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Monday, March 9, 2020

OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by Ellen Atkin aka “MK Ultra Girl”: Fraud, Liar, Identity Thief, Opportunist... & Whackjob Accomplices

"Ellen Atkin
MK Ultra Girl
Badassador of Ultra Nation"

-Promotion by Ellen Atkin

Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus is a legal maxim which means false in one thing, false in everything. A Roman legal principle indicating that a witness who willfully falsifies one matter is not credible on any matter. The underlying motive for attorneys to impeach opposing witnesses in court: the principle discredits the rest of their testimony if it is without corroboration.

Falsus in uno, Falsus in Omnibus. There it is, in legal terms.

Ellen Atkin is a fraud and a liar. And as evidence, only one action is necessary to establish that fact. Atkin has made a fraudulent claim to a photo, taken in 1961, of an 8 year old girl, a victim of MK Ultra. The birth date on the photo is given as 9-17-53.

The photo has been widely published, including on the Internet, for about 2 decades. Ellen Atkin claims that she “discovered” this photo of “herself” in 2015. She then proceeded to engage in a monstrous public fraud, not only by laying claim to the photo, but grossly exploiting it in a media “influence” (her word) campaign, in attempts to make a name for herself as “MK Ultra Girl.”

Ellen Atkin was NOT born in 1953. She was NOT 8 years old in 1961. Her birthday is NOT 9-17-53. The photo of this actual victim is NOT Ellen Atkin.

Anyone may check these facts, so no point belaboring it further.

Not only has she co-opted the photo, as an act of fraud, for personal gain, she has tampered with it, removing text so that it is not in its original form. She has also posted this photo, along with a childhood photo of herself, which anyone trained in forensics (or anatomy, or for that matter, even visual arts) can easily see is not the same person. She says she is a professional photographer. Who, then, is better equipped to tamper with photographic “evidence”?


But she persists in this fraud, even after being exposed. And she actually seems to believe she will win a lawsuit, using fraudulent “evidence” she has contrived to suit her own agenda.

Her campaign, “Taking Action for Destroyed Lives”, makes a mockery of one of the most egregious black operations in US history, MK Ultra.

"Taking Action for Destroyed Lives is raising money to end MK Ultra: via@plumfund"

And, she is soliciting funds, on false pretenses.

Ellen Atkin, the rabid publicity hound, is in fact “taking action” to further destroy OTHER people's lives, ACTUAL survivors, including the person in the photo whose identity she has stolen.

This is reminiscent of “Stolen Valor”, a book which exposes a number of similar cases of fraudulent claims.

Now, let us consider Ellen Atkin's “supporters”, who are acting as her PR reps.

One character, in particular, stands out. The usual anonymous coward, calling himself “PuppyGlassesTI”.

"Help MkUltra victims reclaim what's rightfully theirs from the CIA."

He too grossly exploits the photo of “MK Ultra Girl”, fraudulently attributing it to his “leader”, the “badass”, Ellen Atkin.

Whackjob, stoner, drug addict, porno-freak, vulgarian. Quite an impressive resume!

I'd noted his ubiquitous presence on Twitter, engaging with all the usual suspects, the so-called “targeted individuals” whom Ellen Atkin (among other self-proclaimed “leaders” of the “TI Community”) claims to represent, for the cause of “justice”.

[NOTE: I apologize to my readers for the extreme vulgarity, but this is evidence, for the record.]

Here, just a sample from Mr. PuppyGlasses:

"HELP US make headlines and bring awareness to mind-control with REAL #MKULTRA lawsuits preparing RIGHT. NOW. Support
as we SET THE STAGE publically. TIs be ready to snowball. We are going to hit them, HARD. #EndTargeting"

"I'm not making this up, God's honest truth. I opened up my laptop, and a folder containing all the porn I looked at popped up. The voice assist goes "Don't mind me, just select the one you want."

"Again, total. bad asses. on our team. And so are you. Join us. Support us. Get busy on their asses."

"and fuck
they're gonna lullaby you assholes to sleep. Suck my motherfucking dick you fucking fraudulent fucking fucks."




So here, another foul-mouthed little punk, posturing as a “badass”. And this is just the kind of “credibility” and “support” Ellen Atkin needs to win a lawsuit, to get “justice”, or in their words, “Help MkUltra victims reclaim what's rightfully theirs from the CIA.”

How, pray tell, would this twerp know anything about CIA? He wouldn't, he doesn't. Just another pretentious fool, shooting off his mouth, seeking fame and glory, at the expense of actual, genuine survivors of operations he can't begin to fathom. And they are not “reclaiming” anything; on the contrary, they are trying to fraudulently claim, to usurp, that which “rightfully” belongs to others, those not engaging in deception against the public, for ill-gotten gains.

