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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee has been the Target of a brutal neutralization campaign which has been ongoing, manifesting in various forms, since he was wrongfully forced out of the FBI in 1978. And I can't repeat it too many times: He was forced to resign for honoring his oath to defend the Constitution, and for refusing to participate in unlawful activities with his FBI colleagues.

These government-issue criminals (for that is what they are) actually threatened him with incarceration in a mental institution if he did not resign.

This counterintelligence operation has cost the perpetrators millions of dollars, has enlisted many criminals in its service, from the criminal element which prevails in the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA et al to common criminals, career criminals, street thugs.

Geral has documented the decades of political persecution, harassment, assaults on his person via directed-energy weaponry, chemical/biological weapons; the vandalism to his vehicles; the continuous surveillance in his home. The blacklisting by landlords; the gross mistreatment by police as he reports the many crimes against him and his wife.

The fraudulent reports by medical doctors, by government officials and police. The death threats and the actual attempts on his life. The set-ups in attempting to provoke him, the theft and destruction of his property, the home invasions, the black bag jos, the gaslighting and on and on....

Thousands of reports online, at least since 2000, on his website Sosbee v. FBI, as well as other publications, including my own website Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.

Retaliation against a whistleblower. A vendetta against a person who told the truth about government corruption. A person who, rather than turn a blind eye to injustices, stood up for the innocent victims and actually received letters of commendation for his excellence in service, including in civil rights cases. Geral is also the recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award.

How, you might wonder, can such a thing as this, this horrendous persecution, which has to date, wrought destruction on every area of a man's life, happen, here in these united States?

I have worked with Geral Sosbee since we were first acquainted in late 2000, as upon first reading his testimony I discovered that the facts of his case, the occurrences of persecution, were so similar to what had happened to me.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I am probably the primary living expert on the campaign against Geral Sosbee. I have not only read all his reports and legal documents (some of which I possess in hardcopy, sent to me by Geral), I have spent countless hours discussing the many crimes (including felonies) committed against both of us, as well as a number of other whistleblowers (FBI, CIA, NSA, Military) all of which fit the same basic pattern.

I do not enjoy being an expert on Geral Sosbee's case. I would like to live in a world where such atrocities did not happen to decent, honorable persons who have served their country, only to find themselves in the cross-hairs of corrupt government officials, agents, police.

To live every day in the knowledge that evildoers, in the most powerful country in the world, are plotting against you. That you never know what might happen next, what you may be forced to do in attempts to protect yourself and your loved ones. That when you attempt to explain that you are a Target of such a campaign (whether to police, medical professionals, or even friends and family) you may be dismissed as “paranoid”, or have your testimony be invalidated, negated, minimized, marginalized. To be answered with platitudes, rather than any actual support.

These campaigns against so many people I have known, including friends, colleagues and family, are the greatest heartbreak of my life, by far worse than anything I have experienced. They destroy lives, they break up families, marriages, friendships.

The worst of it is knowing that no matter what you do, however hard you try, it is near impossible to stop the perpetrators from their acts of extreme aggression, their crimes against persons. They have the resources, they have countless willing criminal accomplices, and in their hubris, believe they are above the law.

I have not been able to speak to Geral, who is my best friend, since some time in early August of this year. Now, even having a conversation has been made impossible. The criminals have destroyed his hearing, just as they threatened to do, a result of many years of assaults with directed-energy weapons.

So we can no longer speak on the phone. E-mail is no substitute, and I rarely use it except for brief messages or documents. I'd rather not put anything for a private communication in writing, given that the government spies are always on the case. And though the spooks and goons have always made their presence known on phone calls (with echo chambers, strange noises and cutting the line, or disabling phones) it didn't stop us from talking to each other. Until now.

I now find myself in the position where I can only communicate with Geral through my public reports.

Why do you people, all you employees of the U.S. Government, who, rather than honor your oath to defend the Constitution, rather than act to protect the unalienable rights and liberties of law-abiding citizens, rather than investigating real criminals who threaten our national security, squander your time and the vast resources available to you in persecutions, harassment, vandalism, assaults and smear campaigns against a true patriot, a Defender of Liberty, a Messenger of Truth, Geral Sosbee?

That, sadly, is a rhetorical question.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 30, 2016


By Geral Sosbee

This report is predicated on the fbi’s continuing terrorist assaults on me including attacks 24/7 by Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW), psychological operations (‘psyops’) and constant assaultive surveillance and harassment by police and neighbors (viz: assaults by neighbors, remote manipulation of car’s robotic features, vandalism, etc). Note, however, that recent police responses to my complaints against the fbi thugs and their vigilante assassins have been more positive.

Other corrupt and apparently criminally insane cops such as those whom I have previously documented include USPI Knipfing & and his sidekick, Texas DPS Rodriguez, who came into my home to threaten me and my wife, knowing full well that the fbi is responsible for planting my name at the scene of an alleged crime in Dallas; to this day Knipfing continues to unlawfully refuse my request for Open Records access to his fraudulent report on me.

Also, the notorious UT cops Bleier & Wilson will always be remembered for their fraudulent “BOLO” by which the dirty duo energized the entire UT campus (library, police, security guards, janitor) against me for a decade.


See my other reports on Brownsville, Texas, Detective Adrian Posada who under the heavy influence of the fbi threatened to arrest me and my wife for in his words, “filing a false police report”. Posada exemplifies the complete corruption of the police nationwide en queue by fbi hoodlums, as he also instructs me to “take the medication”. The DA and his investigator Delauney also engaged in illegal operations against me as they stayed in contact with fbi thugs. Other fbi criminals include Alonzo Yanez who coordinated his criminal assault & battery of my person with the full cooperation of the UT police, fbi, et al.

See also the false medical report from a man who seems to be acting for the fbi as he creates his charts on me:


Note that the same doctor also asked my wife on a separate date what she thinks of my fbi reports. He was apparently fishing for evidence that he might be able to use against this US Army veteran/ Target of fbi covert operations.


The same doctor today works for the VA, caring for veterans who surely need to be very careful of their statements to the doctor.

The fbi continues their efforts to kill me by pumping toxic fumes into my residences everywhere I go. I have been forced to move close to 20 times in 15 years, four in the past 6 months within the same complex (including an upcoming move in December, 2017).


So, one might understand that I and many others have been and are today deprived of the essential liberties set forth in many laws, a few of which are listed here:


See the Guarantees enumerated in the USA Constitution & the Bill of Rights

Consider Essential liberties as embracing:

Life, liberty & pursuit of happiness,

freedom from murderous government sponsored oppression ( i.e., torture, forced suicide, assassination ).

From my writ at the next link, note that today wicked men in high office and wielding life and death power over all people, are ambitious of their power, even as they display a contempt of law unprecedented in our country’s history.


Today our nation faces its darkest hour:


The names or descriptions of many fbi operatives, including cops, informants, et al., are found throughout “My Story In Detail” and their names will live in infamy for their dirty deeds. Many more are in your neighborhood.

Thank you and may Providence protect and provide comfort to all who are threatened, harassed, tortured, imprisoned and killed by the fbi and their murderous associates globally.


