Carpenter" pseudonym and website (along with the massive smear campaign targeting Barbara Hartwell) have also been promoted by known criminal accomplices of Todd Brendan Fahey, most notably predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho stalker, Tim White (Fahey's "other half" of the demonic duo), and also including (but certainly not limited to) the following individuals: Ken Adachi (Educate-Yourself); Aaron James (help aaron james); Pamela Schuffert (American Holocaust); Craig Oxley (Unhived Mind); Alex McGowin Studer (Lab Virus); Michelle Ray; James F. Marino (9-11 The Mother of All Black Operations) Larry Lawson (Larry Lawson News); Ken Vardon (APFN).
As for the other DELETED reports, no such "complaint" was sent to me by the "Blogger Team" of low grade morons --the reports simply "disappeared" from the site.  
I'll take this opportunity to repost one of those reports (below) exposing Todd Brendan Fahey.
But before I get to that, there is one (among many, many others of its kind) libelous pseudo report written by Fahey (as usual, the little coward doesn't identify himself, but is hiding behind a screen name, in this case, "friend of liberty") which I have never bothered to refute. Why not? Well, first of all, there are countless such bogus "reports" spewed out by this obsessive whackjob, most of which I have never read. And refuting them all would be a full time job!  
This particular piece of garbage, I had not read until just last week, when I happened across it on an old "Larry Lawson News", which featured (you guessed it) a libel extravaganza targeting Yours Truly, Barbara Hartwell.
But although I had never read this particular smear piece, I had taken note of the fact that "Who is Barbara Hartwell?" by the unnamed "source", Todd Brendan Fahey, had appeared at the TOP of Google's listings for "Barbara Hartwell" for YEARS, along with other smear pieces written and promoted by Ken Adachi, another malicious liar, charlatan, criminal, and the primary PR shill for former FBI chief, COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson.  Adachi also promotes Todd Fahey, Tim White, Pam Schuffert, Brenda Negri and any number of other government stooges, Intel groupies and G-Man wannabes who have made a mission of libeling, stalking, threatening Barbara Hartwell, whom this motley crew apparently considers Public Enemy Number One.
I hereby refute the lies of Todd Brendan Fahey, for the public record. (Better late than never.) My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
--- In, "friendofliberty" (2004)
[Todd Brendan Fahey] wrote:

Who is Barbara Hartwell?
"Barbara Hartwell, who resides at 17 Oceana Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, 04064, and goes by "sherwoodpercival@..." does, indeed,exist. Her abode is owned by an old man--whose favor she claims she has earned by some kind of "inheritance"--a three-storey lodging,painted grey, on the corner of a beachside locale, with a tattered "Liberty or Death!"-flag hanging from the north-side lower balcony, and an old white BMW and a late-90s brown/gold Chevy van [two vehicles] in "her" front lawn. She writes that she is "from a CIA family" and has "broken from her handlers" (CIA) since 1994. But what evidence has she, to affirm this?"
[BHP:  1) Todd Fahey, since July 2004, has engaged in monstrous invasions of privacy, publishing my UNLISTED PRIVATE street address (17 Oceana Ave.) all over the Internet, on literally hundreds of websites and message boards, with intent of malice, for the express purpose of soliciting further criminal harassment, felony threats and stalking, by like-minded scum criminals, all of which Fahey has perpetrated against Barbara Hartwell. Soliciting a crime, IS A CRIME, in and of itself.
2) "sherwood percival" was an e-mail address I once had. Period. At no time did I "go by" that name, but simply used the e-mail address for posting my reports on a few Yahoo groups. These reports were ALWAYS posted with the by-line Barbara Hartwell, my actual name. Nor have I ever used, nor written reports, under any pseudonyms. Case closed.
And the reason I finally EXPUNGED that e-mail address was because that was the ONLY way to stem the tide of raw sewage: harassing, threatening, obscene e-mails by psychopaths Todd Fahey and Tim White (the demonic duo). These maggots couldn't get access to my private e-mail address, so they were forced to stop their cyber-stalking, at least by e-mail.
3) Never, at any time, was my home "owned by an old man". Nor did I ever, "claim" (to Fahey or anyone else) that I had "inherited" this house, because I had "earned" this purported (and non-existent) "old man's favor".
I have no idea where this whackjob came up with this false information. In fact, I never gave Fahey ANY information regarding my home, including pertaining to matters of ownership. More to the point, it was/is NONE OF FAHEY'S DAMNED BUSINESS. 
However, over a period of years, Fahey has fabricated any number of additional lies concerning that particular house:  That it was "owned by a member of the John Birch Society." Wrong! That it was "owned by a man named Jack Knowles" (of whom I've never even heard...) Wrong!  That it was owned by a man named Frank Nulton."  Wrong again! Frank Nulton was a friend (now deceased) but at no time owned my house, nor did I ever tell anyone, including whackjob Fahey, anything of the kind.
4) The house Fahey refers to, at the only time he saw it (when he was the houseguest from Hell!), 2004, was NOT "painted grey". It was rather, a pale yellow. (How could anyone mistake a yellow house and call it grey?) In fact, evidence of this can be seen all over the Internet, thanks to Fahey. As part of his obsessive harassment against Barbara Hartwell, he posted photos of my house on many, many websites and message boards, along with his false information about the various (I've lost count...) "owners" --that is, along with many other outrageous lies, libelous and defamatory comments about Barbara Hartwell.
And by the way, Fahey's criminal accomplices (Tim White, Pam Schuffert and others) also exploited the photos of my house and added their own libelous comments, as well as dragging the names of various other persons into the mix.  An Internet libel free-for-all!
5) Who does busybody and town crier, Todd Fahey, think would actually care what kind of vehicles I own? After all, nobody but Fahey is pathologically obsessed with Barbara Hartwell.]
"She writes that she is "from a CIA family" and has "broken from her handlers" (CIA) since 1994. But what evidence has she, to affirm this?"
[BHP: So what if I'm from a CIA family? I have openly admitted that, but what's his point? Fahey uses quotations here AS IF these were words written by Barbara Hartwell, when they are not my words at all.
As for "evidence" (including of things I never said), if Fahey has seen no "evidence" concerning my background or information from my writings, that's his problem, not mine. He is free to believe what he will, just like any other readers of my work. Personally, it is not my concern what this whackjob thinks.] 
"Ms. Hartwell is an occasional consumer of marijuana--as supplied to her from [name removed] whose address is unknown, and it doesn't really matter...whatever Ms. Hartwell gets, she's lucky to get."
[BHP: Fahey now libels not only Barbara Hartwell but also [name removed]. This individual had the misfortune of meeting Todd Fahey in July, 2004, not long before he had to be hauled away by the police for drunk and disorderly conduct and making threats against me and my relatives. [Name removed] called him a "lowlife" and a "freak". (Good call!)
Fahey, the identity thief, has stolen the name of another individual and has been using it to post libelous trash all over the Internet, just as he has stolen the identities of others known to be associated with Barbara Hartwell, including (believe it or not) two of my cats, Hercules (who is now in Cat Heaven) and Kyra. Only a whacked-out weirdo would steal the identities of a couple of felines...
For the record, no friends of mine are "drug suppliers"  --that would be Fahey himself, who smuggled a large canvas bag of drugs from Southeast Asia, and "medicated" himself (along with his consumption of many gallons of booze) into a stupor on a daily basis.]
"Of the bottom-line, Barbara Hartwell has proved 0.00 in her voluminous screeds since 1999. A woman who claims to have been a "black-ops operative" for "MK-Ultra" since "the early 70s": she has, over a six-year period, not named any of her "handlers," nor the projects in which she was supposedly dispatched, the detail of places and/or of the nature of her training (Note: Yeah, Camp Peary is well- known, to anyone who's read the Internet or seen a Hollywood movie);further, who claims to have been abducted from her lodgings, hood over her head, to a syring of scopolamine sometime in year-2000."
[BHP: First of all, I have never been concerned with "proving" anything to anyone. Any and all reports written and published by me are FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of them what they will. This notice has been clearly stated on all websites I have ever had, including the current one.
Secondly, Fahey once again comes up with a misquote: "black ops operative for "MK Ultra". I have never made any such "claim" nor used that phrase. For those interested, they can easily search through my writings and they will see for themselves. What I have stated is that I was NOC, utilized in Psy Ops.
"Since the early 70s" is another phrase fabricated by Fahey, another that I have never used.
Again, Fahey issues false information, which I have never, at any time, in any of my writings, "claimed". Never have I stated that a "syring of scopolomine" had anything to do with being "abducted" "sometime in year-2000".
Lastly re Camp Peary (the Farm) of course I was trained there (who in my former profession wasn't?), but what exactly is Fahey's point in mentioning it? So what if CIA's training camp is common knowledge?
Fahey's obvious purpose with this silly little smear piece is to discredit the so-called "claims" of Barbara Hartwell -- oddly enough, claims that were never made by me.]
"All this said: Any witnesses? Any suits filed? (against anyone; and if not, why not?). Photos to go with these fries? ANYTHING?

