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Monday, December 11, 2006

Political Persecution, Travesties of Justice: Bush Reich Rolls On

October, 2002

Defenders of Liberty:

This is an open letter to every freedom-loving citizen of the United States of America and to every person around the world who is concerned about political persecution and the individuals targeted for such, by corrupt elements within agencies of the U.S. government and their criminal cohorts, minions and dupes.

And lest we forget, the travesties of justice which all too often follow on the heels of such persecution --the violations of INDIVIDUAL human and constitutional rights.

The installation of the tyrannical Bush Reich, and the ensuing 911 'Reichstag Fire' have engendered a political climate which, for all who have eyes to see or ears to hear, is clearly a sinister portent of an unprecedented loss of the freedoms which every individual has a God-given right to enjoy; not just the right to enjoy, but to demand.

Much of what I will relate here pertains to my own experiences; as well as to those of some of my friends, family and professional colleagues: What we have endured, and continue to endure as individuals targeted for such persecution.

All because we have stood up for our Constitutional rights; blown the whistle on government corruption and its accompanying human rights abuses. Because we have told the truth about what is really happening in this country.

Many instances of this persecution have been well documented over a period of years, long before the advent of the overt and institutionalized High Treason of Homeland Security and The USA Patriot Act.

Much of the testimony of the individuals targeted for persecution has been made public. Some of the targets, such as Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb; ex-FBI agent Richard Taus and ex-CIA operative Chip Tatum, have been set up, arrested and convicted on false charges and have been unjustly incarcerated.

Some of the targets, such as Ezra Pound, have been remanded, by venal judges and corrupt 'mental health professionals', to psychiatric hospitals. Still others, such as Danny Casolaro; Phil Schneider; and Bill Cooper have been assassinated.

One of the most outspoken whistleblowers on such crimes against humanity and one of the most severely persecuted, is Geral Sosbee, former special agent with the FBI; attorney; and Vietnam veteran.

In his previous capacities, Geral served his country with honor and continues to do so, despite the brutal persecution he is targeted for on a daily basis. He speaks from experience and insider knowledge about the outrageous deception, pervasive corruption and perhaps most egregious, the betrayal of the public trust which has become the shameful hallmark of our Federal government.

From a recent series of commentaries, in Geral Sosbee's own words:


["The collapse of leadership in the United States is now evident worldwide and the perpetual state of war that seems to characterize this nation's global political posture cannot change until the Mental Dwarfs and their mentors are exposed for what they are: maniacal and near demonic assassins and misanthropes unable to grasp the eternally damaging effects of their depravity.   

As the rest of the world awakens to the complete breakdown of fundamental human rights, as evidenced by the United States domestic and foreign public policy (and as defined & enforced by the fbi , cia, and similarly chartered and motivated groups) this once great nation stands alone, isolated by its own warped and depraved values.

The warmongers, the cut-throats and the low life assassins in the fbi and the cia bring to the United States precisely the same barbaric elements that the United States now impugns to so-called enemy and "Axis of Evil" countries.

Those elements are:

1) Disrespect for the rights of human beings.

2) Dictatorial regimes which imprison, torture, and kill people around the world (usually for the cause of "World Peace, Economic Stability, or Religion") .

3) Tyrannical cultures which are programmed (by mind control techniques of incredible effectiveness) to assist the corrupt government in terrorizing and killing the targets.

Finally, those people who recognize the plan to de-humanize the earth's population and to strip all people of their natural spiritual impulse to honor first and foremost God's laws, also see the cowardly nature of the band of thugs who rule the world in a manner that defiles all that is holy on earth. This perception that the United States is made up of assassins and cowards brings upon the United States a most unmanageable rejection by friend and foe alike.

The time is come for the fbi and the cia to open all of their files on every human being in the world; by so doing the ability for the fbi and the cia mental dwarfs to blackmail and intimidate their critics is nullified. The release of the fbi/cia files (but I mean all the files, notes, memos and verbal understandings) will also show the world just how incredibly sick are the misguided men and women (in the fbi/cia) who make a living by fabricating the files and then by using the files to destroy people and governments.

Let the sunshine pour on all of the files now, and begin it by opening for world review the files on Geral W. Sosbee."]


As for my own personal experiences as a target of political persecution, it is important to me that the truth be known, as widely as possible, before I am silenced by the force of circumstances which are increasingly beyond my control, as designed by the criminal adversaries pitted against me.