"Now, it is important to understand the concept of "plausible deniability". Quite simply, this means that the conspirators and liars running the COINTELPRO-style operations set up a little insurance policy to protect themselves; a contingency plan in case their criminal operations are exposed. They can then DENY any involvement or wrongdoing which might implicate them in the conspiracy. How do they do this? One way is to use lowly minions to do their dirty work: those who have no official status within the government, from whom they can easily distance themselves if their plans go awry."

Tuesday, November 22, 2016



Please read PARTS ONE & TWO before continuing. They are parts of a whole and not meant to stand alone.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

--Sun Tzu, The Art of War

This report focuses on psychological warfare, and more specifically on the plots and schemes of the predators and tyrants who would dominate the entire world, by imposing global government, and some of the tactics they use to achieve their ends.

Know your enemy...or suffer the consequences.

But before addressing the enemy, consider the importance of knowing yourself.

Know yourself: What exactly does that mean? How much thought, how much reflection, how much effort, how much experience does it require?

Do you believe you know yourself by how you choose to define yourself?

If so, is your self-definition based on the color of your skin, your eyes, your hair? Based on your gender? Your ethnic origin? On the country in which you were born? The country in which you reside? The environment in which you were raised? Your religion, or lack thereof? Your political ideology? Your educational or professional background?

Is knowing yourself achieved through considering any of the above? All of the above? None of the above?

Do you believe you can know yourself by how others define you? Have you become an unwitting slave to the opinions of others? Are your actions determined by the directives issued by others, whether or not they have any lawful authority over you? By the expectations, the “shoulds” and “should nots” of others? Are you an approval-seeker, a people-pleaser?

Or, do you know yourself, not by any self-definition per se, or definition based on the opinions of others, but by that which lives within you, by what resides in your heart? Your hopes, dreams, aspirations, what and whom you love, admire, respect, honor and cherish. What and whom you fear, despise, denounce, condemn, repudiate?

More important questions might be:

What are you willing to work for, to stand up for, to fight for, even, if necessary, to die for?

What principles do you hold dear? What are your moral standards? What are your standards for your treatment of others? Are they the same standards for how you expect to be treated by others?

What behaviors and actions are you willing to tolerate from others, and where do you draw the line on what is intolerable, insufferable?

What are your standards for what is good and what is evil? What is righteous and what is wrongful? Honorable and dishonorable? Which standards are based on abiding universal truths and which are based on falsehoods, spread by propaganda meant to inculcate the populace into accepting, even embracing, that which is evil, masquerading as that which is good?

Do you adhere to moral absolutes, or will you compromise by adopting moral relativism, situational ethics, social engineering?

What kind of society, what kind of civilization, what kind of country do you want to live in, not only for yourself, but for your family, your friends, your children, your grandchildren?

Are you willing to conform to the prevailing winds of doctrine (political, religious, secular, social), to go along to get along, even when you know in your heart that they are unjust, immoral, wrongful? Do you unquestioningly accept doctrinaire political correctness, just because you believe “everybody does it”?

Have you sacrificed your ability for independent reasoning, critical thinking, so you can “fit in” with the societal “norms”?

These questions could go on interminably, and this report is not meant to answer them, for only each individual can do so.


But there are more questions, no less important than those of knowing yourself:

How do you know your enemy?

Who is your enemy? On what basis, what standards, do you judge who is your enemy? How do you determine the characteristics of an enemy?

Speaking for myself, based first and foremost on the Principles of the Inviolability of Personhood, the Unalienable Rights of the Individual, and the corresponding Principle of Non-aggression, I can give a list of well-considered characteristics of “The Enemy”.

The Enemy is always an aggressor. Let me repeat that: The Enemy is always an aggressor. In a universally applicable sense, aggression is the root of all evil.

Aggression takes many forms, some of which I will specify here. Simply put, aggressors are persons, or groups of persons, who DO NOT RESPECT the Inviolability of Personhood. Who DO NOT RESPECT the privacy, the personal boundaries, the integrity, the unalienable rights, of individuals, the sovereignty of nations.

There is open aggressiveness and there is passive-aggressiveness. Either way, it is still aggression, and in order to fight back you must understand what drives the aggressor.

The motivations of the aggressor, which speak to a deeper level of the root of evil, may be greed (the excessive and disproportionate love of money and material possessions), lust, hatred, malice, ego-gratification, ambition, the will to power. But regardless of the motives, the aggressor seeks to serve himself and/or his accomplices, his “tribe”, his cronies, his nation, his religious and/or political establishment, at the expense of all others, with no concern as to the consequences (always harmful and unjust) to his Targets or Victims.

The Enemy is any person who hates me without just cause.

The Enemy is any person who wishes me harm, who holds malice or murder in his heart against me, or against my friends and allies.

The Enemy is any person who draws first blood, who attacks me (in any way) without just cause.

The Enemy is any person who would interfere with me, or those under my protection.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to manipulate me.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to exploit me for his own gain.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to steal from me, including my private property and the fruits of my labor.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to impose control over any aspect of my life.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to impose his will on me.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to force his beliefs, his mindset, his religion, his standards, his opinions on me.

The Enemy is any person who bears false witness against me.

The Enemy is a liar and a false accuser against me.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to deceive me, who knowingly makes false promises or acts in bad faith in his dealings with me.

The Enemy can be a transgressor, a violator, an intruder, an interloper, an invader, an abuser, a thief, a predator, a murderer, a rapist, or in the most reprehensible of cases, all of the above .

The Enemy is any person who refuses to respect the principle of voluntarism. Free will: The right of the individual to self-determination, to take voluntary action and to defend himself against forced compliance with any system which violates his unalienable rights.

The Enemy is any person who seeks to violate my God-given (natural, inherent) unalienable rights.


Based on my personal and professional experience, my observations, my research, my investigations, spanning decades, the most pressing problem for most of the people I have known is that they DO NOT KNOW who their enemies are.

And because they do not recognize the enemy, they are not prepared to defend themselves until it is too late. And that is precisely what the most reprehensible of enemies are banking on.

Now, for some examples, specifically related to persons/groups who have declared their enmity to these united States of America, to the principles of Liberty on which this nation was founded, and their plots and schemes to steal our freedom, to impose on us their political, social and religious agendas, to expunge our sovereignty, to violate our unalienable rights, as protected under the U.S. Constitution.

In their own words, here are their threats, here are their subversive objectives, here are their plots and schemes, their conspiracies against America.


Augustin Cebada, Brown Berets:

"Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out! We are the future. You are old and tired. Go on. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people. It is your duty to die ... Through love of having children, we are going to take over.”

Now, here's a guy who meets my standards for an enemy – in spades. He actually believes that “You old white people” (that would be me, as well as quite a number of my friends, relatives) have “a duty to die”. He openly states that he and his invading army of Brown Berets will be “taking over”.

With murder in his heart, he gleefully proclaims he will conquer this nation with a foreign invasion, based on nothing more than his ever-proliferating progeny.

