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Saturday, December 29, 2018

HOWARD NEMAIZER ARRESTED FOR ASSAULT... & Retrospective on Civil & Criminal Offenses of a Pathological Liar & Demonic Reprobate







"Indeed, you can say, I am on a mission from God."

-Howard Nemaizer, promoter of demonic blasphemy

"Barbara Hartwell is a coward. She is such a coward that she can only attack people from behind the veil of her blog. She doesn’t even permit comments on her blog."

-Howard Nemaizer, from his libelous article, published on 'Howard Nema dot com', November 9, 2015

"Gunderson (Gun) is one of the biggest frauds ever to claim to be a whistleblower. He was a cointelpro master in this country. Anyone who praises him is seriously mistaken, and anyone who claims that Gun was a patriot is not informed, or is falsifying the record. Barbara has written online about her association with, and my knowledge of Gun.

As for Barbara Hartwell, she is a national treasure, braver than any man I ever saw in combat or in the ranks of the fbi. Indeed, none even compare to her integrity, loyalty and honesty.
If she offended someone, then I question the person claiming such offense. She stoops to no one, she tries to please no one, and she addresses events & characters as they realistically appear to her. She is the best and most straightforward friend I have ever had. She has been my constant friend for about 15 years, and never in our thousands of calls and emails has she offended me."

--Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee, in defense of Barbara Hartwell, against all detractors, minions of Ted Gunderson's counterintelligence cabal & their parrots such as Howard Nemaizer

The unwarranted appropriation or exploitation of one’s personality, the publicizing of one’s private affairs with which the public has no legitimate concern, or the wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, in such manner as to outrage or cause mental suffering, shame, or humiliation to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

ASSAULT: Howard Nemaizer, 51, of Red Mountain Road, was arrested on Oct. 13 and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace. He was released on a $1,000 non-surety bond and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court in Torrington on Nov. 29.

Howard Nemaizer has been arrested for ASSAULT. No surprise here. I pray they throw the book at him, and put this violent, lying, scheming, devil-worshiping criminal behind bars, where he belongs!

For the past five (5) years I have suffered outrageous abuses, calumny, multiple criminal and civil offenses, by one Howard Nemaizer, of Torrington, CT. He has done tremendous damage to my good name, including by parroting the many lies of my enemies in the intelligence community. He has joined the ranks of their minions and stooges, fueled by the same base ignorance and white-hot hatred of Barbara Hartwell.

I have documented these offenses, for the public record, in my own defense, and in the pursuit of JUSTICE.

I pray God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon Howard Nemaizer, as well as all his accomplices.

Following is a case history of Howard Nemaizer's diabolical and injurious actions in his efforts to destroy Barbara Hartwell. Links are given to reports exposing Howard Nemaizer, including excerpts which describe some of the offenses.


Check here for updates on the continuing saga of evil, demonic aggression, monstrous invasions of privacy, malicious lies, character assassination, defamation against government whistleblower, Barbara Hartwell.


Howard Nemaizer, Advocate of Demonic Blasphemy: "On a Mission from God"


Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema, an extremely aggressive and ambitious individual, in pursuit of his self-serving ends, has exploited the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, since 2012, and grossly misrepresented my name, in attempts to make a name for himself, at my expense.

Nemaizer has promoted numerous libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell. He and his wife, Maureen Nemaizer, have engaged in monstrous invasions of privacy against me and members of my family. The demonic lies of Howard Nemaizer have been promoted by accomplices such as Ken Adachi ('Educate-Yourself') and Todd Brendan Fahey ('Friends of Liberty'), his fellow demonic liars, and longtime enemies of Barbara Hartwell.

Howard Nemaizer has published articles, calling Barbara Hartwell “evil and wicked”. He has made false claims that I am a “sociopath”, a “coward”, a “CIA operative”, a “con artist”, a “liar”. He has claimed that I am “mentally ill”, and that I have published “compulsive lies and attacks” against him.

His wife, Maureen Nemaizer, has made claims that Barbara Hartwell is “the devil”. She has harassed my family with malicious gossip and outrageous lies.

The Nemaizers are directly responsible for extreme and severe material losses and damages, and for inflicting willful emotional distress, pain and suffering.

I do not have the resources to sue the Nemaizers. But I do have the ability to expose them, to stand in my own defense, to refute their outrageous lies with the truth and the facts, and to warn others who might be targeted by their odious schemes.

