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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Please read Parts 1 & 2 before continuing. They are parts of whole and not meant to stand alone.



I began this report (May, 2017) with the hope that I could present some information which may be of use to those who are living under some form of political persecution.

Among the cases I have investigated, over a period of roughly three (3) decades, some of the Targets have been whistleblowers (former military and/or intelligence/law enforcement); some have been journalists. These individuals have without exception exposed crimes, corruption, coverups, conspiracies perpetrated by agencies of the U.S. Government, for the public record.

There are cases where the Target has not gone public as a whistleblower and who have asked me not to use their names in my reports, though I had permission to use certain information disclosed to me. Others have given me permission to use their names, with the proviso that some of the information given in confidence remain undisclosed. In some cases, all the information (including the names) is to be held in strict confidence, so I am not at liberty to reveal anything.

I take privileged information very seriously, in order to protect the privacy, security and safety of individuals who have trusted me. It is a matter of journalistic integrity, and of principle. Loose lips sink ships. And I can't count the times that I trusted the wrong person with sensitive personal information, only to have my confidence violated, with a vengeance, and often with disastrous consequences. Aside from these costly mistakes, I have mostly operated on a “need to know” basis, but even that policy cannot guarantee security.

Add to this the many hangers-on, the coattail riders, the gate-crashers and name-droppers, who grossly exploit the names of legitimate whistleblowers in attempts to gain public attention for their own ego-aggrandizement and/or finanancial gain, attempting to take credit for the work of others, for which we have paid in blood, sweat and tears. They parrot, even plagiarize, all the while lacking understanding and knowledge of the issues they address.

Generally speaking, when I read articles whose sources are not named, unless I have seen evidence or have reason to believe the accounts to be truthful and accurate, I do not attribute credibility to the source, or the writer of the article. I automatically dismiss people who use screen names but refuse to disclose their identity.

The surveillance state in which we now live has exacerbated the invasions of privacy, not only by government, but by citizen snoops and snitches, garden variety busybodies, with no better use for their time than to spread gossip on social media. As I heard one Christian pastor remark, Facebook is a paradise for gossips. True, but it is far worse than that. Facebook was designed by the government as a surveillance/tracking system to gather personal information on the citizenry.

Most of those using it (and other social media) are unaware of this and actually believe it is “safe” to use to send “private” messages to their so-called “friends” (most of whom are people they do not know). They have become eager volunteers in sacrificing their privacy, oblivious of the the sinister purposes they are serving.

How empty of meaning must their lives be, if they spend so much time in a virtual reality, staring mesmerized at images on a screen.

As for the mainstream media, it is overwhelmingly populated by government-owned-and-controlled pawns, willing to shamelessly lie to the public; those seeking fame, fortune (and buckets of money) at the expense of honor and truth. The same applies to the so-called 'alternative media', since the Internet has become the primary venue for the dissemination of all information (mainstream and otherwise.)

The mainstream media (print and electronic) now leans so far to the hard left that it serves up a veritable smorgasbord of Marxist/socialist government propaganda, cloaked in the deceptive labels of “liberalism”, “democracy”, “progressivism”. Choose your poison, there is plenty to go around.

CIA, in particular, has an unsavory history of planting disinformation and black propaganda, disseminated by operatives under the cover of journalists, especially in the larger media outlets. The false information then spreads like wildfire, now especially on the ubiquitous Twitter.

The technology has vastly expanded, but the scheme is as old as the hills: capture hearts and minds, so that control of the populace inevitably follows. As a result, the beliefs, views, opinions of large segments of the populace are determined not by individual critical, analytical thinking, but rather by “sound bites” or “memes” (what a stupid term!), which spread like a contagion. I'm sure they call it “going viral” (another stupid term!) for just this reason.

Deceptive labels abound. Consider the so-called 'Truth Movement', or 'Truth Community'. There is no such thing, there are only large groups of people calling themselves “truthers” (again, how stupid!), thinking it will give them some legitimacy. “Oh yes, I am a member of the 'Truth Movement', therefore you need to pay attention to ME if you seek truth.” Read MY website! I am a TRUTHER! Such idiocy is everywhere you look.


Most of my reports are written for the general public, but this segment will be addressed primarily to Christians, as will PART4.

Most of the people whose cases of persecution I have investigated were Christians. To cope with the dreadful circumstances visited upon them, they recognized the one true source of hope, strength and power when standing against the monstrous evil which has invaded their lives: The Lord Jesus Christ.

Not “religion”; not a particular church or pastor; not groups and clubs and organizations; not the latest political pundits; not changing political ideologies which claim to be the solution to all problems, all of which are here today, gone tomorrow.

The Lord Jesus Christ: The same yesterday, today and forever.

I call this report A Survivor's Guide because I know why I have survived. I can state with certainty that I would not be alive today, would not have survived the decades of persecution, had it not been for the grace of God, and the many instances of divine intervention which saved my life when the schemes of evildoers sought to destroy me.