Here's another one, cut from the same cloth:

Richard Alatorre, Los Angeles City Council:

"They're afraid we're going to take over the governmental institutions and other institutions. They're right. We will take them over ...We are here to stay."

Anyone consider this guy an enemy of America?

And lest anyone call me a racist, simply for pointing out well- documented facts, I have no problem whatsoever with any person, regardless of “race”, ethnic origin, country of origin, etc. coming here and applying for citizenship, through lawful channels.

Anyone who seeks citizenship is bound by the law and required to honor the law. Once citizenship is granted, that person's unalienable rights are protected under the Constitution.

But for all others, though they have unalienable rights, they have no Constitutional protections, not in this country. Nor are they entitled to receive welfare, to vote, or to otherwise engage in any form of interference which would be a threat to the citizens of this country.

Apologists who defend this invasion coming over the borders will say, Well they are only seeking a better life. For some, that may be true. But what about the law-abiding citizens who live here, work here, raise their families here? It would be reasonable to believe that we too aspire to a better life, whatever our circumstances may be.

If illegals are compromising our standards of living by offering themselves as cheap labor, thus taking jobs from Americans; if they are having many children and then expecting food stamps and welfare to support them, who is paying for all this?

But it doesn't stop there. Many among these illegals are involved in criminal activities, especially drug-running. Some are violent criminals, committing crimes such as rape and murder. Aren't there already too many criminals here, without importing even more?

Who could possibly benefit from such a situation? Only the elite globalists, because they are not the ones paying the price. It is We the People who pay the price, and it is exorbitant beyond any standards of justice.


Credo of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has orchestrated attacks and spawned numerous subsidiary terrorist organizations:

Allah is our objective, the Quran is our Constitution, the Prophet is our leader, Jihad is our way, and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, the leader of the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist organization:
The notion of the sovereignty of the people is anti-Islamic. Only Allah is sovereign.”

Ayatollah Khomeini:

Mehrab (a mosque) means a place of war, a place of fighting. Out of the mosques, wars should proceed. Just as all the wars of Islam proceeded out of the mosques. The prophet had a sword to kill people. Our Holy Imams were quite militant. All of them were warriors. They used to wield swords. They used to kill people. We need a Caliph who would chop hands, cut throats, stone people. In the way that the messenger of Allah used to chop hands, cut throats, and stone people.”

The co-founder of CAIR, Omar Ahmad (1998), secretly recorded at an Islamic conference in Fremont, California:

"Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion."

Just in case you didn't get that last one, read it again. “Islam the only accepted religion”.

Which means, according to Mr. Omar Ahmad of CAIR (part of the terrorist organization, Hamas) that if you are a Christian, or a Jew, or of any other faith, you will be forced to convert, or once they take over, you will be under the domination of these loathsome tyrants, who will most likely kill you and your family if you don't comply!

Islamist Jihad. A mosque as a “place of war”. A culture of violence and conquest. Stoning, cutting throats, killing, maiming, destroying. Subjugating all nations, all peoples. As they have done for 1400 years. As they are doing right at this very moment, driving entire populations out of Europe and Asia to escape the reign of Islamic terror.

And what of their horrendous treatment of women? Absolute male supremacism, Purdah, genital mutilation, forced servitude, polygamy, “honor killings”?

The spokesmen for Islam (Jihadis who wear expensive suits), many of whom have been installed inside the halls of power in Washington D.C., make false claims that Islam is “a religion of peace”.

Do these advocates of Islam sound peaceful? Will they live and let live, in any country? Or, according to the will of their “god”, Allah, are they required, as a duty, to wage continual warfare against the infidel, the kafir? (For most of those reading this, that would be you.)

Remember, according to Shari'a, these activities are “lawful”.

And what about their very large, arguably “dominant” presence in the U.N.?

The Cairo Declaration. On August 5, 1990, the 19th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI). The CDHRI is very precise: according to the official English version, "All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari‘a," (article 24) and "The Islamic Shari‘a is the only source of reference for the explanation or clarification of any of the articles of this Declaration" (article 25). In other words, by establishing Shari`a law as "the only source of reference" for the protection of human rights in Islamic countries, the Cairo Declaration gives it supremacy over the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

The U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as exposed in PART ONE of this report, is antithetical to the U.S. Constitution and the unalienable rights of the individual. As is Shari'a law, an inextricable component of Islam.

So why would anyone be foolish enough to allow their unalienable rights to be compromised, modified, adulterated by either of these vile political establishments? Islam may be claimed by its adherents as a “religion”, but in fact it is a totalitarian political system. Just like the United Nations.

Such a system does not belong here, not in these united States.

What's more, the First Amendment of the Constitution does not “protect” the practice of any “religion”, the tenets of which violate the unalienable rights of individuals. Shari'a law is not only violative, but criminal, at least in this country.

Here, an excerpt from an article in The Washington Times:

The United Nations wants to criminalize religious heresy, provided that those making the claim are Islamists.

Later this month, the United Nations General Assembly will vote on the nonbinding Defamation of Religions Resolution, which would give international sanction to the type of religious persecution commonplace in Muslim-majority countries. Superficially, the resolution contains feel-good human rights language routinely churned out by the U.N. The intent of this resolution, however, is to give sanction to repressive mechanisms that primarily Muslim countries use to stifle critiques of their state-sanctioned sects. This lends international legitimacy to criminal penalties against people who exercise their freedom of worship.”


What about the pandemonium breaking out in cities all around the country. They may call themselves “protesters”, or “activists”, but any intelligent, discerning person, observing their actions, will know otherwise. These are riots, not peaceful protests. People have been grievously injured and deaths have resulted (how many, to date, I don't know, but it is certain the body count will rise, as these riots continue.)

Their candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost the election, and like enraged two-year-olds they are throwing temper tantrums.

These are not “grass roots” activists. Like the “Occupy” movement, they are mobs of left-wing agitators, controlled and funded from above by New World Order globalists, such as George Soros.

The mantra is exactly the same: “Tell me what democracy looks like!”, answered with: “THIS is what democracy looks like!”

And on this one point, I must say I would agree with them.

THIS --angry , violent mobs, throwing rocks at police, burning vehicles, blocking traffic, threatening law-abiding citizens, thuggery, destruction of government and private property, assaults against their adversaries (those who believe in the Rule of Law and defend the Constitution, whether or not they “support” Donald Trump)-- yes indeed, this is what they are trying to impose on the rest of us.

Democracy is mob rule, rule by the changing whims of the majority, no matter how vile their objectives, no matter how unjust, in many cases, downright stupid.

But the mobs of left-wing agitators are never in control, regardless of what they may believe. The control comes from far above, by global elitists who run the show.

These “social justice warriors” will be heard repeating, ad nauseam, “We are all in this together”. But who is “we”? There are in fact a number of competing and incompatible agendas being promoted. So, while they may believe they are fighting for “social justice”, in their profound ignorance, they are actually fighting themselves.

They want open borders. They want socialized medicine. They want all the free stuff, government handouts for all and sundry. They want Big Brother Government, paying the freight. They demand “special rights” for any number of groups, while denying EQUAL RIGHTS for those they don't like. Individual rights? They could not care less.