The Nemaizers have been heavily involved in the heavy metal devil worship culture, for many years. They publicly promote Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, and so-called “tribute bands”, such as Lady Evil.
They attend events where Satan is worshiped and where Bibles are burned onstage, as part of the show.

Now, imagine this: What if you are a devout Christian of many years (as I am), and someone (in this case, Howard Nemaizer) was promoting and exploiting YOUR name (along with copious false information) on the same websites with his devil-worship icons, his anti-Christ spirit?

Would you be righteously outraged? Would you seek justice? Would you want to warn others of the plots of these scheming liars?

I can only speak for myself, as a Christian minister and believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I pray that others will also see the truth.








Mob of Busybodies Conduct Witch Hunt on Facebook


The main issues are defamation, injurious exploitation and misrepresentation of my good name and website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA; and monstrous invasions of my and my family's privacy, by Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, of Torrington, CT.

As I have stated repeatedly in my reports, I do not have the resources to sue Howard Nemaizer. The best I can do (for now) is continue to expose his totally unscrupulous actions, his flagrantly false narratives, and grievous injustices, perpetrated with extreme malice, against Barbara Hartwell.

I do not have a high-traffic, commercial website, so it stands to reason that my reports, in my own defense, will be seen by far fewer people. Howard Nemaizer posts his trash in several venues, including social media, as well as on his own websites, including 'Howard Nema dot com'.

Then, there is the fact that the lowlife criminals who promote Nemaizer's defamation against Barbara Hartwell, such as Todd Brendan Fahey ('Friends of Liberty') and Ken Adachi ('Educate-Yourself'), do have high-traffic, commercial websites. And so, the libelous falsehoods have spread far and wide, by the network of government stooges and minions, all engaged in scandal-mongering for fun and profit. And fueled by their vitriolic hatred of Barbara Hartwell.

So, even if my reports are not widely read, or disseminated beyond my own site, I know that I have documented the facts, and presented the evidence, for the public record; and that my analyses of the facts will remain on the record, available for all who wish to peruse them. The truth and the facts are on the record and will remain there (barring some event beyond my control) in perpetuity.


THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT (?): Howard & Maureen Nemaizers' Anti-Christ Spirit

Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee for the Defense: Howard & Maureen Nemaizer's Abusive Treatment of Destitute, Disabled Senior Citizen



Howard Nema & “TRUTH TALK NEWS”: Fraud, Lies & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell


Spotlight on Maureen Nemaizer: A Web of Lies & Weaponized Whining

In Defense of Truth & Honor: Deconstructing the False Narrative of Howard Nemaizer (aka Nema) as Presented on “Howard Nema dot com” & “Truth Talk News”


In Defense of Truth & Honor: Deconstructing the False Narrative of Howard Nemaizer (aka Nema) as Presented on "Howard Nema dot Com" & "Truth Talk News" (2)


I will use Nemaizer's own words as evidence that he discredits himself in his efforts to cover his wrongdoing by fabrications, character assassination, bearing false witness, and leveling false accusations against the injured party, Barbara Hartwell. The false narrative promoted by Howard Nemaizer has absolutely no basis in fact, and nowhere within it can the truth be found.

In 2013, I was facing the loss of my home for the second time in three years, along with most of the possessions I'd gathered over a lifetime.

But before I go further, I find it important to explain WHY this happened to me. One of the primary goals of the evildoers who run a neutralization campaign against a targeted government whistleblower is to drive the Target to financial destitution and ultimately, homelessness. In my case, after many years of persecution, they finally succeeded.

(I'm sure those cotton-pickin' bastards were popping the champagne corks and gleefully high-fiving each other down in Langley, Virginia. And as far as I am concerned, they can go straight to Hell!...where they are already heading in a handcart.)

To make matters worse, the Target is likely to be abandoned and/or betrayed by at least some of the people from whom he/she may have had a reasonable expectation of support. The sad truth is that most people won't support the Target who is openly and unabashedly standing up against a tyrannical federal government. They cave in to intimidation tactics, or they buy into the lies disseminated in the carefully crafted defamation campaign, meant to discredit the Target, to foment suspicion, and ruin his/her good name.

In Defense of Truth & Honor: Deconstructing the False Narrative of Howard Nemaizer as Presented on “Howard Nema dot Com” & “Truth Talk News” (3)


After 29 days (November 22-December 21, 2013), I left Howard Nemaizer's house as per the directive issued by his wife, Maureen Nemaizer, specifically that I be OUT BY NOON on that date. As previously stated, Howard Nemaizer had lied when he told me that I would be welcomed into their home by his wife, and I did not find out the truth until after I had accepted his offer of “sanctuary”.

