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Thursday, March 15, 2007


NOTE: Some time last year (2006) I learned that predicate felon and notorious criminal stalker, Tim White, had added yet another target to his list, namely investigative journalist Janet Phelan. 

Janet and I finally got in contact, through a mutual acquaintance and we exchanged information about stalking and harassment by Tim White, his cohort, Pam Schuffert and others.

Since 2001, I have also spoken to countless others who have been targeted for this stalking/criminal harassment by White and his various criminal cohorts, all of whom are being used to target legitimate whistleblowers, journalists, activists for Liberty and patriots. I have documented much of this information and the reports may be found on this website.

What follows here are a few e-mail messages from both Janet Phelan and Tim White, posted on message boards.

Look for the pattern: Tim White usually makes his first approach (first e-mail below) to a target (in this case, Janet Phelan) by trying to ingratiate himself, insinuating himself into the target's good graces and offering "help". He drops names of well-known people and claims that he has "inside info" on whatever the issue of concern to the target may be.

Then, when the target finally realizes that White is a liar, a shill and a psychopath, and wants nothing further to do with White, he goes on a rampage and attacks with name calling, outrageous lies, harassment and stalking.

This same pattern of behavior has been operating for YEARS, with different targets.

Here's more evidence of criminal harassment and stalking by government stooge Tim White.

Tim White wrote:

"Litty, I am doing everything I know how to keep "THEM" at bay and Janet is making plans to come to Denver to be with me.Are you relating any of this to her? I told Janet to stay in close contact with you because you are one great and brave lady and both of us can learn a great deal from you.I am getting ready to send Janets' articles on the water systems and Feinstein to every member of the House and Senate with a bunch of private addys and media-ALL of them in the open header so everyone knows who is getting it,that will be over700 entries.I am determined to create a firestorm over this.BTW, I was on the phone with Al Bielek last week and he confirmed Janets' PUBLIC EXTERMINATION PROJECT as being absolutely real even though he never saw the article.He knew of this plan for years and told me of the first municipal water systen done in this configuration to come on line and be tested as in Sedona AZ.......hmmmmmmmm.........Janet has NSA all over her,just as I told her in the beginning of our contact,this was confirmed to her by 2 separate people on the street who were paid a visit by thugs showing badges that said NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY......NAZIS!!!!!!!!!

From Janet Phelan:

"The above email was sent by Tim White to a woman in San Diego during the time he was trying to get me to move to Denver, and was received by me on July 23, 2005.. A couple of months after this, I severed contact with him. I became aware that he spent most of his time posting obscene and defamatory comments on yahoo groups, and caught him in a number of lies, as well. I must stress here that the only time I ever even saw Tim White was at the Sandpoint Library in August of 2006.

Apparently, Tim never followed through on his promise to send the article to members of Congress. I only found this out when he started posting this fact onto the groups, and stating that I verbally assaulted him for not following through. In reality, I was not aware that he had failed to follow through on this promise. Silly me. I simply assumed he was good for his word, and never even checked out his false promises. As for claims of verbal assault, I believe his posts generally speak for themselves.

With friends like Tim White, who needs enemies?

Janet C. Phelan"

Tim White wrote:


SHE IS CHIPPED to be constantly UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE US GOV'T to go after me,Ted Gunderson,Pam Schuffert,and ANYONE ELSE that is in fact putting out the truth--something that is totally alien to this LIAR.Everyone knows damn well why I was in Idaho and it sure as hell wasn't for THIS BITCH and LIAR.If anyone wants to call or contact ROGER TOLCES of BUGSWEEPS.COM(his contact phone numbers are on the site),that person will find out that he did a full body scan of Phelan during the summer of 2005 and confirmed the existence of a chip.This has already been exposed by myself and Phelan herself.THIS CHIP IS STILL IN OPERATION and EVERYONE in the north of Idaho KNOWS Phelan IS A PLANT INTO THE PATRIOT COMMUNITY THERE.Contact DON HARKINS of the IDAHO OBSERVER(208-255-2307)...Don will tell anyone about Phelan being a plant.Now that Phelan still wants to go after me--she will find the going very rough indeed.A book written by Joan Mellen,"A Farewell To Justice",exposes her TRAITOR father as a "journalist for the Saturday Evening Post" who WAS A CIA ASSET and whose handler was Robert A Maheu,a CIA asset since 1954 when he formed Robert A Maheu & Associates and his first "client" WAS THE CIA.Her father,was one of 3 "journalists" under the control of the CIA to go after Jim Garrison and his investigation into the JFK assassination.Janet Phelan-ANOTHER TRAITOR TO THE U.S. and the REAL whistleblowers-is following in the footsteps of her TRAITOR DADDY but she is not nearly smart enough to tangle with the people she HAS BEEN ASSIGNED TO ATTACK.Another author who is exposing her TRAITOR DADDY,is Eric Jon Phelps,a good friend of mine and the author of "VATICAN ASSASSINS".Eric is finishing up the 3rd edition of the book and the role of her father will be given adequate space and Janet Phelans' role will be exposed in that book too.BTW--her TRO has/had NO EFFECT IN COLORADO because it was a LOCAL ISSUE(to Santa Monica)and the Denver PD has NO business even contacting me about it--Phelan is a despicable LIAR.A TRO has a TIME LIMIT and that is measured in days--it is NOT permanent and it's history.Phelan is DELUSIONAL and in desperate need of psychotropics and a pink room.Her "interview" by Greg Szymanski exposed her to Greg as the nut that she is-NOT credible.Szymanski wants nothing more to do with her and most others don't either.I was also in contact with Barry Chamish this past week and he mentions Phelan to me.Barry Chamish doesn't believe her either and wants nothing to do with her too.Phelan is a FRAUD.Now folks-the ONLY THREAT that I am to Phelan is----I'M EXPOSING HER FOR THE TRAITOR THAT SHE IS.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"

In, Janet Phelan wrote:

"After the report of stalking by Tim White and Pamela Schuffert was assigned a non-investigative status (For Information Only, the report read) I informed the police that I would be entering a tort claim against them, for failure to protect and thus violating the law. They swung into action, and yesterday I met with Sergeant Dressel, Lead Detective of the force. The report has been taken off non-investigative status, and at the end of the hour long meeting, Dressel assured me that the report would be sent to the Prosecuting Attorney.

I went to court while still living in Santa Monica last year and obtained a TRO against Tim White, due to his repeated (signed) threats to my well-being. The Denver Police Department did not serve him with the papers, although they were forwarded to that agency. Thus, the TRO never went into effect.

I moved to Sandpoint, Idaho in June, and in August White appeared up here, along with Schuffert. Schuffert began contacting people in town about me, and so terrified one individual that she contacted my landlord, believing that Tim White would do harm to him if my landlord did not dump my lease. Fortunately for me, the landlord is no wuss, and is supportive of my work and approving of my efforts as a journalist.

As seems to be the situation vis a vis law enforcement at this point in time in my life, the department was initially reluctant to be of any assistance. I have had some peculiar problems with "stand down" orders and police departments since around 2001, when my mother was nearly murdered in an FBI "sting" operation.

Persistence will out. According to Dressel, the report will go to the Prosecuting Attorney shortly. I met with the Human Rights Task Force earlier today, and they are now on alert as to possible police misconduct towards me.

I'm heading down to L.A. in the next couple of days for the demonstration in front of Redlands Courthouse. I faxed off the press release today to ABC, NBC and CBS. Wish us luck in our endeavor to restore justice to the victims of that court!

Janet Phelan"