They want a collectivist government at the ever-changing whims of men, while denouncing the Rule of Law.

They want the government to confiscate YOUR weapons, thus preventing you from exercising your unalienable right to self-defense. They actually seem to believe that “taking the guns away” will solve the problem of “gun violence”.

The opposite has been proven true: The only way to stop bad guys with guns, is good guys with guns.

This is not about “protesting” Donald Trump. In fact, it's not about Donald Trump at all. He is only a symbol.

And you don't have to be a Trump supporter (for the record, I am not, rather, I am a supporter of the Constitution, no matter who may be elected to the Office of President) to hate the Marxist/socialist ideology that has been encroaching into the political system, bit by bit, for the last hundred years.

The agenda driving these riots is a very aggressive push for totalitarian global government. Most of the “protesters” are merely dupes of the globalists. Take a look at some of the signs and banners under which they are marching:


Slavishly following the playbook of the globalists, the mobs claim that Donald Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a homophobe, an islamaphobe, a “hater”.

In searching for any evidence of such a mentality, I have found nothing to substantiate any of these accusations. What I have found is the usual organized network of paid provocateurs, liars-for hire and their mobs of useful idiots.

Typical of left-wing agitators, they lack facts and hard evidence, so they resort to unwarranted slurs on their adversaries. Since they cannot produce a logical argument, they go into attack mode, making wild accusations which have no basis in fact.

They are ruled by their emotions, rather than by reason or principles.

Hillary Clinton, supported not only by the hard left (and by the way, by the Muslim Brotherhood, who donated millions to her campaign), but also overwhelmingly by the mainstream media, is not only a globalist and a Marxist, she is a career criminal.

She is a serial liar, a sex predator (just like her husband), and a true “hater” of the women and children she claims to champion.

Hillary Clinton, as proven by her “deplorable” track record, is a bloodthirsty war monger.

How many innocent people (including women and children) have died as a direct result of the machinations of Hillary?

What about the mayhem and murder in Libya? (“We came, we saw, he died.”)

What about Benghazi? More lives lost, more senseless deaths, through what I can only call criminal negligence. (“What difference does it make?”)

Why has Hillary Clinton not been held accountable for her many crimes?

Why did FBI Director James Comey give her a pass, even after investigations developed prolific evidence of felony crimes? Even after some of the rank and file FBI agents protested against this miscarriage of justice.

There is voluminous documentation on the absolute corruption and criminality of Bill and Hillary Clinton. I remember when a friend of mine wrote an article, during the Clinton administration, citing the legacy of the Clintons as one of “lechery and treachery”. How very true, but most of their crimes have never even been reported or seen the light of day. Many of the witnesses have been silenced –permanently. As we used to say, some of the victims had been “arkancided”.

Even the latest “newsflash” about satanic rituals (the so-called “spirit cooking”, etc.) has been widely known for decades by those of us who have had the extreme misfortune of being targeted by the Bush/Clinton Crime Families and their CIA cronies.

That would be anyone who stood up against them, anyone who told the truth about their criminality, anyone who refused to tolerate their despicable agenda. Journalists, former FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Military, whistleblowers, patriots.

All targeted as enemies of the state, persecuted, terrorized, tortured, and in some cases, murdered.

What never ceases to amaze me is that so many people (both for, and against, Hillary) were shocked by some of the “new” revelations – and that even so, some still voted for this utterly demonic creature. And some, strangely enough, are Christians.

Anyone who wants the facts and the evidence may easily find them. But how many open scandals , for how many years, will it take for people to finally see the horrible truth? How many are even bothering to search for it?


The founders of this nation , the framers of the Constitution, created a government of the people, by the people, for the people. By the consent of the governed.

NOT a government taken over and controlled by foreign invaders.

A Constitutional Republic, under the Rule of Law.

NOT a democracy.

A government where the Supreme Law of the Land is the U.S. Constitution.

A government which requires all in its service to honor an oath, to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

If you have not read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, why not?

If you have not made the decision to stand up for your country, its sovereignty, and the principles on which it was founded, why not?

Will you allow your country to be taken over by those who would enslave you, who would modify, compromise, adulterate or expunge your unalienable rights?

By those who will kill you if you don't convert, comply, toe the line, toady to the oppressors, become a quisling in service to the globalists?

If you are an advocate of the United Nations, of Socialism, Marxism, Communism, of collectivism, of one world totalitarian government, do you actually expect those of us who have put our lives on the line to defend Liberty and God-given unalienable (inherent, natural) rights, as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution, for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, to tolerate your subversive actions?


If you love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

--Samuel Adams

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Defender of the U.S. Constitution
Enemy of the New World Order Police State
November 22, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016


Today is Veterans Day. Over the course of many years, I have found military vets to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the principles of Liberty, for having served. They also understand the horrors of war, in a way that those who have not been through such an experience cannot.

Unfortunately, and shamefully, the U.S. government has abandoned our veterans, rather than honoring them, rather than providing the support they have earned for their service.

Many of our veterans are disabled. Many are homeless on the streets. This is a national disgrace, especially when illegal aliens are flooding over the borders, receiving welfare (to which they are not entitled), while our veterans are relegated to the status of second-class citizens.

The suicide rate among veterans has skyrocketed, especially since the unconstitutional, (undeclared by Congress) wars around the globe, our precious young men and women, sent to die for a lie. Wars of aggression and conquest hatched by the U.N. in service to the diabolical New World Order. I believe most of those veterans served with honor in their hearts, even if not understanding until after the fact how they were used and abused.

Many veterans (especially those I have known and worked with, who were involved in “special operations” connected to CIA or other intelligence ops) suffer from PTSD, which used to be called 'shell shock', or 'battle fatigue'.

But I have a problem with the terminology. Post traumatic stress, yes. But I do not consider it a “disorder”. The word “disorder” suggests a form of chaos or imbalance. It tends to impugn the sanity of the person, when in fact that is not an accurate description of the condition.

Post traumatic stress SYNDROME (PTSS) is how the condition was originally described. I believe it was changed to “disorder” by government propagandists, as just another way of invalidating the experiences, and the testimony of those persons who come forward to speak out, to expose the truth about the corruption they have witnessed firsthand, the damages they have suffered by involvement in government operations, and in some cases, the subsequent targeting for political persecution.

I know this as well as anyone could. I have suffered from PTS for many years, as a direct result of what the government has done to me. I no longer write about it, nor do I speak publicly about it. I limit my discussions of these issues to a few close friends, those who have had similar experiences. Nobody else can understand.

I am tired of being dismissed as “paranoid” when I try to convey the truth about what the government has done to me and many others. When I try to explain the facts about the true reasons for the poverty in which I have been forced to live these many years, the disabilities which are a direct result of assaults by directed-energy weaponry, car crashes (not accidents); and to add insult to injury, the diabolical calumny plastered all over the Internet by the legion of government-sponsored liars and their minions and quislings.

I am tired of the platitudes, the pop psychology, the psychobabble of those who can never understand. The fact that they don't even try to understand.