This directive was issued in full knowledge of the fact that I, as a disabled senior citizen, was utterly destitute and under persecution, that I had nowhere else to go, and that I also was responsible for the care of my beloved companion, an elderly cat, whom I refused to abandon under any circumstances.

False promises had been made by Howard Nemaizer re his offer of “sanctuary”. It turned out to be a bait-and-switch. For what end, I don't know. I no longer care what the motives may have been. I only know the facts, and the terrible things which happened to me as a result. Nemaizer reneged on all assurances given, resulting in extreme stress, losses of my property, and other damages, rather than the promised “sanctuary”.

Nemaizer compromised my security and endangered my safety by enlisting a drunk-driving convict, one David St. John, to unlawfully drive my car from Maine to CT, without my knowledge or consent. I only learned of this after the fact. I was, naturally, outraged at this act of reckless endangerment and negligence by Howard Nemaizer.

The conditions in the basement where I stayed for 29 days were unfit for human habitation. (See previous reports for details.) I had been told they had a “room” available. No mention was made of the fact that it was a basement, or of the actual deplorable conditions. My health, already poor, suffered terribly as a result of the cold, damp and toxic mold.

I was treated with extreme disrespect by Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, as well as suffering similar abusive treatment by their friends, all of whom were ill-mannered, crude, aggressive, intrusive busybodies, snooping into my private business, dishing out unsolicited advice, and speculating and gossiping about my personal business with anyone who would lend an ear.

After the directive was issued that I must be OUT BY NOON, on December 21, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer attempted to pressure me into staying at the homes of complete strangers (more basements, I was told), one of whom was verbally abusive to me, and later arrived at their house so intoxicated that he fell down drunk and passed out cold in the driveway. (No, as God is my witness, I am not making this up...this is the truth. More bizarre details are given in previous reports.)

Howard Nemaizer & Todd Brendan Fahey: More Assaults on Barbara Hartwell by Cowardly Lying Demons from the Pit of Hell

Howard Nemaizer & “Truth Talk News”: Unscrupulous Assault on Truth


Over a period of many years, I have been asked on numerous occasions, by friends and colleagues, why it is that I “bother” to expose those persons who are inconsequential in the larger picture of the events and issues of greatest concern, those who are mere amateurs, wannabes, and in some cases, stooges or minions of corrupt government operatives. Why not just ignore them?

My answer is consistently as follows: These characters may be “nobodies” and seemingly not worth the time or effort it takes to address their offenses. However, their aggression and burning ambition to “be somebody”, to seek public attention and approval, does create serious problems for their Targets, those of us who are already overburdened with the necessity of standing against political persecution, including libel/slander campaigns orchestrated by the government. These aggressors may be idiots, but by their unscrupulous worldly ambition, they pour fuel on an already raging fire.

Furthermore, it is a matter of principle. I won't stand by and allow false information to be promoted in connection with my name, or have my honor and integrity insulted, along with everything I stand for, when I can easily refute the lies with the truth and the facts.

The truth for the record, that is what matters to me. I don't care if they are world class evildoers or just garden variety busybodies. If they are crossing my line, invading my privacy, meddling in my business, promoting outrageous lies in connection with my name, I will not remain silent in the face of their wrongdoing, but, come hell or high water, will set the record straight.


Howard Nemaizer & “Truth Talk News”: Unscrupulous Assault on Truth (2)

Howard Nemaizer & “Truth Talk News”: Unscrupulous Assault on Truth (3)


Here, a partial list of Howard Nemaizer's many offenses, of which he is unrepentant, and still lying about, in efforts to cover his own wrongdoing.

Exploitation and misrepresentation of the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, in various venues, including, but not limited to, “Truth Talk News” (video and print format), “Truth Broadcast Network” (owned by one Harry Link).

Promoting fraudulent notices and statements, using the name of Barbara Hartwell in connection with himself (using the pseudonym Howard Nema), and other individuals, falsely claiming Barbara Hartwell as a “partner” of these individuals, and/or falsely claiming Barbara Hartwell had “joined forces” with him and certain others.

Refusal to remove false information and fraudulent promotions, wrongfully appropriating and exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell, arrogantly disregarding clearly stated public requests, public demands, a public formal warning and a public formal complaint.

