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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Background on Hartwell Archives

Note, January, 2007:

This is some background material I wrote (January 2005) for a website which I was unable to get online. 

Unfortunately, I have also lost much of the new material I wrote since that time. Another computer (number 7, since 1994) destroyed by the government rat bastards and many of my files corrupted and lost.....

But I am building my archives on this site, comprised of the older reports I have managed to retain in my computer files, track down on the Internet or from hardcopy files.

Fortunately, I did find a trustworthy person who rebuilt my computer in the summer of 2006. Like me, he is former CIA, who left on 'bad terms', for the same basic reasons I did. He refused to be a "team player" in the criminal cabal. In other words, he has a conscience.

Like me, he has been a target of extreme persecution for many years. Like me, he lives in poverty and is seriously disabled, as a direct result of the abuses perpetrated against him by criminals in government.

But unlike me, he has the expertise in areas of technology (including computers) which I entirely lack.

Without his support, his efforts and the considerable amount of time he donated to me, as part of our common cause, defending Liberty and exposing the evils of CIA, I wouldn't be online today. I wouldn't have a website; nor would I even have a computer.

I won't use his real name, as he hasn't gone public with it. I'll call him 'Paul', and I will soon be posting some new reports outlining our common experiences as targets of political persecution; which also correspond to the experiences of ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

I happened to meet Paul through mutual friends and he has been a Godsend. People like Paul, like Geral Sosbee, and a few others, who did the right thing, regardless of the consequences to themselves, who have sacrificed so much to defend Liberty, are the reason I have not completely lost my faith in humanity. God bless them.


I decided to create this new Web site for the following reasons:

Because having made my case public for so many years, it is important to keep it public for my own security.

Because I have always felt it was my duty as a patriot, a defender of the Constitution and as a servant of God to expose as much as I can about what I know, in the hope that it may help others to make informed decisions in preserving their liberty.

Thus far, I have exposed but a fraction of the information I have compiled and documented, mostly due to the damages caused by unrelenting persecution; lack of resources and support.

Considering my present circumstances (at the time of this writing in January 2005) it is doubtful that I will live long enough to expose it all.

In any case the material I have gathered would fill several large volumes. I have been working on putting together various books which I can only hope will finally bring me some desperately-needed financial remuneration for my work.

But for what it's worth to those interested, I've done the best I could under the worst of circumstances, working hard and standing alone against the incredible odds stacked against me.

Because having this Web site is the only way I can preserve the integrity of my work in one place via the archives and stand in my own defense against those many unconscionable and malicious persons who have made it their mission to spread lies and disinformation.

I am not willing to allow these liars, mockers and scorners, these sowers of discord, to have the last word about my case nor to see the hard work of many years be lost and thus count for nothing.

Because I have been blacklisted and banned from so many Web sites and radio programs in efforts to silence me and shut down my little one-woman operation, run even at the best of times, on nothing more than a shoestring, a wing and a prayer.


Most of the people running these large well-funded, high-traffic commercial sites (rife with the obnoxious, intrusive pop-up ads I so despise!) and radio programs have proven --and some of them, such as Rayelan Allan of Rumor Mill News, have admitted this to me-- that they are afraid of retaliation (including being sued) by the bad guys.

They have caved in under the intimidation tactics to protect themselves, rather than do the right thing... so they refuse to allow people like Barbara Hartwell an uncensored forum.

Ironically, in the case of Rumor Mill News, their motto (displayed on their logo) is: "The Uncensored National Rumor". I guess, like CIA, whose eagle-head emblem they have co-opted for their own use, they make a policy of Orwellian "double-speak".

This also puts me in mind of the majestic looking "lobby" at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia: Carved in stone over an entranceway is a quote from scripture:

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free".

Words spoken by Jesus Christ. Great idea, wonderful sentiment ...but too bad their primary objective seems to be to move heaven and earth to make sure nobody else gains access to any degree of truth, especially as regards their own clandestine and nefarious activities.

In the case of Genesis Communications Network I have been banned permanently for the same reasons: for telling the truth. In November 2003, I was cut off in the middle of a broadcast on the Jeremy Floyd Show when network executives panicked because I was exposing the truth about sexual abuse of children in an organized child sex-slavery and pornography ring; the related blackmailing of government officials and CIA black operations involving weapons-for-drugs deals.

I was naming names of the perps, as usual. Some of the most dangerous criminals on the planet, including ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and former Senator John DeCamp. And I had evidence, as usual. But before I had the chance to present it to the listening audience, I was summarily cut off.

Talk show host Alex Jones was instrumental in getting me banned from this station, on which I had previously been a guest many times, on various programs.

Alex Jones, considered a "celebrity" in the "patriot movement", is in my opinion a slick-talking grandstander, a money-grubbing opportunist and little more.

I don't know Jones personally, nor would want to, but some credible sources have indicated to me that he has ties to some shady individuals and operations.

It's important to mention that Jeremy Floyd was not at fault in this fiasco. I was Jeremy's guest and he quit his job at the station, as a matter of principle, because of the censorship and blacklisting of Barbara Hartwell by Jones and others.

In fact, the next time Jeremy had me as a guest on his program, on a different network, he introduced me as "Barbara Hartwell, the woman who has been banned from almost every radio show in America".

Truer words were never spoken. Not only have I been banned, ex post facto, from quite a few networks, these are outnumbered by those I have been blacklisted from in advance, to prevent me from ever appearing on certain programs.

Since I can't prove it, I won't name them. But just think of some of the largest and most popular programs, and you've got your answer.

And here's why: I have a policy of zero tolerance for cowards, liars and manipulators. I kick ass and take names. I name the bad guys and the agencies they work for, providing specific information about their crimes and violations.

I am brutally blunt in exposing political chicanery, dishonesty, corruption, skullduggery and injustice. I am ruthless, when necessary, in my own defense and that of my family, friends and colleagues when attacked by those who have proven themselves to be my enemies; I pull no punches and take no prisoners.

But most important of all, I provide factual information, along with the evidence to support it and the documented testimony of credible witnesses and trustworthy, reliable sources.

Facts and evidence: what most of these editors and radio talk show hosts seem to consider the greatest threat to their livelihood.

I'm not afraid of retaliation, either. I've been fighting these bad guys in the trenches for more years than I care to remember and have the battle scars to prove it.

I'm certainly not afraid of being sued. After all, you can't get blood from a stone. In legal terms, I am judgment proof, as I have no money and there is nothing more of any material value they can take from me. They've already been there, done that.

These criminals have stolen (or destroyed) everything they could get their grimy hands on. Cars, computers, one-of-a-kind documents, you name it. For all practical purposes, they've stolen most of my life itself, time I can never get back.

And if they want to kill me, I've already told them to take their best shot. If they'd wanted a fair fight, I've even offered them one...any weapon, or none at all, anywhere, any time. Not one of them has risen to the challenge. And since they're dyed-in-the-wool cowards, they never will.

Barbara Hartwell
January, 2005