So be it. I have been blessed, nonetheless, by the presence in my life of those few who do understand.

Among those few, one person stands out as a shining beacon in the darkness. He is former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, a whistleblower who was forced out of the FBI for DEFENDING THE RIGHTS of the innocent, for honoring his oath to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, against all enemies, foreign and domestic (including those in the FBI who are oath-breakers).

Geral is also a Vietnam Vet. I thought of him this morning, and went to his website, Sosbee Vs. FBI.

And I found this tribute, which means the world to me.

I am humbled, because it is he who deserves the honor and the gratitude, not just from me, but from all those whose Unalienable Rights and Liberty he has defended, both inside and outside government service, at his own great expense.

Thank you, Geral, from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you and all our precious Veterans, who served with honor in their hearts.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Veterans Day
November 11, 2016


BARBARA has been and is today my most valued, treasured and loyal ally & friend for close to two decades. When no one tried to assist me against the attacks by fbi assassins, BARBARA diligently and effectively came to my defense. She stood by me in my darkest hours, even while the cia traitors were assaulting and trying to kill her.

I have never forgotten the many times that BARBARA provided me with her insights regarding USA's dark (or 'Black') operations conducted by fbi/cia against whistleblowers et al. She thereby provided information to me that equipped me to prepare for extreme assaults by the fbi hoodlums and professional murderers. She also provided emotional support for this ex fbi agent at a time when her friendship was most valuable.

BARBARA HARTWELL is a national treasure, a soldier of the highest worth to our country and a woman of rare integrity who possesses an incalculable understanding of the human condition. She is my friend and in a sense a part of me every moment of my life, everywhere I go.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Globalism by Deception & Hypocrisy

This second part of the report covers material from previous reports, in which the misdeeds of several individuals are exposed. I find the most effective way to make my argument against the left-wing agitators who operate by deception and hypocrisy is to bring their own words into the spotlight. They are then easily refuted with facts, evidence, reason and principle.

But first, here is my analysis based on some of their typical tactics in their attempts at gaining influence for their totalitarian agenda.

Use of rhetoric comprised of noble-sounding (but deceptive) phrases.

Substitute emotional appeals for a narrative based on facts.

Projection: Accuse their ideological adversaries of what is actually true of themselves. Make assumptions based on a false premise that “We are all alike”, “We all want the same things”, or “We are all on the same team”.

Group think and herd mentality: Consensus that “We are all in this together”, or “We must all agree” in order to achieve “peace”, “justice”, “freedom”, etc.

Cite “divisiveness” as the root cause of conflicts, in attempts to reconcile irreconcilable differences, justify the unjustifiable, defend the indefensible.

Label any disagreement on issues as an “attack”.

Compromise: Rather than take a solid position based on immutable principles, weaken your stand, tainting it with incompatible ideologies.

Peace” at any price, whatever the sacrifice (justice, integrity, freedom, truth....)

Substitute “reconciliation” for justice, no matter how heinous the offense.

Replace moral absolutes with moral relativism, situational ethics and social engineering.

Attempt to negotiate on non-negotiable issues (justice, integrity, freedom, truth....)

Replace the unalienable rights of the individual with the “common good” of the collective.

The ends justify the means: Nothing is sacred, nothing matters, except that the desired schemes are implemented.

Replace equal rights for one and all with “special rights” of any of a number of designated groups.

Force “legislation” of morality, rather than allow the rule of law to prevail against actual criminals.

Cherry pick the Constitution to support certain of their views, while disregarding what does not serve their agenda.

Promote/support anyone, especially public figures, who are also advocates of the UN, globalism, regardless of their lack of honesty, integrity, or their detestable track record of abuses of power, human rights violations, criminality. “He's no angel, BUT...(fill in the blank with some rhetoric which supports their position), or, “Nobody's perfect”, BUT (more nonsensical rhetoric...)

The “sob sister” mentality: Manipulation by engendering guilt, wherever possible. It's “for the children”, “for the elderly”, “for the disabled”, “for the disenfranchised”, “for the poor”.

Use “opposites” to label their opponents (defenders of Liberty, unalienable rights of the individual). Label them “haters”, accuse them of malice, animus, whenever they protest against injustices or unconscionable actions of those who would steal their liberty, their property or insult their honor.

Demonize their opponents with false accusations, charges. Attribute false motives to any who oppose them.

Smugly claim the moral high ground against all who expose them or stand up against them, no matter the issue, or how well-proven by facts, evidence or principles by their opponents.

Pragmatism vs. Principle: Negate principles in favor of “pragmatic” solutions. No matter how unjust, how wrongful.

Use flattery to insinuate themselves into the good graces of those they can use for their own self-serving ends.

Seek publicity anywhere they can find it, form alliances with anyone who will have them, indiscriminately, and then exploit the credentials, the influence of others, as means and opportunity permit. These left-wing agitators are extremely aggressive and ambitious. They are nothing if not opportunists.

Exploit the suffering, the misfortunes of others, promote the cases of legitimate whistleblowers, Targets/Victims of government persecution, in order to gain “credibility” for themselves, which they then use to further their own agenda, which has nothing to do with the actual plight of those they exploit.

I will begin with a notice posted on a website called FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA, run by one Chris Zucker.




How utterly bizarre. Mr. Zucker promotes left-wing agitator for globalism and advocate for the UN, Janet Phelan, on his website, and has done for many years. He has even listed her under the category of “HONEST HEROS” (misspelled by Zucker.)

I give this as just one example of a person so misguided that he not only fails to see the smallest glimmer of truth about the New World Order, but who has clearly been duped into believing that some of the very individuals he supports (not only “LIBERALS”, but those who have the mentality of communists) are his fellow PATRIOTS.

So, Mr. Zucker wants all LIBERALS to hang! And he and his trusty band of PATRIOTS will personally lead them to the gallows! That seems a bit over the top to me, but Zucker is clearly only posturing with sensationalism to gain attention. Well, he got some, but I doubt it will help his cause. One can hope not...

Now, let's take a look at a complaint Mr. Zucker launched against Barbara Hartwell (2012), which he sent to at least two people, Janet Phelan and Geral Sosbee.

Geral immediately forwarded the defamatory message to me, while Janet Phelan (whom at the time I considered a friend) withheld it.

Chris Zucker wrote:

"I am black listed by Ms. Hartwell, i find it humorous considering i have never had communication with her. At one time i had a blog on Geral's ning site. A problem broke out when Barbara discovered a link on my site under mind control. The link was to educate yourself. Keep in mind when i started the site, I did not know Barbara, Geral, or you. When Geral told me what the problem was with this link, i removed it from my site, Yes i have done shows with Heneghan and Webb.Does that make me a bad person? when some one asks me to do shows?

I am insulted to be listed as a bad person, by some one who has no clue of who i am or what i do. Being quick to put a label on some one is vicious and un caring. If this is the way she is i am relieved to have never had any thing to do with her, I am a real government- mob victim, regardless . And if Ms Hartwell does not recognize real patriots, perhaps she will one day look through all the hate,and the terrible things, she, like all of us are going through to find the real truth.