Stating publicly that he refused to remove all false statements and fraudulent promotions, unless “Barbara Hartwell would like to pay me for my time”, thereby attempting to gain profit for himself and cash in on his offenses at the expense of the injured party, Barbara Hartwell.

Violating a “good faith” verbal agreement by theft of materials, in the form of video and audio, which are the fruits of the labor/intellectual property of Barbara Hartwell, by publishing these materials, without the knowledge or consent of Barbara Hartwell.

Placing the name of Barbara Hartwell on his websites, in a false light, in connection with a notorious career criminal/predicate felon, one Keith Mutch, a psychopath arrested multiple times, including for felony arson. Keith Mutch runs a radio station in Torrington, CT, where Howard Nemaizer's radio program, “Truth Talk News”, was airing during the time of the fraudulent promotions using the name of Barbara Hartwell.

Promoting libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell, including, but not limited to, “a terribly ungrateful soul”, a “sociopath”, a “liar”,
a “CIA disinformation agent”, a “con artist”, a “coward”.

Nemaizer has also falsely accused me of “invading his privacy”, which I never once, at any time, have done. Nemaizer habitually takes his own offenses and projects them on the injured party, in this case, Barbara Hartwell.

Endangering the security/safety of Barbara Hartwell by enlisting a drunk-driving convict, one David St. John, to unlawfully drive my vehicle, without my knowledge or consent, thus also placing me at grave risk of legal consequences.


Howard Nemaizer & Todd Brendan Fahey: More Assaults on Barbara Hartwell by Cowardly Lying Demons from the Pit of Hell

First Blood: Howard Nemaizer's Outrageous Lies Refuted

Formal Complaint Against Howard Nemaizer (using the pseudonym Howard Nema) for Defamation, False Light, Invasion of Privacy, Fraudulent Statements, Exploitation of the Name & Website of Barbara Hartwell

Formal Warning to Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema: CEASE & DESIST Exploitation & Misrepresentation of the Name & Website of Barbara Hartwell


Howard Nema & “TRUTH TALK NEWS”: Fraud, Lies & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell


Truth & Justice: Who Will Stand & at What Cost?

Truth & Justice: Who Will Stand & at What Cost? (2)

Truth & Justice: Who Will Stand & at What Cost? (3)


THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: A Retrospective on Political Persecution in America (2)

Here is evidence (published December 15, 2014) that I did indeed initially make a POLITE request to Howard Nemaizer “with all due respect”, to REMOVE his false and fraudulent material in connection with my name, and that he stop exploiting and misrepresenting the name of Barbara Hartwell:


And as a result of the continued misrepresentation of my name, my website and my work, in disregard of my clearly stated wishes, and his alignment with Harry Link and 'Truth Broadcast Network', I can no longer in good conscience support or endorse Howard Nema, his program or any of his websites.

And so, with all due respect, I must ask that Howard please REMOVE all references to my name, my website and my material from any and all sites with which he is associated. (Just as I had requested in the past.)

This is a perfectly reasonable request, which I expect to be honored. If at any time, for any reason, a person of my acquaintance requested of me that I NOT use their name, place a link to their website, or discuss him or his business, my response would be: Your wish is my command, no questions asked.

And I must make this request publicly, rather than privately, because the misrepresentation of my name and work have already been publicly injurious to my good name.


Howard Nemaizer chose to disregard this request, rather than honor it. Later, when he continued to exploit and misrepresent my name, I published more notices, now demanding that he cease and desist. Rather than issue an apology, he instead dug in and doubled down, and began publishing additional false information, which was also defamatory, filled with outrageous lies.

And...this egregious defamation by this unrepentant liar has continued ever since...

Howard Nemaizer: By his fruits shall you know him.

Barbara Hartwell
Target of Howard Nemaizer
December 29, 2018

Saturday, December 22, 2018

INCITING VIOLENCE & TERRORISM, SOLICITATION OF MURDER: Katherine Horton's Criminal Crusade Against Law Abiding Americans


-Katherine Horton on Twitter

Katherine Horton lives in Europe. She runs a website called STOP 007.

Horton vociferously touts herself as a professional investigator and “expert witness”, working to “help” victims of intelligence agencies and secret services.
Here is a quote from a section of the website, offering her advice to victims:

"The most important point is that you do not panic whatever happens. It is natural to get scared, be shocked, get angry and become frustrated. However, you should take great care to fortify yourself mentally. Remember that whatever criminality you are facing and whatever injuries and harm you might suffer, there is always a solution and there is always a cure. Sometimes, we just have to fight for it."