Barbara Hartwell's last three Web sites are now offline, though much of her past content can still be accessed by Google's For one who champions Truth/Exposure and who claims to be disgruntled ex-CIA, why the erasure?

BHP: Let's wrap this up.
I certainly don't answer to this scumbag, Todd Fahey. If he wants factual information about what I have chosen to make public, let him read my reports, like anyone else. He is free to believe what he will, like anyone else. Case closed.
Fahey tries to imply that my websites were taken offline because the "past content" will somehow incriminate me. But the fact of the matter is that I took my last website (Barbara Hartwell DOT COM) offline for a very compelling reason: because some goons from the government hacked into the 'allwhois' search engine and placed some bogus information stating that my website was owned by "1600 Pennsylvania Ave." When I exposed their sabotage, they then changed it to "9-11 Nuke Iraq Street".
In fact, all the little government stooges had a field day, spreading this falsehood all over the Internet. Claiming that they had "proof" that Barbara Hartwell is not only CIA, but works directly for George W. Bush!.... from the "basement of the White House!"....and so on and so forth...
One last thing: The content of my previous websites (those taken offline) is STILL included in the archives of my present website. So much for Fahey's "why-the-erasure?" theory.
But Fahey has not dropped the "Who is Barbara Hartwell" theme. No, he has published at least two other such pseudo-reports over the past few years (naturally under another pseudonym, "Xena Carpenter.") 
How are they different? Only the lies (and some of the names) have changed. I guess when this "report" didn't have the desired effect, Fahey decided that fabricating a different set of contradictory lies was in order. 
Todd Fahey continues to this very day with his libel campaign, with identity theft, forgery, and his obsessive attempts to not only discredit --but to destroy the life of Barbara Hartwell.
Yes, Fahey is a government stooge, a CIA/G-Man wannabe, just like his pal (his "other half "of the demonic duo) Tim White. But Fahey is pathologically  obsessed with Barbara Hartwell, a fact which has been noted by many who have witnessed his relentless posting of libelous fabrications, his attacks, taunts and provocations for years.
But here's what I believe: Someday, somewhere, somehow, someone will have HAD ENOUGH of Todd Brendan Fahey. He will make someone's day, and that someone will punch his one-way-ticket to Hell.
Until that time, he will continue to harass, stalk, libel/slander and obsess.....
What an utterly pathetic character.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Febraury 28, 2011
Todd Fahey has been obsessively harassing Barbara Hartwell since July, 2004.
He has stalked; criminally harassed; libeled; solicited additional criminal harassment through monstrous invasions of privacy; forged documents; engaged in identity theft (including of the name of Barbara Hartwell).
In fact, Fahey has made an obsessive mission of destroying the life of Barbara Hartwell.
Here, evidence of Fahey's obsession and harassment, now going on six (6) years; as well as the lunacy of  Todd Fahey, as described by witnesses, including his own parents.
This is only a fraction of the evidence, but it shows the obsessive nature of Fahey in his twisted crusade to destroy Barbara Hartwell.
This criminal whackjob should be stopped, but he is hiding out in Southeast Asia, where he cannot be apprehended by law enforcement.
March 3, 2010
In, [defunct] spookyermomma AT Yahoo [Todd Fahey]  no_reply@...> wrote:
"Has anyone heard from her in months? She hasn't posted on her blog since November 9th. Does she still live at 17 Oceana Avenue, Old Orchard Beach, Maine 04064?
What's going on with her?"
"Re: Barbara Hartwell's whereabouts? WHO CARES????

Nobody is going to send you money Blabbs and NOBODY CARES about a dried up scuzbag CIA hack that has been tossed off countless radio programs and is a total complete FRAUD who tried soliciting money for a court case against Bush Sr. that YOU NEVER FILED!

Barbara Hartwell's messages on this address [a defunct Yahoo account] are all screened by a legal advocate. She does not open them herself, nor read them.  She does not accept unsolicited e-mail messages.  When the content is seen to be from a criminal stalker (as this one) and the perp is identified, according to a profile, a report is filed.
You, Todd Brendan Fahey, hiding behind yet another stupid alias, are a malicious pathological liar, a pathetic loser, a false patriot, a pervert, a lowlife, a thief, a porno-monger, a scumbag, a maggot, a moron, a whackjob, a creep, a drugged-up drunk, a despicable sniveling coward, a penny-ante provocateur, a forger, a blackmailer, an identity thief, and nothing but a little stooge of your criminal government masters.  You're expendable, a little dupe being used by people a hell of a lot smarter than you are.  It doesn't take much grey matter on that score.

I hope you enjoy the special place waiting for you in Hell for your lies, your crimes against decent God-fearing Christians and the children whose sexual abuse and murders you have contributed to, by aiding and abetting their abusers. 
You have been warned several times to cease and desist your criminal cyber-stalking and e-mail harassment of Barbara Hartwell.  And make no mistake, it is a crime. Just another one for the evidence file and to report to law enforcement. Then, this address will be blocked as SPAM.

Todd Brendan Fahey, CEASE AND DESIST!
July 6, 2004

Dear Sir:

My name is [name deleted]

I was visiting my sister at the address above [deleted] for the weekend with my 10-year old son, beginning on July 1, 2004.

My sister, who had been communicating with the above individual, Todd Brendan Fahey (spelling?), via the internet, for some time (upon information and belief), contacted her telling her he was in grave danger, had been deported from some country, and was near death. My sister, arranged to have him come to her home to convalesce, when he called from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City.

I experienced first hand this individual's drunken and drug induced stupors, which were totally unacceptable. My sister, Barbara Hartwell, attempted to reason with Mr. Fahey, whose behavior became more and more unacceptable as his health became better.