Chris Zucker"

Outraged, I published Zucker's message and refuted his false accusations and claims. But Janet Phelan took it upon herself to raise objections that I stood up in my own defense against this aggressive busybody, Chris Zucker, who had attempted for years to make contact with me through intermediaries (including Janet Phelan), despite the fact that I told the intermediaries I had no interest.

I do not know Chris Zucker, contrary to his claim in his message. Janet Phelan then continued to discuss me with Chris Zucker (behind my back), even though she had chosen not to share the message with me. And more to the point, it was none of Janet Phelan's business how I chose to deal with her fellow busybody, Chris Zucker.

Then I was told repeatedly by Janet Phelan that it was “divisiveness” in which Chris Zucker had been “caught up”, thus negating my right to defend myself against aggression by the likes of Chris Zucker.

She continued to badger me about this issue, also dragging in other third parties who were completely irrelevant. Leave it to a leftist to stir up trouble simply because someone dares to exercise her right to free speech, and to fend off unwanted advances from a gate-crasher.

Geral Sosbee, however, was outraged, as I was, and had this to say:

The following was written against the most noble and inspirational Freedom Fighter on earth, my best friend and closest ally, the wonderful Barbara Hartwell.”

Links to the verbal assaults on Barbara are found at:

freedom fighters for america dot com

(Chris Zucker promoting Ken Adachi & “Educate-Yourself”)

From Geral Sosbee


Please remove all of your material from the site [a NING site owned by Geral], or save it on a disc. You are not allowed to post here anymore because of your support for a person [Ken Adachi] who verbally assaulted me on line and who engages in vicious slander against my friend Barbara Hartwell.

Geral Sosbee (2012)

So much for the “freedom fighter”, Chris Zucker.

The following excerpts are taken from a report (2014).

THE PRICE OF LIBERTY: Retrospective on Political Persecution in America


I'm aware that this next section may shock some of my regular readers. Janet Phelan and I had a longstanding professional association and personal friendship (2005-2012), so it pains me to write this, but as I have reflected on developing events over the past few years, I find it necessary to address this issue openly and definitively, primarily because she was for such a long time a “known associate” of Barbara Hartwell.

As always, in all things, it is important to me to set the public record straight, once and for all. And unfortunately, I have good reason to believe that misunderstandings have arisen among some of those who are mutual acquaintance of mine and Janet Phelan's, especially those in the media. I realize I may lose friends over this, but the way I see it, those who are true friends will remain friends; others will fall by the wayside, which is to be expected –I long ago became accustomed to the loss of friendships for standing up for my principles.

I believe it is relevant to say that Janet Phelan, at least during the time I've known her, has been a far more prolific contributor of writings on the Internet than I, and no doubt a more “popular” one. Her work has been more widely published and distributed via various venues such as discussion groups, social media, and as a regular columnist on a number of high-traffic, commercial
publications, and also very active on the Internet radio circuit. As I've heard her remark in one of her recent broadcasts, she has gathered a large “following”.

My work, on the other hand, given that I don't seek publicity, don't engage in self-promotion, don't join groups, has been mainly limited to my own website, and a few highly selective others. I also believe that my writings appeal to a much smaller audience, given my “straight and narrow”, brutally blunt (considered offensive by many, I've been told), hard-line focus.

And then, there is the fact that as a government whistleblower, I have been targeted for a massive, organized, long-running libel/slander campaign, with the objective of discrediting my work, while assassinating my character and defaming my good name. (If you don't believe this, just put my name into any search engine and see what comes up. Or, see PART ONE of this report for just a small sample of the defamatory material.)

Most importantly, I have reached the point where, being a hard-core, uncompromising defender of God-given, unalienable INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties, a position I have steadfastly held for decades, I cannot afford to be silent about the hypocrisy of those persons who claim to be "protectors” or “defenders” of human rights; who complain bitterly about the loss of their own "constitutional rights", while doing nothing at all to defend those rights. Who claim to be adhering to "moral absolutes", while actually practicing moral relativism, social engineering and situational ethics. Who are operating on a double standard for self-serving, opportunistic goals, especially involving 'agenda politics', and specifically advocating left-wing agendas which are designed to destroy national sovereignty and "regulate" God-given unalienable rights (which can't be done!), through such godless communist institutions as the United Nations.

Where, pray tell, in the U.S. Constitution, does it say that any State of the Union, or any citizen of the several States, must submit to the authority or jurisdiction of the U.N.? Nowhere! The U.N. has NO jurisdiction, NO authority in these united States. Furthermore, no U.N. “treaties” have any lawful authority if they are countermanded, or their terms prohibited, by what is written in the Constitution.

This Cursed Beast, this Spawn of Satan, the U.N., didn't even exist in 1787, and these usurpers have no business whatsoever encroaching as much as a micro-millimeter into this Constitutional Republic, meddling in the affairs of this sovereign nation.

This Republic was founded as a "government of the people, by the people and for the people", strictly by the “consent of the governed." NOT to be ruled by global elitists, secret societies, international banking cartels, multi-national corporations, or by invasion of foreign busybodies into the body politic, with their diabolical scheme of locking down their New World Order, where all power is centralized in a One World government.

All genuine patriots who defend the Constitution, and the God-given unalienable rights protected therein, have been shouting at the top of their lungs for well over half a century, to get the U.S. the hell OUT of this bastion of vile communism, New Age secular humanism, and globalist totalitarianism aka the New World Order. (And I give the John Birch Society credit where it is due, for leading the charge, these many years.)

For those who are unaware of the truly sinister nature of the United Nations, its alliances with Luciferian/New Age cults (such as Lucis Trust, formerly “Lucifer” Trust), its flagrant anti-Christian doctrines and practices, its total disrespect for INDIVIDUAL rights and PRIVATE property (I could go on...and on....), I can only say BEWARE.

While many will continue to buy into the pervasive propaganda that the U.N. is benign and promotes peace, cooperation and justice, those who want the truth about the U.N. may easily find it by taking the time to do your own research. (There is no substitute!) And for those uninterested in the truth, you will, for declining to take personal responsibility in seeking truth, and failure to stand in defense of truth, get exactly what you asked for: slavery under globalist totalitarianism.

What here, is the relevance of the U.N.? Janet Phelan regularly has truck with the U.N., including attending and participating in their conventions, and supporting and advocating their policies and "treaties". She writes articles promoting the U.N., in which she attempts, using obviously deceptive left-wing rhetoric, to persuade the readers into agreement with their UN-American agenda. (Pun intended.)

But at the same time, she can be heard loudly complaining of the U.S. government's violations of “constitutional rights” and “unconstitutional” policies. Like many others of this ilk, she seems to think she can have it both ways. She can't have it both ways. She can't cherry pick the Constitution to support her leftist agenda, but seems hell-bent on doing exactly that. More on this later in this report...

