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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


For now, due to time constraints, I can only give this brief update on the directed weaponry assault against Geral Sosbee. More will be coming soon, especially related to one of the involved parties in the campaign against Geral, Senator John Cornyn.

I should make it very clear that I have had a vast range of experience with these directed energy weapons, for over 30 years. I have been hit, and experienced some of the same injuries/symptoms as Geral describes here. Migraine headaches so severe it feels as if your head will explode. Sudden onset of projectile vomiting. Loss of consciousness.

When these assaults happened to me, I, like Geral, refused to be taken to hospital, because I knew that would give the perps an opportunity to finish me off, using some false story to explain the death.

On some occasions, it took up to three (3) days of being bedridden to even begin to recover, with weakness and dizziness continuing for up to a week.

And no, this is NOT “paranoia” or delusion, as our enemies would have the public believe. These weapons are real, and have been deployed against whistleblowers for decades.

Geral Sosbee is a senior citizen, a disabled veteran who served his country with honor, and a law-abiding citizen.  So, WHAT THE HELL????

Why are these campaigns of persecution against those of us deemed 'enemies of the state' not a front page news item? No, the left-wing media would rather sell idiotic stories about Oprah for President, and other nonsense and inanities...

But I will let Geral continue with his own testimony, taken from his public reports and e-mails to me.

More to come...

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 9, 2018


This report should generate a full-fledged congressional investigation of fbi, USPI and Senator John Cornyn.

Yesterday I collapsed half conscious at the McAllen Texas mall, Lubys Cafe at 7:30PM. The EMS wanted to transport me to hospital, but I declined. Fbi has on several occasions tried to kill me while being hospitalized. Besides, no doctor would accept my reports of attacks by ELF & DEW (See Dr. Holder's fraudulent report at part 20 of My Story at SOSBEE VS fbi.)

Now, evidence of crimes that I gathered on fbi, USPI And Senator John Cornyn outrage fbi assassins who seriously try to cause the AFIB (induced by fbi's ELF attacks) to become a heart attack.

Collapse also caused scrapes, abrasions & nerve damage to left hand which doctor says will take 1-2 months to recover.

I can't use my left hand which is swollen.

A witness stated that as I was falling nearly unconscious I narrowly missed hitting my head on a sturdy table corner in the cafe.

I believe that fbi used microwave on me in the attack (5th of Jan) because of extreme symptoms of stress that night. Powerful migraine all night, impossible to sleep, mental anguish that did not diminish as blood pressure rose.

Then, the next day at 7:30 pm I collapsed from exhaustion.