It is not my purpose to proselytize, but only to address the readers from my perspective as a Christian. I have never in my life attempted to foist my Christian faith on others. And I find it extremely offensive when any brand of religious zealots (Christian or otherwise) accost me in such a manner. God is the only source of spiritual truth and He reveals it to whom He will, when He will, in His own time and His own way. Those who would presume to usurp that power and authority are an abomination to God. Preaching the gospel is one thing; the recipient may choose to listen, or walk away. Trying to force it on others by coercion or threat is quite another.

For the record, I am not a “legalist”, nor a literalist, nor am I a hidebound fundamentalist. But I do believe in the Bible's general historical accuracy. I believe the prophets and apostles were divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. And most importantly, I believe in the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Given the nature of what I myself have witnessed and experienced, I could not otherwise possibly do justice to the subject.

(Those who find Christian values and principles to be irrelevant or -heaven forbid!- “offensive” may easily click out now.)

The New World Order, a nefarious plot to institute one world government, globalist totalitarianism, has its roots, at least in modern American history, in the League of Nations, which later morphed into the United Nations. Not only are the practices and public policies of the UN antithetical to the U.S. Constitution, they are virulently anti-Christian.

UN publishing outlets (including Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer Trust) promote a New Age one world religion which embraces Lucifer as its deity. There are those involved with the UN who practice paganism, pantheism, wicca, Gaia worship, and any number of other similar occultist belief systems, a toxic amalgam of ideologies which at its core is satanic in its origins. The doctrines of devils, prepackaged for your convenience, no discernment required.

Secular humanism also abounds, an atheistic ideology in which a Creator holds no place for the adherent. They rely solely on 'human potential', the wisdom of the societies and conventions of men, and as one such organization's slogan reads, they are “Good without God”.

The belief in God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, would place too many restrictions on their self-serving agenda. They would then have to take under serious consideration the true nature of life and death, sin, repentance and salvation; of universal moral absolutes, including the principle of non-aggression, rather than operate as they do on moral relativism, situational ethics and social engineering.

Nothing is really “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “evil”. No, they say, it is all relative, all shades of grey. Just choose your place on the spectrum, and all will be well in your subjective little humanist world.

The advocates of the one world government, the movers and shakers, the plotters and planners, the community organizers, the micromanagers of other people's lives, view Christianity as anathema. Why? Because Christians (at least those among us who understand the sinister nature of the UN and its New World Order dictates) will boldly use the free will bestowed by God to DEFEND our God-given unalienable rights and liberties. The New World Order is not only anti-Christian, but has the spirit of anti-Christ.

Christians are persecuted all over the world, and these united States are no exception. And it is growing worse by the day.

There is a highly organized movement by the globalist command structure to destroy not only Christianity, but all civilization and culture based on Christian values. That is the only way to lock down the New World Order and one world government, where national sovereignty is expunged, along with the God-given unalienable rights and liberties of the Individual.

Throw out God and usher in the Luciferian New Age/New World Order. Tear down the borders and fill the country with illegal aliens. Put them on the government dole, give them loads of free stuff, while hardworking Americans struggle to pay the tab. Establish “sanctuary cities” and roll out the red carpet for Islamist jihadis, who operate under the cloak of deception that Islam is a “religion of peace”. Cover the Cross in a church with a shroud, to avoid “offending” them, should they deign to participate in “interfaith” conferences sponsored by Christian clergy.

Demand political correctness, at any cost. Preach “tolerance” and “inclusiveness”, even at the expense of ditching moral absolutes. ALL who apply (for anything and everything) must be accepted and included, even embraced. Pedophiles, sex offenders, satanists, unrepentant career not hold others accountable for their actions and their own choice to do evil. Instead, make excuses for them, no matter that they are committing atrocities, destroying lives.

Do not pursue justice, but just allow the enemies of truth, honor, decency and liberty, of all that is sacred in God's creation, to run amok.

Replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ with “tolerance” for those who hate the Cross and all it stands for. Prohibit prayer in the schools, while embracing a secular humanist curriculum, where merit and hard work fall on barren ground, and where “no child is left behind”, no matter that he “graduates” despite the fact that he is functionally illiterate.

Whatever you do, do not ever “offend” anyone, for any reason! Do not speak the truth, even when it is blatantly obvious. Especially, do not ever “speak the truth in love” when someone does you wrong. Don't attempt to resolve it, so that the pattern of wrongful behavior might be changed. Just be “tolerant”; just sweep it under the carpet, time after time, after time.

Do not present objective facts, backed with evidence, when making a logical argument pro or con any issue, or expressing an opinion. You are not ruled by reason or principles, no indeed, your “feelings” are all that matter. There is no objective reality. It is all a “social construct”. You are not a living soul, a being created by God, to live and work in His service. No, no, your “identity” is determined solely by what you “feel”, by your emotions.

And don't worry, the social engineers will be right there to give direction as to how you “should” be feeling. They will even furnish a manual, replete with all the DOs and DON'Ts, everything you always wanted to know about “social justice”, about your precious “identity”, but were afraid to ask.

And so follows from this, “identity politics”.

Do not ever attempt to discern the truth, intellectually or spiritually, making use of the faculties bestowed by your Creator. Do not exercise your God-given unalienable rights, especially of free speech or self defense. Do not draw your own line in the sand, do not make any effort to protect your privacy or determine your personal boundaries.

