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Friday, October 19, 2007

Liars For Hire, Black Propaganda & Useless Idiots: Spotlight on James Marino & Ken Adachi

People are saying bad things about you.
--Ed Brown to Barbara Hartwell (January, 2007)

Yes, indeed, people are saying bad things about Barbara Hartwell. And Ed Brown has been only one of many whose ears have been filled with the outrageous lies fabricated by my adversaries in attempts to destroy my personal and professional reputation; and more importantly, to discredit the factual information I have exposed (at great risk and sacrifice) relating to crime, corruption, tyranny and treason being perpetrated by evildoers within the government.

But the government evildoers have lots of help. They've got their political cronies, minions, toadies and sycophants and stooges. They've got their liars-for hire. They've got their media lackeys, shills and PR front men. When it comes to "doing their job" and "following orders", they roboticly comply, in the delusional belief that they will reap the rewards promised by the henchmen of Satan, the father of all lies.

Back to my telephone conversation with Ed Brown. Ed's comment about "people saying bad things" about me was exactly what I expected. Though I didn't know Ed and had never heard of him before his case was publicized by Rick Stanley, it was clear that some of the government-sponsored liars and stooges had "warned" Ed Brown about Barbara Hartwell. I don't blame Ed, he was only being honest with me and I appreciated it. Being a straight arrow, I like everything right out in the open. In fact, I laughed at his remark, since I knew exactly which "people" he was referring to.

So I cut to the chase. The one person I mentioned to Ed during our conversation was ex-FBI Senior SAC Ted L. Gunderson. Ed's response was interesting. He said he knew Gunderson, from years back, and that he considered him a liar and a coward. 

In fact, Ed said he once called Gunderson a coward to his face. We never got into a deeper discussion on these matters, but I was certainly relieved that Ed Brown knew the truth about Ted Gunderson. I was also relieved by the fact that Ed was employing caution about the people contacting him; after all, as far as he knew, I could be a "CIA disinfo agent", as per the claims of the people saying bad things.

It's also important to mention that most of the other people, "saying bad things" about Barbara Hartwell are all in some way connected to a criminal conspiracy, one of which COINTELPRO Gunderson is a heavy-hitter.

Ted Gunderson presides over a whole network of government stooges and shills, whose purpose is to assist in neutralizing the designated high-profile targets: Those deemed to be a serious "threat" to government tyranny and totalitarianism.

Why have we become targets? Because we stand for Liberty, WITH NO COMPROMISES. We stand for our God-given, natural, unalienable, inherent rights, as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution.

This viper's nest of government shills, who have been tasked with targeting the Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth, is comprised of criminals, pure and simple. Among these criminals are forgers and identity thieves; porno-mongers, collectors of child pornography; purveyors of child prostitution; rapists of children/advocates of child rape and "sex industry" involving children in Southeast Asia and elsewhere; drug traffickers; perps engaged in criminal stalking and harassment, including making death threats against targets; setting up innocent people in murder-for-hire schemes.....well, the list goes on and on.

Some of these criminals are convicted felons who were issued their "get-out-of-jail-free" cards by "making a deal" with government criminals in exchange for persecuting targets by acts of libel and slander, harassment, stalking, etc.

Example: Predicate felon, drug-trafficker, criminal stalker, transvestite, child-porno collector Tim White.

"Useful idiots." That's what the professionals using this despicable bunch to do their dirty work might call them. But how "useful" they really are remains to be seen. Sure, they have served the cause of their totalitarian masters by their relentless attacks on the Defenders of Liberty. They have stirred up a world of trouble with their malicious lies about the Messengers of Truth.

But will the government perps and their useful idiots win? Will they defeat the Cause of Liberty?

No. They will never win. Because, although they've tried their damnedest, they cannot extinguish the fire of God-given Liberty which burns in our hearts. The cause of totalitarianism is doomed to fail.

As for those "useful idiots": I think it far more appropriate to call them USELESS idiots. 

USELESS to the Cause of Liberty. 

USELESS to the principles upon which this country was founded. 

USELESS to the Light of Truth. 

USELESS to the Service of God's Justice. 

