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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Trouble with Leftists

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities."
--Ayn Rand
The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.
Ecclesiastes 10:2 
No doubt about it, leftists are trouble. Maybe that's because they're looking for trouble --and they  always find it.
Leftists make trouble where none previously existed --they lobby for trouble, picket for trouble, crusade for trouble, campaign for trouble. Wherever they go, trouble follows.
Leftists may call themselves by various names. The more flagrant among them may designate themselves as socialists or even communists; others may call themselves liberals or progressives. Some leftists may masquerade as conservatives, but their actions tell another story.
However they may describe themselves, there is one very simple reason why leftists are troublemakers: They do not respect --nor even recognize-- the rights, liberties, privacy, personal boundaries or sovereignty of the Individual.  
And that is where the trouble always begins.
Each and every Individual is born with unalienable rights. Why unalienable?  Because these rights are bestowed by the Creator, God Almighty, NOT by men nor by the societies or governments of men. What God has given, no man, nor collective of men, has the right to take away. 
Trouble is, leftists just don't get it.  Leftists hold the false and asinine belief that "rights" are negotiable, that they are to be determined and doled out by the discretionary power of the collective.
As deniers of Individual rights, leftists will intrude, invade, trespass, stalk and harass. They are everywhere, always in places where they are not wanted and where they have no right to be.
If you post a NO TRESPASSING sign on your private property, the leftist will pull up the stake and use it as a battering ram to break down your door. If you put up a privacy fence, the leftist will vault over it with impunity. If you build a reinforced concrete wall, the leftist will go out and rent a bulldozer, then send you the bill.
Leftists do not think for themselves (if they think at all); lacking intellectual and spiritual discernment, they look to others to form their opinions and make their decisions. But in the world of the leftists, it doesn't stop there, for they feel threatened by anyone who strays from the herd, who engages in independent, critical thought, who decides for himself, who exercises his God-given rights, who seizes his Individual liberty, who refuses to defer to the collective.
When a leftist has a problem, rather than solving it on his own, or perhaps  seeking expert advice from a reliable source, he will use the scattershot approach, consulting every Tom, Dick and Harry who comes down the pike. He will make numerous phone calls, hammer out e-mails, go from house to house, taking surveys. Let's vote on it!, the leftist will proclaim. For the leftist, the majority rules, no matter how idiotic the consensus may be.
If you have a problem, don't ever confide in a leftist. He will not keep your confidence, but will drag everybody and his brother into your private business, soliciting opinions without your knowledge or consent. Then, you will be subjected to a long-winded harangue, as the leftist spouts off the unwanted  advice of this so-and-so, and that so-and-so...the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.  According to the leftist, YOUR business is everybody's business.
Leftists are nitpickers who will waste their time and energy (and yours, if you let them) in endless discussions of minutiae, rather than getting straight to the point.  A leftist can't see the forest for the trees.
A leftist will take an insupportable position which violates the rights and personal boundaries of the Individual, but when confronted with his offenses,  he will not acknowledge his wrongdoing, even when proved wrong. Like a caged mouse on a wheel, the leftist will just keep going round and round, just keep on defending the indefensible.
Leftists are social animals who will eagerly join all sorts of groups, associations, societies, coalitions and committees. Since they don't trust their own perceptions, and since discernment and discretion are absent from their thought processes, leftists everywhere can be found parroting and advocating the consensus of the majority.  
Leftists are the ultimate team players. According to the skewed philosophy of leftists, everyone must fall into line, march in lockstep and, come hell or high water, agree with the prevailing trends of the collective, on every issue.
With leftists, there is no possibility of "agreeing to disagree". Rather than leaving others in peace and privacy to live as they see fit, leftists will  always  attempt to force their views, opinions, ideology and policies on others.  
For leftists, compromise is the order of the day. Those who refuse to compromise their principles for the "common good" of the collective are  deemed stubborn, difficult, recalcitrant, uncooperative --or, the favorite  insult hurled by leftists, "selfish".
Those who refuse to conform, to comply with the rules and regulations of the  collective, are viewed as a threat and treated as pariahs.
"You always have to have things your way!", or, "You always have to win!", the leftist will exclaim. This, when the issue at hand involves ONLY the private  business of an Individual, in which the leftist and his comrades have no right to interfere.
Many leftists, in their delusional mindset, consider themselves do-gooders, altruists, humanitarians. They vociferously tout the virtues of 'doing for others', 'social welfare', compassion, tolerance and charity.  But their  'charity' comes with a hefty price tag attached  --they will always interfere in the affairs of others, smugly claiming they know what is best, for the "good of all."
When an Individual draws his line in the sand, the leftist feels compelled to cross it. Leftists, by their very nature, are compulsive aggressors.  They are gate-crashers, snoops, meddlers.  Leftists are micro-managers of other people's business --with a vengeance!
Leftists just won't leave others alone --that's because leftists are the worst sort of busybodies.  Hovering over you, breathing down your neck, they're continually handing out unsolicited advice, "checking in", tracking your every move, invading your privacy. 
Leftists are ruled not by reason, principle, or spiritual integrity; rather, they are wishy-washy  weather vanes, swayed by every wind of doctrine.  And in fact, contrary to their boasts of "tolerance", leftists are the least tolerant people imaginable, as they simply will not tolerate anyone who tells them, in no uncertain terms, to mind their own business and leave others to tend to theirs!
Leftists are mobsters. Advocating mob rule, they operate in groups, packs and herds. Lacking respect for the rights of the Individual, rather than acting on moral absolutes, leftists will use deception, manipulation, social engineering to pursue their agenda.
The agenda? Make no mistake: It's all about control.
Leftists are cowards, and like all cowards, they seek safety and security in numbers. Leftists want to grab your guns, to leave you defenseless, to force you into compliance with the edicts of the collective.  After all, they whine, we know what is best for you, it's for your own good.
But at the end of the day, the do-gooder mask of tolerance, altruism and charity falls away, leaving only the sinister face of evil. Leftists will ultimately resort to the use of deadly force against anyone and everyone who stands up for the liberties, rights, privacy and personal boundaries of the Individual. 
Failing all else, they will send men with guns to neutralize dissenters. Leftism is a slippery slope which ALWAYS ends in communist tyranny, a fact well-proven by history. 
Such is the trouble with leftists.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
October 15, 2010