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Friday, June 12, 2009

Letter from Barbara Hartwell Percival

NOTE: This notice is posted on my old site, and I am adding it to this letter of June, 2009 (below), which explains why I had planned to stop publishing my work on the Internet. Obviously, I have changed my mind. Here's why:

Dear Readers:

I have designed a new website to replace this one (finally!), which has been online since September, 2006. I'm not good at anything technical; in fact, I'm a technophobe. I'm also old-fashioned and as stubborn as a fat housecat. I don't like change.

For awhile, I thought I would simply get off the Internet altogether. Mostly, because I was disgusted with all the government-sponsored liars peddling their disinformation and libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. But as is my prerogative, after 6 months offline (forced offline, due to malicious destruction of yet another computer by government hackers/saboteurs, and prevented by poverty from getting a new computer), I changed my mind.

True, most of my activism is conducted in other ways, and the Internet has never been my primary venue for that. But as far as print media is concerned, there is simply no better or faster way to distribute my articles and reports.  I've been publishing my work on the World Wide Web for a decade and a half, and I'm probably too old (and again, too stubborn) to change that now.

I still don't have the resources (nor the skills) to get back to a 'real' website, such as my former site, But for now, I'll make use of the 'blog' format, and the good news is, after I realized I couldn't go any further with reconstructing this site, I found that the new templates are so simple to use that even a technophobe like me can use them with relative ease.

The entire contents of this site, all my archives, have been transferred to the new site.  I'll keep this site online, at least for awhile. There are far too many links to my reports at other sites, especially about the criminals in government and their minions and stooges. But I will ask anyone who wants to keep these links updated, to switch them to the new site ASAP.

You'll still be able to find over 400 articles and reports here, but you may find that some of the links don't work, including the photos on the old reports.  The online storage service I was using (photobucket) for some reason put my account on "inactive'"status and my photos just disappeared!  But anyway, good riddance! Anyone clicking the remaining photos on the front page of this site now gets assaulted with obnoxious pop-up ads, and it's clear that greed by these online scavengers trumps courtesy or privacy for their clients. That won't happen on my new site!

Please visit my new website (link above) for all NEW articles and reports, as well as the occasional "news" items I post. The archives are also there, in a new format that makes it easy to locate individual reports by title, and also by date of posting (in most cases not the same as date of writing.)

I hope you will enjoy my new site and that you will find it of value in your efforts as Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January, 2010

Christian charity and love gifts greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Letter from Barbara Hartwell Percival
June, 2009
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ and Defenders of Liberty:

I address this letter only to those decent and discerning individuals who share my spiritual/moral beliefs and principles. Although I may not know most of you personally, I know you are out there, and thank God for your existence, in the knowledge that your battles against tyranny, oppression and totalitarianism are also mine. When I consider the Body of Christ, I know it to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, which ultimately, no evil can ever defeat.

But let me get right to the point of this letter: After much consideration, I have decided that publishing my work on the Internet is no longer a viable option for me, but rather in fact, detrimental to all areas of my life. After fifteen years of exposing government crimes, corruption, cover-ups and conspiracies online, as a government whistleblower, I have reached the end of the road, at least as concerns using the Internet as a venue.

I have numerous reasons for this decision, some of which I find it important to elaborate upon, others which I shall keep to myself to protect my privacy, which for me is second in importance only to my liberty.

Firstly, I am not receiving the material support I would need to continue spending my time and efforts writing reports for which I receive no compensation. I am financially destitute, and have no reliable source of support (material or otherwise) whatsoever.

Although this has been my plight for many years, it has unfortunately been a downward spiral, and has now reached the point where my losses and damages are so extreme that I am barely surviving. And I do mean barely, as I have been going hungry on a regular basis for the past year; have not been able to afford desperately needed medical care, and have been forced to choose between basic necessities to sustain life, such as heat over food, on more occasions than I care to remember.

I now also have extreme crises connected to my very survival, which are as yet unresolved and for which I have not been able to summon the assistance (material or otherwise) of which I am in need.

I won't elaborate further, nor furnish the gory details (some of which are contained in my past reports on this site) --except to say that the desperate poverty in which I have been forced to live for so long has taken its toll, whereby the consequences are an increasing threat to my life.

Over the years, donations from the public, as well as love gifts from family and friends, have been my only source of material support. Donations, for the most part, appear to be a thing of the past. And there is no one I can rely on for any kind of material support, the operative word being "rely". For someone who is disabled, but "not eligible" for disability benefits from the very government who caused the disabilities with their many abuses and atrocities, this situation is dire beyond measure.

In addition to the lack of material resources, there is the fact that I have many enemies who wish to destroy me: criminal government agents and their minions, stooges and hirelings. In addition to the political persecution and criminal harassment directed against me these many years, these aggressive hordes of demonic liars have engineered libel and slander campaigns of such an outrageous nature that my good name has now been utterly (and as far as I can see), irreparably ruined. Just putting my name in any search engine will prove my point: the lies abound, and the truth is nowhere to be found. At least (excepting on precious few places) not on the World Wide Web.

These loathsome individuals have polluted the Internet with the blackest of lies about Barbara Hartwell, in addition to a plethora of wild speculation which has absolutely no basis in fact. I made a firm decision to stop reading the voluminous and ever-proliferating libelous falsehoods several months ago, as the distress caused for me had become unbearable.