USELESS to One and All of the Righteous on the Side of the Angels. 


Let us now examine the writings of one of these useless idiots, one James F. Marino. I deem him a useless idiot for several reasons:

1) Marino endorses and promotes the websites of other useless idiots and government shills; those who support, promote and endorse criminals; and who are soliciting crimes against legitimate government whistleblowers, as well as running massive libel campaigns against us.

Example: Government stooge, criminal conspirator, Ken Adachi

2) Marino supports and endorses collectivist, globalist and totalitarian ideologies, organizations and politics.

Example: Posting petitions, soliciting signatories, "appealing" to the United Nations.

Example: Endorsing leftist demagogue and Clinton crony Barack Obama.

3) Marino engages in wild speculation; makes unwarranted assumptions; jumps to baseless conclusions and has made many misstatements of fact about quite a number of well-known people, including high-profile targets of political persecution. Including (but not limited to) Barbara Hartwell, Geral Sosbee, Ed and Elaine Brown, Bob Schulz, Aaron Russo, Rick Stanley.

Furthermore, Marino attempts to insinuate himself and his own alleged "case" (in which he has claimed to be the "target of a failed COINTELPRO sting operation") into his ill-informed writings about these individuals.

Marino is a name-dropper and gate-crasher who attempts to ride the coattails of legitimate expositors, whistleblowers and Liberty activists. He is also a meddlesome busybody who thinks he's entitled to speak about (and even FOR) others he does not know; and about whose cases, situations, professional and personal backgrounds, etc. he is appallingly ignorant.

Example: "....Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell have been forced to lead lives of quiet desperation." As I responded to this idiotic remark in one of my reports, Nothing could be further from the truth! "Quiet desperation" is the province of cowards and fools.

If Marino hoped to gain credibility by this foolish agenda, he has failed.

A couple months ago, when I'd finally had enough of this fool, who had claimed to be a "supporter" of Barbara Hartwell and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, I posted a report on my website for the purpose of setting the record straight. 

The issue was very simple: I wanted Marino to stop using my name on his website and to REMOVE an endorsement I had written for his site BEFORE I became aware that Mr. Marino's politics, viewpoints, opinions, etc. were glaringly opposed to my own; and because in dropping my name repeatedly, he had represented me in a false light with his uninformed commentaries, his baseless assumptions and what appeared to be his projections upon myself and others of his personal feelings and "state of mind".

Marino responded to my first report (see links below, for three reports on Marino) with a libelous personal offensive against Barbara Hartwell, including attacks on my character. He then proceeded to add to and edit this smear piece, over a period of weeks. I copied the most recent version I found (given below.) Since I have already addressed (and refuted) many of Marino's comments in a total of three reports (links given below) I have included only some of the latest (and by far the most libelous.)


But before I address that, I should explain the reason why I felt it necessary to bring up Mr. Marino's name again (tiresome as it is). Apparently, Marino just doesn't know when to quit. Earlier this week, I came across a piece written by James Marino. The topic? He speculates about the whereabouts (living or dead) of ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

He wonders aloud if Geral is "still alive."

Why all the melodrama? And why the attempt to pressure Geral Sosbee into a response?

This is just fear-mongering and I have seen it from Marino before. He paints a picture of worst case scenarios, based on nothing more than his own misguided speculations. Then he drags another person's name into it (in this case Geral Sosbee) and always makes sure to throw in something completely irrelevant about his own "case." AS IF it were connected in any way with factual reports written by Geral Sosbee, which it most certainly is not.

But before I get to Drama Queen Marino's latest on Geral Sosbee, I can assure the readers that Geral Sosbee is alive. I heard from him on the very day that Marino posted his dead-or-alive paranoid fantasies.

In fact, when Geral received a copy of Marino's nonsense by e-mail, he was not pleased. He does not consider Marino credible, any more than I do. He certainly does not appreciate having his name exploited as part of Marino's agenda. And lastly, he knows that Marino's libelous attacks on his best friend and solid ally (Barbara Hartwell) are "false, mean-spirited and ill-considered."