As a result of the continuing and rapidly escalating persecution I have been subjected to; the psychological operations and the slander/libel campaigns directed against me:

I am financially destitute; completely without resources, at least in a material sense. No source of income; no money even for the most basic necessities of survival. I live perpetually under the shadow of losing the very roof over my head.

I am isolated with no transportation; no one I can rely on for assistance, even in an emergency. (And 'rely' is the operative word.)

In addition to the physical disabilities I suffer as a result of abuses perpetrated on me by government black operations, my general state of health has worsened considerably due to the extreme stress and trauma generated by unceasing harassment. I have no access to health care and no medical insurance.

I have worked long hours, seven (7) days a week for years (since 1994) with the singleminded purpose of exposing the perpetrators of the transgressions committed against me and many others; and in efforts at my own defense.

Any contributions I have received from supporters have been used only for the most minimal survival needs and to continue my work; and to the best of my ability, to help others under persecution, some of whom are in equally dire predicaments as my own.


Over the past nine (9) years, since I broke out of CIA black programs which had enslaved me and exploited me for the better part of my lifetime, most of my support system has been ripped away by the machinations of my criminal adversaries: Those who have the most to lose if their violations of human rights continue to be exposed; those same individuals who have the most to gain if I am silenced or otherwise 'neutralized'.

Many of the witnesses and supporters, including family and friends, whom I once believed would stand with me have deserted and/or betrayed me for one or more of the following reasons:

1) They have become targets of harassment and persecution, simply for associating with me and/or attempting to assist me. (Giving aid and comfort to the 'enemy of the state' as defined by the tyrants who comprise the criminal element within agencies of the Federal government. Though 'Enemy of the POLICE State' would be a more accurate label.)

2) They have been intimidated and/or coerced by my adversaries. Some have had their homes invaded and ransacked. Some have been subjected to coercion by the use of physical force; military hardware (including electromagnetic and psychotronic weaponry) deployed against them; even SWAT teams! Or death threats to themselves, their families and other loved ones.

3) They have: lost their jobs; suffered false arrests; been targeted for character assassination; had their bank accounts looted; been financially ruined.

4) They have turned against me because they believed the lies told about me: thedisinformation; slander and the libelous writings of my enemies.

5) They have been targeted for mind control and Psy Ops and have lost their capacity for free, independent and critical thinking.

As God is my witness, all that I have stated here is the truth.


Last month I returned from a trip of six weeks duration, over which time I traveled to various areas of the country. Accompanying me on this trip was a trusted friend, Jeff Swedenburg, who served as my bodyguard. Jeff served in the military in Special Forces and is also a specialist in forensic investigations. As a friend and fellow patriot, he was kind enough to volunteer his time and his services.

I was able to pay the expenses for this trip with donations from a few supporters, but just barely; after having to cover my rent and utility bills, etc. etc. at the time I returned, I was, as usual, flat broke again.

Some people have asked me why I would take it upon myself to make such a trip when I clearly could not 'afford' to do so. Some have criticized me, in the belief that I 'should have' been more prudent and 'should have' known my limitations. Should have, could have, would have.....but then, they don't walk in my shoes.

As I saw it, through the lens of conscience, duty, and concern for others (including my very dear sister Irene) in need of help, making this trip was a thing I could not afford NOT to do.

I don't yet know what good (if any) this trip accomplished, considering the pain, suffering and trauma visited upon all of us, most of all my sister. I guess only God can be the judge of that.

However, I did try, to the best of my ability, to help. I did what I could, and all I could, under the circumstances, which were certainly among the most unfavorable and daunting I have been up against.

During the entire course of this journey, Jeff and I were subjected to some of the most outrageous and flagrant harassment I have ever experienced. Spooks and their hired goons tailed us from state to state, relaying reports on our movements to their cronies and handlers on cell phones and radios. They surrounded us on the road, at times boxing us in with trucks and vans, thus endangering our safety while driving.

They also followed us on foot; in one particular instance through the Military Park at Gettysburg, where we had stopped to wander through the battlefields, graveyards and memorials of the Civil War.

On that occasion, a fortyish white-haired spook with 'CIA-issue' aviator shades (same kind I wear, rain or shine, all year round, and mine are even bullet proof!) strolled along behind us everywhere we went, lurking behind the monuments and trying to look like one of the tourists, though we made him from Minute One. When I'd had enough of him, I looked directly at him as he sauntered casually by the place we were sitting, amidst the cannons, and said: F--- you CIA. He didn't even glance my way.

