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Monday, September 24, 2018

Woman Arrested in North Carolina for Rescuing Abandoned Animals

My sister, Irene, who lives in Wilmington, NC, informed me today of the arrest of a woman, Tammie Hedges, an advocate for animals.


We see this story time and time again. A storm comes, and people flee, abandoning their animals, leaving them to die, with no concern whatsoever. This is wicked and absolutely appalling. But how many people care?

Many animals have died during Hurricane Florence, having been callously abandoned.

A person who DOES care enough to help those animals has been arrested. This is an outrage!

Please sign this petition in support of Tammie Hedges, and all the animals she rescued.

I signed it, and I implore all who care to do the same. 


Do NOT Punish Crazy's Claws N Paws!!!

Also see this report:

For all who care, thank you, and God bless!

Barbara Hartwell
September 24, 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018

THE MOB: A Morality Tale

Here, a classic morality tale, an examination of the rights of the Individual versus the Mob Rule mentality.

I do not solicit comments from the public on my website. I do not offer a forum for all and sundry to express their views, voice their complaints, make requests, ask questions, or engage with the editor (Barbara Hartwell) in discussions, arguments, debates, nor do I wish to entertain defamatory remarks aimed at me or others whose work is published on my site.

As I have clearly stated in public notices, my site is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of my reports (and all other content) what they will.

Barbara Hartwell Vs CIA is an archive of my work, not a news site, not an interactive venue, nor an open platform for the general public.

A very simple concept, and solely my prerogative and my policy, as an independent journalist. Period. Case closed.

And yet, evidently, a concept so unfathomable, so very difficult to understand, for so many people.

The culture of the Internet, especially social media, run by tech giants (and their cronies in FBI, CIA, NSA et al) is, in my view, communistic. Just as entities such as Facebook were actually designed by government agencies for surveillance and data extraction, where the privacy and personal boundaries of the individual are grossly disrespected. And usually by their own consent, people have sacrificed their privacy and their integrity on the altar of the ephemeral approval of The Mob (hit counts, ratings, “likes”, “friends”, thumbs up), where the indoctrinated majority rules, and the individual, the independent thinker, is relegated to a lone voice, crying from the wilderness.

This pathological culture of the Internet is a hotbed of curiosity-seekers, busybodies, gossips, scandalmongers, mountebanks and salesmen. The worst sort of Mob Rule. And I want no part of that culture.

I should make it clear that I do not criticize anyone simply for using social media. Most people do, and for a variety of reasons. That is their choice, their business, and none of mine.

The fact that I do not seek interaction with strangers on the Internet, that I do not participate in any form of social media, actually seems to boggle the minds of so many denizens of the Internet. And that is their problem, not mine.

But it gets worse. Not only does The Mob lack understanding of the right of the Individual to decline to participate in their culture. They clearly believe that they have the “right” to force the ideologies, the protocols, the trends, the tactics of their culture on others. They become gate-crashers, invaders, intruders, aggressors. The Mob.

On September 8, I recorded a podcast with Ramola D, PART 8 of a series covering a variety of subjects. I had discussed with Ramola beforehand the issues related to what is given above. And I requested that she shut down the comments section on the You Tube channel, just for the podcasts of my interviews. She understood, she readily agreed, and honored my request.

Ramola posted the podcast on You Tube, disabling the comments section.

So, what happened next? Did the viewers respect Ramola's right to determine the format and the content of her own program? Hell, no!

Since they were not able to post comments on the interview of Barbara Hartwell, a number of these aggressive busybodies found a different recent podcast of Ramola's, with another guest, and rudely exploited it to post their comments about Barbara Hartwell (also defaming Ramola), in a place where they were totally irrelevant, and which had absolutely nothing to do with the guest, or the subject matter.

Ramola was outraged, as well she should be, and deleted the irrelevant and defamatory comments. But she did send one such comment to me, just to inform me of what was happening.

And so, I have chosen to present this very typical example of one such aggressor, naturally, an anonymous, nameless coward, hiding behind more than one silly screen name, to post her malicious trash. A card-carrying-member-in-good-standing of The Mob.

The comment is given here in its entirety, exactly as posted.

"Ramola I was forced to comment under this video because you have disabled the comment section on your subsequent video with Barbara Hartwell. You have not learned your lesson about decency and companionship with regards to your previous decision and comportment towards Dr. Katherine Horton. It's ok to make mistakes it was not premeditated most of us are not perfect and we error but the point is to reflect back on those mistakes, take points try to mend them mitigate them and ultimately eliminate them primarily for YOURSELF. You have failed to do this because you still suspect that Dr. Katherine Horton is an agent who was bent on sabotaging you, which tries to smack any person with a brain cell off his or her common sense. Furthermore, Dr. Katherine Horton proved to be of a much higher caliber than Barbara Hartwell for the simple reason that she (Horton) still kept her dignity and integrity INSPITE of the highly criminal targeting perpetrated against her. She (Horton) does not defile and throw mud at other targeted individuals the way Hartwell did or YOU still do; infact, after this whole ordeal nowhere does she (Horton) even mention your name let alone Hartwell's and on the face of it it seems like Hartwell did this in the vain hope that her targeting would subside but upon closer inspection, it also became more and more clear that microwave attacks have clearly cooked her brain from within, I mean just listen to her speech, she slurs and stutters cannot even complete a sentence or form a coherent thought, she even talks about her affinity to cats and cat lovers in the only airtime afforded to her in months! Frankly, with a subject as important as this, one would expect on air a sense of humor to be limited if not entirely to the ugly nature of perpetrators and their targeting methods; but for some even this stretch of humor does not do justice to the victims of some of the serious crimes committed by perpetrators, as Hartwell should well know."