Inviolability of personhood? Forget it! Your rights, your duties, your responsibilites, what you are (and are not) allowed to say, do, think, be, will be determined by a consensus of the majority. If you are outvoted, outmanned, outgunned, too bad. It is for your own good, the good of the Almighty Collective.

The government will apportion your rights and liberties. They know what is best for you. There is no right and wrong, no good and evil. There are no absolutes. There is no God, so don't bother praying. There is no such thing as sin, so don't ever concern yourself with repentance.

In fact, if you must believe in a “god”, believe in YOURSELF. YOU are the god of your own universe. You create your own reality and are therefore responsible for ALL that happens in your world. There are no victims, so there is no one to blame but yourself. If you don't like it, change it! Think POSITIVE and you will get positive results. No negativity is allowed. If bad things happen, you brought them on yourself...but wait, since nothing is really “bad”, you must understand that everything in your life is a “lesson”. So just go with the flow, it will all work out in the end....

They will smugly proclaim, “We are all in this together”. Therefore, we must accommodate the wishes, the ideologies, the moral standards, the belief systems, and most importantly, the FEELINGS, of ALL. Resistance is futile, principles be damned!

Those who refuse to go along with this utter mass insanity, brand them “haters”, “Islamaphobes”, “bigots”, “extremists”.

Shut down free speech and criminalize it as “hate speech”. Brand the Bible as a “hate manifesto”, or insist that the scriptures are nothing but archaic fairy tales, of no value in the modern world.

Destroy it all! Burn the Bible onstage in satanic worship ceremonies, amidst the cacophony of rabidly screaming heavy metal “rock star” idols. Hail Satan, hail to death, destruction and the blood of innocents.

Consider the term, “rock star”. These days, it is used to describe anyone who gains public acclaim, in any profession, any line of work, from academia to sports.

How many people aspire to be a “rock star”? And why ever would they believe this is a good thing to be, the pinnacle of achievement?

Because their goal, above all else, is to aggrandize themselves. They are seeking attention and approval, as in their spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy, it is the only way they can “feel good” about themselves.

Seeking to “feel good” by the ephemeral approval of men, they scorn the eternal love, mercy, justice and grace of God.

In PART 4 I will cover the Christian life, and how it opposes and renounces the insanity and evil of the World, and Satan, the god of this world.

Why Christians are called to separate themselves from those who practice lawlessness, from the workers of iniquity, the liars, the schemers, the enemies of God.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 23, 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT (?): Howard & Maureen Nemaizers' Anti-Christ Spirit

As a Christian minister for nigh on forty (40) years (ordained 1979), I have had a broad range of experience with the supernatural realm. Christians are called to engage in spiritual warfare, though most Christians today are not taught in the churches the vital importance of this.

Many do not even believe that demons are real. Maybe they don't believe in demons, but most assuredly, demons believe in the followers of Christ.

By the same token, there are many ignorant people who believe that the heavy metal rock culture, where tribute is openly paid to Satan, is “only entertainment”; it is only harmless fun, they say, and they will mock Christians who admonish against it.

They believe that as long as they are not directly participating in formal satanic rituals, they are “safe” from the spiritual consequences. Or, if they are atheists, they believe there are NO consequences whatsoever.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

(And there are no atheists in Hell.)

The occult culture of witchcraft and satanism, especially in heavy metal, its primary vehicle of delivery, is a corrosive influence which destroys lives.

This diabolical culture is directly connected to pornography, “sex magic”, satanic ritual abuse practiced against children, and sex predators in human sex trafficking.

Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either grossly ignorant, or willfully evil.

Now, to the subject of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, of Torrington, CT, two longtime participants in this satanic heavy metal culture.

Howard Nemaizer, an extremely aggressive and ambitious amateur/government stooge, who hosts a program called 'TRUTH TALK NEWS' and a site called 'Howard Nema dot com', has been on a rampage of defamation against Barbara Hartwell, preceded by his efforts to latch on to a legitimate CIA whistleblower, trying to make a name for himself. In so doing, Nemaizer has been grossly exploiting and misrepresenting my name since 2012.

When I demanded in public notices that he REMOVE my name and website from his promotions, instead of a public apology and retraction, as any person of even common decency would do, he dug in and doubled down, and began promoting outrageous lies, which have now been disseminated far and wide by his criminal accomplices, including Ken Adachi and Todd Brendan Fahey, who run large, high traffic commercial websites, and both of whom have engaged in massive campaigns of defamation and criminal harassment against Barbara Hartwell for well over a decade.

Of all Nemaizer's offenses, one of the worst is fraudulently promoting my name and website, ON THE SAME PAGES of his promotions of criminals and devil worshipers.

As I have stated repeatedly in my reports exposing Howard Nemaizer, I do not currently have the resources to sue him (I have multiple grounds), but I will continue to expose him, and I will continue to stand in my own defense and to seek justice, by any and all lawful and ethical means available to me.

