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Monday, October 1, 2007


The man is such a slime bag and has hurt so many people that maybe it is time someone takes him on.

--Rayelan Allan, Editor of Rumor Mill News, commenting on ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson
October 31, 2003

It's that time again. Time to expose some liars, cowards and government stooges. But this time, I'll spare myself the tiresome chore of refuting their lies --I'll just let them speak for themselves and expose their own outrageous lies.

All persons mentioned here have accused Barbara Hartwell of being CIA; have published outrageous and libelous falsehoods; and have tried to cover up their own crimes and/or duplicity and/or hypocrisy and/or cowardice by demonizing Barbara Hartwell.

Shame on them all!

Barbara Hartwell
October 1, 2007


By Ken Adachi

Subject: Hi
Date: Mon, October 16, 2006
To: Editor

"Well Ken,
It took me awhile, but I finally read through all the material you sent about Ted Gunderson vs. your arch enemy Hartwell. That was quite a reading task. However, I did reach the conclusion that neither you or Mr. Gunderson are the bad guys. If you are, I still would not be afraid to express my views. I don't think traps are needed these days to see how people think and feel. The net is loaded with sites full of people just like me who want the truth.

I have reached a point that I would rather die trying to do what is right and good than to live under bondage to a reprobate administration. What kind of life would that be? I am an ordinary person with an ordinary life. I want a safe and free world for my family. I don't like being lied to and expected to accept those lies. After reading everything about The Franklin Cover-up, I was just sick. People who can do such hideous things to a child are no longer human. They are the lowest form of life imaginable. I can't begin to express the anger I feel toward anyone who can do or even cover-up that type of outrage.

When someone covers-up for those things, they are just as guilty as the ones who are doing it. If actions such as that are what the 'elite' feel are justified due to their 'superiority' to us common folks, then I think padded rooms and strait-jackets are in order. They have no heart, no human compassion and apparently have slid to the bottom of depravity. Greed and power thirst is never satisfied. It is an evil in itself and what we are seeing today is just how far down into the abyss it will take you.

Satan is a liar and the father of all lies. I am afraid this country is being run by the offspring of the devil and they make little effort to conceal it. The bible declares that those who spread a net for the innocent will one day fall into their own net. They have gotten away with so much wickedness for so long, they now are getting more arrogant and brazen each passing day. I believe more and more people are beginning to wake up and see through the lies. Anyway, I wanted you to know I did read everything and think you are legit!
Ken Adachi responds:
"Hello Becky,
Nice to hear back from you. I realize that it's an effort to wade through the swamp bog of lies manufactured by Barbara Hartwell, an extremely tiring and venomous CIA character assassin.

It takes considerable time to read through her novels and then to read the rebuttal articles that I posted about her at my web site, and most people won't invest the time to positively determine that Hartwell is a constant liar. . .

Thankfully, her influence and credibility over the internet have diminished considerably since the 2000-2003 period when many popular web sites such as, or or used to carry her slam pieces about Ted, but no more. Do a search at those sites under the name Barbara Hartwell and see what comes up- nothing.

Why did they remove her articles? It's not because Ted or I complained to them because we never contacted them. They removed her garbage because they came to realize-quite on their own- that Hartwell cannot be trusted about anything. She turned on them -and betrayed them- in exactly the same way she turned on Ted and dozens of other people who have tried to help her in one way or another.

The reason she can't maintain her credibility with these and the other web sites that she has lost face with, is because her mendacity becomes apparent to even the most ardent of her supporters, so they begin to question this or that. But Hartwell doesn't take kindly to being questioned about anything, and she will turn on a former supporter in a heartbeat. Just read her junk long enough and you'll see where the former supporter enters Hartwell's world and where he exists, based on her current 'assessment' of that former ally. .

Here's the search results I got at when I entered "Barbara Hartwell" . The editor, Kenn Thomas, used to have articles from the Venomous One posted at his site, but they are no longer to be found there."


Ken Adachi: "Why did they remove her articles? It's not because Ted or I complained to them because we never contacted them. They removed her garbage because they came to realize-quite on their own- that Hartwell cannot be trusted about anything. She turned on them -and betrayed them- in exactly the same way she turned on Ted and dozens of other people who have tried to help her in one way or another."

