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Friday, December 29, 2006


May, 2005

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum

STANLEY NOTE: A wonderful post Barbara Hartwell. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sentiment, the credibility, the message that was sorely needed for this forum. I am going to post this to the Scoop as well.

This was absolutely incredible writing. I hope that the forum will take it to heart. Each new member brings something more to the table. This was right on the money. May we all be like Barabara Hartwell in our efforts to unite. Check out the last three lines of her signature block. Definately, RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

By the way, Barbara Hartwell has taken a beating on the internet from some of the scumbags that I have taken heat from as well. Good enough reason to welcome Barbara Hartwell with open arms. When one gets attacked for standing up for America, the Constitution, you know that we are doing something right. We must continue...

Rick Stanley

Liberty or Death, Don't Tread on Me

I only joined the Revolutionary Coalition recently and from reading many of the messages on this forum, it seems to me that there are more arguments about minutiae, secondary issues and personal opinions than information which would be useful in the cause of uniting.

Over and over, I have seen that Rick has to reiterate the purpose of the coalition. As I told Rick when he invited me to join, most of my frustration over the years has come from having to battle the government for the most part alone, because I could never find a group of people who were actually working for the same goal:


There you have it, the hard line. As I also told Rick, most people I've encountered are not hard-core enough for my blood.

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS are what real liberty is all about, because these rights come directly from God on High, not from government.

It is a very simple concept, and yet many fail to grasp it. For any true defender of Liberty, it is so much more than just a "concept", it is a mandate written upon the heart. For those who understand this, in their hearts, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, no explanation is possible.

Sure, most of the groups I've interacted with would claim they were working toward the same goal as I, but their actions told a different story.

The problem, as I see it, is that most people are willing to compromise this very basic principle, in one way or another; they are willing to "go along to get along"....with whatever. Even if that means sacrificing, here and there, some of what God has given them as a birthright.

Some have another agenda which supercedes this basic principle and which they allow to derail them. But failing --first and foremost-- to defend INDIVIDUAL rights, we have already lost the battle, united, in any part of the cause, or not. Yet without uniting, for this most important of causes, we stand little chance of succeeding in effectively defending individual rights.

In my case, the open "guerilla warfare" with various government agencies, including CIA, FBI, DARPA and others, has been going on since 1994 when I broke out of CIA's black ops (Psychological Operations) became a government whistleblower and took a public stand against the crimes and corruption, the massive violations of human rights which I personally witnessed and experienced while being utilized by CIA as an intelligence operative, under Non-Official Cover, and as a professional CIA asset, between 1969-1994.

But even during the years I was inside, I was continually at war with them for their many violations of my rights, and if not for that, along with the much more important Grace of God, I could never have broken free.

I, like many people here, have a "problem with authority". Especially, ungodly, unconstitutional "authority".  Thank God we have this "problem", or we wouldn't be here.

Because I come from an intergenerational OSS/CIA/Military Intel family (on both sides) most of my family relationships were destroyed because my relatives (some of whom are still employed by and/or aligned with them) sided with the government as opposed to throwing off the shackles and taking the side of defending Liberty.

Trying to find backup, and really wanting to unite with other genuine defenders of Liberty and the U.S. Constitution, I finally joined the John Birch Society in 2003, after many years of attempts to recruit me by associates who were members.

Which didn't work out for various reasons, foremost among them that the JBS operates mostly through "education", though they claim that their main focus is activism. I for one, have not seen such activism, at least not in the local chapter here in Maine.

There's certainly nothing wrong with educating people, it is necessary; and my purpose is not to malign the JBS, there are a lot of good people, sincere patriots, involved. I know many, from all around the country. But I have found that "education" does not motivate people to TAKE ACTION to defend their Constitutional rights, nor to actually STAND UP, ONE BY ONE against tyrants in government or unconstitutional legislation, especially that being dumped into the system since 9-11-01.

Witness the treasonous Patriot Acts and the fascist behemoth, Department of Homeland Security. How many people do you know who have actually confronted them directly? Not many, I'd venture to say. Probably more exceptions in this group, as I learned from reading some of the posts.

Like many people here, most of my time is already taken up with my own efforts to do what is in my power to fight this utterly corrupt government and defend my own liberty. I also devote what time I can to disseminating educational materials; but networking is not my strong suit, never has been.

I'm not an organizer, either. That's why I'm thankful for people like Rick Stanley, who has some of the talents I lack. I believe that God has given each of us our own special gifts, to be used in the service of defending Liberty. If we are able to unite in that cause, each person's gifts can be used more effectively.

Still, having given it some thought, what I am willing and able to do is devote more time to distributing information, specifically about the Revolutionary Coalition, to every person with whom I come in contact.

What I have found, going back many years, is that there are people, all over the country, who feel the way I do, the way all of us here do, regarding the Police State takeover. In the years before 9-11, I called it "the encroaching Police State".