Finally, on the 4th of July, he made it clear that he would do whatever he pleased in her home, as though he owned it, and would not comply with basic requests regarding the other persons in the home. He brandished a large container claiming it was valium he smuggled in from Korea when he was deported from that country. His behavior was bizarre to say the least. My sister demanded that he leave the premises, and he began making vulgar allegations regarding my sister's sexual habits, and saying he would never leave the house peaceably.

It is my understanding that today, he called my sister from "The Whaler," saying if she did not talk to him, he would get a cab and would come to her home. It was obvious that he had been drinking, and upon information and belief, slandering my sister's name. The police were called, and upon information and belief, they were told of his telephone calls, and that they should tell him not to call her home again, and not to set foot on the premises.

This is being written to you to assure that you have a complete "whack job" in your town. We do not know what he will do. He related to me first hand that he had illegal drugs which he smuggled in to the country, from a country where he gets them over the counter. He named Prozac, Vykadin, Valium, inter alia. I do not remember the others. I have never met this person prior to this weekend, and have no ulterior motive to write this information to you.

There is no doubt in my mind that my sister, who is extremely altruistic in nature, would never do anything to warrant the type of behavior this individual is exhibiting. His claims regarding money owed him by my sister, who received money from this individual's mother to cover expenses she incurred, she refuses to take, since receiving the check in her name, and has done everything in her power to arrange for the check to be cashed by her son, and the proceeds sent via western union to Mr. Fahey. The check has not cleared yet, and my sister's son refuses to wire the money until it does. He also claims a computer has been sent to my sister's address, which my sister of course will refuse delivery, and will be returned to the sender. Under no circumstances will she have anything further to do with this individual.

I am concerned for my sister's well being, and would implore that you use your probable cause powers to investigate this individual. I have no agenda other than protecting my sister's well being.

The bartender at "The Whaler" certainly has information as to where this individual is staying, as well as the cab driver who drove this maniac from The Whaler to my sister's home today to further harass her. He has no reason to be in this area, and I hope you will do what is in your power to ensure the safety of my sister, and the good citizens of Ocean Park and Old Orchard Beach.

My telephone number is [XXXX]. I again beseech you to get this individual out of the area, or arrest him if he is in possession of the illegal drugs he claimed he had to me on July 4, 2004. The day the police ejected him from my sister's home, he said he would never leave the area peaceably. This was a direct threat, which now that he has returned to my sister's home, I must take seriously.

I have not contacted my attorney at this point in time, but if my sister again contacts me with another story of this individual's indiscretions, I will be compelled to take all legal action in order that this individual be forced to cease and desist.

I know you will do whatever is in your power to persuade this individual to stop, immediately. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.


[name deleted]
Dan and I truly appreciate the assistance you offered to Todd and are very sorry he was a burden to you. Thank you for all you tried to do. We understand he is in a mental hospital or a half-way house, not quite sure which and that he underwent a psych analysis but are not certain that it was very thorough. We do want to repay you for your inconvenience and the things you did for him. I know you do not have a bank account but would like to send you a cashier's check to help pay for the time he was there.
We do not know what will become of Todd. He has failed to make the best of some good opportunities and until he decides he wants to turn his life around, there is very little else anyone can do for him. Best wishes and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please let us know what we can do to return the favor you extended to Todd.
Darlene and Dan
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA  

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Real Face of Al Gore

Here is a report by Karl Schwarz (2006). After posting my latest report  exposing the sleazy antics of Gore supporters Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb, I reflected on the events of that time period and remembered that Karl had written an excellent report exposing "The Real Face of Al Gore".
As you will see, Karl's research is meticulous, and he includes the sources (with links) for many of his factual statements.
At the time this report was written, I had discussed these issues with Karl at length in telephone conversations and in several face-to-face meetings at my home in Maine. Since I was also on the receiving end of the "bashing" by Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan, in print and on several radio programs, including, as Karl mentions, Cloak and Dagger (Lenny Bloom aka Martin Thall) and Hal Turner Network, Karl included this information in his report, with my permission, using my name.
But I should also confirm that I am the "former CIA source" Karl cites in regard to Gore's connections to the New Age movement and its ties to CIA.  At that time, I had asked Karl not to use my name as the source, only the information. Karl was true to his word.
It is also important to mention that in every case where I have given Karl information, even though he himself awarded credibility to that information,  he has corroborated it from other sources before publishing. This is what professionals, and those with journalistic integrity, do. 
One of the reasons I consider Karl Schwarz a trustworthy individual is that he has never betrayed a confidence, nor divulged privileged information I have given him, unless he had specific authorization from me. 
Given the fact that I have been burned any number of times by those who do not respect the privacy/personal boundaries/confidences of others, over a period of years, I have become ever more wary of discussing personal/professional issues of a sensitive nature, for fear that my information will end up splashed all over the Internet, or broadcast over the airwaves by unscrupulous blabbermouths,  often twisted beyond recognition.
In this particular situation, Stew Webb (in whom I had confided much sensitive personal information, as a friend) and his cohort Tom Heneghan, did just that. They exploited confidential information, and embellished on it, as well as fabricating outrageous lies in efforts to discredit me and Karl Schwarz, simply because we refused to support their "hero", Al Gore. 
One of the most ludicrous libelous falsehoods they promoted was that Karl Schwarz and Barbara Hartwell are part of an "Israeli Spy Ring". Doubtless, this reflects the 'Jew-hater' mentality  subscribed to by Heneghan, Webb and their one-time "sponsor", Hal Turner. (By the way, neither Karl nor I are Jewish, nor have any connections with Mossad or Israel, but that fact apparently presented no problem for these "intelligence experts".) 
There were also a couple of loud-mouthed busybodies and "town criers"  (including fed snitch, Tim White, mentioned briefly in this report) who tried to get into the act and stirred up an additional  world of trouble by spreading misinformation to various parties, including radio hosts covering these issues.
But anyway, here's Karl's report. I had lost the original due to a computer crash in 2006, which resulted in corruption of certain files. Luckily, I was able to find the report on the Internet, though the original site was no longer online.
Note: The copy I found was a mess, so I had to reformat it for posting. I'm not sure if all the links work, but otherwise it is given in its original form.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 25, 2011
The Real Face of Al Gore 
Greetings to all Email Update members,