A lawsuit based on lies; on fraud, using “evidence” which has been tampered with, adding to the mix, identity theft.

These “bad asses” or “badassadors” (how much more idiotic could they get?) – who could possibly take them seriously?

More like dumb asses, or dumbassadors.

Anyone who promotes them, anyone who supports them, anyone who endorses them, is aiding and abetting a monstrous FRAUD. And I guarantee, one way or another, they will be held accountable, they will pay a price.

Not only fraud, but in very real terms (even if not strictly legal terms, under any criminal code) obstruction of justice.

The “justice” they claim to be seeking can never be attained, as long as they are attempting to deprive legitimate survivors of MK Ultra of TRUE JUSTICE, including by turning the whole issue into a sensationalist media circus, with no substance whatsoever.

Shame on Ellen Atkin and all her accomplices. Shame on ANYONE who promotes, supports or endorses them.

May God's swift and terrible justice be visited upon them.

Barbara Hartwell
March 9, 2020


FRAUD ALERT: Ellen Atkin aka “MK Ultra Girl”

It recently came to my attention that a woman calling herself Ellen Atkin is using a photograph which has been on the Internet for many years (identified as “MK Ultra Girl”), and has laid claim to it, stating definitively that she is the girl in the photo. She claims that she “discovered” this photo of “herself” in 2015. She exploits the photo profusely, including on a website and a Twitter account.

I had never heard of this character, Ellen Atkin, until just this week, though in reading some of her articles, I saw that in an exchange of messages with another person on Twitter, she boasted that “EVERYONE” knows who she is.

But here is the point of this FRAUD ALERT: Ellen Atkin has appropriated this image which in fact is NOT of her.

The photo in question is that of a survivor of MK Ultra who happens to be my sister. The date of birth shown on the photo is 9-17-53, which is her birthday.

Aside from my concern about her fraudulent use of this photo, I have no interest in this woman, nor in any of her other claims.

I will only add that Ellen Atkin promotes “lizard aliens” and mocks Jesus Christ and Christianity. Which is enough for me to know that, whoever she is, she entirely lacks credibility where truth is concerned, and that her moral values leave much to be desired.

No surprise then that she would be making false claim to this photo, apparently using it as click bait, in attempts to make a name for herself, or the devil knows for what other unsavory motives.

FREAK SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA! Psycho Stalkers, Gate-Crashers, Liars, Whackjobs, Frauds, Hoaxers, Snoops, Snitches, Snake Oil Salesmen, Goons, Stooges, Useful Idiots, Lackeys, Flunkies, Toadies: GET OFF MY CASE & LEAVE ME ALONE!


Ellen Atkin aka “MK Ultra Girl”

After I published the above, Ellen Atkin made a video, in which she addressed the subject of the photo. I only watched the first few minutes, as listening to this woman (or looking at her smug, arrogant face) was insufferable to me. (Barf bag alert!)

But I did hear her admit that she DOES NOT KNOW, and has no evidence that the photo is actually of her. Then, she says, “Nobody knows”, which is a patent falsehood. SHE does not know, but is presuming to speak for anyone and everyone, in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable, which is that she has co-opted this photo for her own self-serving ends. Which would mean, according to her twisted perspective, that the ACTUAL PERSON who was tortured and suffered these abominations is of no consequence.

Then, Atkin displays even worse arrogance and effrontery on a Twitter account, by this statement:

"Well, I have owned the mk ultra girl photo. You can't research it without being led to my work. I am not stupid. I know how to influence. So they all know. It is a big hush hush, but they all know me. I have forced change much of this media gong show, but few believe or support me."

Who the hell does this sleazy reprobate, this vile opportunist, Ellen Atkin, think she is? She claims she has “owned” the photo, and even though she is an unrepentant liar (by her own admissions that “nobody knows”), she sees no problem with that, as long as she gets the publicity for perpetrating an utterly despicable fraud on the general public, at the expense of legitimate people, who are actually EXPOSING FACTS about MK Ultra, through decades of investigation, through their own blood, sweat and tears. Legitimate people, who care about TRUTH and JUSTICE.

This is the old “ends justify the means” M.O. Lie, cheat, steal, do whatever it takes. It doesn't matter how many people are harmed. The truth does not matter, as long as HER agenda is carried out. As long as she wields the “influence” she desperately craves and boasts of. It's all about HER, her ambition, and attaining the public spotlight of MK Ultra Poster Child. And she actually wonders why “few believe or support” her?

And if she thinks she is pursuing “justice” by this deceptive plot, thinking she will use it as “evidence” in some class action lawsuit, then she is not only stupid (which she denies) and evil (which is obvious), but out of touch with reality.