The hired goons showed up in restaurants and other public places, within minutes of our arrival, and attempted to provoke us with inflammatory comments, hostile stares and taunting gestures.

It was abundantly clear that they hoped to provoke us into engaging them in physical combat so they would have an excuse to arrest us. Being law-abiding citizens, we refused to make the first strike and would only have fought in self defense. Had they drawn first blood, that would be a different story.....

So we simply ignored the goons' provocations or answered their verbal taunts with a sarcastic rejoinder. Geral Sosbee's label for these thugs and provocateurs is 'mental dwarf'. That about sums it up.

Our first destination was Wilmington, North Carolina. Our mission was to help my sister Irene in any way possible and to further investigate the persecution under which she is living.

For many years, Irene has been the victim of CIA MK Ultra mind control; severe sexual abuse; brutal attacks with high-tech weaponry; as well as illegal surveillance and other violations of her human and Constitutional rights.

I and others who have investigated Irene's case have reason to believe that the persecution against my sister escalated and became more overt as a result of my own case as a survivor of CIA mind control programming having gained increasing public attention.

We can corroborate each other's testimony regarding events which have happened as far back as childhood; we can name high level government officials and their criminal cohorts, directly involved in CIA mind control operations and other human rights abuses; and we have collected evidence to back up our testimony.....clearly not to the liking of the perpetrators.

Irene gave me permission to make her own case public early this summer. And that is when all hell really broke loose, as the Criminals In Action scrambled desperately to cover their tracks.

The small private community in Wilmington where Irene lives has been described by more than one reliable source as a sort of CIA enclave, comprised largely of individuals who are currently or were formerly employed by CIA and other government agencies.

Irene has suffered five (5) years of brutal persecution, ever since she and her husband moved into their home in North Carolina. Coincidentally, two 'retired' CIA operatives moved into the house right next door to Irene within a few weeks.

Having lived under circumstances which can only be described as life-threatening, Irene feared being alone in her house as her husband was to be away for a two-week period on a business trip.

Jeff and I had originally planned to stay at Irene's house with the intent of providing protection for my sister while her husband was away. But as events transpired, and under the deplorable conditions prevailing at her home, we were not able to remain at my sister's home for more than a few hours.


Jeff and I arrived at my sister's home on August 11 after a two day journey by car from my home in Woodstock, NY. On the night of August 10 we spoke to Irene by telephone and she told us that she had been arrested that morning.

Her next-door neighbor, a 'retired' CIA operative, was responsible for the arrest. Clearly his intent must have been to set Irene up for a false arrest, as he claimed that Irene intended or attempted to "assault" him with a so-called "deadly weapon".

But the story the operative told the police could not have been further from the truth.....

Firstly, Irene does not own any "deadly weapon", nor does she have access to such a weapon. Secondly, Irene did not assault anyone, nor threaten to do so.

Here are the facts: Some time before her husband had left on his business trip, Irene was walking her dog on her own property, carrying NOT a "deadly weapon" but an air gun, one that was not loaded with any type of 'ammunition'. An air gun that was actually broken.

The operative, who lives on the adjoining property, was inside his home, peering out a window, when he happened to see Irene.

In fact, she was walking quietly through her own yard, minding her own business. But apparently, the sight of the air gun was the 'window of opportunity' the operative had been waiting for, in his relentless spying on my sister.

It is not much of a stretch to conclude that he fabricated a story of "assault with a deadly weapon." After all, CIA trains all their operatives to lie --and convincingly. That (among other unconscionable acts) is how they make their living.

And the operative waited until my sister's husband was away to call the police on the false arrest --naturally.

Irene's neighbors, the 'retired' CIA operatives, had some months earlier sent me a certified letter, claiming that they had filed a 'criminal complaint' against me and my sister Irene after I published an article about my sister and the distressing and unscruplous behavior of her CIA neighbors. Criminal behavior, that is.

The CIA operatives claimed in their letter that they had received "death threats" as a result of my article; and falsely accused me of "inciting violence and terrorism".

But I had done no such thing. I clearly stated in my article that I am a law-abiding citizen and that I had no intention of committing any criminal acts. In fact, I have no criminal record. I have never been convicted of any crime, not even a misdemeanor. Furthermore, I do not believe in using any form of violence (except in self defense); nor have I ever advocated such, publicly or otherwise.