Horton also solicits affidavits from victims, promoting court cases as a legal remedy for crimes against persons. She urges the victims to remain “calm”, no matter what.
Why then, does she herself behave in such an utterly frantic, hysterical and lawless manner? She rants and raves, cursing and dropping F-bombs, exhorting her reading and listening audience to engage in violence and terrorism, and goes so far as to actually publicly solicit the MURDERS of intelligence and military personnel, including in the US of A.
Why solicit crimes against persons, when she claims to be trying to STOP the crimes? Under US law, solicitation of murder is a felony crime. But then, she doesn't live here. However, many of her followers DO live here, as do some those she has clearly named as her Targets.
One such Target, as she has made abundantly clear, is Barbara Hartwell, who she has definitively and authoritatively stated to the world at large, on her website (Blood on Their Hands section), and in her video slander fests, is “CIA”.
If true (fortunately for Horton, it is not), that would make me the very “007” she wants to STOP, clearly by any means necessary, including murder.
I will cover more on Horton's public solicitation of violence, terrorism and murder later in this report.
First, I will present some excerpts from an article by Ramola D/Dharmaraj, a person Katherine Horton obviously considers her primary Target.
Ramola's article is lengthy, detailed and comprehensive, and should be read in full to gain an understanding of the entire situation she explicates.

Ramola D: Swiss Cheese and Bayonets: Katherine Horton’s Nasty Defamation Campaign Titled “Ramola’s Defamation Campaign”

"Katherine Horton, a former Techno Crime Fighters Forum and JIT colleague who appears to have deteriorated currently into Ms. Potty Mouth with a PhD in Invective and an obsession with attacking me and ICATOR Founder and President Melanie Vritschan—as well as anyone else who challenges her bedtime stories–has lately been adding to her platter of slander, smears, attack, libel and defamation against myself with runaway tweets, new additions to her nasty and quite obviously libelous page with my name on her website, and a video where she circles round and repeats herself ad infinitum, while blasting out curse-words and epithets along with distortions of truth and pithy, tabloid-style fictions.

CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell marks this latest theatrical feat accurately in her response to Katherine’s verbal attacks on her:   

Fact-Free Theatrical Productions Starring Katherine Horton.

For interestingly enough, in this video—which Melanie responded to and which I partially responded to in Report #99— Katherine’s attacks have not been limited to me alone.

Barbara Hartwell, Melanie Vritschan, and Thomas McFarlan have also been maligned—in what appear to be a combination of abusive pre-emptive and retaliatory attacks seeking to refute the truth and integrity of their witness while painting herself drama-queen-style as tragically wronged, victimized, and immaculate.

I refer most especially to the page on her website titled “Ramola Dharmaraj,” (a name I am no longer known by) and to her “Blood on their hands” page (the title of which she has currently changed, 2 days ago, it appears, to “Attacks & Refusals of Assistance,” which lists a photograph of me, and to the continuous series of libelous and attacking tweets she has put out on Twitter, claiming, melodramatically, falsely, slanderously, and libelously she is being stalked and harassed by me and the victim of a “near 4-month-long campaign of defamation” supposedly run by me against her. Which does make it seem like there’s no conscience, morality, integrity, truth-bone or spine evinced here whatsoever because she seems to show no compunction in making these ridiculous and repeated claims of victimhood at my hands.

Please let that sink in. An investigative reporter, publishing and broadcasting journalist, writer, poet, educator, and human rights activist working since 2013–when she was personally hit, for no discernible reason, with extreme Surveillance Abuse, 24/7 assaults with anti-personnel EMF Neuro DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), covert implantation, community ostracizing and character assassination, business sabotage, relationship sabotage, and life-destruction COINTELPRO, like thousands in the USA and worldwide, but working ever since she was hit to expose the massive and treasonous crimes of Surveillance Abuse by US Intelligence agencies, US Military and Medical/Academic groups, and US fusion centers and their proxies and partners worldwide—which include COINTELPRO “gangstalking,” human trafficking into non-consensual and Torture-marked medical and military experimentation projects, and social and community terrorism disguised as “Community Policing” is being attacked openly and name-called by a small group of potty-mouthed predators, led and egged on by the intrepid bayonet-wielding Katherine Horton whose name-calling of me on her latest Rant and Deflect/Smear and Slam video, deceptively titled “Dos and Don’ts, Working Group 2” includes the pithy reference to me–among other choice epithets–as “the bitch in Boston.”