I have created a permanent link in which I have documented the civil and criminal offenses of Howard Nemaizer, which is regularly updated with new reports and brief comments on the continuing offensive against Barbara Hartwell.


For this report, I have taken excerpts which relate to the culture of devil worship in which the Nemaizers are heavily involved.

All the evidence is from public sources, posted by Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, as well as my testimony, based on what I have witnessed.

But before I get to that, just as one example, here are the lyrics to a song titled, Lady Evil, by the late Ronnie James Dio, of Black Sabbath, a man promoted by both Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, as you will see as you read on.

There's a place just south of Witches' Valley
Where they say the wind won't blow
And they only speak in whispers of her name
There's a lady they say who feeds the darkness
It eats right from her hand
With a crying shout she'll search you out
And freeze you where you stand

Lady Evil, evil
She's a magical, mystical woman
Lady Evil, evil in my mind
She's queen of the night
All right!

In a place just south of Witches' Valley
Where they say the rain won't fall
Thunder cracks the sky, it makes you bleed, yeah
There's a lady they say who needs the darkness
She can't face the light
With an awful shout, she'll find you out
And have you for the night

Lady Evil, evil
She's a magical, mystical woman
Lady Evil, evil on my mind
She's queen of the night

So if you ever get to Witches' Valley
Don't dream or close your eyes
And never trust your shadow in the dark
'Cause there's a lady I know who takes your vision
And turns it all around
The things you see are what to be, lost and never found

Lady Evil, evil
She's a magical, mystical woman
Lady Evil, evil on my mind
She's queen of the night

She's the queen of sin
Look out, she'll pull you in!
Lady wonder!

Ronnie James Dio



As documented in a previous update, Maureen Nemaizer expressed her admiration for a heavy-metal devil-worship group, appropriately named "Lady Evil". A so-called "tribute band" for Black Sabbath and Ronnie James Dio.

She attends heavy-metal devil worship events where Satan is saluted and Bibles are burned onstage.

On her Facebook page there is a family photo of herself, her husband and their son. Above this photo is a large photo of another heavy-metal devil-worshiper, a lowlife named Ronnie James Dio.

How many young people have been drawn to the left-hand path of Satan, because of this man and his ilk? How many have committed atrocities, such as sacrificing innocent animals? How many may have committed suicide, when filled with nihilistic despair, because of the hellish lyrics of Dio (who changed his name to honor the memory of a gangster)?

Why would Maureen Nemaizer be promoting this evil character as a backdrop for her personal Facebook page?

Why indeed?

The only text available on the page (at least which can be read by anyone not a member of Facebook) is this:

"Private homecare"

Apparently this is a description of Maureen Nemaizer's "job".

But who would hire the likes of Maureen Nemaizer for any kind of "homecare". She is not a nurse, she has no training in any field. A woman who promotes a Satanist on her Facebook page.

This is a warning about the true nature of Maureen Nemaizer. Aside from promoting heavy-metal anti-Christian devil-worship, this woman, being a snoop, snitch and gossip, would spread the private business, far and wide, of ANYONE with whom she has contact. And worse, she would fabricate stories, just as she has done, and continues to do, about Barbara Hartwell.

Would you want this woman in YOUR home? As a "caretaker" of YOUR loved ones?


When I recently did a search for Maureen Nemaizer's Facebook page, I found that the family photo, with the background photo of Ronnie James Dio, had been REMOVED. Now, there is only a small headshot of Maureen Nemaizer. I wonder why?


Maureen Nemaizer, who attends heavy metal devil worship events, is a member of this group: Nemaizer - Torrington, CT.

On her "profile" she has listed her favorite performer as "Lady Evil".

The description of "Lady Evil" is as follows:

"Lady Evil is New Yorks premier Ronnie James Dio and Dio era Black Sabbath tribute band, performing Dio, Sabbath and Rainbow."

Could anyone believe Maureen Nemaizer is not a Satanist? The evidence certainly does more than suggest it.

Black Sabbath is notorious for Satan worship, also for killing innocent animals.

So why does Maureen Nemaizer pretend to be a Christian? Why does she claim that Barbara Hartwell, her Target for libel, slander and malicious gossip, is "evil"?

Is she a hypocrite, or just stupid? Probably both, as well as evil. A very bad combination.


On Howard Nemaizer's website, Howard Nema dot com, he has a list of "categories".

In the category of "Church of Satan" he has copied material from various sources, about Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey and rock musicians who are followers of Crowley and other satanists.

He presents this material AS IF he is outraged and taking a stand against the evils of satanism.

Then, in typical Nemaizer fashion, he contradicts himself by this statement:

"As a musician heavily influenced by these Satanists and a person who believes in God, this is a terrible and powerful reality. I still listen to Zep and my favorite bands and still play their music, but I am perplexed by their Satanist origins. Is this wrong, I am sure it is not right, but not necessarily wrong. After all, I am a true musician, but I am a believer in God and hate all that works against God in this evil world. It is truly an enigma.

Am I promulgating evil? Im not certain. Do I love God. YES! Would I die for God and righteousness? Yes! I struggle with this to this day.

After all, I am a ROCKER! And I ROCK for God, not Satan! Johann Sebastian Bach believed God gave him his abilities and talent and so do I."