In my article I was simply expressing my eminently justifiable outrage; venting my personal feelings and exercising my First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

I made no threats against these CIA operatives, nor did I suggest to my reading audience that they do so. Expressing righteous anger at human rights abuses does not make one a 'terrorist'. Except perhaps in the twisted minds of CIA operatives desperate to cover up their own criminal activities.

As I stated in a later public commentary, I believe the CIA operatives to be liars as regards their claims of having received "death threats" as a result of my article.

But, as subsequent events have revealed, it's more than just a belief on my part that the operatives are liars. In fact, I KNOW them to be liars, as proven by their many false, libelous, slanderous and extremely damaging allegations made to numerous individuals, about myself, my sister Irene and other family members and in-laws. I also have documented evidence of these false allegations.

In any case, no warrant was ever issued for my arrest, based on the 'criminal complaint' made by the operatives. After all, I had done nothing to break the law.

But then, neither did my sister Irene break any law. Is walking on one's own property, carrying a harmless air gun, a crime? Not under any criminal statutes in the state of North Carolina.

Irene was released from police custody on the afternoon of August 10. A date for a court hearing was then set: September 11, 2002.....interesting, to say the least.

A second court date has now been set in the near future. I had planned to wait until AFTER the final court date to write a report about the set up and false arrest of my sister Irene.

But due to the relentless machinations and harassment of the CIA operatives responsible for my sister's arrest, and their attempts to poison the public's perception of myself and my sister, I thought it appropriate to immediately make at least some of the facts of the case public.

As for the rest of the story --and there is much more to tell-- God willing, that will be published at a later time.


Among those to whom the operatives furnished false information is an individual by the name of Brenda Negri, the architect of The Fifth Horseman website.

Negri was contacted on September 25 by these operatives. They furnished Negri with false and libelous information by e-mail regarding myself, my sister Irene and other family members and in-laws.

The messages from the operatives were signed "Just a Friend" and emanated from this e-mail address:

Among the many false claims made by the CIA operatives was that I and my sister were "insane".

In fact, they labeled me a "lunatic". The operatives also opined that ALL the material published on my website was "written by lunatics, for lunatics". (I think the other authors featured on my site, as well as many of our readers would take issue with that.)

But this same exact statement "by lunatics, for lunatics", was made by the operatives in a certified letter sent to me, signed with their real names. Just in case anyone questions the REAL identity of the authors of the libelous e-mail messages, which have also been sent to a number of others, both supporters and adversaries of myself and my sister.

The operatives' accusations are always along the same lines: Myself, my sister and ANYONE who believes we are credible and tries to support or defend us is a "lunatic". And of course, impugning the sanity of a target (anyone who can furnish truthful testimony and/or evidence about their violations of human rights) is the most typical of CIA ploys.

In what I can only assume was an attempt to taunt and harass me, copies of the e-mails to Negri were forwarded to me by the operatives. Given that they had foolishly furnished me with evidence of their harassment and libeling of myself and my family, I did not hesitate to make good use of it.

I posted the first message in its entirety on my website, along with my own admittedly sarcastic commentary, in which I pointed out the absurd nature of these allegations and exposed the operatives and their new "friend" Negri, for the liars and cowards they are.

As for Brenda Negri, she is notorious among legitimate investigators and whistleblowers as a pathological liar, provocateur, phony and government dupe who regularly engages in posting libelous and defamatory allegations on her website and (using countless aliases) on other message boards all over the Internet.

Among Negri's primary targets are myself, Barbara Hartwell; Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb; ex-ONI and Iran Contra Whistleblower Al Martin; Investigative journalist and editor of Rumor Mill News (and ex-wife of CIA operative Gunther Russbacher), Rayelan Allen; and most recently, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee. All legitimate whistleblowers, investigators and writers with verifiable track records for exposing government corruption, much of our work based on 'insider' knowledge.

Negri, on the other hand has NO access to such knowledge; NO background or training in intelligence operations or law enforcement.

As for the material posted on her website, she merely searches the Internet, scavenging what she can from other people's material and posts it AS IF it were her own or AS IF it comes from some mysterious 'inside' source, for which she usually thinks up a corny code name, such as "The Bird".