In 2012 I broke off my association with Janet Phelan (to be clear, the decision was mutual), due to "irreconcilable differences". Speaking strictly for myself, this decision on my part followed a pattern of behavior by Janet Phelan, which by my observations and experience, had become increasingly presumptuous, manipulative, pushy and intrusive; and which displayed a profound disrespect of my privacy and personal boundaries; and which ultimately pushed me to the limits of what I was able and willing to tolerate from a person who called herself my friend.

But more than that, she insulted my honor, by accusing me of "misreporting" events (I did no such thing); of trying to "rationalize" in connection with events (I did no such thing); of "attacking" her in a public venue (I did no such thing), and most of all, by calling me a "faithless friend". That is a matter of subjective personal judgment, one with which I vehemently disagree. 

I must say, I will not allow these untruths to stand, but will speak up, for the public record, in defense of my honor, and of all that I stand for, all that I have worked for, fought for and sacrificed for, these many years. After all I have lost (between 2010 and 2013, in an unprecedented series of disasters, nearly all the personal property I owned, including my house), after all the massive damages inflicted on me by the government and their minions, in my battles for Liberty and Justice --the one thing I have left intact is my honor. And I will not stand by silently when someone (anyone) attempts to sully my honor with gratuitous and unwarranted allegations and insults which comprise a gross misrepresentation of my character –especially if that person's name has had a longstanding connection to mine in media, as a “known associate”.

As any person of spiritual/intellectual discernment should be able to perceive (whatever you may make of it), this is not solely a "personal" issue --far from it-- but rather a matter of principle, and an issue of widely divergent and seriously conflicting beliefs and standards, and of what it has become clear are diametrically opposed political ideologies and moral imperatives.

Of which those of Barbara Hartwell stand uncompromisingly for God-given unalienable INDIVIDUAL rights and liberties, as protected under the Constitution.

And of which those of Janet Phelan would subvert those individual rights and liberties, and further, dismiss the most fundamental principles of Liberty on which this nation was founded, in service to the New World Order/U.N. agenda of collectivism, a consensus-based 'herd' mentality, and the so-called "common good" (Nanny State) of globalist totalitarianism.

To sum it up, my level of "irreconcilable differences" with Janet Phelan's political ideology? Agitators for this left-wing agenda will conquer this nation, and trample MY rights, over my dead body. And as long as I have breath in my body, I will fight for those rights, against any and all who would attempt to mitigate or compromise them. Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

In short, Janet Phelan, I have come to believe after much reflection on events, circumstances, and the interactions I have participated in and/or observed over a period of years, is an agitator for globalist government. That is my considered professional opinion, for the public record.

Janet Phelan wrote:

The U.S. Senate yesterday rejected the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Although a majority voted in favor of ratification of this treaty, the vote fell short of the two thirds necessary.

The vote -- 61 to 38 -- divided closely on party lines, with Republicans calling the vote a victory for national sovereignty and parental rights.

Many Dems, including John Kerry, disagreed, however.

"It really isn't controversial," Kerry said. "What this treaty says is very simple. It just says that you can't discriminate against the disabled. It says that other countries have to do what we did 22 years ago when we set the example for the world and passed the Americans with Disabilities Act."

While many were calling this a defeat for the internationalists and the NWO, I must question if this may be a knee-jerk response to a more complex situation."

"We have not affirmed our “sovereignty” by rejecting the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We have, in fact, lost yet another opportunity to affirm our basic humanity."

Not “really” controversial? What could be more controversial than our national sovereignty, that which stands between us and subjugation to globalist totalitarianism. And using a quote from Kerry to bolster this lame argument, as if he might qualify as paragon of virtue where defending anyone's unalienable rights are concerned? I won't elaborate, but anyone may find the truth, the facts and the evidence about John Kerry by perusing his track record. (Barf bag alert!)

Janet Phelan's idea of a “knee-jerk response” is mere meaningless rhetoric, given that she is, as usual, in favor of allowing the U.N. to encroach ever further into the affairs of this sovereign nation. Does she even understand the true meaning of sovereignty? What the abdication of sovereignty would actually mean to every single American?

And does she understand that the Constitution would prohibit interference in the lives of individuals by an outside entity? Evidently not, on either count. Or, she does understand, but simply dismisses the facts, as they are inconvenient, and not to her liking. (From my observations, leftists don't have much use for facts, as they get in the way of their agenda.)

Furthermore, using U.N. muscle to force any policy on foreign nations is morally repugnant, just as are the endless (undeclared) wars of conquest and aggression against other countries. Countries who have not committed any acts of war against the U.S. Just one of many reasons why the U.S. should get the hell out of the U.N.!

And according to Janet Phelan, the flowery phrase “affirming our basic humanity” would be in line with allowing this outside entity to relegate the “rights” of the disabled, as a special category, to the discretion of the collective, to apportion them as they see fit. Wrong. These are nothing less than the God-given UNALIENABLE rights and liberties of the INDIVIDUAL, disabled or not.

Just as the U.N. is chomping at the bit to “regulate” the right to keep and bear arms (including in this country!), as enshrined in the Constitution, which “shall not be infringed”, the most basic right of all, the right to self-defense!

And let's not forget Agenda 21, the diabolical plot to steal private property from its rightful owners, in service to the globalist collective and its so-called “common good”. Where will it end? This string of usurpations will never end, not until the final lockdown of the New World Order. And not unless We the People (those of us who defend Liberty, that is) stand up and put a stop to it.

There are no “special rights” given, to any group of persons, in any category. Not by virtue of gender, ethnic origin, age, religious creed (or lack thereof), including those who are disabled. There are only EQUAL RIGHTS, bestowed by the Creator (thus unalienable) on each and every INDIVIDUAL. Equal individual rights are to be recognized, and respected, as a moral imperative. Meddling by the U.N. is not to be tolerated by any true defender of Liberty.

As for the issue of “humanity”?

The highest and most true definition of “humanity” toward our fellow persons is to RESPECT THEIR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. Which include their privacy, their personal boundaries (as determined by each one) and their liberty to live as they see fit, to make their own decisions about their own lives.


The following section of the report exposes yet another busybody, an extremely aggressive and ambitious amateur named Howard Nemaizer (using the pseudonym Howard Nema), who also promotes Janet Phelan and has described her as a “good friend”.

Howard Nemaizer, since the writing of this report (2014) has joined the massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, promoting the most outrageous lies. 

Nemaizer has exploited my name, in attempts to make a name for himself, as well as misrepresenting my name and website by promotions of false information, and linking my name to those (such as Janet Phelan and Harry Link) I have publicly denounced, for cause. He has also made fraudulent promotions of my name in connection with psychopaths and criminals, including an arsonist named Keith Mutch, owner of a radio station where demonic icons are used to promote heavy-metal devil-worship.


Howard Nema has notices posted on his websites stating that he wants to restore constitutional government. Banners proclaiming: GET US OUT OF THE U.N.!

Why then does he so often engage in promotion of the flagrant left-wing ideology spouted by Janet Phelan?

I've been surprised more than once to see him nodding along while his guest holds forth, inveighing against the principles of Liberty on which this nation was founded.