3 August-3 September 2018: Various listings linking to Thomas McFarlan’s and Barbara Hartwell’s writings and videos.

Here Katherine Horton is suggesting that Thomas McFarlan’s and Barbara Hartwell’s responses to Techno’s ending were evidence of my running an imagined “campaign” against her. What Katherine appears to be missing here is that many people watching this drama play out could see for themselves—with their own eyes and ears, in the privacy of their own homes, no help from me whatsoever—that she had spent hours baselessly attacking me on her video The End of Techno Crime Fighters Forum, while distorting the truth of what had occurred on Techno, misdirecting her viewers, misleading and misrepresenting and outright confabulating (DEW attacks and neurotech takeovers of myself, no less) —and refusing to acknowledge her own words, recorded on several Techno podcasts, making random and irresponsible calls to violence: one of the primary reasons Techno had closed.

CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell whom I have interviewed several times on my podcasts, and activist and journalist Thomas McFarlan stepped forward to record their own independent analyses and subsequent defamatory smears by Katherine Horton, without my asking either to, in unsolicited support of all three of us who had together broken from Katherine."

THE TRUTH: Note from NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart, 11/17/2018:

"Ramola, If you go to your Youtube/video explanation regarding the end of TCFF, you will see that I engaged several critics openly and publicly in the comments section, countering straw men arguments regarding cursing or just silly, uninformed, ignorant or insanely prejudiced opinions, like “Katherine was just experiencing American prejudice against anyone not like them”…. which made no sense at all considering TCFF was on the American side, a white American, a black American, and a naturalized citizen of Indian origin. Hardly homogenous. Some of the exchanges got quite heated, frankly.

I said in no uncertain terms that the break up of TCFF was 100% due to Katherine’s refusal to acknowledge and stop the calls to extrajudicial violence AND the fact that she refused to admit she was doing it, after being counseled by all three of us separately and respectfully to stop for the sake of TCFF as well as the reputation of all TI’s.

Certainly I opened myself up to be criticized for showing some fire in my responses. I also gave such an explanation on my Face Book feed. In my efforts to quell a public feud I privately encouraged Katherine to just drop it, and go her own way, hoping to lessen the damage done to all of us in the public eye of the TI community in North America as well as Europe. People saw us as a life line and strongly resented that we had not solved the issues for their sakes.

I have no problem lauding you, Ramola, as a brilliant investigative journalist, an indefatigable warrior for truth and integrity, a woman who has suffered and sacrificed for thousands of people she has not even met and likely never will meet most of them, and whose work will go down in history as a magnificent chronicling of the 21st Century Techno-Terrorism Dark Ages, as where other accounts would be comparatively scant and incoherent in comparison.

I have no problem similarly saying Melanie against all odds, has created a ground- breaking human rights organization actually accomplishing something, in an area of human rights issues exceedingly dangerous to address or even speak of in this Orwellian nightmare world, and quite obviously at great personal expense, and unimaginable suffering to herself. And that going to ground maligning either of you, or anyone else, is unfair, irresponsible, and an unnecessarily destructive effort to us all when we are all fighting for our lives and credibility, and the future of mankind, which is now endangered more than ever before."

Katherine Horton’s Egregious Slander, Malicious Defamation, and Just Plain Nastiness to CIA Whistlebower Barbara Hartwell

"I would like to make a few remarks in relation to Katherine Horton’s ranting and abuse directed at Barbara Hartwell in her Dos and Donts Video, which Barbara herself has addressed thoroughly in her publication, FACT-FREE THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS Starring Katherine Horton, which I have re-published at my site.

It is disturbing to watch and listen to Katherine Horton on this video, where she spews invective with intensity, and on this segment where she attacks Barbara Hartwell openly, characterizing her words as “lying” “fakeness” and other such, offering her unfounded opinions and speculations with contortions and distortions of facts—including about late Special-Agent-In-Charge Ted Gunderson—which she apparently knows nothing of, as Barbara Hartwell, who knew the much-mythologized right-hand man of Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO kingpin Ted Gunderson personally, learned (and has published) of his involvement in treasonous Stinger missile deals with Osama bin Laden, Satanism, and pedophilia, understood the “containment operations” and controlled opposition/limited hangout operations she reports he was running, and was “befriended and betrayed” by him through extensive character-assassination operations, meticulously points out.