The only reason we have issued this email update is to address events of last week and what Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb plan to do between now and the end of January when our next email update was to have come out.  They are Gore supporters and bashing anyone in the 9-11 Truth or Patriot Movements that say anything about not supporting Gore or exposing things that Americans need to know about Al Gore.
I took the opportunity to listen to the US Intelligence Report tonight (Thursday, January 12, 2006), featuring Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan.  We taped the show and have detected no less than seven lies stated about me, at least five very serious misstatements of fact, and even threats.  As you read on you will probably understand.  They bashed V. K Durham, Barbara Hartwell, and even alleged that it was V K Durham that was offering to help the whistleblowers when it was Tom Heneghan making that false statement for months.  Stew Webb made that false statement for months, and yet now they act as if others made those statements. 
Heneghan promised a large group of people, including my researchers, that the American French Alliance, French Intelligence would protect all of us. Was just a lie. Stew Webb has been touting that his Ellen Mariani piece was so explosive that Jimmy Walter was going to set up a Whistleblowers Fund, again a lie.
This all started because I do not and will not support Al Gore, for cause. Others made it clear they do not support Al Gore and they are being bashed now too. Before you get into the meat of this email update, ask yourself this question and it is quite likely that you cannot answer it: If Al Gore is the duly elected President and the best DNC candidate in 2000, why was John Kerry the only DNC choice in 2004?
The answer to that question runs far deeper than most can imagine. After 9-11, Al Gore has had a problem and a big one. That problem is both he and Clinton were actively involved in events that led up to 9-11.  This email update addresses many things that RNC was going to throw at Al Gore if he tried to run again.   The next email update is going to shed some light on the subject of what role Clinton and Gore had in the lead up to 9-11.
Since before the 1992 elections the Clintons and their cronies have controlled the DNC internally and externally.
Most of the big money that flows into DNC is behind the Clinton agenda and not behind the Al Gore agenda.  Part of the battles going on behind the scenes are factions trying to get Hillary Clinton into the slot for 2008 and another group trying to get Al Gore into the slot for 2008.  That is in a nutshell what is going on within DNC and people jockeying for position in 2008.
Most people know that my message to America, and the world, makes it clear that both sides of the aisle are the problems in Washington, DC and that, in and of itself, is the root cause of the attacks on me as a Third Party candidate.  I have written about it in One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas and I have spoken about it over the last 16 months in what is now 156 radio shows all across America.  I have never concealed that what I have to say is not flattering to the past three presidential administrations and the mess this nation finds itself in today.
One of the groups trying to fight for Al Gore is the twosome of Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb, and once I issued the Email Update of January 1, 2006 they started bashing me.  Heneghan first announced on Cloak and Dagger with Lenny Bloom [January 4, 2006] that he was going to out Spitzer.  The next night January 5, 2004, it was the Hal Turner Show, a well known bigot who hates Jews, blacks and anything not Caucasian, so consider the platform that Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan have chosen to speak their trash.
Both Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb started bashing me for taking those documents to Spitzer.  They never mentioned me by name, but most of the world knows that one other person and I took those documents to Spitzer on December 27, 2004. The inference was that Eliot Spitzer is the 'Jew enemy' and my taking the documents to him makes me an enemy too.
I have made no secret of taking those documents to Spitzer and have met face to face with Heneghan and Webb on that specific matter in Independence, MO and Venice, CA.  
I never met Stew Webb or Tom Heneghan until after I had taken those documents to Spitzer's office.
If you listen to any radio show that Heneghan and Webb are on they bash Bush, they bash George H W Bush, they bash both of the Clintons, but they hold Gore up as the duly elected president.  I do not hold Gore up high for reasons you will learn in this email and the next one.
On their US Intelligence Report, which is an oxymoron in the literal sense for neither of these people display intelligence, they do display a remarkable ability to paint a picture of lies as if they are the US Masters of Connect-a-Dot.
The $120 billion fraudulent transaction that we took to Spitzer clearly implicates the Clinton Administration and Goldman Sachs, and possibly Al Gore as well.  Many of you have probably heard the questions that have been raised regarding Al Gore and accounts at Goldman Sachs resulting from his relationship with Robert Rubin, former Clinton Secretary of the Treasury.
I thought it rather convenient that they used the anti-Semitic show of Hal Turner to bash Eliot Spitzer and question my taking evidence to the top law enforcement person [the Jew enemy] in the State of New York.  Since most of the deaths on 9-11 happened in New York City, that was actually an appropriate step to take.  We also delivered the same information to the Manhattan District Attorney Morganthau. 
Tom Heneghan was part of the Al Gore 2000 team that tried to elect Gore. Many times on the air both Heneghan and Webb have referred to Al Gore as "the duly elected President of the United States", so consider the source.
They closed the show January 12 with the statement that Al Gore is the duly elected. 
Just before I came out with the January 1, 2006, email update [The Counter Information Warfare has started, January 1, 2006], Stew Webb was begging me to not expose information on Al Gore because he is supposedly 'on our side'.
He called and I explained what I was coming out with and he specifically asked that I provide Al Gore an out so he could explain himself on the record.
That is why I inserted the one sentence in the January 1 email: What is coming this year will out Gore too, so stay tuned.  America is having an available Presidential Candidate Crisis this year.   There is big money to be made in chaos.  The same fraud that started way back in the George H W Bush Administration was put firmly into place in the Clinton Administration with the help of Gore over at the U.S. Senate as President of the Senate, the other title of the Vice President of the United States.
Not to mention the recent disclosure I made of the dirty bomb DU weapons this nation has polluted Iraq (two times), Bosnia and Afghanistan with during the George H W Bush, Clinton and current Bush Administrations.
Note that the environmental proponent Al Gore has not said a word about the nuclear contamination of Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq that was ongoing during the Clinton Administration too. 
If you remember the book The Buying of the President 2000, by author Charles Lewis, Mr Gore has very dirty hands when it comes to the privatization of US Enrichment Corporation (uranium) during the Clinton Administration and that act directly led in part to the pollution of three nations and exposure of our US soldiers to DU, U-236, neptunium and Plutonium.  The devastation wrought on people in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and our US soldiers and coalition forces that went along for the ride has been truly devastating and truly despicable that they were not told of the harm to be done and cover it up now that the horrid facts are becoming known.
When Gore, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton profess their concern for the environment, you are a consummate fool if you believe the words coming out of their mouths.
Some of my sources insist that Al Gore is on our side but I will believe that when I see it.  Maybe Mr. Gore needs to come clean on all he knows about the nuclear contamination of this nation and others if he really is on our side.
That last sentence was inserted due to what Stew Webb requested and that is about all of the slack I am going to cut Al Gore for I know firsthand and from my sources that Mr. Gore is not what America needs to straighten out the mess we are in.  Heneghan and Webb are certainly welcome to their opinions on Gore, but so am I.  In response to information I am providing to Americans, they chose to attack me personally rather than face the information I am bringing forward.
I provided Gore the out and no response.  The only response I got was lies from Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan about me.
Heneghan and Webb then started bashing me even more and making up stories and lies on the fly. When cornered on how they fed false information to Tom Flocco, out came the threats against me, Ellen Mariani (lost her husband on Flight 175 on 9-11), and two other women that I know.  
That is s pretty impressive array of knee jerks for a couple of purported Truth Tellers.  On the January 12 edition of US Intelligence Report on the Hal Turner Show/Network, they alleged that I was directly involved with the Israeli companies that (according to them) bugged the House and Senate in 2003.
Hmm, I have not had anything to do with those companies ever, so maybe I missed their point other than to note they are both pathetic liars.
Unfortunately for Al Gore, what I stated above is true and as soon as I put it out, I have the Hillary Clinton supporters and the Al Gore supporters attacking me. That is a good thing because I am on their six and they know I will open fire. Isn't American Politics grand?  We have liars for candidates and liars out shilling for them. 
I listened to the Cloak and Dagger program of Sunday January 8 and Tom Hennegan made numerous misstatements of fact regarding Bridas Corporation and Afghanistan, facts that are clearly laid out in my book and a book that I personally signed and handed to Tom Heneghan.
If one wants to speak authoritatively, they need to at least have the facts straight and not blab away with distortions of the facts as Heneghan was doing on Cloak and Dagger in his last appearance.  I even heard him insert statements that have nothing to do with the Caspian Basin, Bridas and Afghanistan, or 9-11 in what is supposed to be a Sunday night 'Intelligence Report' on Cloak and Dagger. 
One of the problems I have with both Heneghan and Webb is they stretch simple facts and then try to connect-the-dots to other facts that are not even connected whatsoever.  It is a means of making a conspiracy theory out of facts that are not a conspiracy at all.  It is a strategy and only when someone like me says "time out" and sets the record straight can such techniques be seen for what they are. 
What started this attack on me was standing up for the Truth and putting Tom Heneghan and Stew Web on notice that a recent Tom Flocco article had blatant misrepresentations in it.
New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer, filed a RICO Suit against Greenberg instead of putting him in jail in 2005 after whistleblowers Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and Karl Schwarz provided evidence to Spitzer who then covered it up. But Greenberg had to resign as CEO of AIG to take the heat off of the connections to Greenberg-Traurig.
Federal Whistleblower Karl Swartz's investigation revealed that missiles were retrofitted by Hughes Corp on one of their A-3 Airplanes at the Ft Collins Colorado Airport and that one of them was the missile that hit the Pentagon, not an airplane.
Whistleblowers Schwartz, Heneghan and Webb provided evidence to New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer who continues the cover-up, which is obstruction of Justice.
I am not a federal whistleblower, I am a private citizen.  The information that I took to Spitzer on December 27, 2004 in no way involved Heneghan or Webb nor were they a source for any of the information I took to Spitzer.
Those are the facts and they are simple to understand until someone tries to latch on to increase their credibility.
Before I released this email I wanted to hear what Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb had to say on the January 12, 2006 edition of The Hal Turner Show.  That is because Stew Webb has reacted to my setting the facts straight on the misrepresentations made in the Tom Flocco article cited above by making threats to two women on the East Coast that I know and bullying them. 
I have also heard from a reliable source that Stew Webb has threatened Ellen Mariani, the lady that was to be the subject of the Tom Flocco story before Stew Webb tried to turn it into his story and insert all manner of statements that have nothing to do with the Ellen Mariani story. 
The threats are because other people and I have pointed out to Tom Flocco that he was fed false information by Stew Webb.  Both Webb and Heneghan have reported on this bogus information on radio shows they frequent as if they are some sort of experts on it, but at least Stew Webb knew that the JKF. Jr information was bogus.  Webb has even threatened to defame and slander me in retaliation for simply taking the steps to make sure that the Truth matters more than any one person's agenda. 
On January 12, 2006 Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb alleged that I ordered Tom Flocco to retract the story and that violated their First Amendment rights.  No, what I told Tom Flocco is if he does not stand up for himself and the truth his credibility is no longer existent.  Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan have destroyed Tom Flocco's credibility.
In fact, the credibility of Tom Flocco took a nosedive as soon as he teamed up with Stew Webb and his investigative stories suddenly had all sorts of untruths in the articles.  There were attempts to connect dots that do not have anything to do with anything other than an agenda that is not part of the true story.  The JFK, Jr document that Webb delivered to Tom Flocco was bogus and Webb knew it was bogus when the sent it to Tom Flocco. I challenged Stew Webb on that and was informed in general terms that any means justifies the end, a technique I do not support and will never support. 
They bashed John Stadtmiller, National Intel Report. They bashed WingTV and my being brave enough to face them, while Heneghan and Webb are not.  They really bashed Tim White, who I am not a fan of but they went way out of their way to twist things into what they are not.
The Truth is the truth and lies and intentional misstatements of fact have no place in the 9-11 Truth matters or even political discourse for that matter.
This is how political hacks operate and by the time you finish this piece you will see that Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb do not even rate Third Rate Political Hacks.  Stew Webb assertively stated that he checked Al Gore out and found nothing. This email and the next one will show you that he is either pathetic at research, inept, or blinded by his own agenda. They do not address facts that are stated about who they are fronting for, in this case Al Gore. 
They attack the messenger with lies, in this case me.
I would not support Al Gore if paid to do so for reasons stated previously and stated below. 
Stew Webb tried to act as if Depleted Uranium makes weapons more explosive and is not harmful, according to his bogus experts. He actually stated that on the air tonight.
So, they got upset that I shed a little light on the Real Al Gore, and this email and the next one will be an avalanche of confirmed information about Al Gore.
Al Gore ties to Nuclear Pollution
The piece that I wrote on Depleted Uranium and it being laced with neptunium, U-236 and Plutonium is a story that has legs.
It directly implicates Al Gore too when Clinton and Gore privatized U.S. Enrichment Corporation at a cost of over $2 billion to U.S. taxpayers and as a 'cost efficiency measure', we suddenly have DU weapons that are not just a heavy metal poisoning problem, they are also a huge genetic defect and radiological pollution reality. 