I can only assume that the CIA operatives furnished this false information to Negri in the belief that they could exploit Negri to disseminate disinformation about myself and my family. Certainly Negri has shown herself to be a willing and eager recipient and purveyor of disinformation, as demonstrated by the continuous posting of such on her website and on message boards all over the World Wide Web.

As it turned out, instead of posting the disinformation provided by the operatives (regarding Irene's arrest and the 'lunatic' sisters) Negri decided to post her own taunting little commentary, threatening to reveal some "explosive, very incriminating and very damning" information; and gloating over the victory she believed would be hers.

Negri didn't give the names, but boasted that she would keep the information "under wraps" for the time being. Negri claimed that the revelation she would make would, once and for all, "destroy the credibility" of her "adversary" (myself) "on the Internet, on the radio and in person" .

True to form, and predictable as the sunrise, Negri counted her chickens before they hatched. So much for Negri's grand 'revelation'..........

But keep that phrase in mind: "destroy the credibility." It is crucial to understanding the libel and slander campaigns being waged by corrupt government agents and their dupes (such as Brenda Negri) against myself and other legitimate whistleblowers.

Speaking of legitimate whistleblowers, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee is the latest to be targeted for Negri's libelous and defamatory harangues.

From The Fifth Horseman website, written by Brenda Negri:

[Note: The post written by Brenda Negri aka Ranger Rick has been left in its original form, with no editing.]

{"Geral Sosbee – The Internet’s “FBI Agent Version” of the “ONI’s” Al Martin? Is He, Too, Just Smoke and Mirrors with a Trumped Up Legend? Or is he another rogue spook bashing legit, decent Feebs? ~~~~ Some time ago we contacted Mr. Sosbee by E-mail advising him about how to handle the stress under PSYOPS and how we thought he needed to “relax” a bit as it sounded to us like the PSYOPS was getting to him (his allegations that “someone was breaking into his home at night and urinating on his sheets” sounded a bit over the top to us, and a lot like kidney failure on his part). We contacted him in good faith with some sound advice and compassion. Guess what? He never replied. That’s when we began to suspect he was another “Internet Fake”. Oddly enough, the only place you can read about “Ex-FBI Agent” Mr. Sosbee is on Barbara Hartwell’s site or his own – save for his taking out a huge ad in some Hollywood rag. He sure doesn’t show up in any FBI web page or newspaper article archives as having been some mob busting, crime fighting Fab Feeb a la some real Feebs we have known and/or do know to exist, like Ace G Man Rick Wade or the recently converted and character-enhanced Ron Iden. Sosbee’s Gardena Police report only infers that it may have been possible his brake lines were tampered with, but they in no way shape or form accuse the FBI of “going after” Mr. Sosbee as Hartwell and he both claim Gardena’s Finest do. Are Gardena cops fuming over someone putting words into their chops? Do they think this guys’ a nut? Geral FLUNKS our Feeb Integrity Test…and sets the Spook O’Meter off by his clinging to rogue CIA Black Network operative Hartwell and her site where her attempts to be a coy vixen dangle or some hot to trot, wannabe “Bond Girl” (in spy parlance we refer to women like her as a “Black Widow”) to lure in her next sucker, fall miserably flat. It has obviously worked however with Mr. Sosbee. Her attempts to do the same with former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson also fell flat because he had the sense to see her for what she is: an Internet scam, a lure, a dangle of some rogue operative’s agenda and a product of someone’s overactive mind in Maryland. You don't need to be influenced by corrupt people like these. If you are a legitimiate investigator looking into organized crime, espionge, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and political corruption, work on improving yourself and avoid these Internet scam artists and their bogus claims of "insider information". They have no credibility amongst those out there who are doing the REAL work to keep our country safe and prosecute those who break our laws and threaten our nation's security."}

Negri's ludicrous remarks (all of which are lies) as regards Geral and myself are emblematic of the type of disinformation being disseminated all over the Internet by government dupes and provocateurs such as Negri.

Negri has no credibility, nor has she ever been accorded legitimacy by anyone with even half a brain.

When Geral read the tripe written by Negri, starting with her letter to him offering her (unsolicited and presumptuous) "sound advice" he immediately dismissed her as a "half-wit".


Brenda Negri is but one of the 'mental dwarves' being used as dupes in the service of government-issue criminals to antagonize law-abiding citizens, legitimate whistleblowers and true patriots.