This is abuse, plain and simple. In addition to all else: slander, malice, defamation, nastiness, and ignorance. Barbara Hartwell has reported extreme persecution by the amoral and venal CIA/FBI complex which practices life-destruction COINTELPRO on outstanding ex-CIA and ex-FBI whistleblowers with integrity, spine, and conscience such as herself and Geral Sosbee...

Taunting, mocking, ridiculing someone with a disability is what Katherine Horton has accomplished here. In addition, she has gone all out to try to dismiss, deprecate, and marginalize Barbara Hartwell’s voice and work—in keeping with the long abusive history of such CIA/FBI-run persecution Barbara has endured online in systematic character sabotage operations over decades—effectively running COINTELPRO operations herself of repression, abuse, and persecution on Barbara Hartwell.

These attacks on Barbara Hartwell, who has previously published her own unvarnished analyses and opinions of Katherine Horton on the Techno Forum, and which appear to be an added attack on me, given my interviews with Barbara and support and interest in her work (although of course that entire video rant filled with repeated false-narratives and rife with epithets runs an attack on me), begs the question: Why would a “victim-advocate” and supposed reporting victim of Intelligence agency/military crime and “criminal investigator” as Katherine Horton terms herself seek to destroy one of the few CIA whistleblowers we have, speaking openly and publishing for years about Intelligence agency/military crime and the use of DEWs on citizens, whistleblowers, activists, and journalists alike?

I will add that my interviews with Barbara Hartwell as well as my firm friendship with her over this past year have established for me very clearly the power and importance of her voice, as she openly and fearlessly speaks about criminal activities engaged in by the CIA, FBI and other covered agencies, their retaliative and example-making persecution of whistleblowers, controlled-opposition activities they run in alt-media, New World Order/New Age repressions and deceptions run by the Globalists, various characters and personalities planted in alt-media by CIA Mockingbird mavens contorting journalism into trivia, and much more. Barbara’s authoritative handling of these subjects, based on her experience and analyses as a journalist and trained CIA Intelligence Analyst along with her family’s CIA background lends power to her voice—which is why, it seems clear to me, her voice has been attacked by the black ops CIA who attack anyone who clearly reveals their crimes.

Katherine Horton’s reprehensible and ignorant attacks on CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell therefore should be probed for motive and seen in context. FBI whistleblower, Vietnam veteran and once professor, attorney, and judge Geral Sosbee, who understands the importance of Barbara Hartwell’s voice, has written clearly on this subject, as noted in an article covering Ted Gunderson and Ken Adaichi that Barbara has just published recently on her website:

Pinocchio Adachi and The Ghost of Ted Gunderson

End excerpts


In a section of her website, titled BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, Horton purports to be “exposing” Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell and others.

Horton has constructed a sort of flow chart, with a photo of Ramola in the center, a photo of “Barbara Hartwell (CIA)”, and a number of others whom she claims are “attacking” her.

She uses red lighting bolts, which resemble a devil's forked tail, with arrows directed from the “offenders” to photos of herself.

I just thought it was goofy, and laughable, and shows the childish idiocy of her mindset.

(Please see Ramola's article, where she has reproduced the “attack chart”.)

As part of her “timeline” of the supposed “defamation” against her by Ramola, are listed these entries:

23 November 2018: Barbara Hartwell (CIA) publishes piece “FACT-FREE THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS Starring Katherine Horton” on her blog.

And note that Katherine Horton offers “consulting” for victims:

"As a result of her background in science and systems analysis, as well as her expertise in abuses of military technology, Dr. Horton offers unique insights into victim cases that are outside the competence of most doctors, psychiatrists and law enforcement."

Why would a background in science (specifically physics, she claims) and systems analysis qualify Horton as a consultant for victims of abuses of military technology? There is no explanation of the type of “expertise” she promotes.

But wait...there are certainly some hefty fees the victims must pay for this “expertise”.



Counselling for Victims & Families (per hour)
USD 150.-
EUR 130.-
GBP 115.-
CHF 150.-
Consulting for Professionals (per hour)
USD 200.-
EUR 175.-
GBP 150.-
CHF 200.-

Expert Testimonies and Court Attendance (per hour)

USD 350.-
EUR 310.-
GBP 280.-
CHF 350.-

Now, see this, her claims of “confidentiality”.


"Victim cases are treated entirely confidentially. Dr. Horton does not pass information about victim cases to any third parties. Victims have the option of granting permission for aspects of their case to be passed anonymously to the other members of the Joint Investigation Team to assist the investigation of other cases. However, for that the permission of the victim is expressly sought."