Where to begin in addressing this presumptuous fool? Except to say, How dare you!

Ramola and I agreed that this aggressor is most likely a woman, based on what Ramola has seen in the comments section of her podcasts, and on my analysis. So, I will refer to “her” as “she”.

First of all, she claims that she was “forced” to post her comment on another podcast, since Ramola disabled the comments section on the podcast with Barbara Hartwell.

Forced how? By whom? Did a masked man accost her and hold a gun to her head?

Did it ever occur to her that the comments section was disabled for a reason? That her comments were clearly not invited, and not welcome?

No, she displays an absolute disregard and disrespect for the right of a talk show host to make her own decisions, for her own reasons. So, she decided to “force” her way in, to crash the gates like a two-ton bulldozer. If she wants to talk about “force” she needs to look closer to home.

"You have not learned your lesson about decency and companionship with regards to your previous decision and comportment towards Dr. Katherine Horton. It's ok to make mistakes it was not premeditated most of us are not perfect and we error but the point is to reflect back on those mistakes, take points try to mend them mitigate them and ultimately eliminate them primarily for YOURSELF."

Has Ramola asked for her opinion? No. Has she solicited the advice of this truculent busybody? Absolutely not.

Ramola has made her position regarding Katherine Horton perfectly clear, in a number of podcasts, and written reports. She has published videos and articles by others (including Barbara Hartwell), addressing related issues. She has exercised her free speech, which she has every right to do, as a journalist and as an activist for human rights.

She has taken a stand on principle, based on her OWN values. Not on the consensus of a gaggle of ignorant busybodies.

So, if this nameless busybody is so hell bent on forcing her unsolicited opinions on others, and on micromanaging the affairs of others, she could easily find any number of venues where her aggression and idiocy would be embraced by like-minded mobsters.

"Furthermore, Dr. Katherine Horton proved to be of a much higher caliber than Barbara Hartwell for the simple reason that she (Horton) still kept her dignity and integrity INSPITE of the highly criminal targeting perpetrated against her. She (Horton) does not defile and throw mud at other targeted individuals the way Hartwell did or YOU still do; infact, after this whole ordeal nowhere does she (Horton) even mention your name let alone Hartwell's...."

The one thing that is very clear is that this nameless coward is a fanatical supporter of Katherine Horton. And since she does not know Barbara Hartwell, she can only fabricate defamatory remarks which have no basis in fact.

Fact: I do not know Katherine Horton. Anything I have said, in writing, or on video with Ramola, was based on my independent observations and analysis of a very PUBLIC issue, that being the words and actions of Horton, in calling for unlawful violence, even murder, of public figures, while ranting, dropping F-bombs.

My analysis of this behavior included what I deemed a sort of “theatrical production”. A woman hunkering down in what she described as a “bunker”, crawling under a desk, surrounded by tin foil walls, while advocating “bullets in brains”. 

No, I see no “dignity”, nor “integrity” in this behavior. What I do see is that those associated with Horton will be tarred with the same brush of lawlessness, thus not in any way helping their cause, or serving the cause of justice.

As for her claim: "...defile and throw mud at other targeted individuals the way Hartwell did or YOU still do..."

For the record: I am not a part of any groups, organizations or any "movements" of so-called “targeted individuals”. I do not give special consideration to anyone, simply because they make such a claim. My reports are based on my own research and investigations, again, of very PUBLIC issues. If others choose to characterize my reports as “defiling” or “throwing mud”, so be it.

"...and on the face of it it seems like Hartwell did this in the vain hope that her targeting would subside but upon closer inspection, it also became more and more clear that microwave attacks have clearly cooked her brain from within, I mean just listen to her speech, she slurs and stutters cannot even complete a sentence or form a coherent thought..."

This is pure malice and idiocy, just more rank speculation with no basis in fact. If my brain had been “cooked from within”, as claimed, how then would I be able to “complete a sentence” or “form a cohesive thought” in my written reports, such as this?

"...she even talks about her affinity to cats and cat lovers in the only airtime afforded to her in months! Frankly, with a subject as important as this, one would expect on air a sense of humor to be limited if not entirely to the ugly nature of perpetrators and their targeting methods; but for some even this stretch of humor does not do justice to the victims of some of the serious crimes committed by perpetrators, as Hartwell should well know."

Now, she drags in the cats! So what? I am free to speak about anything I choose, and it is none of her damnable business!

And this:

"...the only airtime afforded to her in months!"

Where the hell did this stupid remark come from? How could she possibly claim to know what “airtime” is available to me? Just because I did not resume my series of podcasts with Ramola for a couple months does not mean that no “airtime” is available to me. I could just pick up the phone and schedule a program with any number of hosts whenever I choose.

In closing, I can only say that this malicious, presumptuous, aggressive busybody would be well advised to cease and desist from harassing and defaming legitimate people whom she does not know.

What is your name, fool? Stand up and tell us your name, instead of hiding and cowering in the shadows, while spewing your ludicrous trash and your spite!

Be gone! Go back to the devil, to the pit of Hell whence you emerged.

The Mob awaits your return.

Barbara Hartwell
September 22, 2018

PS: I have invited Ramola to add her comments, and will add them to this report upon receiving them.