So, it is very clear that Howard Nemaizer has no clue as to the difference between good and evil. What is Godly and what is ungodly are mixed up in his mind. That does not sound like a person who "loves God". It sounds like a person who just wants his own way, no matter that he is slapping God in the face.

Nemaizer says: "I am sure it is not right, but not necessarily wrong."

This statement makes no sense at all. If it is "not right", then how can it possibly also be "not necessarily wrong"? He can't have it both ways, but clearly is making excuses for himself. He considers it "an enigma" that he is embracing evil, rather than simply admit that yes indeed, he is "promulgating" it.

So, according to Howard Nemaizer, being a "true musician" trumps all else, including making a choice between what is good and what is evil, or between serving God and serving Satan. What he himself admits is evil is apparently A-OK in his case, because he is a "ROCKER!" He can do what he pleases, no problem.

I think it's more likely that he is OFF HIS ROCKER, as well as entirely lacking in intellectual and spiritual discernment.

He compares himself to J.S. Bach, AS IF such a comparison could ever be made between a genius like Bach and a member of an obscure heavy metal garage band, whom no one has ever heard of.

Why do I care?

Because Howard Nemaizer has posted MY NAME, in his fraudulent notice, "TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH", right there on the same page, making it look AS IF I and my website are a part of his idiocy and lunacy.


Nemaizer has STILL REFUSED TO REMOVE his fraudulent, defamatory, injurious material, exploiting and misrepresenting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell. After all the demands and the formal warning to CEASE & DESIST.

Now, that is evil. Knowingly promoting false information that harms another person. Nemaizer has apparently adopted the philosophy of the satanists whose evil he claims to hate. "Do what thou wilt". Nemaizer has done just that.

Get behind me, Satan!

And while you're at it Old Scrat, REMOVE MY NAME & WEBSITE, once and for all, from your trashy website.


After posting a plagiarized piece on CIA operations, not attributed to the actual source, (Nemaizer just lifts the material and places it on his website) he adds his own comments:

"The CIA’s response to this growing knowledge and criticism follows a typical historical pattern.

The first journalists writers and whistleblowers who reveal the CIA’s criminal behavior and Nazi connections were harassed, censored and attacked by COINTELPRO, like former CIA Agent and whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, who is a constant target of the shadow government."

Nemaizer attempts to link his name, website and TV program with the name of Barbara Hartwell. He presumes to speak about me, exploiting my name, when it is not his story to tell, and has nothing to do with him.

Then, Nemaizer adds this:

"Soon after, Anthony J. Hilder was exposed on my radio show Tim White, (photo right), a cross dressing pedophile paying off early release from prison by working as a COINTELPRO operative like many other slimy, degenerate vermin used to do the dirty work.

White and other COINTELPRO bad guy operatives began a relentless attack campaign against me for my association with Len and Sherri and other reputable people in the truth community such as former CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell. Take a moment to read what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White on her blog."

First of all, Tim White is not, and has never been, any kind of "operative". He is merely a career criminal, a government stooge, exploited by actual COINTELPRO operatives. Howard Nemaizer clearly does not know the difference between an operative and a stooge. His ignorance of COINTELPRO is exposed, as he tries to present himself as some sort of authority on the subject.

Then he makes another outrageously false statement:

"...what Barbara has put up with for many years from whacko nut job, Tim White..."

No, I have never at any time "put up" with anything from Tim White. How idiotic! I have, on the contrary, always done just the opposite: I have exposed the outrageous lies of Tim White. I have reported the criminal offenses of Tim White to the appropriate authorities.

Nemaizer is way out of line here. He can't seem to mind his own business, but tries to insert himself into an issue that has nothing to do with him. He tries to make it seem as if HE is a "target", when in fact he is not. Tim White harasses anyone who has ever had me as a guest on a radio/TV show, or who has used my name in any way other than in a negative context.


Now, Nemaizer uses this promotion on almost every page:

"If you seek truth and want to restore Constitutional Gov’t please subscribe and share the valuable information contained on this blog.
Thank you for your continued support.

Together we can restore Our republic. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world by exposing the forces that wish to enslave us."

Nemaizer promotes false information and fraudulent notices, using the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, then tries to sell his slogans.

For the record, there is nothing whatsoever that I have done "together" with Howard Nemaizer, nor any of his cohorts (such as Harry Link or Janet Phelan) that bears any relevance to "restoring constitutional government".

Howard Nemaizer is a liar, using false information in attempts to make himself look "important" and pretending to knowledge he does not possess.

And why does he use a pseudonym? Even the name he uses is false.




Howard Nemaizer aka Howard Nema is affiliated with UNITED FM RADIO, owned by Keith Mutch of Torrington, CT.

Nema's show, 'Truth Talk News' is broadcast on this station.

Keith Mutch is a predicate felon and career criminal, convicted of multiple counts of arson and other criminal offenses.


Another "NEWS" item from UNITED FM RADIO:

[This was Howard Nemaizer's program re Agenda 21, co-hosted by Keith Mutch.]