On one program Janet Phelan spoke about Hugo Chavez, his “leadership”, how much “good” he had done for “his people”, how he was loved by them, etc. etc. Never a challenge from Howard, never the slightest disagreement. (Had there been, no doubt Janet Phelan would have labeled it an “attack”.)

On another program, in the same leftist vein, Janet Phelan spoke out against capitalism, and actually tried (unsuccessfully) to draw a parallel between capitalism and “attacks on First Amendment Rights”.

Here, the link posted by Janet Phelan:

How capitalism accommodates attacks on 1st Amendment Rights--Impromptu with Howard Nema

At one point, in explaining her complaint against capitalism, she makes the apparent disclaimer, “I'm not a socialist.” Really? Then what's her point?

Maybe Hugo Chavez can explain it:

"Capitalism is the way of the devil and exploitation. If you really want to look at things through the eyes of Jesus Christ - who I think was the first socialist - only socialism can really create a genuine society." (2006)

Hogwash! Chavez clearly had not the slightest understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus was no socialist. Socialism is a system of forced compliance with the dictates of the state, an odious form of bondage. Jesus Christ proclaimed Liberty to the captives. Morality, spiritual discernment, love of God and your neighbor, true Christian charity, none of these can be legislated, they cannot be contrived, cannot be forced on a population at the point of a gun. Which, when you're dealing with leftists, is where it always, always ends up.

And irony upon irony, Howard Nema titles the program:


Howard has a guest whose political ideology supports the very “global totalitarianism” he claims to be dead set against. And he doesn't see this?


It's time to wrap up this segment. Just one quick anecdote regarding a discussion I had with Howard Nema (2013), regarding the nature of the political ideology espoused by Janet Phelan. As previously stated, I did not bring up Janet Phelan's name to Howard after I had broken off my association with her. I had said what I considered necessary, and had no reason to revisit the issue.

But one day I was having a discussion with Howard in which I outlined my strict dedication to the principles of Liberty and God-given unalienable individual rights. Howard's idea was that “everyone sees things in a different way”. True, but if the way they “see” things means that they will violate the unalienable rights of others, fail to respect the privacy, the personal boundaries of others, or try to force their viewpoints on others, then no true defender of Liberty will tolerate such behavior. They may “see” it as they will, but that right to “see” morphs into wrongdoing when they fail to respect the rights of others, or take action to trample the rights of others.

Howard brought up Janet Phelan, in an apparent attempt to persuade me of the value of what she had to offer in terms of defending human rights and related issues. My answer was as follows: You cannot claim to be a “defender” or “protector” of “rights” if you fail to acknowledge the ultimate supremacy of the God-given unalienable rights of the INDIVIDUAL.

Janet Phelan, by her own admission, and by her many statements advocating for the U.N. and “left-wing politics” (her own words) is in favor of compromising, modifying, adulterating the rights of the individual in service to the dictates of a collective.

And finally, in terms of a clear overview, I explained my position by asking Howard to consider this scenario:

One person (for example, in this case, Janet Phelan) decides that she will dedicate much time and effort in attempts to influence people (via her writings, radio appearances, etc.) to believe that left-wing ideology is not only acceptable, but preferable; that it has merit in that it contains solutions to various problems; will result in improving the lives of the citizens of a country, will “affirm our basic humanity”, and so on and so forth...

As a result of her efforts, some of the audience she is addressing (those who lack discernment and don't think for themselves) are actually influenced to join in and support what she is promoting. And remember, according to Janet, she already has a “large following”. (This statement was in fact made on Howard Nema's show.) Her work is posted on numerous large commercial sites on the Internet, spanning an entire spectrum from those who profess “conservatism” to those who are openly leftist, New Age, secular humanist.

(And remember, Janet Phelan is only one person. How many others are there, embracing and promoting the same ideology?)

Over time, more and more people jump on the Leftist Bandwagon, and soon they themselves are spouting the same ideology, and become agitators, not only by their words, but now by their actions. (For example, they get sucked in by the rhetoric, and join the 'Occupy' movement.)

Soon, as the mob of leftists gains momentum, U.N. Treaties gain signatories. Legislation that defies the Constitution is passed. A person's right to keep and bear arms is “signed away” by meddlers from the U.N. Now, the unconstitutional legislation becomes “law”.

What's next? The U.N. decides that they have the right to invade our sovereign republic with impunity, for the “common good”, to “protect human rights”, to “keep the peace”. (After all, the welcome mat has been rolled out, is ready and waiting for such an invasion.)

Meanwhile, the criminals run rampant, because criminals don't respect the law, nor anyone's unalienable rights (never have, never will) and they still have guns and ammo, which they will use in assaults against the citizenry. Robbery, rape, murder, mayhem, all at the point of THEIR guns.

But where are YOUR guns and ammo? Nowhere to be found, they've been confiscated by lawless men (or women) with badges and guns (operating under the color of law), who are “just following orders”, orders given by tyrants who themselves are “following orders”, the directives of even bigger tyrants at the top of the global food chain.

This is how totalitarianism is achieved, by recruiting one individual at a time, then groups of individuals, using propaganda (especially manipulation by engendering guilt: It's for the children, for the disenfranchised; for the elderly; for the disabled, etc. etc.), pressure tactics, and finally, threats.

At long last, a paramilitary team is standing on your doorstep, brandishing their weaponry, pointing guns in your face, in your wife's/husband's face, while your children or grandchildren huddle in fear in the background.

You will do what we say, or we will lock you up, or kill you.

How then, can you possibly stop them?

Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Chairman Mao did it...and on and on it goes....

The objectives of each of these tyrants (and many others throughout the course of history) were the same: TO STRIP YOU OF YOUR GOD-GIVEN, UNALIENABLE RIGHTS & LIBERTIES, TO CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE & DESTINY. And they gained this power because the people, AS INDIVIDUALS, failed to stand up and stop them.

Totalitarianism, courtesy of the New World Order.

Don't be fooled: The promotion and support of even one leftist opens the door, throws out the welcome mat, for more leftists, and their godforsaken globalist totalitarianism. And who is to be held accountable for all this?

Every single person who is a part of it, every person who encouraged it, who aided and abetted the mob of leftists (or just one) in any way, shape or form.

When I finished my little stump speech, Howard told me, “I never thought of it that way.” And apparently, he's decided to continue NOT to think of it that way. That is his prerogative, but at least I know that I did what I could in service to the truth. I can only offer the truth to anyone willing to listen, but I won't try to force it on anyone.

And with this, I conclude this report.

I implore all Liberty-loving Patriots, Defenders of Unalienable Rights, of the Sovereignty of this Constitutional Republic, to take a closer look, a hard look, at those claiming to be what they so clearly are not. Only a few are mentioned here, but they are legion.

You will find their propaganda on numerous high-traffic commercial websites. You will hear their deceptive rhetoric booming out on the airwaves.

But what of their actions? Who and what do they actually support?

Who do they attack with their libelous/slanderous falsehoods?

They are deceivers and hypocrites, merchants of false hope, masquerading as patriots, freedom fighters, opponents of the New World Order.

They are the enemies of Liberty, while claiming to champion it.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 5, 2016