This is all Clinton-Gore spin and the deal was a huge cost to the taxpayers of over $2.1 billion:
United States Enrichment Corporation
USEC was created by the Energy Policy Act of 1992
(EPACT) as an initial step in transferring to the private sector the uranium enrichment activities formerly held by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). As a wholly owned Government corporation, all of USEC's stock issued and outstanding is held by the U.S. Treasury. Similarly, all net revenues not required for operating expenses, investments, or working capital are required to be paid as dividends to the U.S. Treasury. However, USEC's
enabling legislation intended that it be operated as a market-oriented business, without many of the constraints faced by Government agencies, while preparing for privatization.
USEC began operating as a business on July 1, 1993. It manages the operation of gaseous diffusion plants for uranium enrichment in Paducah, Kentucky, and Portsmouth, Ohio. Both plants are leased from DOE. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 1997, USEC reported revenues of about $1.6 billion from sales of enrichment services to electric utilities in 14 countries, including the United States. Net income for the year was around $250 million. As a
U.S. Government corporation, USEC is exempt from Federal, State, and local taxes.
USEC is also demonstrating the commercial application of the Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation (AVLIS) technology for uranium enrichment. The ownership of AVLIS had been transferred from DOE to USEC pursuant to EPACT. AVLIS differs from the gaseous diffusion and centrifuge technologies that are currently being operated. It utilizes uranium metal, rather than gaseous UF6 , as the feedstock for enrichment. USEC expects to operate AVLIS
commercially in 2004.
One look at their Officers and Board of Directors can easily detect Clinton and Gore ties to Big Energy and Big Oil and even Big Defense sitting on the board:
If you dig a little deeper, it is not hard to find that the Paducah, KY and Portsmouth Ohio sites are contamination sources for nuclear pollution even into the air, ground, surface water and underground aquifers.  Both sites have been quietly declared by EPA to be major pollution sources and remedial efforts (partial remedy only) are in progress. 
In fact, we have from an insider source that there is a way to identify each and every person involved in this policy change and it came from the Clinton Administration, not either of the Bush Administrations. 
Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Cohen were the initial ones through appointed staff Dr. Bernie Rostker (OSAWI) and Senator Warren Rudman with Admiral Elmo Zumwalt (PSOB)) to set up the formal program to ensure use of uranium weapons while ignoring adverse health and environmental effects. Clinton's White House staff point man was Jeff Farrow.
Our US Navy had been polluting the Caribbean for years by its gunnery and bombing practice on the island of Vieques, which is off the eastern end of Puerto Rico.
In the first article at this link, Farrow is coming out to defend the president in that he cannot order the Navy to stop, only the Navy can do that.  He is the Commander-in-Chief and can make such an order and any representation to the contrary is ludicrous, just weasel words from D.C.
That is the same circular argument the Bush Administration made in Rasul v Bush that the US government does not control Gitmo because Cuba still has sovereignty over it, therefore U.S. Courts do not have jurisdiction of Cuban sovereign territory.  They are just a bunch of gutless wonders always looking for a way to pass the buck, rather than have some integrity and let the buck stop on their desk.
So, who is Jeff Farrow? 
He is the sort of weasel that Washington, DC is full of, the wannabees of power that flock to a light bulb like bugs.  Some of you may have heard about the Sweat Shops in Saipan during the George HW Bush Administration and Clinton Administration.  The show 20/20 did a special on it. 
GSN: So you think as long as the Republicans are in control there won't be a problem?
Mogul: We have no problem. Even if the Democrat, they can pass it, they still have 10 years. Can't do it. But of the Democrat we only have three enemy, but they make a big thing about it. One is from California, George Miller, always a union guy. One is a Allen Stayman, from the Department of the Interior, who used to work in the Senate, and one is Jeff Farrow. Only three guy making our life so miserable. But so far they win nothing for last 15 years, nothing, because they unreasonable. But let's say the unreasonable now become reasonable, they have a ten yearsphase-out period, phase out plan, but they even cannot come close to that. But not many people understand because they don't deal with this issue, but I deal with this issue so I understand.
But then, there's also the likelihood that Jeff Farrow, the rumored and quiet evil genius of federalization, must have persuaded Mr. Stayman against his own belief on the sanctity of the Covenant Agreement.
You can see why both Bush Administrations and the Clinton Administration wanted to keep Jeff Farrow around, and when put into the context of our federalization of polluting foreign lands in our Imperial Ways he would fit right in with the Bush Administration as well.  If you read that real close, and understand that Jeff Farrow was a Clinton operative, it suggests that Clinton was not for ending the abuses in the sweatshops and was in fact stalling any resolution of that matter.  It is clear in the interview with the person from Saipan that they clearly knew Farrow as being part of the problem and odds are he did not have the authority to act on his own on such an important human rights abuse scandals.
Who is Dr. Bernie Rostker?
Former DoD official who was supposedly looking for answers regarding Gulf War Syndrome when he was directly involved in the nuclear pollution policy that is in part causing Gulf War Syndrome and many deaths of our soldiers
and Iraqis.
He has held positions as high as assistant secretary of the Navy for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. Like a good federal man, he could not find anything noteworthy regarding Gulf War Illness to warrant a serious investigation, so it is Miller Time and that moment had arrived for a cushy appointment with Rand Corporation.
If the politicians cannot figure out how to sell it (lie) to Americans, Rand Corporation helps them come up with virtually fool proof ways to mislead Americans. 
It is not in the substance, it is in the style and the style is to cover up the wrongdoing of the US government.
Current Senior Fellow at Rand Corporation, those folks that dream up policy strategies for just about every sleazy thing the US government does.
This DU matter is front page news because it is affecting the nations we bombed, all of our US soldiers and all of the coalition forces that were exposed to DU, U-236 and Plutonium.  As far as I am concerned, Mr. Gore can address that in full or I will continue to point to him as part of the problem.  That is especially true since he and Clinton were directly involved in privatizing US Enrichment Corporation at a cost to taxpayers of $2.1 billion, which lined many pockets of supporters to Clinton in 1992 and 1996 and Gore in 2000.  The math and the chronology are clear to me and it is about time someone in Washington, DC address the matter rather than be the cowardly morally corrupt humans that they are.
Just look at the current board members and management and track their current and former firms and political donations. 
Remember back how many times former Secretary of Defense William Cohen has been on television as a talking head and backing the GWOT and Bush policies.
It is not surprising to see his hand in and connections to the nuclear pollution with complete silence on the matter. His name on that list above is no surprise to me and is in part why he is also named on the Neocon PDF document I sent out in December.
At this link, see the section involving Nuclear Weapons and note the scrubbing of the truth from the public domain:
Even though this story that links directly to the DU problems in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq and has been deleted as have the other stories involving what Gore did on the privatization of US Enrichment Corporation, one can find Gore activities in the privatizing of fossil fuels energy projects that directly lined Gore's pockets: In the Charles Lewis book cited in the January 1, 2006 email update, he was able to get information before the political sleaze clean up artists were able to cover up the trails leading back to Clinton and Gore.
Mr. Gore apparently worked for pardons to help his 2000 Campaign and he does have ties to Jeff Farrow.
Al Gore and the FALN
New York Post - September 16, 2000
It was a year ago this week that 95 U.S. senators including the current Democratic vice presidential candidate, Joe Lieberman - voted to condemn President Clinton's decision to give clemency to 16 members of the Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN.
In all that time, Al Gore has been strangely silent on the issue. This, despite the fact that - as subsequently released White House e-mails revealed - the clemency decision was tied directly to Gore's political fortunes.
In a March 1999 e-mail pushing for the terrorists' release, the head of Clinton's Inter-Agency Group on Puerto Rico, Jeffrey Farrow, told deputy White House chief of staff Maria Echaveste that "the VP's Puerto Rican position would be helped" by clemency.
Another memo, this one written by Farrow's assistant, Mayra Martinez-Fernandez, stressed that springing the FALN members would "have a positive impact among strategic Puerto Rican communities" - i.e., voters - "in the U.S." and added: "Jeff's right about this very hot issue."
No wonder the vice president hemmed and hawed for weeks on whether Clinton was right to pardon the terrorists - despite the opposition of every single law-enforcement agency consulted, including his own attorney general.
Ultimately, Gore finally decided that he "wouldn't second-guess" Clinton's decision. Indeed, he said he declined even to look into the issue because "this is a power given to the president ...alone."