Pure evil. But no worries here, on UNITED FM RADIO. Flaming skeletons, devil worship, lyrics from the Pit of Hell.... no evil at all.

Why is this loathsome character, Keith Mutch, still out on the street?

As far as I can see, it is only a matter of time before the next incident.

Is Keith Mutch designated by Howard Nema as a "TRUSTED PARTNER IN TRUTH"?

And Howard Nema is STILL exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell in his totally fraudulent promotions.

He STILL has arrogantly REFUSED to remove my name and website from his false promotions.

Now, my name is under an even worse assault, because Nemaizer is using it on the same pages with this whackjob/psycho criminal, Keith Mutch.


You want to play with fire, like your lowlife cohort?


Since these items were posted, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer evidently have made an effort to scrub their Facebook pages, and other sites in order to cover up the truth about their involvement in this demonic culture.

I believe this is a direct result of my reports exposing them for what they are.

Howard Nemaizer has also lied, in public articles, and accused Barbara Hartwell of not “checking the facts”, when his offenses were exposed. Of course, he accuses me of being a “liar”. He claims I am a “CIA Operative”. He has even gone so far as to call me "mentally ill" and "delusional", grasping at straws in his ludicrous (but evil) attempts to save face.

The fact of the matter is that Howard Nemaizer has no evidence, nor has ever had any evidence whatsoever, to back up his many lies and his diabolical calumny against Barbara Hartwell. So, as all malicious liars do, he fabricates ridiculous, sensationalist stories.

Most importantly, I want to issue a warning to all Christians who may have been deceived by the lies of Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, who by their words and actions openly display the spirit of Anti-Christ.

Consider the source:

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Target of Satanic Deceivers
August 13, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

GOOGLE & BLOGSPOT: Selective Censorship, Tampering & Sabotage of Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

As my longtime readers will know, this website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, went online in 2006. My original website, Barbara Hartwell dot com (2000-2004) was taken offline after government saboteurs entered false information into the allwhois domain search, stating that my website was owned/sponsored by: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the White House. I did not own the domain name (it was 'donated' by a 'supporter' in the U.K.), and so was powerless to rectify the situation. Having no control over my own site, I had no choice but to take the site down.

From August, 2004 to August, 2006 I had no website online. In September, 2006, lacking the resources to buy a new domain name, and being unwilling to ever again be at the mercy of a webmaster, I finally decided to use the 'blogspot', because it was free, and I could post my own reports without having to know web design. (When it comes to technical knowledge, I am virtually bankrupt. As a print journalist, prior to the Internet, my work was published in periodicals, newspapers and magazines.)

But this site has never been without serious problems. In other words, you get what you pay for, and in this case, a lot of damnable things I did not pay for.

Aside from having a limited format design, by far the worst problem is that the user cannot stop Google (who owns the 'blogspot' enterprise) from censoring material. Over the years, several reports have been deleted by the so-called 'blogger team'. I recently discovered that they have also reinstated reports in the archives which I myself deleted, without my knowledge or permission.

I find it necessary, as always, to set the record straight and expose the machinations and unscrupulous practices of Google, as well as some of my enemies who have published defamatory falsehoods in connection with the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, who have also been engaged in criminal harassment and monstrous invasions of privacy. And Google is aiding and abetting these characters, at my expense.


I will begin with the most recent offense, concerning a report posted in March, 2017. The report contained a letter by former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, regarding Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, of Torrington, CT.

Howard Nemaizer (using the pseudonym “Nema”) has engaged in multiple offenses (civil and criminal) against Barbara Hartwell, including (but not limited to) numerous instances of gross exploitation and misrepresentation of the name and website of Barbara Hartwell; publishing false and fraudulent notices in reference to same; theft (piracy) of my material and intellectual property; defamation and character assassination, published in articles on the website 'Howard Nema dot com' and on a video program called 'TRUTH TALK NEWS'; invasions of privacy against Barbara Hartwell and members of my family, coupled with libelous falsehoods.

Mr. Sosbee's letter expressed his outrage (“I am incensed beyond description”) at the Nemaizers' abusive, insulting and injurious treatment of a disabled, destitute senior citizen, Barbara Hartwell, during the time period of November 22-December 21, 2013, when I was stranded at the Nemaizers' residence in a filthy, dark basement infested with toxic mold. This horrific situation came about as a result of Howard Nemaizer's lies, false promises and fraudulent assurances of 'sanctuary' made to me, when I was driven to homelessness and lost not only my home in Maine, but most of everything I owned.

Here, an excerpt from a report of May, 2017:

Today, while checking links on this site I discovered that one of my reports had been deleted from the archives. Since I did not delete it myself, I must reasonably conclude that it was deleted by Google. This is unwarranted censorship, so I will continue to repost, if it is deleted again.

For evidence see this link:


Next item: Google censors report exposing Xena Carpenter, Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey (2010)

The Demonic Duo & Xena Carpenter: A Covenant from Hell


NOTE: Yesterday I received a notice from "The Blogger Team." Their claim was of a violation of "copyright infringement." The only material contained in the designated report which could possibly fall into that category is that taken from the idiotic "Xena Carpenter" website and the equally idiotic "Facebook" for "Xena Carpenter".