Of greatest import, Ellen Atkin was NOT born on September 17, 1953, the date given on the photo, taken in 1961. She is the WRONG AGE, according to the information she herself has published. Case closed.

But a fraud of her ilk will always dig in and double down when exposed and confronted with their offenses, no matter that there is evidence to clearly show that they are liars. Absolutely, positively horrifying, disgusting and despicable!

ADDENDUM (March 11, 2020)

Ellen Atkin continues her fraud campaign, now adding the name of Barbara Hartwell, with additional false statements.

This piece of idiocy was posted on Atkin's Facebook:

"Barbara says that I have no 'evidence' to prove that she's a liar, a slanderer and a propagandist. Well, I don't know what sort of 'evidence' she would expect me to have other than the lying, slandering words she has posted on the internet to smear and discredit Ted Gunderson since 2000, but what other 'evidence' do I really need to prove her duplicity other than her words?"

First of all, Atkin presumes to call me by my Christian name, as if she knows me, which she most certainly does not. How typical of her low class ilk. She is not on a first name basis with me and never will be.

I have never at any time “said” any such thing: “Barbara says that I have no 'evidence' to prove that she's a liar, a slanderer and a propagandist”, in reference to Atkin. NO, that is what SHE is saying. She is again lying by thinking she can get away with putting words in my mouth, so she fabricates a false quote.

What I did say was that Ellen Atkin has no evidence to substantiate her fraudulent claims about a photo she has been grossly exploiting, which is not a photo of her. The photo itself, in its original form, IS THE EVIDENCE that it could not possibly be a photo of Ellen Atkin.

And, for Atkin's edification (were that possible), I have never “expected” anything in connection with her, nor have ever stated such a thing. I have no reason to believe anything she says. I have seen nothing that would cause me to attribute the slightest credibility to her, or her claims. My only concern has ever been her fraudulent exploitation of the photo. My only purpose has ever been to expose her as a fraud and liar, an odious opportunist. Her aggression and self-serving ambition, as manifested in her “influence campaign”, is a disgrace. She is doing harm to legitimate people, and for that, mark my words, there will be serious consequences.

So now, having no facts she can use against me, she simply makes another false accusation, calling me a liar, based on a 15 year old smear piece, written by Ken Adachi, the primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson.

That is “evidence” of nothing, except perhaps of Atkin's vast ignorance of what constitutes “slander”.

Atkin did not know Ted Gunderson, and clearly knows nothing about him. Yet she presumes to make a false claim, based on nothing but her malicious intent to discredit Barbara Hartwell, using an unknown (to her) third party source.

For those interested, Ken Adachi has been thoroughly EXPOSED (not slandered), on my website, not only by me, but by other legitimate professionals, journalists and whistleblowers. Targets of Adachi's massive defamation campaigns include Barbara Hartwell (ex-CIA), Geral Sosbee (ex-FBI), Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, Jackie McGauley (McMartin Preschool whistleblower) and Michael Ruppert (ex-LAPD).

My numerous reports on Gunderson are based on facts, backed by documented evidence. There is no “slander” involved, never has been.

Most importantly, Ted Gunderson and Ken Adachi are totally irrelevant to the actual issue, which is that Ellen Atkin has now made false accusations against Barbara Hartwell, dragging in third parties who have no connection whatsoever.

That is what these characters, like Ellen Atkin, predictably, always do. They have nothing. NO facts, NO evidence, NO reasonable, logical arguments they can present, so in their desperation, they scramble to fabricate stories, dragging in irrelevant, uninvolved third parties.

Ellen Atkin is not only a liar and fraud, it appears she is also a low-grade moron.

If she actually thinks she can win a lawsuit, using such fabrications and false accusations, based only on her subjective opinions and unwarranted assumptions, motivated by malice, her chances are that of a snowball in Hell.

And by the way, her little sidekick, PuppyGlassesTI, is now making death threats against “the government”. Which government, he doesn't say, but I would urge anyone who has a concern to notify the authorities, accordingly.

From Twitter, March 10, 2020:


"ZzzZzZZZzz.... i'makillthegovernmentfucku.. ZzzZzzz...."



Why doesn't he stand up like a man and use his real name?

He's just a cowardly little punk who postures as a "badass". 

And who would bother to waste the time and resources to "target" him?

Not CIA. They would be falling off their chairs, hooting in hilarity, just reading his self-aggrandizing rubbish.

More likely he is "targeted" by his own stupidity, paranoid fantasies and moral bankruptcy

Friday, March 6, 2020

Karen Stewart Makes False Claim: “Barbara Hartwell is CIA”

I do not use social media, on principle. Never have done, never will do. Facebook and Twitter are government surveillance devices, data extraction operations.