E-mails from Rayelan Allan to Barbara Hartwell re Ted Gunderson
To: Barbara Hartwell
From: Rayelan
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 12:38 AM


"I guess he got the number from Tim White. Don't know how he got it.

I will be getting an unlisted number tomorrow.

I refused to talk to Ted but he did manage to get in that you told him you were a mind controlled robot for the CIA.

Can you believe that in a manner of 30 seconds he was able to say that.... like he had been rehearsing it!

I also KNEW he was recording the conversation.

Just an inner feeling, no clicks or anything.


Subject: tim white
From: Rayelan
To: Barbara Hartwell
Sent: October 30, 2003

"tim white called yesterday -- my husband just listened to him... i will never call him back!!


Rumor Mill News - Agents Lounge
Date: Friday, 31 October 2003, 10:58 a.m.


"I suspect that I am going to sued by him for what Barbara has been posting. The man is such a slime bag and has hurt so many people that maybe it is time someone takes him on.

Needless to say, I will be changing my phone number since Tim White and Ted Gunderson are now making harassing phone calls.


Rumor Mill News - Agents Lounge

Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 16 November 2003, 9:42 p.m.

"BARBARA, BEFORE YOU DO SOMETHING THAT AFFECTS ALL OF US, I think we need to get a feel for what this could cost all of us.

Ted Gunderson has already threatened to sue me.

Even though I doubt if he would want his dirty laundry aired in a public forum, if he does file a lawsuit against ME, it would take time and effort and money that I put into RMN to fight it!

I believe Ted started his fight with Art Bell in order to bankrupt David Hinkson AND the radio station Ted was on. He succeeded in doing both.

Maybe the entire purpose of what Ted has been doing with Ranger Rick - aka 

Brenda Negri, and Tim White and the rest, has been to go after you, Barbara, in order to get Rumor Mill News.

He now is within his rights to sue me. But that's another matter.

I spoke with a man today who knows Ted... only by reputation... but he knows that Ted has no support in the FBI or the CIA. The days of his having friends in those organizations is long past.

Ted is on his own, except for the crazies like Negri and White.

If Ted wanted to put a hit order out on someone, he's have to do it himself because he lacks the connections he used to have.

The only place he has any credibility at all is in the tabloid that keeps quoting him as an ex-FBI private investigator.

All of this said, the pressure he could bring to bear on me and on Rumor Mill News could have be the straw that breaks the camel's back... me being the camel.

I have always chosen my fights carefully. Some fights don't HAVE to be fought.

I agree that what was done to you and to the radio host needs to be exposed. But this is something entirely different. You WERE censored. Did you get censored because Ted has threatened to sue the radio company? Did the owner of the radio company know what happened to the last radio station that went round with Ted?

My personal policy has been to avoid... like the plague... any contact with people I believe still work for the government or I know to be liars and cheats. This is why you haven't seen me mention Ted Gunderson and my run-ins with him. Nor have I mentioned Virginia McCollough or Michael Ruppert.

Labeling people like this as government agents is going to bring a whole raft load of sh*t from their supporters. Therefore I have chosen NOT to air my own personal stories of betrayal, or knowledge of their backgrounds and conections. I have chosen to keep RMN free from any personal vendettas I may hold against these people and many others.

I don't know how to advise you on this. You will have to make the choice yourself. However, please be sure you know that the decision you make involves everyone here on RMN... NOT just yourself and me.

What we have all created could very well be lost in this battle. As I said, I have always chosen my battles carefully. I fight the ones I think I can win, and when I don't think I can win, I have sometimes just dropped out of sight for a while and have let things settle down. Things like this ALWAYS settle down!!

Ted Gunderson will cook his own goose one of these days and end up in prison. You know it and I know it. I agree, he will hurt a lot more innocent people before this is done. However, I think that RMN is too small to really be able to take on Ted without ending up losing, even if we win.

The way I would fight Ted Gunderson, if I was going to do so, is to fight him in the only place that he still has credibility.... that ONE tabloid that continues to quote him. I would find out which one it is, and then write an article for the other tabloids! Between all the people who know what Ted is and would give you information... most of what you already have... you could wirte a great expose. A tabloid has the 10 million to pay him... OR Carolyn Condit... after they win their cases. RMN has nothing to pay him except RMN!