Frankly when I see preachy and malicious comments like this one, I think immediately of what it is attempting to do: direct invective, malice, deprecation, denigration, skepticism, and hostility at myself, my guest, my podcast, which then leads me to think: what is this person's motive in posting or attempting to post such a virulent fount of hate at us?

And the answer to that lies I am afraid in the very nature of the podcast and conversation Barbara and I had in Report #82: a candid conversation on the supreme sabotage and censorship endured by her and by Geral Sosbee, both vitally important CIA and FBI whistleblowers, who are helping inform this nation on the nature and extent of the deception, secrecy, control and illegitimate and weaponized surveillance, harassment, and censorship exercised on all Americans today by such arbiters of the “Deep State” as the very untrustworthy and seriously-problematic CIA and FBI, and their nesting-house, the highly questionable Justice Department.

Which does beg the question: is this anonymous commenter, who named herself “ther pas” in one comment and “frontex orbex” or some such in another (a replay of this very comment, I think, which I deleted), merely a paid cybertroll for the Deep State, keen to slander and revile Barbara, who is an outspoken journalist and CIA whistleblower?

The absolute horror of the slur this commenter has directed at Barbara Hartwell—who has previously spoken openly on our podcast series about the serious and longstanding medical issues which she contends with, which affect her speech, breathing, and ability to speak, to the extent that her every conversation is an effort and a gift to us who listen—point to the petty malice and extreme insensitivity of this person. This aspect of her comment indeed completely blows my mind, that someone could be so extremely malicious, launching such a profound personal attack.

I am also more than astonished at the castigatory, reprimanding tone of this missive as aimed at me in reference to my remarks on Katherine Horton. Such invective does indeed again give me pause to ponder: who is this person, and why is she seeking to defend Katherine Horton to such extent as to strive to bury me in the process? Dr. Katherine Horton and I have both become public figures at this point, to whatever extent we are known. As a public figure who has engaged with another public figure and is speaking openly—as I have been on my podcasts, website and on this podcast—about my extensive interactions and opinions about her, I am not exactly sitting around (and especially not post my explanatoy Backstory statement and video) and waiting breathlessly for responses from anyone about what I say, write, or publish.

As I stated openly in my conversation with Barbara, I aim to continue my investigation and complete my publication of aspects of Katherine Horton's interaction with me and with others, for very solid reasons I have alluded to earlier, which I will lay out once more, when I publish my reports. Comments such as this one suggest to me that out there, in certain circles, there is quite some level of anxiety about these intentions of mine. Why should there be, if the interest is neutral and/or appreciative of truth-finding and telling?

The judgemental tone and preachy and confused attempt at “analysis” here, which wanders into irrelevant territory, comparing Katherine Horton to Barbara Hartwell and denigrating Barbara and myself—in itself revelatory to me about which camp this commenter may hail from—all seem to intend a chastising squelching of my spirit and intent; I hate to break it to this person but such outrageous invective has only one effect on me, inviting me to “discount and dismiss” immediately every single word of blather she has posted.

One more thought: given the AI-run, bot-created, hypergame-playing, echo-running, data-grabbing, loon-filled world we currently all inhabit online, where neural-network mapping and echo-stalking goes on all around us, as hinted at by Executive Orders which permit Psy Ops and Project Minerva programs which practice social engineering and social manipulation, it is entirely possible this comment is yet one more blip in a Virtual-Reality construct and guess what: that's one more reason to ignore it.

Salutary though to examine the lunacy behind such comments, and to state openly and publicly for the record that yes, given the level of trolling my videos and articles are suddenly invoking online—and given that the Pentagon and the CIA are currently spending millions of dollars cyber-trolling and engaging in other unlawful cyber-warfare against Americans who question their bad behavior --I have no qualms whatseover in hitting the Delete button on Youtube when I see a malicious comment. If people feel their freedom of speech is being interfered with, I suggest they open their own websites, video channels, Twitter feeds or whatever else and express themselves openly there. I reserve the right on my own websites and video channels to withhold or delete any and all malicious and hostile comments.

Ramola D/9/22/2018

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D: Censorship & Counterintelligence Operations


NOTE: The You Tube channel associated with this podcast has been terminated. Those who wish to listen to the report may do a search for it on other channels.


This podcast is a continuation of the series I have been doing with Ramola D, since April of this year. We were interrupted for nearly two months by technical sabotage of communications, which this discussion covers.

I should also mention that the “comments” section has been shut down, at my request, to which Ramola graciously agreed.

I do not solicit comments from the public on my own site, and I have decided that I will not appear on any programs on which the public is invited to comment. I am not a participant in the Internet free-for-all, where anything goes, where trolls, shills and belligerent ignoramuses are welcome to contaminate the information I have to offer.  

In the comments of previous podcasts, not only have I been grossly misrepresented and defamed with false information, but also my privacy has been invaded. My name has been linked with irrelevant issues, and with individuals with whom I have no connection whatsoever. Unsolicited amateur “medical” diagnoses have even appeared, with no basis in fact, by people who do not know me. This is inappropriate and outrageous, especially considering that there is more than enough of that going on outside any venue in which I work.  

I do not engage in discussions, arguments or debates with the reading/listening audiences of my presentations, nor do I answer questions on my work.

For the record, I need to establish the fact that what I present, in any venue, is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The viewing audience may make of my information what they will.