(Gore's spokesman also insisted the vice president "was not involved" in any way - although documents show he twice discussed the issue with members of the Congressional Hispanic caucus.)
Gore refuses to second-guess the president - even though his own running mate joined with dozens of other Democrats to do exactly that.
Now he's reaping the political benefits of a brazenly partisan misuse of executive authority.
So what else is new?
Mr. Environment and his polluting mine in Tennessee
Al Gore puts himself forth as a champion of the environment, but on his own property in Tennessee his father received from $100,000 to $500,000 per year from a zinc mine that has polluted Tennessee waterways and has been either cited or shut down on multiple occasions for polluting.  Sources indicate that Al Gore continues to receive annual payments from that mine.  The moral is simple: if money is involved directly into Gore's pocket,  pollution is okay and does not slow down the Gore preaching on environmentalism while his own property in Tennessee is polluting the environment  
His much heralded book Earth in the Balance did not ,of course, discuss the zinc mine on his property in Tennessee that has been cited and even shut down to enforce environmental compliance.
It seems that not enough Americans know that a Sierra Club member came out accusing Clinton and Gore of doing more environmental damage in their first three years than Reagan and Bush did in their 12 years in office from 1980 to 1992. 
Al Gore, Pro-American workers?  Not hardly.
Al Gore is also an avid supporter of all of the Free Trade Agreement and the trade zones such as NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO, IMF, FTAA, etc.).  In short, just about every program that undermines the United States Al Gore is for it.  Whether it is destruction of the Rain Forest due to FTAA, or pushing medicines for Big Pharma south of the Rio Grande, or undermining US sovereignty, Al Gore is a proponent of it.  That is why I disagree with Heneghan and Webb that Al Gore is an American Patriot.  Maybe he is in his own way, but not for the America Patriots I believe in.  Gore does love those acronyms that are gutting this nation justlike the UN and New World Order globalists want to see happen.
Meet Mr. Big Oil, aka: Al Gore
Many environmentalists came out against Al Gore in 2000 because of this type of information:
Forest and Human Rights Activists Protest Gore on Super Tuesday
Environmental and indigenous rights activists from Rainforest Relief and the Activism Center at Wetlands Preserve protested Al Gore on Super Tuesday, March 7. The protesters targeted potential Gore voters on the day of New York's presidential primary at a large voting site in Midtown Manhattan. The demonstration was part of the continuing campaign against Vice-President Al Gore's investment in Occidental Petroleum, the oil giant charged with causing the genocide of the indigenous U'wa people and destroying Colombia's rainforests.
Gosh, and Al Gore wrote a book about Earth in the Balance.  They must have not read Gore's book to see his version of re-writing history, or had facts and did not buy off on the Gore disinformation.
Gore must know a lot about pollution since he is directly and indirectly involved in it and just likes to take center stage and talk about it.  As with most in D.C., talk is cheap and usually just spin or propaganda.
Meet Mr. Big Pharma, aka: Al Gore
I hear many complaints about Bush being a Big Pharma Man, but Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, aka: Hillary Ritalin Clinton, and Al Gore are all in the hip pocket of Big Pharma too.
Medicine held hostage by profits!
South Africa and the rest of Africa is experiencing an AIDS catastrophe, which the U.S. Surgeon General has likened to the plague that decimated Europe in the 14th century. As chair of the United States/South Africa Binational Commission, Vice-president Al Gore has engaged in an astonishing array of bullying tactics to prevent South Africa from implementing policies, legal under international trade rules, that are designed to expand access to HIV/AIDS drugs. Read In the Public Interest by Ralph Nader for more information on the crisis, and what you can do to help.
Meet Bill and Hillary’s equal in Campaign Finance sleaze.
Few voting age Americans have to be reminded of the Clinton – John Huang fund raising scam, or that Gore was directly involved in similar activities through the Buddhist temple.
Most remember the fund raising fiasco at the Buddhist Temple, but the media failed (what’s new) to keep Americans informed on Gore’s other fund raising peccadilloes.  Such as:
Here are some of Al's business associates: convicted cocaine smuggler Jose Cabrera; Howard Glicken, who admitted soliciting and laundering foreign campaign contributions; Franklin Haney, indicted for illegal campaign contributions.
Jose "Gordito" Cabrera is serving 19 years in prison for smuggling cocaine; he was caught in January 1996 with 3 tons of Cali cartel cocaine and (maybe worse from Gore's point of view) boxes of smuggled Cuban cigars. Earlier, he pled guilty to conspiracy to bribe a witness in a drug investigation (in 1983) and to income tax evasion in connection with another drug investigation (in 1988). He served 3 and a half years in prison on the first charge, just a year on the second.
In 1995, in between these convictions and guilty pleas, Cabrera was getting his picture taken with Al Gore at a Florida campaign event, and posing with Hillary Clinton in front of the White House Christmas tree. White House visitors routinely get a background check, which should have turned up his record. When the Miami Herald broke the story of Cabrera's convictions, the Democratic National Committee returned Cabrera's $20,000 donation (made in 1995), but the Justice Department refused to release the photos of Gordito with Gore and Hillary -- found in the drug raid that yielded the coke and cigars -- until pressured by Republicans.
Howard Glicken, illegal campaign fundraiser
Howard Glicken, a long-time fundraiser for Al Gore, is awaiting sentencing on his negotiated plea bargain for illegal fund raising. He raised $2 million for Clinton-Gore and the DNC in 1996, and owns 2 Jaguars with the vanity plates "Gore1" and "Gore2."
Glicken owns a company that brokers deals between U.S. and Latin American companies, and is not shy to use his political connections to help his work. In 1996, Glicken showed up at a Florida fundraiser, muscled 4 South American clients into it and introduced them to President Clinton and Mack McLarty, Clinton's top adviser on Latin America. Party officials tried to keep them out, but according to the Wall Street Journal, Glicken "raised a stink", saying "I raised all this money; I can bring in anybody I want." Glicken was given a coveted seat on a Commerce Department trade mission to South America in 1994. He has been hosted by the U.S. ambassadors in Argentina and Chile, and received help from the Argentine Embassy even after he pled guilty to soliciting foreign campaign contributions.
Glicken had some rough patches in his pre-Gore career. He headed the precious-metals trading division of Capital Bank in Miami, but was forced to leave in 1983 after splitting a $90,000 commission that the bank considered a kickback with his friend, Harry Falk. The commission was for helping arrange Capital Bank financing of the sale of $900,000 in Piaget watches.
Glicken then founded his own precious-metals trading company in Miami with Falk. Falk and the 6-man company itself were indicted in 1991 for laundering drug money. Glicken was not charged, but his company agreed to pay $375,000 to settle the charges, and Glicken testified against Falk in 1995 under a grant of limited immunity.
Franklin Haney, indicted for illegal campaign contributions
This Tennessee real estate developer and longtime Gore fundraiser was trying to get the FCC to move its headquarters to a development of his called "The Portals." He was also a guest on Air Force One during 1995-6.
Haney was a generous donor. He was indicted in November 1998 for 42 counts of illegal campaign contributions to the Clinton-Gore campaign between 1992 and late 1995. More strikingly, he paid a $1 million fee to Peter Knight right before he became the Clinton-Gore campaign manager. Knight also ran Gore's House and Senate offices for years and helped finance his campaigns; Time calls him "the hub of Gore's political circle."
Haney claims that the million bucks was a fee for "advice" on attracting the FCC to the Portals; that must have been some damn good advice. More likely, it was a contingency fee for delivering the FCC deal, using his Gore connections.
Have you noticed that George H W Bush and George W Bush have eluded being accused of what Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore have done in the area of campaign finance fraud?  With the Bushes, it is just a lot of deep pockets purchasing the policies they want from DC with a Bush in office.
With the Clintons and Gore it is different in that they will get in bed with anyone and take money from anyone.  Yes, that is a character issue as well.
Most remember the fund raising fiasco Gore engaged in at the Buddhist Temple.  I have been told that Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb have claimed that the Buddhist Temple incident was a Clinton set up because Al Gore was going to out Clinton on the Marc Rich pardon.  Since the campaign finance in question occurred in 1996 and the Marc Rich pardon was in 2000 there is a question as to whether the two events were connected in any manner whatsoever.
Many will remember the illegal campaign finance calls Gore was making from the Office of the Vice President.  That is a matter of public record as is the Buddhist Temple fiasco.
When combined (Buddhist Temple, illegal calls from the VP office, and the three felons identified above) it raises a question as to whether Al Gore is one of those types of people that has to touch the hot burner on the stove 100 times to learn that it is still hot, or he has a character flaw and will take money from anyone and cut any corner or break any law to raise money for his campaigns.  