I tried to warn people that it would soon be a lockdown if they did not take action to stop it. Now, it's a de facto Police State. Why? Because too many people were apathetic and refused to believe "it could happen here".

My own son used to tell me that he was tired of being asked to support what he called my "one-woman crusade against the government." But over the years, as my "predictions" about the escalating outrages by Big Government came to pass, he has witnessed (and experienced) far too many violations to argue against my activism or the stand I have taken.

Still, there are people of all ages and from all walks of life, who are outraged, mad as hell about this country going to hell in a handbasket, but don't know what they can actually DO to change things.

They are tired of the liars, cowards, thugs, criminals and traitors who run our government. And most of these folks have not been in a position (not yet anyway) to be subjected to some of the outrageous injustices which people like Rick Stanley, myself (and I'm sure many others in this coalition) have been targeted for.

Outrages such as illegal phone taps; surveillance vans; bugs; stalking by government goons; SWAT teams; illegal confiscation of weapons; illegal search and seizure; set ups for false arrests; "black bag jobs"; harassment by helicopter and even military fighter jets at rooftop level....and on and on.

I've also been targeted by the same government-sponsored COINTELPRO-style operations, which Rick mentioned in a few of his posts here. False patriots who are organized in a network (and used by the government) for the specific purpose of harassing sincere patriots, people standing up for America and defending the Constitution.

I call these minions of Satan (for that is what they are) "time wasters". Anyone interested in finding out more about the COINTELPRO ops and their minions may read my OPEN LETTER TO CONSTITUTIONAL ACTIVIST RICK STANLEY, posted on the Stanley Scoop, Yahoo group.

One thing which I think would be helpful, in motivating people to get involved, to UNITE for this cause, would be a simple basic list of networking projects for activism. Something that would fit on one page, comprehensive and consise, which could be distributed in hardcopy, like a flyer.

It could also be posted on the Internet and forwarded by e-mail. I have found that having something concrete (printed out in hardcopy) helps people to focus, to be more specific about their goals and the steps needed to work toward them. Everyone who cares enough, can do SOMETHING. If this sounds like spoon-feeding, maybe it is, but it's better than nothing.

And lastly, just a few things which I have found effective, despite being the lone gun I am.

1) I have a Liberty or Death, Don't Tread on Me flag, flying on my front porch. Actually, I have two flags, one on my upper porch as well. Since my house is on a major thoroughfare, in a beach community where cars pass by and people walk, many, many people see it.

They talk about it too. I've overheard the conversations, as people walk by. Some have stopped to say hi to me, or friends and family, sitting out on the porch. I'm always willing to discuss what the flag means.

2) Whenever I go out to a public place, I engage people in conversations about the Constitution. This could be after a church service, in a restaurant, walking on the beach or even in line at the supermarket.

If I'm with a friend or family member, sometimes I'll just announce, loud enough to be overheard: "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty"....Stuff like that.

It's amazing how people respond. Some laugh or look at me like I'm a nutcase, but more often, I can see from the look on their faces that they agree. If nothing else, it brings the issue to light and gets them thinking about it.

3) Whenever I am confronted with a violation of my Constitutional rights, however small, I make a big deal about it.

Example: I was at the Western Union, picking up some money which was wired to me.
The lady at the counter (The WU is at my local supermarket) asked me to fill out a form. The form asked for my street address. I explained that I was not going to give my street address, as that would be a violation of my privacy.

The clerk told me it was "required by Homeland Security". I said, "Screw Homeland Security! I don't answer to them, I just want my money. And I'm not leaving here until I get it."

I said it as loudly as I could without shouting. The lady actually laughed and said she agreed with me. I then started a conversation with a few people on the line about violations of Constitutional rights and gave them some literature I carry around for occasions just such as this.

In one instance, while out in Denver Colorado, I went to a Western Union, also in a supermarket. In this case, I could not believe my ears when the man asked me for a THUMBPRINT.

I said, "Are you out of your mind?" The guy told me, "It's the law. You can't get your money without it".

I told him he was dead wrong, that it certainly is NOT "the law" and that I would get my money. Without it. Right here. Right Now.

I told him I needed to speak to the manager. I gave him hell and told him that he had better have a talk with this employee, as he was attempting to violate the Constitutional rights of the customers and would be held accountable for it. The manager apologized to me and admitted I was right. I got my money and there's a clerk out in Colorado who (hopefully) learned a lesson.

But anyway, I've ranted on long enough. Except to say that if somebody wants to come up with a list of activist projects for networking for the specific purpose of UNITING to defend the Constitution, I'd be happy to distribute it far and wide.

Since leaving the JBS, I don't know anyone in my area to "network" with, but would like to meet some serious no-nonsense defenders of the Constitution for that purpose. I'm sure there must be a few here. This is "Maine, The Way Life Should Be".

Thanks for listening and God Bless,

Barbara Hartwell

Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Defender of the U.S. Constitution
Enemy of the New World Order Police State

May, 2005