Barbara Hartwell
September 20, 2018

Report # 82: Part 8, Conversation with Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower: Censorship

Open conversation with CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell on a variety of related subjects with a focus on Censorship by private corporations and Intelligence agencies of our podcasts, websites, open conversation and free speech in today's fallen USA.

Returning to our conversational series highlighting Barbara Hartwell's experience and insights with the CIA and FBI, her journalistic work, and her knowledge of the “Alternative” media scene over the '80s, '90s, and '00s, we start with looking at the reasons for the hiatus, which include sabotage of communications. While most people today in the US would be shocked at sudden loss of Internet access, breakage in phone services, or odd audio interference, these unfortunately haunt the lives of whistle-blowers and other unwarranted targets of today's misled surveillance. Barbara reports extreme sabotage in recent times with her phone service dropping off, Internet access cut, and telecom technicians professing ignorance after examination.

Could it be that her podcast series revealing the truths of limited hangouts and controlled opposition online are disturbing the CIA Disinformation Brigade who've littered the Web with variously bizarre, chaotic, and mythologizing piles of Disinfo whose deceit is becoming increasingly clear to the rest of us?

FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee's podcasts also appear to be under attack, Barbara reports, as she reads her own and Geral's report on his recent experience of trying to access his own recent podcasts on Ramola D Reports from the lobby of a DoubleTree hotel in a city in Texas. These podcasts were restricted there but not in other hotel lobbies where he checked, giving rise to the speculation that a federal magistrate judge had permitted Doubletree to restrict access in an act of selective censorship.

Censorship and restricted access as related to Barbara's own websites have led in the past to false charges of violence, hate, and racism; while liberty, truth, and justice have guided her reportage, she notes that we live currently in a climate of chaos and faulty reasoning where the FBI has confused itself and others over many matters, viewing interest in the Constitution and a healthy Republic as signalling extremism or terrorism.

The exercise of free speech therefore becomes doubly important, and Barbara recommends that anyone experiencing censorship of their work online publicize these facts broadly and openly question public libraries and hotels should they restrict access to websites.

We also covered the subject of infiltration of social movements and activism groups in relation to the recent dissolution of Techno Crime Fighters Forum where NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart, Dr. Millicent Black, and I parted from Dr. Katherine Horton on the basis of irreconcilable differences, covering especially general issues related to action as agent provocateur—seeking to tar movements and groups as violent or inciting violence—and spoke openly about our views on Katherine's specific projections of victimhood in exaggerated form to the point of spectacle, as well as other aspects which point to what Barbara termed “theatrical production,” within the context of classic CounterIntelligence infiltration tactics which seek to discredit/disrupt/mislead activists and groups in the face of real crime and victimization, to disappear their real work and testimonial.

In light of my own ongoing investigation and pending disclosures and analyses on what Katherine really may be doing in our midst as human rights activists exposing Neuro/DEW Targeting/Surveillance/Military/Medical Experimentation Crimes—a subject of continuing interest to me given events and occurrences over the course of my close work with her—this is an ongoing conversation, and will be picked up in our next podcast, as Part 2 on Counter-Intelligence.

In the interim, and in the interests of furnishing others with many undiscussed facts here, I will further publish my observations, experience, and analyses on this subject.

Monday, September 17, 2018


NOTE: My website, Barbara Hartwell Vs CIA, has been BLOCKED and selectively censored at various locations, going back at least a decade, as falsely cited for “Violence”, “Hate” and “Racism”.

Now, Geral Sosbee has discovered that the podcasts with Ramola D are also being blocked. AS IF these control freaks have not done enough damage by sabotaging the podcasts, before, during and after recording, costing Ramola hours of time and money, for what should be a simple production.

I ask that all who are interested in the information presented by government whistleblowers please report and make a formal complaint about this selective censorship to any entity who is involved in this plot to silence truth. This includes public libraries, schools, hotels, locations offering free WIFI, etc. Let them know you won't spend YOUR MONEY with them, but will take your business elsewhere, to places which honor the right to free speech.

Barbara Hartwell
September 17, 2018
Constitution Day

Here, a brief report from Geral.

fbi and federal judge block and shut off my podcasts with RAMOLA D.

In a shocking display of corruption by fbi and federal judges here is a report that should stir interest everywhere.

Report of hideous new corruption of fbi and their criminal federal judge operative.

I submit this report from the local hotels where some hotels block access to the podcasts. Other locations are apparently not affected and the podcasts are up and running.

In direct violation of the *US Constitution, First Amendment, the fbi and a corrupt and insane federal judge block and shut down the video podcasts of BARBARA HARTWELL, GERAL SOSBEE and RAMOLA D. Other videos and podcasts are probably also affected.

*Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Every American should be outraged that a federal judge is so completely controlled by the traitors of fbi that the judge permits the shutting down of our free speech. The judge who authorized other fbi crimes against me, Barbara and Ramola D. and thousands of others should be removed from office and prosecuted for treason, forced suicide, false imprisonment and murder.

God help us stop the fools in the fbi who have ruined our country and threaten all mankind.

A transcript of the following podcast is still online, thanks to RAMOLA D. AND BARBARA HARTWELL:


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tyranny, Treachery, Terrorism & Trauma: The Formula

NOTE: I have periodically reposted this article (October, 2001) on the anniversary of 9/11/01. The added PREFACE here was written in 2005 and I consider it important, since it further elucidates the material covered in the original.

Barbara Hartwell
September 11, 2018

PREFACE (Republished 2005)

I wrote this article in October, 2001, less than one month after the terrorist attack on the WTC. Something I didn't say in the article: I knew, beyond any doubt, the minute I saw it unfolding on TV, that it was an Inside Job.