To clarify the nature of my feelings about the many fabrications the perps have promoted connected to my name, imagine this: You are sitting in a courtroom in which a trial is in progress. One false witness after another takes the stand. Each witness perjures himself with impunity, while the target of the lies sits silently, incurring more damage by the moment. Finally,unable to contain his outrage at the flagrant injustice of it all, the target of the liars jumps up from his seat and shouts: These loathsome lies will not stand!

Anyone who has ever been targeted for such a libel campaign, or who has been attacked by false witnesses (in a courtroom, in the media, or on the Internet) will understand all too well the devastation caused by these workers of iniquity, the minions of Satan, the father of all lies.

Then, to add insult to grievous injury, these odious perps have been engaged in identity theft and forgery in connection to my name. Numerous "reports", articles and commentaries have appeared, mostly on message boards and discussion groups, but also on certain government disinfo websites, using the name Barbara Hartwell --reports which I did not write, did not post; and which had absolutely nothing to do with me.

For the record: I post my reports on one website only: Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA. Aside from this site, the only others who have my permission to post my reports, and have done so with my blessing, are Geral Sosbee Vs. FBI; The Conspiracy Zone; and Conspiracy Zone Blogspot 2 (all in the links section on this site).

I am a member of no discussion groups and I do not post anything, anywhere, under any name, including my own. I use no "screen names" (nor have ever done). I currently have one --and only one-- e-mail address, and it is private, has never been made public.

So please take note of these facts, if you see my name being bandied about on any sites other than the ones mentioned here: It is the handiwork of liars, forgers, identity thieves, criminals. Know that these perps whose goal is to destroy my good name are impostors. Shun them, boycott them and avoid them like the plague.

These are the same cowardly and malicious individuals who are fabricating outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, and who hide behind numerous screen names to perpetrate their crimes. And although some use their real names, they also use many aliases, presumably not only to conceal their identities, but also to make it appear that their ranks are larger than they actually are.

But when all the Internet cyber-junkies, busybodies, gossips and scandal-mongers are added to the mix, who evidently have no more productive use for their time but to assault legitimate, truthful individuals with their idiotic speculation and ignorant, belligerent comments, the libel campaign reaches critical mass. There is no stopping this mob of rabble from their slash-and- burn rampage of destruction.

In a nutshell, the damages resulting from these libel/slander campaigns have been massive. Potential supporters from the general public have apparently been influenced by the lies fabricated and promoted by my adversaries. The result? Donations are no more. But then, that is at least one primary purpose of the libel/slander campaigns: Stopping all donations to the target.

Another result of the libelous assaults by my adversaries has been that I have been shunned and treated as a pariah by various professional persons, including in my attempts to get desperately needed legal counsel, pro bono and otherwise. Just putting my name in a search engine is enough to stop them in their tracks.

Even certain individuals whom I believed to be friends have apparently been influenced to view me in a suspicious or negative manner, and some are now openly trafficking with the disinformers and malicious liars.

For most of the time that I have been publishing my work on the Internet, I made it a policy to refute as many of the libelous falsehoods as possible; exposing my enemies as liars, government shills, criminals, etc. etc. And furnishing my reading audience with the truth and the facts, not only about the liars, but in regard to the issues being addressed.

Many such reports may be found on this website, and I encourage anyone interested in the truth about these criminal perps to read them.

But the most compelling reason for my decision to stop using the Internet as a venue for publishing my work is the monstrous invasions of privacy by my criminal adversaries. The perps have posted photos of my house on numerous websites, along with my private street address, accompanied by libelous falsehoods about myself and other individuals.

These violations have resulted in further invasions of my privacy, criminal stalking, harassment and even theft on my property, by lowlife criminal accomplices of the evildoers who have invaded my privacy and solicited further crimes against my person and property.

I have been forced to take drastic measures to protect my privacy, and additional such measures will be necessary.

In summary, I will say that anyone who has been involved, in any way, shape or form, in the dissemination of the outrageous lies; malicious gossip; scandal-mongering or invasions of privacy will experience the consequences for the deeds of darkness they have perpetrated. I can guarantee that they will wish they had never heard my name, much less desecrated and vilified it. Enough said.

As for this website, I will leave it online for the forseeable future. I have not been able to complete the reconstruction as intended, but will leave the site as is. There are over 400 reports available, which I hope the readers will find informative and useful in one way or another.

It is likely that in the near future I will not have Internet access at all, not only due to dire poverty, but because of government hacking and sabotage (I barely was able to complete this report because of it); and I have stopped using e-mail, which I have, for various reasons, always disliked. Frankly, I'm relieved to be through with it all...nothing but grief and trouble, as far as I am concerned.

Anyone interested in the truth and the facts about the issues I have chosen to cover and the crimes, corruption, cover-ups and conspiracies I have chosen to expose, will find most of what is available in the archives on this site. As always, the readers may make of my writings what they will.

Lastly, this report, titled Reflections on Truth, Liberty and the Right to Privacy (April 11, 2009), may further clarify my position on the issues I have outlined here.

Thank you for your time and consideration and may God richly bless You and Yours.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
June 12, 2009