Provocateurs of Negri's ilk are unfortunately a dime-a-dozen. And these cowardly liars seem to be coming out of the woodwork like never before. Their stock-in-trade? The smear campaign.

Here's how it's done: The masterminds behind the smear campaigns supply false information about the designated target to their low-level hirelings and dupes. The only 'credentials' necessary are a corrupt spirit; a black heart; a willingness to bear false witness and a big mouth.

The minions then go into action, homing in on their targets like heat-seeking missiles. The brighter the flame of Spirit, Truth and Justice which burns in our hearts, the darker the false shadow that we can expect to be cast upon us by the attacks of the liars and sowers of discord.

Here is another example of libelous disinformation, in an attempt to assassinate my character and destroy my professional reputation. The author of these malicious lies is anonymous, typical of those cowards who hide in the shadows to do the dirty work of their dark overlords.

From the Larry Lawson News:

[In response to a post about myself and my sister Irene by Pam Schuffert]

E-mail message to Larry Lawson:

"This letter about hartwell is a lie as everything about her is. She worked for the cia black ops...ask anyone. I know someone who actually knows her.

She may or may not be faking the getting away from them thing but truthfully...she was involved in black ops and all I can say is that alone should tell us all that she is no polly pureheart that is being targetted. SHE WAS INVOLVED IN TORTURING PEOPLE HERSELF and it turned on her . She claims it turned on her (they turned on her) because she refused to cooperate. Nonsense. If you have security clearance and are in the know and attempt to leave they KILL YOU.

Firthermore, I personally emailed her and I told her what I thought about some of the DISINFORMATION she was spreading on the web to the other victims and guess what larry...she never responded and I was pretty mild so that summed it up for me.

Also, she goes around telling people that these websites which contain her photos are what she looks like. NOT, she is an old bag now and she is a liar. Lotsa info on her out there really.

If you want to post my comment on her it is cool with me but it will very likely bring you alot of trouble as she has got alot of victims believing in her does a few of her friends like wes thomas whom I already proved is a huge disinfo person on the topic of mind control."

And by the same 'anonymous' author:

"I am telling you this person [Barbara Hartwell] has had about three different photgraphs of herself on the web and they do not look alike.

Also, I just called my friend in Ny about barbara and he said she is in her fifties!!!!!!!!!

People are so gullible they believe the video with bin laden is real even though his nose is bigger I am telling you she is bogus."

Well, what a lovely description of Yours Truly. I particularly like the part about the "old bag."

But for what it's worth, the pictures on my website (all taken between 1995 and 2000) are of me --not a stand in-- and do in fact show what I actually look like. Ask anyone who REALLY knows me.

Yes, it's true that I am in my what? I've always looked younger than I am.

Often, when strangers have seen me with my son Keith, who is now 26, they have mistaken me for his girlfriend. (Must be clean living, or maybe I've just got 'good genes'.)

Nevertheless, the fact that I am over fifty (50) years of age should not affect my credibility one way or another, unless I were lying about my age, which I am not. When clerks in liquor stores have had the effrontery to ask me for I.D. I tell them, I was born when Harry Truman was president!

But the fact that I am 'in my fifties' is about the ONLY bit of truth stated in this mental dwarf's nasty little commentary.

Except that I was involved in CIA black ops. That's also true. And I've never denied it.

But consider this: I never VOLUNTEERED to work for these bastards, they trained and 'recruited' me right out of the combination boot camp/charm school that was my family's home and under mind control programming, at that.

CIA got their hooks into me when I was just a small child. It's not MY fault I come from a CIA family.

At least I had the guts to do the right thing. I resisted, I fought them, I told them to go to hell (where they are already heading in a handcart) and I got out.

The comments from my detractors represent the same old tiresome and unmerited 'blame the victim' syndrome, and I've heard enough of this nauseous nonsense to last me for the rest of my life.

What? Just because a person was utilized by CIA --against her will--she's now tainted goods?

And anyone who thinks they haven't tried to kill me, needs to think again. They've made several attempts on my life. But by the grace of God (which allowed me to break away from them in the first place) Divine Intervention has saved my life, how many times, I've lost count.

Maybe I have friends in high places who think my life is worth saving. Who knows?