It's my belief that the best bet is to take the battle into the arena where Ted is still respected and where he will get his next victims.... The tabloid that uses him as a source. The next old woman he will con out of money by posing as an investigator... will probably hear about him FROM that tabloid.

Yes, I agree with you... he is scum and he needs to be exposed.... but at what cost?

Is he worth it?

If God is directing you every step of the way, can you please ask Him how Rumor Mill News... i.e. me... will pay the legal bills and find the time to handle this?

Can you also tell God that my husband's heart condition is worsening. Right now he is on the bed... we are waiting to see if the nitro works or whether I call for an ambulance. This goes on everyday. His heart just does not have the strength needed to pump out all the fluid and it builds up in his lungs. we just wait to see if the lasix drains enough off to take the pressure off... and if it doesn't, he goes into the hospital. The last time they drained 20 pounds of water off him. Just think what that was doing to him?

Needless to say... I am close to the breaking point. If Ted is working some kind of deal with the people who really hate me and want me destroyed... this is the best time to go after me. I am down and can be kicked hard right now!

When I made the decision to fold the print edition of Rumor Mill News... under more than one death threat... I did it because I knew that I could no longer keep up the quality of work because I was too distracted by the diappearance of Gunther and the threats on my life. Even so, there were people who called me traitor, quitter, and ever other name in the book.

I am certain there will be people who think my choice NOT to fight Ted Gunderson is a sign of weakness. These people aren't sitting in my chair. These people have not had a hit order put out on them by the Director of the CIA and another one by the President.

The one put out by the President was picked up by Ted Gunderson!! That was in 1990! Yes... I have had my share of dealings with Ted. The only thing that protected me at that time was William Webster!! Yes, the same one that was Director of both the CIA and the FBI. He was able to get it canceled. What about the one that was put out by Gates? An old 'friend' picked it up... he still holds it.

I don't talk about my own past problems with people like this... I choose to avoid them and NOT give them the kind of publicity they desire so much!

Rumor Mill News is so close to becoming a force to be reckoned with on a world wide basis that I am aksing if this fight with TEd Gunderson is worth it?

Even though Art Bell won his fight with Gunderson, he lost the radio show he created. Yes, he is back... but look at the years of hell he went through battling the set-up.

Barbara... I hate to say it... but I think you have fallen into the same kind of set-up that David Hinkson fell into. I know what it cost him... I don't even know if he still owns -

David owned the patent to the best process in the world for chelating silver and other metals. His products really helped people. I think Ted was sent after him to destroy him... That action took down ARt Bell, David Hinkson and the radio station Ted was on. I don't think Ted lost anything in the deal.

I can't help but feel that a repeat of this is what we have here.

I don't know how you expect Rumor Mill News to support you? I can barely pay for the bills it generates so you know that our readers don't have the kind of money it takes to fight a lawsuit.

What can we do?

Is Ted Gunderson worth the silver bullet?

At the moment there is only ONE silver bullet.... it is named Rumor Mill News.

In the past few months I have seen the good that RMN can do in publicizing the cases of Terri Schiavo and the woman in PA that lost her farm. The moment this information went up on RMN, FoxNews and others picked it up.

What I am asking that people do is weigh the good that RMN has done for Terri and the 89 year old woman... and the many more like them that we will help in the future... with the battle with Ted Gunderson.

Maybe I am under estimating the strength I have... maybe I could withstand a lawsuit. But then again, maybe I couldn't. And maybe Ted would win... and would be the new owner of Rumor Mill News.

Before you begin this war, please think over what it could cost, very very carefully!

thank you,



(But Denounces Ted Gunderson)

Marino's Promotional Statement for Liar & Stooge Adachi's Website:

EDUCATE YOURSELF Website Hosted By Ken Adachi Lots Of Excellent Information Here In Regard To The Illuminati; The New World Order; Satellite Based Electronic Mind Control;Ufology and other IMPORTANT Issues That Every Person On This Planet Should Be Aware Of.

Marino Accuses Ted Gunderson of Being COINTELPRO:
Ted Gunderson: Using COINTELPRO Tactics To Illegally Spy On Patriotic Groups.

Tim White on Barbara Hartwell:


It's what this CIA BITCH does best.If anyone actually THINKS this SNAKE isn't STILL on the Dark Side then better think again-her words,her supporters,those that she supports,and her attacks are VERY clear in EXPOSING who she STILL works for.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"