Since I do not watch television and have not had any cable hook-up for many years, I had to go to a neighbor's house to watch the news reports, after receiving a phone call from my niece in Colorado.

Call it Spirit-filled intuition (clairvoyance), one of the gifts of the Spirit God has bestowed on me. Call it reason or logic, based on my many years of direct experience working for the criminals in the U.S. Government. Call it anything you like. All I can say is that I immediately knew it to be true: It was an Inside Job.

I have never personally investigated 9-11, at least not the nuts-and-bolts variety of forensic investigation. I did not have that opportunity, lacking the resources and having lost most of my professional contacts in law enforcement and the intelligence community by that time.

In fact, many years ago, I had worked on a somewhat regular basis with various police departments, including NYPD, as an "independent consultant" (though I was often "sent" by CIA); where I worked with detectives in investigations of murder and other criminal cases, missing persons, etc.

Though I was born on Manhattan Island and lived there for many years, on and off, from early childhood until I was in my mid-twenties; attended college and seminary there, I moved from that place for good in 1975 and have only gone back infrequently over the years since then. After 9-11, I have refused to go there at all. Just my choice and for personal reasons.

But since so many people in the general public now (finally!) believe that 9-11 was an Inside Job, as a result of the many reports based on real forensic investigations by professionals since that time, I thought it might be interesting to repost this article.

It was originally published by Conspiracy Planet and subsequently made its way onto many other sites. None of those sites will publish my work anymore, as a result of the libel and disinfo campaigns being waged by my enemies in the U.S. Government and their stooges, toadies and minions.

I should add that this article is an editorial. It is based on my opinions (as a former intelligence operative, a Jungian analyst and Christian minister); considered professional opinions though those may be.

Though there are many facts included, those facts do not in any way substantiate my opinion that 9-11 was an Inside Job. So please, as always, I ask that you read it with an open mind, a compassionate heart, and make of it what you will.

One more thing you need to know: Included in this article is a transcript of the "deathbed confession", a videotape which was later revealed to be a hoax. The hoax was perpetrated by filmmaker, Mike Z.

When I first found out about the hoax, I was furious, to the blood-boiling point. I called Mike Z a "scumbag" in public reports and generally gave him hell. You see, I was the only person (or at least the first) who actually made a written transcript from the video and incorporated it into a widely published article.

But it is important to say that the deathbed confession itself was in no way the pivotal issue in writing the article. I had begun the article before I got the video by e-mail from Mike Z. I included it because it seemed to fit so well into everything I believed (and still do, to this day) about the 9-11 Terrorist Attack. And about the satanists who run the U.S. Government. So please keep this in mind when reading the article.

Lastly, Mike Z apologized to me some time later. Below, find his e-mail to me. I did forgive him, after speaking to him on the phone. He admitted his ploy was wrongful, seemed truly repentant and I accepted his apology, though as I told him, I don't condone what he did.

He is certainly a talented artist, and if he would use his talents to make "protest" films without promoting them as the real deal, he could be doing a great service to the skeptics who do not believe the government is capable of such things as terrorist acts of mass murder, all the while blaming the scapegoat du jour, which in the case of 9-11 happened to be Osama bin Laden (a long time CIA asset.)


Dear Barbara,

I owe you an apology. I used you to expose my tape to the world. And I should have thanked you for your help.

I believe that there are very simple reasons why things are the way they are. I made the DEATHBED CONFESSION tape to communicate some of these ideas.

At the time, I wanted to avoid a flame war so I accepted the criticism and abuse that I received. I understand that I was muddying already murky waters.

But you should know that I read the article you wrote (TYRANNY, TREACHERY, TERRORISM & TRAUMA) and agreed with your analysis of the situation completely.

I can't begin to understand what you have personally been through. I've had my share of weirdness since the FBI took an interest in me.

But, as one person whose email is being read to another, I want to say that you have done great work.

Don't give up the fight,

Mike Z


No doubt about it, there was a formula utilized by the perpetrators of Nine-One-One. No matter whodunit – it was a well and precisely planned operation.

From Webster's Dictionary, a definition of 'formula':

"A set form of words for use in a ceremony or ritual".

The formula can best be described in four simple words:


TYRANNY: Absolute power, especially when exercised unjustly or cruelly.

TREACHERY: Willful betrayal of fidelity, confidence or trust; perfidy.

TERRORISM: The systematic use of terror, violence and intimidation to achieve an end.

TRAUMA: An emotional shock that creates substantial and lasting damage to the psychological development of the individual, generally leading to neurosis.

Which leads us to.....

TOTALITARIANISM: A form of government in which one person or party exercises absolute control over all spheres of human life and opposing parties are not permitted to exist.

Sound familiar? Where have we heard this before? Has our government betrayed us? Are we being ushered into the Fourth Reich? couldn't happen here...
Or could it? 
Was the mass murder and mayhem – the operation code named Nine-One-One – a ceremony or ritual?

And if so, what kind of ritual? For what purpose?

Was Nine-One-One simply the most extreme 'international incident' to date in a long-term operation of 'trauma-based programming' ,a part of the 'ritual abuse' of the American public?

Worse yet, was it a 'Satanic Blood Sacrifice'?

Could these sorts of hideous rituals be part and parcel of the programming of the collective American psyche? If so, to what end?