Geral Sosbee removed the link to Marino's website months ago, of his own choice. He doesn't have the time to deal with all this nonsense from Marino, which is why (with Geral's permission, re Marino's statements about him) I have taken the time to write this report.

Again, it is tiresome, it is time-consuming, it is an annoyance, to put it mildly. But it's a chore that needs doing. Maybe, just maybe, Marino might STOP THIS, if only because he is accomplishing nothing but exposing himself as a fool.

Enough, already. Enough Useless idiocy.


Where is Ex FBI Agent Geral W. Sosbee? Geral If You Are Still Alive Please Post On Your Website

"As an American citizen one tends to see this country as a nation of laws in which all of its people, including those who function as law enforcement, are bound by such laws. Then you witness how an agency like the FBI really operates; completely outside of the law and with virtually none of the checks and balances called for by the US Constitution, and you realize what a complete sham this agency is as law enforcement, and that any American citizen can be attacked by the FBI at any given time while it operates with complete disregard for that persons rights.

Perhaps there is no one on this planet who understands this better than a former FBI agent by the name of Geral Sosbee, who long ago attempted to expose serious crimes being perpetrated by some of his fellow agents, and then suffered severe and life threatening consequences for doing so -- something which continues to occur in the present day.

Given some of the extremely disturbing posts that Geral left on his Website roughly a week ago (clear covert death messages) and his not having posted since that time one must wonder what has become of him?

The FBI's utilization of Homeland Security to harass Geral into a conflict each time he crosses the border from the USA to Mexico has become more problematic overtime, in efforts to provoke Geral into a confrontation in which the FBI can either have him arrested or institutionalized -- something they have been trying to do since the 1970's, when Geral became a whistle blower against the FBI, having reported serious criminal activity perpetrated by other agents.

The only reason he has been able to survive so far is that he has been skillful enough to avoid the gauntlet of entrapment that the FBI has set him up for, which would have resulted in his incarceration.

Had he not, he would have made for easy prey by the FEDS who control both the prison system and medical profession in this country from behind the scene. Their control of the medical establishment is evidenced by the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes Of Healths' attempts to obfuscate the fact that many chronic illnesses in society in the present day are biological agents which were deliberately created by the Pentagon and later turned loose on the public in efforts to determine how effective they would be in disabling and in myriad cases killing those infected with them.

Lyme Disease is one of these agents. And it continues to infect a growing number of people nationally each year while the mainstream medical community attempts to confuse treatment issues, rather than clarifying them as it should.

The Lyme Disease pandemic has truly become a disaster.

Given the FBI's recent death threats to him, I just hope that Geral is still alive, as it is quite obvious that the FBI is intent on murdering him and at this point may be less concerned than ever before with how they go about doing so. He has been more than they ever bargained for, having spent millions in their attempts to contain him -- yet he still manages to soldier on under extreme adversity. Courage under fire.

I hope you are still alive Geral. And if you are, don't let these government rat bastards get you down. They will eventually get their due. Every last son of a bitch, voyeuristic, perversion of life one of them."

Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

"The following has become the saga of Barbara Hartwell's libel campaign against James F. Marino. The Merchant Of Venom has now targeted me in her cross hairs; as she has so many others. As I have recently stated, I believe that Barbara Hartwell and her Website are a complete waste of time; and I do believe that she is circulating disinformation."

[BH: "The Merchant of Venom" comes straight from government stooge and malicious liar, Ken Adachi, whom Marino is now parroting. Marino has also posted a glowing endorsement of Ken Adachi's website. So he wants to talk about disinformation? Marino, in his stupendous ignorance, is endorsing one of the most flagrant purveyors of disinformation on the Internet.]

"As I continue to post "meaningful" information Barbara will undoubtedly continue on her diatribe whining about all the people who are picking on her -- information which in one way or another comprises much of her Website. She is also not above becoming quite vulgar when she feels threatened as she has shown by her most recent post. What I find most interesting is that she can willfully attack someone else, yet if they defend themselves, accuse them of being the mean spirited ones."