Again from the Larry Lawson News, another anonymous author comments:

"About 3 years ago, i attended a seminar at a hotel in nj, hosted by kurt billings. one of the speakers was barbara hartwell. if that was truly her, she is certainly no old bag. maybe about 35 and in fine shape. Her story seemed credible and some dickhead in the audience actually asked her if she had ever killed anybody. She kind of said something to the effect of 'do you really want to find out?' and that was the end of it........ but meeting barbara and one of the other speakers was the best part."

Good to know that somebody out there seems to think I'm okay......

And here's an excerpt from another post written by Pam Schuffert:

"By the way, Larry, many are those who are out to deliberately spread lies and misinformation against those coming successfully out of such CIA programs such as Barbara Hartwell. They seek to destroy her credibility so that the public will not believe her, as she attempts to expose this stuff."

But pro or con, I don't particularly care what anyone thinks of me. I can't afford to care, I have far more important things on my mind. Of course, I greatly appreciate those who are sincere in their support of me.

And I do get angry when malicious lies are published about me. Who wouldn't? To have these vipers and maggots (for that is what they are) falsely accusing me of atrocities such as 'torturing people' makes my blood boil.


But only God can know ALL of what is in my heart. And only those blessed with spiritual discernment may know any part of the truth about me or for that matter, about any other individual.

When I write about my experiences, and publish the testimony of others targeted for political persecution, I tell the truth, as best I understand and know it.

All I ask from the readers is to listen, with an open mind and hopefully, a compassionate heart.

I do not expect my testimony to be taken as gospel. No, I expect that people will do their own research and base their assessment of my credibility --or lack thereof-- and my character, on their own intellectual and spiritual discernment. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

And I would pose these questions to anyone who thinks I am a liar:

What could I possibly hope to gain?

Why would I fabricate stories about crimes and human rights violations committed by unscrupulous agents of the U.S. Government?

Do you think I enjoy being persecuted?

Do you think I revel in having my name dragged through the mud by those who would try to discredit me?

Do you think I benefit in any way from the financial ruin that has been visited upon me as a result of being a whistleblower?

Do you think I relish the heartbreak I feel every time a friend or family member abandons or betrays me?

To all with eyes to see or ears to hear, the answer to these questions should be obvious.

I and many others, throughout the course of history, have been persecuted precisely BECAUSE we told the truth and because we stood up in the cause of freedom and justice. It's nothing new, it's been going on for centuries.

My situation is not unique. I'm far from the first and won't be the last. I don't consider myself the best or the brightest and certainly I'm nowhere near the most important.

But better to stand in the light and tell the truth and be persecuted, even to the death, than to cower in the shadows, living a lie. For when this life is over, God -- as ever--will still know our true hearts.

What does God read in the hearts of the cowards; the liars; the traitors; the sowers of discord?

And what does God have in store for the warmongering tyrants of the Bush Reich, as it rolls on in it's ever-burgeoning industry of death and destruction?

Barbara Hartwell
October 12, 2002


I would like to thank the following individuals, the whistleblowers; researchers; journalists; survivors of government mind control; intelligence operations; law enforcement; ex-military et al; all of whom, at one time or another, have shared vital information with me; and/or listened to my testimony; and/or published my material. Most are living, a few deceased. All have made their own invaluable contributions to exposing the truth. I salute them as Enemies of the Police State and Defenders of Liberty. God bless them all.

Irene Adrian; Cleveland Amory; Michael Ash; *BartCop*; Al Bielek; Doreen Bishop; Bill Cooper; Sheila Epstein; George Farquhar; Richard Finnegan; Marcy Gordon; Noreen Gosch; Kathy Kasten; Mike Levine; Oswald Le Winter; Al Martin; Liz Michael; Gloria Naylor; Andrea Jacque Percival; John Quinn; Ed Schooling; Geral Sosbee; Katherine Sullivan; Jeff Swedenburg; Chip Tatum; Stew Webb; Carl Worden; Steve Young.

And those who wish to remain anonymous.....Y'all know who you are.

Note, added December, 2006:

The names of the CIA operatives were not used in this report, due to a request from my sister at the time it was written. Court cases were pending and I agreed on the temporary 'gag order', only in respect for my sister's wishes. Previously, I had named them in exposing their crimes and will soon post some of the reports which describe their criminal activities and harassment of my sister, my inlaws, and family, some of whom are still CIA.

The actual names of the 'retired' (what a sick joke!) CIA operatives are Ronald Cerra and Mary Ann Cerra.

May their names live in infamy in perpetuity. May God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon them.

December 11, 2006