These are not easy questions to answer, much less furnish proof for. Yet the answers leap out in a plethora of dramatic symbols, for those who have eyes to see – and more importantly – the freedom of mind to perceive.


For centuries, occultists have relied on symbols to harness the power of the human mind for use in rituals.

By far, the greatest creative power resides not in the conscious mind, but in the unconscious, and even more so in the vast reservoir of what Carl Jung termed the Collective Unconscious. The unconscious 'thinks' in symbols (pictures) instead of words. If a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe that's why.

You don't have to believe in Jung's theories to understand the power of symbols. Symbols are all around us; but never more compelling than when they are internalized within the life-force of the mind.  
Internalizing a symbol is not hard to do, either by a voluntary act of conscious will, as in prayer or meditation....or by the imposition of someone else's will as in hypnotic suggestion, black magic or mind control.

Once a symbol has been internalized, it takes on a life of its own. And once it digs in and puts down roots, its power over the mind of the host --for good or ill-- grows as it is watered and fed by the conscious mind.

The easiest way to 'feed' a symbol is to use repetition.

Flash that symbol over and over in front of the subject's eyes until the point of saturation and it reaches critical mass.

The perpetrators of mind control have developed this sort of 'ritual' not only as a science, but to a near art form. Dominating the energy – individually or collectively – in the psyche of the target is the cornerstone of mind control.


Let's consider the most potent symbol flashed into our consciousness by the perps of Nine-One-One.

The World Trade Center towers.

A raging inferno.

People leaping from the windows.

A larger-than-life spectacle of death and destruction.

Many writers have noted that there was an element of unreality in it all – like something you'd see in a movie.

But it wasn't a theatrical production. It was real.

The immediate reaction of most people witnessing this horror was shock, or intense shock and trauma. How could it be otherwise?

When trauma strikes, the boundaries protecting the psyche come crashing down. The ability to think critically and analytically is suspended. Until the shock wears off – if it ever does – the traumatized mind simply reacts. And it reacts emotionally.

A traumatized mind is vulnerable and therefore far more suggestible. And the suggestions the mind is most willing to accept are those which it believes will ensure its protection and any cost. This the key to "trauma-based programming".

Read it and weep: It works.

Could it be that Operation Nine-One-One was planned for this precise purpose?

Using terrorism to traumatize Americans into a mass panic which the perps knew would lead to their unquestioning and emotionally-based desire for protection and any cost?
Have many traumatized Americans been programmed to give up their freedoms in the false, irrational and emotionally-based belief that they can exchange their freedom for protection and thus ensure their survival?

If so, they've made a deal with the devil --and there will be hell to pay.


It is hard to pinpoint with precision the beginning of institutionalized use of mind control in America , but 1947 was certainly a critical year.

In 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency was created from its precursor, the Office of Strategic Services. The agency was staffed predominantly with Nazi scientists brought to the U.S. under an operation code named Project Paperclip.

In 1953, the CIA 'officially' began the MK Ultra mind control program, under the direction of Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, incorporating roughly 165 sub-projects.

George Hunter White, colleague of Nazi criminal Sydney Gottlieb, described his involvement in the CIA's infamous MK Ultra project this way:

"I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun.....Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all-highest?"   
Indeed, where else? Where else, but in America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Home of the Criminally Insane Agency.

Does this utterly demented, deranged and demonic mind-set tell you anything about the agency – or the government – that could implement such a project, at the cost of unimaginable human suffering, while the perpetrators are swept merrily along in the sadistic thrill of it all?

Who can tell us about the depth of such suffering?

Maybe we could ask Eric Olsen. CIA "suicided" his father, Frank Olsen in 1953, connected to the MK Ultra operation, then engaged in a massive cover-up. The real story has only just begun to come out, but the lies and betrayal continue apace.

In 1999, The Expert Witness Show, hosted by Mike Levine, ran a series of programs about CIA mind control. I was one of the guests interviewed, as were Eric Olsen and Martin Lee, author of Acid Dreams, a classic book on CIA and MK Ultra.

I was asked to appear on the program as a survivor of MK Ultra. Yet I was given little opportunity to tell my story. Had I been allowed more air-time, perhaps my testimony would have shed some light not only on the mind control abuses of the past, well-documented and eloquently stated by Olsen and Lee, but on the fact that the atrocities of mind control are still going on to this day in our country.

Sydney Gottlieb, the project's founder, was purportedly ordered by DCI to destroy all MK Ultra documents, circa 1976-77. We know that ALL the documents were not destroyed, as evidenced by those which remain. However it is my belief that there are many more documents in existence which have not yet come to light. I believe this because of my own involvement in MK Ultra and other black projects and also because this has been confirmed to me by insider sources.

Furthermore, I know the project was never abandoned, as CIA claims. I know this because I myself was still involved long after the program was purportedly "discontinued".

In fact, MK Ultra is still operating today. The names of its sub-projects may have changed and some of the players have passed away. But the game remains the same. It didn't stop. It just went deeper black, that's all.

And what's worse, the scope of mind control has expanded to include not just a small group of "test subjects" but the attempted brainwashing of the entire population. 
Witness: HAARP   
Witness: EM Frequency Weapons   
Witness: Psychotropic Drugs   
Witness: Satellite technologies 
Witness: Biochip Implants

And these mind control systems are only the tip of the iceberg...

In the words of the psychopath Jose Delgado: "A psycho-civilized society."