I used this material to demonstrate the stupidity of "Xena Carpenter", since my policy when exposing perps is more often than not to let these liars and fools hang themselves with their own words.

The "Blogger Team" has already deleted the post, titled Xena Carpenter Meets the Demonic Duo.

The demonic duo, Timothy Patrick White and Todd Brendan Fahey, sealed the deal for their partnership made in Hell in 2004. This diabolical tag team has been in collusion ever since (along with other criminal accomplices), targeting Barbara Hartwell and several others for a massive and outrageous libel campaign.

But libel isn't the half of it. The crime spree by this pair of loathsome freaks includes (but is certainly not limited to): monstrous invasions of privacy, such as: publishing UNLISTED, PRIVATE street addresses of targets for the purpose of soliciting additional crimes against the targets; criminal harassment by e-mail and telephone, cyber-stalking and stalking on foot (both freaks have been directed by law enforcement to cease and desist); forgery; blackmail; fraud; identity theft; felony threats.

And yes, racketeering. These two lowlifes, Fahey and White, are part of a criminal conspiracy which targets genuine whistleblowers, legitimate journalists, radio talk show hosts, sincere patriots and Christians.

What's more, both halves of the demonic duo are sex perverts/predators and porno freaks who write and post obscene messages and use pornographic filth as ammunition to assault their targets.

Even worse, these scum criminals target innocent children. One freak (Todd Fahey) has stated on a public message board that he sees "nothing wrong" in having sex with children. And where he lives, in the godforsaken backwater of Southeast Asia, there's nobody to stop Fahey, or others of his ilk, from preying on innocent children. The other freak (Tim White) was caught red-handed (but never charged) in the crime of possession of child pornography.

Ask yourself: Could there be two lowlifes any lower than these, anywhere on earth?


After Google deleted my first report I subsequently wrote another report (excerpts given above). But Google destroyed my evidence of the deleted report by placing the new report at the link which showed it had been deleted.

And, by the way, one of the criminal perps, Todd Fahey, has recently posted a defamatory article by Howard Nemaizer, on his website, 'Friends of Liberty', known as Friends of Obscenity by Fahey's targets.

I absolutely refuse to read anything written or posted by this loathsome reprobate, Todd Fahey. I have a loathing of pornography in and of itself, but only imagine how much more emotional distress would be caused by a criminal like Fahey when the perp uses your name in defamatory falsehoods in connection with such filth!

This little coward also hides behind numerous aliases and screen names, under which he spews his filth and outrageous lies.

Now, as was to be expected, Fahey has become an accomplice of Howard Nemaizer, by promoting Nemaizer's outrageous lies, thus increasing the damages to Barbara Hartwell by many orders of magnitude. No doubt Fahey and Nemaizer are birds of a feather -vultures, that is, filthy scavengers entirely lacking in conscience or any moral compass.


The last item involving tampering by Google concerns an old report (2011), titled, Targeted for Murder. I had REMOVED this report from my archives in 2012, after I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with Janet Phelan (2005-2012).


NOTE: Investigative journalist Janet Phelan first contacted me in 2005, having read my reports on the criminal offenses of predicate felon, fed snitch Tim White, as well as my reports exposing former FBI chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson and associates.

Janet and I exchanged information about the criminal harassment, felony threatening and stalking by Tim White, and since that time, my reports and those written by Janet have been cited by an increasing number of other journalists who have also been targeted by White, usually for cyber-stalking, outrageous libel and threats.


Recently, I discovered that this report (removed by me in 2012) had been placed back in the archives. Exactly when that happened I cannot be certain. In doing a Google search, it came up and when I clicked on the link, there it was, to my dismay.

(Within a few days of posting this report, I will again REMOVE the previously deleted report, and I will see if Google puts it back in the archives.)

Though the decision to break off the relationship was mutual, speaking strictly for myself, my own reasons had to do with issues of a public nature. Janet Phelan is an advocate for the United Nations, who attends their conferences and who promotes UN policies which would trample the God-given rights and liberties of Americans, in service to the New World Order and one world government. I recognized (better late than never) that Janet Phelan is a left-wing agitator for global government, and in my estimation, has the mentality of a communist, a collectivist, with no respect for individual unalienable rights, as protected under the Constitution.

By 2012, Janet Phelan had become increasingly aggressive and intrusive in her interactions with me. Her behavior was that of a busybody, meddler and gossip, entirely lacking in respect for my personal boundaries and my privacy. (Just like the UN and the left-wing politics she espouses, small wonder.)

I learned that she had been discussing me and my business with people I did not know, including those she was well aware were (and still are) my enemies, those who had published defamatory articles, filled with libelous falsehoods; who had invaded my privacy, and who had engaged in criminal harassment.

One of these characters was Ken Adachi (a pseudonym), who runs a New Age/government disinformation website called 'Educate-Yourself'. Adachi was the primary PR shill for the late FBI chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson, and also had been running (as he still is to this day) a massive smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell. Oddly enough, Ken Adachi was promoting Janet Phelan, concurrently with his libel campaign against Hartwell.