[BH: Has Marino been smoking that whacky weed? Just as I do not lead a life of "quiet desperation", whining is not part of my repertoire. No, I expose criminals who work for the government, and their stooges. I call a spade a spade. And I have accused no one of being "mean-spirited." I have, however, exposed Marino as a pretentious and presumptuous fool and an aggressive ignoramus.]

"Have you ever read some her posts? Nasty. And on a far more important issue, I'd still like to know why Barbara has not discussed John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA (or at least listed the link to his information), given its relevance to the illegal use of satellites to spy on Americans? This is perhaps the most important aspect of the US Federal Government's abuse of the privacy of Americans, yet I have never seen mention of it on her Website.
While it was never part of her original diatribe, this information is still so important, how could someone who claims to be a defender of as she puts it God Given rights, not have such important information on her Website? John Akwei's lawsuit contains the most compelling information that I have ever seen in regard to the most precedent setting attack on the privacy of the American people ever documented.

There has never been a worse attack on the privacy of the American people than the NSA's illegal spying of Americans by way of its audio visual satellites and remote neural monitoring technology. Not ever.

These NSA agents should hold their heads in shame at the abject and treasonous betrayal of the American people.

[BH: Again, again, again: It is NONE OF MARINO'S BUSINESS what I choose to publish on my website. I do NOT answer to this meddlesome busybody and useless idiot.]

"Ms. Hartwell also never bothers to answer to my accusation that she edited my article "Tortured By The FBI" and posted it on the Revolutionary Coalition Forum's Website without my permission. She plainly deleted part of the article which she clearly had no right to do. This was not a situation where she simply quoted certain passages. She left out important content which as the author of the article I did not authorize or appreciate. It has always been my intention to have that article seen in its complete form as opposed to having it missing pertinent information. There were numerous examples of others whom the FBI has setup for COINTELPRO mentioned in this article which gave it far more impact -- and should have been left in the article."

[BH: That's right. I don't bother to answer Marino's accusations unless they are relevant to the issues of concern to me. Which this one is not. I am not on trial here and Marino is not the judge. I am not required to "answer" anything. But while we're on the subject, I should mention that Marino THANKED me copiously, in no uncertain terms, for posting his report on the Revolutionary Coalition. He had NO PROBLEM at all with the fact that I edited the piece for brevity and for relevance. Now, suddenly, he's got a problem. If he had registered a complaint at the proper time, I would have made his complaint public. Case closed.]

"As for Ms. Hartwell's comment that I am full of hot air, I say that she is the one who is full of hot air as well as something more organic. Hartwell is a slick operator brandishing religious indoctrination as her weapon of choice. According to her, all who oppose her are EVIL doers who must see things her way or risk going to hell. If ever there were a case to be made for a person using and abusing the concept of God for their own reasons one can be made here. Perhaps Ms. Hartwell in her complete arrogance also believes that she is assured a place in her God's kingdom. In reality she is proof positive of how dangerous some people are in regard to being religiously indoctrinated. I once bought her story hook, line and sinker."

[BH: Religious indoctrination? Marino gets it all wrong again. I make no secret of being a Christian. I am a believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a "member" of no "organized religion", nor have I been influenced by any form of "religious indoctrination." 

Actually, I have spoken out against such indoctrination, many times. But Marino wouldn't know that. In fact, he knows nothing about me.

And if I want to quote scripture to make my point, that is my prerogative. Evildoers abound in this world, no doubt. And I certainly have enemies who are evildoers.

I denounce evildoers and I rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ. So sue me. The evildoers have certainly made such threats, but that will not stop me from speaking out against evil. If Marino wants to promote evildoers, at the expense of the Messengers of Truth, he will surely face the consequences. 

Nobody escapes the judgment of God. Whether Marino "believes" in God is irrelevant. God exists and will judge evildoers. For those of us who know God, it is sometimes the only way we can bear up under the persecution, INCLUDING the persecution directed at sincere Christians.

And I have NEVER stated that those who do not "see things my way" will go to hell. Marino, in his role as useless idiot, is grasping at straws. He'll accuse me of anything in a futile attempt to justify his own malice and stupidity.]