On the evening of October 6, I began writing this article. On the morning of October 7, I received e-mail from an unknown source. Strangely enough, the content of the message fit right in with what I was writing. It may shed some light into the darkest corners of the human psyche, as reflected by the body politic. And, if true, it is chilling to contemplate.

Subject: conspiracy tape?
Message: have you seen this ?

I had not, so I clicked on the URL to a web page which contained one item: a link to a video. The text on the web page:

"This is a tape that was made by my father-in-law's client, who was dying of cancer. He left instructions that he wanted it to be seen."

The scene opened on a man in a hospital bed. A full head of white hair and thick black-framed glasses. Tubes ran from a bedside machine into his right arm.

It was the deathbed confession of a man who claimed to have worked for 27 years for "the group with no name". His identity as well, was undetermined.

The man appeared to be addressing his lawyer, "John" making a confession regarding the nefarious activities he had been involved in. He appeared agitated and had some difficulty speaking, so some of his testimony was unintelligible. I've transcribed it to the the best of my ability here:

"John, this is the last time you'll hear from me. Thanks for your friendship, your loyalty, thanks for your hard work. You've been more than just my lawyer, you've been a good friend.

I'm going to ask for one more favor. Do this thing for me. I'm going to tell you....secrets. These things are true. I want to tell people. I want people to confess.....

About the Wall Street that never was.....all lies.

Something else...I've been working for the group with no name....the way things are done.

I, bookkeeping...keeping track of the money. They don't care about money...listen, I can try to explain..but it's difficult...gonna be hard to explain.

I'm not crazy.....You've heard all those conspiracy stories...Jews, Masons, secret societies....some truth in sounds insane.

But I tell you, I've seen terrible things....listen....

The Mayan culture in South America....Mayans were the first ones... no one discusses these things.

They killed....[unintelligible]

Harrington was always talking....he's gone now....leave his name out of it.

They betrayed us.....our era.

This is the way things are done. You must have wondered yourself... what the hell is going on here ? This is the way things are done. Listen to me...try to understand.

The blood sacrifices they did down there...hearts were torn out... thousands of them...their own people. You know why they did it? It's the power...the power created from pain and suffering.

There are those who have ultimate power....who decide how things will go....part of a strategy...part of a plan.

Let me explain....I was programmed in the usual ways... Skull and Bones, the Bohemian Grove....[unintelligible] I could be used....

I don't know all that much....

The reason is the transfer of power...that's why they do what they do....magic...ancient magic....occult practices.

They discovered the transfer of power and energy...know what I'm talking about?

They discovered certain practices. You can't even conceive of. I don't exactly know how it's done. I avoided finding out. I couldn't stomach it.

The reason they create wars, atrocities, murder, assassinations, creates a form of They use that. I don't know how....I know it moves... and it works....I've seen it... horrible things. It's a works.

I wasn't involved in that. It just came into my life...27 goddamn years!

They told me I'd be there to witness the end...I was this close... 27 I won't be there to witness it... to see it coming...and to die now.

You know I never smoked...they do this all the's right to do this to me....

They lied...I kept my end of the bargain...they said there was no problem.

They lied....

Listen... May 17...August 9....November 5...November what happens....then you'll know.

I'm speaking the truth.

There is no way to stop them. Both sides know how it works... terrorists in the third world... doing the things we used to do... They've already started killing off the's in the water... it's in the air...

It's the way things are... I can't put it any clearer than that...God help me...

Get this goddamn thing away from me! Turn it off!"

[Waving his arms at the camera.]

End transcript.
Was this tape a hoax? I don't believe so. There were too many realistic elements. The hospital setting. The man's obvious distress and difficulty speaking. To me, it comes off as a real deathbed confession.

Of course, it proves nothing. But how much "proof" do we need?

Haven't we heard and read about all of this many times before? Ad nauseum?

How many witnesses do we need? How many confessions? How much testimony?

How many tortured souls?

How much more bloodshed?

When is enough, enough?


Now I have a few questions for all self-respecting, freedom-loving American citizens:

Are you willing to "negotiate" with the powers-that-be for your freedom?

Do you believe that your freedom, like a license to drive or to practice law, is a privilege issued by the state?

Will you let your freedom – or lack thereof – be determined by the covert agenda of a "group with no name", a cabal of Satanists and Bonesmen perpetrating mind control, fomenting terrorism and engaging in blood sacrifice rituals?

Or is your freedom – as protected under the U.S. Constitution – a God-given right?

You decide.

Freedom begins in the mind.

Barbara Hartwell
October, 2001

Sunday, September 2, 2018


Unlawful surveillance by government snoops is an issue I have been forced to deal with for my entire adult life, long before the advent of the Internet.

I have documented many instances of telephone taps, bugs planted in my homes and offices, where in each case I was able to gather evidence, usually with the help of a surveillance expert.

My computers have been subject to remote hacking, several of which were eventually destroyed, in some cases all files lost.

Most recently, the entire month of August became a distressing and frustrating ordeal, a result of what came to be known as “the mystery”.

I had called my Internet service provider tech support to report that I was having difficulty maintaining a connection. The disconnects happened, just booted on and off, on and off, for no apparent reason, interrupting my work and preventing me from sending or receiving e-mail.

So they issued a ticket to investigate the problem. Since they could not identify exactly what was the cause, they told me they would have to send a repair person to check the outside line near my home. I then received a call informing me that no problem had been located on the outside line. So now, I would need to have him come to my home to check the inside line and equipment. I was given a window of time, that being from 12 noon to 5 PM, where I would have to wait for the repair man. I canceled my previous plans, and I waited.