(Adachi is also promoting Howard Nemaizer's defamatory trash against Barbara Hartwell. It certainly fits right in with the rest of the idiocy on Adachi's site.)

Then, there was another perp, Michelle Wolven, who targeted Barbara Hartwell in 2012, during a time when I was exposing the government's neutralization campaign against Dr. Antonella Carpenter, a physicist who had developed a treatment for cancer patients.

Wolven, a busybody/stalker who was harassing and libeling Dr. Carpenter and her family, published a number of defamatory articles targeting Barbara Hartwell. Wolven then began contacting anyone who was a 'known associate' of mine, including Janet Phelan. Of all those contacted, Janet Phelan was the only person who responded to a phone call from Michelle Wolven.

The others contacted me to let me know of Wolven's approach, but did not respond to Wolven when she contacted them, attempting to extract information about Barbara Hartwell.

A man named Chris Zucker (whom I did not know, do not know) wrote a defamatory missive addressed to Janet Phelan, a complaint against Barbara Hartwell. She did not inform me of the libelous note, but I discovered it when another recipient sent it to me. Outraged by Zucker's defamation, I published it, for the purpose of exposing Zucker and refuting his false claims.

Janet Phelan then tried to drag me into an argument in which I had no interest, in her defense of Chris Zucker's nonsensical actions, which were those of a busybody/gate-crasher who had tried to insert himself into my professional business.

Zucker was promoting Ken Adachi on his website, so that every time someone clicked the link to 'Educate-Yourself', the defamation of Barbara Hartwell would appear. It was none of Janet Phelan's business how I handle assaults from my enemies (including Ken Adachi, Michelle Wolven, Chris Zucker) but she showed no respect whatsoever and continued in her efforts to meddle in my business.

(There is much more, but it would add too much length to this report. Those interested may see related reports on this site.) 

When confronted with these issues, Janet Phelan responded with arrogance, in attempts to defend the indefensible, even pressuring me, and finally making false accusations, claiming that I was trying to “rationalize”; stating that I had “misreported” on issues involving her, stating that I had “animus” towards her, and calling me a “faithless friend”.

All these issues were very public. They involved defamation, harassment, invasions of my privacy by aggressors, and my policy is to address public issues, PUBLICLY, not sweep them under the carpet or make excuses for wrongdoers.

When someone attacks me with libelous falsehoods, I take a stand in my own defense. When a so-called “friend” tries to interfere with me, or goes behind my back, discussing me with my enemies, then that is when I know she/he is no friend of mine. All the characters mentioned here were the sole aggressors; they drew first blood. I simply responded in my own defense.

I have made my position on all this crystal clear, in reports on this site.

I removed the report on Janet Phelan because I no longer wanted to support her, and because by that time she had betrayed my trust, including by trafficking with my enemies. I also no longer believed some of the stories she had told me, including that she was “lured” into a relationship with a person she claimed to be a “government agent”, whom she had in fact met when she placed an ad on some “dating service”, soliciting the attentions of any number of men, one of whom responded to her ad.

On one program, in 2014, she was a guest on 'TRUTH TALK NEWS', hosted by Howard Nemaizer (aka Nema). I was outraged when I heard these two talking about me, where she said that I had made a statement regarding the man she claimed was a government agent. I had no evidence, nor did she ever present such evidence, that this man (one Jack Smith) was a government agent, nor did I ever state such a thing.

As for Howard Nemaizer, he was well aware that I had publicly denounced the actions of Janet Phelan, as of 2012, and yet the two of them had no problem exploiting my name as a “source”, apparently hoping that would give them some credibility.

Howard Nemaizer also was promoting my name in fraudulent notices, which he titled 'TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH', where my name appeared on a list that included Janet Phelan, Howard Nema (Nemaizer), and Harry Link, when he was well aware that I had also publicly denounced Harry Link and that I did not want my name associated with these characters in any way. Nor had I any association whatsoever with Nemaizer at that time, which I ended in 2013, after the disastrous events, the losses and damages caused by Nemaizer and his many lies.

Nemaizer later refused to remove these fraudulent notices, and actually had the arrogance to demand that he wanted to be PAID by me, to remove his own falsehoods!

And then, there is Google, in collusion with government busybodies, running an operation which not only invades privacy, but engages in selective censorship at their whim, as well as tampering with my website.

I am more disgusted than I can possibly express. There is so little honor left in the world, especially on the Internet; and so few people who actually care about the truth. Most of them are motivated by self-interest, by ego-gratification and/or material gain, willing and eager to exploit others for their own unscrupulous ends.

These snoops and snitches, these poseurs, these liars, these grandstanders, these hucksters, these charlatans, these snake oil salesmen, are ruled by naked worldly ambition, engaging in any form of aggression that serves their ends, with no concern whatsoever for those they exploit, those whose rights they trample like a stampeding herd.

And there are many, many more where they came from, just waiting for any window of opportunity to ply their trade of scandal-mongering. And the scavengers at Google will be more than happy to help them achieve their goals. There's a profit to be made! 

Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 9, 2017