The Masonic Al
According to some sources Al Gore is a 33rd Degree Mason.  If that is true, that is probably why Gore did not try to bash Bush about being a member of a Secret Society named Skull & Bones. 
Al Gore - 33ยบ Freemason.
"Several ex-witches now Christians identified Clinton's running mate Al Gore as a witch. Al Gore's book promotes several witchcraft themes such as Mother Gaia worship. Senator Al Gore has intimately worked  with other men who are Illuminati for years. Al Gore was close friends with Armand Hammer, the Illuminati courier who shuttled back and forth between Moscow and America on a regular basis, and had homes in both countries.
Hammer bankrolled both Al Gore, Jr. and his father Al Gore, Sr..." [12]
Now, the question that America needs to come to grips with is simply this: Do we want another DNC clone that is just as corrupt as Clinton, or do we as a Nation of good people want true change in Washington, DC?
You see, Al Gore was not raised in Tennessee.  He was raised in Washington, DC while his father was a Senator from Tennessee.  He is about as Southern as Mayor Daley from Chicago.
Republican National Committee
It is not hard to fathom the policies and political platform of the RNC. They tailor everything they do to the simple message of lower taxes, family values, less government and a strong America. That appeals to the 2 out of every 3 Americans that classify themselves as conservative regardless of how they vote in general elections and key state elections for US Representative and Senators.
With most Republicans that is exactly what you get in words but not in actions.  What they preach and what they practice are two entirely different things.  I parted the RNC when it was clear to me that they were headed towards fascism, regardless of how they packaged that nonsense to mislead Americans.
Democratic National Committee
The DNC is quite another beast.  One of the true goals of communism in its desired defeat of capitalism is to create many internal dissensions so that Americans cannot see the true enemy coming at them. 
That is in part why DNC politics has been dissected into many discreet “ists” and “isms” and the DNC promises to meet all of their needs and all of their demands.  That is, of course, not true, but DNC figures if they blow enough smoke at their Liberal base they will never figure out that the same Wealthy Elite special interests, who are the true owners of the RNC, are also the true owners calling the shots within DNC as well.
Part of the means of misleading many Americans to lure them into the desired “ists” and “isms” camps has been the New Age Movement.  Now, here is a piece of enlightenment that I hope you will share with all of your Liberal/Progressive friends if you are not of the persuasion yourself.  
The New Age Movement is a CIA backed and CIA created movement to divide Americans into the Blue State and Red State phenomenon to more easily control America and ensure that the RNC and DNC stay permanently in control and in power.
The last thing that RNC, DNC, and their wealthy elite masters want is to see a massive, America wide uprising of Patriots that absolutely, without exception, demand full adherence to the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and that the American Dream is for all, not just the select few.
How do I know this?  From a former CIA person [Barbara Hartwell] that was hired to work in that specific area, that being the creation of New Age movements to fracture the US population and undermine any chance of taking America back from who stole it from you and me.
New Age movements are another Distraction du jour.
Al Gore is known to have direct ties to several New Age groups, and within those groups are persons that are decidedly anti-American.
For example, Gore is known to be affiliated with the New Age group Noetic Sciences. 
That group lists as an affiliate Esalen Institute that is a known front for the UN and New Age proponents. 
 There is no easy way to break this to Americans, but here it comes.  They want you to focus on self-improvement and all of the “ists” and “isms” they have created while they continue to steal your nation and your future from you.  If you take enough self-improvement courses, you might even get used to the fact that what was your birthright as an American has been stolen from you while you focused on the creations and distractions they created just
for that purpose. 
Gore is also aligned with Wainwright House, yet another New Age group that promotes things that Gore can be proven to support with his words but not his actions.