The man showed up after 6 PM, explaining that he had been busy, had once again checked the outside line and found no problem. He then checked the inside line, but found no problem. So he said he would replace the modem issued by the company. Having done that, he said I should call if there were further problems.

So, for a few hours that evening, I had Internet access with no interruptions. But the next morning, no such luck. I again called the company to report that the modem had been replaced, the lines checked again, but that the problem was still not resolved.

This was the weekend, so I was told I would have to wait until Monday. Again, I rearranged my schedule, so I could be at home. This time another man was sent, Tom, whom I remembered from a couple years ago, when I was experiencing similar problems. (Don't ask, that would be a lengthy report in itself.)

I remembered Tom because, seeing that I had a cat (my beloved Kyra, who passed away in 2015), he had told me that he and his wife had seven cats. Angel, whom I adopted in November 2015, was hiding on Tom's second visit, all he could see was her bright green eyes, from behind a potted plant.

A tried and true belief I hold is, never trust a person who does not like cats. Never, for any reason. As my fellow cat-lovers might understand.

I explained to Tom (once again) what had happened and that no one could seem to identify the reason for the trouble. He told me he had also checked the outside line, found nothing. He knew the modem had been replaced, but checked that too, no problem there.

I asked, So, what do you think the problem is? He said, It's a mystery. Nothing could be identified as the cause of the interference.

So I said, If it is not the outside line, not the inside line, not the modem, then it must be some form of remote access/interference, that is the only logical explanation.

Maybe, he said, but that he had never seen anything like this before, and how could that be possible? How indeed, but I didn't really want to get into that.

Days went by, and the Internet connection problem persisted. Tom gave me his cell phone number so I could reach him directly, since he was on the case, and was determined to get to the bottom of “the mystery”.

I spoke to him several times by phone, each time calling to report the latest. Still, he said, there was no explanation, it's a mystery.

Then, to add to my distress, the telephone problems began. At first, it was only a loud static on the line, so that I could not hear, or be heard, for which I have several witnesses, including Tom, who happened to call one day about the other problem.

When someone left a voicemail, the static was so bad I could hear only a garbled message, having no idea what the person was saying.

For about a week, I could not use my phone, as the static was too extreme. I had to use the cell phone, which is usually turned off, used only when necessary when I am not at home.

Then, one day I got a call on my home phone. I saw the number on caller ID and picked up the phone, it was an important call from someone who did not have my cell number. Now, there was nothing but dead air. When I put the receiver down, a message appeared on the screen: “line in use”. It was not in use by me, that much I knew.

For the next few days, the phone screen display said “no line”, alternating with “line in use”. There was no dial tone. And the Internet problem also persisted. Again, I was told, it's a mystery, not only by Tom, but by the people at the office who were also trying to get to the bottom of it. They saw that I was being knocked offline repeatedly, but could not explain why.

During this time, I also discovered that another form of interference/sabotage was taking place. This, having to do with e-mail. E-mail has always been a problem for me, since 1995 when I first got on the Internet. I have a dislike of e-mail, for a number of reasons. I rarely use it, except for brief messages, or sending/receiving documents.

When I speak to a person on a telephone, I KNOW WHO I am speaking to, there is no question. With e-mail, I can never know for sure if someone has received it, unless I receive a response. Nor can I know if someone has sent me e-mail, not unless I actually receive it.

How many times has it happened, that when I speak to someone in person, or on the phone, that I learn they never received my e-mail, or that I never received theirs!

This, I have found, is a way to stop me from communicating with certain people, and over the past couple years, this form of interference has become a tremendous problem. I have learned from those who have also been targeted for e-mail sabotage (and have technical knowledge/expertise which I lack), that certain companies are engaging in this unlawful interference to prevent their Targets from communicating with certain others.

And it's not limited to e-mail or the phone. My postal mail has also been tampered with, so that I sometimes receive packages or envelopes which have been opened, and in the worst cases, the contents damaged. I have been told that mail was sent, but never received by me, by people I trust. How many other people, I must wonder, whom I do not know (such as readers of my website), who have sent mail which never arrived? But to date, the post is still the most reliable form of communication, at least for me.

The monstrous invasions of privacy, via government surveillance, by FBI, CIA, NSA and the devil knows who all else. The sabotage of communications, via e-mail or telephone. The sabotage of any radio programs/podcasts on which I appear, going back decades.

All this, costing time and money (and plenty of both), fomenting suspicion, distrust in relationships, preventing freedom of speech and communications, for anyone who is involved.

And speaking of free speech, isn't the censorship of my website bad enough? My site has been BLOCKED, cited as promoting “Hate”, “Racism” and “Violence”. When in fact, anyone who reads my website would know that, for many years, I have exposed and denounced all forms of racism and violence (check the archives for evidence), and that my “hate” is limited to evildoers, the very same satanic reprobates who are advancing the plot to destroy this nation from within, to abrogate our precious Constitution and all the God-given unalienable rights and liberties protected therein.

For the past week, I have had a reliable Internet connection and the telephone is now working. For how long, I don't know. I don't blame my Internet provider. They have always been reliable and prompt in responding to my complaints. Tom (the cat lover), especially has gone beyond the call of duty in his efforts to resolve “the mystery”.

But as far as I am concerned, based on many years of experience with a wide range of “technical difficulties”, I can say with certitude, there was never any “mystery”.

Barbara Hartwell
September 2, 2018