"However I now see her as nothing more then a very cunning former Intelligence agent who has not forgotten how to pull people's strings and to spin a situation to her own advantage, even when she knows that she is helping to perpetrate disinformation. By her own admission she comes from a long line of CIA (and formerly OSS) agents who no doubt got her into the business. And she can say that she was forced into the business, however if she has been participating in criminality during much of her career and wants to be accepted in society there is little question that she would attempt to change sides and surface as a whistleblower in efforts to give her some credibility."

[BH: Again, Marino knows nothing about me or my background. As usual, he's just speculating and running his idiotic mouth. However, I must refute his unfounded assumption about "participating in criminality". And I must correct his entirely absurd notion about wanting to be "accepted in society". I despise "society" and all that it stands for. I live as a recluse for this reason. And the only "society" I care to be accepted by is that presided over by God Almighty and His Holy Spirit.

I became a whistleblower to do my part, as a servant of God in defeating evil. That's a concept Marino obviously can't wrap his mind around.]

"And let's not forget that she was a professional disinformation artist while employed by the CIA so she knows how to lie better than most people, and moreover, how to get away with it."

[BH: I was never a "professional disinformation artist" --not connected to CIA, nor elsewhere. Nor have I ever been a liar. Where is Marino getting this stuff? Evildoer and malicious liar Ken Adachi and his cohorts, no doubt. After all, Adachi has a special section dedicated to me on his website: Barbara Hartwell, CEO of Liars, Inc. As far as I am concerned, you can go straight to hell, Marino, and take Adachi with you.]

"She also appears to be an everything or nothing person; totally unrealistic of how the real world operates."

[BH: Everything or nothing. That's right. Good vs. evil. Liars vs. truth-tellers. Liberty vs. Tyranny. Again, a concept the likes of Marino cannot begin to understand. Maybe that's why he's a fence-sitter and wishy-washy weather vane, changing direction each time the wind blows. He doesn't think for himself, he waits for others to do his thinking for him --disinfo purveyors like Ken Adachi.]

"This is also personified in the case of Ken Adachi, a man whom Hartwell has personally vilified, as she would have us believe that nothing that Adachi has said is worth listening to. However, if you look at Adachi's Website it is clear that he has much to say which is worth listening to in regard to the New World Order and myriad other topics. Because Hartwell does not agree with some of the information that he is circulating she is quick to discount "everything" that he says, which at the very least lacks objectivity."

[BH: It sure seems like Marino has found a kindred soul in Ken Adachi. Little does Marino know that Ken Adachi is paid to spread government disinformation. He "earns" his living lying to the public, including promoting outrageous (and extremely malicious) lies about Barbara Hartwell and other true Defenders of Liberty, such as Geral Sosbee and Rick Stanley.

And there is no question that I disagree vehemently, not just with "some" of the information promoted by Ken Adachi. Ken Adachi is part of a criminal network. 

Marino, as usual, is just chock-full of idiotic speculation and foolish assumptions. It appears he has adopted the "enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend" position. He endorses Adachi simply because of Adachi's malice towards Barbara Hartwell. Just as Adachi has promoted and endorsed others, such as criminal stalkers and malicious liars Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey, Brenda Negri and Pam Schuffert, just to name a few --because of THEIR malice toward Barbara Hartwell. 

It is a never-ending circle of malice, lies and evil, and now Marino has become a part of it. How utterly foolish of him. His flagrant stupidity and lack of discernment speak loudly and clearly.]

"The cesspool of an organization that she hails from speaks volumes in regard the training that its agents undergo. I think it went something like to the CIA the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Which can be applied to the entire US Intelligence Community since these people are paid to lie for a living, and that's about the kindest thing that you can say about them."

[BH: I guess Marino buys into the fallacy that ANYONE and EVERYONE who has ever been an intelligence professional is tainted for life. I've known quite a few who are decent people, who GOT OUT for that very reason --because they are decent. Geral Sosbee is one of those people. And so am I. This doomsayer doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, so maybe it would behoove him to shut up and listen to those who DO KNOW.]

"The following are some comments from a few other people who've been attacked by Ms. Barbara Hartwell, in which she was referred to as the Merchant Of Venom. The Internet is loaded which such comments, but since Barbara has erroneously stated that I support Ken Adachi, let's see what Ken has to say about her."
Ken Adachi wrote:

"What also becomes obvious to anyone who takes the time to read enough of Barbara Hartwell's writing is to realize that this woman is living in a dream world in her mind. She sees herself as a Don Quixote-like warrior with a persecution complex that diffuses and bleeds through her rhetoric like fine oil on blotter paper. It's easy to miss this because Hartwell is a skilled writer and presents her expositions in a logical (although thoroughly untruthful) layout, yet the psychosis is there, once you begin to focus on it. Her insulting language is loud, harsh, and emotionally charged, so you are mostly overwhelmed by the coarseness of her invective, but if you can divest yourself of an emotional reaction to her jarring words and regain your sensitivity, you can then more plainly see the pathetic individual behind the Dragon Fire front."
[BH:Ken Adachi has fabricated a plethora of black propaganda against Barbara Hartwell. Here is just more of the same. And I can't think of anyone more "pathetic" than a coward and liar-for-hire who LIES FOR MONEY on behalf of a criminal cabal.

For Marino to promote such malicious lies about Barbara Hartwell is despicable. He's shown himself to be as loathsome as those who fabricated the lies. By their fruits shall you know them.]

"More of what has been written regarding Barbara Hartwell:"

[BH: All of which I've DELETED. Why would I want to help useless idiots like Adachi and Marino promote the malicious lies of criminals?]

"As for FEDS in general, they are trained to disinform the public and they do it quite well. However, they do so at the expense of their own credibility. The FBI's had the American people convinced for years that it is legitimate law enforcement when it never has been. And now that Americans are gradually learning about this it will forever darken the FBI and rightfully leave it a legacy of treason and cruelty. As for Ken Adachi, I recommend his Website for many of the excellent articles written in regard to the paranormal, the NWO and other interesting issues. Now these are topics which are worth researching and writing about -- which is why I plan to continue to. However, while I have no opinion in regard to Ken Adachi, I do not endorse Ted Gunderson who is mentioned on the Website --and I never have -- given his participation in COINTELPRO operations when employed by the FBI."

[BH: Marino can't have it both ways. He thinks he can promote Adachi, while saying he does not endorse Ted Gunderson, claiming he knows about Ted Gunderson's participation in COINTELPRO.

Who are Marino's sources? I know at least three: Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee. Marino has a link accusing Gunderson of being COINTELPRO --where does it lead? To a section of Stew's website in which all three of us (Webb, Hartwell and Sosbee) have exposed Ted Gunderson.

Adachi WORKS FOR Gunderson. He answers to Gunderson and he LIES for Gunderson. These are known facts, at least to anyone who has investigated the criminal conspiracy of which both Gunderson and Adachi are a part.

Marino has "investigated" NOTHING. He has proven that he is nothing but a government stooge and a parrot, just like Ken Adachi.]

"And once again, I must also conclude that Geral has left my posts on his Website in efforts to leave his readers with the impression that I support Ms. Hartwell when I have in fact made it quite clear that I do not. Given the harassment that I continue to experience at the hands of the FEDS, I would find it of great interest to know if they have contacted both Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell in efforts to demonize me and attempted to utilize these two in the psywarfare harassment campaign being waged against me.

I should, however, state that I have no way of knowing this for certain, and that in this regard both Sosbee and Hartwell may be completely innocent of such underhandedness."


It appears that Marino's useless idiocy has degenerated into delusions of grandeur. No "FEDS" have EVER contacted Barbara Hartwell or Geral Sosbee in regard to James Marino. I doubt any of the "FEDS" would have the slightest interest in Marino, his being just another useless idiot. But with all his recent promotion of government-sponsored liars and evildoers, the "FEDS" might just decide to offer Marino some gainful employment.
By James F. Marino:

"Marinoism" -- The belief that everything from political to religious indoctrination is an abject fraud used to control the minds of this planet's citizenry as a means of effective social control and that the individual must seek their own higher truths in order to rise above these psychological bonds which society uses to enslave them." -- And if you don't agree, you're most certainly entitled to your own opinions, which is how it should always be in the United States -- however most times isn't."