Putting the absolute lie to this claim, go to any of the testimony of Ramola D or Melanie Vritschan, to see just how “confidential” her “services” are. Horton not only betrayed their confidence on sensitive issues, she later publicly taunted them, calling them “gossipy hags”, “f---ing housewives”, “the bitch from Belgium”, the “bitch from Boston” etc. etc.

Very “professional”, Horton, and an admirable example of “remaining calm” under pressure.

Here, Horton tells the public how their (exorbitant) fees will be used:

Use of Income

"The income from the counselling is used to support Dr. Horton, her investigative work into the crimes committed against victims and her court cases against the secret services who are perpetrating these crimes."

My question is: WHO, in their right mind, would even think of wasting their hard-earned money hiring the "counselling" services of this pretentious poseur? Who would want to support the posting of violent rhetoric and solicitations of murder?


Following is just a small sample of Katherine Horton's violent rhetoric on Twitter. This comprises only recent entries...but there is much, much more where these came from. Anyone looking for hard evidence that she is soliciting murder need only to copy these entries, as I have done. It's all there, in black and white. And why has Twitter banned numerous American Christians and conservatives, while allowing such flagrant criminal conduct from Katherine Horton? Use your imagination...

"For centuries the intelligence agencies have abused their power. Help me to stand up against them to stop the horrific crimes they commit against me and others."

"Let's prove that organised crime outfits like @GCHQ @NSAGov #MI5 #MI6 @CIA @FBI #BND #NDB refuse to investigate crime, refuse to stop torture+mutilation of the population and are involved in crimes against humanity and mass murder. Each military head can then be executed."

"We had enough fucking housewives talk. These are military operations killing women+children. Now is the time the MEN to do the one thing that only MEN can do: Go and kill other men who are maiming and murdering women & children. Kill every general who doesn't do his job."

"The entire US+European military leaders can be gunned the fuck down by now. None of them took a single step to stop women & children being mutilated by their own men! We need to kill every Nazi serial killer who went through SERE torture training. They're using it on us!!"

This is a real life hot shooting war! The civilian population is helpless when their own degenerate military turns on them. We need to start gunning our own psychopathic military leaders the fuck down for us to be able to survive”

"Non-stop pulsing ripping my brain apart. Just like for the Cuban & Chinese diplomats. Loud bangs as Pulsed Energy Projectiles are hitting metal objects around me. Please kill the fucking #Nazi psychopaths in the Swiss+US military!"

"Swiss Intel made a habit of shooting me in the head every time I went to the toilet. A hard shot would knock my skull and rip through my brain every single time. Do the same with every fucking general. Wait until their on the crapper, then blow their fucking brains out."

"Hard shot ripped through face and throat coming from South. #SatelliteWeapons maybe? I cannot shield against these military #PulsedEnergyProjectiles!!! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE KILL THESE MILITARY PSYCHOPATHS SO THAT WE CAN LIVE!!!"

"Fuck your vibrations. The only thing to do is to execute the top generals at US Space Command and the heads of the FBI, CIA, NSA and Fusion Centres for #HighTreason."

Finally, this comment on Ramola:

"Because I have a legal right to reply and a duty to clear my name from their inane accusations. We can play this game as long as they like. I'm going to provide evidence and then take this malicious campaign by Ramola to court if she doesn't stop."

And this reply, by one of Horton's very loud-mouthed and vulgar accomplices, Deborah Ann Weber, who also calls for extreme violence against persons, and whose defamatory comments against Ramola and Barbara Hartwell have regularly appeared on Twitter and in the comments section of You Tube videos:

Deborah Ann Weber:

"Yes, but it's getting dangerous - seems they are trying to incite violence against you as well as busying you with defending yourself instead of doing what you're trying to do... I know the MO. Remember, Ramola said I was "trolling" her. As if! I'm trying to save myself & my son."

Seen enough yet?

Horton is now threatening Ramola with a lawsuit. On what grounds, pray tell? Just more incendiary and sensationalist (but impotent) rhetoric. More hypocrisy. More malice. More foul-mouthed verbal assaults on a decent, honorable woman who has done her no wrong, committed no offenses (civil or criminal) against her, done her no harm.

Katherine Horton is on a criminal crusade against law-abiding Americans. Anyone who supports her, promotes her, who aids and abets her in any way, is an accomplice –including to solicitation of murder.

Barbara Hartwell
Target of Katherine Horton
December 22, 2018



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