Social media is a hotbed of snoops, snitches, gossips and busybodies; a free-for-all where anything goes, and where the most aggressive and ambitious for worldly acclaim, the approval-seekers and people pleasers, vie for supremacy and jockey for position, each for their chosen agenda.

There is no respect whatsoever for the privacy and personal boundaries of individuals. It is a vast echo chamber, where the users parrot and repeat, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, the posts of their chosen “friends” and “followers”.

Competing for “likes” (approval) is the name of the game. To the ones with the greatest “social credit” scores go the spoils of ego-aggrandizement and material gain. And so the propaganda spreads, the fear-mongering, the crackpot conspiracy theories, the sensationalist falsehoods. 

Ultimately, the result is the indoctrination of those foolish enough not only to believe anything they read, but to regurgitate it like robots, passing on the smears against legitimate people in a veritable carpet-bombing campaign.

But as those of us whose names have been destroyed by social media gossips can attest, the damages are very real.

Speaking strictly for myself, as someone who cannot even directly access most of the outrageous lies posted about me, because I refuse to “sign up”, “sign in”, “follow”, refuse to be drawn in as a participant in this toxic system, I can guarantee, most of it I have never even seen. Even if I had, it would literally be a full time job to counter it, a pursuit for which I have neither the time nor inclination.

I only occasionally learn of the defamation against me by friends and colleagues, those who do have access.

Which is how I was informed of some of the latest defamatory remarks by Karen Stewart, who, for no reason I can clearly ascertain, has decided to make some very public false accusations against me, now including the same tired old lie which has been promoted by hordes of government stooges and toadies for decades: that Barbara Hartwell is CIA.

Here is a post on Facebook, by Karen Stewart, under a category she titles “PERPS and Nutcases”.

PERPS and Nutcases

"I noted Ramola also emailing me and others in what I call her wolf pack on-call, e-mails from Barbara Hartwell, who is CIA (handler?) showing screen shots of my tweets which Barbara had taken and from Ramola showing screenshots she had taken as indications “they were watching me” though the inocuous tweets chosen were ludicrous to be alarmed about. But it did indicate a Weinstein-like snitch network in place to try to intimidate with them making a point to SHOW me THEY were WATCHING ME. Ramola even sent me and the sycophants a tweet...."

So, according to Karen Stewart, I am designated as either a “PERP”, or a “Nutcase”. Possibly both. Nothing new here...just a parroting of black propaganda against a legitimate government whistleblower.

In past defamatory comments, Karen Stewart has claimed that I took a bribe from my friend and colleague, Ramola D, for the purpose of “attacking” or “libeling” her.

I have refuted that false accusation (and others) in a few reports. (See links below)

Now, she has ramped up her attacks and claims I am CIA. So, if that were the case, why would I need a bribe from an independent journalist who has no connections to CIA?

I have news for Karen Stewart, and anyone who buys into her outrageous lies: I've been out of CIA for more than 26 years. There is no payroll, no gravy train, no benefits.

I've been a Target of a brutal neutralization campaign by CIA, for more than a quarter century, which I've had to face alone, with never anyone I could rely on for support.

I was recruited, without my knowledge or consent, into CIA operations, the “family business”, in early childhood. I, and I alone, chose to fight my way out, through my own blood, sweat and tears, and was successful only by the grace of God.

I am nobody's snitch, nobody's sycophant, nobody's proxy, and more to the point, nobody's fool.

I first heard of Karen Stewart in 2016, when I found some radio interviews on the Internet. At that time, I believed her to be legitimate, as a government whistleblower.

I don't know her personally. I had never said a word against her, not until she took it upon herself to make defamatory comments in an obvious attempt to discredit me. And then, I only spoke up in my own defense. I have not called her any names, nor made any accusations.

I can't say for certain why she is doing this, and I refuse to speculate. I deal only in facts, backed by evidence.

The evidence is clear, as presented in the published words of Karen Stewart, which I have documented in several reports.

Of course, I am outraged. But I probably should not be surprised. For the record, I no longer consider Karen Stewart to be legitimate. I have lost all respect for her. No genuine whistleblower, no person with any concern for Truth, in exposing government corruption, no person of integrity, would attempt to discredit others, using false accusations and absurd fabrications, as she has done.

Lastly, for an “intelligence analyst”, and a self-proclaimed “Christian”, if she truly believes the falsehoods she is promoting, she has shown herself to be sorely lacking in discretion, in spiritual and intellectual discernment.

Otherwise, she is simply a malicious liar with an agenda.

I don't know which, and no longer care.

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
March 6, 2020