On the Noetic International Advisory Board is Maurice Strong, a Canadian known as “the Queen’s man in Canada” and a person quite disliked by the Canadians due to repeated interference in Canadian affairs that are pro-American and pro-UK to the detriment of Canadians.  That is somewhat of what to look for in detecting the New World Order.
Maurice Strong is reportedly a close acquaintance of George H W Bush and Bill Clinton.
Saving the Planet with Maurice Strong
by Dyan Machan
January 12, 1998
Maurice Strong 68, and his wife, Hanne, fancy themselves quite the environmental couple. He was chairman of the far-out Earth Council, earning the nickname Father Earth. In 1992 he orchestrated the United Nations Earth Sumniit, which called on the developed world to fork over, for its environmental sins, $600 billion to the Third World.
While that controversy rages, Strong is up to his eyeballs in Molten Metal Technology, a busted handler of hazardous waste notorious for its flaky technology and ties to presidential hopeful Al Gore.
(FORBES, Jan. 22, 1996 and Apr. 21, 1997).
A big contributor to Gore's campaigns, Molten Metals has surfaced in the Senate hearings on corrupt campaign financing.
Many Americans do not know that the US refusal to ratify the Kyoto Accords were due to the demands of Big Oil and Clinton and Gore both rolling over for them as the pet politicians that they really are.
If that sounds like George H W Bush and George W Bush that is good for they are owned by the same Big Oil interests.
One does not have to look too far to find the ties between Al Gore, Sr. and Occidental Petroleum founder Armand Hammer.  Those same ties still fund Al Gore’s political aspirations through a myriad of political funding mechanisms.
I keep hearing Americans complaining that during the 2004 elections we had no choice between George W. Bush and John Kerry.  Well, to state it simply Americans did not have a quality American to choose from in the 2000 elections either for George W Bush and Al Gore are about as equally sleazy in just about any category one can pick.
George Bush’s record on the environment is pathetic and Al Gore’s is nothing to brag about, or attempt to re-write history in his Earth in the Balance book that conveniently left out his sins while point to others.  Gore and Bush were both Big Oil,  Big Banks, Big Defense and Big Pharma candidates.
Clinton and Gore have both been involved in illegal fund raising activities or taking money from people that are hopelessly corrupt and providing them favors later in the political arena.
I exposed the Gore involved in US Enrichment Corporation for as an American I take exception to this nation polluting three nations with deadly nuclear contamination.  I take exception to them exposing US soldiers to such and watching their health go downhill while these smiling frauds ask for money and votes while millions are or will die as a result of their gross criminal negligence or willful premeditated intent to kill millions.  I take exception to watching our soldiers die or live out the remainder of their lives with ruined health and these D.C. frauds act as if they have done nothing wrong.
You see, I think that someone is either an idiot or complete fraud when they pretend to be an environmentalist and have a direct hand in polluting three nations (Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq) with thousands of tons of deadly nuclear waste. 
So, whether Al Gore is an idiot, a fraud or a war criminal, I submit he is unfit either way to lead this nation or any other nation.
One does not have to dig deep at all to find plenty of sleaze on Al Gore’s part and plenty of evidence that he has little to no integrity.  He is the archetypal Washington, DC double-speak artist that says one thing and does just the opposite.
I know enough about Al Gore that he will never get my efforts to get him elected, my support, my loyalty or my vote.  I feel the same way about the Clintons and the Bushes.  In fact, I want other options on who our leaders will be and that is a right that both you and I have and is being denied by the way they run things in Washington, DC and the mass media.  We always get the lesser of two evils (maybe) and as a nation of great people we deserve
better than that.
Now, the closing questions are these:
Have you seen Al Gore stand up at all for 9-11, the victims, against the Patriot Act, the undermining of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?  I have not, and the next email update will drive the point home as to why he has not touched that with a ten-foot pole.
He was part of the beginning of everything we are seeing now.  In short, it is not all George Bush’s doing or fault.
Have you seen Al Gore say a word about the DU pollution we have rained down on three nations, two of them while he was Vice President?  I have not.
Have you seen Al Gore take any meaningful steps to address the vote fraud issue at the polls, except how it personally affected him in 2000?  I have not.
Have you seen Al Gore come out with a clear platform that he is any different than John Kerry or any other DNC presidential candidate?  I have not.
The answer to the first question in this email is simply this – Al Gore did not run in 2004 because he knew that they had planned to focus on the fraud that he is as an environmentalist, in campaign finance fraud, as a good and honorable politician that he is not, and an American that truly does not stand up for American values.
Al Gore is just like that analogy I made in the January 1, 2006 email update.  That pig in the tutu and lipstick is not a ballerina, it is just Al Gore trying to dupe you into voting for him.
He is just like Bill Clinton, his word is dirt and he is just another run-of-the-mill, dime a dozen politician. 

Best regards,


Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA