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Monday, December 4, 2023


Do not let those who for no reason are my enemies gloat over me; Do not let those hating me without cause wink their eyes maliciously.

Psalm 35:19

Ramola Dharmaraj aka Ramola D has gone way off the deep end! It is clear that she is not going to stop exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell. Continually dragging my name into totally irrelevant issues. Linking my name with individuals I do not know, have no interest in, and with whom I have no commonalities. And worst of all, making all kinds of false accusations which have absolutely no basis in fact, and which grossly insult my honor. Both behind my back and out in the open, on a public website, and the devil knows in how many other venues.

From all indications, she will not stop until she is forced (one way or another) to stop.

Her years-long obsessive public exploitation of the name and work product of Barbara Hartwell has resulted in extreme damages (including from character assassination) to my good name and gross misrepresentation of my professional work, as an independent investigator, intelligence analyst, journalist and CIA whistleblower.

I should mention that (contrary to her preposterous, self-aggrandizing claims), although she herself is not well-known among legitimate professionals in the areas she covers (making claims to be a “truth journalist”), she runs what appears to be a high-traffic, commercial website, and she is very active on all kinds of social media. She aggressively seeks publicity and has shown herself to be an opportunist, a grandstander and shameless self-promoter.

Her CV states that she holds a degree in “marketing”, which comes as no surprise. Marketers (sales persons) are among the most obnoxious and unprincipled people on the face of God's flat green earth. They are pushy as all hell. Many are con artists, mountebanks lacking any scruples.

Their purpose is just to sell, no matter what it takes. Sell products and services which people do not need, and which they cannot afford. But sell they will. Their own livelihood depends on it. To hell with the credulous fools who don't see beyond the false promises and the hype.

And in this case, to hell with the sincere seekers of truth on the subjects being promoted. Who cares what happens to them as a result of believing the sensationalism and outrageous lies?

(Just one example: “Everyone”, “all readers” and “all journalists” should appeal to the UN on behalf of Ramola D, as she “exhorts”; that the United Nations is an organization which “protects human rights”, rather than in actuality a Luciferian, totalitarian branch of the New World Order.)

I myself am entirely independent in my professional work. I do not seek interaction with the public, nor do I use social media. On principle (and for lack of interest) I take no part in the toxic social media culture of snoops, snitches, gossips and busybodies.

I have no interest in “influencing” anyone. I publish information and the readers may make of it what they will. I have stated in prominent NOTICES on this site that the content is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Caveat lector. I could not possibly be more clear in my stated policies.

I do not run a high-traffic site. I do not seek publicity from other platforms or persons. I do not run a 'news' site, but rather an archive of reports going back three decades. I have always been an advocacy journalist, covering those issues which are important to me, focusing mostly on areas of my professional expertise, which include (but are not limited to) counterintelligence and psychological operations.

I am employed by no one, paid by no one, sponsored by no one, and I answer to no one. Except God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

But it is important to state that my primary concerns have always been defending Liberty and God-given unalienable rights, and working to see justice served, against criminals, wrongdoers, aggressors and evildoers, and on behalf of those innocent parties (innocent of wrongdoing) harmed and damaged as victims, exploited, abused, persecuted, terrorized, harassed.

I have an absolute loathing of any kind of injustice and always seek justice and vindication for those targeted by those who would perpetrate such offenses. I have a zero tolerance policy, which is why I do not allow anything to pass, without exposing the wrongdoer, and setting the record straight as to the truth and the facts.

And, unlike many others with a self-serving agenda, I really do care very much about the truth. I will pursue the truth wherever it leads, no matter who is exposed as an enemy of the truth. And let the chips fall where they may.

As stated more than once, after losing most everything I owned, and being driven into destitution and dire poverty (in which I still now live), as a result of decades of actual whistleblower retaliation by the government, my honor is about all I have left. Anyone who tries to besmirch my honor will find that there are consequences they may not have been prepared to deal with.

So if Ramola D thinks she is going to escape being exposed as a perpetrator of injustice, she may have another think coming. (That is, if she still has the capacity to think, without delusions of grandeur clouding her mind.)

Once again (how tiresome it gets to have to repeat myself) here are some facts for the public record:

The offenses by Ramola D have continued since early 2022, when I first became aware that she was sending defamatory e-mail messages to certain of my friends, making false accusations against me.

In mid-2021 I broke off my association with Ramola when I realized that she was a dyed-in-the-wool busybody, who would not stop meddling in my business, disrespecting my privacy and personal boundaries, and gossiping with her associates, calling themselves “targeted individuals”, falsely including my name and professional work in her so-called “truth journalism”, as if there were any commonalities with these individuals, which in fact, there were not.

I had explained that I am a very private person, that I have no interest in communicating with the general public (including her associates, which she tried to push on me); I politely warned her, and asked her to stop this meddling and appointing of herself as an unwanted intermediary between me and these individuals. I clearly explained that I wanted nothing to do with them. Period. Case closed.

But, typical of such an aggressive busybody, she simply would not take no for an answer. Instead of respecting my wishes, she disregarded them and even tried to start arguments about what I had made clear were non-negotiable issues. I refused to be drawn into arguments and I am not required to explain myself to anyone. But she kept pushing and trying to pressure me. I allow nobody – but nobody – to pressure me. That alone would be cause for cutting off communications.

I finally realized that I was dealing not only with a busybody, but worse, with a power-hungry aggressor who apparently thought she was entitled to do whatever she pleased, no matter that she was intruding into another person's business, interfering, overstepping her bounds, and violating my right to determine my own boundaries.

I had no intention of getting into a conflict with her, not privately, and not publicly. So I just quietly walked away. I broke off contact with her, with no explanation. I'd had enough. That was my right to decide, not hers.

But even then, she did not respect my right to end an association which I had found to be troublesome. She continued to exploit my name in print and on her podcasts, often misrepresenting my work and linking my name to persons she had been told I did not consider legitimate.

And regardless of my silence, she kept on aggressively pursuing me. When I did not respond, she began sending out messages to others, gossiping about me, speculating as to my reasons for not responding to her, and also, making false accusations against me. All this, behind my back, sent to my (then) friends, in efforts to discredit me, simply because I had wanted nothing further to do with her. In all this time, I never said a word against her in my public reports. Not until her aggression became intolerable, and I found it necessary to speak in my own defense. To speak the truth, that is. Based on facts and presenting evidence, in the form of her own words (exact quotes) which showed her lies and her attempts to discredit me.

That is the truth, and not what Ramola D wants anyone to believe. She has denied it all, in her condescending, patronizing attempts to discredit me, but that does not change the facts. It does not change the truth, which is based on the facts.

So, for the record, my reasons for breaking off an association with Ramola D were entirely mundane. Mundane and prosaic, as old as the hills and civilization itself. Busybody meddles. Busybody gossips. Busybody cut off from communication to avoid further trouble. End of story.

There is no cloak-and-dagger intrigue here, no hidden agenda, no shadowy figures in the background, wielding influence over a former CIA agent, to pursue “retaliation” against Ramola D.

Her fantasies of such plots against her by intelligence agencies (in her ramblings she includes CIA, FBI, even Mossad...and various others) are just that – fantasies.

In one of her latest articles she accused Barbara Hartwell of being “paid to storytell” by CIA. As if the unremarkable, ordinary civilian, the “Everyday Concerned Citizen” Ramola Dharmaraj, with absolutely no background, no connection, no training, no insider knowledge, no experience, no expertise, in relation to intelligence work of any kind, would ever be considered any kind of “problem”, much less “threat”, such that anyone would spend millions of dollars to deploy veritable armies of assailants to “assassinate” her.

There's certainly some storytelling here, but it doesn't come from me.

And speaking of stories, now, it comes down to the same old story, the same desperate tactic used by so many of the false accusers of Barbara Hartwell, when they entirely lack facts and evidence and can't find any legitimate reasons to discredit me: She's still on the CIA payroll! Once CIA, always CIA!

Which, in typical fashion, is the false accusation Ramola D has leveled against me.

But it doesn't end there.

Now, to the latest delusional fantasies by Ramola D.

I understand that this may be a boring topic for many readers. But my purpose is to make sure the truth is on the record, in defense of my good name and my honor. This is for my own sake, as I've every right to make a priority.

As for those who (for whatever reasons), are interested, I would ask them to read through this latest article by Ramola D, use discernment, and decide for themselves what they believe.

As a former profiler for the US government, I've seen it all before. And it does hold true, once a profiler, always a profiler. You don't lose the ability, the expertise, just because you are no longer employed by government agencies.

It is my considered professional opinion, after much research and analysis, that these are the writings of a delusional individual. She sees herself as being so important, as stated in her own words, that intelligence agencies (worldwide, no less) would deploy armies of foot traffic, vehicles (including police cars), helicopters, drones, spy planes, invading the entire neighborhood, just for the purpose of “assassinating” one woman, as “whistleblower retaliation” for her “truth journalism”.

The total absurdity of this should be self-evident, but please, read it and decide for yourself.

From Ramola D, the Everyday Concerned Citizen:

"Reporter’s Note 10: Fielding Repeat Attacks With Persistence in Speaking | With Addendum, in Apparent Aftermath"



[NOTE: My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.]

"The past ten days to the present, after the publication of salient reports underlining the uselessness of Intelligence agencies which are good at maintaining fronts, lies, covers, and smear campaigns against journalists who don’t back down when attacked, physically and online, on the one hand with stealth weaponry and overt Mercenary Trafficking via Terror, the other with lie-laden absurdities-in-insults sold in godly Virtue by clearly salaried demons, it seems the police sirens haven’t stopped screaming (on every side road from here), the helicopters haven’t stopped bursting into sight (nonstop since Saturday, with a few clear spaces in between) over backyards and front yards and clearly overhead, the drones (newly reported as available for EMS First-Responder “Care” now) haven’t stopped buzzing (one overhead now, as LRAD hits the radiator to my left: 7:35 pm, Nov 30 2023), and the hits directed my way have ranged from intensified arm hits, intensified heart fibrillation, intensified microwave pulse hits for maximum heat and discomfort–not to mention just plain outright attempted assassination."

[BH: The so-called “salaried demons” are clear references to the former intelligence professionals (including Barbara Hartwell) who have declined to recognize Ramola Dharmaraj as legitimate, who have ignored her, declined to engage her in conversations, discussions, arguments, who have cut her off, for cause.

So she lashes out with accusations, no matter that they are patently false.

She claims there is a “smear campaign” against her, as a journalist who “does not back down when attacked”. No, that is not at all the case. She is in fact an aggressor who will not back off when confronted by her targets (including Barbara Hartwell).

I have personally never “attacked” her. I have not participated in, nor run any “smear campaigns” against her, but only refuted her false accusations in my own defense.

I won't presume to speak for, or about others. That is none of my concern. But as usual, she lumps me in with others who are her adversaries, though there is no connection whatsoever between them and me.

But I must say this: she has no business whatsoever to stick her nose where it does not belong. If others take offense and are outraged by this, should she really be surprised?]

"To put it bluntly, I’ve been under renewed attack (and lots of probably CIA vehicular attention) ever since and through the publication of Not Havana Syndrome, Not “Mental Illness,” “Star Wars” Might Be Closer to the Truth: Of Obvious DEWs & Neuro Strikes: A Whistleblower Racket, the letter requesting re-consideration of FOIA response to Quincy Police, and my Notice of Privacy Status."

[BH: The article she references here is the latest in which she promotes defamatory falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell. Note that she again blames CIA for “attacking” her. They've never heard of her, except perhaps in reading my reports exposing her as an impostor, a self-serving gate-crasher attempting to make a name for herself at the expense of legitimate professionals.]

"One, this confirms Quincy Police have actually moved in next door, and two, it does make me wonder if one of them is one of the Quincy Police Men who burst into my home and dragged me out unlawfully–Let me underline that–Unlawfully–and jailed me, incredibly, for several hours Unlawfully, in the Quincy District Court “Lock-up” after which I was Unlawfully once more manhandled, kidnapped, and trafficked to a “Hospital”–clearly a Black Site Rendition Center–South Shore Hospital, where further Unlawful Abuse took place–which is being fully addressed currently."

[BH: Now, she fantasizes that a hospital is “clearly a Black Site Rendition Center”. Black sites do exist, but not in public hospitals, nor would the perpetrators have any interest whatsoever in “trafficking” anyone of Ramola's ilk. It really seems she has been reading too many spy novels, or watching Netflix movies and/or parroting their plots. Delusions of her own importance are the most likely explanation, in my opinion.

But whatever the case may be, my very serious problem is this: Ramola Dharmaraj has no business exploiting my name, defaming my name, making false accusations against me, in connection with her own “mental illness” issues, with which she claims she has been labeled. Maybe so, but none of this business has anything whatsoever to do with me. Nothing.

I am not a part of this. I do not know anything about what she claims has happened to her. I only know it has nothing whatsoever to do with me, and I have every reason to believe that it has nothing whatsoever to do with CIA, nor any intelligence issues. She has no connection to these people, and never has had any dealings with them. She knows nothing, and has never published anything except that which could be found by anyone on the Internet.

What I do believe, based on what I have read in her own articles (I have no other sources) is that her family (specifically her husband and her sister) are behind the accusations of mental illness. What their reasons are, I do not know. It is not my business and my name never should have been dragged in by Ramola.

If in fact, neighbors are involved, from what I have read, in my opinion, it is likely that they called the police because Ramola was harassing them, making accusations that they were hitting her with weapons, accusing them of being CIA, and/or assassins, when she had no evidence against them. Also, she was trespassing on their property, pasting flyers to their doors. If anyone did that to me, you can best believe I would stop the trespassing, report the unwanted flyers and the false accusations to the police. Whatever it would take to stop the aggression.

Now, back to the false accusations against Barbara Hartwell, which she continues to weave into the drama she is promoting.

If she was just a delusional whack job, promoting sensationalist stories to seek celebrity for herself, I could ignore her. These characters are a dime a dozen.

But the fact that she is exploiting my name, as if I played some part in her delusional fantasies, that makes it necessary for me to expose and refute the preposterous falsehoods in my own defense.


I have already exposed and refuted all of these false accusations in previous reports. (See links below.) I just want them on the record to state that not one of these accusations has any basis in fact. They are fabrications and/or delusions and/or fantasies.

She has nothing against me which is in any way legitimate. What she is doing, no matter why, is despicable. I don't know if she is “mentally ill” and I will make no position statement on that issue. Frankly, after all the trouble she has caused, I don't give a damn.

But even if she is "mentally ill", there is no excuse for her offenses, her outrageous lies and false accusations and I will not stand for it.

So here they are, just some of the false accusations which are damaging to my good name.

Barbara Hartwell is:


"...damaging the testimonial and fact-based journalism I and others have done on the subject of targeting and fusion center and intelligence operations against people."

Accused of “protecting operations”:

"Amazing how it Never ends -- because so many are protecting these operations. And sadly it looks like Barbara is too, now, with these absurd statements!"

Public Complaint Against Barbara Hartwell:


"Defaming Posts” & “Slander"

False claims against Barbara Hartwell:

"defamatory, misrepresentative, falsely-accusatory, slander and false."

Name of Barbara Hartwell featured and heavily defamed here:

"Swans Against Slander"

"Each of these articles addresses the specific situation they have described, and presents the truth of each as well as the opinions of this writer, all being written and published only in response to public and private campaigns of defamation and slander run by the parties named against this writer."

False accusations and labeling Barbara Hartwell a “slanderer”:

"Regarding Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower"

Falsely accusing Hartwell of “entering abruptly into decline” and idiotically, of a “ghost writer” taking over my site:

"Much like other “IC” (intelligence community) member whistleblowers whose work we all benefit from, yet who enter abruptly into decline, I suspect that her website has been taken over by a ghost writer apparently fixated on defamation and slander–yet who seeks to make prominent her insider reportage and whistleblowing."

Presuming to speak for me, promoting falsehoods:

"As the true Barbara Hartwell knows, there was no defamation and slander from my end..."

I think it should be clear by now, at least to the intelligent, discerning reader, that there is something very wrong with this woman. She is not truthful, but rather a scheming liar.

Be warned: Anyone who promotes her, supports her, endorses her, aids and abets her, given the terrible harm she has done to me, and how she has grossly insulted my honor, for the record, I consider to be my enemy, as they too have grossly insulted my honor by backing her at my expense.

That she is a busybody, there is no doubt.

That she is an aggressor, a gate-crasher, there is no doubt.

That she is a self-serving opportunist, there is no doubt.

That she is a grandstanding publicity hound, there is no doubt.

That she is a fraud, there is no doubt.

But finally, the most important thing to me about which there can be no doubt, is that she has declared herself my enemy, and a person of no honor or integrity, by her utterly unscrupulous actions of exploiting and defaming my good name, for her own self-serving ends.

And for the record, I will not stand for it, as my honor demands.

Barbara Hartwell

December 4, 2023



Vanity, Thy Name is Ramola: Marketing Scheme Sells Self-Aggrandizing Fiction as “Truth Journalism”

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Ramola D Launches Public Complaint Against Barbara Hartwell: “Defaming Posts” & “Slander”

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WARNING: ZERO TOLERANCE FOR GOSSIP & MEDDLING BY BUSYBODIES: Ramola D False Accusations and Defamation Against Barbara Hartwell

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Latest Offenses of Tracy Krawitt, the Neighbor from Hell: Endangering Animals, Pedestrians & Drivers, Violating Leash Laws


November 21, 2023


There are continuing new incidents to be documented, against this unscrupulous liar and aggressor, this neighbor from Hell, Tracy Krawitt.

I find it necessary, in my own defense, to post a report each time Krawitt commits another offense.

I have added some of this as an addendum to a previous report, but as usual, the offenses just keep on coming...


And since Krawitt has proved to be the worst sort of liar, I must consider it likely that she continues to make false complaints against me, each time she herself commits an offense. 

So here's the latest: On November 10 in the early afternoon I had pulled out of my parking spot in front of my house and turned onto the adjacent back road, heading into town.

Ahead on the road was Tracy Krawitt, apparently walking her dog. Of course, I was driving on the right side of the road, slowly, under the speed limit of 30 miles per hour. Krawitt was walking on the other side of the road and I saw the dog near her. I purposely pulled as far to the right side of the road as possible, so as to avoid being anywhere near this woman as I passed by. My policy has always been to ignore her, and never to engage in any interaction whatsoever, no matter what she does.

But suddenly, the dog ran out, directly coming toward my car. The dog was not on a leash, as per the regulations. The dog made a beeline, until he was right in front of my car. I slammed on the brakes but it was a close call.

It comes as no surprise that Krawitt would be violating the leash laws, just as she violates many other laws and regulations. But to risk her dog being hit by a car is unconscionable. She is an irresponsible dog owner who has shown by her behavior that not only does she care nothing for the rights of others to peace and quiet (she left the dog alone to bark and howl, all hours of the day and night, until Dog Control forced her to comply with regulations), but she cares nothing for the safety of her own dog, allowing him to run free on a public road.

This is the second time I have seen this dog unleashed, the first being a couple years ago when he came running across the road and ran into my yard, barking just outside my window.

Then, there is a cat (one of 2) owned by Krawitt. She allows these cats to roam free, despite the fact that the property sits between two roads.

These cats have become a nuisance to other tenants on the property (as well as to other neighbors nearby, as reported to me). They kill birds in our yards, where we have bird feeders. They dig up gardens (including mine) and destroy property. One of these cats is hostile, hissing when confronted, when a visiting relative tried to shoo him away. This same cat was invading my yard and was seen by a neighbor, going under my house, where there was a hole in the back wall left by the landlord's workers who did not properly finish a job by sealing the wall closed. He made a racket at night, digging and scratching in the wall, until the wall was finally sealed, months later.

Of course I don't blame the animals. They are only doing what animals do when left unattended and neglected.

I place the blame squarely where it belongs: On the irresponsible owner, Tracy Krawitt.

In addition to her negligent behavior with animals, she continues to make false complaints against me to the landlord, as well as apparently enlisting other tenants on the property as her accomplices, to also lie for her, making bogus complaints that I am "harassing" them.

In point of fact, I do not know any of these tenants. I have never seen them. I do not know their names. I have never, at any time, spoken to them. I do not know who they are (if they even exist) and I was given no specific information regarding these complaints, nor the names of the false accusers, by the landlord or any of his employees. I have never, at any time "harassed" anyone.

I have warned the landlord in writing that if he or his employees continue to speak to me of these false complaints that he will be held accountable for his harassment of me, and that he is preventing me from the quiet enjoyment of the rental property for which I am paying a high rent, by allowing Krawitt and accomplices to violate regulations on the property and by legitimizing their false complaints, as harassment of me (including public slander of my good name).

But I have received legal advice and I will continue to document every offense I see, or suffer, or which is brought to my attention.

Mark my words: Tracy Krawitt will not only be fully exposed for every offense, but she will be held accountable under the law (civil and criminal).

As will anyone who aids and abets her offenses, including tenants on this property, the landlord and his workers.

I will be vindicated. The law is on my side and I have always abided by the highest of ethical standards.

To be continued... as I have every reason to expect that the offenses of Tracy Krawitt will continue, until and unless she is forced to stop, one way or another.


November 21, 2023

Today as I was driving, returning to my home, Tracy Krawitt was standing in the middle of the road, with her unleashed dog running free.

I was forced to swerve to the wrong side of the road (left) in order to avoid them, as they were blocking the road. Krawitt grabbed the loose dog and pulled him to the wrong side of the road as I passed by.

I now see that I'll have to call Dog Control again, to report that she is violating more laws, which endanger the safety of drivers, pedestrians and other animals.

This woman needs to be stopped. She is proving to be a public menace!







HELLISH HOWLING & HARASSMENT: Brought to My Neighborhood by Scofflaw, Liar Tracy Krawitt & Associates

Tracy Krawitt, Irresponsible Owner of Howling Dog, Causes Constant Noise Disturbance on Rhinebeck Property

Tracy Krawitt (aka SPACEY TRACY), the Neighbor from Hell: FORMAL COMPLAINT TO POLICE & COMMENTARY


Sunday, November 19, 2023

Vanity, Thy Name is Ramola: Marketing Scheme Sells Self-Aggrandizing Fiction as “Truth Journalism”

Ramola Dharmaraj has done it again: she has dragged the name of Barbara Hartwell into yet another piece of so-called “truth journalism”, once again addressing issues which have absolutely nothing to do with me.

And, as usual, falsely lumping my name in with a number of individuals. Individuals I do not know. Individuals with whom I have never had any contact or interaction whatsoever. Individuals who have absolutely nothing to do with my work, or with my personal or professional background.

The only commonality that I can see is that a few of these individuals are former intelligence professionals, which, in itself, is meaningless. So what?

As in any profession, there are all kinds of people. The good, the bad and the ugly. The honorable and the dishonorable. The truthful and the liars. The defenders of individual liberty and the leftist totalitarians. Those who pursue justice and those who believe the ends justify the means. Those who act on principle and those whose actions are self-serving...and on and on it goes...

The others (some of whom I had never heard of) are completely irrelevant. There are no commonalities whatsoever.

And once again, I find it necessary to expose her misguided and unscrupulous actions for what they are, and to refute her defamatory falsehoods against me.

Here is the latest from Ramola Dharmaraj:


Not Havana Syndrome, Not “Mental Illness,” “Star Wars” Might Be Closer to the Truth: Of Obvious DEWs & Neuro Strikes: A Whistleblower Racket

Ramola Dharmaraj aka Ramola D. Among her oft-repeated and resounding claims about herself, abounding on her website and on a variety of social media platforms are the following:

"Truth Journalist"

Regarding certain subject matter:

"The top journalist"

"The only journalist"

"The one lone journalist"

"The primary journalist"

"The lone journalist"

And this one takes the cake!:

"The World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist Exposing MK ULTRA, DEW, and Neurotech Classified Mil/Intel Crimes"


"Human Rights Attorney"



"Ambassador to Humanity"

In my considered professional opinion, based on decades of experience, in psychological profiling and as a CIA whistleblower, none of these claims are true. Not a one. Very simply, they are not based on facts. She has presented no evidence whatsoever to substantiate even one of them.

She lacks the credentials, the experience, the knowledge and the background. With such preposterous boasting, she only shows herself to be a pretentious poseur, an amateur wannabe, an impostor, an interloper, way out of line, way off base, and way out of her league.

Does she really think no one will notice, that if she keeps repeating these bogus promotions, they will be accepted as “truth”, the so-called “Truth Journalism” she continually touts?

And this list is only a small sample, and which leaves out her other sensationalist claims of being “The Prime Subject” of various operations (which are, in fact, nonexistent), or “the Prime Victim” in the entire world, of Satanic Ritual Abuse. This last is especially ridiculous, as it can be seen from her writings that she does not even know what “satanic ritual abuse” actually is.

She has never investigated it, and I can guarantee, was never a “victim” of any such thing, much less “the Prime Victim”. She has either fabricated these stories and/or has delusions which she herself believes. At this point, I no longer care why she is making such preposterous claims. I only care that her claims are patently false and that others may be harmed by believing them.

Having conducted more than forty years of actual investigations on the subject of satanism and satanic ritual abuse, as well as gathering direct knowledge and evidence by interviewing and counseling victims (as a Christian minister and psychoanalyst), and as a journalist (print, radio and TV producer/host) exposing these crimes, I do know exactly what I am talking about. Whereas, many others (including Ramola D) do not. Yet they keep babbling away, jockeying for position and squabbling among themselves, in their vain efforts to gain public acclaim.

But before moving on, let's not forget her claims of armies of assailants deployed against her, by FBI, CIA, DOD, US Air Force, Mossad, “Khazarian mafia” etc. etc.

The assaults by air, drone strikes, helicopters, fighter jets, all hell-bent on “life takedown” (as she calls it) of Ramola D.

Anyone may easily find these articles on her website, and see for themselves her own words, how she promotes these claims as if they were true, based on fact. But which are most certainly not true. And again, she presents no facts which can be verified.

She accuses her neighbors of deploying directed-energy weapons against her, and of being “assassins”. Some are accused of being CIA (or other government agencies). She even accuses the mailman of being CIA! Yet she produces no evidence whatsoever.

She claims that “every person” in the world should be paying attention to her. What she has to say is SO IMPORTANT. That “all” journalists in the world should be coming to her aid and “heeding her cries”. It is “The Story of the Century”, she proclaims. The drama of it all!

She claims that her “life is in extreme danger”.

And yet, there she is, still very much alive, still sitting behind her computer, still fabricating (and/or by delusional imagining) utterly preposterous nonsense, still posting on social media.

And now, to the one subject of real concern to me... she is still making false accusations, still promoting outrageous lies against Barbara Hartwell, still exploiting my name for her own self-serving agenda.

Still at it, after all this time. I have had no contact with her since mid-2021, when I broke off my association with her due to her gossip and meddling in my business. I never had any intention of making her indiscretions public, but rather tried to walk quietly away.

Still at it, after she has been warned (first privately, then later, after I broke off contact with her, publicly), to stop using my name, to stop misrepresenting me by dragging my name into her fictional scenarios, to stop the meddling and the gossip, to stop sticking her nose where it does not belong.

To stop sending defamatory e-mails, filled with false accusations, to my (thanks to her, now former) friends behind my back. I warned that there would be consequences, as there always are, for such unscrupulous actions.

But there is a reason I find it necessary to publish this additional report. The reason is that, as always, she continues to disregard my warnings and to exploit and defame my good name, now with new false and totally baseless accusations.

This is becoming obsessive. She simply will not stop. I have never at any time been a participant in the social media culture in which she operates. I have never been involved in any way with the so-called “targeted individuals” she promotes, or their “community”.

I am entirely independent in my professional work. I do not seek professional or social interaction with others, nor do I seek publicity from anyone.

I am a fierce defender of my privacy. My life is not an open book for all and sundry to peruse. I mind my own business and have every right to expect others to respect my boundaries.

But as this utterly intrusive aggressor has proved by her actions, she has no respect whatsoever for the privacy or personal boundaries of others.

What she hopes to accomplish by this onslaught of invasions and false claims against me I do not know, nor do I care.

What I do know is that I will not allow her to get away with this unconscionable behavior; as I stated in previous reports, I will continue to expose her, to refute her falsehoods, and to warn others.

In perusing her various articles, which include details of her CV, there appear at least two indicators of her areas of interest: 1) She is a writer of fiction and 2) She holds an academic degree (MBA) in “marketing”.

Had my name not been placed in the cross-hairs of this ambitious, aggressive self-promoter, I might not have bothered to conduct my own analysis of what this might mean, but it certainly deserves consideration.

In relation to this, I have noticed, during my long career in journalism, that there tends to be a commonality among those journalists who are also fiction writers. It is this: They blend fictional scenarios into what they claim is factual material. They embellish, they add speculation and fantasies spawned by their own subjective imagination.

This does not bode well for the truth on any subject, whatever it may be. Articles which they present as fact-based are in actuality tainted with fictional content, thus negating their truthfulness and accuracy.

From my observations and analysis of the content of her print journalism, this is what I see. And I have a serious problem: Ramola Dharmaraj continues to drag my name into what appear to be her paranoid fantasies of persecution. And I will not stand for it!

Here, once again, is the title of the article in which my name has been vilified and my character assassinated.

Not Havana Syndrome, Not “Mental Illness,” “Star Wars” Might Be Closer to the Truth: Of Obvious DEWs & Neuro Strikes: A Whistleblower Racket

Here, some excerpts and my comments.

Former CIA John Kiriakou was chosen as one of her targets for this piece. He is one of many intelligence professionals that she aggressively pursued, trying to get an interview. From my observations, and from what she publicly stated in her articles, most of these individuals ignored her approaches, or declined her requests for interviews.

She complained repeatedly that she was being ignored and it was clear that she was extremely displeased that she was dismissed by so many people as being of no particular importance.

Her response to their non-response was usually to criticize them, in some cases to make accusations against them, based on nothing, as far as I could see, but her being miffed that she was ignored.

Clearly, she does not take rejection as anything but a grievous personal affront. She has made it clear that she thinks she is far too important to everyone on the face of the earth to be ignored, found to be inconsequential.

Here, she waxes malicious about Kiriakou, accusing him of the old standby: he must still be CIA. And here is where she drags my name into the mix, with the same basic accusation, though I do not know John Kiriakou, have never had any contact with him, nor was involved at any time in the same operations. But, not to worry, she won't ever let the facts get in the way of her sour grapes malice against anyone who dares to ignore her.

Ramola D Re John Kiriakou:

"He does, however, do a good job playing Still-a-Spokesperson-for-the-CIA despite his long stint as In-the-Public-Eye-as-a-Righteous-Whistleblower, much like Edward Snowden, Bill Binney, and so many others. The CIA, I understand, is an exacting employer, which doesn’t quite let its whistleblowers go, as CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell has recently demonstrated, with a new batch of repeat-storytelling she may have been paid to storytell: my newer understanding of how Intelligence agencies operate is touched on here:"


"This writer has increasingly been made aware over the years of the extreme strangeness of the so-called “Intelligence Community” in the USA through her interactions with and journalistic coverage of whistleblowers from various prestigiously-named agencies which apparently all seem to actually be filled with people idly entertaining themselves and others with various covers, stories, and lies."

Regarding Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower | June 13, 2023

[The above filled with many idiotic false accusations, as usual.]


In point of fact, I have “demonstrated” nothing of the kind. I have only demonstrated my righteous outrage and disgust with this aggressive interloper, this gate-crashing intelligence groupie posing as the protagonist of  “The Story of the Century” (in her own words).


Now, to add further gross insult to injury, she accuses me of being paid by CIA. Paid to “storytell”.


But here's a question: why in the world would anyone from CIA spend a red cent on payments to one of their former agents (even if they were willing) to write “stories” about an inconsequential fiction writer with delusions of her own importance, such that she believes anyone from the intelligence community would waste a moment's thought on the likes of her.

Answer: They wouldn't. The thought is absurd. They haven't. And they never will. Her delusions of grandeur are getting more crazy as time passes.

Another question: why does she think she is being ignored by the former intelligence professionals she aggressively pursues? Maybe there's a clue here.

Now, more insults to Kiriakou:

...I wrote back, seeking to educate him further...”

So she sends unsolicited advice (the MO of such busybodies), thinking he needs to be “educated” by the likes of her. And when he disagrees with her, or ignores her, she acts out by accusing him (as she accuses so many others, including Barbara Hartwell) of being CIA. How stupid can she get?

Another excerpt:

"Merely asking, what is it about Whistleblowers from the Government agencies, really? isn’t enough anymore. Clearly they are a very special race, class, or species, unto themselves–and as explained to us once, many years ago, of the way terrorists apparently behave, of whom Intelligence agents seem to be the obverse half, they operate separately sometimes, in cells and conclaves. Yet none, it appears, are in actuality acting independently: a tragedy or a regrettable fact, either way you look at it."

Now, still in sour grapes mode, she accuses all whistleblowers from government agencies of behaving like terrorists, and claims that “none” are acting independently. This is pure hogwash.

How would she know? She is clueless as ever, clutching at straws as she drowns in her own delusions of being too important to ignore.

The name of Barbara Hartwell has been falsely thrown into the mix with “all” others, as if there were no individuals, only some amorphous conglomerate, as she pretentiously claims here:

"Those who occupy positions in the Spotlight are inevitably Supported, or, more accurately, brought to where they are by intent; there are no “accidental” whistleblowers or activists or journalists permitted to rise to the fore at any time, they are all part of a well-oiled mechanism both bolstering extant Covert agencies and endless Covert Crime, or in other words: The CIA is/in the Whistleblower and the Whistleblower is/in the CIA. As also the NSA, probably–and yes I’ve had some first-hand experience there too, as also with (mysterious) European Royalty/MI5/Swiss Intel/BND–and I’ll have to examine other aspects of this “Government” scenario another time."

She does not know what the hell she is talking about. In any case, none of this applies to me. First of all, I do not occupy a position in any “Spotlight”. I do not seek publicity and most of what has come my way has been foisted on me, either by hangers-on trying to exploit my name, or by my enemies in the government, seeking to discredit me. Their decades-long defamation campaign is real, actual retaliation against a legitimate whistleblower, which she does not have the discernment to recognize.

Furthermore, she has no idea what I may have been involved in, or what I may have done to expose or put certain individuals or operations out of business.

She wouldn't know because very little of what I have done has ever been made public, for my own reasons, including that I am very scrupulous about putting my family, my friends, my colleagues at risk of harm, or for that matter, anyone who might be seen only as collateral damage. But they all matter to me, every single one. I would risk my life to protect the innocent, to defend Liberty, and to see justice served.

Her gross insults against my honor will never change that; she only shows her own lack of integrity by making such false accusations and casting out such grievous provocations.

Here, my name is thrown in again with this:

"My requests in 2020 for an interview with Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe which went unanswered at the time were thwarted, I was given to understand later, by Katherine Horton engaging in rather obvious defamation and slander, which NSA Whistleblower Kirk Wiebe alerted me to, as reported here earlier:"

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed/Jan 2, 2021."

As for this article, some of it is accurate in terms of the e-mail sent by Katherine Horton to Bill Binney, making false claims that Barbara Hartwell is a CIA agent, and issuing a “warning”.

I do not know Katherine Horton. She is a foreign criminal provocateur (now wife of Bill Binney), not intelligence, as claimed by Ramola. Horton had also made many other false public accusations against Barbara Hartwell, that I am a “liar”, that I am a “bitch”, that I am a “gangstalker”, on her videos and on her disinfo website, called STOP 007.

I exposed her (as always, by citing her own words) as a criminal who was inciting violence and terrorism and who was soliciting the murder of various intelligence agents, including Gina Haspel, by putting a “bullet in the brain”.

But I do not know Binney, nor ever had any interest in contacting him, nor any reason to do so.

Another character mentioned in Ramola's article is Karen Melton Stewart, former NSA, a former friend of Ramola, as was Katherine Horton.

I do not know Karen Stewart, nor ever had any interest in contacting her, nor any reason to do so.

Stewart too accuses me of being CIA and went on a rampage of defamation, along with some of her accomplices, posting images of demons in connection with my name and claiming that I am a satanist.

So I guess Ramola is in good company, with kindred spirits, in accusing me of being CIA, paid to “tell stories” against her.


And, one more thing, before I forget. The "secret slander" of which she accuses Katherine Horton is exactly what she did to me, by sending her defamatory e-mails, making false accusations against me, to two of my friends. Behind my back, that is. What a hypocrite and how shameful.

And finally this:

"It’s true, I’ve lost faith in Whistleblowers, and in human rights activists who have pursued prominence as leaders while disappearing and discrediting others, engaging in both overt and subtle actions of COINTELPRO. “Handling” and “Containment” come to mind when I look back at conversations and communications, sudden apprisings of Public Comment deadlines at Health agencies, slow actions and exhortations to non-action. CIA and NSA whistleblowers–looking back at a long list of them (many of whom can be seen listed as Sam Adams awardees here)–seem to be artifacts of the CIA and NSA, primed to “reveal” while in fact aiding to Conceal."

None of what is written above has anything whatsoever to do with me, nor applies to me. I have never “pursued prominence” as a leader, or as anything else. I am a true recluse, not a team player, not seeking interaction with others, but entirely independent in my work.

There was no reason whatsoever for Ramola Dharmaraj to drag my name into yet another of her pretentious hit pieces, masquerading as “truth journalism”.

There is not, nor ever has been, any connection whatsoever with “Havana Syndrome”, nor with “Mental Illness,” nor “Star Wars”, nor with any “Whistleblower Racket”, not to do with Barbara Hartwell.

So why?

The answer is simple, and stated many times before:

Ramola Dharmaraj has no legitimate complaints against me. She has no facts on which to base her false accusations, her gross insults against my honor. She has no evidence and no credible witnesses. She has nothing at all, nor can she cite as much as one actual fact, which could possibly discredit me.

So, like others of her ilk, she fabricates preposterous stories. But unlike her malicious fantasies about me, that CIA is paying me to “tell stories”, nobody would be so foolish as to pay her a wooden nickel for such a task.

Her total lack of credibility speaks loudly and clearly for itself, in every word she writes.

So much for a marketing scheme to promote the self-aggrandizing fantasies of a fiction writer, at the expense of at least one legitimate CIA whistleblower.


Vanity, thy name is Ramola.

Barbara Hartwell

Living in Dire Poverty


November 19, 2023


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